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hopes for season two!
  • i really hope that in general they do something more interesting with book five. i think they have a lot of time to fill with that book so i’d be keen to see a way bigger vfd plotline while they’re with the quagmires (and obviously they’ll fit their spyglass pieces together, so there’s that)
  • i hope they do what the books did and keep you guessing about esme’s intentions - although i appreciate it might be difficult, i really think it could be great if you’re really not sure about her until the elevator moment
  • what i really want in book 6 is for jerome to be given a personality. i don’t really mind what it is. anything will do
  • please can they discover a spyglass and loads of other weird vfd memorabilia and photographs while they’re searching the squalor penthouse? they could assume jerome is a volunteer as a result. i’ve got such a clear image of them trying to talk to him about it and he’s like ‘yeah….;) ;) ;) volunteer…totally get it, yeah’ but actually he’s 100% confused and just playing along
  • sunny. climbing. the. elevator shaft. i’m really dedicated to this one, more than the swordfight with orwell. this could be a real moment of independence for sunny. i really hope they keep it
  • the discovery of the secret tunnel should be way more played up than in the books? i feel like the original book didn’t actually have time to explore some things, and that’s one of them. they popped up in the ashes of their old house. like. it was a big deal
  • i’d love the series to follow jacques snicket for a brief period before he’s in front of the villagers, like just little snippets. i just want to see more of him
  • in general, i’d like some explanation of why olaf persistently hides the quagmires in random places for seemingly no good reason, eg. the elevator shaft, the red herring, the fountain. it has never made any sense to me so i’d love it if they work that up a bit
  • lemony swallows when he narrates jacques’ death, and takes a long pause to maintain his composure
  • the whole scene that is the baudelaires running around the hospital library while esme tries to kill them with filing cabinets or her knife heels. that whole thing is going to be 10/10
  • i hope they keep the scene where violet phones the operator at the start of tcc, in desperation, still wearing a hospital gown. if anything i hope we see her get angrier over this than in the books, and actually say what everyone’s thinking: why won’t anyone help us?
  • esme’s jealous girlfriend routine would be the best piece of television. the ferocious lions cowering in the face of the woman scorned, the bit where she brings them all presents, the bit where she pretends she knew nothing about this, at all, who are you, who am i? i’m just sitting here, i haven’t even been listening, oh someone’s dead? bummer
  • i seriously hope they do a bit more with the freaks’ low self-worth and how it drives them towards villainy when presented with the opportunity to be considered ‘normal’ and treated with the most basic levels of respect for five minutes. i know it’s a family show, but i’d like them to be a bit upfront about the points they are making in the writing.
Nothing Compares to You- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok so this one starts angsty but I like it! So enjoy guys!

Warning: angsty, cussing, bitchiness

Anon Request: hey this is a little strange I guess but could you do an imagine with Jakob Chychrun based off the song Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor (or if you don’t want to then just one where you break up but really miss each other) thank you so much


              You really shouldn’t be watching the game.

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once best friends vi - luke hemmings au

It’s been fricking forever, and for that I am so sorry.  But here I am, with the newest part of once best friends.  Hope you guys like it. xx  (It starts out with a nightmare, so be prepared)

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warnings:  mentions of a panic attack, nightmare

word count:

i - ii - iii - iv - v

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You run a hand through your hair as you stand with Michael and Calum, who were one year younger than you.  “You ready, (y/n)?” Ashton asks as he comes up beside you and puts his arm around you.  You smile widely at him, nodding your head.  Though you want to use your voice, nothing comes out.  It confuses you, but no one notices.  You also think it’s a bit odd that they all look older than the last time you had played with them.  That confuses you a whole ton, but you ignore it, thinking that this was just another one of those times they asked you to play on stage.  

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my favorites of 2013 - 13 ships | (9/13)

Agron/Nasir (Spartacus)

Nasir: You would battle a god for me?
Agron: I would slay all who would lay attempt to wrest you from my arms.