best fan army ftw

I think you Aliens are too hard on yourselves.

Sure, this fandom does fight a lot. It does have a lot of unnecessary arguments and disproportional drama. People do say horrible things to each other and to the boys. There are many bad things that could be avoided, a lot of negativity in some parts and a good deal of immaturity. But you see, from my point of view, it is normal.

Think of a family. Your family. Is it perfect? Are people always smiling and saying nice things to each other over the perfect breakfast, complimenting each other and being overall supportive? I honestly think not. My family will never be like this, and I do love them very much and I do consider them a great family. But we’re always arguing, and the more we cohabit it actually only gets worse. The more I get to be with my family members, the chances we get into a fight rise dramatically. Because we’re different, and different people tend to argue, and we’re very close, and we tend to fight more with people we’re close to.

Aliens, like a family, are very close to each other. We tag something with the words ‘Tokio Hotel’ and there, all Aliens see. Most Aliens follow other Aliens’ blogs. Most Aliens I follow also follow each other. It’s like cohabiting, you know. It’s very much like sharing a roof. Everything everyone says is seen, commented, retorted by everyone else. And it results in arguing, in fights.

Well, that’s ok. That’s normal. People think differently. People are different. Like, my sister and I are total opposites. I can’t think of someone more different than me, in every single opinion. As a result, we argue. A lot. All the time. But I still love her deeply, and I look out for her, and when things go bad, I turn to her for help and advice. Every time we have a family crisis, we team up for the greater good and forget our differences.

Aliens are the same. Every time the boys need their help, to win a contest or to support their music, they all unite, and become so powerful! Best Fan Army for the third consecutive time, it must count for something! It must! Aliens fight among themselves, but when they team up, they do get the job done. Just like a family.

The rest of it… it’s just bickering, most of it out of sheer boredom, in my point of view. Remember, we only fight with the ones we love. (:

Congratulations, Aliens, for the Best Fan Army FTW. You earned it!