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Awww! Ill be sure to buy you a coffee or two when I get my paycheck tomorrow <3 love to request hcs for what happens when Class 1A + the teachers go to the county fair! (who wins all the carnival games, goes on the scariest rides, huge ice cream cones, wheel, who sits with who on tunnel of love, funnel cakes, fried food!! AHH!!) I hope you have fun with this one!! You don't need to feel like you have to do everyone just whoever you want!! feel free to add kiddos from class B or Shinsou,mei!

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Oh! And I’m going to skip the tunnel of love because I don’t really have any ships besides Jirou and Momo…. So I can avoid a shipping war and conflict 😅

County Fair!! Yeehaw

All Might/Toshinori

  • Since he was the Symbol of Peace there is a lot of mercy with his face on it, and he’s a little unnerved by it. It sorta freaks him out, but it is flattering that people love him so much. But seriously, who would let their kid wear a mask of his face??
  • Isn’t into rides so he’ll stroll around with Aizawa and look at exhibits to pass some time. If people recognize him as All Might he’ll smile and then they’ll let him go about this day. Not many people want a picture with him when he isn’t beefed up

Erasurehead/Aizawa Shouta

  • This poor man just wants to go home. But does he really care? No. He’ll fall asleep somewhere and people will think he’s an attraction, “The Man Who Can Sleep Through Anything”
  • If he is awake then he’ll just walk around the exhibits and waste time, it’s not his favorite place to be, but he isn’t going to protest and not go

Present Mic/Hizashi Yamada

  • Is usually at the karaoke part where everyone is singing. Usually Aizawa has to tell him to tone it down because his quirk makes him the loudest by a long shot… But even when he isn’t singing along hella loudly he’s dragging Aizawa to try all the weird deep fried things at the carnival
  • Super bad at carnival games. Doesn’t matter what it is, tossing a ring, throwing a ball, slamming a hammer down, bad. Bad at all of them. Most people call him a hazard now and he’s banned from most of the carnival games… But he still has a kickass time!!

Yuga Aoyama

  • Will spend most of his time in the House of Mirrors because there are so many of him! And who could possibly not be loving this, more of his beauty to look at for everyone!
  • Things fair food is too greasy and will ruin his complexion but if offered he will totally dig into s funnel cake….Just don’t tell anyone. And how did he manage to not get any mess anywhere?! Funnel cake is messy for everyone!

Mina Ashido

  • Isn’t very good at any of the games but will play them with others to see who can do better! She’s there to have a good time and no one is going to stop her! She’ll pet all the animals in the petting zoo, she’ll look at every tasty treat, and ride every ride!
  • Really loves the rides that spin, any ride that spins is her favorite. She likes getting off of them and stumbling around for a minute while laughing with her friends, it makes the fair all the more fun

Tsuyu Asui

  • Loves the giant ice cream cones that the fair has because her tongue is long enough to eat nearly the whole thing in a single lick. But usually ice cream in gone in a second so the obnoxious amount they give you at the fair is actually kinda refreshing for her
  • Won’t play the games on her own but if someone wants to play one with her she won’t object and have fun. She would probably spend most of her time with Uraraka and doing things she wanted to do because Uraraka is way more excited about it all

Tenya Iida

  • Super stressed about everyone going off on their own and insists everyone has a buddy. Will be on high alert for any one doing anything stupid so he can rush over waving his hands and telling them that they are representing UA and should act on their best behavior!
  • Once Izuku and Uraraka get him to calm down he will try all the food they insist on trying and will try his hand all some games if they want him to try. He doesn’t really know how to chill so the other two have to drag him around to have fun. And he does! Eventually he’ll get on the Ferris wheel with the other two and they’ll end the night looking over all the pretty lights

Ochaco Uraraka

  • She’s there to have a good time! She didn’t get to go to a whole lot of these when she was younger so she’s making up for lost time! Dragging Iida and Izuku around to each of the food stall to try everything and take a lot of pictures!
  • She is all for the crazy rides! She wants the full carnival experience people! So she’ll make the boys go on the spinning dragons and the not super safe roller coasters… But she’s having fun so no one is going to stop her!

Mashirao Ojiro

  • He is more concerned about people bumping into his tail than anything else! But once this poor child gets over it be’s all about the exhibits. They aren’t super exciting but he likes looking at all of the things that people have made and put their time into. It keeps him motivated to keep bettering himself
  • He doesn’t like a whole tone of the greasy foods and isn’t too interested in the rides or games, but he likes hanging out with everybody and it makes him happy that everyone can hang out and act like normal kids every now and then

Denki Kaminari

  • All for everything! He is there to have a good time and try everything! He’ll eat all the food, try all the games and lose every time. But he’ll have a good time! He’ll bounce between friend groups and who he hangs out with because he wants to make sure everyone else is also having as much fun as he is
  • Will get a giant ice cream cone and have to share some it with someone because he’s already eaten so much fried foods that he might burst. Will probably give the rest to Sato because he can pack away sugar like nobodies business!

Ejiro Kirishima

  • He always has a good time! But now it’s have a good time AND get to run around a fair! He is on every ride, biting into every food, and trying to play every game. The only game he is actually good at is where you throw the dart to pop the balloon. No one believed him until he won the biggest prize from that game and beamed brightly at everyone, “Told you I was the best!”
  • Could eat fried food all day! He’s going to try it all but he gets into an eating contest with Bakugou to see who can eat the hottest pepper and not cry or break into a sweat…. He hardcore lost that game, better luck next time Kiri

Koji Kouda

  • He is quiet and shy so usually you’ll find him in the petting zoo cuddled with a bunch of ducklings and whatever other baby animals are there, people sometimes mistake him of a fair worker and ask him questions about the animals and he gets very flustered
  • He isn’t very good at carnival games and is not one for rides so he’ll just wander around the food stalls with Sato usually and take a bite of a couple things here and there. He doesn’t have a super sugar sweet tooth like Sato so he usually just carries around the things Sato buys when his hands get too full

Rikido Sato

  • If he’s at a carnival you better believe he’s at the game where you slam the hammer down and ring the bell. He likes to flex and show off a little sometimes and that’s when he can because he wins that game easily
  • Food stalls are where you’ll usually find him though. He likes trying all of the weird festival food and bringing back many sweets to have in his dorm, there are just so many and so little time! So for weeks on end after the festival if anyone is craving cotton candy they know just where to go!

Mezo Shouji

  • Pro at the game where you throw the ball and knock down the bottles. Wins literally every time he plays. But he’ll only ever play if someone asks him to help them win something. He doesn’t need the prize, so if it’s up to him he’ll leave it for somebody else to win
  • Carnival food is a hit or miss for him. It’s either really good or sorta bland. If he has the option to stay in his dorm instead of going he would rather stay in his dorm. But if everyone wants to go he won’t complain and have a good time

Kyoka Jiro

  • Is at the karaoke tent with Present Mic, just not singing nearly as loud. She jams there for the majority of the night until she meets up with Momo to have a good time at the carnival games! She isn’t super good at any of the games, but Momo is a beast! How did she even learn to play all of these games?!
  • She’ll try a few carnival foods but nothing too greasy. She isn’t a super fan of any of the super greasy foods because it’ll make it harder to sing correctly. Or so her dad has told her, he might have just been trying to keep all the greasy food to himself all those years…

Hanata Sero

  • He likes the rides and the exhibits but that food is something he will NOT be putting in his body! He likes his healthy food and the grease from the food makes his tape less sticky! So keep it away from him!
  • Likes to pretend he’s really good at carnival games but anyone who has watched him try them knows he is awful! There is no explanation as to HOW he is so awful but he is, keep him away from the dart throwing game!

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • Is not too fond of how many people are present, but the lights from the festival keep Dark Shadow well behaved for the most part…. Until the candied apple stall appears and he’s over there in a second!
  • Likes the Ferris wheel because its quiet and he isn’t overwhelmed with people. He also likes to be in high places and see all of the lights spread out below him. It’s peaceful, and that’s what he likes the most

Shoto Todoroki

  • Never got to go to festivals as a child so this is all new to him. He thinks all the food stalls are sort of funny, why would they all line up together instead of spreading out throughout the festival? But stops overthinking things when Izuku, Uraraka, and Iida come up to him and ask if he wants to spend time with them.
  • He’ll indulge in a couple festival foods, he loves food. But only go on a couple of rides. He likes the Ferris wheel, everything looks really pretty from so high in the air. And it’s actually kinda quiet up there, a perfect place for a nap….

Toru Hagakure

  • Runs around with Mina and has a great time! She used to come to these festivals all the time as a child and when she was in middle school! So getting to go again is really fun, especially since it’s with her friends!
  • Can eat for days! She gets all of the fried foods, downs an entire ice cream and continues to slurp up slushes until it’s time to leave! She doesn’t even throw up when she goes on skinny rides! No one knows how the heck she does it!

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Thinks it stupid to go to a carnival, yells about it nearly all day, but actually has fun when he gets there. Not that he’ll ever tell anyone that. But he WILL tell everyone that he beat Kirishima in a spicy food contest. Sorry Kiri, you’ll never live that one down
  • Goes on all the scary rides to prove to everyone he is a badass. Then later thinks that probably wasn’t super smart but oh fucking well! Then he’ll head to the food stalls. He isn’t a super fan of all the greasy food because he likes to make food himself. But he isn’t going to pass up the chance to beat the shit out of anyone who challenges him to an eating contest!

Izuku Midoriya

  • WILL BUY ALL OF THE ALL MIGHT MERCH!! Do not test him! He needs to expand his collection and this is the perfect time to do it, give him all the festival exclusives! But his fanboying will be cut short by Uraraka saying she wants to go ride rides, and he won’t complain, he likes spending time with her and likes the rides…. Sorta…..Okay he’s a big chicken! But he’ll go on things if others ask him to… He’ll just be really quiet in line and scream during the ride!
  • Festival food is one of his favorite things because he can’t have it year round, it is only at festivals! So he’ll get some snacks and get some to save for later to share with everybody

Minoru Mineta

  • Spends most of his time trying to pick up on girls but eventually gets punted across the festival when he tries to look up some girls skirt
  • Is NOT good at festival games because half of the time he can’t even see over the counter to give the person his money and that doesn’t make him look super attractive so he gives up and eventually goes home

Momo Yaoyorozu

  • As stated before, a literal BEAST at carnival games! Every single one of them! When asked how she got so good she’ll go into the scientific explanation and everyone just kinda blanks and waits for her to finish until they ask her to play another one and win again!
  • The fun house is one of the easiest things to her. There has to be a set way to get through it all so she just thinks about it logically unlike many of her classmates that end up running into walls. Everyone is sorta confused if she is actually having fun or not but they see her smiling as she figures out the tricks to the fun house and they know she’s having a good time

Histoshi Shinso

  • Carnivals aren’t his favorite because they’re too bright and loud. So he’ll most likely end up wit Tokoyami at the Ferris wheel because people will leave them alone if they can’t reach them
  • Won’t go out of his way to play any games but the one where you throw the ring to land on the bottles always gets him. He wants to be good at it, he just isn’t/ He can’t control inanimate objects, they don’t talk!

Mei Hatsume

  • She is all over the rides, asking the people running them what all the buttons do, exactly how many bolts are in each ride, can she see how the constructed it, is there a manual she could look at, all sorts of questions for each and every ride worker
  • Just wants to know how everything runs so smoothly and how things work, isn’t there for anything else.
How To Adult on a Budget: Kitchen Edition

I wish someone would have told me these things when I was younger to save me a lot of time, money, and frustrating mistakes so here you go kids:

- when you’re putting together your first kitchen on a tight budget, certain quality items are way more important. good basics will get you through most day-to-day cooking and last basically forever, whereas nice matching plates are cute but no less functional than mismatched stuff from goodwill. (also, overstock stores are a GREAT way to get good basics cheap because who gives a shit about damaged packaging or out of season colors when it comes to stuff like this? rich people maybe idk)

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© Courtesy of Birch & Barley

Travel Tuesday: At Birch & Barley in Washington DC, chef Kyle Bailey upgrades fried chicken with Belgian waffles during brunch service. The dish comes with buttered pecans and a maple-chicken jus, and the restaurant has a massive beer list with more than 500 bottles. Here, more of the nation’s best fried chicken.

Most all-American food? French fries.

Yes, the name is literally taken from another country, but these delicious potatoes have been a U.S. staple since Thomas Jefferson served them at the White House. Here are seven different ways to eat the crispy treat that are as diverse as the melting pot.

1. Fried in pork fat

These Swine Fries from Seattle’s Swinery butcher shop are fried in the pork fat then seasoned with salt, garlic and green onion. (Photo: James Dillon)

2. With crab seasoning

Chickie’s and Pete’s serves their fries with a healthy dose of crab seasoning, alongside actual crabs. (Photo via

3. Irish Chips

Best eaten with battered fish fillets, this particular arrangement is found at the Cookes of Dublin and Raglan Road in the Disney Springs shopping center. (Photo: Tom Burton)

4. Alongside a hamburger

But don’t let the burger eclipse the fries — appreciate them for what they are, which is delicious. (Photo: Kreis Beall and Anne Thoma, restaurant: Holeman and Finch Public House, Atlanta)

5. On top of a hot dog

Need we explain more? This photo pictures Chicago hot dogs from Gene and Jude’s in River Grove, Ill., but you could easily recreate this yourself. (Photo via

6. Belgian style, with mayo

Also known as Pommes Frites, that’s the name of the restaurant in West Virginia that serves these little beauties. (Photo: Poynor’s Pommes Frites)

7. English style

These literally fresh-cut fries come from the British Chip Shop in Haddonfield, N.J. (Photo: