best friend jason chen

Best Friend

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2287 

A/N: Based off of the song “Best Friend” by Jason Chen . My friend made me listen to this today and omg. I just had to write a fic on it.

10 Years Old

“Help me, soldier! The bad guy is going to get me!” You cried out as you stood at the top of the playground.

“Don’t worry, ma'am! I’ll save you!” a young Bucky Barnes shouted as he climbed up the slide wear a sand bucket on his head as a helmet. 

You laughed as Bucky made his way up to you, slipping in the process, “My hero!” You shouted. You kissed Bucky on the cheek and he groaned in disgust.

“Why’d you do that Y/N?!” He wiped his cheek.

“That’s how a lady thanks a hero! My mommy does that when my daddy helps her!”

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Can I request a songfic about Everybody lives AU! Kakyoin with his s/o that also stand user with song 'Best Friend by Jason Chen'?

this is such a wholesome song

this also came to be p long oops hjkfds -mod cassie

If it weren’t for the fact that Kakyoin was right at your side, you’d really think you were dreaming. The sun spilling into the hospital room made the white walls look like they were glowing, the vase of flowers beside your bed shining brilliantly. You’d just woken up from what felt like an eternity of sleep but seeing Kakyoin through the fuzziness in your eyes made you almost bolt up in your spot, wanting to reach out to just touch him. 

He was quick to rest a gentle hand on your shoulder, urging you to lay back down before you could injure yourself further. A shooting pain in your stomach made you easily compliant, laying back down with a cushioned thud and then groaning. You could barely remember the moments before you had blacked out but you did remember a searing pain in your entire abdomen, followed by you hitting the ground and having the wind knocked clean out of your body. The last thing you saw was hazy and could have been a dream, but you saw Kakyoin kneel down, reaching out for you.

Then you woke up here, confused but relieved to be able to find that you still had all your necessary limbs. It seemed like it was either late afternoon or that one golden hour just before the sun settled below the horizon, and the view of seeing Kakyoin shrouded in a calm gold was borderline breathtaking. Despite his furrowed brows on concern he looked like an angel sent here to keep you safe. 

“___,” He started, his hand coming to rest atop your forehead. He lingered for a moment before a more calmer, relieved expression shaped. “Your fever’s gone down.”

“My fever?” You asked. You suddenly became very aware of just how bad your throat hurt, and how easy it was to tell with the scratchiness of your tone. Kakyoin was quick to take note of this and turned for a moment, taking a small plastic cup from the table beside your bed. You accepted it gratefully, drinking down the water inside and fighting the urge to cringe at the burn it left in its wake.

“You were burning up when you first got here.” Kakyoin said as he settled back into his chair. 

You knit your brows, staring up at the ceiling. The memory of a stand battle shot through you and your nerves flared, your body almost making a move to shoot back up into a sitting position. “The stand!” You tried to say, but it only came out in a weird sputtering cough of syllables thanks to the pain of speaking. Luckily, Kakyoin, being the angel he was, understood you and waved it off.

“His ability was more powerful than we had thought, and because of that you were injured. I’m sorry for that, ___. But don’t worry, Jotaro was able to retaliate just as much and the user was defeated. In the time Polnareff was also trying to show off I was able to help take you into emergency care.”

At his words your muscles relaxed, untensing and a sigh leaving your lips. “I don’t even know what hit me.”

“Neither did we,” he laughed. “But you’re okay now. That’s all that matters.”

His hand, much to your surprise, came to slide over the top of your bed and found its way to your own, resting it atop your knuckles with a content smile. 

You offered your own relaxed smile, shutting your eyes and nestling against the bed. Despite it being a hospital, that bed was fairly comfortable.

With a smile on his face and his hand resting on yours, Kakyoin hoped all of his anxieties were not only covered, but would soon be sated. From the moment he dragged you into the hospital demanding help to the moment you woke up his stomach had been rolling in it’s place, his throat clenching when the doctor told him there was a chance you would not fully recover from your injuries. While he knew that you were stronger, the thought of losing you was something he couldn’t bear to handle. Instead of dawning on these darks he sat at your bedside through your sleep, and the warmth and relief that coursed through him when your eyes cracked open was like nothing he had ever felt in his entire life. 

He told you your injuries were far minor than they actually were since he knew you better than anyone else. If you knew how close you had been to death you’d be hurt, feeling like a failure or like a burden. In thinking you had been fine from the start you were calm, relaxed and seeming to be happy- Kakyoin didn’t have it in him to ruin that.

The sun coming in through the window painted over you like a bath and he admired your natural beauty, something he often found himself thinking about in his free time. The softness of your skin, the kindness of your voice, the flow of your hair. He smiled to himself, watching his fingers prod at your knuckles as if touching you was grounding him. He silently thanked his lucky stars for being able to bring you to help in time, and also thanked his stars for you waking up without hassle.

“Thanks for saving me.” You said with an amused tone. Now you were looking at him, that sun mapping around the edges of your face. 

“Of course,” He answered, closing his eyes for a moment. “I told you I’d always be there for you, didn’t I?”

You watched him for a moment, perplexed, then recognition. You looked up at the ceiling, grinning. “We’ve really been friends for that long, huh?” 

“Ever since we were ten.”

“And you were a nerdy kid.”

Kakyoin laughed. “You were too- worse even.”

“Match made in heaven.” The fondness in your voice made him feel strange, a warmth spreading over his cheeks at the thought of you two being made for each other. You turned to look at him again, the pillow cradling your features. “You really are always there for me, so thank you for that.”

He nodded. “Always will be, even when you don’t want me to.” Thoughts of when you two were younger seemed to surface, the more undesirable ones coming to light. All the times you’d argued with him for meddling into your relationships and telling you you could do better, followed by all the times he let you cry on his shoulder when those relationships crumbled. 

You seemed to remember those exact moments as well, a sheepish expression forming. “Oh yeah, sorry about all that. You were always right about what guys were shitty.”

“Well, I am a guy after all.” Kakyoin said. Now that he thought about it some of the emotions he felt during your relationships seemed to have more weight than just him looking out for you. That was the lot of it, he wanted you to be safe and happy, but among those… He also felt something more shameful. Jealousy. Sometimes it hurt him to think about you kissing them, imagining a life with them, but those thoughts would be stomped out when you always came right back to him.

“An amazing guy,” you stated. “You’d make such an amazing boyfriend, you know that?”

His cheeks felt like they were heating again, his tongue coming out to lick at his lips. Maybe it was because of the fact that he’d almost lost you was making him emotional, but feelings he’d been harboring were starting to take shape as well as the lump in his throat. There were so many things he suddenly wanted to say to you, all the feelings he’d hidden deep down as to not destroy your friendship. He could settle for anything if it meant he got to work with you, and if eating his heart paved the way to being your best friend instead of lover then he’d take it without hesitation. 

“I would?” He murmured, looking down at his lap thoughtfully.

You took note of his pensive expression and rose a brow. “What, are you into some new girl you never told me about?”

His gaze turned back to you and he faltered for a moment, mouth agape while he thought of what to say. “Well, not exactly,” he pulled his hand away as you tried to roll over to face him. “She isn’t entirely new.”

Your eyes widened for a moment at the revelation, a wide grin taking over your once amused smile. “Seriously?” You asked in excitement. He sighed and nodded, giving into the thoughts racing in his head. “Do I know her?” While you were probably thinking of all the girls you’d ever run into he was thinking about how entirely cute you looked.

“You do.” He said, taking to looking back down at his lap. 

“Well? Who is it?” The expectancy in your tone made that lump form in his throat again, palms growing sweaty as though he were a school boy confessing to his crush. Perhaps that what he was after all.

He leaned back in his chair and looked everywhere but you at first; at the walls, the table, even the black-screened television hanging just below the ceiling. You followed his gaze the whole way and cleared your throat, to which he finally brought his line of sight back to you. Heat overtook his features and you laughed deviously.

“Aww, come on, don’t get all shy on me!” You said in a sing-song voice. He forced out a nervous laugh and then swallowed thickly. 

“Listen, ___,” he began with a wavering voice. What better time than now, he supposed. Your eyes never left him, so he continued. “In the years of our friendship, we’ve certainly grown close, haven’t we?” You seemed skeptical of his words but rose a brow and smiled, nodding nonetheless. He once again started with uncertainty lacing his voice. “You’re the closest thing I have, you know full there isn’t really anything I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Yeah I know,” you laughed, not pointing out the obvious hesitance in his words. “And you know you mean the world to me too. What about it though?”

He cleared his throat and balled his fists. “___ there are things that I haven’t told you, and I think now would be the best time. I don’t want to hide certain… Feelings… I’ve been having.” Your once amused features seemed to drop, a confused expression lingering but he continued anyways. “It would hurt me to think that I would be the reason to make you uncomfortable but I need you to know that…” He closed his eyes for a moment before finally decided to spit it out. 

“I believe I’ve fallen in love with you.”

For an agonizing minute there was silence. You said nothing, you didn’t move, you just stared at him. From his brows he looked at you, taking in your surprise and feeling like his heart was doing flips. 

You turned onto your back, staring up at the ceiling in silence, and for a moment Kakyoin thought he may have ruined everything. But then you laughed. 

It sounded like a happy one, your bandaged arm raising so you could rest a hand on your forehead.

“It’s about time.” You breathed, eyes closed. 

“What do you mean?” He asked, leaning forward and watching you. You peeked open an eye and then laughed again.

“Stop with that face, Noriaki! I’ve known for like, years now.” Your hand came to rest back at your side and you hummed. “I was waiting for you to say something.”

He frowned, but a seeing how lighthearted you were being soothed his nerves just enough to have him breathing normally again. “Why?”

You smiled again, turning to look at him. 

“So I could tell you that I’m in love with you, too.”

Kakyoin felt like he would die right there. His heart began pumping rapidly again, nerves once again growing agitated with his sweaty palms. Hearing you say those words was enough to have him feel like he was about to pass out, but instead of dropping like a brick he tentatively reached back out and once again rested his hand on top of yours, breath catching in his throat when yours turned to clasp his fingers.

The corners of his lips turned up, happy. “I thought I hid it well.” He murmured. 

You chuckled again. “I know almost all there is to know about you.”

“You really do, don’t you?” He leaned to rest his free elbow on the mattress, hand holding his chin. 

You hummed your approval and then closed your eyes again, hand squeezing him lightly every few seconds. The calmness in you was something he couldn’t fathom but then again he could also tell your heart was racing just as much as his was.

“Hey, Noriaki?” You spoke. He turned his attention towards your face when you spoke again. “Once I’m out of here we should go on actual dates.”

He grinned and nodded in agreement, bringing your intertwined hands up to his lips so he could kiss your knuckles. 

“Anywhere you want.”

After winning the long coming battle with Dio and living to tell the tale, Kakyoin realized that without the lingering threat of the evil Lord he could move on. Even though there would always be other stand users, finally he could begin to live his life out, a life he hoped he could plan out with you.

Current Music Obsession

RULES: List the top 10 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag 10 mutuals!

So since I’m tag, i do it. To be honest I don’t have any top song, it’s change all the time so i just come with the song i listening right now and the song it came in my mind xD So no order really. And most of them came from movie, anime, game, etc.

1. I feel in love with my best friend - Jason Chen

2. All about us - He is we

3. Can I have this dance - High School Musical 3

4. Shut up and dance with me - cover from School Rock

5. Si tu voulais m’aimer- french version of the dancing and the dreaming from how to train your dragon 2

6. Here comes forever- R5

7. Two in a Million- Austin and Ally

8. You and I- Pv Nova feat  Clara Doxal

9. Perfect- Ed Sheeran

10. Rose of May- song inspire by loss of me from final fantasy IX

That’s all. I was tagged by @seagreen-meets-grey

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{ My lovely Vmin edit~ }

With so much new vmin pics I couldn’t resist. 

Anyway, I made a Vmin playlist for anyone who needs some Vmin to bless their ears like I do. Some of these songs, I already have on my phone:)

So feel free to enjoy!

Best friend by Jason Chen ( the flipping vmin national anthem )

Stand by you by Rachel Platten

Little star by Standing EGG ( recommended by Tae )

Sorry by Justin Bieber ( recommended by Tae )

We don’t talk anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

Mirror by Justin Timberlake

Company by Justin Bieber

Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara

Maps by Maroon 5

This is how we do by Katy Perry

Youth by Troye Sivan

Glad you came by The Wanted

Me you by San E ft Baek Yerin ( inspired by the cute Vmin clip~ )

Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
First love by Astro

Perfect two by Auburn

Cold water by MØ and Justin Bieber
I love you by Avril Lavigne

On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter
History by One direction

I’m latching on to you♡ ; a shawn mendes fanmix

i. wake me up - ed sheeran // ii. sweater weather - the neighbourhood // iii. best friend - jason chen // iv. latch - kodaline // v. kiss me - jason wallker // vi. hold on ‘till may - pierce the veil // vii. little things - one direction // viii. one life - justin bieber // ix. let her go - passenger // x. i want u bad - r5


Westallen Appreciation Week: Day 7 → Free Choice

I decided to make a fanmix for the free choice because there are just so many songs that fit them so well and I made a playlist for them on spotify, so I thought I should make a fanmix to share with everyone else. These are songs that I feel really describe their relationship right now or in the future or just whatever really. 

1. Best Friend - Jason Chen | 2. Just So You Know - Jesse McCartney | 3. Never Stop (Wedding Version) - SafetySuit | 4. Waiting For Superman - Daughtry | 5. Every Breath - Boyce Avenue | 6. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You” - The Script | 7. I’ll Fight - Daughtry | 8. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran | 9. Look After You - The Fray | 10. Blink - Revive | 11. No One Else - The Icarus Account | 12. Somebody To You - The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato | 13. If It Kills Me - Jason Mraz | 14. Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars | 15. Use Somebody - Laura Jansen | 16. Clarity - Sam Tsui | 17. Learning - Green River Ordinance


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  • Who was the one to propose? Riley was, actually. They were in their early 20′s and Farkle was absolutely terrified that they were going to end up like his parents when they got married. Riley talked to Topanga, who talked to Farkle, but Riley ended up proposing anyways. It’s really cute.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning? Riley, again. Like mother like daughter. 
  • Who does the cooking? Farkle. Since his parents were almost never home, and he didn’t like to ask his butler for anything, he decided to pick up a useful hobby: cooking. As he was learning he would tell himself that “It’s just science,” to keep himself sane whenever he messed up.
  • Who suggested kids first? Riley. But Farkle adamantly agreed with her about having kids then. He was ready too.
  • Who’s the cuddler? They both are. They just love being close to one another. 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon? When they were younger, Riley would always be the big spoon because she was always bigger than him. But when the teenage years hit, Farkle became the big spoon. 
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity? Being the space nerds that they are, star gazing. 
  • Who comes home drunk at 3 am? Riley. Because Maya and Smackle like to have ‘girl nights’ at the bar almost every weekend. 
  • Who kills the spiders? Farkle. Except he doesn’t kill them. He doesn’t like to hurt them. While Riley is generally on the couch screaming at Farkle to kill it, he picks it up and takes it outside. 
  • Who falls asleep first? Riley, especially when they’re watching a movie. She always falls asleep when they’re watching a movie.
  • Who wakes up first? Farkle. He always has.
  • A head canon? Maya, Lucas, Zay, and Smackle always compare them to TV or movie couples that were best friends that fell in love with each other. Like, they always call them by those names. For example, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. ;)
  • Who does the laundry? They both do. “It’s only fair, Farkle!” He doesn’t argue after that.
  • What they’re like as parents? Farkle is everything that his parents weren’t. He shows up to all of their kids things. Riley does too. They are the PTA parents.
  • A song that sums them up? I Fell in Love With My Best Friend by Jason Chen. Or Could It Be by Christy Carlson Romano.
  • Who gets jealous easier? Neither of them do anymore. They trust each other more than anything.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif?

Then and now :-)

‘Now I realize you are the only one
It’s never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
Back when we were so innocent’

I fell in love with my best friend :-)

Picture credit:
/ jtreeer Song credit: Best friend - Jason Chen

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