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reaction to the boys finding out ur pregnant!! love your writings

Aww thank you so much!! And thanks for this request too haha. I’m gonna assume that the boys and you were trying to get pregnant, because I feel like writing some fluffy shiz right now… I hope you like it :)

BTS Reaction to their s/o telling them they’re pregnant

Seokjin would start to tear up at the news and would immediately go to you, pulling you in for a tight hug. His hand would unconsciously go to your stomach and he’d simply hold you, crying and laughing at the same time.

“I’m gonna be a parent. Again.”

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Yoongi would stare at you for a second, completely shocked, but then he’d break down, reaching for your hand and gripping it tightly as the tears flow. It would be one of those rare moments where he would cry as if he couldn’t even control it, but he’d just be so damn happy that he wouldn’t even care.

“Finally, a child I can teach to become a swag master.”

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Hoseok wouldn’t believe you at first. He’d be in absolute disbelief as if it was impossible that he had actually impregnated you with a tiny being. But when he finally took it in he would freak out, and the two of you could jump around in excitement together, happy tears streaming down both of your faces.


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Rap Monster:
Namjoon might have to lean against the wall or something to stop himself from falling over from the shock of it. He’d be over the moon about it, of course, but it would bring a lot of worries to the surface for him since he would want to be the best father ever for this child he would call his own.

“This is really happening? Oh god.”

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Having a baby that is his own son or daughter would be a dream come true for Chim, so when you would finally break the news to him he would be absolutely amazed. He wouldn’t be at all ashamed of all the tears he would shed - he’d simply try to enjoy this incredible moment with you.

“A person smaller than I am? Finally.”

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Taehyung would light up as soon as you tell him, asking over and over if you were serious. He’d ask for confirmation all the time just to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Just to make sure he really was going to be a dad. He’d be so excited for this and would probably ask you heaps of questions, like what you’ll think it’ll look like etc.

“There’s really gonna be a little “us” running around?” *amazed*

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When you first broke the news Kook would just be extremely shook, staring at you as if he couldn’t even understand the words you were saying. But soon enough a wide grin would break on his face and would practically run over to you, picking you up and spinning you around in his crazy excitement.

“There is an actual fetus inside of you!! Not me - an actual fetus.”

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Noble Love [Part 1/2] || Jin

Request - @taetaengerine asked:

                Hello can i request a  Jinx Reader, Genre: fluff/romance/ angst,(w/smut is okay), Scenario: A Royal AU where Jin is in love with You another princess of a smaller country but then Jin finds out he’s bethroded to another princess. He is forced to break up with you w/o explaining anything and marries her out of duty. You find out about it + you and Jin love has actually became fruitful.

Pairing - Prince! Kim Seokjin x Princess! Reader

Genre - Smut, Angst, Fluff

Summary - Being from two different Kingdoms, you and Jin see no harm in loving each other. But one night is ruined as he leaves you, with no explanation at all, making you feel as broken as ever. Later, you find out something as to why he may have left you - not from him, but from your best friend.

Word Count - 3,607

South Korea was a country which lived in harmony with it’s smaller cities and provinces. The Kings and rulers of all provinces would gather in the heart of country, every year on the night of the summer solstice for a grand dinner, as a way of keeping the Treaty of Peace alive and promising. That’s how you had met him, the Prince of a province quite close to yours, Kim SeokJin.

You had heard of the Kim’s Dynasty, and it was by far the most prosperous and most humble family of rulers to exist till date. Your family was just as well to do as theirs; in fact, your father, the ruler of a province and his father, the ruler of another, were close friends.

It didn’t take long before you had begun sneaking out of the palace walls just to meet up with him in the forests that stood between both your kingdoms - nothing stopped the both of you from reaching each other.

‘I love you, Y/N, never forget that.’ Jin mumbled into your hair as you sat in between his legs, on the green grass below both of you, as you stared up at the starry sky, his lips pressing a lingering kiss on the crown of your head.

You let out a satisfied sigh, ‘I love you too, Jin. Always.’ You turned your head to look at him, his eyes clouding as he leaned into your lips, moving passionately against your glossed ones as he brought a hand to cup your cheek. He pulled away and you saw the stars reflecting in his eyes, giving his face an ethereal glow as he stared at you.

You turned your body sideways, so your right shoulder was leaning on his chest, as you brought your left hand to his lips, your fingers out lining the plump flesh, that you were kissing just seconds ago.

Jin couldn’t be more happier: you were just the girl he had always dreamed of; he couldn’t believe his eyes when he laid them on you the night of the Summer Solstice as you were laughing with your friends. Your smile dazzling brighter than the stars and your skin as smooth as honey. His hands itched to feel you, and that’s when your eyes had met his.

He had you in his arms within days since the meeting, and he was finding himself smitten with you and your personality, and he couldn’t help but fall deeper in love with you.

The day he finally could kiss you, was a day he would remember until his death. His mind would always cloud, his stomach churning in a rather pleasant way, as his fingertips tingled with electricity every time he would reminisce over your first kiss.

He remembered making love to you the first time; your long and wavy dark hair sprawled on his pillows like a waterfall, as your body glowed with sweat and your eyes dilated as you let him know how much you really wanted him. He kissed down your body, his lips moving quick but delicately against your sensitive skin as he printed his love on your skin, his hands roaming every inch and curve of you as he mumbled his desires, telling you exactly what he wanted to do to you.

That night, he had destroyed you, beautifully.

You found it hard to walk the next day, him having to wrap his strong arm around your fragile waist as he helped you into the shower, his soft hands massaging your breasts and waist as he washed your body for you. Your voice never ceased to let him know how much he was affecting you, your moans reverberating around the bathroom walls as he touched you in all the right places, his lips never leaving yours.

'Would you like to come to my room, Y/N?’ The mischevious glint in his eyes were left unnoticed by your parents and his, as you sat among the royal families, Jin already standing up in his place. You noticed the irregular fold in his robes below his waist, a giggle threatening to erupt from your throat as your father beckoned you, his hand on your back, 'Y/N, don’t be shy. Go with Seok Jin.’ Oh, only if he knew that you were everything towards Jin but shy.

His hands had you trapped between himself and the door the moment he had closed it, his lips already on yours as the giggle finally left your mouth, your lips sloppily moving against his. Your hands fiddled with the tie of silk cloth at the side of his chest, as you unbuttoned the robe, moving the offending material away from his body, his chest gleaming at you in all its glory. You ghosted your hands down his chest to his torso before palming his member through the pant material he wore, a groan leaving his lips as he sunk his head in between your head and your shoulder.

That moment was torturous for him as he bit on his lip to stop the moan that was beginning to surface, not wanting to alert anybody beyond the door.

'Jinnie~’ You whispered in your most seductive voice, as your hand slipped into his pants, while your other massaged his chest, his glazed eyes staring at you, lust-filled with a glitter of love.

'Let it out, darling. Let me hear you,’ Your mouth trailed butterfly kisses on his jawline, going to a spot under his ear, as you took a bit of his skin in between in his teeth before running the tip of your tongue over it and blowing on the spot, while at the same time your hand pumped his excited member, your finger brushing the head, as your thumb pressed teasingly on the tip.

His mouth opened to produce a guttural groan, which soaked you plenty. You bit your lip as your hand began moving faster, his hands already having pushed the offending material down as his head dipped again, but this time to watch the motions of your hands as you pleasured him.

'My god, Y/N. Fuck~’ He cursed - a rare trait of his - making your giggle echo around the room as you nibbled on his ear lobe, his plump lips pressing at the nape of your neck.

The time flew, with you already spread out - exhausted and out of breath - on his enormous bed, while he smirked down at you with demoniac grin on his face at your worn out body. You managed to lift up the corners of your lips, them forming into a shy smile as he ran his hands greedily over your body before getting off you and sitting on the edge of his bed.

You got up with the comforter wrapped around your naked body, your legs slightly shaking as a result of the intense love making session you had, your hands wrapping around his waist as you leaned your weight on his broad back, 'Next week is our anniversary, Jin.’ You mumbled, and you felt him nod his head, 'I know, my love. What do you want to do in honor of our first year together?’ You heard him ask.

'Come lie down with me,’ You said, as you moved back, away from the edge. His head turned to look at you before he followed you, resting his back against the headboard, making you lean on his chest, his arm around your waist while yours rested on his stomach as you rested your cheek against his shoulder.

'We should go to the forest again. It’s been long since we last went there.’ You suggested, referring to the forest where you and Jin usually met. His hand grazed yours that was on his stomach, running his fingers up and down your arm, giving rise to goosebumps on your skin.

'Yes, we can go there. Are you sure you don’t want to do anything else, darling?’ You watched the sun set out of the huge window of his room, 'No, Jinnie. As long as I’m spending time with you, it will be worth it.’ You felt his lips press a kiss on your head, 'I love you, Y/N.’

The week passed with you strongly anticipating the special day - even without anything particularly planned, you still looked forward to meeting him in one of your most favorite places. There was also another bubble of excitement growing inside you: you had heard your and his father talking about getting their children married. Although you hadn’t heard the whole conversation, you were sure they were talking about both you and Jin.

You had feared coming clean in front of your father, but you knew he wouldn’t mind if you told him that you were already seeing him, way before they had made a decision. Either way, you would wait until your parents came to you themselves regarding this decision. Until then, you would treasure every other moment spent with the only man you would ever love.

Getting on your horse, you told the minister’s son - a best friend of yours - where you were going, a worried expression on her face as he watched you getting ready to leave, 'But, Y/N…you can not leave the premises like this. What if His Highness finds out-’

'It’s okay, Jiminie~ He won’t find out. And don’t tell my sister, okay?’ You looked at Jimin with a knowing look. You loved your older sister, but she knew how to get on your nerves just at the worst time possible. And this situation was something she would unmistakably use against you, either to get things done for her or to tell on you to your parents.

You gave Jimin one last smile before kicking your leg on the stirrup of the saddle, your hands tight on the leash as the horse began running towards the royal gates, your other hand coming to your face to let the hood of the cloak that you were wearing remain secure.

As you cleared the guards at the gate, you let your hood fall, enjoying the breeze that hit your face as you directed the horse into the direction of the forest, the anticipation and restlessness growing bigger.

You stopped at the edge of the forest, getting off the saddle and tying up the horse to a nearby tree, petting it’s forehead before walking towards the sound of gushing water. The river was where you and Jin would always meet, settlling  down on either one of the rocks or the green meadow, as you would stare down the length of the shimmering river and watch the sun set.

You got out of the thickness of the forest and onto the open green prairie, walking towards the river and sitting down on a rock where you and Jin had made a mark the same day, last year.

You smiled at the memory, before looking around, to see if Jin had come. Sighing, you decided to wait, knowing he always was late from time to time, while vanquishing the feeling of the cool air that blew.

After what felt like an hour, you stood up, your leg muscles cramping from sitting in one position for too long. You wondered why Jin was taking too long - he never was very late. You figured, being the next of kin, he probably had ended up being burdened with more chores than usual. You walked along the river bank, not knowing what else to do while you waited for Jin’s arrival.

The sun set, the moon rising higher into the sky while the stars accompanied it, it giving the area around you a beautiful but eerie glow. Your eyebrows knitted together in disappointment, Jin not having made it. You couldn’t help but let a tear slip; you had been looking forward to this day and the moments you could be spending with Jin, it not becoming reality in the end.

You were turning around to leave when you heard rustling of bushes nearby. You stopped in your tracks to see who it was, your body completely frozen, your eyes trained on the edge of the forest. You saw a figure walking out from the forest, making you squint your eyes in the darkness. That’s when his coat shimmered, letting you know it was the person whom you had been waiting for all this while. Your first instinct was to run, your legs carrying you fast across the meadow and into his chest, your arms wrapping tight around Jin’s waist.

'Jin! Where were you? I waited for so long-’ You pulled away when you noticed he hadn’t returned the embrace. Your eyes scanned of what you could make out of his face in the dim moonlight, 'Is everything okay?’

He looked at you, with what looked like longing, before he spoke: 'Let’s go sit down.’ He held your hand, taking you to a spot beside the rock where you were sitting before. Your heart was still thudding against your rib cage, your eyes trained on his broad shoulders. He sat down on the grass, pulling you down along with him. You were beside him, both of you sitting on your knees pressed against the soft grass covered ground, his gaze on the river that was flowing by silently. You looked up at him, and you felt the air around you change: there was not a single hint of happiness on his face, his lips drooped as though he had been doing nothing but frowning the whole day. Your hand instinctively went to rest on his shoulder, making him turn his head towards you.

That’s when you noticed his eyes glistening with tears, your breath hitching at the sight.

'Jin! What’s the matter?’ Your hand went from his shoulder to cup his cheek, his lips twitching at the action. He shook his head a little, before closing his eyes for a moment, his face leaning more into your touch, giving you the feeling that he was really sad. You didn’t know what exactly to do, so you waited for him to open his eyes, patiently.

A tear slipped his eye before he opened them, his lips pursing before he took your hand away from his face and placing it gently on your lap. You turned your body towards his, utterly confused by his actions. Then, his palm cupped your cheek before leaning in and placing his soft, salty lips on yours, surprising you. Your eyes widened for a brief second before closing and responding to his lips that were already moving against yours. You leaned in further, your head tilting to the side to deepen the kiss, when you felt yet another tear fall onto the tip of your nose. When you were about to pull away to ask him again what was bothering him, you felt his grip on the small of back getting tighter as he pulled your body towards his, pressing it flush against his.

Eventually he pulled away for breath, you seizing the opportunity and repeating your question. You eyed him sharply, a sigh leaving his lips as he noticed you almost glaring at him. The kiss felt like not what was usually lust-filled or passionately hungry ones; this specifically - which you found frightful- felt like as though it was his last time kissing you, like he was saying goodbye. You shook your head, trying to ignore such puerile thoughts, deeming it impossible for such a thing to happen. You knew he loved you, and that should have been enough to drive away the forlorn thoughts, but it didn’t.

'I’m- Please forgive me, Y/N..’ He began, and what he said pushed all other worries of yours aside, except for one. You could only think of one explanation as to why he was apologizing to you. But you let him speak; you wanted him to tell you exactly what he had come to say.

'We can’t be together anymore.’ He finished. You felt yourself slip away as you heard his voice echo inside your head, a fear - that you had never imagined coming true - actually becoming reality right in front of you.

'Wh-what are you saying, Jinnie?’ You let out a strangled chuckle, as though he was joking, and this was just a joke. Your hand went again to his face, but he moved away, jerking his head back, making your hand fall on the ground. Rejecting your affection was the last thing you had expected him to do. You pulled your hand back, your gaze awkwardly shifting away as he too looked away. Thoughts and memories clouded your mind altogether, and it gave you a feeling of betrayal.

You should have known better - the whole week he hadn’t contacted you: there were no letters, or messages by his trusted Messenger - Namjoon. You should’ve noticed the subtlety of his actions, of how he was already planning to tell you this. Such feral thoughts filled your mind, things you had never dared to think of. It got you sobbing, your hands holding your face as you cried into them.

Jin knew what the depth of the situation at hand was, yet, he quietly stood up, as he tried to hold back his own tears, ‘Forgive me, Y/N.’

Days had passed since that woeful night, yet you always went to sleep in tears, in the hope of waking up to a better morning, but as always, it was the same. You remembered Jin all the time, and you remembered that specific night all too well.

You woke up, your eyes swollen and burning from crying too much the previous night.

You sat up on the bed, too lazy to move. Resting your head against the headboard, you closed your eyes to reduce the strain, when your thoughts had already begun to drift back to Jin. Your eyes snapped open, as you shook your head vigorously, like it could get rid of the clouds of memories.

Deciding it would be better if you actually interacted with others and had other things to do to keep your mind off him, you were about to move again when you felt squeamish, your throat getting dry too quickly. You coughed, before you felt saliva rushing into your mouth, giving you the sensation that you were about to throw up. You got off the bed and rushed into the bathroom just in time. Thinking it was from not having a meal for almost three days and having one the day before, you decided it was just your stomach getting used to it.

At Breakfast, it was a completely different environment: Everybody was in a chirpy and cheerful mood, your Father for once not getting annoyed at how your younger brother, Taehyung was chewing with his mouth open or when your sister was already talking to you with interest. You quirked an eyebrow, looking at her before you looked at everybody else at the table.

‘I’m going to meet Jungkook!’ Taehyung yelled excitedly all of a sudden, before jumping off his chair and leaving the room, your parents too deep in a conversation to hear him.

Deciding you wanted some peace and time for yourself, you excused yourself and went out into the Royal Gardens - hoping to meet Jimin.

‘Good morning, Y/N.’ You heard his voice, just as you had craned your neck over a tall bush to look on the other side. You turned around, almost bumping yourself into him, making both of you chuckle.

‘Good morning, Jimin.’

‘How was your night? Are you fine, now?’ He asked you cautiously, worry evident in his eyes, making your smile falter slightly.

‘It was the usual, Jimin, I’ll be better eventually.’ You replied, to which he nodded understandingly. Both of you had already begun walking around the place, when you decided to ask him, ‘Everybody seemed happy today…is there something special?’

Jimin stopped midway, stalling himself, and you noticed only when you had gone a few steps ahead, making your turn around, ‘Jimin?’

His partially wide eyes stared at the ground, with what you deciphered as fear, before he looked up at you, giving you a precious eye smile, ‘Oh? No, Y/N…I don’t know of any occasion.’ He shook his head.

You nodded your head, your eyes shifting away from his, before carrying on your path.

The sun set just as quick as it had risen, you resting your head on your palm, supported by your elbow which was propped up on the arm rest of your throne which stood beside your Mother’s. A yawn escaped your lips, as you watched Taehyung play with Jungkook around the pillars in the Royal Hall. You were waiting for your Father to yell at your brother, like he always did when he would misbehave. But he didn’t, making you turn a curious head towards him.

Your parents were too good in a mood, your Father asking the Minister to get a few things from the Local Market.

‘Why,’ You raised your voice, so you could get his attention, ‘are you in such a good mood today?’ You asked him, his head turning to you with a smile.

‘Y/N, my daughter, have you not heard the great news?’ He asked, making you look around the assembly with unsure eyes before looking back at him, ‘…no?’

‘Our neighboring Kingdom’s Son, Kim Seok Jin is finally getting married!’ He rejoiced, and the assembly of ministers joined in too. Your eyes widened, and you could feel your heart drop - the feeling from that night repeating itself all over again. Is that why Jin had cut off all ties with you in the first place?

Your eyes searched for Jimin, and you found his head bowed towards you from a far corner of the room. You were already storming your way towards him, slightly thankful that nobody had noticed you. His head shot up, his eyes widening as he saw you walking towards him with an unpleasant face.

You caught his hand, roughly pulling him with you to a secluded hallway. You looked to both your sides and once you made sure the coast was clear, you pushed him to the wall, ‘How long, Jimin?’ You spat, your voice thin as you expressed your annoyance.

‘Y/N, I..-’

‘How long did you know about this?’  You repeated your question.

He looked away, too fearful to look you in the eyes as he opened his mouth, every syllable that left it, echoing in your head, ‘A week before he left you.’

[Part 2 somewhere next week ~_~]

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Christian bale will always be my favorite batman. No matter who becomes the next “newest” batman, he will always be the best batman out there.
Enjoy these headcannons, I enjoyed writing them lol.

Batman headcannons:

-Okay can I say that this is probably the best relationship ever??????

-10/10 treats you like a queen.

-No kidding, this man never lets you lift a finger, he practically does everything for you, and if he can’t do it, Alfred will be more than happy to.

-Speaking of Alfred, he treats you like the daughter he’s never had, he loves you to death, and loves seeing how happy you’ve made Bruce.

-Really wants to keep you out of the media, because that gives a risk he’s not willing to take.

-If the media does get a picture of you and Bruce together, he’d be so torn apart inside because he knows you’re now liable to be in danger.

-He’s probably going to try to pay the man off to delete the picture. But if worst comes to worst, he’ll break the camera.

-Be prepared to become the one who has to sew him up every night. He seems like the one to take care of himself, but deep down he knows that he can’t do everything by himself.

-Relaxing nights with him are a dream come true. It’s almost fairytale like on a night out with him. Just be sure not to look at anything nice (like jewelry) because he’s 10/10 going to buy it for you.

-Speaking of which, if he could he’d buy you the world. He loves to see you happy, so if it makes you happy, or it’s something you really want, he’s willing to buy it for you.

-Loves calling you sweetheart, love, darling.

-Everyone probably thinks you’re just in it for the money, which really hurts because no one knows what the relationship is like behind closed doors.

-If Bruce catches a whiff of these rumors be prepared for him to ask if he needs to take care of it for you.

-You’d tell him no, but he’s probably gonna do it anyways.

-He better prepare for a nice long night on the couch.

-He hardly sleeps because he’s too worried watching over Gotham, youre going to have to force him into bed, even if it means he still doesn’t get sleep.

-He totally falls asleep the moment his head hits the pillow.

-Ever since the incident with his son, he’s been too scared to even think about having another child.

-If you become pregnant, he’s feeling so hurt inside, he feels as if he’s failed you and that the child won’t have a fruitful life, tumbling down the same road as his last son.

-You have to reassure him that he’s the best soon to be father out there, that you’d never let anything happen to the child, let alone him.

-This probably helps him, but he still needs time to himself to think of what in the hell he’s going to do.

-Low key been planning to marry you for a while now but doesn’t know how to handle it.

-Alfred being Alfred tells him to grow a pair and just ask you.

-He’s probably going to give you his mothers ring as the engagement ring, so take extreme care for it.

-You guys make the cutest couple ever.

Without a doubt

‘He was sick last week so don’t let him fool you when he says he can eat ice-cream’ Yoongi gives Hoseok a knowing look before turning to his son to send him a warning glare.

‘Sure. Okay, Kook let’s go’ Hoseok salutes Yoongi with a shit eating grin on his face before grabbing Jungkook in the middle and throwing him over the shoulder causing the kid to squeal happily and kick his legs against Hoseok’s chest. They leave the cafe and the moment Jungkook is placed on the ground he runs towards the swings on the small playground adjacent to the building. Jimin sighs heavily watching Hoseok run after the boy. The glass separating them isn’t enough to mute all the screaming he makes (Hoseok it is) so Jimin just gives Yoongi a silent apology.

'They’re 20 years apart but I can’t tell who’s more immature’ Yoongi shakes his head but smiles softly when Jungkook waves at him. 'You don’t wanna wait for Hoseok? We can just-’

'No’ Jimin refuses so quickly Yoongi raises an eyebrow. 'No, actually I wanna talk about Hoseok’ He glances nervously towards the playground where his beloved husband is having the time of his life with a 7-year-old Jungkook pushing him forward to swing him- a grown, 27-year-old man.

'Okay.’ Yoongi takes a sip of his coffee not hiding at all his concerns. 'You fought or something?’

'No, no don’t worry’ Jimin waves his dismissively 'I just…’ His words trail off when he watches Hoseok throw Jungkook high in the air but before he can shout in fear Jungkook’s already safe and sound in Hoseok’s arm laughing in excitement. None of them seem to give a single fuck about poor Jimin almost getting a heart attack.

'I know plastic spoons are for free here, but there’s no need to abuse them’ Yoongi breaks him out of his thoughts carefully pulling the broken plastic away. 'They have feelings too’

'He’s so irresponsible’ Jimin blurts out, just like that, ignoring Yoongi’s both raised eyebrows and slightly open mouth, staring at the scene behind the glass wall.

'So that’s what it is about’


'Jimin, seriously, why are you like this?’ Yoongi leans against the back of his seat crossing his arms over his chest. Jimin is looking away from him but the older is having none of this. 'You’ve been talking about it for years, you signed the papers a few weeks ago and you’re not going to be more ready than you are now. What’s wrong?’

'This is such a huge responsibility but he keeps acting like it’s a joke’ Jimin’s tone is sour, laced with guilt and disappointment.


I’m the one who thinks about the future, I’m the one who thinks about changing the car and doing a general makeover. I’m the one stressing over the fact that my life, our life is never going to be the same and we need to slow down and become more mature. I took care of the paperwork. It was all me.’

'But is it really because Hoseok himself doesn’t do it?’ Yoongi speaks after a few silent moments, letting Jimin catch a much-needed breath. 'Or because you don’t think he’d manage’

'Cause he never takes things seriously-’ Jimin tries to argue but Yoongi silences him with a simple move of a hand.

'It’s too late for changing your mind and you know it. But tell me, honestly, what is this that you’re really scared of?’ The silence is thick and suffocating, like a dense chocolate pudding sliding down Jimin’s throat and into his lungs. Yoongi doesn’t push him but Jimin knows that he’ll have to speak eventually.

'What if he drops him or pulls his hand too hard. What if he gives him something bad to eat or worse- forgets to feed him at all? What if he’s going to be just joking around and I’ll be alone in this mess, hyung.’ Yoongi catches Jimin’s hand laying on top of the table when the first drop falls down with an inaudible splash. 'I love him but I’m not sure if this is what he wants’

'What are you saying…’

'He’d do anything for me, I’m sure of it’ Jimin sniffs quickly averting his eyes from the playground. 'That’s why I’m not sure if we both want the same thing’

'Now this is just pure bullshit’ Yoongi squeezes his hand supportively handing him a napkin to get rid of the tears. 'Jimin, everything is going to be fine. Trust me.’


'Have I ever disappointed you?’ The older gives him a pointed look.


'Exactly’ Yoongi lifts his chin with a finger, smiling at him softly before turning the younger’s head towards the playground just when Hoseok throws Jungkook forward like a sack of potatoes. Jimin is already standing up when a pair of arms appear from nowhere catching the kid mid-air before he could crash his head on the ground. He gasps gripping the edge of the table until his knuckles turn white but then Yoongi touches his wrist making him jerk in surprise.

'I know that you’re scared’ Yoongi starts pulling Jimin down onto the seat. 'I know that you start doubting him but trust me, I went through the same’ Jimin watches as Taehyung pushes Jungkook onto the pile of sand next to the swing, much to Hoseok’s amusement, before laughing himself. If not for Yoongi who’s still holding his wrist, he would run over to check if Jungkook’s injured and to yell at the idiots for acting like- like… Like idiots. But Jungkook screams in happiness, throwing sand towards Taehyung, towards Hoseok and he looks so carefree-

'It’s going to be fine. I promise’ Yoongi squeezes his hand one last time when Taehyung pulls Jungkook into a loving hug which of course the kid rejects, pushing and whining at the amount of love he’s receiving from his other dad. And Jimin catches himself locking eyes with Hoseok who waves at him with all his body, screaming and making stupid faces before sweeping Jungkook off his feet again.

'I hope so’

'Babe, stop pacing around. It’ll be fine

Two months later Jimin finds himself threading paths in their living room like a madman. He can’t calm down his nerves, not when today is the day. But of course, Hoseok acts like it’s nothing telling stupid jokes and asking Jimin to stop worrying like it’s that simple.

The adoption center they chose accepted their application two years ago and since then, they’ve been waiting for a chance to give one of the children a new home. And the chance showed up half a year ago when the center decided they fit all the requirements. After endless meetings with the adoption counselor and hundreds of conversation with the psychologist, they finally officially could adopt a child.

They saw the boy already, of course, but always from afar, always through the separating glass. The counselor was here yesterday with all the needed papers to sign, with the last tips and that’s all. That’s it. The center offered to bring the child themselves so Jimin can’t wait to hear the knock on the door as much as he’s terrified to finally hear it.

But the moment comes quite quickly, the sound of knocking resonating loudly in the unnaturally quiet house. He feels like ice got into his veins making him freeze in place, unable to move. Hoseok giggles causing Jimin to furrow his eyebrows in worry before standing up and walking towards the door. The next 30 minutes is a blur, with the counselor talking and talking and for the first time, it’s Hoseok who’s doing the speaking and listening and Jimin’s just standing there, frozen and scared.

And when another woman gets in, holding their baby in a carrier they bought, Jimin is speechless, breathless and he can’t believe it’s happening. But then all the worries come back when the woman pulls their baby out and turns towards Hoseok. Jimin knows his husband has the same right to hold their baby first as much as Jimin has, he knows that it’s probably because he’s standing closer to the woman but he still can’t help but feel like it should be him. A million thoughts run through his head. What if Hoseok holds the boy wrong? What if he bursts out in laughter? What if he throws him in the air like he does with Jungkook and drops it and-

Hoseok takes the baby from the woman, cradling the little boy in his arms with such tenderness and delicacy, his hands forming a perfect shape to hold him. Jimin hears the muffled voices of the women, hears Hoseok saying something but all he can see is how perfect Hoseok looks with their baby in his arms. And then it’s silent again, the room empty except for Hoseok and the little human in a white little blanket. Jimin can’t take his eyes off the sight in front of him.

Hoseok started to sway gently from side to side, the motion slowly putting both Jimin and the baby to sleep. His husband places a weightless kiss on their son’s forehead, the smile on his lips widening when he pulls away.

'Baby. Come here, you’ve been waiting for so long’ Hoseok quietly calls him, bringing him back to reality. It takes Jimin a short moment of hesitation before his legs warm up enough to let him move forward but when he finally does, he almost runs. He knows he’s crying before he really feels it but he also knows that’s not entirely because of the fact their baby is finally with them.

'I’m so sorry’ He buries his face in Hoseok’s neck, biting his lip to prevent himself from whimpering too loud afraid to wake up the little miracle.

'What?’ Hoseok turns his head to the side, pressing hot lips to the crown of Jimin’s head. 'What are you sorry for, silly?’

Jimin doesn’t answer right away, cursing himself for ever doubting Hoseok. Blame it on fear, hormones, bad weather but he just can’t understand how he could think Hoseok would not be a good, the best father for their baby. Yes, he’s annoying and loud and laughs at everything but he also knows when to be serious. And this is one of these moments.

'Nothing. Nothing at all. I love you. I love that you’re my husband and that you’re in this with me’ Jimin kisses Hoseok’s neck, wraps an arm around his waist to take a look at their son.

'Of course, I am’ Hoseok furrows his eyebrows in confusion, pressing his forehead to Jimin’s temple. 'I love you so much, Jimin’ Gently pulling away he turns to face the younger. 'I’m sorry I got to hold him first. I know how much it means to you-’

'Don’t be ridiculous’ Jimin shakes his head but takes the baby from Hoseok when the older motions for him to do it. He holds the baby close, nuzzling his nose into the fluffy blanket.

'Yoongi talked to me’ Hoseok says but there’s no bitterness in his tone like he just states the obvious.

'He did?’ Jimin feels himself getting pale, the guilt freezing him in place.

'Yeah’ Hoseok nods running a hand through Jimin’s hair. 'What did you expect from my best friend?’

'I’m so sorry’

'No. It’s fine. I know how I am most of the time’ He smiles gently kissing Jimin on the mouth. 'But I promise you, I’ll never hurt our baby and I’ll never hurt you. Intentionally at least’ Jimin sighs.

'I know. Of course, I know this. I fucking married you after all’

'Yeah, yeah you did’ Hoseok grins and all the worries, all the stupid thoughts Jimin has been having for so long, disappear in this single moment. Kneeling in front of the carrier, he puts their baby inside giving him a kiss on the head.

'And I’d do it again’ He says quietly turning to his husband, his lover and his friend.

'Without a doubt’ Hoseok winks playfully leaning down to kiss Jimin breathless.

Hello. I’m back with this fluffy puffy shit. 

christmas eve | dylan o’brien

A/N: This was a requested one shot and it’s very different from anything I’ve ever written because it’s fluff instead of my usual smut. If you guys want to request anything, you can always send them in here! Love, J xx.

Request: By @irosietorres Hey can you do one where Dylan is married and had a little 2 year old boy, and is coming home for Christmas only to find out his wife if pregnant with his second child…?! I that that’ll be cute! #DaddyOBrien 

Word Count: 1,168

Warning: Fluff and all the feels.

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dbz characters positive post

because all characters in the show have something good to offer 

goku: literally the purest cinnamon roll in the world. always ready to sacrifice his life for those he loves. and he loves pretty much everyone. refers to himself as “daddy” when talking to his son. always believes there’s something good in everyone, no matter how cruel people continuously proven they can be. is always smiling. is a bathroom singer. stayed in other world because he truly believed he was the reason for causing earth so much trouble. dumb as fuck but also can be disturbingly smart sometimes? how does that man even work. doodles on his grocery list. 

chichi: most dedicated mother you will always know. comprehensive and supportive wife. married an alien man, with needs and priorities so different from hers but still managed to not only understand goku’s needs but also fully support him even when she couldn’t understand his motivations. raised a child alone and would do it again. is a skilled fighter and trained her youngest son. determined woman who loves her family above everything. literally the most loving human being on earth but dude don’t mess with her. 

vegeta: where do I even fucking start. best character development of all times. fucked up a billion times but made up for it in the end. learned how to love, and do you have any idea how hard that can be for someone who grew up without even knowing the concept of love? most obstinate person you will ever heard of. fought and defeated his strongest enemy: himself. never gives up no matter what, truly an inspiration to everyone else. has no chill whatsoever but makes visible effort to control his temper for the sake of his family and friends (speaking exclusively about Super here). “mondo cool™”. also has a great ass.

bulma: literally a fucking goddess. there’s no limit for her intelligence and she knows how brilliant she is. has no time for anyone’s bullshit and will fucking run over anyone who stands in her way. slapped a fucking god of destruction in the face and would probably do it again. raised a kid alone. wholeheartedly forgave vegeta for all his bullshit and dude, that’s truly something else. fashionable bitch no matter in what situation. kinda fearless and reckless. party like a queen.

 gohan: are you fucking serious that kid is the most sympathetic person to ever exist in this world and the next. loves and respects everyone. a passionate scientist, dedicated to everything he does but ready to sacrifice it all for his family. doesn’t like to kill or fight (despite of his saiyan blood) but will fucking slaughter anyone who touches his loved ones. has no fashion sense whatsoever. embarrassing as fuck. a fucking dork 24/7. his first instinct is to protect everyone around him.

krillin: i mean his main goal in life was to find someone to love? and dude when he finally met his person he was literally ready to die for her. ridiculously loyal to his friends, would die for goku without even thinking about it. faces his fears no matter how scared he is and he’s been scared to death in many situations in his life. most loving father ever.

yamcha: he’s precious. best baseball player you’ll ever know. knows his limitations but spare no efforts to protect his friends. overcame his fear of girls and dated the most beautiful woman of all times. holds no grudge against vegeta who literally murdered him and then proceeded to kinda steal his girlfriend. one of the strongest humans on earth. also fine as fuck.

piccolo: dude is a cinnamon roll. died to protect his former enemy’s son. literally took care of gohan for the rest of his life and would die for him at any given moment. has a thing for children and it’s honestly adorable. best babysitter you’ll ever find. not only one of the strongest, but possibly the wisest. grew up alone and only knowing hate and ended up learning how to love. and i mean it wasn’t even that hard for him? unlike some other assholes who needed 20 years to feel any kind of affection (i’m not saying any names) love was kinda easy for piccolo. it just happened. he was programmed to love and he easily gave up on fighting it.

satan: yup, I know what you’re thinking but listen. he’s a good guy. ultimately he saved everyone. he even faced buu at some point and punched the dude in the face. say what you want but he has some serious guts. he’s a loving father and grandfather who genuinely takes care of his family. offered to give Goku the reward money for defeating buu. also let’s not forget how he was the one who almost saved earth by simply befriending buu. and as much as it wasn’t sincere in the beginning satan eventually started to actually like and protect someone who had potential to effortlessly kill him. he begs for buu’s life and takes responsibility for any damage buu might cause in the future. also he’s a dog person and that’s adorable.

mirai trunks: the mother friend. cares for everyone, loves everyone, will die for everyone without even giving it a second thought. kinda afraid of failure but overcomes it every single time. survived through so many horrors and destruction but still believed and fought for a better future. always finds a way, never loses hope and faith. grew up without his father but never really gave up on vegeta, no matter how much of a dick he learned his father could be sometimes. in fact, never gave up on anyone, ever? let’s face it, one of the strongest characters of the entire franchise. is never afraid to restart and rebuild.

frieza: “you’re certainly on the ball today, Captain Ginyu. If you were a dog, I’d scratch your belly. If you were a cat, I’d give you warm milk until you started to purr. But since you’re neither of these, I’ll just say thanks for a job well done.”

as I said, they all have something to offer and I’m particularly grateful for frieza’s contribution. 

Halloween fic idea! Part 1

Since I predictably didn’t finish the set of ML Halloween pic I intended to do (got halfway through Adrien in his costume before I realized I was getting too tired and possibly sick to continue and am now laying in bed, pathetically), I wanna contribute a lil something more before Halloween ends in 20 minutes. So! The fic that will probably never be!

  • As most holiday fic start off, Chloe is throwing a huge Halloween party at the hotel.
  • Obviously Adrien is excited as anything, this being his first big Halloween celebration, and he wants to go all out on his costume since it’ll be the first time he’s dressed up since he was a much younger kid, and he wants to go all out.
  • ALL. OUT
  • It takes him a while, but he finally decides on the dashing Zorro.
  • One, he knows he already looks good in all black
  • Two, Adrien is dork enough to think he can pull off Zorro in all his swagger by channeling Chat Noir (someone help him)
  • Three, he can carry around a fake epee sword and show off his fencing skills
  • Four, it’s Zorro.
  • Adrien asks his father in advanced if he can have the night off to go to Chloe’s party, and while Gabriel is reluctant at first, Adrien’s shy request for his dad to make his costume for him does him in.
  • Because when was the last time Gabriel made something specially for his son?
  • He couldn’t recall Adrien ever asking him to make something for him personally either.
  • It’s all together a very nice moment for the two, and Gabriel decides his son is going to be the best damned dressed at that frivolous party. His pride wouldn’t allow anything less.
  • And doesn’t think that anything could possibly go wrong by wearing a black mask and mussed up hair for a look.
  • Queue the actual party.
  • He gets there a little early and mingles with the other early goers; things are great. People loved his very detailed costume, the music was awesome, and Chloe wasn’t her usual clingy self.
  • Granted, Chloe wasn’t her usual clingy self because Adrien decided it would be okay to have a little fun to stay in character as Zorro without revealing who he actually was.
  • Which would soon prove to be a mistake.
  • Enter Marinette, Alya, and Nino.
  • Marinette’s very proud of her costume, and is excited to show it off (mostly to Adrien, because who would’t want to look cute in an extremely cute female baseball uniform for an even cuter boy??).
  • But they’re at the hotel where the party is being held, keeping a look out for Adrien and being unable to find him. Alya (dressed as Carmen Sandiego) suggests that he might not be there yet, while Nino (who put on a sheet over his head with eyeholes and called it a day) said he would try texting him.
  • Across the room, Adrien sees his friends and lights up before heading over, a swagger to his step as he was still in character.
  • He reaches them and is about to greet the group with a cheery ‘Hey guys!’
  • But Marinette beats him to the punch.
  • Eyes wide and mouth nearly gaping, Marinette points to Adrien and exclaims loudly, “Chat Noir?”
  • Suddenly, all eyes within a ten foot radius are on him.
  • Marinette looks shocked.
  • Nino looks excited.
  • Alya looks… scary.
  • The rest of the crowd are starting to hover around him and news him being there is clearly starting to spread and suddenly it’s a bunch of ‘Are you really Chat Noir?” “This is so cool, I never partied with a super hero!” “Raaaaaaaad.” and the ever faithful “Can I have your autograph?”
  • Adrien could see that not everyone was entirely convinced it was him, and now was the time to dispel the rabble so he could continue on with his fun, peaceful evening with his friends, full of eating too much candy and dancing till he could dance no more. All he had to do was correct the mistaken Marinette, who wasn’t actually mistaken but, details.
  • All he had to do was take the mask off and apologize for getting people’s hopes up.
  • Yep.
  • Amidst all the chaos, the growing crowd around him, and the persistent questions about who he is, Adrien panicked and did the first thing that came to mind.
  • He flexed. And posed.
  • “It seems the princess has found me out!” Another pose. “I was just in the neighborhood and decided to drop by, check out what was dragging all the cool cats in-” pose and flex “and couldn’t help but want to mingle with the citizens I sworn to protect and serve!” And flexed some more.
  • Amidst all the “ohh’s”, “Ahh’s”, and the growing excitement of the party goers, Marinette tried really hard not to groan. She also tried to not dignify Alya’s suggestive whisper of “’Princess’, huh?” with any response whatsoever, because even Marinette wouldn’t know a good explanation for that one.
  • Meanwhile, Adrien’s motor mouth kept on motoring. “I was wondering if anyone was ever going to figure me out!” He leaned in a little towards Marinette. “Seems like you won the game, Princess.”
  • Marinette, in an attempt to not slap her forehead in exasperation (because honestly, why would her partner compromise his identity like this?) plastered on a smile and desperately tried to ignore the interest in her Chat’s attention on her was generating from the party.
  • But still, more and more people are begging Chat Noir for an autograph and it’s kind of hard to talk to him one on one at all at this point and she, Alya and Nino decide to hang back for a minute while the crowd continued to gather around Chat.
  • Nino still can’t believe a super hero is at the same party they’re at, and is super bummed Adrien is missing it.
  • While Nino tries to desperately text Adrien to get here faster if he planned on showing at all, Alya’s smug grin was really starting to give Marinette the creeps.
  • “Since when did half of Paris’s super hero duo give you a pet name?”
  • Marinette, groaning internally for all eternity, just says that Chat Noir is a big flirt and “It means literally nothing, stop freaking me out with that crazy grin on your face!”
  • “Well he certainly never called me Princess, or any other term of endearment, and I interviewed the guy a billion times!”
  • Marinette wanted better friends.
  • But first she really needed to have a chit chat with her cat about the importance of secret identities. Seriously. But how to get through that mob of horrors he was surrounded by?”
  • annnnnnd to be continued tomorrow!

bubltay  asked:

Sasuke and Itachi with their baby son

I imagine them both ending up with girls tbh?? But doesn’t matter all that much bc they’ll probably treat the baby the same regardless of gender- it’d be when they were older that they’d treat their child a lil bit different depending on the gender. 

Originally posted by wier-min


  • When he first held his son, he couldn’t even speak. All he could do was smile down at that little face and wonder how he ended up being so blessed with such a perfect little baby. He loves his family more than anything in the world, and for him to have his own son, it’s more than he could ever ask. He thought that he was ready for him, but that moment that his little body rested against his, it was like he realized a whole new type of love. It’s certainly one of the best moments of his life.
  • Definitely a father that took off time from work after his son was born to help his wife and bond with his little one. I could see Itachi’s baby being a pretty chill dude, but he’s still a baby and a baby needs a lot of attention, and Itachi doesn’t mind giving his full attention to his son. Even after he went back to shinobi duties, he probably requested to stay in the village as much as possible, just so that he is there if need be. 
  • He’s so guilty of asking Mikoto about every little thing that he is unsure of with his son. Mikoto was his saving grace through the first couple of months; most wouldn’t think that, just because Itachi comes off being so good with his baby, but it’s cause Mikoto literally guided him through most of it. You go, Mama Uchiha.
  • His baby probably wouldn’t see anything of his Sharingan until he a toddler. Itachi is not a fan of training them from the crib to be a shinobi. Plus he feels like he looks harsh with his Sharingan, and he doesn’t want to come off that way towards his son. 
  • If that baby has even one cough or a runny nose or anything, Itachi takes him straight to the doctor. Nope, that baby is not going to just suffer through it with just tylenol. Itachi’s health isn’t the best, so he worries a lot that his baby gained that also, so he’s so cautious whenever his little one is sick.
  • Loves to poke their nose and see their reaction. He could literally just spend all day getting different reactions out of his son. It’s so entertaining for him.
  • Assuming we’re in the technological advanced Konoha now. He has so many pictures of his baby. So many. He’d be the parent that went out and got the latest iPhone just for the camera and his phone is completely filled with pictures of his son. He likes to look at them when he’s on missions and is away from his baby for spans of time. 
  • UNCLE SHISUI! Shisui’s the godfather and absolutely loves playing with Itachi’s baby.
    • “Shisui, you don’t have to use the Body Flicker Technique on him for peek a boo… He’s four months old, he doesn’t understand object permanence yet…”
    • “Yes, I do. He’s your kid. Probably gonna be a master of the Sharingan before he walks.”

Originally posted by saskayy


  • It might take Sasuke a week or so to really get used to the whole baby thing. He had nine months to prepare, but it’s just so surreal to him that it takes him a few days to really come to grips with the fact that he has a son. Deep down he is so excited and proud to have a son, but it’s just so strange to him. Like, now he has this tiny life in the palm of his hand that he is responsible for and that’s not something he’s really used to, so it definitely takes some time to adjust.
  • He was a nervous wreck to hold his son, because babies are just so breakable and he was so unsure, like he’s a very leath shinobi who has killed many people, and the entire time he’s thinking he’s almost incapable of being gentle enough with his son. He really wanted to, but he was just a nervous mess, of course since it’s Sasuke he tries to play it off, but his wifey knows better. It just takes lots of reassuring from his S/O before he’s okay enough to hold his baby with confidence.
  • He really didn’t stop missions or anything after his son was born. He was pretty confident in his S/O, so he never really worried that much. Maybe took off like three days, but that was about it.
  • Realizes that he doesn’t know jack squat about babies within like a day of having his son. Like he’s just so astonished by the fact that they don’t have teeth and really can’t see all too well and that their heads are too big for their necks to support. He’s just so shocked by how helpless they are starting out, and finds it hard to believe. Like how was he supposed to know that his son’s stomach was the size of a cherry or that he’d sleep 18 hours a day? Sasuke’s a shinobi not a baby expert.
  • He can get a bit irritated when his son won’t stop crying. It’s not even the fact that he’s crying that bugs Sasuke; it’s the fact that Sasuke knows that he needs something, but he doesn’t know what, and that just irritates him sometimes.
  • Really likes to give him son bottles. He will actually take time out of his day, no matter how busy it may be to make sure that he is able to give his baby at least one bottle. Sasuke loves his baby being close to him and feeling the warmth that he radiates. Especially loves it if his baby falls asleep while taking the bottle.
  • He kisses his baby so much, mainly in private, but man, Sasuke just really likes kissing his baby. On the forehand, tummy, nose, toes, you name, that baby has received countless kisses. When his baby started laughing as he got older and got all his kisses, it’d make Sasuke smile so much- like he actually showed his teeth, he was smiling that much. 
  • If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, he is always the one who goes and calms him down. There will be plenty of mornings where his S/O will come into the nursery and just find Sasuke and their son both passed out in a rocking chair or on the floor. He’s just so at peace with his child, and it’s one of the most rewarding things for him.
Kingsguard Lover...

Imagine being the sister-wife to Rhaegar Targaryen and taking Ser Arthur Dayne as a lover.

((Word Count: 1,455))

((Warning::I should probably say smut but I didn’t go into detail sooo))

The Sword in the Morning, that’s what they called him. Dornish with that silver and brown hair and those purple eyes. He was a Knight, a man of your Father’s Kingsguard, a good friend to your brother…your husband…Rhaegar Targaryen, the crowned Prince of Westeros. And you loved him.

“He is getting big,” Ser Arthur Dayne smiled as he stepped into the room where you were rocking your toddler son to sleep while telling him of the Dance of Dragons.

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anonymous asked:

I desire angst! And it can only be fulfilled with little Morgan asking dad Frederick about what kind of person his mom was like some time after her sacrifice. Bonus if Fred starts to tear up. BONUS BONUS if he finds her the next day!! Thank you!!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Frederick always made it a point to return home quickly. Morgan would be waiting in the castle nursery, where he and several other young ones were being taken care of. The young Owain and Lucina were usually playing with him, as their parents were a bit busy, too.

Despite knowing Morgan was in safe hands and among friends, he didn’t want to leave him longer than he had to. Frederick was all he had left. Three years ago you’d sacrificed yourself to save the world. Since then, Frederick was thrust into the world of single parenting.

All he did now was spend as much time with Morgan as possible. Remind him daily that Mama and Papa love him very much, and that Mama would come home, soon. Even when he was exhausted beyond all measure, he found it in him to shower his son with all the affection in the world (you know, to make up for the mother he was missing).

Hence his open arms when he entered the nursery, sending Morgan barrelling away from his fake sword fight and into Frederick’s warm embrace. “Hi, Papa!!” He cheered, giving the big man the best hug he could. “I was waitin’ for you!”

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(prince-of-asgard) Thor is not allowed in the birthing chamber when Loki finally goes into labor with their second child. He is pacing the outer waiting area while their first son sits on the floor and colors a picture for his little brother or sister. Eventually, Thor settles into a chair and the child crawls into his lap to keep his father company...

Loki bounced between cursing Thor’s name and groaning through each wave of pain until the magical moment it was all over, and he was cradling his new daughter in his hand. It was the best blessing he could ask for, ever since the terrible day he had lost Thor. Now he had his second child, and he wept with joy. He smiled down at the tiny infant as the midwife went out to inform the king. 

#29. Meeting the Family - Jason Todd x Reader

It’s day 29 of the 30 day challenge! For the full list of the prompts I will be doing for this writing challenge and the ones I have already completed, go here. Enjoy!

You were a bit taken aback when you parents asked you to bring your new boyfriend over for dinner. They wanted to meet the boy who stole their little girl’s heart but Jason was a little hesitant to meet them. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he was just afraid what they might think of him.

“They aren’t going to like me [Y/N].” He insisted running his fingers through his hair nervously, his brow furrowed in distress. You strode over and pulled him into a hug, burying your head into his chest.

“Well I like you. If they can’t see that they can shove their opinions so far up their asses they’ll need three years of therapy and surgery to remove them.” You leaned up on the tips of your toes and pressed a kiss against his cheek. He laughed and wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

“So … I’m going to meet your family?” He asked gently stroking your hair.

“They’re not that bad.” You insisted. You couldn’t have known how much of an understatement that would turn out to be.

Your family’s initial meeting with you and Jason was very amicable and friendly. They welcomed the both of you in with open arms. It wasn’t until you all sat down for dinner that they started to focus their attentions on Jason.

“Are you two being safe? I’m too young to become a grandmother, [Y/N].” You mother said. Your face flared up in a deep blush and you let your fork clatter onto the plate.

“Mom!” You warned. If Jason didn’t appear to be so intimidated by the look your father was giving him he might have started laughing instead he slipped his hand into yours underneath the table.

“What [Y/N]? We just want to make sure that you don’t get yourselves into a situation that you’re not prepared to handle.” She continued. Your blush deepened. While you were happy that they cared so much, this is not what you wanted to talk about over dinner.

“Mom. It’s fine. We’re fine. We have it covered. Please don’t worry about it.” You insisted wanting nothing more than to crawl into a hole and die. Jason’s firm and steady grip on your hand was the only thing keeping yourself together at this point.

“If I may Mr. and Mrs. [Y/LN], I care for your daughter very much and I would do anything for her. I give you my word that I’ll never force her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. I want nothing but the best for her.” Jason confessed to your parents. You smiled warmly at him and gripped his hand softly under the table to show your support. You mother beamed brightly at the two of you.

“Oh I like him, [Y/N]. Much better than the last schmuck you brought home.” She commented taking a deliberate bite of food.

“Mom!” You said with a laugh, shaking your head at her lack of filter.

“All joking aside, if you ever hurt our daughter I’m going to rain hell down upon you faster than you can say ‘Oh shit’. You understand me son?” You dad warned staring Jason down with his best intimidating look. In reality you knew that Jason could probably handle himself against whatever your father was threatening but Jason did his best to look intimidated by your father’s display.

“Loud and clear, sir.” Jason nodded with a deeply serious look on his face. He and your father stared each other down for a few moments before your father broke the tension with a booming laugh and a firm clap of his hand on Jason’s shoulders.

“Welcome to the family, son.” Your father smiled and all of the tension that you didn’t realize had been building up in your body vanished when you let out a deep sigh. Jason glanced over at you and gave you a small smile.

“Jason, did [Y/N] ever tell you about the time she -” You mother started telling her go-to embarrassing story about you.

“No!” You interrupted quickly but that did nothing to hinder her as she delved into some of your most embarrassing moments of your childhood.

The rest of the night went as smoothly as could be expected. You mother told Jason stories about you and showed him old childhood photos of you that you wished had been burned long ago. Your father pulled him aside for a little heart to heart while you and your mother were catching up. You wanted to ask Jason what they talked about when he returned to you but he simply shrugged and told you it was just a bunch of ‘guy stuff’ which warranted an eyeroll from you.

“I’m sorry about my parents. They can be a little much sometimes.” You apologized in the car ride back home.

“They care about you [Y/N]. They just want you to be happy.” He shrugged your apologies off.

“They like you, you know.” You offered with a smile. You parents seemed to get along great with Jason and you couldn’t be happier about that.

“They like that I make you happy.” Jason responded. You let your hand slip into Jason’s and you intertwined your fingers with his.

“Do I make you happy, Jason?” You ask softly.

“[Y/N], you make me happier than anything else in this world.” He confessed. You picked up your interlocked hands and placed a kiss on the back of his hand.

“Good.” You replied.

“Bring forth the best robe! Put a ring on his hand! Put shoes on his feet! Kill the fatted calf! Let’s celebrate! My son was lost and now he’s found” (Luke 15:22–24). The father didn’t say one word about his son wasting his wealth on prodigal living. He was just overjoyed that his son came back.

In the same way, God has not given up nor will He ever give up on you. The moment you take a step toward Him, you will find Him running toward you to embrace you. 

My friend, when people give up on you, and even when you give up on yourself, I want to assure you that God has not given up on you! He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins and this God of grace will never give up on you. His arms are wide open to receive you, freely forgive you and restore you!

-Pastor Joseph Prince

Caesar Paris Diaz (also known as THE PRINCE OF THE UNDERWORLD)
– is the only child of Tom the demon and Marco Diaz (he prefers being called Paris). Paris was born in 2034 as a Pisces on March 17th.He lives with both his parents as well as other family members (grandparents) in Echo Creek. He’s male hybrid (demon/human) like his dad Tom, has fire abilities. In his youth he accidentally put a lot of things on fire, it didn’t do damage but it still freak out his parents (they were worried he would hurt himself) but he got control over his powers quickly. He enjoys using magic and fighting from his father (Judo/Karate/Taekwondo) which leads to lots of fighting with monsters and he is currently also learning Kendo (sometimes he and Lilith like to swordfight), but mostly he doesn’t want to cuz he doesn’t want to scare of people more then he already does. His relationship with his fathers is pretty good. He respect and loves both, and his dads knowing that he’s a teenager so they give him space but they are always there for him when he needs them. His father is a Therapist and Psychologist (he works in a hospital) and his dad is the ruler of The Underworld along his brethren (Parises uncles). Paris has an aunt (Star) who has two daughters, one is the same age as Paris the other is five years old. His relationship to Star isn’t the best considering that she used to date his dad, and he kind of doesn’t like that her daughter is trying to destroy the friendship between Edgar and Lilith and himself because she’s jealous that hangs out with both of them more then herself(but he likes the youngest Butterfly). But he mostly ignores them and acts nice cuz both her dads like his aunt Star. He loves his grandparents, cuz he grew up with them and whenever his parents have to work they were always babysitting him, even now as a teenagers it no different but he has just as much freedom as his father had when he was a kid. He doesn’t have any romantic feelings for anyone at the moment nor does he think he’ll ever have such feelings for anyone. His best friend is CERBERUS who is a hybrid and whose breed is specifically born to gourds the doors/portals between forbidden dimensions. He got him when he was a baby, his parents tried to get rid of Cerberus because they thought that he was too dangerous for their son, but an accident occurred in which Paris almost got hurt and Cerberus saved him and punished those who intended to do him harm, so his dads saw that Cerberus loved him so they decided to keep him. He is loyal but lazy, he likes to sleep whenever he can a eats a ton but keeps Paris safe and happy. (Paris loves his little buddy :D)
He is smart and cunning, sometimes he can be bad tempered but he doesn’t lose control like his dad did when he was young. Due to her being a prince, he is well behaved but speaks his mind in a determent strong voice. He’s a smug son of a demon and if he wants he could charm the pants of anyone, but there’s a catch, this guy is a nerd. He likes computers and everything that has to do with chemistry, technology and biology, he’s embarrassed that people call him a nerd and a geek (the guy likes comics), but he isn’t ashamed being smart. He doesn’t have a tick but more an obsession with his phone.
He attends school with his friends at Cheshire Academy located in the fifth and seventh reality (it changes in seasons), which educates princesses, wizards and other paranormal creatures and humans in both human and magical subjects …. He speaks seven other languages and his favorite subject is math. He has the characteristics of her dad (Marco) but really really mad he’s like Tom. He’s serious when it comes to his plans and is more of a leader then a follower. He’s affectionate (likes to give hugs to friends and family members) and he likes to tell jokes even if other people don’t get them. He likes dancing and cooking .
His favorite foods are his grandmothers nachos (he learned how to make them form her) :D but his least favorite foods are pickles. His favorite color is green. He enjoys listening to rock and his favorite band is Panic! At the disco. He likes to read Black Holes and Baby Universes by Stephen Hawking.  Summer is his preferred season. When he and his friends are hanging out together, Paris likes to go places like Thessaloniki, Greece and Mexico City, Mexico. He loves his cellphone.


‘’The little boy who loved his grandfathers sweet beans wished to make sweat beans and the little boy who watched the news his grandfather loved watching was awakened to unreasonable issues in society. ‘’

People often call you an angel. I know you have flaws, just like we all do. You make mistakes, just like we all do. But, you’re still my angel. You’re my strenght and inspiration. But you’re also my biggest weakness. I love so many things about you. But let me just count some: standing up for your members and going trough the hardest moments in your life together, AS ONE. Being their biggest support, their role-model, their ‘father’. Being the most hardworking man i’ve ever met, without even thinking about yourself. Being a great producer who’s constantly trying to find a way to make better music, to explore everything about it and bring the best product to your fans. Being a great and thoughtful brother, son and grandson.  I want you to find yourself. I want you to ask for help when you need it, don’t carry your burden all by yourself. I want nothing but happiness for you. Eat more, laugh more, dance more.  Make lots of great music, be a great leader to your group and be the best idol for your fans.  I love you, my baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

anonymous asked:

How many kids that MC and lords will have? And how all the lords will handle them? (Please ignore the actual history because that was just too many)

This is our headcannon okay. We wrote this based on our Anon’s request. Okay here we go nonie ~ 

Nobunaga :- Four children - three sons and one daughter. Twin boys who look like you, a little boy, and a sweet daughter, who looks exactly like him. He can’t help but feel grateful to you for giving birth to his children. He has everything he could ask for. He would hold grand feasts every year to celebrate each child’s birthday.

Nobunaga is a strict dad, but would still be sweet. As their personal trainer, he would teach his sons to grow into strong, powerful men.  He wants to teach his sons everything he knows about war, so the Oda clan will be prosperous and one day rule Japan.  His daughter is his main weakness.  He will always pamper her and treat her like a princess. However, he still requires her to learn self-defense. Words cannot describe how much he loves his children.

Mitsuhide :- Three children. His first child is a daughter, followed by two sons. When his first child was born, he filled with happiness.  He will never forget the first moment he held his daughter in his arms.  He couldn’t stop thinking how precious she was.  His daughter looks like her mother, except she got his grey eyes.  Over the next five years, you gave birth to two strong and healthy sons.

Mitsuhide is a caring father. If you ask MC, she would say that his children enjoy spending more time with him than with her! He would care for the children whenever you were busy in the kitchen.  His daughter is his beloved princess and his sons are amazing.  His family is the best thing that ever happened to him, and no one can deny how much he loves his children.

Yukimura :- He has three sons.  When he saw his firstborn, he was speechless, and was nervous to hold him.  Once his son was in his arms, Yukimura couldn’t stop grinning like the fool Saizo claimed he was.  Yukimura marveled over his son’s small hands, and prayed he would grow up to be strong and healthy.  Two years after his firstborn, you gave birth to identical twins, who were the spitting image of their father.

Yukimura is a very caring father, and always made sure his sons were safe.  However, he also lived to train them to defend themselves and their family.  His sons definitely inherited his stubbornness.  (You have nothing to do with it, you insist.)  His children definitely have him wrapped around their little fingers.

Saizo :- One son and one daughter.  Saizo’s first child is a daughter.  If you asked him how he felt when he first laid eyes on her, with her mother’s eyes and his silver hair, he wouldn’t be able to put it to words.  All you would receive is his inscrutable smile.  (He will never admit that he had never felt so vulnerable.)

Saizo’s parenting system :- Dango is good for health. ( lol 😁 Ii joke I joke)  Saizo is a very smart father, who knows how to raise children.  Over your (admittedly half-hearted) protests, he would teach them the ways of the ninja.  They would frequently play hide and seek.  And if you stopped by at the right moment, you would overhear him reading them bedtime stories.

Masamune :- Four children.  Of course, his firstborn would be twin boys.  (Thank god for Kojuro and Shinegaze, right?)  Then, after a break of three years, he had two girls in quick succession.  Masamune worries about being a good father, and always tries his best.  He’s sometimes a little awkward around them, as he struggles to put his love for them into words.  

Occasionally, Masamune and his children kick you out of the kitchen and take over to make you dinner.  Their favorite thing to make is junda mochi.  One of his sons acts much like you, and the other he swears was brainwashed by Shigezane to be a mini-me.  His youngest daughter inherited his quiet, intelligent personality, and although he’d never say it out loud, she is his favorite.

Kojuro :- Three children, one son and two daughters.  Although he wouldn’t admit it, Kojuro went into fatherhood feeling as though he had a leg up on it–after-all, he practically raised Masamune and Shigezane.  However, the moment he laid eyes on his firstborn, a daughter, he knew he was lost.  She grew up to be tall with his brown hair and your eyes, possessing a ton of energy he never expected.  His second child, another girl, was born about two years later, and was a miniature of her mother, except for his striking green eyes.

Five years after that, when he had almost given up hope, even though he wouldn’t trade his daughters for anything, his son was born.  Kojuro was heavily invested in his children’s schooling, and made sure his daughters were just as educated as his son.  When his older daughter hit 14, he had to banish her from going over to Uncle Shigezane’s lands, as Shigezane’s 15 year-old son took too much after his father.

Hideyoshi :- Two children, both sons.  His first son was born very shortly after your marriage.  Named Hanbei, he was particularly close to his Uncle Mitsunari, who began tutoring him at a young age.  Hanbei was a masculine blend of Hideyoshi and you. Your labor to deliver Hanbei was long and difficult, and Hideyoshi didn’t forget it.  You were told that you wouldn’t bear another child, and were heartbroken.  Hideyoshi, although sad, was secretly relieved, as he feared losing you in childbirth.  His second son, born almost fifteen years after the first, sure was a surprise!  Fortunately, your labor was easy, thus Yamazaru (monkey), a miniature Hideyoshi, entered this world.

Hideyoshi loved being a parent, and balanced teaching them politics and strategy with his excellent sense of humor.  Although he was proud to be a samurai, he secretly dreaded the idea of his sons following in his footsteps.  Nonetheless, he trained both of them, and saw them enter the service of Oda Nobunaga.

Inuchiyo - Two children, a daughter and two years later, a son.  He was a nervous wreck when your labor pains started.  He paced in almost a blur, until Hideyoshi tried to get him drunk (you put a quick stop to that!).  When he held his daughter in his arms, and saw his eyes looking back at him under a mop of your hair, he cried with joy.  His son was born almost a year later, and he wanted to grow up to be just like his daddy!

Inuchiyo was a slightly overprotective father.  Even though he taught her to climb trees and fight alongside her brother, he freaked out when he caught her playing with Hideyoshi’s sons and tried to ground her for a month!  Fortunately, you stepped in and informed him that at six years old, she was both allowed to play with boys, and not going to be restricted to the house 24/7.  Inuchiyo’s son practically became his shadow, yet somehow, your genes managed to distill some of Inuchiyo’s recklessness, but none of his passion.

Ahhh I’m so done with this. 😅 writing a hc is hard - Ana & Ayumi

Editor & Co-Author - Juniper

Your Fault - Carl Grimes

Prompt: Hi!Wondering if you could do one about Carl and his dad getting n a fight cuz rick don’t like you but then u sacrificed your self for him and Carl and as Carl gets more furious Rick apologies to Carl and u and then u die. Thanks love ur acc

Requested By: Anon

Rick was furious, so was his son. The two weren’t on good terms. Nothing seemed to be going right for the two of them. It was mayhem as they fought with each other. It wasn’t something that could be brushed aside though. This was about a girl, one that Carl was with.

The two had been fighting over the girl for days, but it wasn’t like the old high school fighting where they were fighting over who got the girl. That would be weird. They were fighting about whether Carl should be with her or not.

(Y/N), the girl that was the issue, was standing behind them. She had her arms crossed over her chest as she listened to them scream their heads off at each other. She had barely felt anything before, having not wanted to have any emotions after her parents died, and Carl was slowly bringing her back to humanity again.

The issue that was the cause of the fighting was her lack of emotion. Sense (Y/N) barely had a heart, she could kill people in cold blood. She had before, she admitted to it, and that was what scared Rick the most. This person, this girl, was more dangerous than she appeared to be. He didn’t want that to come near his son; he didn’t want that rub off on him; he didn’t want her anywhere in eyesight.

However, Carl didn’t feel the same. This was a girl who he had learned to love. This girl had helped them after they lost their home. She hadn’t made a move to kill either of them, never. She was okay with them, she accepted them. He could see that she wouldn’t hurt them. He didn’t care if she had killed anyone in cold blood, he had done it once himself. He had only just learned of her killings, and he didn’t have a problem with it. It was who people were nowadays.

He glared up at his father, fury in his eyes. “She’s human, Dad! She’s just like you and me!”

“She’s killed people!” Rick shouted, narrowing his eyes down at the hat wearing boy. “She’s a danger to you and to me!”

“Se hasn’t tried to kill us! She hasn’t raised a gun to me or to you! She isn’t going to kill us!” Carl scream, his anger boiling over. He didn’t understand why his father was being such a hypocrite. It didn’t make any sense. “You’ve killed people!”

“I had a good reason to!” Rick yelled, then pointed his finger to the girl who stood not that far away. “She had no reason to kill anyone, she just did it!”

“And what about me? Huh? I killed someone and guess what? I didn’t care that I did it, I still don’t care!” Carl shouted, remembering how he had shot the guy that had only been a little older than he was.

(Y/N) turned away from then, not wanting to watch the fall out. She looked around for Michonne, who had went off to find them some food or water. She tapped her foot impatiently and sighed. She looked to the woods that was beside them. She saw something: a walker!

She pulled out her gun and pointed it that way. Except it wasn’t a walker. It was a man. He came out, running at them. She shot at him, hitting him in the shoulder and grazing his side. It did nothing to him and that scared her. Rick and Carl stopped their fighting as they heard the first shot go off. The man pointed his gun at Carl but before he could shoot, (Y/N) shot his hand.

She shot him again, in the stomach. The man pulled another gun and shot once at her, hitting her in the side and causing her to fall. The man laughed and pointed his gun at Rick. He fired but the bullet didn’t make it into Rick. (Y/N) jumped up, despite the pain, and took the bullet. It hit her in the chest, puncturing her heart. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

Carl yelled in anger, taking the gun from the ground and shooting the man in his fury. He then ran to (Y/N) as she tried her hardest to breath. She was pulled into his arms, having to listen to him yell at his father.

“This is your fault!” She heard him scream before her ears began to ring. She coughed, blood sputtering past her lips. She was thrown into a coughing fit, unable to catch her breath.

Rick stared at them, shaking his head. He had never even thought of this girl dying. He had never wished her dead, only gone; away from them. “Carl.” He choked out.

“No! Nothing can change this!” His son shouted, glaring up at his father. He then looked down at (Y/N) as her breathing became almost nothing. He gave her a kiss, not caring if her lips were covered in blood. It was a horrible time to kiss her, but he knew if he didn’t he would regret it. It was their first and last kiss. 

She looked at him as he pulled away from her. She leaned into him, suppressing her coughs the best she could. She couldn’t speak, she wouldn’t ever try because she knew she couldn’t.

And then it was over, her life ended a short moment later. It was something that had broken a part of Rick and Carl’s relationship forever.

Babies' Birthdays (Namjoon)

And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing leader who loves his group so so much and loves the army just as much, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Reading any of the other posts isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!joon post, he has two lil bbys
  • A daughter and a son, the son is just a couple years younger than the daughter
  • They’re his lil buddies, they’re honestly his best friends
  • He could spend every single moment with them and be completely and totally happy bc they’re just his favorite people ever
  • They love him just as much of course bc he would be su c h an amazing father like I honestly need a video of Namjoon with bbys maybe some puppies maybe some kittens
  • Just bc they’re all so smol and he’s not smol physically he’s like really tall and broad and he’s got big hands that would look huge next to a tiny bby’s I want it  
  • His bbys are honestly the cutest lil bubs in the entire world to him
  • Like you know that clip where Jimin is playing the yellow card and Namjoon loses his shit bc it’s so fucking adorable and he’s just sitting there giggling over it that is 100% joon anytime his kids do anything
  • Like they love running up to greet him when he gets home and they’re both in the pajamas and their hair’s messed up from running down the stairs to see him and they both let out a “daddy!!!”
  • They do it every single day he has to work and yet it never gets old to him, every time they do it, he always turns :D and once he’s gotten them all tucked into bed and happy and cozy, he tells you about it
  • “They were so cute oh my god they ran up to me and they both wanted a hug and they were both so giggly oh my g o d I wanna kiss their cute lil faces”
  • “They do it literally every day”
  • “And it onLY GETS CUTER”
  • Their birthdays are s o important to him
  • He would write them goofy lil songs, like remember when he made a song for their 1000 days thing and he’s just goofing off and being silly and cute and funny
  • Those are the types of songs he would write for them bc there’s nothing he loves more than seeing them giggling away with dimples on full display
  • He does write them a serious song too though, once they’re old enough to know more words than just the basics and can actually somewhat understand what he means bc he’s writing it for them and he wants them to understand how much he loves them (which they do everyone can see these bbys are his everything)
  • Once they’re old enough, he lets them decide what they wanna do for their birthday
  • Do they wanna throw a party for it do they wanna go somewhere special do they wanna travel to a different city ?? Do they wanna make it a thing or do they wanna just chill at home and watch SpongeBob it’s all up to them
  • They do take different approaches to their birthdays
  • As I mentioned in father!joon part 2, lil princess is more outgoing than lil prince, who’s actually a bit shy tbh
  • She wants a party, she wants her friends and her family (which of course includes the boys and their families) to be there, she wants there to be music and dancing and everyone should have fun at her party
  • For her birthday, they throw a party at a local beach bc that’s where lil princess decides she wants to go
  • She lo v e s the beach, she loves playing with the sand, she loves doing that thing where you stand right on the shore line and try to run away from the waves as they come in, she could do that shit all day long and not get bored
  • She uses one of Namjoon’s shirts as a cover up bc she did wear a bathing suit just bc they were gonna be playing in the water a lot and it’s honestly the most adorable thing ever
  • She’s waddling around with his shirt dragging on the sand around her and she’s just so so content
  • She gets joon to play in the water with her and they’re both running away from the waves and literally everyone is laughing and giggling and having so much fun
  • Like the people that are eating or don’t wanna get in the water are just sitting back and talking and the people that are cool with being in the water are all splashing around
  • Lil princess is :D which means Namjoon is :D which is super fucking cute bc they both have the same smiles and it’s just dimple city
  • Lil prince on the other hand is more shy and kinda just wants to chill and hang out with the people he loves and feels comfortable around
  • Everyone comes over to the house and they have a family lunch together bc lil prince loves just being with his family that’s his favorite he loves all of the boys and their kids and their spouses so it’s just really fun
  • They all hang out in the backyard of the house and everyone’s being goofy
  • Like the boys bring out some instruments and start playing as horribly as they can, like kookie brings out a guitar and lets lil prince strum his heart away and is just like oh my god you’re gonna be a rock star someday
  • Like they’re playing around as if the music they’re making is really really good even though the guitar isn’t even tuned and none of them are playing actual chords but it just makes the kids laugh even more
  • And they get Namjoon to “sing” for them, here’s the thing joon can sing when he tries to but he can also really not sing when he tries to
  • We’ve all heard the difference between him joking around versus actually singing but the kids are still giggling from kookie strumming randomly at the guitar so joon keeps the mood going
  • Lil prince is literally on the floor giggling away bc hobi and jimin decide to dance around to the music but they dance really seriously like chim busts out some of those contemporary moves and hobi’s doing his lil pop dance
  • Even though they don’t go anywhere new and it’s a really chill party everyone has so much fun??
  • Both of the parties have everyone nonstop giggling and everyone’s just happy especially the bbys, which was all Namjoon wanted
ask me why (beatles questions)
  • 1: favorite beatles book?
  • 2: post your favorite beatles photo?
  • 3: play sitar like george or bass like paul?
  • 4: do you like the german versions of their songs?
  • 5: is it a good thing they stopped touring in 1966?
  • 6: get guitar lessons from john or george?
  • 7: is ringo the best drummer of the beatles?
  • 8: beatle girl crush?
  • 9: linda or yoko?
  • 10: jane or pattie?
  • 11: cynthia or maureen?
  • 12: olivia or barbara?
  • 13: cutest thing about john?
  • 14: cutest thing about paul?
  • 15: cutest thing about george?
  • 16: cutest thing about ringo?
  • 17: thoughts on allen klein?
  • 18: who had the nicest eyes?
  • 19: who had the best smile?
  • 20: have you ever written beatles fanfiction?
  • 21: have you ever done beatles roleplay?
  • 22: keep them together for another 10 years even if they started to suck?
  • 23: eat louise harrison's or aunt mimi's food?
  • 24: would you take george's virginity even if the boys were in the same room?
  • 25: the beatles cartoons or yellow submarine?
  • 26: mclennon or starrison?
  • 27: mcharrison or lennison?
  • 28: favorite bootleg?
  • 29: have you ever had a dream about the boys?
  • 30: who is the best at acting?
  • 31: unpopular opinion?
  • 32: lyric you'd want to get tattooed?
  • 33: favorite thing about being in the beatles fandom?
  • 34: favorite iconic moment?
  • 35: favorite beatles story?
  • 36: something about one of them that secretly annoys you?
  • 37: if you were to interview your favorite beatle, what’s one question you’d ask?
  • 38: who would you rather have as your father, brother, son, and uncle?
  • 39: who would you trust with your secrets?
  • 40: who would probably be scared of roller coasters?
  • 41: which of their solo songs would best fit in a beatles album?
  • 42: AU where the beatles never broke up. What’d be a good title for their next album and movie?
  • 43: if you were in a beatles movie, who would you like to be written as their love interest?
  • 44: who would you rather go to school/grow up with?
  • 45: have you got a hole in your pocket?