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The 49th Hour - Horror film about two vampire hunters, Allen and Lavi, who are sent to kill the notorious Arystar Krory. It all goes wrong when Allen gets bitten, dooming him to slowly become that which he hunts. Can Lavi choose between love and duty, and will he have to kill the person he loves?

Keep Me Warm - Romcom about two skiiers trapped on a mountain after an avalanche, and the events that occur while they try to get off the mountain. Romance (and much hilarity) ensues as Allen and Lavi find themselves, despite being complete strangers to each other, relying on each other to stay alive.

Home Is Where The Heart Is - After a near death experience Allen meets Lavi, a homeless but cheery man on a quest to see every ruin in the world. Deciding to join Lavi in his travels, Allen finds himself experiencing things he has never seen or felt before, as well as discovering he has a scary knack for poker.

On Foreign Shores - Allen, Lavi, and a group of friends board a ship to Japan, but disaster strikes when a freak storm at sea destroys their ship and sends them overboard. Allen and Lavi wake up on a strange deserted island, separated from their companions. Deciding to try and find the others, they discover the island isn’t as deserted as they thought.

televisionstatik  asked:

Hi! What are some of the best Arab films ever made, in your opinion?

Al Taqrir1986 film Initial release: 1986 Director: Duraid Lahham Cast: Duraid Lahham, Abbas al-Noury

Here are a few. Feel free to ask for more if you have a specific genera.