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God I love both of them so much. what losers.

Sun Signs

Your BASIC traits.

Aries: A natural born leader, willing to try anything. Usually takes on more than they can handle because they think they can handle it. Will not take no for an answer. Dramatic af. Likes making jokes, but doesn’t like when people make jokes about them.

Taurus: Stubborn but hates admitting it. Protective of their family, always willing to help. Can appear a bit pretentious at times. The best sense of humor, and quite an overachiever. A bit insecure when it comes to falling in love.

Gemini: The best communicators of the zodiac. They have a lot of dreams and overwhelm themselves with wanting to achieve all of them. Really sarcastic but usually with good intentions. Can be pushy. Loves learning new things.

Cancer: Emotional as hell, but also so much more than that. Incredibly family oriented. Can appear a bit selfish but it’s only because they think they know what is best for everyone. Usually hella organized. More of a perfectionist than any other sign. They remember every tiny detail about you. Loves cuddling.

Leo: Can come off a bit prideful. Hates showing weakness in any form, likely not a mushy person in the slightest. VERY business savvy, incredible common sense. One of the best senses of humor of the whole zodiac. Constantly moving on to the next best thing. Loves spoiling their friends.

Virgo: The smartest of the zodiac. These people are the most likely to obsess on things. Not actually all neat freaks! Usually quite cluttered. Can be slightly controlling but it’s only because they want to see those they love succeed. Gives out too many chances.

Libra: Is happiest when they’re taking care of those they love. Is usually the center of attention in a crowd, whether they mean to be or not. Struggles sharing deep emotions but wants to help you with yours. One of the biggest dreamers.

Scorpio: Not all of them are moody and dark, but all are intense. Usually thinks about intimacy more than they let on. Can be selfish but usually unintentionally. Masters of manipulation. You can always tell a Scorpio by their eyes.

Sagittarius: Like all fire signs, constantly on the move. A bit restless. Uses humor to disguise their feelings. Likely has unusual options and enjoys taboo things. Love is the most confusing thing to them. Can turn from hot to cold in a relationship in an instant.

Capricorn: Can be found making people laugh. Doesn’t like talking about their feelings, but gets upset if they feel you don’t care enough to ask. Never forgets those they love, holds on to things they learn from their relationships. Tough love is their thing. Ambitious but can take their sweet time getting there.

Aquarius: Often labeled as the weird ones, but one of the smarter signs. Loves learning. Obsessed with love but struggles with it. A natural flirt at all times. Can be incredibly detached and insensitive at times. Doesn’t mind looking silly at times to make people laugh.

Pisces: Uses sarcasm and often makes jokes that are surprisingly dark. Loves working with their hands. Emotional, and is usually the sign that is the most hard on themselves. Very smart and only happy if they’re doing something they love career wise.

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 

Emma Carstairs: A Legend

• saved the blackthorn children while simultaneously driving a dagger directly into Sebastian’s heart during the invasion of the Los Angeles Institute at the age of 12
• helped the mains in TMI find Sebastian even when no one at the Clave took her trial with the Mortal Sword seriously
• lowkey is the reason why the Mortal War ended
• a big sister figure to the four youngest Blackthorn’s: cuddling Tavvy when he has nightmares and picking up stuff for the Blackthorn family when she shops
• helps Jules explain things like sex and periods and other ways of life to the younger Blackthorn’s
• knows her place in the blackthorn household and even chose a room in a different corridor
• dedicated five years to knowing the truth behind her parents deaths spending every dime she had on clues from the shadow market and was still willing to give it up if it hurt the blackthorn family
• being unapologetically confident in her sexuality
• takes a whipping that could easily kill a mundane for her parabatai and Mark Blackthorn
• shows up the Unseelie King in .45 seconds even after being manipulated and specifically chosen because he thinks women are weak and easily defeated
• being the best Shadowhunter of her [all] time
• a feminist badass basically
• quick witted asf and not afraid to tell her superiors that she literally fucks with no one
• plotted against the man who hurt her best friend by trapping him on top of a colony of fire ants
• has some of the best and most underrated lines in the books
• kills one of the seven riders which is unheard of in all of history
• helps Julian burn down a stone building and also heals him after being shot with a poison arrow
• destroys the mortal sword which shatters into pieces

1. you will lose friends over time,
2. you’ll gain a few back though
3. most of them are just there to have a laugh with, that’s okay
4. for those you do have more than meaningful conversations with, keep them
5. because if people find a way to your soul, they are meant to be there
6. Family will always stay family, you do not have any obligations towards them though
7. make the best of every situation, make sure you can leave with pride.
8. if the people who are supposed to love you don’t really show it, show it to yourself.
9. Being your own best friend is not always the best thing but it sure can help you out a lot
10. If you love someone, tell them.
11. Share what’s going on inside your head, it won’t make it go away, but believe me, it’ll be less heavy
12. Sometimes things happen to you and you don’t really know why, it’s okay, you don’t always need to know everything. Let it go, you’ll figure it out along the way
13. sometimes the biggest changes lead to your best self, it is scary but you’ll gain a lot
14. never stop figuring yourself out
15. keep learning from others
16. stay focused on your goal, it’s hard and somedays will feel like the end of the world but tomorrow is just a new beginning.
17. It’s okay if you stay in bed
18. but try to at least shower, it’ll be something really energie-taking but i promise you, it’ll make you feel better
19. being 20 years of age really says nothing, it’s in the way you approach things and your additude towards the world
20. be yourself, be more yourself than you have ever been, fuck what others think. Be you, be you, be you, be you.
21. You got this
22. You got this
23. You got this.
—  2017 advice for myself

Shay Mitchell says playing a queer character in “Pretty Little Liars” was “the best part.”

❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

“That’s the best part. That was definitely the best part out of everything. I’ve had guys and girls come up to me and say, “Thanks to your character, I came out to my friends and family.” That means more to me than anything. The fact that I got to play this character that I had so much fun with and we got to be on an entertaining show that’s one thing, but to have a small impact on people’s lives in that way… Words can’t explain. That’s just awesome.”

How to become a good student (again) 1: Slow down to speed up

Hello, fellow ex-good-student! 

If you’re anything like me, you feel this immense pressure on your shoulders, yes? You want to be good, you want to succed, you want to know more, but somehow -… somehow it just ain’t enough to actually get you to do something? Until the very last minute, that is, when all the pressure comes rushing down like a waterfall?

Ah, or perhaps that stress has driven you over the edge and you have achieved the next stage: being so stressed that you’re oddly calm again and nothing really fazes you anymore? Perhaps you have cynically accepted that this is just who you are now? Perhaps you say:

But somehow you fail to say it proudly. Somehow you’re just really unhappy with the state of things, but feel like you don’t give enough of a fuck to really change anything? 
Yes? Well, then this is the post for you!

Let me start with three observations that are less obvious than you might think: 

1) “Naturally” good students (NGS, so people, like you and me, who didn’t have to learn how to be good at school, but kinda slipped into it) are good thinkers. 

2) Good thinkers like to think.

3) Good thinkers are trouble-shooters. 

Got these three ideas lined up? Alright, let’s move on.

These two attitudes above, where do you think they come from? I’d argue it’s disillusionment. 

See, when I got to uni, I thought it would be like school - just WAY better. That would mean professors who fit their programmes around me, personally, who help my mind become sharper by letting it battle against just the right problems and getting taught how to really get to the bottom of life, to face the really Big Ideas, the Final Problems, the Why is the universe the way it is?s.
Instead, it turns out, uni is like summer holidays - just WAY worse. No one fits anything to you, personally, no one picks out just the right problems, no one connects subjects in just the way you’d like it. You’re thrown into a maelstrom of ideas and it’s up to you to do whatever the hell you’d like with them. You’re on your own, but not in the hero vs. bad guy-way, but it in the loner in a crowd-way. 

You quickly realize, uni is just a slightly filtered version of life in all its random glory and sadness. And I think that any student, anywhere, can have this epiphany at any given moment. You don’t need uni to suddenly look life in the eye and be overwhelmed by how sublime, how overwhelmingly huge it is and to realize: There’s no end goal (we know of). Just loads of open ends. An overwhelming amount of open ends, really. 

Now, what do I mean when I say that NGS (”naturally” good students) are trouble-shooters? I mean that we’re good at working well within systems. 
We like to be fed input, to take it apart, to analyze it and to see how you could perfect it even further. That’s why so many of us are drawn to video games or TV series or fictional worlds with their own reward system. We like to figure out patterns. That’s also why we were so good at school - school is a fairly easy system. 
Once you’ve seen through which lessons will be important for a test, once you notice how teachers stress certain things more than others, once you notice you really only need to pay attention in class and you’ll spare yourself so much trouble, once you notice that doing your homework actually does help, once you notice these few pillars of school, you’re set, man. 

I’d like to compare this to thinking on two different levels: a life-level (where you actually do stuff) and a meta-level (where you think about doing the stuff). My preferred analogy for this is a cube.

Ideally, you first figure out the shape of the cube (meta-level) and, once you’re comfortably settled into the system, you work within it (life-level). I’d say that most people operate this way, but NGS are …a little obsessed with this. The basic idea is that the system must first be perfect (or perfectly understood) before it is implemented, so it runs smoothly.  
This is what I mean when I say we’re trouble-shooters. We detect the trouble ahead of time and pew, pew, pew. And, as I said, this works with video games. And books. And school. And subjects. But life? Life looks a little more like this:

No one’s (yet) succeeded to fit life into this box. 
“But”, a little voice inside you says, “But I can try!” (and another, more smug voice, says “And who’s to say I’m not the one to succeed anyway?”)
And, well, I’ve got good news for you! You’ve already tried! That’s why you’re here. In limbo. 

You and I both, we’ve tried to figure out the perfect recipe for life. We tried to figure out when to best get up, when to best go to sleep, what the perfect conditions for studying are, what best to study in the first place, what artsy pursuits to keep doing to flex creativity, but to also focus on practical things and how to figure out the whole family and friends-thing and schedule it somewhere in between and maybe write a book or two. You’ve tried to create the box. I’ve tried to create the box. We both failed.
Let me show you a highly artistic representation of what your brain has looked like lately: 

Okay, fine, I’ll invest a bit more time:

There, that’s your mind. Pulling in every single direction. Is it really a surprise that you’re not going anywhere? Y’know this meme?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a whiny voice at the back of your head going “But picking fewer battles is defeat! I’m sure I’ll conquer it somehow!”
Well, then, let me mindslap you with the cold, hard truth: No. What you’re doing right now, that’s defeat. 


This is DEFEAT. You’re not going anywhere and you’re disrespecting yourself, your mind and the subjects you’re interacting with by spending a fraction of a thought on them. You’re just using them as stepping stones. They deserve better. You deserve better. That’s why you fail to say it proudly. You know that, at some point, you looked at the big, huge mess that is life, realized “I won’t figure this out” and said “Well, I’ll stop trying, I guess.”

I’ll talk more about this in my “Yearn for friendship”-post, but for now, the main take-away is:

You won’t be done with figuring out life any time soon.

So, don’t think “I want to be done with this.”

Think “I want to be doing this.”

Step out of the meta-level into the life-level. It’s okay not to perfectly understand life right now. You’ll figure it out.Trust me, you’ll figure it out. But only by doing things.

Because, see, NGS may be trouble-shooters, but the trouble-shooting isn’t the fun part. It’s the first step to entering a magical world with which you can interact, be it maths, or Middle Earth, or a birthday party. 
We like to think. 
And you’ve been depriving yourself of the fun of thinking by thinking you have to do it in a perfect way. 

“But what if it’s not perfect?”
That’s okay. You’ll get better. And something imperfect that’s striving to be good is always better than nothing at all. Some things you figure out by doing. Life is one of those things. Imagine you’re in a dark street and you want to illuminate it. You can either miserably sit in darkness and try to figure out a way to turn on all lights at once, or you can start with one and let the sight of snowflakes or petals welling up underneath it give you strength for the next. Allow yourself little successes. Allow yourself to have fun with imperfect things. Make the first step. Let it give you strength for the next.”

“But what if I lose time?”

“Be patient. Life will literally last all your life. This is as much time as you’re ever gonna get. Allow yourself to take this time and to take it slow. Again: think not about getting it done, but about the joy of doing it. Time spent doing the thing you love is never lost time. Put the pressure of your shoulders. Trust me, if you take it slow, your brain will speed up because it has breathing room.
Let me repeat this:
If you take it slow
your brain will speed up.

So, allow your brain to think like this:

(or at least like this:

Be patient. I cannot stress this enough. Be. Patient.
Time is not your enemy that you have to outrace. Time is your partner, whom you have to trust. Time helps you to grow. Time helps you to understand. Time literally helps you to BE. 
For me, the phrase that really struck a chord with me somehow was
I will grow as my hair did”, because it a) shows how long it can take for tiny changes to become visible, and how b) they do become visible in the end.)

“But I don’t want to completely lose my grip on the meta-level! I don’t just want to blindly run into one direction!”

“I get you. So did I. So here’s what I did: I made a pact with myself. 
On the 25th of every month (because my birthday is on the 25th, but pick whichever day you like best), I ascend to the meta-level and critically assess my own situation. 
I exit the cube and check if I like what the cube looks like right now. 
No? Okay, time to introduce some big changes. 
Yes? Okay, carry on as before. 
I actually wrote down basic rules for what life in the cube looks like (when to do laundry, etc.), so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the month and let me tell you, it works great. During the month, I just let my mind slice and dice away (I’ll talk more about the mind as a weapon in the next post) and once a month, I check if I like the results. For me, at least, it’s the perfect arrangement. 

So, be patient. And watch Hyouka - it’s about this very struggle and the MC slowly realizes that, sometimes, it’s worth to spend energy, mind-power and time on certain things. Some things… just take time. And that’s okay.

Grow as your hair does.

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(Part 2)

Why losing a best friend can hurt the same or ever worse than any romantic relationship

Sometimes the bond between the two of you is stronger than words can describe
She was my ride or die
We were always together and when we weren’t it didn’t feel right

Friendships usually last longer than most romantic relationships and you aren’t told that friendships end as well
I never saw us parting because we were two peas in a pod
We were basically sisters and family doesn’t quit on eachother
But that’s the thing
We didn’t
We just faded
We grew in two separate directions that sometimes have cross streets
But that’s not enough
I want to grow on our own but have every cross street possible
I don’t want our roads to be parallel
I want them to come back together at some point
I miss you so much and I hope you miss me too

A lot of times you can get over a breakup because the relationship wasn’t that long or you can convince yourself that they were a horrible person deep down
But we all know our former best friend was the best freaking person to walk the planet
That’s why we loved them so much

So thank you, my former best friend, for showing me what it means to be a great person. For showing me how to love other people as much as I love my family. If you ever see this please know you can always call me. Because family is forever.

—  An open letter to my former(ex) best friend

don’t try and tell me lance isn’t the kind of person who has like 400 pictures of his loved ones in his wallet though 


When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.
When he offers you a puff of his cigarette, say no, go home.
When your crush kisses you at a party and says he sees a future with you, do not proceed to kiss his best friend, no matter how drunk you are.
When the girl with no friends sits at your lunch table, do not get up and leave.
When he pulls up outside of your house in the middle of the night and claims that if you don’t come outside then he’s coming in, lock the windows, lock the doors, wake your father.
When your high school gym teacher puts his hands on your waist, pins you to the wall and whispers in your ear, do not take this as a compliment, do not turn red, call the headmaster, call his wife.
When the boy on the football team takes you to the attic and pins you down until you agree to have sex with him, explain that you’d rather kick him in the balls.
Then kick him in the balls.
When they say you remind them of Kendall Jenner, laugh, thank them, do not turn red.
When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.
When your English teacher publically mocks you for confusing verbs and nouns, do not cuss him out, do not turn red.
When you lose your virginity, make sure it’s with someone you love.
When your best friend tells you she’s been opening her wrists, hide her razors, pour out the vodka, take her in your arms. Every time.
When you fail a test that you didn’t study for, learn from your mistakes.
When you fail a test that you did study for, do not beat yourself up over it.
When he leaves you for a girl with skinnier legs, let it sting for a while but don’t let it kill you. Never let it kill you.
When you crash your first car, apologise to your parents.
When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.
When your math teacher threatens to call the headmaster if you don’t remove your bright red nail polish, show him how neatly you painted your middle finger.
When the most popular boy in school corners you at a party and whispers in your ear calling you a tease, do not just stand there, do not turn red.
When you and your brother’s best friend fall in love, don’t hide it from your family.
When your brother’s best friend moves across the world to pursue his dreams, let him go, let your heart heal.
When your brother’s best friend moves back a year later with tanned skin and a new tattoo, smile, ask him how his trip was, make sure you’re wearing a push up bra.
When the head chef at your first job kisses your neck in the stock cupboard, push him off, slap him, do not accept it, do not wait.
When the policewoman claims you were driving recklessly, accept the fine, accept the license points, do not fight back.
When he laughs at the way you pronounce the letter R, leave him.
When he pushes you down and refuses to take no for an answer, leave him.
When he litters bruises around your body with his once caring hands, leave him.
Do not regret this.
Do not turn red.
When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.

—  everything wish i’d done the first time around

Do you have any friends or family who have gone missing recently? Been feeling hostile eyes staring at you while alone frolicking in the woods? 

Well, good news! 

We here at The ‘Tater understand your fears and have come up with a handy-dandy list of everything you need to know to keep you and your loved ones safe® from the returned Dark Lord Morgoth! 

(Oh, and all those symptoms? Definitely due to Morgoth’s interference. Not our fault, I promise!) 


It’s Spring, the flowers are finally blooming now that the Sun is here, and birds are chirping in the woods. We get it. You want to frolic. So does your significant other or one night stand. But is getting a helping hand worth the eternity of pain and suffering you both will feel after Morgoth captures you? We think not. 


Look, we understand. “Orcs were once Elves!” “They didn’t have a choice!” “Maybe they aren’t fully corrupted!” “Aunty Mindi, is that you?” and so on and so on. 

The question here is, do you think that the chance of you maybe being the one exception for redeeming an Orc* is comparable to the chances of you dying a horrible death or worse? No? Then stab those Orcs like there’s no tomorrow! Otherwise, for you, there won’t be. 


They have centuries of experience fighting with Morgoth! And if most of them happen to be over minor civic infractions, at least it’s better than ten thousand years of absence! 

So go out, find your friendly neighborhood Feanorian warrior, and trust in them to guide you to a new and better tomorrow! It’s either them or the Orcs


We’re not saying you can never head in any direction that is vaguely North, just that you are more likely to run into Orc patrols or other assorted nastiness the further North you go. You’re better off leaving the Northern defence to your friendly new Noldorin neighbors! 

Recruits can sign up at the fortress of Himring. Armor and survival not included. 


…or old friends suddenly showing up, or strange malformed humanoids claiming to be from the Southeast. You never know who has been influenced by the Dark Lord! Do not trust “escapees,” no matter how trustworthy or traumatized they seem, and definitely do take everything with a grain of salt!

(protip: if it’s ugly, it’s probably the Enemy!) 


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can’t help being captured, kidnapped, or otherwise inconvenienced. When that happens, you should do your best to defend your friends and family who are still free. Lie to your captors and sabotage their best efforts. If you can, pretend to be an Orc until you can escape. Definitely do warn the local populace about these unfriendly invaders encroaching upon their territory and make sure you have not been secretly suborned by the Dark Lord or his many minions. 

And remember, an honorable death fighting against the Dark Lord’s hordes is a much preferable fate to the shame of living under his shriveled, burnt fist! 

“I can guarantee that these are completely factual and useful pieces of advice,” local scientist and shapeshifting demigod Gorthaur the Cruel said when asked for comment. “The Dark Lord is never going to see through any of this, and neither are his Orcs. So definitely do follow this advice!” 

Orcs, escapees, and the Dark Lord Morgoth were not asked for comment. 


*It is not you, unless you’ve previously shown exemplary persuasive skills or the favor of the Valar. 


LaF not letting Perry change how they feel about their identity is very important 

Six Reasons Why You’re (going to be) Okay
  1. A late assignment is not the end of your academic career. If something is late, it’s late. Whatever caused it to be late is in the past - go talk to your teacher now, and figure out what to do to fix it. Sometimes, they won’t even take off points if you explain what happened.
  2. A failed class can be retaken. If you fail a class, it sucks. It really does. However, classes can be retaken. That’s the beauty of them. You’ll do a lot better the second time, I promise.
  3. Small animals exist and would love you to pet them. It doesn’t have to be now. It doesn’t have to be soon! But find some type of small animal and pet it. Shelters have lots! Volunteering at a shelter is a good way to rack up both good vibes and release stress.
  4. You’re important to someone. It may not be someone you expect, either. Maybe it’s someone who sees you around and has a crush that they’ll never mention. Maybe it’s a teacher who believes that you can do your best. Maybe it’s a family member or acquaintance who isn’t very good at showing affection. Hell, if no one else, you’re important to me.
  5. No one judges you harder than yourself. You’re going to take all your mistakes harder than anyone else. Think about how you’d feel if your best friend made the mistake you just made - would you mock them or constantly talk about the mistake, or would you be kind and drop the subject? You are your OWN best friend. No one is going to take better care of yourself than you.
  6. Ten years from now, you’ll be great at whatever you’re upset about today. I was always upset at my lack of social skills when I was younger. I wouldn’t say I’m amazing now, but I can hold a conversation with a stranger at the desk where I work without breaking into hives, which is a huge improvement. I had the weirdest intonation when I was younger, and now I sing okay. Young Me would have thought Current Me was a witch, though, skill-level-wise. Keep at it, whatever you’re trying to improve. It’s going to get better as long as you care about it.
Close as Strangers: Chapter 9

Close as Strangers: Chapter 9

Word count: 4.4k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

Sorry this is kind of late. Anyway, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Hope you enjoy, let me know if you’re still reading. haha :)

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When you woke up you heard singing from your shower and you knew exactly who it was. You jumped up hearing Yoongi sing, Skin by Mac Miller. You pressed your ear against the door, tears welling in your eyes. Man, you had missed your best friend and it had only been one day. Then again it had felt a lot longer than that. You were so busy with Jungkook that you hadn’t been paying as much attention to Yoongi, not as much as you always did. The shower turned off and he started humming the song while you heard the door slide opened to the shower.

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What Can Your Zodiac Sign Offer:

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Written by Zodiac Society ||

ARIES: As an Aries, with your tough and can-do energy, you offer people motivation and support to pull themselves together. You give others the ability to be courageous and to have a thicker skin in order to survive a very tough world. You energy is inspiring and offer people vibrant and dynamic conversations because plain conversations simply bore you. People shouldn’t expect you to play games with them, you super  straightforward because you see games as a waste of time, and time is important to you! You are generous almost to a fault, but you will stand up for yourself and chew people out if you find yourself being used for your generosity.

Generous, Enthusiastic, Exciting, Motivational, Straightforward 

TAURUS: One of the best things you offer others is dependability. You are a shoulder to lean on for many of your friends who feel down on their luck even if they have upset you a few times. You are a consistent friend, and comforting others come easy to you because you know exactly how to comfort yourself. People can expect practical and realistic advice from you because you will make sure it is well thought-out before giving them your suggestions. You offer people, friends especially, a fun laid-back energy whom they can trust through and through. Your patience comes before the storm of your anger because you need to take time to figure out if it’s worth getting angry about– surprisingly, this is something positive that you offer others because you do not act unless it’s something that you will not regret doing. You offer genuineness. Your sureness empties you and people of confusion.

Dependability, Genuineness, Nonjudgmental, Comforting

GEMINI: People will never get bored with you. You lighten people’s day and your cleverness rubs off on them! You offer too much different things to the table that people will always come to you for some change of pace, some excitement, variety, and a fresh day. Your open-mind lets people feel understood and accepted, you have no stubborn bone in your body except for actual facts that you know– and you know a lot. You store an array of trivia and knowledge that you’ve picked up along your changing passions in life. People can come to you for almost any thing because you know it all, and if you don’t know, you’ll go and find out right away because you just need to know! You offer others clever and lively conversations that have a life of it’s on– others will find themselves talking about something they would never talk about to others or find the topic turning into something weird and crazy. What you don’t offer people a mind-numbing conversation, you’ll say something so “wrong” just to create a little energy going. Another thing you offer is your wide range of friends, you have so much, and you love sharing them with everyone and connecting them together or even playing match-maker.

Liveliness, Variety ,Cleverness, Trivia, Friends

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Velvet Box [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader is opening presents on christmas night and Lin has a big surprise.

Warnings: None, just be careful with all the fluff <3

Word Count: 1,098

A/N: This is the result of me trying to get in the holiday spirit, hope you like it!

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“Guys, let’s open the presents!” Jasmine got up from the couch, still holding her glass of champagne, heading to the christmas tree on the corner of your living room.

Some of the cast and their families got together for christmas that year, mostly because New York was full of snow and some of you didn’t manage to go home that year: celebrating good moments like the holidays by your best friends’ side was the best idea you could come up with.

Alongside your family, most of the main cast was there: Jasmine and Anthony, Phillipa and her husband, Jonathan with his best friend Lea, Daveed and her girlfriend, Chris and his family. Lin, the main star of the show and your boyfriend, was also there with his parents and sister. You guys were dating almost two years now, it only seemed reasonable to have his parents there once yours were a part of the night as well.

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