best fried friend


That feel when u realize u’ve completely designed and characterized a child for two characters who’ve barely been dating for six months and are practically children themselves. AnyWA Y

Era muy feliz cuando estaba a tu lado,al principio tuve miedo de ser tu novia por perder tu amistad, pero lo arruine  y lo siento tanto, y como tu indiferencia hacia mi me esta matando intentare olvidarte y solo déjame decirte que te amo y nunca deje de hacerlo

cchugg said: BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE COLOR BLACK. Also, what is makeup? I don’t understand woman things, because I’m mostly robot.

Yes, brought to you by the color black! Not that I even got my black scarf, pants, jacket, boots or purse in the photo…whoops.

Makeup is just one more outlet for dumb ass money wasting. Double whoops!