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BTS Scenario: Rainy Days [Hyung Line]

This one is all fluff im in love 💕 If you guys want a maknae line one as well let me know and I can write it! I love yall thank you for liking and reblogging and following! Enjoy it - Admin Honey


You guys would wake up and hear the soft sound of raindrops hitting the ground outside. Yall would cuddle in the morning and relax together before getting up. Rainy days with him are so homey if that makes sense? Like picture a perfect rainy day and that’s what you guys would do. You guys would cook together and have a movie marathon! Also I feel like he would make the best hot chocolate.

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I honestly dont think you guys would get out of bed tbh. While I feel like you and Seokjin would eventually get up at a decent hour, you and Yoongi might be in bed til about noon. “We really should get up”/“Five more minutes”. Cuddles for days! Yoongi would just like to have you in his arms and have it so he could rest his head right above yours so he could kiss the top of your head. When you do get up I think he would want to order take out too. Really the whole day is spent in his arms because he’s really a sucker for that.

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Rainy days make everyone a little slow moving. But for Hoseok I think he would just really really love it. He would make a point to open the windows to hear the sound and smell the clean air. Also Hobi might want to go outside for a little bit, like try to find an excuse to go into the rain. Maybe a drive somewhere or going out to eat and sitting by a window. The rain is beautiful to him and he just wants to cherish it with his beautiful girl (IM SOBBING)

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You would wake up and find his side of the bed empty. It’s not a bad thing but I think he has an outstanding work ethic and would just want to try to get some work done while he can. You would walk out and see him sitting on the couch with his laptop working really hard and make him a cup of coffee. An hour or so later he would be done and would just want to cuddle and eat. He would like to snuggle under a blanket with you and yall could watch netflix documentaries together because yall are intellectuals~

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Headcanons who in BTS would be most to least to watch a horror movie with you, if you do most to least? (I am blind and accidentally sent this while the requests were closed. Please forgive me, I meant no harm ;; )



★tbh he’d love knowing somebody that enjoys horror films  

★he’d be so ready 

★he’d be at your home 

★and in his pyjamas 

★with snacks 

★within five minutes of  you asking him 

★he’s that person that gets really giggly when he sees gore  

★’that’s been the best blood splatter so far!’


★would happily watch with you 

★but get frustrated when the characters do stupid things 

★’so the back door was open but she ran to the basement?’ 


★’makes sense’      

★he’ll end up sprawled out on the sofa 

★groaning at how ridiculous the characters are 


★yoongi would watch  

★just don’t expect him to watch in silence  

★he’ll copy the noises the characters make  

★when you tell him to stop he’ll just scowl  

★’do i have to be a super sexy blonde woman to scream?’

★’you’re ruining the tension’

★’what tension? the killer’s hid in the closet’

★a pillow to the face would calm him down  

★then he’ll move to rest in your lap

★’i pick next time’  


★is wary to watch them

★but once you bribe him with snacks he’ll be in

★when he gets scared he bursts out laughing

★’how many places are there for a murderer to hide?’

★your arm is going to be red

★bc he slaps you when he laughs


★he’ll either be so scared he’ll wrap himself around you

★or he’ll spend the time scaring you 

★he’ll shout randomly

★or throw popcorn at you

★and when you jump he’ll laugh until he cries

★but if he’s the one that gets scared and you laugh at him 

★he’ll pout


★he’d watch it

★but he wouldn’t enjoy it

★he’d rather watch something you can laugh at

★so he just stares at the screen

★not paying any attention

★he’ll look to you to make sure you’re no scared



★just no

★why would you even ask him?

★thrillers he loves

★but horror movies are a no


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England, Germany, Russia, America, Canada, Spain, and Frances reaction to their s/o having a mental breakdown (like their s/o is rly stressed and just needs some loving and junk)? Thank you!

This was kind of long. Germanyboi was a bit drawn on because he’s an awkward fish. BUT HEY! I had fun with this one.



Hearing your sobs coming from the kitchen was the last thing he expected. Seeing the mess on the floor in front of you made him raise an eyebrow in confusion. You dropping that glass was the last straw and you just broke down on the floor. All the stress that piled up caved down on you. The Brit helped you up, making sure you stepped over the broken glass of the mug. The best solution to this would be movies. Disney movies. He got out the infamously dubbed ‘Cuddle Blanket’ and sat down next to you, pulling you into his lap and wrapping the blanket around the both of you. “Don’t worry about it, love. Just…relax, alright?”


(overall he sucks at giving comfort without being awkward tbh) You were trying to keep going, listening to Ludwig’s commands. You wanted to show him. You wanted to prove you were strong. But it hurt. Everything hurt. It was getting hard to breathe and you’re legs were starting to get weak. Five minutes later, you realized you were on the ground, sobbing loudly. The blond German was knelt down next to you with a bottle of water in his hand. You took it and nearly downed it all in one sip. “Are you alright? Do I need to take you home?” You just sat there and continued letting out choked sobs, shaking from realization that you weren’t as strong. “(Y/N), that is not what you should be worrying about. Your health comes before training,” he scolded. Did you say that out loud? “Ja, ja you did.” Oh. You started to calm down and sighed. “Lieb, I think you are being to hard on yourself…Maybe you should take a break.” You nodded and stood up, knees shaking. “T-Thanks…” Before you both left, he commented, “You, uh…did great out there.” You turned and blushed, that small comment taking a lot off your shoulders. You smiled a little and nodded. “Thanks, Ludwig.” He grunted and the both of you headed home.


Like usually, he’d be confused. Why were you crying? Oh. Natalia told you that you would never be enough for Ivan? Well then. Expect this big ol’ teddy bear to give you all the love you need. Want flowers? He’ll go out in the middle of a blizzard if it meant he’d get to see you smile. He almost did until he realized you just wanted to take a nap with him. That’s simple so he can do it.


This boy. This boy will tell you the worst jokes over to help calm you down. Even worse, they’re dad jokes. It kind of helped, but when he whipped that ice cream out? You completely forgot about the stress your coworkers were giving you over the design that was due next month. The jokes still were there, and the only way you could get him to shut up was by shoving your spoon into his mouth.


If you cry, he cries. Don’t let the Canadian see your tears, or he will also start shedding his own. He’d instantly think he did something wrong, but once he realized you were hunched over that script you were writing, he realized what was wrong. “Maple, d-do you need to come lay down.” You got up instantly and walked over to him, pulling him to the bed. Matthew let out a soft ‘oh’ as you just began to hug his side, nuzzling side chest. “I-If that makes you feel better, then,” he mumbled, returning the cuddle.


“Chica, what’s wrong, mi amor?” Antonio would rush to your side as soon as you let out a small whine. “I-I don’t know, T-Tonio…I-I’m just tired. I feel so stressed out and e-everything isn’t going well. I-I lost my wallet, I spilled my coffee on someone at the store, and I ruined Lovino’s book after spilling his wine on it!” He laughed and picked her up. “What you need, (Y/N), is a nice bath!” The Spaniard picked you up and carried you to the bathroom. “No need to cry, we all get frustrated,” he mumbled, beginning to draw a bath. He helped you get undressed and helped you get into the bath. You instantly began to relax, taking note of the bubbles he added. “I’ll be back, bella, I’ll go get you a drink.”You just nodded and smiled to yourself. After all, Antonio always knew what was best.


Tissues? Check. Blanket? Check. Candles? Check. Cute pajama sweater? Check. White wine? Check. Everything that was needed for a romantic movie night was there. Even your favorite fluffy sweater. Throughout the entire movie, Francis would whisper small words of affection into your ear on how beautiful you are and how much he loves you. After a while, the overwhelmed tears stopped. The love and affection Francis gave you helped you forget about the breakdown you had. The stress was still there, but he always helped calm you down.