best excuse for everything

Even More Slytherin Things

-Casual flirting

-Rolling eyes

-Eyeliner and Jawline could stab

-Gossip with the mermaids


-Using unnecessarily long words in an argument to annoy people

-Perfectly crafted insults

-High heels or literal hotel slippers there’s no in between

-Backup plan for the backup plan

-If you pretend to have the authority to do the thing, you will most likely get away with doing the thing

-Always has tea

-Very opinionated


-Will call you out if you get undeserved attention

-Fancy planner with everything in it

-The best excuses

-Teachers pet only to be able to get away with more

-Shakespeare references

me: letting vax go is going to be so hard i’ve loved him so deeply for so long watching him die is going to fuck me up for months

someone: yeah me too i’m hoping that he won’t die and that the raven queen will let him live!!!

me: vax is going to die next week come hell or high water and nothing and no one better fuckin change that 🔪


Slytherin Girls’ Headcanons # 3

  • Casual flirting
  • Rolling eyes
  • Eyeliner and Jawline could stab
  • Gossip with the mermaids
  • Obsession with Marble themes and Silk
  • Using unnecessarily long words in an argument to annoy people and confuse them to catch them off guard
  • Perfectly crafted insults followed by a smirk or an evilish chuckle
  • High heels and fuax fur slippers
  • Backup plan for the backup plan
  • If you pretend to have the authority to do the thing, you will most likely get away with doing the thing
  • Addicted to tea or coffee
  • Very opinionated always have something to say.
  • Always using metaphors while talking
  • Will call you out if you get undeserved attention
  • Fancy planner with everything in it
  • The best excuses EVER
  • Teachers pet only to be able to get away with the mischeif
  • Poetry references
Yuta: Hollow Lines (M)

I’ve never written a fallen angel au but I’ve always wanted too! Thank you so much for requesting! Enjoy!

Characters: Yuta, You
Genre: Supernatural, Fallen Angel au, M 

You and a handful of friends sat in a booth, laughing and joking as you drank and the club’s music boomed in your ears.

Except your attention wasn’t on your friends.

Finally you spotted the man sitting in the same seat at the bar counter, twirling his shot glass in his hand.

“Y/N?” a voice pulled you back into focus.

“Hm?” you turned to smile at your best friend. “Could you excuse me for a moment?”

“Sure. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just need to chat with a particular person at the bar.”

You maneuvered towards him, squeezing in between the dancers (might’ve aggressively pushed a couple guys who got a little too close for your liking), and sat down beside the one moping with his head down, electric blue eyes visible behind his bangs. “How’ve you been, Yuta?” you asked the young man.

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You guys remember how back when Dan and Phil were moving, we kinda just picked up this “assumption” that they were moving and it became like this little guessing/mystery theorized game that they were moving

And then they dropped The Video and we were all like, 
“Holy shit they ARE moving” and we all collectively freaked out? 

That was a nice time. 

kyliafanfiction  asked:

What is the assumed mode of play for Costume Fairy adventures anyway? I hear you talking about it in passing, but not in much detail.

In a nutshell, Costume Fairy Adventures is designed so that a lot of behaviours that other tabletop RPGs frown on are not only descriptively encouraged, but game-mechanically rewarded. Finding excuses to always roll your best stat for everything? Ignoring the plot to fixate on some random background detail and declare it the Most Important Thing Ever? All perfectly cromulent.

Even random PvP is facilitated by a bit of game-mechanical sleight of hand that I’m particularly proud of: since Shenanigans are gated behind successful rolls by players, when two player characters fight each other over how best to achieve their goals, the relevant Shenanigan is advanced regardless of who wins, as a contest between two player characters must by definition result in a successful player-facing roll - and the rewards go into a pool shared by the whole party, so each player benefits whether they win or lose.

Heck, the Wishful Thinking rules may be the starkest example of this principle in action. Everybody knows that the number one rule of tabletop roleplaying games is never make wishes, since the GM will always use evil genie logic to screw you - so naturally Costume Fairy Adventures makes it an inescapable temptation by giving player characters the built in ability to make all the stupid wishes they want.

Of course there has to be a measure of goodwill in play - no set of rules can save a game from a player who’s determined to be a jerk! - but as long as that caveat is borne in mind, Costume Fairy Adventures is basically designed to take all the goofy, disruptive drama that other games will tell you is bad form and say “no, no, go ahead and do that - here, I’ll hold your coat for you”.

(Of course, I’m by no means an objective voice on the topic, being as I’m the game’s lead developer. Consider this a shameless self-promotion.)

shakethatsassyass  asked:

Hi there! May I request an Akashi scenario wherein he and his s/o have been so busy the past few months and their relationship has been super shaky but they still love one another nonetheless. Happy ending and lots of fluff please. Thank you and good luck~

yes you indeed may! thank you for requesting! ^^ i hope you like this (≧◡≦)

i know you said a few months but i decided it was best to make it only a month because if it becomes longer than that i’d have to turn it into a drabble

It’s been a month since you’ve seen him. It’s not that the two of you have been fighting or anything, it’s just that you never seemed to find the time for each other.

The longer you didn’t see each other, the more it made you doubt how important you really were to each other.

You always thought that if you really loved a person, then you’d always find time for them, no matter what, so now that you haven’t seen your boyfriend Akashi in what felt like forever, it made you really wonder.

Of course you’d see each other in school, but that was it. You’d just exchange the normal usual boring conversations.

“Hey, how are you?”

“How’s studying going?”

“How was your weekend?”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

At first you didn’t really pay much attention, thinking it’s just because of exams, but as the days passed by, you realized that’s all the interaction you’ve been having together lately. That was when you started wondering.

If the two of you really loved each other, then why is this happening? You didn’t know.

“What if we didn’t love each other as much as we thought?” you asked yourself.

You suddenly got an uncomfortable feeling in the pit your stomach. That thought did not make you feel any better. You suddenly wanted to cry.

“I’m sorry to interrupt miss, but can I leave for the nurse’s office?” you asked your teacher.

You really couldn’t handle those thoughts anymore, you felt suffocated. You needed to leave somewhere.

The teacher stopped her lesson, and walked towards you. She had a worried look on her face, it wasn’t usual for one of her best students to excuse herself during class.

“Is everything alright?” she asked.

After hearing her ask that question, it just made the feeling in your stomach worse.

“No. Nothing’s alright. I don’t think my boyfriend loves me anymore. I don’t know what to do. I think I’m going to lose him.” you wished to say that, but you couldn’t.

“I’m just not feeling well.” you finally muttered.

She frowned, and squeezed your shoulder gently. “You may go.”

Without looking back, you took your things and left.

Akashi was watching you all along, the minute he saw you raise your hand, to the minute you left. He was worried. He didn’t know what was wrong.

Were you sick? He didn’t know anything but the fact that he needed to see you right now, and make sure you’re alright.

Of course, being Akashi Seijuro is one hell of a perk, it only made leaving class just to check up on the love of your life easier.

He quickly made his way towards the nurse’s office only to find you all alone in there.

You didn’t look sick, you looked odd. He saw you were sitting on the bed, staring at nowhere in particular. You were so immersed in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice him come in.

He had to nudge you, and finally you noticed him.

You looked at him, and quickly turned away. You wanted to look anywhere but his eyes. You knew you were just gonna cry if he looked at you with those beautiful heterochromic eyes of his.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” he spoke.

Those five words were enough to break you. Your tears were now running down your face.

“I…. I don’t wanna lose you.” you mumbled.

“Why would you lose me?” he asked.

“It’s been one month Sei. One month of us not seeing each other but in school, and none of us even said anything. I don’t think you even noticed.” you said.

Akashi didn’t know what to think or say. The only thing he knew right now was that he didn’t wanna lose you either.

“I’m sorry. I really don’t know what to say, but I’m not the best at this. I’m not really used to someone loving me this much, I guess I was just too used to people leaving me, that just I didn’t-”

You flinched.

He sighed.

Akashi had no idea he was making you feel this way, he was so used to people leaving him behind that he just assumed you might be leaving him too.

Of course he noticed the past month, he loved you so much, how can he not.

He just didn’t know what to do. He didn’t wanna admit that he wouldn’t be so shocked if you left him too. Even if he loved you so much. That’s just how it’s always been with him; But seeing you now, like this.

He realized, maybe he needs to stop thinking like that. If he kept being like this, he’s gonna end up alone, and even worse he’s gonna end up hurting you.

He came closer to you, and knelt down. He was now on the floor, with both his hands resting on your thighs. His eyes locked with yours.

“Not once during those months did I think of leaving you. Not once during those months did you mean to me any less. Not once during those months did I love you any less.” he continued.

He smiled, with a hint of blush on his cheeks.

“You are the love of my life. You actually make me a lot happier in life. Believe it.” he finished.

You chuckled, and hugged him. A little too hard though, because you ended up shifting your entire weight on him without any notice, which led to you falling on top of him.

The two of you were now on the floor. On top of each other.

“You know, I know you missed me, but to think it was this much.” he stroked a strand of your hair behind your ear, and smirked.

You quickly got up, and readjusted yourself. You also suddenly felt the need to cough for no reason at all.

He laughed at your flustered self and only stood up to hug you properly. He held you in his arms, your head resting on his chest, and his chin on top.

He just stood there, not letting go, and kissing your head every time he named a reason as to why he loves you.

You knew Akashi would never admit to you his true feelings, but nonetheless you knew how he really felt. 

You gently put his arms away, and stood back to face him better.

“I’m not leaving you like everyone else did. You’ll always have me.” you smiled.













A N D S H E ‘ S S O H A P P Y

dan having a bit of a coffee induced breakdown after his triple coffee and phil reassuring a panicking dan that no one hates him gives my heart life and hope and goodness. just phil calming him down and reassuring him he’s loved and liked and he’s done nothing wrong is too cute.



✖Someone Special ✖️

AN: Just to let you all know that my request box is open and will be open for a week so if you have any request please send them in 😃


“You trying to smoke?” I was already faded from earlier but I still asked just because. I stared directly at the back of his head as he train seated on the floor. “You got more laugh?” He gave me a sexy grin and a chuckle, I hate that I find my best friend sexy when I’m high.

“Hell yeah, enough to roll at least two more” this right here is are normal routine whenever Nate would come over to my place. First we would raid my fridge for food to eat, all that would consist off is leftovers. Next we’ll go to my room and chill, just vibe out.

“You stay parking with dank shit ma” he licks his lips as he takes out a grape roll up packet, “stop fucking with them lames and fuck with me more often” I said seriously with playfulness in my eyes.

“I know…music got me busy.” That was his excuse for everything and as his best friend I understood and respect that. “Come sit next to me, I don’t like you being far” I guess the way it came out caught him off guard. I watch from the corner of my eye as I was grinding an eight up, he hesitated on getting up but did it anyway.

Now we were close, I can smell his cologne and our thighs were brushing. He had the tray in his lap waiting for me to pass him the grinder so he can get started on rolling. “How’s that boyfriend of yours?” He nudges my shoulder.

“He’s not my boyfriend” I gave him a look “I’m just fucking him” we both laugh at my comment. It’s true though, we only fucking that’s all.

“And how’s that going? No feelings for him yet ma?” He took the grinder out my hand and being working on our J. “Honestly no.” For some reason I thought about it before answering him.

“You sure?” Again he’s licking his lips and staring at me. “Positive” I sighed and laid down on my back, feeling slumped already. I’m in a crop top and shorts so right now he has the perfect view of my curvy body. Yes this is me teasing and tempting my best friend.

He watches me as I watch him take a drag out first. I swear this dude is the sexiest when he’s smoking or getting high. “You fucking bitches?” I wanted to pry into his personal life and so I did. Before answering he puts right leg over his left thigh and rubs my leg up and down.

This right here was normal for us, generally we are very touchy for two people who claim to be best friends. “Nah, not interested in fucking honestly” he passes the J my way and I take right away. I place my lip on the tip and inhale. “What you interested in?” I say as I exhale, licking my lips too.

“A relationship mami” he tells me all awhile he lays down with me but facing me. “With who?” I turned and look at him. He stares at my eyes and then down to my plump lips.

“Someone special” and just like that he stole the jay away from my lips and replaced it with his lips on mine.

My Dearest Commander, 

I was deeply distressed when I first read your letter and I believe I’ve come up with the perfect solution: my room has no holes in the ceiling and therefor no cold draft to keep you up at night. It also has a rather large bed that could easily fit another person (provided he doesn’t wear his armor all the time).
A ‘stunningly beautiful woman’ is, I’m afraid, nowhere to be found in my chambers, but if I am sufficient enough for the role, you’ll find me waiting there before the day is out. However, I feel I must warn you that my bed can be very warm. I would advise you to leave the majority of your layers behind. A simple undershirt and breeches will work. Something easily removed is best. 
I’ll be with you soon. 

All my love, 


Alright, so this seems to be about the thing that anon was asking me about, and like I assumed, it was about something that Zennistrad said. 

Long and short: Someone claiming to be a social scientist spouted a big ol’ load of sophistry over on the GameGhazi subreddit, which negates all credibility and legitimacy their arguments may have had, and then some anti-GG moron claimed that GamerGate is killing games because it’s driving self-titled academics away from games, because GamerGate has apparently undone a decade of social progress by not letting them have their way.

Now, I say self-titled, because there’s nothing academic about their methods. They are not scientists and sociologists, and professionals who have studied the industry and accidentally come upon concrete evidence that drove them to act the way they do and become the radical ideologues that they are today. It’s the other way around and that sequence makes a world of difference and clearly illuminates the central problem with their crusade to “save” games.

They were radical ideologues and the trendy and memetic nature of online communities drove them to become interested in games and pop culture, which in turn, made them into feminist critics and feminist academics and feminist scholars, and so on. It was only from there that they came to conclusions and reasons to enact change that suited their biases and preconceived notions. 

In other words, they were crazy about this moronic oppression narrative and how things were problematic or misogynistic and how everything should fit their worldview and THEN they started calling themselves academics and researchers so they could add an air of importance and legitimacy to their moronic opinions and cultish beliefs.

Their real complaint isn’t that GamerGate is somehow encouraging regressive norms in gaming that will ultimately destroy the industry, but that they aren’t in control and no one is listening to their insane bullshit anymore. That’s what it’s always been about: They think they are the only ones who should be in control of everything, because everyone who who doesn’t think like them is either too stupid or just not deserving of any kind of happiness, ever.

Zennistrad, in particular, seems to think that GamerGate is destroying games because one person (Rebecca HG) is angry that she can’t be taken seriously as a “video game archivist” and get paid and funded to talk about her self-created career, and how future generations will not receive training (from her) because gaming is not academically sanctioned as some kind of meaningful artform. This somehow means that all games are now doomed to be lost forever to the sands of time, I suppose. 

It’s a tenuous connection at best, and it just comes off as another excuse to blame GamerGate for everything wrong with the world. Zennistrad and Rebecca insist its GamerGate’s fault that gamers and games suddenly have all these negative connotations, but I’ll like to trot out one of my favorite little gems of wisdom again to easily destroy that assertion: Gamers do not control the media. 

All the negative press, hyperbolic clickbait, and yellow journalism is responsible for uninformed people, like educators and actual academics, thinking that gaming is a hobby for knuckle-dragging manbabies and simpletons, and what little academic critique that is coming from them is hilariously one sided and often incredible negative, decrying games as overly sexist, racist, violent, and responsible for inducing all kinds of negative behaviors in their players.

GamerGate is celebrating the loss in of interest in games by faux-academic and ideological zealots disguising themselves as critics because it is a GOOD thing for games. If we can actually get back to talking about games as games, instead of as misogynistic rape simulators, then we can get back to discussing the potential games have as an artform and the value they have to their audience.

Right now, the academic conversation is dominated by hair-dyed hipsters, feminists, and bloggers with planet-sized egos who only even care about games as something to complain about. They are the ones dragging the value of games into the mud and trying to destroy them. The sooner they get bored and find something else to fuck with, the sooner we can get back to restoring the good reputation games deserve!

And as a final thought.. Why do you think the Jack Thompson comparisons are still so popular? Because we went through this shit over a decade ago. We’ve worked REALLY FUCKING HARD to try and build up games as a legitimate and respectable hobby.. and because we did that, we got a bunch of smug assholes with biased axes to grind! They only even care about games because WE made them popular and build up this massive globe-spanning community and multi-billion dollar industry!… and now THEY went and dragged it right back down into the mud and we’re back where we started.. But luckily our communities are still huge and our passions haven’t dimmed.