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“It is true that I have the habit of being always right - but I do not boast of it.”
– Hercule Poirot

Mr. President | Two |

 Pairing: Bucky x Reader & Steve x Reader
Characters: Female Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Sharon Carter, Phil Coulson
Summary: Political AU/ Lawyer AU - Steve Rogers is the President of the United States - inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 3,678
Warnings: Language, Mentions of cheating

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“We just had our asses served.” An exasperated voice strikes through the air, coming to a lengthy, irritated sight. “They were served to us on a damn silver platter.” The owner of the agitated voice purses her lips and shakes her blonde head of hair is disapproval. “Ohio, Steve. Fucking Ohio. You lost goddamn Ohio. You’re practically giving away your presidency to Rhodes.”


“No, Steve.” Her words cut through the air. “There’s not a single thing in my life that I haven’t given up for you. I’ve jeopardized my career for you. I’ve had a child for you. I’ve done anything and everything for you just so you could be the goddamn president! If you told me when I first met you twelve years ago that this is where our lives would be, I would’ve backed out when I still had the chance.”

“Sharon, I didn’t ask for any for-”

“And what do I get? After everything I’ve done, what do I get? Hatred and resentment. My own husband’s resentment towards me.”

“Don’t act like you don’t want this just as much as I do.”


“At least I’m wanting to go into the house with the ideals of change and freedom for this country, you’re just wanting to-’

“Steve,” The tired voice of Phil Coulson, who had been standing off to the side of the small office since this fight had started nearly twenty minutes ago, interrupts. “Sharon, we have to be level headed here. This is just the beginning. We have to stay calm.”

“I’m past calm, Phil. Way past calm.” Sharon’s thin brows knit in a frown as her eyes flash Steve an unrelenting stare of distrust.  “I’m starting to think this is a dead marriage. What are we even doing?” With that, the blonde woman strides across the small office, smoothing down the blue chiffon of her dress and the flyways of her hair, attempting to appear as if she hadn’t been fighting with her husband for the past twenty minutes.

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@kleinergummiflummi here you go. I hope this is okay!

Note: written on mobile. Every experience is different.

Handsome Jack was a genius. It was a fundamental fact of the universe. Like water was wet. Planets revolved around their home star. And Pandora was a shit planet that should be purged.

As soon as Jack got back to Helios and out of Rhys’s head. It wasn’t that he hated the kid, hell, he’d allowed Jack to take control when that stupid bandit women would have killed them all with her grenade.

So far they were trying to find the missing piece for Gortys who seemed to have found a companion with Loader Bot.

Jack made a mental note to increase the loyalty for Hyperion employees in the loaders coding when he got back. Just to be safe. Speaking of loyalty, Jack was going to strangle whoever was up on the station blocking them from returning home safe and sound. It wasn’t that he missed Helios, hell, this was the most fun he’d had in years, but Rhys was getting squirrely, especially when he and Rhys were alone.

Not that he could blame him. After all, Rhys was one of his more diehard fanboys, but at least he wasnt like one of the creepy ones who wore copies of his mask.

No, Rhys had a good head on his shoulders and somehow, by a miracle, had managed to survive this far on Pandora without dying. That was an accomplishment Jack didn’t joke about. Pandora was hell and only having a stun baton for security was dumb to say the least.

Still, there was something about Rhys that Jack liked, and the way Rhys snuck away from the group after a knowing glance from the accountant, Rhys would slip away behind a hill, tree, or some bedrock. Jack assumed he was just taking a shit and left him to it, but Rhys was walking towards an outcropping, rubbing his chest with an exhausted look creeping across his features.

Jack flicked out of sight, reappearing several feet away and watching Rhys from behind an pile of boulders.

Rhys stopped, glancing around the small sheltered area before he turned his back to Jack, facing the wall of rocks and started unbuttoning his shirt. Deftly he tugged it and the best off and neatly folded them.

Jack tilted his head, scowling at the beige tanktop. Fashion hadn’t gone backwards, had it? Wait, Rhys was peeling it off his tall frame, struggling momentarily as he hiked the material around his shoulders before bending at the waist and finally pulled it off. From as far away as Jack was, he could hear the relieved sigh. But Jack was transfixed, impressed by the tattoos on Rhys’s shoulder and neck.

Rhys rubbed his shoulders before he slowly turned around, shutting his eyes, resting his bare back against the boulders, reaching up to rub barely there breasts–

Jack slowly blinked. He rubbed his digital eyes, once, twice, then a third time just to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing and comparing it to the previous data he’d gathered from watching Rhys and found himself horrifically curious and feeling like an idiot.

No wonder Rhysie has been getting squirrelly as of late. And it also explained why he never needed to shave. Shit. How could Jack had been so stupid and not realized Rhys’s secret earlier?

But as he shook his head, he watched as Rhys shut his (her?) eyes, gently rubbing his small, barely a mouthful Jack thought, breasts. Jack licked his blue lips and dissapered, reappering next to Rhys, his arms crossed over his chest, a hip propped against the rocks. He ran his eyes over the tattoos and the cybernetic arm before he spoke.

“Binding too tight, cupcake?”

Rhyss eyes snapped open and he wrapped his arms around his chest, his face boiling red. “Jack what the hell are you doing here?”

“Keeping an eye out for skags while you rub those little things.” Jack shrugged, pretending to ignore the way Rhys face burned brighter.

“I-I don’t, look, you can’t,” Rhys tried to speak, his voice starting to crack around the edges and while Jack would love to hear what Rhys’s voice sounded like when he was completely and utterly wrecked in pleasure, Jack waved his hand.

“Rhysie, baby, I don’t care what you’ve got packing in those tighty whiteys of yours. What I do care is that even with all the shit that’s going on, you’re still holding yourself up and keeping this secret close to heart. That takes real guts kitten, and I like men with guts.” Jack mused, loving the way Rhys face had shifted from panic, to worry to confusion and finally a shy, averted gaze.

“You… Like men?” Rhys said uncertain.

Jack smirked. “When we get back to Helios, and I get my body back, I’ll show you just how much I like you. How’s that sound, cupcake?”

The blush that ridden high on Rhys cheeks spread down his neck and he remained staring at the ground, nodding slowly.

“Good,” Jack grinned, preparing to slip away when he snapped his fingers. “Oh, and Rhysie?”


“I don’t think you should wear those for as long as you’ve been. Try and get more then twenty minutes without them on. That’s an order kiddo.” Jack said and disappeared, pretending not to notice Rhys warm smile.


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Title: Uh-Oh

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 566

Warnings: none!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this little extra Cas fic that I wrote today! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @super-river-walker: I was wondering if you could write a Cas imagine where it’s Dean’s sister and he gets pissed that they are together and yeah, really basic.

It wasn’t easy being a Winchester.  It was even harder when you had Dean and Sam as older brothers.  Sam was more lenient than Dean, but he still had his moments.  You told Sam about your relationship with Castiel a few weeks ago.  He was okay with it as long as you were happy.  You asked him not to tell Dean.  You would tell him on your own accord.  Except, that’s not how things happened.

You pressed your lips to Castiel’s, smiling into the kiss.  Whoever this pizza man was, you’d have to thank him one day.  As the angel’s fingers got lost in your hair, your door was rudely swung open.  You broke the kiss, your eyes growing wide at the sight of a very pissed off Dean Winchester.

“Cas!”  Dean shouted, pulling you away from the angel.  “I told you that my sister was off limits.”  Dean kept his grip on your arm tight as he held you by his side.

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Faerie Queen

The Queen of the Faeries is a folklore figure who was believed to rule the fae. Due to Shakespearean literature, she is often given the name Titania or Mab. 


There are many faerie queens noted in Irish folktales, including the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe - and the wife of High King Finvarra - was named Oona (or Una, Oonagh, Uonaidh, etc.) In the ballad tradition of Northern England and Lowland Scotland, she was called the Queen of Elphame. The Queen, according to testimony, has a husband named Christsonday. 

She is represented as both beautiful and seductive, and also as terrible and deadly. The Fairy Queen is said to pay a tithe to Hell every seven years, and her mortal lovers often provide this sacrifice. In Tam Lin, the title character tells his mortal lover:

At the end of seven years
She pays a tithe to Hell
I so fair and full of flesh

I fear it be myself

Some believe that faerie queens are old pagan goddesses in “disguise” due to the prominent Catholic belief in Ireland within the modern era. 

There are many instances of the association of cows with faerie queens. There is a faerie queen who watches over cows in the islands, and she is often seen. In pouring libations to her and her faeries, various kinds of stones, usually with hollows in them, are used. In many parts of the Highlands, where the same deity is known, the stone into which women poured the libation is called Leac na Gruagaich, ‘Flag-stone of the Gruagach’. If the libation was omitted in the evening, the best cow in the fold would be found dead in the morning

In one part of Ireland, Midsummer is associated with a faerie hill called Knockane where the people (those practicing the faerie faith) have a procession and burn hay for the faerie queen. 

There are historical accounts of faerie queens met by mortals.

In the 1600s, in the North of England, a man was taken into court on charges of witchcraft. He claimed to use a powder to heal sicknesses, and offered to lead the gentlemen of the court to the fairy hill where he obtained the medicine. He had discovered the hill when he was destitute, and agonising about how to feed his wife and children. A lovely woman had appeared to him and advised him that if he followed her counsel, he would get a good living from it. She led him to a little hill and knocked on it three times. The hill opened and they went in, coming to a fair hall, where a fairy queen sat in great state, with many people about her. She gave him a box full of white powder, and taught him how to use it by giving two or three grains to any who were sick, which would heal them. The Judge asked whether the place within the hill, which he called a hall, were light or dark, and the accused replied it was like twilight. Being asked how he got more powder, he said that when he wanted it, he went to that hill and knocked three times, and said every time “I am coming, I am coming”, whereupon it opened.  Going in, he was conducted by the beautiful lady to the queen. The outraged judge said that if he were judged guilty, he would have him whipped all the way to the fairy hall, but the jury, since he had cured many with his white powder, acquitted him.  

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you'll have an answer, but I thought I'd ask: I'm currently planning on binding my own book to remake my Book of Shadows, and I was wondering if you had advice on papers to use. I want it to have lots of pages, but printer paper just doesn't feel right - I want something of a heavier weight and a little coarser. Do you have any suggestions? (I love your blog, btw!!)

Ah, you must have seen that I do bookbinding, because you’ve come to the right place, my friend!

Printer paper is fine for most simple journals - it takes pencil writing well, and ink (read: dip pen ink, ballpoint ink) doesn’t usually bleed through it.

(Sharpie will bleed through it. Sharpie will bleed through anything, it feels like.)

But it’s usually very thin paper - 20-22lb is average, and it’s not very opaque. You can easily see through it to the page underneath, and it’s flimsy.

I like card stock - it fits well in your printer if you need it to, it’s thick and opaque and archival quality, and that makes me happy.

I’d go for 60lb thickness at least for bookbinding, but that’s at absolute minimum - personally, I’d go even thicker, in the 80lb-100lb+ range.

One thing about all of that though, is that it’s usually a very smooth texture, like most printer-suitable papers, so that the ink can print evenly. For a rough texture, you can look for handmade papers, artists’ papers, or even some scrapbooking papers that have a more natural texture. You could even learn to make paper yourself, which is very fun, but also time consuming.

Unfortunately, artists’ papers and the like can be…expensive. Really expensive. Like, $3> a sheet expensive, which in a 250+ page book, is not something I can personally afford to work with, so I’ll probably stick to card stock, haha.

Now, fun facts about paper grain:

When paper is made, the machinery makes the individual grains of the paper all align in a certain way. And because of this, it’s always best to fold paper parallel with the grain. That way, when the paper expands or contracts (based on the humidity, moisture, temperature, etc), it’ll do so in a way that won’t hurt your binding. This goes for simple booklets and stuff too.

Most papers should tell you which way the grain is aligned, but I’ve found out that unfortunately, most don’t seem to. Especially if they’re just plain copy or printer paper. In general, if a paper says it’s “short grain,” that means that the grain runs parallel with the shortest edge of the paper. Opposite if it’s “long grain.” And sometimes it’s indicated by an underlined number - “8.5 x 11″ with the 11 underlined means long-grain, “11 x 17″ with the 11 underlined would mean short grain. Make sense so far?

(Edit: tumblr removed my underlines somehow, so I changed my phrasing)

So if I were making a fairly large book out of 11″ x 17″ paper, and wanted to make signatures by folding those pieces in half, I’d want it to be short grain paper, so that my folds would be parallel with the grain.

If your paper doesn’t specify the grain, you can test to see which direction the grains run - most of the time with copy paper, it’s unfortunately long grain. But take a piece of it, and tear it in one direction, and then in the other. Whichever way tore smoother, is the way the grain runs.

However, I will be real here - paper that runs in the right grain direction for bookbinding is very hard to find, and it can also be expensive. You may be able to find larger paper than you need, and cut it down, but…really? If you don’t own a professional paper cutter, that’s a ton of work.

So, I’m going to say this, and it’s going to upset a lot of bookbinders, but in my personal opinion, it’s okay to use paper with grain going the wrong way.

Let me be clear; paper with the grain lined up properly is always going to be better. It’s always going to look and feel better when it’s bound, and it’s going to be more durable. Even the pages are going to turn more smoothly.

But there’s no shame in using copy paper and other typical long-grain paper, if you have to or want to. I’ve made plenty of journals and notebooks with paper grain going the wrong way, and if you’re careful to not use too much glue, and press the books tightly, you’ll probably be fine. There might be some buckling down the line, or a bit of curling, but sometimes that’s worth not spending hundreds of dollars on specialty paper, because the paper industry is weird.

Anyway, I hope some of that ^ ends up helping you with your project! I can get kinda passionate and rant-y about bookbinding, haha.

DAY 3259

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Mar ½,  2017                   Wed/Thu 2:15 am

this be the scenario by the afternoon of the day, today .. and the happiness of it all in coming to the event and giving me an opportunity to respond in a public manner .. 

Of course I speak of the many Ef that came along to view the trailer launch of the film SARKAR 3 and to give it the support and love that was so evident at the theatre .. my love and my gracious thanks for doing this and making us feel like one big family ..

the love and the respect given is remembered ever and in these times recorded for eternity .. it is the norm today for a record and a selfie for intimacy .. fine ..

Ef Sudhir gave a comment to me and it was a delight to start the PC today for SARKAR 3, with his observations .. more so for a film PC to have references to Ayn Rand, her philosophy of ‘objectivism’ and the bluntness of her contribution to the world, of the right of an individual, was quite extraordinary .. 

SARKAR is rightly objectified either consciously or accidentally, by many of the academic considerations, that have plagued social comment .. and Ayn Rand seems to have done great justice to it .. if RGV was conscious of it or just fluked it needs to be addressed by Ram Gopal Varma ..

One of her favorite quotes :

“ the question isn’t who is going to let me ; it’s who is going to stop me “, spells Subhash Nagre from end to end and I wonder if RGV was aware of this great coincidence, in the writing of the film .. ‘main ye nahin karunga .. aur tumhe karne bhi nahin doonga .. ‘ are strong representations of a man that is bent upon running his life on his own terms, critically negative, but still coming out looking clean and good .. its a difficult task to construct such a film character. But as rightfully, one of the lady journalists pointed out, RGV is a ‘smart guy’ ..

the folded hand again .. it beckons it answers it requests it sublimates itself it greets and bids the departure .. its simply the best .. and I fold my hands to it ..

The office of the public servants that promote various campaigns are keen for this .. and so I do it .. though talking about it and exhibiting its plea is hesitating for me ..

Amidst all the awakening and the joys of celebration of a content to be aired, is also the other side of the coin .. the balancer of life .. that thin flute in a Beethoven Symphony signifying free lifelines and the sudden thunder of the orchestral denseness, signifying fate .. pleasure and excitement has a rapid vice versa of concern and sadness .. it is the balance .. and whoever does it, knows what he or she is doing .. entire eternal joy and entire eternal sadness, would ruin the human .. and so ..

We feature in it each hour of living .. better to be not too exhilarated or too depressed .. happiness shall come , depressions shall come and neither shall last long enough .. or so the pessimist element in me demands !!

the optimist element in me demands right now to retire .. the pessimist wants to stay .. and the balance keeps it unknown .. that is how it should be .. 

Love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

I Knocked her up Dude - Grayson

Warning: Mommy and Daddy issues, and Abuse.




OKay no this is really bad, and I mean really bad. I can’t no. No no. I just won’t accept it. Two lines. Those pink lines showed on the test. I panicked. I rushed back into my room and grabbed the other box I bought and ripped it open. I grabbed the test and rushed back into the bathroom and peed onto the stick and waited for it to show if I was truly pregnant or not.

One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. The whole time I was pacing around the bathroom. I looked down at the test and fell to the ground. “I can’t.” I whispered as I felt tears starting to fall. I covered my eyes as my body started to shake from me crying. “I just can’t.” 

“Oh best friend!!!!!” I removed my hands from covering my eyes and looked over seeing my friends making her way to me. She stopped in her tracks though once she saw me. “Girl what’s wrong?” She asked walking closer. She looked onto the counter with the sink and made an ‘O’ with her mouth.

“Your pregnant?” She asked. “Obviously. You see the test.” I said annoyed. “Is it Grayson’s?” She asked. “Who else’s would it be.” I said. I was no in a good mood and I can tell that. “If you weren’t pregnant I would so think you were on your period.” Y/bff/n said. “Ha ha, funny.” I rolled my eyes. 

“You have to tell Grayson.” She said sitting cross legged in front of me. “I’m scared.” I whispered bringing my leg to my chest holding them tightly. “I know baby, I know. It’s going to be scary, but I know Grayson and he would never leave you. He would help and stay with you because he would want to keep it.” Y/bff/n explained. I let out a shaky breath.

“I also mean with my parents. My dad’s a god damn priest fro heaven’s shake. Do you know how hard it was to convince him to let me and Grayson date?” I asked her. She nodded and bite her lip. “It was a at most three months.” She answered. “Exactly and telling him and my mother I’m pregnant. God they are going to kick me out.” I whispered. 

“How about we worry about one thing at a time. You can call Grayson over I’ll distract your parents, and you can tell him. You can figure out how to tell your parents along with his. Even though I think you should get an important and get like on of those pictures of the small little baby.” She asked. I nodded slowly. She grabbed hold of my wrist and helped me up onto my feet. She lead me back into my room and handed me my phone.

I let out a breath and unlocked it with my thumb print and went into contacts. I hit onto the contacts labeled : Boyfrand, and hit the call button.

Ring … Ring … Ring

“Hey baby what’s up?” Grayson answered on the other lined. “Ca-can you come over?” I asked stumbling over my first word. “Actually I’m like right down the street. I was heading over to ask you out to diner later actually.” He answered. “That would be amazing.” I smiled slightly. “Good. If you would of sad no I would of had to cancel everything.” He laughed. “I will always say yes. Maybe.” I smiled more.

Every time I spoke a word to Grayson a smile would always form onto my face. Even with a hard day he would always turn it upside down. “Hello Earth to Y/n you there.” I heard Grayson laughing. “Oh huh? Yeah yeah I’m here. Sorry I went into la la land.” I giggled. “I’m outside. Let me in please? Don’t want to listen to the lecture your father will give me.” He laughed. “Yeah i’ll be there soon.” I answered and hung up.

“Okay go distract my parents. I know they like to listen in when Grayson is here. They should be in my dad’s office.” I told Y/bff/n. She nodded quickly and walked a head of me to the door but then stopped. She turned to me and wiped the tears on my face and smiled. I whispered a thank you and she went to the opposite side of the house well I went down the stairs and rushed to the door sliding across the wood floors from wearing socks. I grabbed onto the door handle and opened it to revel my beautiful boyfriend.

“Hey pretty lady.” He smiled and pulled me into a quick kiss. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away. “Let’s go up to my room.” I smiled grabbing his hand and leading him up there. “Your in a hurry.” he laughed. “Well you know me.” I chuckled. We both walked up the stairs and went to my room. I closed the door and locked the door. Grayson laid down on my bed and placed his hands behind his head. 

“What did you want to talk about?” He asked. “I have to tell you something. That is going to change our lives.” I breathed out sitting in front of him on my bed. “Your not moving away are you?” She asked, fear flustering over his face. “No no. I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here. At least I hope.” I said frowning a bit.

“Y/n what’s going on?” Grayson asked. “I’m pregnant Gray.” I said all out. Just get it over with I always say. Grayson tilted his head but then returned it to it’s straight position. Soon a big smile fell upon his lips. “Y/n. Th-that’s fucking amazing.” He smiled pulling me into a hug. “Your not leaving right?” I asked just to make sure. “Never in a million years I would think to even leave.” He smiled.

“Now we just have to tell my parents.” I frowned. “Tell us what?” My dad asked walking into my room holding the key in his hand as he moved his arms to be folded. My best friend standing behind him and my mother mouthing sorry to me. I let out a breath and got out of Grayson’s arms and got up and went in front of them. “I-I. Your not going to like what I’m going to tell you.” I said looking down at my feet.

“Look at me when your talking to me.” My father said. I nodded and looked up into his y/e/c eyes. The same as mine. “I-I.” I couldn’t say it. I just couldn’t. “Spit it out.” My dad said starting to get angry. “I’m pregnant.” I said.

The back of his hand came in contact with my face and I stumbled back. I placed my hand on the red hand print and felt it sting from my skin touching it. I saw y/bff/n eyes go wide as everything went in slow motion. Grayson was by my wide and was saying something I couldn’t work out. And then everything came back to me. Everything went back into his normal speed.

“Get your stuff paced and the hell out of my house! Your kind is not welcomed into this house of the lord!” He yelled at me. Tears started to fall from my eyes once again. Stinging the mark on my face. “Let’s go to my place.” Grayson whispered in my ear. I nodded at his request and he picked me up. He held onto me and looked at y/bff/n and she nodded. She pushed past my parents and past us as Grayson carried me down the stairs.

Grayson’s P.o.v

“So that’s why you want her to stay here?” Ethan asked. I nodded my head. My hands trembling still with horror as I watched Y/n’s father hit the girl I loved. “You got her knocked up.” He breathed out. “I knocked her up dude and I want to keep it. I want to stay. I want to marry her.” I said looking at Ethan who smiled at me. “Y/n is like a sister to me. She can stay as long as she wants. But You guys should find a place of your own by time the baby comes.” He explained. I nodded.

“Just make sure to move in next door.” I smiled at Ethan. He nodded back at me and I got up from the couch and grabbed the bag of ice and cloth and headed towards my room where Y/n was resting. As I walked in I saw her best friend Y/bff/n pulling her hair into a messy bun.

“Ladies.” I said as I lightly pressed the bag against Y/n’s cheek. She smiled at me. I kissed her temple and looked at Y/bff/n. She smiled at me and nodded. “Treat them well.” She said at me. “Don’t worry I will.” I smiled. “I’ll go to your house and snatch some things for you. I’ll bring them tomorrow.” She then said towards Y/n. She nodded and left my room.

Y/n turned her head and I saw the stained tears that laid on her face. “I love you Y/n.” I smiled at her. Her lips turned into a smile. It was the first time I’ve said it. Or either of us for that matter. Even though we’ve been dating around for almost a year. I was just to scared. “I love you too.” She smiled and embraced me.

Since I uploaded only one today or tonight I will post one on Thursday. I’m going to be rewriting some of my very first ones just to get back into the hang of things, but after that and in between imagines like this will be posted. Just remember these take me maybe half and hour to an hour to write and it’s very time com-summing. But thanks for reading I hoped you enjoyed it!

100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Prompt: 19- Can I hold your hand? 

Warning: None :)

Boy: Luke

Words: 912



“Luke I’m going to the store, do you need anything?” I shouted as I pulled my shoes on, Luke had just quite joyfully jumped down the stairs grinning widely at me once he was at the final step. “What’s got you so giddy?”

“Can’t I just be extremely happy to be home with my best friend?” he asked folding his arms over his chest.

“No you can’t,” I pushed past him, smiling just as wide as he was, to grab my keys from the bookshelf. “Anyway you didn’t answer me, do you need anything?”

“Nope,” he replied popping the ‘p’ “But im coming with you.”

“Why?” I questioned, unlocking the door, not protesting to him coming with me.

“Because, my tiny friend”- he knew I didn’t like being called tiny, I wasn’t tiny, he was just a giant – “I’ve been away and I want to go shopping with my friend, we have a limited time together.” He told me, walking to the car and already sorting out what music we wold be listening to. I laughed at him while I locked the door and got in the car, already changing the song from Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius to anything else giving Luke a small glare.

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request: Hey :) I really like your blog and wanted to ask for an imagine as well because I really love your writing style *.* Could you please write an imagine where the reader is always compared to Teresa. She is much more curvier than Teresa and therefor bullied by some gladers. She feels very fat an starts having her lunch alone in the Deadheads. One day, Newt joins her there and he shows her how much he thinks she is beautiful. So it would be a smut-imagine if you dont mind ;) Thank youuu :*

warnings: smut (-:

first person


  “Hey Teresa,” I turned my head to see Minho running up to walk with me and the only other girl in the Glade, Teresa. “Oh hi, Y/N.”

  I faked a small smile. Ever since Teresa had come up in the box it was as if the guys didn’t know I even existed anymore. They were always trying to get close to her or make her laugh and wouldn’t even pay attention to me unless they wanted me to do something for them. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and self conscious about the situation, but I didn’t want anybody to know. They’d probably just think I want all the attention to yourself.

  “Whaddya want, Minho?” Teresa asked, her smile beaming.

  “Oh, nothing,” he smirked. “Just the chance to gaze upon your beauty,” Minho winked and Teresa chuckled. She was beautiful, I had to admit it. She was skinnier than I was, and she had nice hair and pretty eyes.

  “Oh, shut up,” Teresa slapped Minho on the side of his head.

  “Uhm, sorry, Teresa. I forgot I have something to do back by the Homestead. I’ll, uh, catch you later,” I didn’t really have anything to do, I just wanted to get away from the cheesy compliments Minho was throwing at Teresa. As I turned and walked away from the two of them, I caught the eyes of Newt. He was the most beautiful person in the place, in my opinion. His deep, smooth voice made me melt on the spot – as did his smile and everything else about him. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want him. I smiled at him and he did the same. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I started to blush when I suddenly collided with another Glader. Gally.

  “Whoa, watch it, Second-Best,” he laughed his words.

  “What?” I asked him, feeling the butterflies fly away.

  “I said, watch it Second-Best,” his arms folded across his body as he stared down at me.

  “Second-Best? What the hell does that mean?”

  “It means, Y/N, that you are the second best looking girl in the shuck place. You know, the second best to sleep with. The second best to date. The second best to do anything with,” he stated bluntly and stared over at where Teresa was now walking with three other Gladers. The way Gally said this made me feel like the least wanted person in the world.

  “But there’s only two of us girls here,” I pointed out.

  “No kidding,” he said. “Maybe you’d be first if Teresa there wasn’t so damn pretty,” he chuckled and turned to face the other direction, walking away as if he hadn’t just crushed my ego.

  Out of my peripheral vision I could see Newt making his way over to me. I knew I was going to start crying, and I didn’t want him to see me in this sort of state so I immediately faced the other way and started walking. It was about time for the Gladers to have lunch, but I suddenly lost your appetite after what had happened with Gally.

  I kept my head down as I rushed towards the Deadhead, the only place I could sit alone without someone comparing me to Teresa. As soon as I had ran in deep enough I hugged a tree. I hugged it. The tears began streaming down my face, dropping to the ground and feeding the roots of the tree. I sunk down to my knees before shifting my weight off of them and sitting on my butt. My back leaned against the tree trunk and I buried my face in my hands.

  I tried to keep my sobs quiet, but it was hard. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Gally had said. What he called me. The exact same thoughts kept passing through my mind.

  “Is that really what they all think of me? Am I really second-best at everything? I wonder what Newt thinks about me…”

  As if right on queue I hear Newt’s voice coming closer through the thick trees. “Y/N? Y/N, are you here?”

  “I just want to be left alone right now, Newt,” I exclaimed when I heard his footsteps nearing me. It had been all I wanted to spend some alone time with Newt, but not when I was like this. He had stopped right in front of me and bent down.

  “Look, I saw what happened with you and Gally, today,” he started, and it made the sobs come out even more. “Hey, shh. You’re okay, Y/N. There’s no need to cry.”

  He moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around my shaking figure. My heart skipped a beat when I felt his breath against my neck. He rubbed my back with his hands, soothing me. My hands were still covering my face. The crying had lessened but my breathing wasn’t quite back to normal yet. Newt brought one of his hands up and ran his fingers through my hair.

  “Y/N, there’s something I want you to know,” he whispered, pulling away from me. I looked up into his beautiful eyes, blushing under his gaze. “I want you to know that, no matter how much worthless you might think you are, no matter how many times a day you tell yourself that you’ll never be as good as Teresa, no matter how many Gladers call you ‘Second-Best’… I will always be here for you. Since the first day you came up to the Glade in that box you’ve been all I could think about. You’re the most beautiful, gorgeous, most amazing girl I know, Y/N. I don’t care what those other shanks tell you, you mean the world to me.”

  The tears and shaky breaths seemed to disappear all of a sudden. There was no sign of the sobbing mess I had been just moments before. My heart was beating faster, and I didn’t know what to say. “Newt, I..”

  “You mean the world to me,” he repeated. “And I’m gonna show it to ya.”

  “Newt, what are you-” I was cut off by Newt’s lips crashing against my own. I moved one of my hands to the back of his neck, pulling him closer, and I pressed the other one against his chest. He ground our hips together and I moaned a little into the kiss. He smirked against my lips and began pulling down my pants. He pushed our crotches together again, and I could feel how hard he was already. I felt myself becoming wetter, and I wanted him to do something more.

  As if he could read my mind he hooked my panties down and slid them off of my legs in one swift movement. He moved his lips down so that he was sucking on the base of my neck. I felt his fingers trailing down slowly to my core. I let out a gasp when Newt reached my center. He rubbed circles against my clit with his thumb, and I arched my back against the tree. He pulled away from where he was kissing my neck and leaned back until he was face to face with the folds of my pussy.

  “Shuck, Y/N, you’re dripping,” he chuckled, placing a soft kiss against me.

  “Newt, please,” I whined, lifting my hips off of the ground slightly before he pushed them back down. “Do something, please.”

  He obeyed, licking up my soaking folds. I moaned as he continued sucking on me, nibbling here and there.

  Newt took one of his hands away from my hips and moved it down. His fingertips teased my entrance and I bucked my hips up in desperation.

  “Relax, baby,” he mumbled against me. Without warning he pushed one of his fingers inside of me. I sighed out in relief that he was actually doing something. He added another finger, thrusting them in and out of my wet hole.

  “Oh my god, Newt,” I whimpered as he thrusted his fingers faster. The moans slipped out of me uncontrollably, the pleasure building up within me. Newt continued sucking on my clit while his fingers were busy pleasuring me. His mouth opened and closed around my lips, and I knew I was almost there. He pushed his fingers deep into me, curling them and hitting just the right spots. “Shuck.”

  “You’re the most beautiful girl here, Y/N,” he stated, thrusting his fingers faster and harder. “Look at me, gorgeous.”

  I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I was moaning louder now, not trying to keep them in anymore.

  “The most. Beautiful. Girl. Ever.”

  With the last word that came out of his mouth I exploded around his fingers. I cried out his name as my orgasm washed over my entire body. He helped me ride out my high, slowing the thrusts of his fingers before pulling them out and sucking them clean. He kissed me down there once more before crawling back up to meet my eyes.

  My breathing was unsteady, this time for a good reason. After I had relaxed I leaned up and pressed our foreheads together. Newt leaned in and kissed me, cupping my face in his hands.

  “Do you believe me, Y/N?” he asked innocently. “Do you believe you’re worth more than you think you are, now?”

  “If I say no can we do this again?” I giggled.

  “Baby, we’ll do this again no matter what,” he chuckled, kissing my forehead.

  “I love you, Newt,” I sighed, snuggling into his chest.

  “I love you, too, beautiful.”


a/n: eek this is the only imagine i’ve written in first person. if i accidentally switched to third person at any part in the story pleaase let me know, lmao. i hope you liked this one, darling.

Before the Dawn (Part 1/?)

Summary: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you.

Pairing: Bucky x enhanced!Reader (slower burn)

Word Count: ~3000

Warnings: Language, angst, & a bit of combat. 

A/N: This is far different than anything I’ve posted on here, so I’m a bit nervous. Still, I’m excited for where this could go and I hope you all are too. I’m experimenting with some different POV options (this one will have both Bucky’s & the reader’s POV, but this time around Bucky’s POV is in first person) so there’s that. Hope you enjoy :)

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/shrug~ I tried. :’)

Also, I think I have a…type…when it comes to Spiral dudes. Oops.

All I know, so far, is that he’s Eshek’s close associate, and a living cauldron. Whereas Eshek briefly swallows and then exhales an airborne strain of poison or toxin…this guy’s a living vat of it. It can seep out him (lolgross~) at any time, and he can PROJECTILE HACK IT UP AT PEOPLE. Copious amounts. It’s bad…it’s…very bad.

Consistently swallows different ‘ingredients,’ but has a very hard time with mixes–which typically react so violently with each other that he can’t cope with it.

The skin around his neck and belly are impossibly thin, and you can see stuff kind of roiling around in there. Worse when he’s in humanoid form, ‘cause he just walks around with his shirt off. Not for the squeamish, that’s for sure. You gross, boi.

If he needs to fill up bottles or something, he just turns on his internal ‘faucet’…and spits it out into them. To those who didn’t know him, he’d probably be highly suspected of a Shade infection. But, alas. He’s just a weird…gross…noodle.

Chews betel nuts, so his teeth and lips are always a pretty nasty red color.

No kissing this nasty.

Or, you could. If you’re into that…/COUGHcough


Bucky’s POV of #74, as requested by @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess. 

I hope this is okay! ^_^

When you hung out with Tony Stark the quality of the men’s rooms really improved. Bucky kicked his heels against the counter and wondered what the grapefruit and green tea hand lotion would do to the metal.

There was a thump on the outside of the door. Bucky had wedged it pretty well closed with a condensed stack of paper towels and the application of some brute strength. Sounded like Steve was putting his shoulder to it, but he wouldn’t want to break the damned thing, not at a fancy event like this.

There was another, softer thump. Head height. That was a surrender thump if Bucky had ever heard one; he grinned his victory and flew another paper tissue dart directly into the trash.

“C’mon, Buck,” Steve said. Edge of whining to it, ‘cos he was still a punk kid from Brooklyn on the inside, where it counted. “We’ve been through this.”

“Try it one more time,” Bucky said, his voice echoing pleasingly from the marble surfaces. “Maybe this one’ll stick.”

A long sigh.

“You’re building a media portfolio,” Steve said, sounding like he was reading off notecards Stark had had someone prepare for him. “So that the first result when you google James Barnes isn’t something involving explosions or Hydra or whatever else.”

‘Whatever else’, in this case, being death. Really a lot of death. Bucky held his breath for a second, let it go slow and steady, thought about gently lapping waves.

“You’re giving the rich folks a bit of a thrill,” Steve continued; he was ticking them off on his fingers, Bucky could just tell. “They get to tell the folks at the country club that they talked to the Winter Soldier, it makes their day.”

“And I care because…?”

“Because happy people are generous, Bucky, and the proceeds from this damned event are going to the children’s hospital. So get your ass out here and smile like you mean it.”

Fuck. Bucky shoved himself off the counter, took a second to straighten his tuxedo jacket, and bent to yank the tissues out from under the door, his arm whirring a little with the effort. He pulled the door open and couldn’t hold back the grin at the way Steve was slumped against the wall, looking like a kid in his dad’s best suit, arms folded and bottom lip sticking out a little ways.

“This is not what I want to be doing with my Saturday night,” Bucky informed him. “Don’t give me that look.”

“If I gotta, you gotta,” Steve told him. “And we all know who you’d rather be doing.”

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anonymous asked:

Whats the safest way to travel with your dog in the car? Hes a berner and I heard crash tested harnesses arent as effective in large dogs and a crate that big isnt really practical cause it leaves no space and I cant use it in friends/ride share cars

A crate would be your best option. There are fold up wire crates that could be more portable than other crates.  A crash tested harness is better than nothing at all – something you can buckle your dog into the car with. 


Sometimes I feel nothing. Sometimes I feel too much of everything. Lately it’s been the latter. Why do people fuck over others when that person literally has the capability of giving them the world..and has shown them. It’s like I feel the world trying to harden me with a lot of shit that’s been thrown my way. Trying my best not to fold. Before I turn into one of those truly heartless ass people.