best friend caboose

I was listening to the song “Your Best Friend” from the RvB Revelation soundtrack and came across a very important realization.

If you didn’t know, the song is in Caboose’s point of view, talking about his “friendship” with Church. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s kinda tragically sad how Caboose truly believes Church is his best friend and how Caboose’s “situation” has manipulated his mindset.

There are cute moments that show just how much Caboose really loved Church, though, like:

Church, I’m your best friend. That’s what I am to you. And we’ll be together till the part where it’s over because we are brothers and not Red.”

“Because we’re such a great team when we’re together just like chocolate and peanut candy.”

“And Church, we’re gonna weather that storm together, and I’ll be right by your side.”

And then I came across this one lyric.

“We do everything together, like Hide & Don’t Seek, your favorite game.”

It hit me that Church has disappeared so much throughout Red vs Blue. Caboose, believing him to be his best friend, really was impacted by that, as we’ve seen in episodes. It just broke my heart that he compares it to “Hide & Go Seek,” an innocent child’s game. Church’s “favorite game” because he plays it so much. And for Caboose, he never is allowed to seek, but he always finds Church in the end, right? In some shape or form.

But there’s one time “Church” won’t be found, will he? And Caboose still won’t be able to search for him.

I wonder if Caboose ever sang this song to himself after the events of season 13.

Maine and Wash

So I was talking to my breadslice @kaz–miller, and we got to thinking on the subject of this picture they drew:

  • Imagine The Meta and Wash carrying a copy of the photo around with them and the other not knowing about it, because they were best friends and can’t let it go.
  • The Meta holding the photo as he sinks to the bottom of the sea, and for a minute feeling like Maine again.
  • Wash realising Maine was dead, and there’s no coming back, and just having a death grip on his picture as tears fall on it against his will.
  • Wash finally breaking down when he see’s Carolina because somehow she’s alive and Maine isn’t and it’s just too much, and Carolina comforting him because she knew how close they were.
  • Finally telling the blues and Caboose letting him know that he knows how it feels to lose your best friend.
  • Caboose having his whole “I miss Church” moment and Wash would have just let him be alone for a while but he knows how much it hurts and how much you need another friend just for a little while, even though its not the same.
  • Someone asking Wash who it was in the photo and he just tells them “no-one special” because he’s finally accepted that Maine was dead for a long time before they killed The Meta.
  • Caboose putting Wash in charge of remembering Maine because Church put Caboose in charge of remembering him.

“I’m putting you in charge of remembering your scary friend, Agent Washingtub!”


“Church told me that I need to be in charge of remembering him because I was his best friend, so as your Captain I’m putting you in charge of remembering your scary friend.”

“Yes, sir.”

  • Caboose hugging Wash to make him feel better and for a moment it feels the same as Maine’s hugs because he’s just as strong and it takes everything in him not to cry again because he’s supposed to be the strong one, damnit.

Team Suffer, here for all your awful and sad needs.

Honestly, I’m such a mess over this. Like, how is Tucker going to react to losing his best friend? How is Caboose going to get through this? How is Wash going to be able to keep them together? What is Carolina going to think knowing she lost part of her family? 

What are we going to do without Church?