best fried food

Most all-American food? French fries.

Yes, the name is literally taken from another country, but these delicious potatoes have been a U.S. staple since Thomas Jefferson served them at the White House. Here are seven different ways to eat the crispy treat that are as diverse as the melting pot.

1. Fried in pork fat

These Swine Fries from Seattle’s Swinery butcher shop are fried in the pork fat then seasoned with salt, garlic and green onion. (Photo: James Dillon)

2. With crab seasoning

Chickie’s and Pete’s serves their fries with a healthy dose of crab seasoning, alongside actual crabs. (Photo via

3. Irish Chips

Best eaten with battered fish fillets, this particular arrangement is found at the Cookes of Dublin and Raglan Road in the Disney Springs shopping center. (Photo: Tom Burton)

4. Alongside a hamburger

But don’t let the burger eclipse the fries — appreciate them for what they are, which is delicious. (Photo: Kreis Beall and Anne Thoma, restaurant: Holeman and Finch Public House, Atlanta)

5. On top of a hot dog

Need we explain more? This photo pictures Chicago hot dogs from Gene and Jude’s in River Grove, Ill., but you could easily recreate this yourself. (Photo via

6. Belgian style, with mayo

Also known as Pommes Frites, that’s the name of the restaurant in West Virginia that serves these little beauties. (Photo: Poynor’s Pommes Frites)

7. English style

These literally fresh-cut fries come from the British Chip Shop in Haddonfield, N.J. (Photo:


Plebeian BBQ’s

Sometimes Brooklyn is just SO perfect. Like loose Rouge. It’s the sort of place that makes you sigh, ahhh Brooklyn, but with that fuck yea sort of relief of rebellion and cool. Not the sigh of, Brooklyn, like ugh, this place makes me hate pianos and all instruments and the L TRAIN. I love that the bar and restaurant are separate but the same. The vibe in both of Loosie’s spaces is so cool and perfect unlike the vibe of that bbq your friends girlfriend made you go to last summer. My Sunday was going so well too. Suddenly, I’m at some unknown apt, on a rooftop surrounded by plebes, roasting in my white jeans. We even had to bring our own food fam. What kind of bbq is this? Oh; come to my restaurant fam, but BYO-FOOD. GTFOH with this tractor tailer trash. Please no one talk to me rn. Instead of going to basic bbq’s, go to Loosie Rouge and eat dope fried chicken.

Loosie Rouge

Tip: The Hurry Cane is amazing. Bahamian daiquiri vibes all day.
Tip: Fried chicken. Don’t sleep on collard greens.
Tip: Start at the bar, then head around the side to the back for dinner. Double scenery moves.

Tip: The dessert is WHAT.

When to come here: when you need that real fried chicken sandwich game with the David Cheng flair that makes you say OOOOOOOOOOOH WEEEEEEEEEE!

Where: 91 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY


Thursday 7PM–2AM
Friday 7PM–2AM
Saturday 7PM–2AM
Sunday 7PM–2AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday 7PM–2AM
Wednesday 7PM–2AM

phone: (718) 384-2904