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Olicity Drabble 5x20~ Needing You

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Okay so yeah I wanted more and I wrote it…It’s set during 5x20 and, again I just wanted this aspect explained after the whole flashback sequence that simply left me utterly confused. 

GIF not mine it belongs to @yet-i-remain-quiet 

No beta so I’m sorry the errors. P.S. I’m looking for a beta so….

“Needing You”

The first time she’d fallen asleep over his chest he’d gently nudged her cheek with the tip of his thumb until she quietly stirred. The second time he traced the line of her jaw with the back of his fingers until she let out a sleepy yawn. This time when her sleepy eyes dared to part she felt his fingers trailing down the back of her head until they’d settled over the nape of her exposed neck.

Felicity growled comfortably, her shoulders ached, her skin smelled of dust, dirt, and oddly enough smoke and, her body felt utterly wrecked from the day’s events. Her voice actually cracked when her low growls finally formed tangible words, “I think I prefer the back of your fingers…”

His voice seemed to trail over her skin like a soothing balm while he gently stroked his fingers along the nape of her weary neck, “I’ll make a note of that for next time,” he teased with an ease they hadn’t shared in months.

Her soft lips became tangled in the folds of his white tee-shirt as she smiled gently along his covered chest, “I can lift my head if I’m hurting you…” she offered in concern since his voice felt tight as the vibrations rattled across her skin.

“Or you could simply share the bed,” he offered when she attempted to stifle another yawn.

Laughing she nudged her nose along his sternum and, huffed out a tired decline. “No, I should go home and, seek comfort in the freshly cleaned linens of my soft bed.”

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PLL 7x17 Driving Miss Crazy - Thoughts

- LOVED the episode. Entertaining from start to finish! Look, we all knew that “answers every week” is bullshit. I say this every week, but we’ve waited so many years, so we can wait 3 more weeks. So let’s just set aside the fact that we get no answers and just appreciate the fast pace and lack of fillers. I’m glad that the build up to the almighty answers-episode is fun. Season 7 really is the best season to date in my opinion.

- This episode should’ve been called Mona Mania, instead of that season 3 episode! She owned this episode. I won’t even list everything she did that justifies her walking around town with a crown on her head. You know all the reasons. Just every Mona scene was so damn entertaining.

- NO ALI!!! Instant success!!! It felt like a good old season 4 episode. I say this a lot but Ali still feels like the outsider to the group. The dynamics just work better with Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. I love those 4 together. Ali still doesn’t fit in the group, in my eyes. I might feel like that because we had 4 whole seasons with just the 4 of them so I’m too used to it and I never adapted to the change properly when she came back in 5A. No hate on Sasha, but I’m just not a fan of Ali’s character, I’ve always thought they ruined her once she came back from the dead. This episode just had great vibes without her, just like 713.

- Hastings drama was on point. Nolan is doing an amazing job playing Peter.

- We did it! Another thing this Tumblr community guessed right: Aria was filing a police report against Ezra during the time she found out he was writing a book. It’s a shame they’re not going further and doing the abortion story, but I still like this.

- MARY!! Welcome back. I actually feel sorry for her. I think she’s the most misunderstood character ever in PLL history.

- I did really enjoy the plot twist that Peter and Jessica were planning to kill Mary but she intercepted and killed Jessica. Self defence. I never saw that coming. It doesn’t change the final outcome that Mary killed Jessica, but it’s a nice additional layer to the overall story to show just how complex this mystery is. I appreciated and enjoyed that unnecessary layer. 

- Ezra pisses me off SO MUCH. He’s so blind. He’s so stupid. Just like last week, he thinks everything is about him. “You still don’t trust me because I wrote a book?” UMMMM NO???? Two weeks ago (PLL timeline) Hanna was abducted and EVERYONE, including Ezra, got a message from someone named AD, and the twin of a dead woman rocked up in town. Why has Ezra forgotten all of this??? Does he think AD just packed up and went home?? Does he think Hanna’s abduction was just a prank gone wrong and that all the messages about ‘find Hanna before it’s too late’ was just for fun? He saw ‘Hanna’ hanging from ropes in the bell tower, and he thinks the thing bothering Aria is trust issues from 6 years ago? Open your eyes Ezra. Someone is messing with your fiancé again. Not everything is about you.

- On a positive note I did appreciate his comments about regret with the book situation. I know that was very sincere. But get a hold of reality. Aria’s change of mood is not about you, ffs. 

- Did that shirt from Radley belong to Spencer’s twin? Idk, just something to think about.

- The fact that AD is trying to break apart the Hastings house feels like AD has a vendetta against the Hastings. Perhaps, Twincer is angry they adopted Spencer but not herself? Revenge?

- Spencer’s numberplate was CHD. I know we shouldn’t be looking into this stuff because not once have these had meaning, but, I couldn’t help but think back to Charles DiLaurentis.

- Thank god the musical number was short. I mean, I enjoyed it, and Janel can sing, but it did feel a bit random and out of nowhere. Perhaps that’s because I was so immersed in the episode and enjoying it so much, that when that came on, the pace was ruined out of nowhere. But judging it for what it is, standalone, it was cool! I don’t understand Lucy’s comments that all the girls were in it? Were they, and I just didn’t see them? haha

- I’m surprised Spencer hasn’t pieced together that Aria is doing this. The earring… bringing dinner then leaving? I don’t know about you guys but not once in my entire life have I driven to my friends house to drop off dinner for them and then leave? That’s just weird. Some might say it’s a polite gesture… and it is, but it’s weirdly polite. No one does that?? “Hey I brought you dinner! Ok I’m going now!” wtf?

- Can Marco just arrest them already!? They’re dwindling on this story for too long. Too much talking, not enough action.

- The episode felt incomplete. I don’t like how they’re dragging on a few storylines into the next episode, such as Aria’s reward (we know it was her files… but I wanted to actually read them in detail) and the doctor’s ID. Those storylines were the stories of THIS episode. Episode 17 was about THOSE things - they should’ve got total resolution, to define the episode and say “episode 17 revolved around these things”. I was just waiting for them to say Wren’s name (in regards to the doctor who did the procedure). And it never came. This episode should’ve had just one more reveal of sorts. And I don’t like that they didn’t just reveal things then and there. Oh and also the puzzle pieces… I thought with 2 more pieces, we’d get a better idea of what the pieces are forming. But no. So that was a tiny bit disappointing, that Aria did all that work and she/we still didn’t really get much out of it.

- That ending confirmed for me that Mona is not AD. It’s too obvious. I know CeCe was obvious because they literally showed her in a hoodie… but this is different. This is too close to the finale. I don’t believe Mona is AD. Instead, Mona wants to win the liars’ trust back so she’s working to solve the game, rather than administer the game to them. Also she is saving their assess by taking the shovels/potential evidence - it’s good not bad. Unfortunately this all comes back to Mona dying in the finale. She’ll get way too close to AD’s identity, and then AD will kill her. Thankfully, the girls will pickup where Mona left off and end it themselves. Then, they’ll realise they couldn’t have done it without Mona. So sad, but it’s a great story arc especially for a series finale.

- Caleb’s talk about Hanna to Ashley was adorable. That was a really well done scene. I loved their tent scene with the rings and Hanna bringing the bottle because she anticipated Caleb would say “yes I meant those words”. We all know the writers chose a tent because that’s where they spent their first night - I like that attention to detail. Terrible song choice… oh my gosh. Why not just use the same song as 1x19 (I think that was the episode?) Nostalgia always sells.

- Overall, my second favourite episode this season! 8.5/10. I really did like it. Again, I’ve gotten over the fact that we don’t get answers every episode. It was a lie, yes, but I’m not going to sit here and whinge when the answers are just 3 weeks away anyway. I’m just taking the episodes for what they are, disregarding all comments from writers, and I’m loving the ride. Fast paced, good writing, amazing mystery/story. Decent romance too - coming from someone who only watches for mystery, they’re doing well. I honestly would’ve rated this a 10/10 episode if they just went that extra mile and revealed the doctor’s name (Wren), showed us Aria’s reward properly AND give us insight into what the puzzle pieces are forming. The episode felt incomplete that they started stories this episode and never resolved them completely. But nonetheless, it was amazing. No Ali definitely contributed to that ;) 8.5 might seem high for an episode with no answers, but I was entertained from start to finish, no fillers, decent romance, really good mystery… can’t say much bad other than it feeling incomplete. This was an episode of PLL doing what it does best. IF ONLY THEY JUST GAVE A LITTLE BIT MORE IN THE FINAL MINUTES.

EDIT: SORRY I MEAN DONOR - NOT DOCTOR. It’s 2.30am right now, and I just finished watching the episode. I was going to watch it in the morning but I stayed up to get this post out - I always get messages asking when my thoughts post will be up!

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what makes hunter x hunter a good anime? i don't need a big analysis if it's a bother to you, i just respect your opinion on many issues and i was thinking of watching it at some point

it’s literally the best anime in existence, and anyone who says otherwise clearly has not watched it. for a 148 episode anime, there’s hardly any fillers. every episode counts to the storyline and all the arcs are well-developed, interesting, and finish/transition nicely. the pacing is so good, and it never gets boring or dull. the fight scenes are all unique and well animated… it’s not like a typical shounen where they just throw super powerful punches and stuff… like each character has their own tactics and fighting personalities and it’s sooo entertaining. with a lot of shounens, the fighting sequences get really repetitive but i enjoyed every single one in hxh (and there’s a lot esp. during the heavens arena arc). also the world-building is phenomenal… like there are so many layers and you think you’ve figured it all out the first few arcs but just wait until the chimera ant arc like Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW.

there are some really good, really gritty, dark, emotional scenes and i’ve cried a bunch, but as a whole, the series makes you feel so happy and warm. the protagonist gon is THE BEST. actually, i love every single character (except for ging, he can choke). none of the main characters simply embody an archetype, they are each fully-fleshed out, individually significant with their own storylines and you will love them all. tbh you will also love the minor characters too. like all the characters with more than 5 speaking lines are 3-dimensional and are so much more than plot devices. the villains too. each have their own motives and their own personalities, they’re not just obstacles like a lot of shounens make their villains out to be. the friendships on this show are the most touching, spectacular, and well-developed friendships i’ve ever seen on TV and tbh i think that’s the impression most people get when finishing… like gon and killua invented friendship and that’s the fucking tea.

also departure.mp3 is the best anime opening song 

Amoré - Part Three

Characters - Peter x Reader, Aunt May, OFC (Kait)

Word Count - 1094

Warnings - None

A/N - Okay, this is just a filler. I’m realizing that this series is going to be a slow burn. I have some big parts planned for the future but it’s going to take a bit to get there. Until then, I’m just setting the scene and letting the feelings between the two grow. PS: @bionic-buckyb is your bestie in this series!

Amoré Masterlist

“Y/N!” You heard your best friend’s voice ring through the hall as you opened your locker, “hey, how was the big date last week?”

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[IMPROVED] watch Prince of Tennis without being confused by the plot


The thing with tenipuri is that the manga and the anime/OVAs should be treated as 2 different entities. The two media are just too different, even if the manga was the original. Many scenes from the manga were totally removed/replaced in the anime and a ton of fillers and plot points were added instead. it is heartbreaking lol

There should not have been a problem with this. However, the Nationals arc (finale of prince of tennis) was made to be somewhat faithful to both the anime and the manga. This causes a bit of confusion to those who watched the anime only, esp new fans.

Actually you can always Watch/read prince of tennis in any way you want. The best way is to just read the manga from beginning to end. Or watch the anime from beginning to end. 

However it has come to my attention that a lot of new fans give up watching tenipuri because of the pesky fillers and the overall confusing plot brought upon by the anime, the movies and the OVAs. sad 2000′s animation too

So on a whim.. i made a guide which can probably help new viewers who prefer watching the anime understand the story more.


1. read prince of tennis manga ch 000 “Legend of the Samurai”

2. watch from episode 1 to ep 28

3. read pot manga ch 50

  • so that you can see tezuka play for the first time  they just mentioned this match in the anime

4. watch ep 29 to ep 72

  • note: tezuka goes to germany eps 73-75
  • in manga he goes to kyushu, not germany

5. Optional: Watch josei shonan arc (anime only)  ep 76-85

6. Watch PoT 1st movie Tale of Two Samurai

7. Watch ep 86 to 90 (fun filler arc)

8 Optional: Read PoT ch. 162-165 for manga-only seigaku vs saitama-midoriyama jr high

9. Watch eps 90-101 (rokkaku arc)

10. Read PoT manga starting from ch 184-237 (rikkaidai arc)

  • chapter 184  ties nicely with ep 101
  • we want you to see the correct and proper version of the rikkaidai arc

11. Optional: Watch the anime version or the rikkaidai arc (ep 102-128)

  • compare it with the manga
  • seigaku training camp in the mountain
  • practice matches vs hyotei

12. Optional: Watch fillers

  • recreation arc 129-135 
  • Junior Invitational Training Camp Arc 136-146
  • USA vs Japan 147-160
  • special episode: Day of Survival Mountain

13. Watch the OVA called Atobe’s gift

14. In preparation for Nationals arc, choose between these two:

  • Choice 1: Continue reading the manga from chapter 238-253
    • we recommend this
    • ch 238-239 is Nationals OVA 7
    • ch 240 is Nationals OVA 5
    • ch 242 is where Nationals OVA 8 was based from (not really similar)
    • ch 245-247 is scattered among the OVAs
    • ch 253 is  Nationals OVA 1

  • Choice 2: Watch the anime from ep 161-176 and Nationals OVA 

    • 161-176 is ryoma drama and the last series o seigaku ranking matches
    • Nationals OVA 1 kinda reconciles the differences between the anime and manga 

15. watch all the Nationals OVA 2 - 26

16. Watch all Prince of Tennis Another Story OVAs I & II

17. Watch PoT movie 2: Battle of the English Castle

18. Recently announced prince of tennis movie will be somewhere here :D

19: Watch all of the pairpuris, the fandiscs, message in a bottle picture drama and other special episodes

**chibi tenipuri episodes are 87, 88, 115, 132, 165**


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The facts: Mingyu - oblivious harem protagonist, Scoups - his best friend who can't get any and is just there to be his bro, Wonwoo - endgame tsundere, Minghao - cold tsundere #2 but with that big wood stick idk what they're called probably jumps out of tree, Jeonghan - big titty snake who always has the closed eyes smile, Joshua - the one girl who just comes and goes but ships the protagonist and his best friend gets nosebleeds scenes cuts off to overdramatic gay stills, The rest - filler harem


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Idk if you are taking prompts or have any plans for something like this but I just had to put it out there: you're like the only person I'd trust writing the essential gap filler from last week's turn. The possessive-kinda angry-but-also-loving sex after George finds out about Arnold's letter to ben. HIS FACE!!during that scene!! Ayyyy like he just wanted to remind ben who he worked for right there??? Anyway your canon benwash is the best so hope you consider this.

im saving this for after my test

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In this whole filler track, I felt this week's episodes belonged to Lee's superb comic timing and acting. Plus, that Omru conversation about the baby, and them acting so domestic had me in splits :) It seriously made me wonder that why is Nakul considered a better actor than KuLee?? Shivaay is another recycled angry ML (much like ASR, if you've seen IPKKND), and I've also felt in past that Nakul hams in some scenes. So, why the craziness about Nakul/Shivaay, esp. by Gulneet/Star Plus?

Lee is the BEST when it comes to comedy. He just lifts the scene to new heights with his comic timings. And he just works so well around Kunal and Nakuul. Because while Shivaay and Omkara have to be restrained, Rudra is so out there that he can come across as OTT but Lee just makes it work like a wonder! It’s such a SHAME that he has to share all of that with Mansi now who is the scene killer.

@tellywoodtrash had some brilliant things to say about the acting of the show and why it’s easier to paint Nakuul as the best of the cast (see this, this, and this) These answers are so spot on that it’s hard to add anything to them. Honestly, I don’t think Nakuul is anything great as an actor. I haven’t followed IB from the start but whatever I have seen of the show when I was following it, I was the least impressed by Nakuul. I agree about the hamming. It isn’t easy to take him seriously in some scenes, specially the emotionally heavy ones. I remember when that episode of IB had aired Omkara was found floating in the pool (the one where TejLana’s video was released by the media) and Shivaay was on this emotional, angry rampage in front of the family…I was basically O.o at the things he was doing. That was some extra hamming. But he has improved. Most recently I can think of is the post-lapse scene when Shivaay support Gauri and tells her he won’t let anything happen to Omkara…that was good.

As to why KuLee aren’t considered better actors toh it’s because they don’t get the opportunities Nakuul has gotten. The writing and the technical team just doesn’t let OmRu shine the way Shivaay does. In any scene, Shivaay is always at the center even if the things don’t particularly concern him. And I mean the heavy, dramatic scenes. Idk about Lee as I have skipped all scenes of his individual Anda track but Kunal isn’t a very loud actor. His acting style is quite subtle and that isn’t easily appreciated by general audience. He doesn’t announce when he is acting, you have to pay attention to know that he is. That has been the case since his first show. Of course he was VERY green back and has improved SO MUCH since then but the basic style hasn’t changed. Like LOL. I read comments that Kunal is an expressionless actor even and it was so ridiculous that it made me actually laugh. So, there’s my take on why Nakuul gets all the accolades..

I will never understand why LeeTen has such a small fandom. I mean just lookit em. I know some of you consider this a sibling sort of relationship, but honestly I just can’t see that. I’ve never had this sort of sibling relationship to my siblings, nor do i know if I would have wanted it that way. Best friend relationship, yeah, most likely, because if we’re gonna be honest with ourselves non of the Team Gai members really had any confirmed romance going on, except you know Lee’s crush on Sakura.

I just think Lee and Tenten, possibly as best friends has a really good starting point. I know many don’t want to date thei best friend or whatever, but I’m more like date someone you can consider your best friend. It’s about personal taste of course, but yeah, I’m into that ish. Through out the whole series (including fillers, because what shipper doesn’t like filler ship scenes) there’s a ton of Leeten ship worthy scenes, that people just seem to ignore (with that i mean the fandom is so tiny compared to other ships, that I even feel has less scenes etc, not saying shipping should be based on that but yeah) I’m just sad there’s not more people seeing that these two actually is a legit ship, with great posibbilities. 

I mean let’s be real. Lee is the type who’d be there for pretty much anyone, but we know for sure he’d be there for his teammates more than anyone else. He has also been a HUGE inspiration to Tenten, and has helped her on her way to becoming the kunochi she is today. She might hit him sometimes and scold him for his youthful behaviour, but she’s always been there for him as well. Always making sure he doesn’t overdo shit or do something stupid. She’s pretty much the only girl who truly can deal with him all the time. (even if she does get a bit frustrated with him, but you know in close relationships it’s normal to have fights, etc)

I mean c’mon, they’re so sweet, I just can’t understand the lack of Leeten shippers. 

You cannot deny that this ship is totally legit. 

Art is just cleaned up / re-drawn scenes from the anime!

reasons why rey is luke’s daughter: a compiled list (according to me)

some of these will be obvious, but I’ve tried to include more subversive reasons, too

  • she lives on a sand planet - regardless of the fact that it’s not Tatooine, we’ve seen our last two Skywalker protags growing up in a desert wasteland and it’s pretty easy to understand that if Luke was to hide (I will not use the word ‘abandon’) his daughter anywhere in the universe he would choose a planet similar to the one he grew up on for many reasons, mainly (I would assume) so he could have some comfort in knowing what she’ll experience growing up without him 
  • her outfit is strikingly similar to the ones Anakin and Luke were wearing when we were introduced to them, and even though it’s completely common for the environment she’s in, there are still details that could easily have been excluded if it wasn’t meant to allude to the previous outfits 
  • she cares about droids and fights for their freedom despite the cost, in the same way that we’ve seen Anakin and Luke do before 
  • her landspeeder is the same color and fairly reminiscent of Luke’s in design, which might be me stretching here, but as a production designer I know that even the smallest of details isn’t overlooked in something like this and I’m sure it could’ve come in many different colors if they wanted but then again maybe it’s just rusty 
  • Rey’s Theme literally coincides with the Binary Sunset (Luke’s) Theme in melody, which can be heard being purposefully meshed in The Jedi Steps and Finale [x] - music is extremely important in storytelling, especially in a series like this, and it’s obvious John Williams is hinting towards something very important when he made her theme fit perfectly in Luke’s 

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I don't think it's possible for the anime to make Cross seem worse than he actually is. He's so terrible lol

except they did??? the filler ep i was referrering too (my master, cross marian)–on their way to visit Mother (who is important to this too) was not canon at all–allen only mentions gambling when necessary and nothing else in the manga.

definitely wont say cross is a great guy for making allen do it, but again it was stated to only be when they needed money and only to be gambling–not the shit we see in that filler episode–like slave labour and nearly dying and shit basically. poor kid. 

LIKE one example is in Hallow episode one vs. the manga

When Cross gives Allen a hug, he is legitimately upset–he shows remorse. he talks about how he cant laugh at tiedoll for becoming attached to apprentices anymore, and for openly showing affection—instead of skipping straight to the murdering someone u care about line.

(i also remember someone mentioning they change cross’s surprise to guards grabbing allen to him mocking him, when originally he was just like “that was fast” but i cant find the scene) 

Plus, in a scene Hallow likely won’t animate (but maybe they will), Cross is shown caring for Allen after the whole thing with Mana because Allen literally stopped moving or responding. Like. Completely catatonic. 

He wasn’t happy about it, at first, but he did his best to feed and care for allen, even after allen pissed the bed and everything.

Mother (who actually, interesting enough, first appeared in a filler episode) mentions that Cross has clearly grown to care for him, and hes actually UPSET when he sees Allen began to talk like Mana instead of how he did as a child.

 and it deals A LOT with Cross and how he feels towards allen–and how he hides it by pretending he doesn’t give a fuck about the kid. heres someone else talking about cross and allen: 

hell, cross and allen’s first meeting being cross saving allen’s life a few years prior to them working together as exorcists (before mana even adopted him) ((in the novels btw))

hes got far more sympathetic moments, especially when he isnt shown being as cruel as he is in that filler episode–hes not the best, but never is shown to be that cruel

LIKE Yes. He is a HUGE DICK. there is no denying though (tho hoshino has said he likes to tease allen because he thinks allen is cute, like in a son way)

the only other real scenes we see of cross prior to this and his appearance in the ark are him telling allen not to kill the plant (but as we learn it was t give krory his innocence) and knocking him out (the only time we see him be physical with allen sans that one slap–which was probably because he didnt want anyone to know where he was going; dick move, but not one out of malice)

 EDIT: and THEN there’s his most recent appearances in ch 222 I think it was… Again he is upset that Allen has to Go through so much and gives him a hint on where Allen can go to learn more about Neah

And theres no denying that he’s a dick, but he has his moments when we see he can be kind–or at least someone with a lot of grief. you dont have to like him or think hes a good guy but its a fact the anime really tries to make him out to be worse than he is portrayed in the manga.

Advice: Increasing Word Count

Anonymous asked: I’m having trouble making my story long enough. I have a conflict, character motivations, etc.; everything a story needs, but I feel like either my pacing is too fast or I don’t have enough events in my story. I’m afraid if my story is too short it will be unfulfilling for readers.

If there are scenes and events you can add that will help move the story forward, you can go ahead and add them. Just don’t add filler scenes. Come up with a scene that would be fun, but would also accomplish something important.

One of the best ways to bulk up your word count is by including vivid description. Here are some description links to help:

How to Make Simple Writing More Vivid
Describing Physical Appearance
Horror by Daylight
Describing Actions
Describing Clothing and Appearance

You can also slow the pace of your story by writing longer sentences, longer scenes, and incorporating exposition and introspection. Dialogue can slow the pace down, but it can also speed it up depending on what the dialogue is used for. Dialogue that focuses on character development, establishing back story, or illustrating setting can slow things down.

Ian and Mickey’s story this season is not about them fucking.

Their whole original story was about them fucking. Just fucking. Now they are a real couple with way more to worry about than fucking.

Ian has what seems to be a pretty significant case of bipolar disorder, and you guys are worried about whether or not they get a sex scene this season? Really

I understand Shameless doesn’t exactly do the best job in terms of queer representation, but honestly it seems that most of you are just fetishizing this couple for your own voyeuristic enjoyment.

Honestly guys, be happy that we’re getting real character development for these boys - who, at first glance, were just a couple of fuck buddies, but are now unconditionally loving - rather than just mindless filler sex scenes.

PS, I completely understand that characters like Sammi and Frank take away from the more interesting characters 99% of the time, but it’s not our decision to choose what scenes or stories are in the show.

PPS, STOP harassing Sheila Callaghan on twitter. She writes for the show - and let’s face it, she writes some of the best shit - but she does not decide what gets cut. Please, grow up.

PPPS….. Please let the season finish before you go on tirades about episodes that haven’t even aired yet.

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Hi! I've begun writing only a little bit ago and I've started to notice a recurring issue with my stories. whenever I write and read back over them, the plot just seems so fast paced. I look from one page to the next and the setting and action are completely different from the two. One minute the story takes place at the house and then all of a sudden we're at a park. However, I don't know how I should stretch the story and I'm horrible at sprinkling detail and information throughout. Thank you!

Well, first let me caution you on stretching for the sake of stretching. It’s okay if a scene is fast paced from time to time, as sometimes that’s what works best for that particular scene. 

Having said that, transitions from one setting to another can seem fast at times. When a character is driving/walking/riding somewhere, I use the journey as a time to reflect. Occasionally, I’ll describe the scenery but I keep it short lived, because too much can seem like filler. Take a few paragraphs to have your character reflect on something that happened recently, remember something from their past, consider their future. Have them think about their relationships. Just be careful that these aren’t completely random topics. Make sure any reflection is relevant, or at least triggered, in the scene. 

Another thing you can do is describe their surroundings without describing static things (the sky, the grass, the buildings, ect.). Describe the people. People do things, potentially interesting things. And it doesn’t matter if these random people aren’t characters in your novel. They can do something interesting that reminds the narrator of something else, or at the very least evokes some kind of feeling. 

This should help you in your setting transitions, if you wish to show them (sometimes a scene break is sufficient for setting changes). 

Another thing you can do, if a character is only going to be at a setting for a minute, then don’t attempt to write the setting. Summarize it in a sentence or two. Example: The character is going to the store and must stop at the bank first. If the stop at the bank only takes a minute and nothing significant happens, don’t attempt to make it into a full scene. Just mention that they stopped at the bank and get to the real scene: the grocery store. (or consider cutting the bank stop entirely if it’s not needed).

And lastly, if you are horrible at something, then do it! Do it as much as you can. If you feel uncomfortable with description, then practice writing about your surroundings as often as you can so you can get better. 

Hope that helped!


Ok, so I haven´t seen some deep analysis of the first scene of this episode, so I’ll sacrifice myself and try my best to do one (oh no! I’ll have to spend some time thinking about you and not studying… what a tragedy)

So, ep 11 left us with this mysterious sentence that almost broke the entire fandom, making some believe that yuuri was thinking about breaking up with victor. And this is exactly how ep 12 starts. I loved that they went straight to what we were after (which in itself isn’t straight at all)… they didn’t put some filler minutes just to make us wait and spend enough time stressing about what yuuri wanted to say. No, they cut the bullshit and went right into the juicy parts, which was a clever idea, because if that hadn’t happen, we would probably spend the part of the episode before this scene agonising over all the possible outcomes, instead of enjoying the episode itself.

As some had already predicted, Yuuri did not plan to end whatever he had with victor, he just wanted to end their coach/trainee relationship, because he believed that he was taking victor away from what he enjoyed doing and what the world wanted to see him doing. Despite the evolution their relationship went through, yuuri was not aware of the full extent of it. Yuuri does not know about victor’s past and so he cannot begin to comprehend how skating felt like a trap to victor, how it put a collar around his neck. He thinks that victor gave up skating, put his entire life on hold just to coach him. He truly believed that he was harming victor, when in fact victor saw yuuri as a way out of the depression he was in, a way out of the cage he had locked himself into. To victor yuuri was his light and salvation. Yuuri probably thought that he forced himself on victor and that he was not worth the effort.

There are many types of tears and these, my friends, are a sign of missunderstanding. You can cleary see in victor’s eyes that the Russian just realised how yuuri does not comprehend at all their relationship. They are both in love with each other, but they’re in love for completely different reasons and thought that the other loved him for some reason other than the true one. Sorry if I made this kind of confuse.

The point his that yuuri does not understand the reason victor loves him. He thought that it was just for his skating that victor fell in love with. And that’s also true, but it’s not the only reason. The main reason is that yuuri gave meaning to victor’s life, but the Japanese skater doesn’t seem to understand that. And it pains and frustrates the Russian that yuuri does not comprehend that his love runs way deeper than that. It pains him, becuase yuuri doesn’t know that he is everything to victor. It pains him, because his burning feeling that set his heart on fire were mistaken for something as shallow as mere admiration or a simple love.

And in here, yuuri realises that perhaps something in his way of thinking might be wrong. Perhaps he was not stealing victor, perhaps victor anted to be stolen

And to deny that meant to return victor to his previous life. In a way, it’s a selfish decision because yuuri was only looking through his point of view. He stated in many other episodes that he wanted to be known as the one that stole victor’s heart that that victor was only his, but perhaps didn’t realise that “stealing” was not the right verb because victor wanted to be there.

I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot, but the point is precisely that: the lack of communication led to some misunderstandings. They should have talked about their feelings and how they felt about their current situation way back.

(yuuri does not understand victor frustration because he did not realise the depth of his feelings)

he only thought this was a temporary thing. He only thought this would last until the end of the skating season, because when that ends, victor would have no reason to stay as he wouldn’t be skating anymore. He didn’t get that he was loved for being himself and that although it started for a love for his skating, victor’s love was so much more that that

victor’s love of skating was reignited because of yuri, so him retiring was the equivalent of putting out that fire. It made no sense to victor to make a comeback if yuuri were not to be at his side

He looks so angry, so frustrated

And I’m glad they did it, because it was all a miscommunication problem and in the end it all worked out well. They remain engaged and seem happy, not to mention yuuri moved to russia (possibly to victor’s apartment) to train with the Russian gang. Can’t wait for next season

I think we can the their duet as a metaphor for them to clear out all of the problems, communicate their feeling and fall in love all over again.

about lorenzo..

so I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while but i’m just now getting around to it. i think we all need to remember a few things when it comes to his character. i’m not telling you how to feel about him, because your opinion on a character is just that- your own opinion, and you have every right to that opinion :-) all i’m doing is giving you a few things to mull over and consider.

first of all, let’s address his age, because that is a big reason behind many of the feelings for him. 

  • We have never explicitly seen how old he is on the show itself- we only know how old he looks. Yes, he does look older than Allison, but to be fair, his true age might show on his face. Troian is 30 but she plays an 18 year old (currently). So it wouldn’t be the first time they cast someone older to play someone younger. Bianca Lawson (that’s Maya) just turned 36 this year, meaning she played Maya at 18 while she was actually at least 30.
  • The only source we have for his age is the PLL Wiki, which, despite being very accurate and well run, is run by fans, not a writer themselves. So we actually don’t have a source straight from the PLL team confirming his age. Even with the PLL wiki, his age is listed as “20s”. This could mean 20, this could mean 25, this could mean 21. 
  • We don’t even know how old the actor who plays him is. Seriously, I looked everywhere, and Travis Winfrey’s DOB is listed nowhere online, not even on a sketchy site lol. 

Alison is 18 now. Let’s give Lorenzo the benefit of the doubt and say he is 19 or 20. That’s not much of an age difference. Even if he is as old as 22, it’s not too much of an age difference. Sure, it’s not ideal, but to each their own. In real life, Sasha is very happily dating someone who is 26 while she is 19. Many fans say that Lorenzo “looks 30″ but it’s important to remember that this is just how old he looks, not how old he is. (I personally don’t even think he looks 30, lol.) Even in Rosewood, being a 30 year old man with an 18 year old is wrong. (Example: Hanna calling out Holbrook in season 5 for it, Ella breaking it off with Zach because of what a creep he was, etc, etc.) So I highly doubt he’s meant to be any age over 22, if even that. He most likely is supposed to be around Toby’s age or a year older.

Now let’s address the second problem with Lorenzo: how he relates to Emison.

  • All of the scenes we have with him and Ali are just flirty filler scenes. “Love interest” means just that- someone you could be interested in romantically. They’re not getting married or anything. Lorenzo is just a guy who has taken interest in Alison. It’s PLL- they don’t like to give us too many answers, they like to also show little flirting scenes. Last season it was Aria and Andrew. This is just filler for the episodes… they need some way to fill it up because they can’t give us too much just yet, at least not this early in the season. They’re not endgame by any means.
  • We don’t know Alison’s sexuality. We really don’t. We know what we’ve seen and we can make theories about what she is, but we don’t actually know. Someone said it best on another post- sexuality is fluid. You can date men, you can date women, but in the end you fall in love with the person and not the parts. I don’t even think Alison herself truly knows her own sexuality, and that’s okay. She’s dealing with a lot. She’s dated men, but she’s also had something with Emily. No reason to put a label on her any which way, straight or gay. She can explore her sexuality, which is very normal as you come into adulthood and address your true feelings. Personally, I would love to see her as bisexual, but I am not one of the writers. 
  • Alison and Emily are not ready to jump into a relationship. I ship the hell out of Emison, do not get me wrong, but they are nowhere near ready to get into any kind of healthy relationship. Alison will need to truly address her feelings for Emily before this can happen, and Emily needs to come to a place where she can fully trust Ali. Emily will also have to decide if Ali is who she wants to be with, because sometimes your first love isn’t who you’re meant to end up with. (I know, I know. Really sad. Remember, I want them together too!) They need time and learning experiences. And on top of all of that, they both just got out of a jail cell/out of a freaking life sized dollhouse. They’re obviously dealing with some shit right now lol. So for now, they’re not ready. It may even be that a few dates with Lorenzo shows Ali that what she really wants, deep down, is Emily. If we want Emison to happen, it needs to happen the right way. Granted, I’d love more scenes between the two of them to make it happen, but for now, we have to be patient and realistic.

Finally, let’s address Lorenzo himself.

  • He is the only person of color currently on the show. For that alone, I love his character, because I would love to see more diversity on PLL. And with that being said, (I haven’t seen this on tumblr, thankfully, but apparently it exists) if the real reason you aren’t comfortable with Lorenzo is because of his color, then I urge you to sit down and rethink your feelings here. I’ll leave it to that, keep it civilized lol, because I haven’t actually seen any racism towards him on tumblr alone.

Everyone is so quick to hate Lorenzo for his age when we don’t actually know how old he is. I am one of the people who is so against the inappropriate relationships in PLL- I am sure y'all have seen my thoughts on Ezria, lol. But before you do, maybe take a second to consider all of this and realize he’s probably not supposed to be another adult preying on a teenage girl. I really believe he’s Toby’s age. And remember… he won’t be endgame. ;-)