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Request: Hi!!! Can you please do 1)“You can’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” with B.A.P. Yongguk?? Please make it really angsty with a fluffy ending❤Thanks!!!

Member: BAP Yongguk x Y/N

Type: Angst (warning: mentions of anxiety/depression)

A soft glow radiated from the bottom of the studio door. You approached it slowly, quietly, moving as if you were on a covert mission. You attempted to relax your breathing, trying to make it shallow enough so you could hear over the rattling in your lungs. 

You cursed silently, hearing your heartbeat in your ears as you stood before the door. A low hum bumped the metal surface, signaling that there was life still inside. You knocked gently, remaining perfectly still as you waited. 

“Yeah?” the gruff voice within barked. You winced as you eased the door open, basking the dark hallway in a warm light. 

“Gukkie?” you squeaked, tilting your head around the corner. There was a thin figure sitting at the mixing board, nodding his head back and forth. You’d recognize the slender frame anywhere, even with a hood and bucket hat masking his face. “Yongguk?”

The man refused to look up as he continued to bop to the beat. You swept a cursory glance around the room, identifying all of the signs that he had been there over 24 hours. He had on one lamp, dimly lit from it’s exhaustive hours spent alive. The couch tucked in the back corner of the room was adorned with a crumpled blanket and a few pillows, an appropriate nest when he decided to take a fifteen minute break. Pizza boxes and to-go bags littered the small table placed in front of the couch, and you couldn’t count on all ten fingers and toes how many disposable coffee cups you saw. 

“Yongguk,” you repeated, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind you. You flipped the light switch on the wall, causing him to finally look up and wince into the light. 

“Shut it off,” he growled, yanking his headphones from his ears and tossing them on the mixing board. 

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” you grumbled, obeying his command nonetheless. 

“You know me,” he sighed, swiveling to look up at you for the first time. 

You attempted to mask the gasp that escaped your lips as your eyes traced his face. This was easily the most exhausted you had ever seen him. You were used to Yongguk being skinny and sleep-deprived, sure, that came with the territory. But this…this wasn’t him. His all black clothing hung loosely from his body, desperately needing a wash after several days. His face was gaunt, the space below his cheekbones almost hollow. The bags beneath his eyes were dark and heavy, signifying something deeper than you could even begin to realize. 

“What?” he groaned. “Are you here to lecture me? I’m so close to being done, Y/N. Just a little more time.”

“Gukkie,” you cooed, easing into a crouching position. You knew Yongguk was particular and often had a heavy atmosphere around him as he worked. You didn’t want to overwhelm him by looming over his shoulder, but instead wanted to put him at ease. “When did you last leave the studio.”

“Sunday,” he nodded confidently. “I haven’t been here too-”

“It’s Tuesday,” you said quietly, smiling at him sadly. Yongguk straightened up before turning to his computer screen. He squinted at the time and nodded. 

“Ha, it is. That’s funny…it didn’t feel like…” he trailed. He pulled off his hood and then his hat, scrubbing a tired hand through his long tendrils. “I’m almost done.”

“How about I take you home?” you asked softly. You didn’t want to leave the words with a negative connotation, like what he was doing was wrong. He was only passionately following his work, but sometimes enough was enough. “You can have a shower and we can get some food into-”

“I’ve been eating,” he confirmed. 

“Have you slept?” you asked

“A little,” he whispered sheepishly, not able to look at you directly. 

“Probably not nearly as much as your mind needs,” you sighed, resting your hand on his knee. “Your mind and body are just as important to your career as your music is. You need to show it just as much attention.”

“I will,” he confirmed. “I almost have this song perfect, Y/N. I promise I’ll go to bed after that.”

You heaved a sigh and plopped onto the floor beside him, recognizing you were in for a battle that you hadn’t prepared for today. 

Then again, that was Yongguk every day. 

You knew your boyfriend suffered from anxiety. It was nearly as bad as it had been when you originally met, but as his spotlight grew, so did his anxiousness. It had nearly killed him when he took a hiatus from music to pay closer attention to himself, but he had come back healthier than ever. You could tell he had missed the stage, missed his brothers who he had shared so much love and tragedy with.

But with that, he also returned with an insurmountable amount of guilt on his shoulders. See, the funny thing about depression and anxiety was, no matter how much he could preach about self worth and positive affirmations, it will always strike when he least expected it. 

You couldn’t pretend to know how Yongguk felt. Everyone’s anxiety was different, his included, but you knew when he arrived back to the studio, he felt a pressure he had unknowingly placed on himself to create something incredibly beautiful to signify his return to his group. He hadn’t felt self inflicted guilt like that since the days during the lawsuit, so the feeling was that of an old friend, a scratchy sweater you never really enjoyed but were forced to wear with the changing of the seasons. 

He couldn’t pretend to cope. He could only work through it the best he could. When his members no longer knew what to do, that’s when they called you in. 

“Yongguk…you can’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm,” you whispered, hoping the words wouldn’t effect hm negatively. It was the truth, and although you understood what he was battling, you also knew he couldn’t keep tearing himself down. 

“Y/N,” he sighed, spinning to face you again. “…I don’t know what else to do.”

You bit your lip as Yongguk did the same, spinning so he wouldn’t have to face you. “I close my eyes, but the fire only burns brighter in the dark…and I’ve destroyed myself so many times for something beautiful, what’s one more?”

“What’s one more?” you whispered, trying to keep the tears from welling up on your lashes. You had to remain calm. You had to support him. He didn’t want to embrace his anxieties any more than you did. “Jagi, if you keep setting yourself on fire, there’s only going to be ashes left.”

“I hate this metaphor,” Yongguk groaned, his face falling into his hands. “It makes me feel like I’m falling apart.”

“You aren’t,” you cooed. “It’s just time to step back for a moment.”

“I can’t,” he insisted. “The producers expect a title track from me. It’s what we fought for. It’s what I fought for…we wanted all of this responsibility…and we wanted to be treated like humans. Isn’t the irony that we can’t even treat ourselves that way?”

He looked up to the ceiling, bitter as his lips continued to wrap around words. “We were gone for so long. And now I…I’m the leader and I had left…”

“Taking the appropriate time to take care of things, most importantly yourself,” you smiled. “I’m so proud of you and all you’ve done.”

“Then why can’t I be?” he said, his voice barely above a breath. 

You thought your heart would break into a thousand pieces as you looked up at the man you thought so much of. He was defeated and tired, everything you didn’t want for him in life. You wracked your brain, trying to figure out any way to get him home. The world was always sunnier after a few hours of sleep. 

“First goal,” you hum. “Get out of the chair.”

“What?” he asked, furrowing his brows, confusion covering his face. 

“I know your body is heavy and tired,” you cooed. “So that’s our first goal. We’re going to get you out of that chair.”

“What do you not understand about-” he began, irritation lacing his tone. He paused for a moment, making a mental note not to speak with you angrily when you’re only trying to help. He nodded. “Fine, what’s the goal after that.”

“We focus on one at a time,” you nodded happily. “On a scale of one to ten, how hard is it to get out of the chair? Ten being horrifying. One being like Goku after eating a Senzu bean.”

“Do I really have to humor you right now?” he groaned. You knew he would try to escape your enthusiasm by feigning being aloof, but you wouldn’t have it. 

“Scale,” you repeated, trying to get him to focus. 

“Alright, like a five,” he grumbled. 

“Okay,” you confirmed, pulling yourself to your feet. You lifted his hands from his lap and began to tug them gently. “Let’s get you out of here.”

“The song,” he whined. 

“Will still be here in a few hours after you’ve rested,” you smiled. “I promise. Now, on a scale of one to ten, how hard is it to get yourself to take a shower?”

“Are you saying I smell?” he whimpered. 

“I’m saying a steamy shower cleans more than just your skin,” you grinned. “You can come out of it feeling like a whole new person.” 

“Fine. Three. You made it sound better than I thought,” he muttered, slipping on his sandals and shuffling down the hall. “Then I can go to sleep and then go back to the studio?”

“We’ll negotiate,” you grinned. “We have to take care of you first.” 

“…Y/N?” he sighed, spinning to grab your hand and hold your pinky loosely. 


“Thank you,” he whispered

“You’re welcome,” you chirped.

“You aren’t going to ask what I’m thanking you for?” he asked, lifting his brows. 

“Fine, what are you thanking me for?” you sighed.

“Not treating me like I’m broken…but helping me through. Things are much easier when I can realize I’m not on my own in this,” he nodded, the first genuine grin finding his face. He wrapped a gentle arm around your shoulders and pulled you in close, snuggling his face into your hair. “Thank you.”

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God of Destruction

Words: 7434

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Light Smut. 

Summary: Everything he touches breaks; except for you.

Once upon a time…

There was a witch who fell in love with the King and some say the two were deeply in love. But for the throne and for riches, the King instead married a beautiful girl, a princess of a nearby land. Angered, the witch returned years later and cursed their only son for eternity; an infant whom the town was celebrating the birth of.

She looks at the innocent child in the cradle. “For your father who was willing to give up love for the touch of gold…” She turns to the King, boring eyes into his. “This child that was born a day before the ides; everything that it lays its hands on will be withered, destroyed, turned to dust and ashes.”

The townspeople gathered around the castle hall, screech in horror. “GUARDS!” The King shouts ruthlessly, pointing to the witch. “KILL HER!”

The witch sends a fleeting smile to the King, tears in her eyes as she murmurs past parted lips.

“The only cure…is true love’s death.”

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“Taako’s Fuckin Pissed, The Fanfiction” 

Something like a cover page for one of the best dang TAZ fanfics I’ve read to date, written by @lsunnyc
Luster has been violently killing me for the past few weeks and I couldn’t not draw something for it. There’ll be more stuff in the future (hopefully) but I just wanted to get this one out first. 

HEAD’S UP, the fic has spoilers for the entirety of The Adventure Zone: Balance, and contains some sensitive subject matter but it is SOso damn good.

Love to Watch You Leave

Request: Can you do a scenario where you have work and you wake up and have MAJOR bed head and yongguk tries to help you out and it looks fab

Member: BAP’s Yongguk x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I was lingering in between the strange state of asleep and awake when I felt the ominous feeling of being watched. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to avoid the light streaming into the room and gazed through my lashes. I slowly eased awake, greeted by a shirtless Yongguk, an arm placed beneath his head and a sleepy smile on his face. 

“Good morning beautiful,” he whispered, his raspy morning voice even deeper than his normally low tone. 

“Good morning,” I grumbled, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath in. 

Yongguk took the hand he wasn’t leaning on and slid his fingers slowly up my bare thigh, stopping at my waist to pull me in closer. 

“How’d you sleep?” he hummed into the skin on my shoulder, the vibrations of his deep voice traveling across my skin. 

“Pretty okay,” I smiled. “But I like being awake with you more. What time is it?”

“Seven on the dot,” Yongguk nodded. I groaned, beginning to pull away from his warmth. “Just in time to get ready for work.”

I sat up, attempting to run my hands through my hair before they got stuck. 

“Aish,” I muttered, trying to shake my fingers out of my hair, but having a hard time. “My hair…”

“Mmm the bed head game is strong this morning,” Yongguk chuckled, sitting up as well. 

“I don’t have time for this,” I sighed, dragging myself out of bed and plopping in front of my vanity mirror. I began to line up all of my hair products and stared at them grumpily. 

“Jagi,” Yongguk cooed from the bed. “Let me help.”

“Gukkie,” I groaned. “Our hair types aren’t even beginning to be similar…plus you have like an inch of hair on your head.”

“You know,” he chuckled, standing anyway and moving to stand behind me. “You have no faith in me.”

“I’m too vain to have  you messing me up Yongguk,” I laughed. 

He leaned down slowly, placing his mouth near my ear and said in almost a growl, “Trust me.”

A shiver ran down my spine as I looked at the reflection in the mirror and into Yongguk’s eyes. He set me with a commanding stare. I slowly nodded. 

He reached for a brush in front of me and began gently running it through my hair. Every time he would hit a knot or kink, he would take the pieces in between his fingers and hold them carefully as to not cause any pain. He began humming quietly to himself a tune I had never heard. I closed my eyes, surprisingly enjoying the rhythmic motions of Yongguk’s hands. 

I dozed for a moment, quickly snapping awake as Yongguk’s humming had turned into full fledge singing. 

“Yongguk!” I gasped, opening my eyes and seeing my reflection in the mirror. 

“Hm?” he asked, stopping his singing immediately and placing his hands behind his back. 

“My…my hair,” I choked. I had dozed for what seemed like only a few moments and when I opened my eyes again, things were completely different. 

“…Do…do…do you like it?” Yongguk asked quietly. 

“It looks awesome!” I gasped, turning my head in each direction. Yongguk had taken my unruly locks and smoothed them down, styling my hair in to a tight, simple braid and wrapped it into a bun on my head. 

“I’ve always wanted to style your hair,” Yongguk said, a bright blush crossing his cheeks. “Your hair is so soft…”

“Maybe you should more often!” I gasped, standing and throwing my arms around his neck. I placed a quick kiss on his lips. “You’re a life saver!” 

I moved to back away from Yongguk, but he kept me tight in his arms. 

“Glad to help,” he whispered, leaning down to level his face with mine. 

I smiled, loving it when he leaned down to get on my level. “I have to go to work my love.”

“Are you sure?” he cooed, his voice entirely too enticing for it’s own good. 

“No one would see this masterpiece you did with my hair,” I chuckled. “And wouldn’t that be a tragedy?”

“Mmm, I think the bigger tragedy is having to see you go,” he sighed, releasing his grip. 

I gave him a small smile and edged around him, grabbing my work clothes. His hand landed loudly on my butt, only clad in underwear. “But damn, I love to watch you leave,” he laughed, looking my body up and down, biting his lip. 

“I don’t know if that was cheesy, or sexy,” I laughed, continuing down the hall. 

“Sexy, go with sexy,” Yongguk called behind me, his laugh echoing down the hallway. 

Sure, we’ll go with that.

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mcmartinsci  asked:

what are the best "fake dating" fanfics in your opinion? (or movies, books, tv shows etc...) it's a trope I'm never tired of

uhhhhhh……. why am I blanking so hard


  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
  • The Hunger Games 


  • The Wedding Date
  • The Proposal 
  • Drive Me Crazy
  • Pretty Woman

TV Show

  • B99 2x24 Johnny and Dora does it for 20 seconds
  • It happened a lot on Alias
  • ALSO Chuck it happened a lot on Chuck, actually… what am I saying…. the entire first half of the series is Chuck and Sarah fake dating END ME
    • Chuck is SO IMPORTANT 

Stydia Fics

  • Uhhh I wrote it in a fic called Move Like You’re Stolen for like 20 seconds?
    • HELP

Please feel free to reply to/reblog this post and add movies/tv shows/fics/books, etc

a guide to asking your best friend on a date - a stormpilot fanfic;

Well, more like “what not to do while trying to ask your best friend on a date.” Poe was certain there had to be a more effective way.

A high school AU in which Poe struggles to ask Finn out. It’s harder than it sounds. 

Poe had never had so much trouble asking someone out in his entire life.

It wasn’t like he did it a whole lot, to be fair. He’d had his fair share of giddy, hand-holding, kissing behind the bleachers affairs, yes, but it wasn’t often that he found himself having to formally ask the object of his affections to go on a date with him. His relationships often developed naturally; starting with rosy cheeked flirting, leading to walking each other to class, hanging out at each other’s houses after school. Most of these little affairs were short lived, to be sure, but they were fun and easy.

Trying to ask Finn out was decidedly not easy in the slightest.

Read it right here on AO3.

To Hell and Back - Daryl Dixon & Negan Imagine

Part 2

request: This isn’t really a Carl one, but your like the best fanfic person on Tumbler I know! Could you do one where your dating Daryl, and Negan likes you. He has Daryl locked up and Y/N ends up killing Negan and Dwight to save Daryl/the others. Thanks!

a/n: heyo pals! i have no plans today, so i’m gonna try to knock out some of my requests that have been building up. (requests are always open btw) this is just part 1!! i don’t this request could be done in just one short chapter, so i will be continuing it

The woods were dark, and your mind was racing as you walked quickly to the Sanctuary. Negan had held Daryl captive for too long. You were sick of missing him, and you needed to make sure he was okay. Fallen branches snapped beneath your feet, interrupting the silence that was cast over the night sky. The Sanctuary was in view. You made sure to stay  hidden behind the bushes and trees to make sure you were safe from any wandering Saviors. 

You weren’t stupid, and neither were they. There was no way they were just going to let you in. As you heard the sound of an engine from behind you, you came up with a plan. You picked up some dirt from the ground and smudged it on your face and body. You made yourself visible from the road and flagged down the man driving the truck. 

“Hey, I went out on a run a few days ago and the car got overrun. Give me a lift?” The man driving the car seemed dumb enough to fall for your act, and let you climb in the back with two other men and all the supplies. 

“You look like you’ve been to Hell and back,” one of the men remarked, eyeing you up and down. 

“Thanks,” you sarcastically quipped, stepping away from him. As you made your way to the back of the truck, a small collection of guns came into view. You sat down on a wooden crate, attempting to act casual. The two men sat on the edge of the truck, facing away from you. You quietly leaned back and picked up the smallest gun you could find, tucking it into your belt and covering it with your shirt. Man, these guys were dumbasses

You easily made it into the Sanctuary, staring out the back of the truck to remember the pathway so you and Daryl could get out easily. You helped the men unload the truck, trying to act as if you belonged there. Once the truck was unloaded, you followed the men into the giant factory. You found a clipboard with some papers attached to it and a pen, and you wandered around, occasionally jotting something down to appear busy. That’s when you saw him.

Daryl was across the room, wearing a gray sweatsuit with an orange ‘A’ spray painted on his chest. He was mopping what appeared to be a blood stain off the ground. You held eye contact with him for a moment, but continued walking around to make sure nobody grew suspicious. Out of nowhere, everyone dropped to their knees. You followed, lowering your head to make sure nobody recognized you. 

Negan walked through the kneeling people with Dwight following behind him. You carefully watched where they went, and as soon as he left the room and everyone stood up, you followed them. 

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Why You Should Read: Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also.

okay so i just finished reading churchofyourcurves carmilla harry potter au and i honestly dont know why i just read this now

SO if you dont know what to read and you’re finding out reasons why you should read this amazingly good fanfic, here you go:

  • hollstein are best friends awww
  • fake dating! zeta society
  • Seeker! Lafontaine and Beater! Perry omg
  • quidditch captain! kirsch oh my
  • it has  52863 hits in AO3 holy 1698
  • TO ALL LAFERRY SHIPPERS: BE PREPARED FOR CHAPTER 39 OH MY GOD it hurt me in the best way possible
  • Scooby Gang shenanigans heck yea
  • honestly one of the best carmilla fics i’ve read
  • just….just watch out for drunk! danny.
  • bro, its a harry potter au
  • carmilla’s dad is just….oh my god :-( :)
  • carmilla and elsie are my brotp ok
  • also will is a lil dickshit asshole
  • “Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.” LAURA U LIL SHIT
  • “I don’t know, I guess I just find it hard to believe that you could ever be someone’s second choice.” *pained animal sounds*
  • its an emotional rollercoaster
  • it has lots of angst and fluff
  • speaking of angst, some chapters will fuck u up man
  • and also speaking of fluff, some chapters will make you feel things i swear
  • its just
  • its really really good ok
To Hell and Back (Part 2) - Daryl Dixon & Negan Imagine

Part 1

request: This isn’t really a Carl one, but your like the best fanfic person on Tumbler I know! Could you do one where your dating Daryl, and Negan likes you. He has Daryl locked up and Y/N ends up killing Negan and Dwight to save Daryl/the others. Thanks!

a/n: this is gory and cheesy as hell bc i’m a noob please don’t hate me

You followed Dwight and Negan down the dark hallway, unsure of what you were going to do or where you were going. You stayed far enough behind them so they wouldn’t be able to tell you were there, but close enough for you to keep an eye on them. 

The hall met at an intersection, and Dwight and Negan went in different directions. You followed Negan, until you realized he was going into his bedroom. You quietly turned around and tried to back away, but Negan’s voice boomed through the halls.  

“Come on out, sweetheart. I know you’re there.” You stopped walking away and turned to face him. “I’m not gonna hurt ya’.” 

You slowly walked towards him. Your guard was up. You knew you were never truly safe in his presence. He grinned at you, urging you to follow him into his room. He closed the door behind you and sighed. “Ya’ from Rick’s group?”

You nodded. “Why haven’t you killed me?”

“Damn! You sure know how to kill a mood!” Negan exclaimed. “I haven’t killed you because I think you’re valuable. How the hell’d you get in this place?”

“Your men are stupid,” you scoffed. “It’s a miracle they’re still alive.” 

Negan shook his head and looked at the ground. “You are unbelievable. I don’t scare you?”

He did. You were terrified, but he couldn’t know that. “It takes a lot to scare me.”

Someone knocked on the door. It was opened, and Daryl walked in carrying a tray of fruit with Dwight following him. Daryl’s eyes went wide, and his face became even more pale than it already was. He looked sick and malnourished, like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. The change in Daryl’s expression didn’t go unnoticed by Negan. 

“You know him?” Negan asked, nodding at Daryl and standing up. 

“I mean, we lived in the same community,” you lied. “I know who he is.”

Relief overcame Negan’s eyes. Was he really concerned about you and Daryl? Without thinking, you grabbed the barbed wire-wrapped bat and hit Negan in the back of his head, sending him to the ground. Daryl hit Dwight over the head with the fruit tray, shattering the glass as he did so. 

Dwight and Negan were tough, though. One hit wasn’t enough to knock them out. That’s all you needed. If you could get them to stay on the ground, you could kill them. Daryl seemed to be caught up in taking care of Dwight, while you focused on hitting Negan with the same bat that killed your friends. 

Negan had blood all over him, and you finally were snapped back to reality when you heard Daryl yell. Dwight had taken one of the shards of glass and sliced Daryl’s arm. 

You ran to Daryl’s side, pulling your knife from your belt and grabbing Dwight’s hair. Your blade was pushed into his skull. That was when you felt the gun. It was pressed to the side of your head. 

“I can’t believe you did that,” Negan said. “In most circumstances, I would find that pretty hot. But, Lucille thinks differently than I do.”

By this point, Daryl was shaking. His deep cut was spilling blood all over the carpet. “I’m gonna kill you,” Daryl mumbled. 

“You move a muscle and I’ll put a bullet in her head.” Negan tightened his grip on you.

‘Kill him’ you mouthed to Daryl. ‘Kill him.’

You didn’t give a damn if you died. Negan had to die to ensure the safety of everyone back in Alexandria. 

‘Kill him.’

“I’ll stay with you.” The words were out of your mouth before you could really process what you were saying. “Let him go. I’ll stay with you, and you can kill me, or do whatever the hell you want.”

Negan loosened his grip on you a little, and you used that to your advantage. You quickly spun around and grabbing the gun, and wasting no time shooting him in the head. His body fell to the ground with a thud, and your ears rang with the echoing sound of the bullet. 

Daryl was at your side in a moment. “We gotta go.” And with that, you made your way out of the Sanctuary. 

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The Trouble with Faking It - 12

Summary: Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. CaptainSwan.

Rating: M

Also on FF or Ao3

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]


Emma does her best to steer clear of him for the next few days. It’s strange, living with Killian but not seeing him. She knows his training schedule with David. She intentionally works around it, leaving the house early and only returning when he’s due to be elsewhere.

She runs on the beach. She attends yoga classes. She reads books in coffee shops, hiding behind sunglasses with a hat crammed over her hair. She hikes Runyon and the trails around Griffith Park. She tries to exhaust herself, praying perhaps that tonight will be the night she’s tired enough to not lay awake, listening for him outside her door in spite of telling herself she doesn’t want him to be there.

She avoids him.

But she can’t keep it up forever. He’s supposed to be off with David improving his horseback riding skills on a ranch an hour outside of town, but she hears the two of them on the back patio as she walks into the house. Their laughter drifts through the windows open to the warm afternoon, and she’s drawn to it.

She misses Killian’s laugh.

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The Trouble with Faking It - 16

Summary: Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. CaptainSwan.

Rating: M

Also on FF or Ao3

[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] [ 14 ] [ 15 ]

Graphic is courtesy of the oh so talented and lovely alelopezg 


She’s whining today, and she knows it. She should stop. It’s really not very mature of her, but she’s loathe to give up the perfectly comfortable spot in the sun with a Killian-shaped pillow. “Five more minutes,” she mumbles into his shoulder.

She feels the vibration of his low chuckle as much as she hears it. “Were it left to me, darling, I wouldn’t leave this spot until you requested it. But Regina and company will be here at any moment, and you’ve not showered yet.”

Emma scowls, finally lifting her cheek from his warm skin. They’ve had a lazy morning by the pool, leaving their shared lounge chair only long enough to cool off when the sun became too hot. “Isn’t it sort of ridiculous that the woman who hired me to pretend to date you is the same one we don’t want to know we’re really together?”

He smiles, threading his fingers into her tangled hair. “Aye, a bit ridiculous. Dave said…” He hesitates, his eyes avoiding hers for a split second before he finishes his thought. “Dave said we should tell her for the sole purpose of irritating her as much as she irritates us.”

“Dave said?”

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