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Can we please stop and take some time to actually admire one of the best photos a fansite has ever taken of the boys?

Doyoung is seriously so beautiful and he looks so magical in this like he just got out of a fairy tail and Jesus, can we all talk about the snow on the photo that literally sparkled around him? Gosh, I’m so in love with this and the person who took this! 😫 I really felt like my soul has been purified by how freakingly gorgeous this photo is ❤️❤️

Hands down to the fansite master who took this magical photo of my baby doyoung 💘💘

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[List Compilation] Taemin SHINee Fancam From Cosmicaa Fansite Galackticaa PB

Yey i’ve been waiting this for sooo long, hope someone will upload it and finally my friend told me about this…you guys should check her amazing edit ! in my opinion, she is the best fansite i’ve ever know but unfortunately she had closed down her site since long time ago…i hope she back with her great photos and fancam TT

LIST (Taemin Ver Only)

  1. This is it, Taiwan ( 111120 K-Friends Concert in Taipei )
  2. Games Begin, Seoul (Taemin @ 111015 Seoul Girls Collection
  3. The cutest, Taiwan (Taemin @ 111120 K-Friends Concert
  4. 120520 Taemin SMTOWN in LA
  5. only one special at Jeju
  6. Eyes don’t lie, Busan ( Taemin @ 111028 Fireworks K-Wave Festival)
  7. Internet War Seoul ( Taemin and Jonghyun @ 120908 SMTWON)
  8. Crazy LAB Incheon ( Taemin @ 111003 Korean Music Wave In Gyungju)
  9. Blast, Seoul ( Taemin @ 120621 I AM Premiere )
  10. Loves me not Singapore ( Taemin @ 120615 Boyz Night Out in Singapore)
  11. Flava Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 111015 Seoul Girls Collection)
  12. Beat Drop Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 111201 JTBC Establishment)
  13. How many times Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 111231 MBC Gayo Daejun)
  14. Ghostfaced Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 120103 Koala Kid Premiere)
  15. Two of you, Yeosu (SHINee Taemin @ 120726 Yeosu K-Pop Festival)
  16. sicksad, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 111215 Lotte)
  17. Rehearsal, Los Angeles (SHINee Taemin @ 120520 SMTOWN in LA)
  18. Piano Bangkok (SHINee Taemin @ 120407 Music Wave in BKK)
  19. Beautiful Things Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 120414 Share Love Festival)
  20. Get up Hiroshima (SHINee Taemin @ 120629 JAT)
  21. Never Clean, Taiwan (SHINee Taemin @ 120609 SMTOWN in Taiwan)
  22. Ring Ding Dong (Original Sound) Seoul
  23. Dear Taiwan
  24. Pink, Sapporo (SHINee Taemin @ 120429 JAT in Sapporo)
  25. No you girls, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 130327 Show Champion)
  26. Into my Blood, Seoul (SHINee Key and Taemin @ 120328 Lee Sora’s Proposal)
  27. Same Blood, Jinhae (SHINee Taemin @ 120331 Jinhae)
  28. Lonely no more, Hiroshima (SHINee Taemin @ 120629 - 0701 JAT in Hiroshima)
  29. Tambourina, Hiroshima (SHINee Taemin @ 120629 - 0701 JAT in Hiroshima)
  30. Comforting Lie, Incheon (SHINee Taemin @ 120714 Yacht Race)
  31. Ghost IV, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 120818 SMTOWN)
  32. Music is Happiness, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 120818 SMTOWN)
  33. Stranger (Original Sound), Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 120808 Play Etude)
  34. Walk away, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 120119 Koala Kid Event)
  35. Blinking in the twilight, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 111119 Bravo! Asean)
  36. inhale, Seoul (SHINee Taemin @ 110918 Invincible Baseball Team)
  37. SHINee Taemin @ 111201 JTBC Establishment
  38. SHINee Taemin @ 110509 Namwon
    SHINee Taemin Mix by Cosmicaa
  39. Bonus track, The Ultimate Internet War feat Jonghyun (Original Soundtrack)

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