best everything at all times goodbye

I’m at a crossroad in my life, I feel again, again it’s time, when I should turn my back on everyone, all of this, all of that, all of you, all of them, all of everything I want to be, and everything I am, because I’m tired, always tired, of giving everything, and never being, enough for anyone, at any time, give up the key, throw it out, close the door, seal it tight, good riddance, goodbye, best alone, than be reminded, why everyone else is so much better, and I’m never, good enough, so thanks a lot, for forgetting, so long now, don’t try to find me, I’m everywhere, but I’m alone, goodbye for now, goodnight, so long.


-H. Murcia 8:18PM 1/18/2017

Sometimes things happen and I just want to grab my phone and dial your 7 digits and tell you everything. You were my best friend, and I shared every single inch of myself with you but at times I felt like you didn’t know me at all. The real me, you just knew the person that I wanted you to know. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work between us because the real Me would have never let you go, she would have never stopped appreciating you. She would have never messed everything up by pushing you away. But now the real Me is here and it’s too late, you’ve found your soulmate and I have to watch you fall madly in love with her as I hope and pray that my soulmate will come back. I’m ready now, I promise.
—  S.L // Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write // #32

Think back to His Last Vow and every interaction between Sherlock and John. There’s tension once John finds Sherlock has relapsed. Tension because John wishes Sherlock had reached out within the month after the wedding. Tension once John sees Janine is Sherlock’s girlfriend. Tension at CAM Tower as John fantasizes ways Sherlock could get brutally injured. Tension in the elevator. Tension at Mary’s reveal in 221b. Tension as they say goodbye outside the plane. These two characters don’t actually have that much screen time together in this episode compared to other episodes. And all the time they do have one or both characters is on edge with the other. Peak unhappiness. THEY ARE NOT JUST BEST FRIENDS. BEST FRIENDS DO NOT HAVE THIS TENSION FOLLOWING THEM EVERYWHERE. They should both be so incredibly happy, both having everything they claimed to ever have wanted. But they’re not. Because there’s something they both want more than anything and they’re not “allowed” to ask for it. They’re resentful now, getting deeper and deeper into despair. Soon everyone will see. Many characters and audience members already do. But it will get worse, to the point where there’s no mistaking this. God, Sherlock was so unhappy he sacrificed his chance at a fulfilling life and took enough drugs to kill himself. Because a life where John doesn’t choose him isn’t worth living.

Melinda/Andrew as epic romance* in this episode, a summary:

  • Andrew fighting so hard to hold on to the last shreds of Andrew so that he can come say goodbye to Melinda one last time
  • how Andrew loves literally everything about Melinda – from the way she refuses to stay behind the glass to how so much she says has double meaning to how she believes in hail marys, in changing fate itself
  • how Melinda would go back in time and give up having met him – give up so much of what brought her joy – if it meant Andrew was safe now
  • and how instantly Andrew insists that he wouldn’t change a thing
  • literally, that she’s the center of all the best moments of his life. That even knowing what happens to him he would take it in every lifetime knowing how much brightness Melinda brings to his life.
  • this is how Andrew wanted it to end – with Melinda by his side. With the love of his life with him.
  • Melinda - who insisted so hard on not wanting hope - hoping despite everything because that’s who she is and Andrew amplifies the best parts of her
  • how May insists she’ll get out when she needs to but doesn’t move a muscle when he starts to turn, that he’s the one to get himself into the pod to protect her
  • those longing looks
  • how hard Andrew fights, in the end, to stay with her. The way that’s not enough.

How is this not the most popular ship in the fandom. How.

*that would have been better serviced by literally any storyline other than Lash

I feel like “One Last Time” doesn’t get enough recognition. I mean, here’s Washington, whom pretty much everyone LOVES, who is a really good leader, who could keep this job until he dies, EASY…and he turns it down. He sets the US up to be a country where the regular peaceful exchange of power is normal. That just didn’t happen at the time. At all. 

And, even better, he’s SHOWING Hamilton “how to say goodbye,” how to let go. He has everything Hamilton wants: power, a good name, the respect of his peers. And he just steps down, without anyone even asking him to. That’s a key part of Hamilton throwing away his shot in the end; he finally realizes that you have to let go of your story at some point. If you hold on to it so tightly, if you try to control how your story gets told, you ruin everything. You do your best, let go, and trust that those who love you will tell your story. 

Plus, Chris Jackson is just  hell of a singer. He rocks that Farewell Address. 

never written about
how empty
it can feel without
the excitement of possibility
with somebody
so naturally
love your time
with, and i’m
with silence after just hanging up
cause she said ‘good luck
with everything, take care’
and all the air
in my chest
is gone cause the best
thing i could say
was 'okay,
you too’
all the words i had planned
for you
fell forgotten as my hand
on 'end call’
but she kept breathing
for a moment
and the clicking
goodbye went
too fast
for me to believe it
would be the last
thing i’d say, so i’ve been sitting
here on an empty line
'i love you’
to a dial tone -
—  J.S.

“come back”
Okay I'm just gonna be honest here

We defended Zayn when he left two months ago. Two. Months. He never said goodbye, never thanked us. He didn’t give us anything when we gave him everything for 5 years. WE did that for THEM, for HIM. And in two fucking months he turned his back on the millions who put him in the position he’s in today, and especially on the 4 who had his back the entire fucking way. He called them brothers multiple times, even thanked them at the Asian awards TWO GODDAMN WEEKS AGO saying they were the 4 best lads he’d ever know, and now all of the sudden it’s Naughty Boy or nothing for him.
I’m just so fucking done. He made us look like fools for still having his back all this time, and he tore Louis down alongside a ‘friend’ he’s had for like a year. We’ve always known that Louis is all about us and that he’s always there for us and he just continues to prove it to us time and time again. And the one time Zayn steps in he shows us exactly where his shitty loyalty is in about 5 minutes when it took him almost a month to tweet anything after he shattered everyone’s hearts.
All I can really say is once again Naughty Boy proves himself to be an utter shit bag, Zayn just 100% gave up Louis as a friend and probably the other boys as well if the fact that he unfollowed all of them is anything to go by, and Louis has once again proved himself to be the best person ever and still continues to defend this fandom no matter what; not to mention he never replied to Zayn’s tweet because that’s just how much respect Louis has for his friends. And we need to take a cue from him and defend the 4 of them like never before. We need to be there for them because now it’s absolutely crystal fucking clear that this “good terms” shit is out the damn window.
No more of this “it will always be 5/5” and “1D isn’t 1D without Zayn”. It’s 4/4 now and yes they fucking are. This is 1D now. Zayn gave it up when he left and he just proved it now. It’s time for us to step it up and show Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam that they don’t need Zayn to keep us, and we have to prove it to everyone who’s listening that One Direction is still here, and that 4 loyal and sweet boys are all we need.

Thank You Will Never Be Enough.

Thank You Will Never Be Enough.

Everything that lead up to this point was meant to be. He stands in front of you, the picture of perfection, everything you’ve ever wanted. You can’t help but feel hot tears build up in your eyes, the time had finally come.

“This isn’t goodbye.” He says, voice stern and you know he’s telling the truth. “I’m coming back for you.”

You chuckled at the little innuendo. “I know you are.”

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I owe it all to you.” He tells you, shaking his head in pure amazement.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  I can’t begin to explain how much you’ve changed my life. I love you and I’m forever grateful…Thank you so much.” You reply stepping forward to embrace him.

“I love you and I will be back.” He whispers into your ear.

“Back and better than ever.” You whisper back.

“You know it.” Smiling he slowly begins his trek towards a new chapter of his life but not before leaving a light kiss on your lips.

You turn to walk away, it was hard to say goodbye to someone you knew you would miss for months to come, but it wasn’t impossible. You would see him again and you would definitely never forget the last five years. Five years of more joy then you felt anyone should be entitled to in a lifetime much less half a decade. Thank you would never be enough…

A/N: Just a small thank you to five incredible people that have impacted me and so many others. You have left an imprint on the world that will never fade. Thank you will NEVER be enough.

Hello everyone!

I have been going back and forth on if to do it or not but the truth is that I have lost the passion for this site some time ago. A lot of the people I once followed have long left Tumblr and despite running this site for over 4 years I think it’s time to say goodbye. I wish everyone THE BEST, please keeping loving all things vintage, old hollywood and freaking awesome movies. I will keep everything on the site exactly as it is so that if you ever want to check out an edit or a gif you can.

Goodnight and goodbye!

Looking back...

He definitely tried to cut ties with the quinxes so they could become independence, Yup, this is pretty much his last goodbye/farewell because he believes he’s going to die in the next operation. Yup, “I’ll leave everything to you, Urie-kun. Fare thee well. This will be the last time we’ll see each other

Well, hey, after all, it’s easier for him if they hate him and then he dies betraying ccg. It’s easier for them too, if they were in the same squad, ccg would suspect them too. In the end, it was for the best

As I sit hear writing my farewell letter to you, the positive qualities of you will not escape my mind.
Your perfect skin,
Your curly hair,
Your irresistable charm,
Your beautiful smile,
Your ability to make me happy even when I am at my worst,
And so on.
And with these traits of yours, I completely forget about all of the negative shit that we went through over the last few years. You’ve inspired me to be confident with who I am in a time when I truly needed to be saved. I genuinely do love you and I wish you the best considering I may never see you again. Hopefully in the future we do remain in contact because you are such a beautiful human being and I will miss everything about you.
—  The goodbye letter he will never read

            Thank You Zayn Malik

            I just wanted to make this video for a simple thank you to Zayn, he was my favourite when I first started liking One Direction, really what made me stay for this amazing band, I never realized how much I truly cared about him until he was gone, he helped me so much through so much and I wanted him to know that he is one of the most amazing people I never had the chance to meet, but I want him to know that on behalf of all of us, that we love him unconditionally for the rest of our lives, and nothing could ever change that, and I know this video isn’t much, but everything he’s done is so significant that I felt the need to take this time to acknowledge him. Thank you Zayn Malik, for everything you’ve done, you are one of the most important people in my life and though you are leaving, you will remain in that position, and though this is a sad goodbye, I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose to do next and wherever you life takes you. Thank you, Zayn Malik

Guys before the show starts I want to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart to the top. The amount of messages and posts I’ve received saying good luck and that you guys hope I get loft is unbelievable. I’m so thankful and happy and appreciate of each and everyone of you. I will give an update if anything happens but at this point I’m so happy to be here and have the best time with my friends and see my best friend perform on stage for two hours. Whatever happens happens :) I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL GOODBYE FOR NOW!

Birthday surprise | Calum  Hood


Summary: It’s your birthday and Calum surprises you in school.

Words: 1.2k+

The warm sun rays touched your skin as you stepped out of the bus, backpack bounching up and down on your shoulders and turning your head to continue the conversation with your best friend. You laughed at the joke she told and joined the crowd streaming out of the busses and cars into the school. Luckily you only had one class to attend today – more time to celebrate your birthday.

As the two of you walked to your locker, you were joined by some more friends – all of them wishing you a happy birthday and asking you about the presents and everything. You continued chatting until the bell rang – the sign that the classes would start very soon – and you said goodbye to your friends. Your feet carried you to your class – history – and you made it just in time. Just as you slipped onto your seat next to the window – overlooking the park next to your school currently flooded with golden sunlight – the bell rang again and the teacher started the class.

You did like history and you did like the teacher, but today you just couldn’t focus. It was your birthday and you were really happy to have your friends celebrate it with you, but someone was missing. Someone that was very important in your life. Your boyfriend - Calum Thomas Hood. He was currently on tour with his band and unfortunately couldn’t be here with you today. As much as he and you wanted to.

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today is the last day of filming glee. this is monumental, and the end of an era.

there’s a running joke on tumblr that everyone used to be a glee blog- gasp, the horror! and everyone laughs and shakes it off. but, really, all that does is show how influential glee was on this generation. it changed everything.

while the writing was absolutely abysmal at times, there were still moments that shattered society’s perception of reality. it shed light important topics. it, to the best of its ability, featured representation of all walks of life- from sexuality, to disabilities, gender, and beyond. 

despite the ships wars and the drama and the stupid in-show meta, glee was groundbreaking and important. glee was special. 

thank you glee.