best friend extraordinaire

other important things from 2x01

  1. bex saying no
  2. amber as a 3 dimensional character, moreover, a character that comes from a family facing economic strife
  3. buffy & andi discussing (if briefly) whether or not andi’s even ready to be in a relationship, regardless of whether she & jonah like each other
  4. buffy, best friend and ally extraordinaire who deserves more credit & screentime
  5. bowie & andi continuing to bond
  6. bowie getting along with the mack pack

so there are magic aus and i love magic aus so much but i would also like to propose a concept: magician au. boyfs magician au. several of them. HEAR ME OUT

  • street magician michael keeps tryna flirt with the cute stressed out guy who passes by this street at this time on the dot every day with increasingly complicated yet perfectly executed magic tricks and sleights of hand. business man jeremy heere is smitten by michael’s wicked smile and light fingers (”how did you steal my watch it was on my wrist” “magic” “fuck off”), but has no idea how to convey any of this past blushing and nodding and “haha, yeah, that’s my card.” right until michael does a trick, and jeremy unfolds the card he’d been holding to see a receipt with something scrawled over it. “finally foiled, michael. this is definitely not my card.” “no, no, it isn’t. it’s, uh. it’s my number.” “what.” “can i get yours too?” “what.”)
  • post-canon or no squip, jeremy decides to take up magic tricks as a hobby in senior year and he’s fucking awful at it, it hurts to watch. but michael, not wanting to get jeremy down, goes out of his Goddamn Way to make it Look Like every trick worked. on the flipside, jeremy KNOWS he’s awful but he’s so endeared and entertained that he just….let’s michael keep going on his mission. (”is this your card? “uhhhh no it’s no–” *MICHAEL IN THE BACKGROUND MAKING WIDE GESTURES THAT MEAN ‘PLEASE JUST FUCKING SAY YES’* “—ooot not my card. Not not my card. This is totally my card.”)
  • jeremy and michael are 10 years old and are gonna do magic tricks for their school’s talent show, but an hour before the show, their rabbit (named humphry) goes MISSING. 
  • jeremy and michael, best friends extraordinaires and, just recently, birthday party magicians on weekends for extra cash!!! it’s pretty great. michael is a fantastic showman and kids love jeremy and their act is AWESOME, if michael may say so himself. but ohhh geez, michael keeps getting weird stomach feelings whenever he sees jeremy, clad in a cheap magician top hat and cape, kneel down to make a balloon animal for a little girl, or succeed in making a shy kid laugh, or smile and cryptically say “it’s magic”, with a dorky wiggle of his fingers whenever kids ask him how he did something. (”we did good today,” jeremy will tell him later, packing up their stuff. jeremy will tell michael that and pat him on the shoulder. michael’s breath will catch and he’ll think, huh. it’s magic.)


First in Friendship (A Parks and Recreation AU)

a collaboration with @dreaminglikeeames

Meet Steve Rogers, the Deputy Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. He throws himself into each and every project with an unmatched passion, always ready to serve the people of Pawnee, and he drags the rest of the Parks and Rec staff along with him. In the midst of running a children’s concert series, operating the city’s parks, fending off the shockingly aggressive raccoon population, and dealing with the passionate citizens of Pawnee, Steve has one overarching goal, a project that will be the beginning of a prestigious political career: turning Municipal Lot 48 into a beautiful park. 

As a result of the City Council’s incompetence and mismanagement, the governor dispatches a team of state auditors from Indianapolis, throwing a wrench into Steve’s grand plan. Sam Wilson is gregarious and unfailingly positive, while his partner, Peggy Carter, is prickly and inflexible. Steve tries to protect his city and his department from the budget cut machete, but the City Council’s damage is too severe. The government shuts down, but Steve is bound and determined to fix it. He is known around City Hall as the “Man With a Plan”, after all. (He is alternatively known as “that tall blond pain in the ass”, but he prefers the first one.)

Steve rallies the Parks and Rec team (plus a few other friends), and together, they bring back the Harvest Festival, an old Pawnee tradition. Steve finds himself in the midst of an uphill battle–fighting a brutal flu, bad publicity, lack of resources, the threat of losing their department entirely, a curse, an evil librarian, and a burgeoning crush on a colleague–all in the name of providing a service to the town he loves so much.

Featuring: Nick Fury as Director of P&R, Natasha Romanoff as his assistant, Clint Barton as the shoeshine guy, Thor Odinson as the office manager, Tony Stark as Steve’s assistant and department scheduler, Bruce Banner as the office accountant, and James “Bucky” Barnes as Steve’s best friend and nurse extraordinaire.

  • Supergirl: Hi. Uh, Kara Danvers sent me to get you.
  • Lena: Uh, weren't you the one there when Rhea invaded the planet and took me prisoner?
  • Supergirl: Right...yes. But I told Kara Danvers and she then sent me to get you.
  • Lena: Uh-huh. Bit like when you flew here on a bus.
  • Supergirl, laughing nervously: Right! Exactly like that.

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Can you do a drabble with Hoseok number 95 please

au: college!au, dorm!au + fluff
words: 868
rating: t for too competitive hoseok
request more from this list!! (closed)
check out my other requests

In your honest and unbiased opinion, whoever suggested for monthly video game nights to become a tradition in the BigHit Dormitory should be evicted immediately without further notice, and judging by the loud hooting of the smiley boy sitting beside you, signs were pointing to him as the prime suspect.

“Jung Hoseok, if you don’t shut your fucking mouth in two seconds, I swear I’m going to throw all your Bearbricks out the third floor!”

“Oh, lighten up, Y/N! You’re just mad because Team Iron Man is beating the crap out of your shitty Team Genius!” He hollered, earning him three high-fives from his other teammates. (A fat shame really, because normally you appreciated the company of cute Jungkook, kind Jimin, and friendly Taehyung. Right now, however, you were ready to shove your controller up their annoying shitholes.)

You see, the problem of video game nights was this: Jung Hoseok, your sweet, sweet boyfriend of 2 years, took Mario Kart way too fucking seriously, and it was starting to give you a migraine.

You point your eyes pleadingly at his last teammate, your one and only best friend Kim Namjoon, pacifist extraordinaire. He only smiles sheepishly back at you.

“Sorry, Y/N. If you can’t take the heat…” he trails off, shrugging his shoulders. 

The whole room is a cacophony of OOOOH HE FUCKING SAID THAT and NAMJOON IS DEAD plus every other variation of the phrase from each person in the common room. You huff indignantly, crossing your arms in a show of weak fury.

You feel a soft pat against your shoulder. Your slightly lethargic teammate Min Yoongi offers you a sly grin, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. You pause in your bickering with Hoseok long enough to raise your eyebrow in confusion, before sudden realization hits you like a bullet train.

This is the man notorious for cheating in every single game of Monopoly. If Min Yoongi didn’t even have the dignity to be a decent human being during a board game, what was stopping him from playing dirty at fucking Mario Kart?

“Alright, Team Iron Man,” Yoongi scoffs, cracking his knuckles with concealed determination. Kim Seokjin looks up from the screen and makes eye contact with the two of you, before it dawns on him that Yoongi was about to get fucking serious (or as serious as Min Yoongi could get.) You could barely restrain the evil smirk from making its appearance on your usually angelic face.

You spare a glance at your boyfriend, who unlike his group mates, had noticed the slight change in atmosphere around your team. He sends you a pointed look, wondering what devilish plan your teammate could possibly be concocting.

You only smile sweetly back.

“Let the next round begin!”

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Any recommendations for a multiple chapter Good Peter fic?

There’s a Good Peter tag you could search up, and here are some of my faves:

know who i am by Aminias (SeeingRed)

What about the first time Stiles runs up to Peter, and Peter tries to take him back to his mom, and he’s like you can’t, my mama’s in the hospital, and daddy thinks I don’t know, but she’s gonna die “


At least Five times Peter and Stiles find each other + One time its mutual er something like that



With Mars Bars, Snickers and Skittles by FeelingsDusk

Peter wakes up one year and almost ten months after he managed to drag himself out of the burning Hale house to find the remaining members of his family tired, worn down, stressed and downright miserable.

The situation is unacceptable and he won’t stand for it.

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sweet like vanilla is - loveinamaltshop - Be More Chill - Iconis/Tracz [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Be More Chill - Iconis/Tracz
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Brooke Lohst/Chloe Valentine, Brooke Lohst & Chloe Valentine, Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell, Jake Dillinger/Rich Goranski, Jake Dillinger & Chloe Valentine, Jeremy Heere/Brooke Lohst, Michael Mell & Chloe Valentine
Characters: Chloe Valentine, Brooke Lohst, Jake Dillinger, Michael Mell, Jeremy Heere, Jenna Rolan
Additional Tags: Unrequited Love, Pining, pining losers who can’t talk about their feelings, Soft Jake, Jake Dillinger? Did you mean best friend extraordinaire?, Pining Chloe, Alternate Universe - No Squip, If you love them, let them go, Angst, Chloe and Michael are pining buddies, Bittersweet Ending, some slut shaming, aka something I do not condone, Swearing

Brooke didn’t deserve to love someone like her. She deserved the complete opposite of Chloe—kind and maybe a little shy and nerdy but was constantly and needlessly good to her. Someone constantly smiling like she is, too. Someone like Jeremy.

She looks at Michael, who’s so close to passing out and wonders if she looks exactly like he does right now. Tired and pathetic. Rubbing at her face, she decides she definitely does.

In which Chloe and Brooke are both insecure in ways they’ll never admit to the other.

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Fic prompt!! Modern AU cassian training feyre in a gym owned by Rhys

Funnily enough, I was considering making Cassian a trainer for another au fic prompt, so this works! This fic got a little angstier than I intended and I hope I dealt with it okay. Hope you like!

AO3 Linkage


I was nervous. Fighting wasn’t really my thing.

“But it’s not fighting!” Mor, my eternally pesky bestie, insisted. “It’s kickboxing and you promised to come!”

When I came home last week late one night, it had been impossible to hide the bruise blooming on my face. It still hadn’t gone completely away.

Mor was adamant I do something, but I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of reporting the a-hole who’d done it. He was just some bloke who’d smacked my face, grabbed my purse, and ran. I didn’t get a good enough look at him to give the police anything to go off of, so short of halting my bank cards and filing for a new driver’s license, I was content to call it with a doctor’s visit.

“At least take this new kickboxing class with me,” Mor had pleaded. “It’ll help you get your mojo back and teach you a few moves to protect yourself should,” she motioned sadly at my face where the bruise covered my cheek, “that happen again. Plus, Cassian’s pretty hot to look at working out, even if he is a total ass.”

I scowled at her. “Don’t tell me that’s why you’ve been going four nights a week since January. Just to sleep with the instructor, really, Mor?”

“Don’t give me that look, Feyre,” she snapped. “I slept with Cassian the first night I met him and that was ages ago.”

“You… what?! What about Az?”

She shrugged. “They’re friends and this was way before Az. I’ve known Cassian for a long time. He’s friends with my cousin who runs the gym we’re going to. And besides, trust me when I say Az has nothing to worry about. Cassian’s ego is a lot bigger than his-”

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Changes in the Wind ~ Chapter Six

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Prologue  Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five

Summary: Y/N L/N has just gotten her big break into the world of acting with an Oscar nominated role in a hit new movie. Everything is looking up for Hollywood’s newest favorite as she lands an audition for a movie, reading with the Sam Winchester. Unfortunately for Sam, first impressions can be tough, especially with an older brother newly checked into rehab clouding your thoughts… Though Sam is mesmerized instantly by Y/N’s talent and personality, she is left to believe he’s a stuck up, rich actor with a superiority complex. Sam is determined to work with her, and decides he has to mend things between them at the upcoming Academy Awards. Will he succeed in winning her over?

Sam Winchester looked like quite the character. He was wearing a warm coat over his Victorian suit to keep warm in the chilly Canadian spring. He stood a little ways away from the section of public gardens they had sectioned off for filming. He held a cell phone to his ear, talking to his brother.

“How did the flight go?” Sam asked, concerned.

“Could’ve been worse. The in-flight drinks were offered but Benny kept me honest. He also kept the paparazzi away when I was at LAX.” Dean sounded tired.

“When you get to set you can go straight to my trailer if you want. Try to get rid of the jet lag.” Sam suggested.

“It’ll be like all those times I crashed in your dorm when you were at Stanford.”

“Hopefully less traumatizing this time, though.” Sam chuckled.

“Little brother, you know I can’t make any promises.” Sam could hear the smile in Dean’s voice.

“Fair enough, Dean. I’ll see you soon.” Sam hung up.

He slid his phone into his pocket and headed back towards the cameras, microphones, and crew. He settled into a chair next to Gabriel. Y/N was scrolling on her phone while her hair was being fixed. He noticed she chewed on her lip a little when she concentrated.

Y/N looked up and noticed him staring. She smiled. Sam grinned back, feeling his heart speed up.

In her hand, Y/N’s phone buzzed with a text alert. She was thrilled to see it was from her best friend, and screenwriter extraordinaire.

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Rating: Mature / PG-13 through NC-17
TImeline: Season 7
Summary:  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition.

A/N: Special thank yous to @kateyes224​ for being the best friend and beta extraordinaire for this beast, @2momsmakearight​ for the non-stop brainstorming, and @gilliansboobs​ for the unwavering support through my late night meltdowns while writing this and the amazing gif and banner.  I couldn’t have done this without you guys xo


Her shoulder muscles screamed at the tension that had twisted into them, the hours of hunching over the paperwork of the case and his profile notes etched out sloppily across lined sheets.  The rolling of her neck did little to pacify the muscles, instead they coiled tighter and burned like fire up to base of her skull.

The keypad above the doorknob beeped twice and flashed a green light as Mulder swiped the card and unlocked the door to their motel room, then stepped aside, allowing her to cross the threshold first.

“I’m exhausted,” she said as she dropped her coat onto the chair.  Neither of them made a move towards the lamp, content in the quiet that the darkness offered.   Instead, he pressed his chest to her back, his arms wrapping around her waist, and a deep sigh reverberated through her signaling to him that her eyes had drifted closed and she was finally allowing herself to relax.  The past few days had gotten to her just as much as him, though she’d never admit that to him.  Always the strong one.  Always ‘fine.’

“I’m sorry you got as wrapped up in this case as you did,” he whispered in her ear, his arms tightened around her.  “As much as I appreciate that you were there, I hate that you had to see me that way.”

She turned in his arms, running her hands up the length of them to the back of his neck, pulling his face close enough so that she could press a kiss to the tip of his nose.

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Fic Recs #13

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Spooky fic rec 13! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far! It’s just a testament to the amazing level of skill and variety in this amazing fandom.

Let’s get started!

Originally posted by gurl

Loving Your Work by @dettiot - Let’s be real. We all thought of Olicity when we watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Don’t lie. I see you. Well, Mel actually did something about it! Felicity Smoak, a chop shop girl, gets rescued from East Berlin by suave CIA agent Tommy Merlyn, barely managing to escape the relentless KGB agent Oliver Queen. Despite their differences, the trio teams up, with a little (a lot of) coaxing from their respective intelligence agencies, to rescue Felicity’s father – and the world – from Nazis.

Training Session by @felicityollies - Felicity wants Oliver to train her in self-defense. Despite her insistence that he won’t throw her on her back, she finds out she’s wrong. So, deliciously, wonderfully wrong.

30 Minute Dinners for Busy Weeknights [Olicity Buzz] by @yespleasehawkeye - Inspired by a Buzzfeed post, this story includes so much fluffy Olicity + food with a dash of sad angst at the end. I would not be mad with a sequel.

Bonnie and Clyde by @felicityollies - Dark!Olicity. Felicity and Oliver are criminals and they meet when trying to jack the same car. The rest is (sexy) history.

Dinner (and a grilling) by @juleswritesallwrongs - Part of the infamous Vegas!Verse (which totally lives in all our Olicity canon textbooks, let’s be real), in which Kristina Miles introduces her new boyfriend to her best friend (and CEO of a powerful tech company), her best friend’s husband (and town’s resident royalty/billionaire), her other best friend (tech genius extraordinaire), and his boyfriend (who’s just trying to be supportive.) Fluffy happiness in these dark, Olicity-less times.

Not My Dog by @sentence-fragments - An adorable, fluffy oneshot involving two missing dogs, one of them with only three legs, and TRUE LOVE.

Dear Future Husband by @thecomebackkids99 - Oliver and Felicity are married and Donna drops off a present for her new son-in-law: the diary Felicity wrote at 14 to her future husband.

Recipe for Romance by @lynslogic - Oliver owns a farm and goes to the farmer’s market to sell his produce every weekend. There, he meets Felicity Smoak - an amazing, beautiful woman he happens to develop a massive crush on. But she has a boyfriend. Or does she? (Yes he’s a farmer and not a cowboy. Just enjoy the happy.)

We’re Chocolate Covered Potato Chips by @suchaprettypoison - Another part of the Swooning series I can’t get enough of! Felicity - a girl who’s been on the run her entire life - has settled down with the love of her life and is having a hard time adjusting.

Forwards and Backwards by @geniewithwifi - Oliver’s with the Bratva and can’t see a way out except one. The most permanent one. Until someone – apparently from his future – drops in unexpectedly.

life is a rollercoaster (just gotta ride it) by @ohmyemilybett - Meet cute at an amusement park. The rest is history.

Geas Wolf by @squidbillybrit - Felicity rescues some animals in the night from poachers. Turns out, one wasn’t just an animal. Aka: the werewolf mates au I never knew I wanted!

Originally posted by biteinthenight

Out of the Woods. by @mintsea - Season 4.5, aka the Summer of Sexual Tension 2.0. Olicity begins to reconcile after long months apart, but vigilante work waits for no OTP.

Let’s try our very best to fake it by @mogirl97 - Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen are ARGUS agents forced into a fake marriage for a mission. But there’s too much history and bad blood between them to make it easy.

St. Green Arrow’s Cave for Wayward Vigilantes by @alexiablackbriar13 - I like Lexi’s explanation of this. What’s going on with Evelyn? Where does she live? Where does she sleep? What does she eat? How? She’s a minor and a vigilante!


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Give Me Something Good by @dettiot - Olicity. Ghost stories. The Winchester brothers. Need I say more?

(The fics below are all part of the Olicity Fanfiction Trick or Treat Exchange created by the amazing @thatmasquedgirl and @ohmyemilybett.)

Neighbourly Encounters (Of Growly Things, Halloween Plans, And Chicken Cordon Bleu) by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver moves into a near neighborhood around Halloween and meets his new neighbor - a beautiful, babbling blonde - in a less-than-conventional way.

Of Violent Delights and Violent Ends by @thatmasquedgirl - In a world where humans know about the existence of vampires, vampire Felicity Smoak runs a nightclub called Bloodlust. One night, 200 years into immoral life, she meets Oliver Queen and everything changes.

You Trick, I’ll Treat by @bushlaboo - Prompt: The kids we’re escorting to trick or treat dropped their bags. (Aka, Felicity is ambushed when Oliver is helping her take Sara trick-or-treating instead of Lyla.)

Deception by @adiwriting - Part of the Halloween exchange and the amazing Current!Verse! Olicity is in Bali, but it’s not all sunshine and martabaks for everyone’s favorite vigilante-mutant couple.

Trick or Treat by @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline - A menacing one-shot followed by a tooth-rottingly fluffy Halloween college AU.

The Movie Thief by @writewithurheart - In a Blockbuster, Oliver gets his little sister’s movie choice stolen right out of his hands by a sneaky goth.

Dinner and a Murder by ME! - Is it really a fic recs if there’s no shameless self-promotion? I think not. Enjoy my story of murder-mystery dinners, actual murder, mutual pining, and 1920s outfits.

@trenonny replied to your postsend us some sterek prompts, we is bored and…

One is a street hustler who specializes in three card monty and/or pickpocketing. The other is the person who ALWAYS somehow sees sees through the card swapping or catches them in the process of stealing - but never turns them in. Intrigue and interest ensue?

I only know of the three card monte trick because of Leverage, so this became a sorta Parker!Stiles, Sophie!Derek, and Hardison!Lydia thing (knowing of the show is not necessary to understanding this) (also, this video of the trick blew my mind)

Stiles takes great pleasure in swindling businessmen of all their money.  

Some people call him a hustler—often right after throwing the contents of their wallet at him and storming off—some say he’s an outright thief.  But Stiles doesn’t force people to give him their money, he doesn’t pick pockets (well, anymore), he’s just very smart about what he does.

Lets just say he’s his own kind of businessman.  The people swarm to him, willingly, and he graciously takes them for all the cash they’ve got on them.

Right now, a crowd’s gathered, attracted by his best friend—and inside woman extraordinaire—Lydia, loosing terribly at the Three-card Monte.  

Stiles throws the cards around the table, and the crowd easily follows the queen of hearts around, while Lydia pretends to fumble, and obviously picks the wrong card, to the muttering of the businessmen gathered around her.  A few of them snort, and brag that they could do a much better job.  Hook, line, and sinker.

Lydia winks at Stiles, and dumps a wad of cash on his upturned milk crate, before flouncing off.  The businessmen eye it up like it’s easily attainable manna from heaven, before pushing at each other, eager for a turn.

Stiles looks around the crowd for the richest, cockiest looking man.  Instead he spots, out of the corner of his eye, an atypically dressed guy.  The guy is downright gorgeous—all big hazel eyes, dark scruff, and muscles draped in coveralls, a baseball hat with the logo of a local museum, balanced on his head—his name tag declares him Miguel.  

He’s not Stiles’ usual spectator.  Miguel’s standing off to the side, a sly grin on his lips, almost like he knows, but since he isn’t giving the game up, Stiles lets him be.  

He licks his lips.  Miguel is a tall drink of water, but Stiles has a job to do.  He turns back to his game, and picks a man in a Hugo Boss suit, waving around his wallet like an idiot.

Unsurprisingly, twenty minutes and a few businessmen later, Stiles is counting out a few hundred dollar bills, and the hot guy in coveralls seems to have disappeared into the crowd.  Too bad, Stiles wouldn’t have minded his number.

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Three Words More

Author’s Note: Mulder’s behavior in Three Words is…well, he’s an asshole, for lack of a better description. I’ve always felt that there was a lot of potential there to explore the feelings of isolation, depression, and betrayal Mulder must have been dealing with, but the way he was portrayed in that episode, he really just came off as a jerk to a very pregnant Scully.  It was sloppy writing, and the fact that TPTB still wanted to play coy with who the baby’s father was asinine. So here’s some much-needed context.  As always, a million hugs and smoochies to my best friend and beta-extraordinaire, @piecesofscully.

Scully shifted Mulder’s half-empty duffel bag to her other shoulder and turned the key, the lock sliding away like the sound of a guillotine.  Mulder slipped by her, not bothering to take the bag from her.  She tried to ignore the pang of annoyance that flared within her as he brushed past.  The bag wasn’t heavy, but the fact that he didn’t take it from her, had allowed her to carry it up from the car, irked her.  He’d been so solicitous of her before…before.  From the outset of their partnership, Mulder had treated her as an equal, had trusted her to hold her own as an agent and as his partner, but his rigid New England-bred gallantry had always managed to shine through in small, charming ways.  She was so used to him holding the door open for her, guiding her gently with a hand rooted to the small of her back, hoisting both of their bags from the baggage carousel, that for him not to perform this small act of chivalry stung her more deeply than she cared to admit.  Just last week he was dead and buried, she silently chastised herself. She could carry his damn bag for him for once. The baby kicked at her ribs, and she grimaced.  Mulder didn’t notice.

Watching Mulder walk through his living room, the planes and angles of his body at once so familiar and so unexpected, she swallowed past her irritation, convincing herself that her frustration was just a surge of hormonal irrationality. She strode past him and set his bag down just inside his bedroom door.  The smell of Pine-Sol hung cloyingly in the air, and the dark wood of his furniture glowed in the mid-afternoon sun that shone through the open blinds, a few dust motes swirling in the wake of his careful inventory.  

“Must feel good to be home,” she said softly, when his silence was suddenly too much.  

“Mmm,” he hummed noncommittally, spinning in a slow circle, his eyes raking over his earthly possessions. “Something looks different.”  He still hadn’t met her eyes.

Scully chuffed, willing herself not to cry, and squeezed her eyes shut as tears pricked them.  It’s exactly the same, Mulder, she thought. It’s exactly the same as when you walked out that door six months ago. Your suits are still hanging in the closet.  The same stupid movie we were too busy making love to be watching is still in the VCR. Your rent is paid through the end of this year.  Your credit cards are still sending you statements, despite zero balances, because I paid them off and couldn’t bring myself to cancel them.  Your wallet is still sitting on the coffee table, for God’s sake.  I didn’t give up on you.  Can’t you see that?  “It’s clean,” she said instead. 

“Ah…that’s it.”  He walked over to the fish tank and peered in. “Missing a molly.” 

She felt her heart start to hammer.  “Yeah. She wasn’t as lucky as you.” Sensing her mounting despair, the baby shifted within her.  Scully studied him intently as he turned towards her, finally, and perched nonchalantly on the edge of his desk.  He folded his arms, looking at her expectantly, his eyes sweeping over her quickly from head to toe, pausing for a split-second on her stomach before he looked down at the ground again quickly.  

He hadn’t touched her once since he’d finally wrenched himself unsteadily from his hospital bed with the help of the occupational therapist.  After he’d been discharged from the hospital, he’d visibly flinched and pulled his hand away from hers when she’d tried to interlace their fingers as they walked out to the car.  He’d barely strung more than three words together during the five-hour drive back from North Carolina, except to remark that the Thai place on 14th Street was gone, and then again to vehemently and vocally resist her gentle prodding to stop by one of his favorite old delis for a Rueben and an iced tea for lunch.  

He hadn’t said one word about the baby, studiously avoiding her midsection when he did actually look at her.  She wondered briefly if he hadn’t done the math.  Surely, he knew…he must know.

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Read Part 1 here

Rating: Mature / R
TImeline: Season 7
Summary:  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition.

A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, PHILES!  Special thank yous to @kateyes224​ for being the best friend and beta extraordinaire for this beast, @2momsmakearight​ for the non-stop brainstorming, and @gilliansboobs​ for the unwavering support through my late night meltdowns while writing this and the amazing gif and banner.  I couldn’t have done this without you guys xo

Again, please read Part 1 or you’ll be more lost than Mulder and Scully in this story.

He could feel its weighty presence on the other side, sitting there just waiting for him to move, and his heart quickened as he watched four fingernail impressions press into the thin fabric just inches from his face, scraping painfully slow down the length of it to the ground.  The long, vibrating sound it produced was nearly deafening in the quiet of the night, followed by a staccato clicking, like stone tapping against stone, repetitively.

They were outnumbered.  Greatly.  His eyes flicked to the location of the gun, as he mentally calculated the length of time it would take for him to get to it, and dig it out of the bag.  It would create too much commotion, probably take too long, and he’d risk Scully getting hurt or attacked in the process.

The clicking grew louder as it got closer to the tent wall.

Careful to keep still, he shifted his eyes towards a still sleeping Scully, his eyes pleading with her to stay asleep, to keep quiet.  He’d wait it out, he decided. The animals would lose interest eventually, he reasoned to himself.  They had to.

And suddenly all he could hear was receding footsteps, growing quieter and quieter, then nothing but the crackle of the fire outside.

With a sigh of relief and one last look in the direction of the gun, he turned towards Scully and pulled her close.  It would be a long night.

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anonymous asked:

Ok I totally get that Peter is kind of a manipulative, creepy bastard who's willing to do anything to accomplish his goals...but it's like impossible to find a nice, long, fluffy Steter fic with genuine affection, and respect on both sides. Can you recommend anything? :) ps. I don't even watch teen wolf and I'm still shipping steter so hard right now. I blame you :P

I can’t really say these are all fluffy Steter per se but they all have happy endings (except one) and the Peter/Stiles dynamic is… slightly to moderately mellower?  I don’t know if that makes sense but there’s at least mutual affection and/or respect in them, so yeah, hope you enjoy.

Surprisingly Compatible – Goldenpetal13

AU – Asexual Stiles/Peter. Set just after 3A with various changes.)

Forfeit – Goldenpetal13

Set after Season 2, Peter’s joined Derek’s pack and Stiles just wants some peace and quiet to enjoy his life and not keep getting nearly killed. It doesn’t go to plan and Peter cashes in on it, but is it a game or something more permanent?

To Save Them All – Goldenpetal13

AU, FutureFic/Re do of Season 1, Something happens, something bad, and Stiles finds a way to go back in time to change the past and save them all, to give them a future. He finds the way back and then swaps places with Scott and he gets bitten by Peter instead. Now he has to change the events that where set in motion after that event and maybe, just maybe they’ll all get to live.

Reluctant Allies With Benefits – veterization

Peter suggests he and Stiles starts having no strings attached sex. It’s that simple. No, really, it totally is. Stiles will make sure of it.

Successfully Cheating Death (Twice) – veterization

Turns out, Peter’s resurrection wasn’t as permanent as expected. Unfortunately for Stiles, he wants to see Peter live.

building from dust – nezstorm

There’s a void inside him. A vast expanse of space that he has no use for anymore, there is no one left to use it. But it’s there and it haunts him. Makes him feel empty and too full. It’s a reminder of things he won’t ever be able to forget. A place to fill with guilt and blood and his own hands twisting the blade, pushing it deeper, up to the hilt and the agony on Scott’s face is too much. Too much.

Domestic Bliss and Other Nonsense – moonstalker24

“So, I think we should get married.”

Peter chokes, fumbles for a second, then manages to set his mug of tea down on the coffee table. He turns to look at Stiles, who is sprawled over the end of the couch, flipping through an old book.

“What?” Peter asks.

Stiles turns bright amber eyes on the stunned werewolf. “We should get married.”


“So all the books can be in one place.”

Stiles Stilinski’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Werewolf – moonstalker24

(As Observed By Scott McCall, Best Friend Extraordinaire)

Scott doesn’t like the werewolf that followed Stiles home from a folklore seminar. Neither does anybody else. Somehow, it’s Scott’s job to tell Stiles that.

Carry It With No Regrets – SatanInACroptop

Stiles is having trouble reconciling with the aftermath of the nogitsune. Namely the notion that if Allison were here, Stiles might well not be. Namely the heart stopping fear of what could happen to those still breathing if the next time he wakes up, someone else is opening his eyes for him.
Fortunately, there is at least one soul in Beacon Hills with whom he can relate to.
Sometimes a little bit of help can be found in the most unlikely of places, including the domicile of Peter Hale, and sometimes, a little bit of sanctuary is all it takes.

Pages Upon Pages – predictaslash

“Everyone knows Peter Hale is the weird guy who works at the public library and talks to himself and is generally to be avoided.”

A series of short chapters in the same universe where Peter Hale is a human librarian and Stiles needs lots of help. Lots and lots of help.

I’ll Meet You Here – predictaslash

But Stiles can’t really savor it as much as he would like mostly because his heart feels like it might start hurting soon. “Oh. OH. You were joking. Me, too, heh. What a jokester I am.”

AKA, An Entirely Too Decent Proposal

All That You Have Home – predictaslash

Peter has sat across from Unpronounceable First Name “Stiles” Stilinski for two years.

you’ll never know, dear (how much i love you) – CaptainHarleyQuinn

“You are my sunshine,” Stiles laughs, half-heated and broken as red blood spills across his blue lips. It’s their song.

“You make-make me happy, when skie-skies are g-grey,” Peters crying.

He’s crying.

Every Note (Was Just a Proper One) – belial

It started out innocuously – being paired up with Peter because they’re both talented researchers – but it grew to sharing meals and movies and in-jokes. He didn’t realize he was in love until the night they found the piano.

The Terrible Things We Do (For Love) – Rrrowr

Being a demon, he’s seen some of the pretty nasty things that humans are willing to do for love. Things that, were he still alive (and human), would make him hesitate to be in a relationship with anyone lest his partner start getting some funny ideas. That said—

“This seems a little desperate for a kid your age,” he says to Stiles.

Name – Corpium

When Stiles goes back in time to save Paige and stop Gerard, he doesn’t expect Peter Hale.

Stiles Stilinski: Wolf Whisperer (and Provider of Pop-Tarts) – ChuckleVoodoos

Stiles realizes that Peter might, in fact, be in need of a friend. And what better candidate than Stiles himself (accompanied, of course, by delicious pastry treats)?

Conflict Resolution – Green

Stiles must rely on Peter Hale to stay alive, but what if being alive means being soulbonded to the creepy murdering werewolf himself?

Near Death – ToAStranger

Stiles is struggling with the aftermath of the Nogitsune.

Wake Me Up – ToAStranger

Stiles has been in a coma for six years. Now he’s awake.

Our Imperfect World – taylorpotato

Not long after his eighteenth birthday, Peter wakes up with a small, white scar on his finger. Most people are born with scars that match their soulmate’s, or get one in their early childhood. Peter thought he just wasn’t meant to have anybody. The sudden arrival of his soulmate (in Beacon Hills, no less) is just the beginning of his life’s complications. After the fire at the Hale House, Peter’s subsequent coma, and death, he comes back to life to find that his mate has developed a crippling case of agoraphobia. Will he learn to be the sort of person a scared young man could love, or will he remain a monster?

All’s Fair in Love and Videogames – taylorpotato

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

The Gentleman Beast and His Mage – Sang_argente

Stiles is so fucking sick of werewolves and kanimas and hunters. He’s just sick of everything. He wants to just leave all the supernatural bullshit behind, but there’s a recently resurrected psycho that wants him to stay. Why is it so important that he does?

Everything’s Not Lost – jumpinmattflash

Peter tries to rebuild his life to what it was before the fire. A life that includes his nephew, a pack and one, Stiles Stilinski.