best first talk with a blogger i like

samisamisamice  asked:


1. First impression: una po kitang nakita sa mga TA’s ng ibang bloggers and i was like aww she’s sweet and approachable
2. Truth is: I want to talk to you, i think pareho kayo ni eomma @koleene na sweet ganun :)
3. How old do you look: 20?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Sometimes sa mga post mo na personal
5. Have you ever made me mad:  No
6. Best feature: Hmm nose? :)
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Yes po ehe
8. You’re my: the blogger who’s very much kind to everyone :)
9. Name in my phone: //
10. Should you post this too? *puppy eyes hehe

Thank you po sobra Ateeee :) Godbless!

ey ✌️

1. First impression: rly nice blogger, very aesthetic/90s anime. you sugardaddied my acnl life via painstakingly acquired money

2. Truth is: you sugardaddied my acnl life via black market money

3. How old do you look: UHH icr if I’ve seen your face apart from like half a selfie but 16-18?

4. Have you ever made me laugh: YEA

5. Have you ever made me mad: you forgot xion………monster….

6. Best feature: fun 2 talk 2 and likes a lot of the same shit I do!

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: probbo

8. You’re my: x-blade 

9. Name in my phone: bunny smfh you COULD have been muscle ventus. Fool

10. Should you post this too? already did

kremekun  asked:

Uhhhh I can't remember if we are mutuals(maybe past?)but hey 👋 if we aren't then that's cool ayy wassup ;)

WE ARE!!! omg my kisu!!! it’s your old prince gary!!! ; u ; I’m so glad you’re back! i HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS YOU??!?! WTF YOU SNEAKY PUFF!!!!!

1. First impression: we were like a tag team pair of bloggers back in the day and I had a lot of fun talking to you before you went on haitus!
3. How old do you look: lemme see dem piccs bab
4. Have you ever made me laugh: So many times!
5. Have you ever made me mad: Never!
6. Best feature: The fact that you prioritized your wellbeing over running a blog for such a long time, good on you bab
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I have a crush on all my mutuals tbh aaa including youuuu
8. You’re my: I was gonna say you were my sweet kisu but I guess you’re my creamy kun now
9. Name in my phone: probably kremey kun
10. Should you post this too? yaas if you want!

carelessreaper  asked:


1. First impression:
I remember i thought you were one of those ‘too cool to talk to anyone’-bloggers^^

2. Truth is:
You’re a very kind, heartwarming person

3. How old do you look:

4. Have you ever made me laugh:
Yes you did

5. Have you ever made me mad:
No why :o

6. Best feature:
You’re a good listener and advice giver

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:
No :)

8. You’re my:
Very first tumblr friend and i really feel like we’re “serious” friends

9. Name in my phone:
Your real name :)

10. Should you post this too?

anonymous asked:


21. Talk about a favorite childhood memory.~ hmmmm probably the first time i got up on a surfboard, i was like 8. it was one of the best things in the world and i knew from that moment that i never wanted to not do it

60. What are some of your turn-ons?~ hair pulling, hickies, lip biting, etc.

71. Do you believe in ghosts?~ yes

93. What is your biggest regret?~ something that i’m about to fix in like 20 minutes (also that i ever started drinking)

ask the blogger!!

veltish  asked:

Hey bitch

Hey sorry i didnt answer this earlier, i forgot to check my inbox before going to sleep

1. First impression: big memer & comedy blogger. remember back when you had the URL feelsfeeler?
2. Truth is: you’re a really good friend and really smart and creative. binch
3. How old do you look: 20
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Like, every time i talk to you. 
5. Have you ever made me mad: no lol
6. Best feature: your intelligence, ambition, and earnestness. 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nah. you’re a super close friend but i see you more like a sister.
8. You’re my: really really really good friend who makes me laugh 
9. Name in my phone: just “velt” but for some reason you’re in my address book twice.
10. Should you post this too? you ALREADY DID AND ITS REALLY GOOD

*please don’t delete the text or self-promote because you will be automatically disqualified*

Ayanna and I are excited to present to you, our first awards together: Model Awards!


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  • Lily Rose Depp - Nicest blogger (x2)
  • Kendall Jenner - Best URL (x2)
  • Taylor Hill - Best colour scheme (x2)
  • Karlie Kloss - Best blog details (x2)
  • Jourdan Dunn - Best icon (x2)
  • Naomi Campbell - Natalia’s favourite
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  • Gigi Hadid - Best overall

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Happy reblogging! Go smile at a camera! 

Love, Natalia and Ayanna

sjws-ugh  asked:

Concerning the tartan ask. I recently wanted to make a garment (it's not quite a kilt, I took inspiration from different things) with tartan/plaid and I thought it best to just put up a post asking people from kilt wearing countries. I've only gotten one reply (should be on my first page), but their thoughts were along the line of yours. It would be interesting to hear from more people.

Hello! I think even better resources than us tumblr bloggers are official organisations like these which have an extensive FAQ. Both have talked about how tartans can be worn by non-Scottish people.

Scottish Register of Tartans

Scottish Tartans Authority

Also this is a forum thread about non-Scots wearing kilts and tartans

If you wanna be sure your tartans are like general tartans which anyone can wear and not family tartans, probably the best idea is to buy tartans actually made in Scotland, if they’re available. There’s quite a bit of regulation over there wrt that. I guess the FAQ there can tell you more. 

Also tho the thing the person mentioned about Queen Victoria popularising the tartan again- she actually has Scottish ancestry. She- and therefore the- British royal family today is descended from the House of Stuart- which was a Scottish royal house. There are quite a lot of complex issues between how the Scottish relate to the English, their relationship to the idea of the “United Kingdom” as the recent referendum shows indeed. But generally, the relationship between Scotland and England has evolved in a more healthy manner compared to a lot of other countries dealing with previously autonomous states incorporated into their country. Maybe Queen Victoria kind of commercialised it again but overall I’d say the overall effect is good…letting Scottish people proudly practise this aspect of their culture. 

I saw your posts, and agree with your frustration where everything from a lot of cultures- particularly non-white cultures- is portrayed as being “stolen”. Like omg yes I would like people to know the British fucked up China during the Opium Wars but…NOT EVERY SINGLE INTERACTION with the European world was us getting beaten up. Our paper pulp machines didn’t get prised from our bloodied hands by Europeans. It was through TRADE- Middle-Eastern traders brought paper from China to Europe somewhere in the 1300s I think. It’s an extremely condescending view of the non-European world because it doesn’t see us as ever being able to exist as equals whenever we interacted with Europe. Even with other European cultures like the Scottish Gaelic people- not everything was “stolen”, plenty of things were passed around in a manner that compensated the people of that culture- like how Scotland exports a lot of tartan and earns revenues from that. 

I think there’s a bit of a failure on tumblr to recognise these nuances of cultural appropriation. It’s quite different when actual Scottish people make tartans and earn handsome amounts of money from it (GBP 1 billion is pretty impressive) and get to preserve and export their unique culture- compared to how Native Americans are socio-economically deprived and have to compete with companies selling cheap rip-offs passed off as genuine Native American crafts. 

I can’t believe I’ve been on this website for two years already! I’ve met so many amazing people over that time and I am so so grateful to everyone who follows me and talks to me - tumblr would not be as enjoyable without the people that make it so special :)

So, to thank all of my wonderful followers, I have decided to do my first tumblr awards! :D


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  • this will end on the 31st March, 6pm GMT
  • one winner and one runner up for each category


  • HARRY POTTER AWARD [best hp blog]
  • HERMIONE GRANGER [best url]
  • RON WEASLEY AWARD [best theme]
  • GINNY WEASLEY AWARD [best icon]
  • NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM AWARD [kindest blogger]
  • LILY EVANS AWARD [best original content]**
  • JAMES POTTER AWARD [best posts]
  • SIRIUS BLACK AWARD [best multifandom]
  • REMUS LUPIN AWARD [favourite new follow]
  • LUNA LOVEGOOD AWARD [overall favourite]

** - to be considered for the original content award (including writing, art, edits, gifs etc), please send me a message with a link to your relevant tag


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hey lovlies i wanted to do something for hitting 1.2k so here’s a little thank you! this is also my first blog awards so bear with me here. 

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idk i’ll choose when this gets a decent amount of notes (everyone like hates me so this will take a few years) and if this no notes this never ever happened and im moving to neptune

400+ Follow Forever

So, today some crazy shit happend that yall will never believe.  I hit 400 followers (how the fuck did that happen??) and decided to celebrate with giving MASSIVE thanks to all of my awesome followers/mutuals/people that i like to stalk.  I honestly never thought i would hit 100 followers, so a number like this blows my fucking mind.  I can’t thank all of you enough for putting up with me for two years!  This thing is so massive that I had to put it under a fancy keep reading sign (professional).  So, whithout further adieu, I present to you my first follow forever.

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