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Princess Twilight how do you feel about fillies that like fillies? I'm scared to be myself because of what others might think.

I don’t see the problem. My best friends are fillies (well, strictly speaking they are mares like me, but in a colloquial sense they are fillies) and I like them very much. Surely, that’s pretty common. If it’s not where you are, well, as the Princess of Friendship I would argue that who you care for is a matter of their character and how they treat you, and it’s not up to other ponies to decide.

I suppose sometimes ponies might not approve of your choice of friends, but you should ask yourself whose opinion you value more: theirs, or that of your friends. Assuming you value you friends’ opinions more you shouldn’t abandon them because others might disapprove.

Oh, and trying not to be yourself rarely works out. You really should embrace who you are. Well, unless who you are consists of enslaving all of Equestria or something like that, but clearly that’s not the issue here.

This Week On My Little Pony FiM: Parental Glideance

Through a series of flashbacks, we see Derpy progressively struggle at something she was once great at as her eyes become more and more cross-eyed, revealing her condition is probably progressive.

i have good news for u!!! it is canon they were best friends as fillies!! for one, in the Cutie Mark Chronicle’s fluttershy flashback, RD raced bullies to protect her. and if they weren’t friends after that, then idk how they did become friends. ALSO CAN WE REMEMBER THAT WERE WAS AN MLP COMIC ABOUT THEM AT A FLIGHT SCHOOL REUNION THAT GOT SLIGHTLY MENTIONED IN THE SHOW THAT ALSO HIGHLIGHTED THEM BEING BEST FRIEND THROUGH ALL OF FLIGHT SCHOOL

so yes, they have indeed been best friends since the beginning of time @senkou-lights

Just look at this sexy beast, she looks harmless enough but get her in the bed and this little slut will fuck you to death, there is no holding back with this one she takes no prisoners, so all you Cowboys out there if you ever Corral this Little Filly you best be holding on tight because if she doesn’t buck you off you will be in for the ride of your life.


10 years ago my life changed forever.  Tasia, who multiple vets had told us had zero chance of getting pregnant because of cancer and had been days away from being put down, gave birth to a scrawny little red filly. I was hers the minute she hit the ground.  She loves me and I love her. I worry about her constantly.  Am I too big for her? Is she happy?  Despite reassurances from my trainer and vet, I worry, but then I watch other people ride her.  She goes better for me than any of them, and looks happier and more relaxed when I am the one riding.  She leaves the herd to be with me and gets angry when she has to share my attention. I am her human, and I wish that she understood just how much that means to me.  We’ve had 10 years, and we are just getting warmed up.


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Thank you guys so much! I wanted to do something bigger, but I kept it small scale sketches for now. I mean who knows, maybe I’ll go bigger next time~!

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