best friend bucket list

1. Go to a Music Festival
2. Go boating
3. Get matching tattoos
4. Face your fears
5. Explore the city
6. Stay up until dawn
7. Start a scrapbook
8. Go to a Waterpark
9. Visit an aquarium
10. Visit a theme park
11. Thrift shopping
12. Take a road trip
13. Go to a Museum
14. Play Mini Golf
15. Marathon a TV Series
16. Put your hand/footprint in wet cement
17. Go to a Parade
18. Sing in the car with windows down
19. See fireworks
20. Go Rollerskating
21. Disney Movie Marathon
22. Crash a Wedding
23. Catch Fireflies
24. Camp in the backyard
25. Buy Matching Sunglasses
26. Build a blanket fort
27. Host/Attend a Bonfire
28. Bake all day
29. Attend a state fair
30. Dye your hair
31. Attempt a DIY Project
32. Make friendship bracelets
33. Make a Time capsule
34. Go Laser Tagging
35. Hide and Seek (Ikea Style)
36. Go to a drive-in
37. Go strawberry picking
38. Go skinny dipping
39. Go Hiking
40. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Heather& Jenny's Summer Bucket list

• Go mudding
•Drive in
•Go to Mi pueblo
•Look at stars
•Tan together
•Four wheeling
•Scary movies
•Henna tattoos
•Go to goodwill
•Eat somewhere new
•Play in rain
•Dress up like hippies
•Explore the creek
•Dye our hair
•Steak n Shake after midnight
•Carve our names into a tree
• Hang out with Pedro
•Go to pool hall
•Go on a trip
•Downtown at night
•All nighter
•Shaving cream fight
•Get Ice cream
•Write each other letters
•Bike ride
•Sleep in tent
•Make shirts
•Mud fight
•Concert- rascal flatts (&jason aldean?)
✔️ •Sparklers
•Get something pierced
•Ride a fair ride together
•Try new food at fair
•Photo shoot
•Wear dresses
•Go to Olive Garden
•Walk the Canal
•State fair
•Watch The Fault In Our Stars
•Get shitfaced together

Elephant - Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan elephant is one of 3 recognised sub-species of Asian Elephant. Since 1986 the Sri Lankan elephant has been listed as endangered. During the 1990′s, many elephants were killed by landmines that were left during the countries armed conflict. Today, the main cause of the decline in elephant numbers is due to an increasing human population, and the resulting expansion of infrastructure into previously un-occupied land. While the ivory trade is not a large industry in Sri Lanka, some trade still occurs. 

Sri Lanka has set up safety zones for elephants, by creating protected areas for elephants to live, and working with local communities to learn to live alongside the elephants. 


For the first time, I attended a wedding. I didn’t even know the couple, but I found myself both happy and a little empty. There was obvious love, not only between the bride and groom, but between the many friends who were present to show their joy and support for these two people who chose one another as a life mate, a partner to lean on and lift up, always. 

Seeing this left me feeling a hollow space in my body. A place that would cave in if it was walked over any more. Would I ever be capable of a love like that? Is it possible for someone to look at me that way?  I don’t say this for pity or attention. I think so many people hear someone, especially a woman, talking about her desire for love and they hear desperation or weakness. Love is a necessity, another form of nourishment the human spirit needs to thrive and there is no shame in desiring what your body is hungry for. I’ve never felt like I had to get married and a wedding is not exactly on my bucket list, but a best friend I can love, can count on, can tear down my walls for, and share a life adventure with? That. That is the the shape of the hollow in my chest.