best female characters written on tv

by KurvosVicky

I’m rewatching seasons 1-4 now of Game of Thrones. And… I think a LOT about things that bugs me with it. It’s still a great show - it’s really well-written and sophisticated, and probably has the best intro any TV show ever had, since it’s the only intro I never ever skip over.

But then there are questions. Like… why are there no overweight female characters in the show? Oh, I’m sorry, we got Walda Bolton… who’s a member of a family filled with sadistic psychotic torture-loving monsters, and she herself doesn’t seem to be the brightest one.

I’m questioning this especially since there are more overweight male characters in the show tha

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spliffzs asked:

hey bae for ur ships wyr bake cupcakes with halsey or dye mikeys hair x

Dye mikeys hair 

Shut ur butt frances

- Ship: MC | CH | LH | AI

- Best friend: MC | CH | LH | AI

- The one you hook up with at a party: MC | CH | LH | AI

- Older brother type: MC | CH | LH | AI

- Another random ship: Mitch Hewer (i saw you watch skins) 

- A cute blurb with your ship (You need to tell me what you want it to be about or else I won’t do one):

“Michael, she better not open that door! Why is she opening the door? You idiot! There is a killer behind there!” I yell at the tv frustrated with the poorly written female character. 

“Babe, hush.” Michael says putting his hand on top of my face, laughing as he does so.

“Stop, I don’t want acne from your hands blah.” I say shoving his hand off my face but laughing afterwards. I lean towards him and give him a quick peck on the cheek. “I love you.”

“Alex, I adore you more than anything in this world. Love, love.” He say cuddling closer to me placing his hand on my thigh and sighing with content.

- A song that I enjoy listening to: I can talk by two door cinema club