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Hi y'all, so I’ve been doing make up for years for proms and weddings and engagement photos and such and thought I would offer some tips because I love make up and maybe not everyone knows these! Obvi keep in mind everyone is different and these may not work for you…

- Try Nivea’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm for Men as a primer. A little goes a long way and rub it in until it gets tacky

- There is literally no reason to buy mascara from high end brands and I’m a high end whore. My favorite is the Clump Crusher water resistant

- If you can’t decide between two foundation colors, choose the one that’s lighter. Bronzer can fix that shit quick

- The “buy concealer that is 56 shades too light” trend needs to die. One or two shades is plentyyyyy you don’t wanna look like a reverse raccoon and flash photography only makes it worse

- BAKE your under eyes and if you’re hoeing tbh bake your entire face. Message me if you don’t know what baking is

- Two best foundations I’ve ever used are the Too Faced Born This Way and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr

- Stop applying your make up with your hands ladies pls buy a beauty blender and get it damp

- Take the foundation off your lips once you’ve set it bc if you just put lip product over it it’ll bunch up in the corners of your mouth

- Sigma has great brushes and shed less than any of my high end brushes. I’d definitely recommend splurging and getting a full set of them

- Do not base your purchases off of sellout YouTubers that are getting paid to say everything they’re saying

- Buy a setting spray and spray your eyeshadow brush w it before applying shimmery eye shadows and spray your whole face with it when you’re done

- I see girls on here all the time saying not to wear falsies which I think is absolutely insane but my falsies advice is start with individuals and work up to strips. That’s what I did

- Exfoliate your face and use the Biore black head strips on your nose for smoother make up application

- Don’t leave your lower lash line bare. I see this so much and it’s super weird looking. Do a little eyeshadow and mascara at the least to complete the whole look

- Avoid matte lipstick/liquid lips unless you’re sure your lips are smooth hydrated and snatched otherwise they will look like a butthole in 15 minutes

- W/ eyebrows and make up: less is more girl. ESPECIALLY from a man’s perspective

- If you’re going to put a base shadow down before doing your eyeshadow look (which I’d recommend), avoid putting it anywhere you’ll put shimmer and instead fill that space with a cream eyeshadow or more primer to make that shimmer popppp
- Wash your beauty blender every time you use it or it will grow mold I promise

- Buxom’s lip glosses are the absolute best. They are so high quality, smell good, last FOREVER, and tingle on your lips like mint

- Clean your make up brushes as often as you can (I wish I did more than I do) not only because it’s hygienic but because they will apply SO MUCH BETTER

- If your eyebrows are always rubbing off, invest in a waterproofing liquid to put over them. NYX has a cheap one that really works

- Make sure to go over the line of your falsies with black eyeliner to hide the glue. I don’t care if the glue is “clear” or “black” it’s visible

- If you can’t find a contour color that’s cool toned enough try an eyeshadow!

- Put tons of highlight on your cupid’s bow it’s so cute in my opinion and always gets lots of compliments

- TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF EVERY NIGHT. DO NOT SAVE YOUR MAKE UP FOR THE NEXT DAY. Some girls will fight me on this but imo no make up is cuter than gross make up and it’s so bad for your skin

- If your eyes are always watering your shit off get some anti-allergy or anti-dryness (whichever you think you have) eye drops

- You can exfoliate your lips before lipstick application easily with honey and sugar. Do this before putting on foundation and such. If you’re a bougie bitch you can buy scrubs from places like Lush

- I’m convinced that Burts Bees is the only chapstick I’ve ever used that didn’t make me end up needing chapstick more than I did in the first place

- If you don’t have time to wash off your make up then just use a make up wipe! The Kirkland brand ones are my all time faves because they don’t sting my eyes or leave a residue on my face

- Stop over washing your face. It makes it produce more oil to compensate and it could be why you have acne

- You don’t need to pay to get your brows waxed/threaded if you just pluck the spare 2 or 3 brows that grow out of place each day. You’ll keep your shape, save money, and your brows will always look good

- If you don’t use eyeshadow primer please buy some and watch your entire eyeshadow collection transform. If you can’t afford it but have concealer that’s second best and still works well

I could go on forever and might make a part two but I’m tired now. Probably going to make a make up favorites list by product category soon!

Message me with any make up questions ever because I love blabbing about it! Spread the luv and happy face beating!! 💄


Makeup Forever HD foundation! - Okay so it’s a little thick, but the rest of my makeup went on super easy. It’s a GREAT full coverage foundation but definitely made my skin a bit dry … I think every once in a while for the right occasion this would be ideal. 8/10; would recommend for any person with normal skin. Unfortunately for me I have sensitive skin, have to shave daily, have dry patches and oily patches … so my skin is very difficult. Still, the best foundation I’ve ever used is my Josie Maran Vibrancy with Argan Oil. 10/10 for that one! 💋❤️✨

Shrinking Blonde's Guide to Makeup Pt. 2 (Drugstore Brands)
Not only am I a beauty junkie, I work as a style section editorial intern at a magazine which has lead to me to some amazing and some not-so-amazing product discoveries. To save you money, time, and lots of headaches, I’ve compiled a list of the best makeup I’ve tried, both luxury and drugstore brands alike.  DRUGSTORE BRANDS
  • Foundation for oily skin: Revlon Colorstay. The best drugstore foundation I’ve ever used in my life. It applies like a luxury foundation and really stays! It doesn’t make me oily, but it can be shiny so be sure to set with a powder along your t-zone. 
  • Foundation for dry/regular skin: L’Oreal Lumi. It’s incredibly luminescent and sooo glow-y. It’s just gorgeous. I actually just bought this yesterday and mixed a tiny drop of this into my MUFE Mat Velvet and it brought out such an amazing glow. This stuff is a perfect dupe for Yves Saint Laurent foundation. It looks great on everyone, but I’ve noticed it looks the best on really dark skin tones. Literally it looks like you’re glowing from within. Just gorgeous.
  • Undereye concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi. It is pretty similar to my MAC Prep + Prime stick at a fraction of the cost. They looks really great in the inner corners of eyes as well! 
  • Blemish concealer: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda. This comes in a little palette so you can treat different skin issues with ease. The really yellow stuff will neutralize dark spots, the light shade will help with redness, etc. You just need a tiny dab on your concealer brush and you can practically do your entire face in one go.
  • Eyeshadow: NYX shadows are by far the best of the drugstore lot. They are sooo silky, easy to apply, and legitimately last. There is a little bit of fallout with these shadows, but this can easily be fixed by doing your eye makeup first and then applying your foundation. 
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner. I use this every single day of my life. There is no other. Like, skip the pencils, skip the luxury brands. Buy this. No really, BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!
  • Lipstick: Maybelline Color Whisper. These come in the prettiest shades ever and are so creamy. They don’t feather either!
  • Mascara (general): Maybelline The Rocket. This is honestly one of my favorite mascaras of all time. The brush is so perfect for strong yet soft lashes. One or two swipes is perfect for day-to-day, but layer it on for the most gooorgeous dramatic lashes of all time.
  • Blush: Milani baked blushes. I’ve only tried these a few times, but they give a really pretty flush. They’re shimmery without being to glittery, so it’s still natural-looking for day time.
  • Bronzer: Milani baked bronzers. I used this bronzer all through college and really loved it. It has the perfect flecks on gold in it, so it will flatter all skin tones. A little goes a long way, so be careful!
  • Makeup brushes: Real Techniques. A lot of professional makeup artists I know have some of these in their kits, so I went out and bought a few yesterday. I got three for like $12 and they feel like good quality. I used the blush and powder brushes today and have been really satisfied so far. 

Hey friend,

I’m happily back home, enjoying the comfort of the mountains, cold fresh air and being home in this peaceful place. I really appreciated spending the day together. It’s so dope :) how easy and familiar we are.

I feel like we’ve been friends for all time. You are my deepest friend. I love how we just naturally enter our special place when we’re together. It’s where I feel so at home, no matter where we are. You asked about being friends. Of everything, that’s the most important, and sweetest for me. You’re simply the best friend I’ve ever had, because we really feel each other, share everything and care for each other’s well being. That’s about the best thing I can imagine. I’m lucky to have you for my twin and friend. It’s the best foundation I’ve ever experienced for a life long happy connection. No one knows where life may take us, but I know for sure I feel so many blessings knowing you.

Oh your affection for me feels so nice. I love you, exactly how you are and where you are in life. My affection and love for you is unbounded and unfettered by practicalities. I may be an idealist, and that’s fine, but I know we are living amazing and happy lives and life will only get better. Practically will find ways to accommodate our hearts. I certainly don’t know what form that may take, and am okay with that. I’m in a good place no matter what happens. You’ve helped me get here and I’m grateful. I want to help you in any way I can.

Today I could also feel your conflicted emotions as I know you could feel mine too. I so appreciate your always being candid about them. I felt that we both wanted to touch, and were also pushing it away. I always so strongly want to show my affection and attraction for you with touch, and hold you with no boundaries between us, just flow. And I feel your honorable reluctance too. I hope our intimacy, our touching, our free conversation doesn’t ever cause you pause or concern. It’s just so natural. It feels like we’ve made love happily for many lifetimes. Just in this one, there are other things to learn about.

It was so cool just hanging out together. That’s the best. Thanks to the coincidence of the universe for the invitation to see you;) I hope your reentry into your home was smooth and easy.

Life is big! Thanks for today.

Centuries had passed yet still, love is the greatest thing human could ever feel. Love, I believe, isn’t about reasons for if you love someone, it shouldn’t be because of her looks, on how she dresses herself, on how she treats people, on how high her grades are or how silly or monstrous she could be. You love someone simply because you do. You love her even when you don’t see her, even when you’re apart, even when you can’t understand her. If you say that you’re in love with someone because she’s pretty, because she’s smart and loved by many, maybe you should google what infatuation means because it is so clear that you’re just infatuated. Her looks, assets, intelligence and personality could just be the bonus, it wouldn’t be the main reason why you love her. It is pathetic to stay in a relationship if that is the case. You should fall and be in love with your eyes closed so that even when she turns into a monster, there is still that default reason to stay, you love her. Love is the best foundation you could ever have in order to surpass life’s rocky road. Love is what makes you two going. Her looks can’t save your relationship, believe me.

My LONG routine for POT dates

Some girls can go on POT dates with little to no make-up on and look absolutely flawless…I am NOT one of them. I’m pretty but definitely choose to glam it up for all of my POT dates (and any SD dates I may have after that). Here’s my POT routine. It takes me 2-3 hours to get ready but it’s really a fun process for me. It makes me look great and I feel confident afterwards. This routine is SUPER cheap, so it’s perfect for girls just entering the bowl or those like myself who spend money on stuff other than expensive make-up. :)

Again, this process isn’t for everyone, just what I choose to do. Oh! And good luck to jinininini who is new to the Sugar Bowl and has her first weekend with a SD tomorrow. Sending you lots of sugar love!

The night before:

Chances are your POT will at some point during the date touch or look at your hands – make sure they’re smooth and elegant. I always love looking at the hands/nails of ladies in the 1950’s. They always look so graceful! The night before a POT date I give myself a manicure (and a pedicure) and rub a ton of coconut oil on my hands. I like doing this the night before because nail polish takes a while to completely dry and I don’t want to go on a date with the smell of nail polish around me.

The day of:


-make sure hair is completely brushed before hopping in

-wash face with Cetaphil

-shampoo first and put conditioner or Argan oil on immediately afterwards

-while conditioner is in, exfoliate entire body and shave

-hop out of the shower and moisturize entire body with coconut oil

*Turn on the tunes. I like Lana Del Rey or my Dean Martin Pandora station. It reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamour. :)*


This is usually what takes really long for me because I try to take my time and get it perfect. All of my products are drug store but if anyone has some amazing and worthwhile expensive products they recommend, let me know!

-Primer (Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer)

-Foundation (Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin) << this is seriously the BEST foundation I have ever used (drug store and not). I have mild acne and serious acne scaring and this covers everything without making me look orange.

-Concealer (cheap NYC concealer stick)

-Bronzer (also another cheap NYC product)

-Blush (surprise! NYC again)

-Eyebrows (eyebrow brush and ELF brow kit)

-Eyeliner on inside of lid (black NYC stick)

-Eyeliner for small wings and top of lid (NYC pen)

-Eyeshadow (random pallet with like a million colors – I usually go for a gold or purple and create a slight smokey eye)

-Mascara (one layer of Maybelline New York the Falsies Volume Express, then a couple layers of Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandal Eyes) I have TINY blonde lashes and this combo makes it look like I’m wearing falsies.

-Lips (cheap lip liner in a dark, neutral tone not something bright) As much as I love the look of lipstick and lip gloss I’m too self-conscious right now to pull it off. Lipstick looks silly on me and my hair always gets stuck on lip gloss. I like lining my lips, making them look bigger than they are, and then using the stick to shade in my lips, and then using a finger to spread everything out. It reminds me of Pamela Anderson every time I do it and makes my otherwise tiny lips look really sexy.


I have long, thick hair so this process also takes a really long time for me.

-Brush hair out completely

-Dry upside down

-Tease my hair like crazy. Like 1980’s crazy. Brush it down to get rid of fly aways.

-Curl or straighten hair in sections

-Hair spray profusely as you apologize to anyone you live with and the ozone layer. I’m 97% sure I’ve contributed to most of the earth’s destruction with my hairspray habits. Make sure you use an unscented or nicely scented hair spray if you’re going to do this. I like the Aussie line.


I’m not a fashionista by any means so this is the trickiest part for me. My general rule is that if you’re showing leg, then don’t show cleavage and vise versa. It’s freezing nipples in NYC so right now my go-to outfit is a tight, short black dress, black tights, high heeled boots, and a blazer (and a scarf and overcoat, of course). I put on my favorite lingerie (NO, I’m not sleeping with anyone on the first date. The lingerie is for me, not you, silly daddy) and then put on my outfit for the night.

I spritz my favorite light perfume on my wrists and chest and choose one piece of jewelry, usually earrings that I can flirtatiously play with, hehe.

I do a last check in the mirror and walk out my door looking and feeling fabulous and knowing that whoever my POT is is a lucky bastard. ;)



anonymous asked:

What makes double wear so special?

It’s the best foundation ever. I’ve slept in it (worn for 24+ hours…. yes I know gross) and it keeps me matte and give me the fullest coverage from a foundation I’ve ever tried, I mean there is a reason I’m not a concealer type of girl. You can swim in it, sweat in it, whatever and it will stay on. Fuck you could even wash your face in it and it will stay on hahaha! It stays on forever and keeps the skin matte (but if you have dry skin not like matttttte but a natural matte). Like if they made it in the NARS shade range I would die. It’s the best foundation ever. 
BUT if you hate full coverage you’re not going to like it.

I should be the spokesperson for Estee lauder DW I could sell the world on this foundation, all other companies would go broke because everyone would stop buying their foundation. It’s amazing and I don’t care what anyone else says,


Brand Review for elf!
(sorry for bad photo quality, my camera is out of commission and my phone is meh)

So these are the 14 products I own from elf (I actually have a brush but I’ve never tried it so I’m not going to review it).

First my overall feelings: I know people have very different opinions on elf - either it’s fantastic or terrible, but I just feel like this line is FANTASTIC but for two main reasons: 1. it’s vegan and 2. it’s inexpensive. Those two things don’t come together very often and here they exist in the form of very formidable products. Some of them are misses for me and for others, but others do exactly what they say they will for a dollar or three. I will always pick up some elf products when I’m at my local target and the next time the studio line is on sale I’m probably going to buy nearly everything.

My top five picks from the brand are: 
1. elf Eyebrow kit
2. elf Essential Clear Eyelash and Brow Gloss
3. elf Clarifying Pressed Powder
4. elf Blushes
5. elf Flawless Finish Foundation

Now, I’m just going to do a quick run through by what the product of what I own:

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • elf Studio Lipsticks in Pink Mink and Rosy Go -Round - Pink Mink is more pigmented although I initially hated the color when I bought it, I now wear it regularly and like it. Rosy Go-Round is much more like a tinted lip balm in my opinion, so it was a little disappointing. For the price, though, great. 4/5
  • elf Under Eye Concealer and Brightener - This actually one of my favorite products. I don’t use it for under eyes, I actually use it for my eyebrows to really make them look neat and sharp. 5/5
  • elf Lip Lock Pencil - So, I’m not exactly sure if this is a good product or not, honestly. I’ve tried it a few times but only with OCC’s Lip Tars. I realized later on that I was using way too much product which is why my feathering was out of control, I think this did add to longevity, though. 4/5?
  • elf Clear Eyelash and Eyebrow Gloss - This is my second time purchasing it, they make a great eyebrow gel for $1, sold. 5/5
  • elf Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara - I’ve always feltlike a mascara is a mascara so whatever, that was until I found Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara and now shell out way too much for my lashes. This product is fine, I don’t reach for it except to maybe use on my brows sometimes. 3/5
  • elf Flawless Finish Foundation - This part is going to sound a little bit nutty. This is one of the best foundations I’ve ever worn. I have very, very dry and flaky skin so that is still apparent with this (as it has been with 60 dollar, 30 dollar, 1 dollar foundations my whole life) but for 6 bucks, I really like this. It matches my shade well (this is their lightest color) and it lasts for a long time with their primer. This might become my go-to foundation? Who would have thought! 5/5
  • elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium - I use this product every day for my eyebrows and prefer it over Tarte’s eyebrow mousse. The absolute best, even though I only use the wax part and not really the eyeshadow. 5/5
  • elf Blushes in Twinkle Pink and Candid Coral - Most of these blushes are meant to be dupes for NARS. I bought Twinkle Pink because it was a sort-of dupe for NARS’ Orgasm which was my favorite blush. I actually like the coloring in this blush better, it’s slightly more pink, the pigmentation isn’t as good (obviously) but this is still my primary blush. Candid coral is a really nice, subtle color on me and just great! 5/5
  • elf Mineral Face Primer in Redness Reducing - I read a lot of reviews that “this does nothing,” on their website, but I have a feeling that people expect to wear just this and have their red skin magically gone? It’s a foundation primer, and under my foundation it gets rid of my redness. Great dupe for the non-vegan, animal tested Smashbox primer which is what I used to use. Very happy. 5/5
  • elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer - Meh, I don’t really like this product that much. The blush is nice, all of elf’s blushes seem nice, but the “contouring” bronzer has so much sparkle in it you can’t contour with it and that’s what I bought it for. Supposed to be a NARS dupe of Laguna or something? For me, the mirror is the best part of this product. 2/5
  • elf Clarifying Pressed Powder - First, this is ONE DOLLAR. Second, it’s great! Fantastic! I carry this with me in my purse if my face is looking a bit red and this gives a nice natural finish. I adore it! 5/5
  • elf Everyday Brush Cleaner - Maybe if I was good at remembering to clean my brushes, I’d use this every day, but, I don’t. It’s fine though, I’m not going to rate it because I don’t think I can give a fair rating.

Brand overall: 4.5/5.

Hope this helped people who are interested in elf! Remember, the essentials brushes are *not* vegan. Some essentials products are packaged with them, so those products aren’t vegan either!

Edit: Also their makeup removing wipes & nail polish removing pads are great!