best father and son relationship ever

some realistic and in-character father/son conflicts boruto could have

- naruto is an overbearing parent who wants to be involved with Everything they do and doesn’t know how to give his kids space

- naruto is over-protective of his loved ones to the extreme

- naruto has no idea what ‘normal’ father-son relationships are like thanks to his childhood, as a result he can make a lot of mistakes due to wanting his children to like him more than doing what’s best for them

- naruto is the entire village’s dad and boruto wishes he could have more one-on-one time rather than ‘nart is babysitting Everyone’ time

- naruto is the Most Embarrassing of all dads

- boruto is terrified by the prospect of ever living up to his father’s legacy

- boruto expects that his dad/the ninja world would hate him for not becoming a ninja and following in naruto’s footsteps

- boruto expects that his ninja skills will be handed to him on a silver platter due to his parentage

- boruto doesn’t take in naruto’s many lessons on hard work because his skills were handed to him on a silver platter

- literally anything but what we got

It’s her, but it’s not her ! 1/2 - Bruce Wayne/Batfam x Reader

Summary : Bruce and the batkids are thrown into an alternate reality where their wife/mother, “the Batmom”…isn’t theirs, but Superman’s. Needless to say, they can’t wait to get home. 

I can’t help but feel like I could’ve write something better around that idea…might re-write everything at some point, because meh. Hope you’ll still like it :/.

PART 2 !

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


His worst nightmare was unfolding in front of him. 

Or, at least, one of his worst nightmare. 

She was kissing him. And from the look of it, it wasn’t just a chaste little kiss, or a small peck on the lips…No, it was a full on make-out session right there. 

After yet another Justice League problem, Batman and his kids accidentally travelled to another dimension, exchanging their place with the Dark knight and his sidekicks from this World. They were currently in the JLA’s headquarters. Bruce was expecting things to be different, but he never thought about his wife being…Superman’s. 

Or at least, it was his girlfriend, given the fact that he was eating her face since they arrived. They didn’t even notice them entering, accompanied with Diana, Dinah, Arthur and Oliver. Usually, Bruce was the one kissing you passionately and making everyone uncomfortable (he wasn’t much for PDA, but you didn’t give a flying fuck about it, and he could never resist you…). 

Diana cleared her throat…and you and Clark didn’t move at all, still kissing each others. The amazon turned to Bruce and his sons, and, with an apologetic look, said : 

-I’m sorry. They were both on missions for the past month, they hum…missed each other I guess…

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My Decision (1)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader(not yet), Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: None

Words count: 959

Sumarry: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?


           “Attention everyone!” Dot’s standing up and gaining everybody’s attention, today is one of those days that Dot set up some fancy luxury dinner for Bucky’s and her family to meet up and talk about what she called “future” for her and Bucky, “I want to thank you all for coming here, I want to announce that…” she glances at Bucky and a smile appeared across her face, “me and Bucky are… engage!” she shows them the big diamond on her ring finger. Their relationship are the #relationshipgoals thing, that what people mostly called. Bucky loves Dot so much, he willingly gave her everything she wants, the fancy living, the big apartment, even bucky is saving some money to build her dream mansion once they get married. They’re parents couldn’t be more happier because Bucky’s dad and Dot’s dad are business partner and by the marriage of their child, their business would be unstoppable.

           Bucky is one of the hottest lawyer ever lived, he won almost every cases he had, he even win against Pierce Company that is known one of the best Company in America. Dot, she is actually a model and she is so bitchy about her career, she always thinks she is the best one, also she is really an arrogant person but Bucky always sees her as the most perfect girl he ever knew, they’re living together now at Bucky’s apartment and Bucky hoped that this time, he will settle down and Dot’s the right one.

           “So when do we expect the marriage?” Dot’s dad asks eagerly, “Yeah, when can we discuss about that? I’m so happy that you guys made this far, as far as I known Bucky my boy isn’t good at relationship but with you, he kinda did great” George Barnes (Bucky’s father) speaks as he winks at his son, “Don’t push him, George” Bucky’s mom chuckled, “We haven’t discuss it yet, but soon! Right babe?” Dot’s squeeze Bucky’s hand, “Yeah, we’ll discuss this soon” , “I think tonight is the best time to discuss about the marriage, I mean Dot’s family is here, and Bucky’s family here to so why not?” Dot’s mom suggests, “OMG Mom that would be awesome!” Dot clapped her hand and giving Bucky her puppy dog eyes, “Let’s discuss it now, then” Bucky smiles and pecks Dot’s lips which made Rebecca rolls her eyes, “Something wrong becca?” Dot’s ask with annoying tone, “Nothing is wrong Dolores” Rebecca answers curtly, besides everyone in the house, Rebecca hates the idea of Dot marrying her brother, she hates her bitchy personality, she hates the way Dot’s talking about money and her dream fancy life, she knows that this girl only brings trouble to her brother’s life but sadly, no one sees that. Everyone is busy talking about the wedding, listening to Dot rambling about her dream wedding, her dream dress, only listening to Dot’s voice makes Rebecca wants to throw up.

           Finally the dinner ends and everyone is waving goodbye, tonight Bucky is staying at his house and not coming back to his apartment. That night Bucky can’t sleep thinking about this marriage thing, he wants to built a family with Dot he didn’t expect to marrying Dot this fast, three months from they’re going to have their wedding. Bucky walks around the house and found Rebecca’s light is still on, so knocks the door and coming in, “Hey becca, you’re not sleeping yet?” , “Nope, I’m still working on my paper… sometimes the teacher didn’t really care that we’re actually have another life besides school” Bucky chuckles at his sister, “So… I’m not hearing any of your ideas when we’re discussing about the wedding, something’s wrong pumpkin?” Bucky asks, “Nope, just not interest” , “Why is that?” Becca just shrugged her shoulder, “what do you think about having Dot as your sister-in-law?” Bucky is now laying besides her lil sister, “Never thinking about it actually” , “Do you like her, Becca?” , “You want me to be honest, or not, James?” , “Ofcourse I want you to be honest” , “I’m sorry, I never like her, ever” , “Why is that?” Bucky asks curiously, “If I tell my point of view about Dot now, it won’t change a thing between you and her, I just hope that you’ll not so blind to see the real her, Buck. But if she makes you happy, I’m happy for you” Becca kisses her brother’s cheek, “Being the protective sister as you are, huh?” Becca just chuckles, “Anyway, are you free tomorrow or do you have any cases to win?” Becca asks, “Nope, I’m good tomorrow” , “No date with Dot?” , “Nope, I wanna spend time with you” , “Can you do me a favor?” , “what is it, pumpkin?” , “yesterday, me and dad bought this painting from the art exhibit for mom’s birthday tomorrow, you know how much she loves collect some paints, can you pick up the paintings tomorrow?” , “Why don’t the artist send it here?” , “She can’t because this week is her week of tests, she is a student in University of California, so she said I can take the painting at her store tomorrow. This is the address, her name is (Y/N) she isn’t famous, I know but believe me her paintings are breathtaking” , “alright, I’ll pick it up and after that I’ll pick you up after school and we can go get your favorite ice-cream” hearing the idea spending time with her busy brother and eat her favorite ice-cream makes Becca lunged and hugs her brother tightly, “I love you so much!!” , “Easy there pumpkin” Bucky chuckles, and once she let go Bucky kiss her forehead and waved goodnight to her little sister. Bucky keep glancing to the bussiness card and it’s written the name of the artist, her name is (Y/N), how come a not famous artist and not to mention she’s still taking art classes, catches Rebecca’s attention while Bucky knows her sister only adores famous artists with awesome paintings.

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Still one of the best Leader-Maknae relationships I have ever seen. Full of love, adoration, and respect for one another.
Yongguk basically raised Junhong for years and he loves the kid. In return, you’ll see the respect and adorartion Zelo has for BYG.

Just look at that smile in the last gif. Tell me if that isn’t the smile of a proud father figure to his son who grew up well.

So I was thinking about the Overwatch Reflections comic yesterday. Back a bit, people were wondering if the kid in the background of Hanzo’s picture was his kid as there was a strong family theme with the comic.

But what if the child isn’t Hanzo’s but Genji’s? We know Genji was a notorious playboy. What if there was an “oops” that came out of that? (I’m sure somebody has theorized this before, but consider the emotional possibilities this opens up. 

1. Did Hanzo leave the Shimada Clan when they were bringing Genji’s son in to be trained in the same ways his father cast off?

2. Hanzo trying to be a good father figure, but being swamped with guilt - especially the way they have to live because of his actions.

3. Hanzo being rocked to the core, seeing his brother alive again. What is he going to tell his nephew? Should he even tell his nephew? Does he trust this new, Zen Genji?

4. Hanzo has been raising this child for years now. He’s more father to him than uncle. Can he simply hand him over to Genji and distance himself? Is he selfish and dishonorable enough to hide the truth of his son’s parentage?

5. While a nomadic life style isn’t the best for child rearing, would joining this new Overwatch be any better? Would subjecting such a young child to the teaching of Genji’s master be good for him?

And what about Genji?

1. He has terrible self-esteem issues. Though he seeks peace, he fits in neither human nor omnic worlds. Will he pass these traits on to his son unknowingly?

2. Jealously rises within him whenever his son runs to Hanzo. His own child, stolen from him. But at the same time he wonders if it isn’t better. Though Hanzo’s guilt weighs on him like a shroud, he still knows what it is to be human. Can Genji say the same of himself?

3. If he asserts his rightful place as his son’s father, will that ultimately be best for any of them? To supplant the only stable influence in his son’s life, to push Hanzo out of the way, would it only serve to harm all of them?

4. Is he ready for fatherhood? Though he is no longer consumed by rage, he is still a pupil and not a master. Does he trust his own peace enough to take over the rearing of a child?

5. How can he ever hope to build a relationship with his son even if he tries? He has no experience with young children beyond that of his own childhood.

And then relationships (if you want to get shippy with it.)

1. Genji has always been able to be free. Will his love be able to accept the new demands this unknown child will place on his attention? They didn’t get together with the expectation of being a sort of step-parent.

2. Hanzo no longer takes any step without pondering the ramifications of it. His brother’s murder has ingrained cautiousness into him. These members of Overwatch are vigilantes by the very nature of their work. Can he trust them to be positive influences on the child he views as his son?

(Even if he is a tall, handsome cowboy who is determined to sweep him off his feet.)


carl grimes week: day 3, favourite relationship » rick grimes
↳ no more kid stuff. i wish you could have the childhood i had, but that’s not going to happen. people are gonna die. i’m gonna die. mom. there’s no way you can ever be ready for it. i try to be, but i can’t. the best we can do now is avoid it as long we can. keep one step ahead. i wish i had something better to say, something more profound. my father was good like that. but i’m tired, son.

Kentin Arc Speculations

I know we’re all hung up on what’s going on with Armin right now, but others are talking and joking about Kentin’s arc and possibly killing him off, and I kinda wanna run with that idea for a moment.
This speculation is in large part for @partijunkie and any Kentin fans.

But I gotta start off first with saying that, no, I’m not killing off Kentin in my speculations. I’m gonna touch on topics that are more personal to myself, and that’s being a Military Brat.

I know one of the go-to’s for Kentin and his family’s military background is that his dad is probably a huge asshole and nearing the same levels as Nathaniel’s dad in how he treats his kid, but I’d like to stomp this theory out real quick before getting into his arc speculations.

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The Last Hours: character portraits

After the The Last Hours announcement yesterday (the day before? Sometime..) I thought you might like to see/get to know a few of the prominent characters. Cassandra Jean drew these for me months ago, back when I was still solidifying some of the plot outlines and character details. You can also find most of these names on the family tree and identify their connections. Let’s start with …

Cordelia Carstairs. Bit of a scapegrace and ever since she was ten she’s had a sort of a crush on 

James Herondale, who is parabatai with

the always-delightful Matthew Fairchild, and has a very odd relationship with Tatiana’s Blackthorn’s ward

Grace Blackthorn, whose brother Jesse Blackthorn may or may not be dead

a mystery that occupies the busy brain of writer

Lucie Herondale, whose father would really prefer she marry

Alastair Carstairs, Cordelia’s older brother. Shown with Cortana — looks like Elias did as Tessa suggested and passed it down to his own children after all.Alastair is best friends with

Charles Fairchild, who you may remember as Potentially Buford from Clockwork Princess. Charles would like to be the next Consul, alas, and Henry finds he rather gets along better with Cecily and Gabriel’s son

who is the younger brother of the ever so sophisticated

Anna Lightwood.

This isn’t all the characters, but it’s a visual tour of quite a few of the significant ones (barring those, like Tessa, Jem, Will and the other adults, who you already know!) I find having visuals of characters often helps while I’m writing so these live above my desk!

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ok, so I just thought of the best thing ever. Going along with my Chris Kent theory, the son of Zod lands on Earth and isn't a bad guy like his father is (as in the comics). Perhaps the remaining evil cult wants himt o be evil but he won't be. And the relationship of Sanvers is moving super fast. So what if, just what if Alex and Maggie decide to take care of the newest alien on Earth who needs structure and stuff? Yes, Sanver moms. And yes, I want someone to attempt to kidnap their child,

PLs continue anon you’re doing amazing sweetie

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It kills me (in the best way!) that Luke thinks of Jess like a son. In that scene where Lorelai asks him if he ever wanted to throw a ball with his son and he says he has Jess. It got me right in the feels :'D

Oh Anon,

How do I even begin to describe my feels for the father/son relationship of Luke Danes and Jess Mariano. Like it is one of the best developed, most pure relationships on Gilmore Girls, if not all tv ever. 

Like this grumpy sarcastic teddy bear of a loner takes in his seventeen-year old nephew because damned if the kid is going to slip off the map if HE can do anything about it. And their relationship goes from this constant angry antagonistic monosyllabic fight where Luke is slapping Jess upside the head and pushing him into lakes to “we’ll hold hands and skip after” and “we should have ate before we came” to Luke putting his friendship with Lorelai on the line to defend HIS KID after the car accident to this beautiful wonderful grown-up connection. And Jess helps Luke with his ties and his pocket squares and rescues him from himself +flour and forces him to talk about his relationship troubles. And in “any relationship, it’s important to make sure the other person knows you appreciate them” and “I was listening.” And Luke goes to hipster bookshops and lets Jess steal his hat and “I’m proud of you” and “I’m here Jess, I’m always here.” And SO MANY HUGS.

Basically these two dorky emotionally stunted assholes and their relationship literally give me life and Luke and Jess loving each other and being happy is my favorite Gilmore Girls emotion rivalled only by Luke being Rory’s actual dad, and please come talk to me about this beautiful emotion anytime and all the time.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite relationships [9/10] » Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark

“Let him grow taller, she asked the gods. Let him know sixteen, and twenty, and fifty. Let him grow as tall as his father, and hold his own son in his arms. Please, please, please.”

Review of Harry Potter and the cursed child (play)

Hello!. So on Sunday 1st January i finally got to see Harry Potter and the cursed child in the Palace Theatre in London. And here is what i think:

It was absolutly incredible!!! One of the best shows i have seen so far (and i saw a lot of shows on west end). It was beautifully artistic and it nearly made me cry several times which means a lot.

The Plot

I know a lot of people don’t like the plot, but it worked so great on stage. I loved the plot, it was exciting until the end. It is not perfect of course (there is nothing that’s perfect not even the original books) but the plot was very good, i loved the time travelling and it served it’s main purpose: character development. Other than the books or fantastic beast cursed child is not about adventure or about the world and the plot so much, but it’s about interesting characters and character development, mainly about the development of Harrys and Albus’ father son relationship. So the main focus is not on the plot, but on the characters. So i will move on to the characters.



The characters/actors

I saw the whole main cast (which made me really happy) so here we go:


Harry James Potter

I saw Jamie Parker as Harry Potter and i can’t say enough how amazing he is. His performance was one of the best performances i ever got to see on a stage and this man is so talented it’s not normal any more. His portrayal of Harry’s pain about his relationship to Albus and about his haunting memories of the past was beautiful. His screams in Harry‘s nightmare scenes were bonechilling and we see how much Harry as a young adult with all this preasure on him is still haunted by his past. At the beginning of the play Jamie plays Harry very sorrowless and happy, we see what a loving father he is and Jamie Parker has great charisma on stage. With the developement of the plot however, Harry gets more and more stressed, there is a lot of preasure on him and Jamie‘s portrayal gets darker and he shows us the troubled but beautifully complex and very emotional human being. We see how much he loves his son and is trying to be a good father, but he has no idea how to show Albus his love. Harry as an interesting character is beautifully written and Jamie Parker brought Harry from the books to life on stage. I think he is perfectly casted and one of the most talented actors on the west end.



Albus Severus Potter

I saw Sam Clemmett as Albus Potter and he was amazing. His portrayal of Albus shows how angry Albus was and we understand why he is so angry. Everyone expects him to be like what they think Harry was: a perfect human being (which Harry of course wasn’t ). It must be very very hard to see that all your siblings go to Griffindor and are popular and you are sorted into Slytherin. He makes Harry‘s fame responsible for his suffering (and bullying in school) and that’s why he behaves the way to Harry as he does. He doesn’t want to see the famous Harry Potter he wants to see his father which is very hard for both of them. The most important scene in the whole play is the blanket scene in part one act one. The scene was tragically beautifully played by both Sam and Jamie and you could see that they both understood their characters perfectly.

Sam had great on stage chemistry with Jamie and Poppy (Ginny ) and with Anthony (Scorpius) of course. These two boys were brilliant together. Sam is an amazing and very young actor and we will definetly see more of him in te futute.




Ginny Potter

I saw Poppy Miller as Ginny and she was awesome (you will hear this a lot). In the movies i never really liked Ginny and i don’t think Bonny Wright did much for her character, it was so refreshing to see the strong and fierce Ginny we love so much from the books. Poppy portrays Ginny as a strong woman, a loving mother and as a very supportive wife (she has one moment when she doubts Harry, but this flaw and her apology just made her character more interesting and beautiful). She and Jamie had amazing chemistry and the kiss was so adorable. My favourite Ginny line, which is perfectly presented by Poppy, is when she answeres Draco with “my son is missing too!” Poppy literally screams this line and it’s such a strong moment (Draco‘s /Alex’ reaction is priceless).



Hermione Jean Granger

I saw Noma Dumenzweni as Hermione and you can tell me whatever you want but this woman was born to play Hermione Granger. She is one of those very rare actors/actresses who have such an authority when they enter the stage. Her Hermione was so strong and fierce as i remembered her from the books and she played such an amazing Minister of Magic (i really can’t imagine Emma Watson playing Hermione as Minister of Magic, it really wouldn’t fit for me as i always found Emma to be not strong and bossy enough to play Hermione). But Noma also has some beautiful soft scenes in the play e.g. in her kissing scene with Ron (they are a perfect couple) and this one scene after they changed back time and she sees Rose and then fully realized that her daughter didn’t excist in the other universe and they share a very heartbreaking hug. I don’t care about her skin colour or that some idiots think that she is too ugly to play Hermione, she was incredible and perfect in my eyes.



Ron(ald) Weasley

I saw Paul Thorne as Ron Weasley and it was such a delight watching him. Ron has a lot of funny moments in the play , which paul played masterly, he is trying to be the light in those dark moments, but at the same time he is still the good friend we saw in the books. He stands up for his wife and his friend and Paul made me love Ron even more. He had amazing chemistry with Noma and their kissing scene was so cute and heartwarming.



Rose Granger Weasley

I saw Cherrelle Skeete as Rose. When reading the script book first i didn’t like Rose that much, but Cherrele managed to let me see the Hermione part more in her and i actually really liked Rose in the play. She gives a very energetic performance and had some good moments with Scorpius. I think i saw not enough of her to properly judge her, but i think she is a very talented young actress.



Draco Malfoy

I saw Alex Price as Draco and he was amazing. In the first part he portrays Draco as we all know him from the books (at the beginning he is a little brat), but the more we get into the play we see the real Draco, he loves his son more than anything like Harry does (and yes they have a lot of father son issues too) and he gets more and more in touch with Harry, Ginny and Ron and Hermione as he has the same problem as Harry, his son is missing. To see Draco working with the golden trio makes a really great dynamic at the end of the play. I also love that through Alex incredible acting we see how lonely Draco always has felt and that he indeed is not a bad human being but a very interesting and developed character.



Scorpius Malfoy

I saw Anthony Boyle as Scorpius Malfoy and i tell you if Jamie Parker wouldn’t have been such an incredible actor this young man would have totally stolen the show. It’s very hard to describe Anthony’s acting and his high voice but this young actor is something special. I don’t think anyone came out of the theatre not totally in love with Scorpius Malfoy. Anthony has perfect comedic timing and he was so talented in the more silent scenes (i swear i saw a tear in his eyes). Whoever will play the part on Broadway has some big shoes to fill and in my opinion has to go with a totally different interpretation of Scorpius because you can’t imitate Anthony Boyle.

Before this blog gets even longer i won’t go into detail about the other actors, but i have to especially mention Esther Smith as Delphi and Paul Bennett as Snape for doing an especially great job.



The special effects

Please don’t ask me how they do it! The special effects are incredible, they are like real magic and with some tricks i still have no clue how they do it . I was sitting there with my jaw open and it was just magical. I can’t even say what i loved best it was all so amazing. But please never let the Dementors near me again. They were so creepy and frightening, amazingly made, but so creepy, not to even mention their terrifying screams. I never felt that horrified in my life before, i guess that’s the biggest compliment i can make the person, whoever designed them.




The costumes

All of the costumes were beautiful and fitted the characters very well. I loved how flowy the cloakes were, what looked really good in the dance numbers. I especially liked the costumes for the alternate Voldemort timeline, they were all black and so beautifully elegant especially Scorpius‘, Draco’s and Snape’s costumes.




Things i didn’t like

There wasn’t much that i didn’t like and it’s really just nitpicking, but every great thing always has some flaws that’s normal.

First of all i had some problems with some specific actors, mainly with the actor who played Bane. He was so over the top that it was nearly hilarious to me. Maybe he had a bad day or just is not my cup of tea.

As much as i loved Paul Bennett as Snape his voice was way too special to play Voldemort as well, it was a little bit outputting as it was very clear that it was the same actor. Normally theatre can hide it very well when an actor plays multiple roles, but that really doesn’t work with Paul Bennett. I really loved his Snape (which means a lot form e as a hardcore Snape fan), but because he was so special and fitted so well to Snape, it was to me as Snape tried to pretend he is Voldemort, which felt really weird to me. And i really didn’t like that they went with no nose ,new body Voldemort as up to my knowlegde he only looks like this since book four. I guess they made it so the audience can recognize him better.

The last things i wasn’t too fond of (but didn’t hate either) were the Trolley Witch (it was very cleverly made and funny just a little bit too much for me personally) and Delphi. I loved Esthers portrayal of her especially at the beginning and i don’t have anything against the idea of Voldemort having a child and overall i liked Delphi, but they could have developed her character a little bit more at the end, that’s all.  As i said nitpicking.

All in all it was one of the best days of my life and the show is amazing and i love it with all my heart. If you have a chance to see it: DO IT!!! It is one of the most beautiful Harry Potter related things i have seen and please don’t judge it too soon by just reading the script. The script is very empty without seeing this wonderful show bringing it to life

I know this blog is very long, but i hope you enjoyed <3

Draco Malfoy x Reader

My Only Son

(That’s All I’ve Ever Wanted - Part 2)

Read That’s All I’ve Ever Wanted here

Request: “That’s All I’ve Ever Wanted” is the best thing I’ve ever read! That was so good! Can you write another part? Like when she meets Lucius. But he’s horrible and she has to stop Draco’s outburst. Then she sees him in private before they leave but he doesn’t want to talk to her so she only speaks. She tells him about Draco. Then she leaves. Couple days later Draco comes to their bedroom with letter and reads her that his father accepts this relationship. Draco’s so happy. Only if you want to:)

A/N: Oh my god, I’m so sorry about how long this is. I got carried away. However, I quite liked the ending to this, but I hope you guys enjoy the sequel to That’s All I’ve Ever Wanted.


Your name: submit What is this?

You stood outside of Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England. You and Draco strode though the iron gates, passing through it like you were nothing more than smoke. The yew hedges that curved alongside the driveway had albino peacocks roving along the top of it.

Your eyes followed this one particularly handsome peacock in awe and Draco glanced down at you, smiling at the child-like look of awe you held. A handsome manor house stood at the end of the driveway, and lights gleamed in the diamond-paned downstairs windows. Somewhere in the elaborate garden that surrounded the house was a fountain, the gushing of water faint but hidden behind a hedge.

“Bloody hell.” You murmured to yourself under your breath. Draco smiled softly to himself and placed a hand on your back, ushering you through the large front door which swung inwards at your arrival.

“Y/N, Draco.” Narcissa stood at the entrance of the hallway, a bright smile on her ruby lips. 

You smiled, walking forwards into her open arms, “It’s good to see you again, Narcissa.”

“It’s good to see you both again too, dear.” She smiled as you stepped out of her hug, Draco promptly walking into her arms.

“Come, your father is waiting in the drawing room.” Narcissa said, turning and guiding you both through the dimly lit hallway. You glanced around at the pale faced portraits that hung on the walls, their intimidating gaze following you as you walked.

You slipped your hand into Draco’s, who squeezed it for reassurance. You glanced up at him and he pressed a small kiss to your temple. You smiled softly, and glanced back at Narcissa who already stood at the end of the hallway, her hand resting on a bronze door handle. She looked over her shoulder and gave you a small encouraging smile before opening the door.

The drawing room was widely proportioned, a large ornate table sitting at one side of the room, whilst a collection of arm chairs and sofas faced the ornate marble mantelpiece, illuminating the room as a fire roasted brightly. The mantelpiece was surmounted by a gilded mirror, which reflected the purple walls of the room which were decorated by numerous portraits. A giant chandelier hung from the middle of the room, reflecting several rays of lights. Underneath it stood Lucius Malfoy.

“Hello, father.” Draco spoke, walking towards Lucius a hand outstretched. You winced internally at the cold, disinterested look he gave Draco as he slipped his pale hand into his son’s shaking it gently before returning it to his cane. “I’d like you to meet my fiancée, Y/N.” 

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr Malfoy.” You spoke softly, not wanting to anger the cold looking man. You walked forward, raising your hand in offer for a handshake. Lucius looked at you with disgust, eyeing your hand. You raised your eyebrow at Draco, silently asking him if his father was serious. Draco raised his eyebrows quickly before letting them drop. His way of telling you, that indeed his father was seriously not going to shake your hand. You dropped your hand after a moment, clutching the purse in your hand, feeling incredibly awkward as you felt the tension rise in the room.

“Please, Y/N, Draco, take a seat.” Narcissa interrupted the stare down Lucius and Draco were having. Narcissa grabbed your arm gently and ushered you towards the small love seat, sitting you and Draco together. 

Out of nervousness, you wringed your hands, tangling your fingers together and twisting your hands. Draco placed a gentle hand on yours, once more stopping you as he squeezed your hands.

“So..” Lucius drawled, sitting down in the armchair nearest to the fireplace. He leaned back in his seat, running a hand through his pale hair as the other rested on the dragon handle of his cane. “You’re Y/N. The girl who my son chose over us.”

You winced, ducking your head in shame. You had never thought of it like that. Draco chose you over his family. That had never been your intention, in any way. 

“Yes, because she is the one I love.” Draco spoke up, wrapping his arm around your waist. Instinctively, you leant into him and you fought the urge to curl up next to him. Damn, this sofa was comfy. 

“Hmph.” Lucius huffed, turning his head towards the fire.

You glanced towards Narcissa, who frowned apologetically at you. You gave her a small smile, and glanced back at Lucius.

“I just wanted to say that obviously, both you and Mrs Malfoy are invited to our wedding. Draco and I, we would love it if you come.” You said, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear. 

“Why would we come to your wedding?” He sneered, looking down at you in contempt.

“Lucius, Draco is our only son.” Narcissa came to your defence.

“He decided to leave you, Narcissa. Leave us. He chose this filthy mud-blood-”

“Alright, father, that’s enough!” Draco interrupted, his voice laced with barely contained anger. “Y/N is my fiancée and I love her! She chose me for who I am, not who she wanted me to be! That’s all you’ve ever done! Try to mould me into this perfect son!”

“Draco..” You muttered softly, placing a hand on his knee to prevent him from standing up. Draco stopped in his speech, looking at you, with your wide innocent eyes, warning him to stop before he did something he would regret.

“See what she has done!” Lucius rose from his seat in anger, “Our own son defies us!”

Draco stood suddenly from his seat, your hand falling from his knees. “You tried to force me to kill someone! What type of father does that?!”

You bit your lip nervously, glancing at Naricissa. Draco had told you about what his family’s affiliations with Voldemort had done. Including the mission that Voldemort sent him on.

“Do not put the blame on me!” Lucius hissed, “I had to do what the Dark Lord wanted, else he would have killed all of us!”

“Why would you follow him in the first place! Muggle or half-borns are no different to us! Granger was one of the smartest Muggle-borns I ever met!”

“They do not have the same status as us!” Lucius’ eyes flickered towards you. This did not go unnoticed by Draco, who opened his mouth to further argue with his father. 

You stood suddenly from your seat, “Please, Draco. It’s alright.” You slipped your hand into his, rubbing your thumb over the back of his hand gently in an effort to calm him down. “Honestly, it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.” You muttered. You weren’t lying, being a Slytherin, but muggle-born, you were often subjected to cruel words by your peers. You were often called ‘mud-blood’ or being tripped, or subjected to hexes. For the first few years, you put up with it, hoping that they would stop. But after some time, it began to affect your grades and so you began to subtly get your own back. It didn’t happen all of a sudden, of course, but you began replying back with a few snide comments of your own, throwing their own words into their mouths and deflecting their hexes. It took another year, but eventually they stopped calling you weak, or powerless, or a mud-blood.

Draco’s shoulders relaxed somewhat. He glanced at you, the steely look in his blue eyes softening. “I love her, and we will get married, whatever happens.”

Lucius glared at his son, throwing you a disdainful look before stalking out of the room, his long black blazer swishing behind him. The door slammed shut and you jumped slightly at the sound. 

“I’m sorry.” Muttered Draco, his shoulders slumping as he sat down on the sofa. He raised his arms and rested his elbows on his knees, burying his face in his hands. “That was not how I wanted you to meet my father.”

You sighed lightly, taking a seat next to him. You placed your hand on his back gently, “It’s okay, Draco.” You shrugged, “I knew he wasn’t going to completely accept us all at once.”

“Still. I wish father liked you as much as mother does.”

“He will.” Narcissa piped up, “Give him time.”

“We have given him three years, mother. Three years.” Draco replied tiredly, rubbing his eyes.

You smiled sadly. This fact, unfortunately was true, and the dejected look on Draco’s face broke your heart. You placed a small kiss on the back of Draco’s hand which still covered his cheek. He lowered his hand, wrapping it around yours. 

“He’ll come through.” You reassured him.


You opened the door to the bathroom, stepping in without looking up. 

The wooden floor of the room suddenly registered in your mind and you glanced up, freezing when you realised it was in fact, a study.

Lucius Malfoy raised his head when the door opened, moving his attention from the book in front of him to the intruder.

“Uh.. I’m- I-I’m sorry, I thought this was the bathroom.” You stuttered, a blush filling your cheeks in embarrassment. Lucius said nothing, choosing to glare at you instead. You turned to step back out but paused as your foot hung over the door way.

“Why do you hate me?” You asked, whirling to face him. Lucius raised his eyebrow deftly, his face a stoic mask. “Nevermind.” You corrected, knowing that it was for the lack of Pure-blood you contained. 

“You know, we came here so I could meet you. I wanted to meet the father of the man I loved.” You started, a fire building in your stomach, “Draco, he never tells me how much he misses you, but now and then I find him looking at a picture of you and Narcissa. Draco misses you, both of you. He has been through so much, you have been through so much with him. How do you lose contact with a person like that? After everything you’ve been through together? I would have thought, that perhaps, after everything that has happened, your relationship with your son, your only son, would be better than this? Why would you lose contact with him because he fell in love with a muggle-born? Is family not stronger than that? I am not worth you losing contact with him! Draco is a great man, and I love him. I will never hurt him, I promise. I know that you love your son, you just don’t like me. But I swear to you, I will never do anything to hurt him, I love him just as much as you.” You finished, deflating at Lucius’ unchanged face. You sighed deeply, reaching into your purse to pull out an envelope.

“Look, if you still don’t want to come to our wedding, that’s fine.” You walked forward to his desk, placing the envelope down next to the ink bottle. “But if you change your mind, we would love to see you.” You spoke softly, turning around and walking out of the door, closing it behind you.

When you reached the hallway, Draco stood by the door, speaking softly to his mother. He glanced up at the sound of your footsteps and smiled at you as you reached him.

“You ready to go?” He asked, holding out his hand. You nodded, briefly hugging Narcissa before grasping Draco’s hand, disapparating out of the house with a swift whoosh.


It was three days after you had visited Malfoy Manor. You were sitting on your bed, twirling your wand in your hand as you looked over a catalogue of flowers for your bouquet at your wedding. You were thinking that white roses may be the perfect bunch of flowers to match your dress, well, the one you were thinking of buying. Perhaps you should wait until you purchase your dress.

You bit on your bottom lip, deep in thought. Would cream roses and pink mini carnations look better? Perhaps if they were paired with some nice light blue flowers? You rubbed a hand over your forehead, truth was, none of these words made any sense. What the hell was blue hydrangea? Or alstroemeria? You would have to ask Cho, or perhaps just hire a manager.

The door swung open and you glanced up, grateful for the distraction. Draco walked in, a smile on his face as his eyes sped over the letter that he gripped in his hands.

“Hey.” You muttered, closing the magazine and glancing at him curiously. “Who is that from?”

“Father.” Draco said, his dancing eyes flicking to yours. 

Your mouth gaped in disbelief. Oh dear Merlin, did he tell Draco what you had said? Worst case scenarios swam through your thoughts, each getting more horrendous than the previous.

“What did he say?” You asked, trying to keep the dread from your voice. Draco looked at you, noticing your tone. He smiled slightly, his lips quirking in humour.

“You spoke to him, didn’t you?” He asked, humour laced in his voice.

“Why do you always assume its me?” You argued. Draco raised his eyebrows in disbelief. You scoffed before caving, “Okay, fine. Maybe I spoke to him.”

“Thank you.”

“Look, before you have a go- wait, what?”

“Thank you.” Draco repeated, walking to the bed and sitting on it.

“Uhh.. you’re welcome?” You asked. 

Draco chuckled, shaking his head as he leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. You smiled lightly as he encaptured your lips in his.

“What was that for?” You asked, pulling away.

“Father said he is coming.” 

A small smile grew on your face, your lips stretching into a grin. Draco’s face lit up, his lips mirroring your grin.

“He’s coming?” You asked, letting out a disbelieving laugh.

“He’s coming.” Draco confirmed, laughing as he pulled you into a passionate kiss. You laughed delightedly against his lips, your hands moving to his neck as you moved your lips against his.

“Wait,” You pulled away, “What did he say?” 

Draco smiled, handing you the letter. You took it from it cautiously, as if you were afraid it would all be a joke, and the letter would disintegrate from your hands.


I know that you and I haven’t seen eye to eye over Y/N. She is a muggle-born, and you know that I wished to keep the clean bloodline.

However, during your recent visit, I couldn’t help but notice how you looked happier. Despite any and all reasoning I tried to conjure up, ever reasoning came back to Y/N. She made you happy, more than your mother and I ever did. That much, I cannot deny.

After your visit, I realised how much I missed you. You are my only son. I should be supporting you in everything you do, I almost lost you once to Voldemort. You are my family, my son, but I failed to treat you as one.

I apologise for everything you had to go through due to the choices I made. I’m glad you got out of this life, glad that you feel the same love towards Y/N, as I feel towards your mother.

Narcissa showed me all the letters she kept from you, only after reading them all had I recognised your love for one another. I know that she loves you, she proved that much to me.

I have your wedding invitation. I do not know whether I will be able to make it. There will be hordes of muggle-borns there, as well as muggles, no doubt. I do not know if that is something that I am quite willing to try yet.

But I accept your relationship, and I hope that you are happy.

I hope that you both never lose each other.

Your father,


You dropped the letter on the bed, a wide smile on your face. You laughed in relief, Draco throwing his head back as he joined you.

The sunlight dancing through the open window hit Draco, illuminating his pale hair and skin. His blue eyes twinkled in happiness, his mouth stretched into a grin as he glanced at you.

A small smile danced on your lips as you gazed at the man you were to marry. It was worth it. Standing up to his father. If this is how happy he would have been, you would have done it sooner.

Yeah, everything was going to be alright.

reasons why platonic nux and max are adorable:

  • head pets!! small affectionate touches
  • maybe even little kisses (nux is def a kissy person who doesnt attach intimacy with kisses and max mirrors others’ behavior)
  • nicknames
  • affectionate pseudo father/son relationship but also whos child is this he keeps following me around
  • nux is a puppy he attaches himself to who ever gives him praise and max gives him that
  • both learn from each other and grow more fond to each other as the movie goes by
  • grunty max and excitable nux is the best thing ever
  • height difference!!
  • they were chained together for a good part of the movie i mean come on they make a good team
Digimon 30 Day Challenge #20

20: A moment that made you sad.

The scene in Episode 39 of Adventure when the Ishida/Takaishi family is reunited. Everyone’s reactions are just incredibly realistic and make the situation heartbreaking:

  • Poor innocent Takeru being so happy while everyone else is sad
  • Yamato and Natsuko being incredibly awkward around each other
  • Hiroaki admitting that he and his ex-wife did “selfish” things
  • Natsuko crying due to worry and guilt.

I constantly see people complaining that Yamato’s reaction to his parents’ divorce is exaggerated. He’s a “jerk” or an “emo” for being so traumatised/bitter/depressed because of it, and this whole “divorce” storyline just serves to inject unnecessary melodrama into the story. 

However, I think the true impact of Hiroaki and Natsuko’s divorce can only be understood if you keep in mind how divorce works in Japan. Once you do, it becomes clear that Hiroaki and Natsuko are actually loving parents and not completely “selfish” people for separating the boys. It also explains why Yamato (and Takeru) were so deeply affected by the divorce.

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