best foundation ever

I fucking love Gothic architecture so much. Gross demons and judgy saints hunching everywhere. Pointed arches and carved foliage. Fucking gargoyles and shit. Setting up the guttering so that the devil can vomit water on you. High cross-rib vaulting. This weird blend of the organic and the demonic in stone. All those oppressive geometrical patterns, the spikes and thorns, the monotony of it all, the way it’s such a precise miracle of engineering meant to raise you up to the glory of God but it’s so heavy and earthy that it drags you to hell simultaneously. It’s the perfect blend of the beautiful and the ghastly, the heavenly and the demonic, glorifying God with its high spires and condemning man with its enclosed vaults and I can never get enough of it.

I bought this foundation because my favorite beauty guru, Tati of YouTube, is all praises for this wet n wild treasure.

Officially the best drugstore foundation I’ve ever used. The hype is real girls!!!

It has the coverage of Estée Lauder double wear, and the finish of Mac Pro long wear.

I set this with toofaced cocoa powder. The staying power is like, the whole time was at work, my foundation was on point. I have combination oily skin. It did got slick on my nose after maybe five hours, but my nose is really oily.

If you like taking selfies (hahaha, like me), get this. Your face will look great in most lighting condition, especially outdoors!

And it is less than $5!!!


anonymous asked:

do you know any foundations that are good for oily skin? (preferably affordable ones, $30 or so)

The best foundation I have ever used that was around $30 was Bare Minerals bareSkin foundation. I have combination skin and it worked really well for me but I’m not too sure if it would work well with just oily skin bc it does have a little bit of a greasy feel to it.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money, the Too Faced Born this Way foundation is the best foundation I have ever used and I know a few people who have oily skin who recommend it.