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Every Destiel AU Ever

- Castiel? Weird name. Your family must be Christians or love Angels a lot.

- Oops, I just called you Cas. You don’t mind right? Cuz Castiel is such a MOUTHFUL and I like to shorten people’s names. (But you’re surprised cuz nobody’s ever called u Cas lmao)

- You don’t know Led Zeppelin? Dude, impossible!!! Gotta make you listen to some then.

- Oh and meet my brother Sam. Y'all would get along bcuz ya know, NERDS.

- You don’t get along with your family except Gabriel/Anna/Balthazar? Lol I hate my Dad. (My mom died btw)

- I showed you my Baby and you liked her. ;)

- You’re family is probably rich and your house is huge, but you say it’s not your money, it’s your parents lol.

- OMG you’re eyes are so blue!!!
(And my eyes are so green!!)

- One of us notices the way the other frickin’ MOANS when the other eats pie/hamburger.

- I jacked off to the thought of you.

- I like you but I don’t know if you are into dudes/in a relationship with someone else or I don’t wanna ruin our friendship or I’m NOT GAY ffs. (And this might lead to a number of chapters of misunderstanding/miscommunication until our mutual friends tell us otherwise haha :)

- We finally discovered the truth! We are both IDIOTS. Let’s get together!

- Top or Bottom tho? (The sex could come in anytime during the fic cuz UST)

- The End (best Destiel fanfic eva)

P/s: it’s on ao3
The Best naruHINA FanFic eva

H “I’ve always been by your side Naruto, I love you”
N “you were, why didn’t you ever tell me?”
H “yes i was the first to understand your pain, though i didn’t help you i was too shy”
N “well that’s understandable how could you possibly be expected to make one tiny little interaction with me throughout the 12 years where i was lonely and depressed. this changes everything, you cared about me first therefore you win my heart. It doesn’t matter if you actually helped me at all or made a positive impact on my lonely young life, all that matters is you were first. Screw Iruka, he made me feel loved for the first time since i can rememberbut i bet you loved me way before he did and team 7, the stupid bonds of friendship and companionship we have doesn’t hold any meaning to me any more and suddenly i think Sakura is a bitch and i don’t love her. Hinata you are the only one for me. Join my team we’ll kick Sakura out, she can go with your old team Kiba and Bugboy, Kiba is kind of like me and Shino is quiet so he’s kind of like Sasuke, ShinoSaku is canon. Problem solved they will never be meantioned in this story again”
H “Oh Naruto I’m so glad you understand, I’ve always watched you for so many years, while you were training and i was suppose to be, in the academy, from behind trees”
N “hahha how sweet”
H “while you were sleeping”
N “oh…”
H “and in the shower, also in the bath house”
N “…cute… um….”
H “when you were in the hospital i sat by your bed every night while you slept, I threw out flowers left by anyone but me”
N “…thank you…”
H “we are going to be so happy together, living in the Hyuuga compound and i am the heiress, Hanabi mysteriously doesn’t exist any more”
N “who?”
H “exactly, and now lets get married happily ever after and then this fic can finally get the the Smut section”
N “rated M”
H “I’m pregnant Naruto”
N “I’m so happy, i’m going to be a dad now this fic is all fluff and cutesy again… wait what is the time frame of this fic… how old are w-”
H “It doesn’t matter we’re in love, married and have a baby on the way”
N “I don’t even remember the wedding”
H “Shhh shhhhhh the baby is sleeping”
N “what’s going on!? when was the baby even born what?”
H “His name is MinatoJiraiyaNeji-kun he is the juubi’s container and has the byakugan, rinnegan and sharingan”
N “how did he get the sharin-!”
H “we also have a daughter named Yuki (WHO THE AUTHOR IS TOTALLY NOT USING AS A SELF INSERT) she’s funny, clumsy and super kawaii. all the boys in town love her she also has the byakugan, rinnegan and sharingan as well as her own eye jutsu that allows her to control peoples minds (but not like that bitch InoPIG cause Yuki can control over a million billion people at once)”
N “all the boys… what she was just born what’s happening, where is this fanfiction going i’m confused”
H “haha oh Naruto-kun your silly random outburst are great comical relief. Now come on we’re getting sent on a mission by Tsunade, Let’s go”
N “what”

Tell me guys are there any actual fanfictions out there that are worse than this thing i just created, if so i’d have a real good laugh reading them, so send them my way.