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The Apron (TG/AP)

James and Tim were hanging out at Tim’s house after school. Tim’s parents were still at work and the boys were at the house alone. The two of them had been playing Mario Kart for a while now and they were beginning to get hungry. Unfortunately, they weren’t old enough to drive and get food, and Tim’s parents hadn’t left any money to order pizza. James suggested just using the kitchen to cook something simple, but Tim told James that his mother had made the kitchen off limits. Tim never knew why his mother wouldn’t let them into the kitchen, but he never questioned it either. All he knew what that his mother was very protective of her apron.
“C’mon, Tim. We’re both starving and it can’t be that hard to make macaroni and cheese. I’ve made it before at my house because my parents actually let me use the kitchen.”
“I don’t know. If my mom finds out she’ll ground me.”
“I’ll cook and make sure to clean up. You can watch from the other room. You won’t even have to be in the kitchen!”
Tim’s stomach gurgled in hunger. “Fine,” he said. “But make it quick and easy before my mom gets home.”
The boys ran downstairs and began to look through the pantry. They grabbed two boxes of macaroni and cheese and two sodas. Tim left the kitchen to watch from another room, but as James turned on the oven he noticed a red apron hanging up on the wall. He grabbed it and tied it behind his back, chuckling at how big it looked on him. Tim wanted to object to James using his mother’s apron, but he was too hungry to care at this point. James began to pour the macaroni into a pot of boiling water. Realizing that he needed something to stir the noodles, he spotted a ladle hanging up on the kitchen wall. He tried to reach for it, but found that he was too short. Suddenly, as if the universe wanted to help him, he grew nearly a foot in height. James and Tim both recoiled in shock at James’ sudden growth spurt.
“Whoa!” James screamed. “What just happened?”
“You just got…a lot taller.” Tim said in shock.
“Yeah, I noticed. Hey, I don’t feel so good…ack!” James grunted as his bones began to shift. His frame began to expand to adult proportions. Pops and cracks could be heard as James’ shoulders and hips cracked outwards. His legs grew longer as his feet grew larger. His children’s clothes began to tear as his body continued to expand, revealing smooth hairless skin underneath. James now stood over a foot above Tim, but he was having trouble balancing with his new legs and height. His spine cracked and arched as if it were preparing his body for a new center of gravity. Just as he was about to lose balance, he felt his chest heave forward as two massive breasts burst forth from beneath his torn shirt. Terrified, he tried to cover them up and hide them from Tim. Ironically, this was the first time that either of the boys had seen bare breasts in person. James and Tim watched in horror as James’ abdomen grew toned and shapely, accentuating his already feminine hourglass figure. James ran his hands down his changing body as his fingernails grew long and manicured. He didn’t want to admit it, but the feeling of fingers tracing his smooth new body made him feel excited in a way he’d never felt before.
“James! What’s happening to you?!” Tim screamed.
“I…I don’t know, Timmy…” James said with a slightly deeper voice. “It’s getting hard to think…”
Tim was taken aback by James’ response. Only his mother called him Timmy, and James’ voice was beginning to sound more and more like his own mother’s. James turned around to look at Tim, but seeing the look of terror on Tim’s face made him feel a little sad inside…like he wanted to protect him. James’ clothes suddenly vanished into wisps beneath the apron, but new clothes quickly materialized on his smooth, feminine body. Tight jeans hugged his legs while a white shirt pushed his breasts into his chest. He stifled a feminine moan as a bra materialized underneath his shirt and tickled his new nipples. He looked down at his changing body and noticed how well the apron fit him now. Tim, on the other hand, noticed that the clothes on James looked exactly like clothes his mother would wear. James tried to hide another moan as the jeans began to tighten around his crotch, but was unable to stop a sensual gasp from escaping his mouth. He felt his boxers tighten into a silk thong as his member began to retract into his abdomen. He put a hand over his stomach as his insides shifted, making way for a fertile womb and female reproductive system. He couldn’t see it, but he somehow knew that a tight clit is all that remained between his legs. He wanted to touch it, but knew that he couldn’t in front of Tim. He let out another moan as his ass began to inflate, stretching the already tight jeans to their limit and nearly creating an outline of his new pussy. James couldn’t help but run a hand over his crotch as Tim watched in horror.
“James, please fight it!” Tim wailed.
“Timmy, honey, I don’t know how!” James said in a motherly tone. Both boys recoiled as they recognized the voice of Tim’s mother. “I’m sorry, Timmy…Tim…I’m not trying to…nooo! Ahh!”
James grabbed his head as he felt his skull shifting. His hair tumbled down into his eyesight before quickly styling itself into a bun, just like Tim’s mother’s hair. His eyes grew smaller and took on a hazel color. His nose grew cute as his jaw cracked into a mature, feminine form. His cheekbones slightly rose as his lips grew plump. He let out a gasp as the physical transformation finished. Tim stood in horror and watched his best friend continue to take on more of his mother’s mannerisms.
“Tim…Timm…Timmy. Help, please. I don’t want to be your mother!” James screamed in an all too familiar voice. “I can’t…remember…” he mumbled as new memories began to enter his mind. He looked at Tim in desperation, but the sight of Tim only made the memories more real. “I…I remember giving…birth…” James struggled to say. “I remember your father…my husband…”
“James, please, think of all times we’ve hung out! Think of all the video games we played!”
“I remember…buying you video games. I remember you wanted Mario Kart for your birthday.”
“What? No! That was my mom!” Tim cried as tears rolled down his face. “You’re not my…mom?” Tim felt strange as he suddenly felt the need to accept his new mother. Reality seemed to be rewriting itself, but Tim still remembered James and the transformation he underwent.
“Timmy, honey, please. I love you, and I always will. Now, how about we play some video games together after I cook up some dinner?” James said in a loving, soothing voice. Tim didn’t want to say yes and lose his best friend, but it just felt right to go with it.
“Okay, mom. I love you too.”
And Tim’s words, James accepted the transformation into Tim’s mother fully. Lucy smiled at her son and turned her attention back towards the stove. She used her new motherly culinary knowledge to make the best mac and cheese anyone has ever tasted. She served two bowls of mac and cheese and walked upstairs with her son. Sitting down next to her son on his bed, she smiled as she watched him eat and play video games, though she noticed that he had plugged in two controllers instead of just one. She didn’t remember any of Tim’s friends coming over, so it struck her as peculiar. She looked back down at herself and giggled when she noticed something. She had forgotten to take off the apron before coming upstairs.


so terry crews has what looks to be the best fucking mac and cheese recipe ever and it looks amazing

also he has the best way of dealing with haters in regards to some parts of the recipe:


I went to Evolve Vegan Restaurant in DC for the first time (a Black owned business I believe?) and I must say this was some of the best food I’ve ever had! I wish I had gotten to take a picture of everything but my phone died. I went with my mom and my cousin, who is newly vegan!!! I had a vegan cheese steak with rice and beans; me and my mom shared that amazing hunk of mac & cheese, literally the best I’ve ever had in my 23 years of life; I couldn’t stop eating it! My mom got a breaded and baked vegan fish sandwich and my cousin got a bbq tempeh sandwich with macaroni salad and rice and beans. Then my cousin and I got dessert. He had a raw chocolate cake slice and I had a carrot cake slice. Both were very tasty. I’m definitely going back and recommend it to anyone in the DC area!

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Awe that's cute! What was your wedding like? Does your partner know about your fandom life?

My wedding was bomb as fuck, the best wedding ever. We had it in a downtown park next to a fountain, under a gazebo. The ceremony was literally like two minutes long, because that shit is boring and also it was pretty hot outside. We had our reception in a restaurant that had closed down for us and had an amaaazing dinner with chicken, beef brisket, rolls, (the best ever) mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, green beans. And then my cake- my CAKE! It was three tiers, strawberry w/ strawberry icing on the top two tiers and banana w/ peanut butter icing on the bottom. It tasted like heaven. And it was pink with edible gold glitter all over it. And then we had karaoke all night!!! I sang like six times. My husband and I did a duet to ‘Feed Me’ from Little Shop of Horrors. (I was Audrey II) It was just like an amazing FUN PARTY and that’s all I wanted. And there was zero stress, because I didn’t give a shit about small details. I wrote a fucking novel here because I loved my wedding. I was really proud of it because I planned it all myself and I thought it turned out great, everything I wanted. 

He knows about my fandom life, but not the details? He’s never like, read my fic or anything. He keeps a respectful distance and I love him for that. 

People are always having headcanons about Clarice cooking things like box mac and cheese and ramen noodles and stuff or wearing old cheap shoes or wearing her pajamas all day and Hannibal being annoyed, but sometimes I’m not sure we’re invisioning the same Clarice Starling.

This is CLARICE STARLING we’re talking about– The girl who longed for style and elegance even when she couldn’t have it.

The girl who hid away secret style magazines, the girl who saved up money to buy herself a good bag, the girl who bought herself party clothes but they ended up unused in a closet, looking sad. The girl who was proud that the style of her shoes had improved since Lecter had last seen her. 

Like, if Clarice is making box mac and cheese for Hannibal Lecter it is going to be the best damn mac and cheese he’s ever tasted because she used exotic spices in it and served it on rare bread or something. Ramen noodles? Only if he dared her to prepare some that actually tasted good– otherwise I doubt she’d ever touch the stuff. 

Clarice Starling isn’t going to be wearing cheap shoes EVER AGAIN if she can help it– No, she’s going to be wearing the most expensive shoes out there and she and Lecter will agree that they are perfect. 

Clarice in pajamas? No, she is going to buy herself gorgeous gowns and ask her Hannibal if they look good on her, and sometimes he’s going to say that the cut doesn’t quite flatter her so then they’ll go out and buy her a new jacket to wear over it and then they’ll both agree that it looks much more elegant. Sometimes Lecter is going to ask her if his suit looks good and she’ll go, “With all due respect, Hannibal, I think it would look better in blue,” and then he’d agree and he’d wear the blue one instead.

We have to remember that Clarice was the girl with the good bag and the cheap shoes, “a well-scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste” who “could only dream of getting out… getting anywhere… getting all the way to the FBI.”

When asked in Hannibal if it was true, she said that at least her shoes had improved since then. 

The Mac n Cheese Story

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apparently my grandpa had a habit of eating nasty stuff and pretending it was sweet ambrosia

Because my aunt Char forgot to strain the water from mac and cheese the first time she made dinner without my grandma’s help and continued to put the milk and butter and cheese powder in there and it was like noodles in vaguely cheese-like slurry

Which she also managed to burn.

And my aunt char (she was a little kid at this point) was SO DISTRAUGHT that she ruined dinner, and my grandpa said it was THE BEST mac n cheese he had EVER HAD and ate literally all of it.

I have also learned that he did things like this because when my grandpa was a kid, his parents really wanted daughters and so they doted on his sisters and he was raised by his grandparents because straight up his mom was so upset at having had a son she wanted nothing to do with him. So whenever he did anything for his mom, he’d get yelled at.

So he just wanted to make for absolutely certain that his kids never experienced anything like that and that they knew that they were loved and how happy he was whenever his kids did anything for him… like… 

I didn’t know anything about that until today and now I’m crying.


Toronto always happens exactly when i need it to. I needed to get away and feel something exciting and fun. @int0xicatedxdreams you always show me so much love and how to have a good time. I enjoyed sitting in the park and drinking while having deep conversations and catching up while laughing our fricken heads off. We also got visited by so many cute puppers while sitting in that park. Dinner was absolutely amazing, by far the best mac n cheese i think i’ve ever had but we didn’t come to toronto just to drink and eat food, we came to see mayday parade. I’m so glad you got to see your fave band and i’m really glad i got to experience watching them through you. I had an absolute blast in a great city with my best friend. I look forward to our next adventure ♥️

Storytellers and Realizations

Just something to note: I have literally never, ever, ever wrote anything remotely resembling fanfiction or the writing style used in fanfiction. There are most likely many errors and if you spot any please feel free to tell me! This one-shot is based on my own headcanon (it’s kicking around my Miraculous Ladybug page somewhere).

By: the-witch-of-oz
Word Count: 2.3K+
Rating: K+
Summary: Chat visits Marinette while she is babysitting Manon. Marinette realizes that there may be more to her feelings for the black cat than just friendship… Basically all fluff!


The day was ending slowly, far too slowly for Adrien’s taste. He sat in his room, bored out of his mind. The afternoon had been eaten away by a lengthy photoshoot.
Adrien gave a dejected sigh and stared at the ceiling. Plagg momentarily looked up from his merriment amongst a plate of cheese, pitying his charge.
“Adrien, how can you be bored after hours at a photoshoot? This is the perfect time to take a cat nap.”
“I know that it’s been a long day, but I’m feeling restless. I want to do something,” said Adrien in a monotonous voice.
“Then how about you swing by for a visit with your favorite classmate?”
At the indirect mention of his friend Marinette, Adrien perked up. Adrien always hung out with Nino, Alya, and Marinette at school, although it was hard to hold a conversation with the black haired girl on most days. She was a lovely girl, but painfully shy.
His time with her as Chat when the Evillustrator tried to woo her revealed a new side of Marinette. She was sassy, level headed, and smart. This unveiled side of her personality piqued the interest of the young superhero, and Adrien wondered what else he didn’t know about her.
The next time they met was under much better circumstances, and was the gateway to finding out.
Chat was patrolling, alone in his thoughts above the rooftops of Paris. He journeyed around to take in the beauty of his beloved city. The night was bitterly cold and his breath puffed out in clouds as he stopped to admire the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
From the top of the building he stood on, he could see a lone figure sitting on the steps. They were wrapped up in a coat and scarf, but Chat could not believe anyone would venture out this late at night in such cold.
He descended to ground level and made his way over to the person, a teenage girl by his estimate. As he got closer, he recognized the black pigtails and slight frame to be Marinette. He was only a few feet away when he called to her,
“What an unusual night for a princess to be admiring Paris. We cannot have her catching some cold in this weather.”
Marinette snapped around as soon as she heard the familiar voice. She looked up to see Chat smirking as he meandered his way over to sit next to her on the steps.
“I can take care of myself perfectly well,” Marinette defended. “I just needed some time to clear my head. I’ve hit a roadblock in my designs.”
Adrien knew full well of her talent and aptitude for fashion designing, but Chat asked, “Your designs, Princess?”
“Of course! I hope to become a fashion designer someday, and I’m always working on new ideas and designs, but tonight I just couldn’t focus. I’ve been inspired on these steps before, so I figured that it would be a good place to think. The last time I made up a design here, I won a fashion contest for Gabriel Agreste!”
Chat smiled when he saw how Marinette’s face lit up as she talked about her passion. He could see how much she loved her craft. Her blue eyes shone and her cheeks, red with cold, turned redder as she talked.
“This looks like the purrfect place to get ideas,” Chat grinned at his own pun as Marinette rolled her eyes with a small smile. “But you should go home. It’s freezing out.”
Marinette shivered slightly as she tried to wrap her coat around herself as tightly as she could instead of answering. Chat continued, “I’m freezing my tail off and I have special material because of my superhero suit.”
Marinette sighed, taking a moment to stare at the Eiffel. “You’re right, I should get going. Thanks Chat,” and she got up to leave.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where do you think you’re going? A princess such as yourself should have an escort to keep you company.” Chat said, scrambling to stand from his place on the ground.
“I already told you, I can take care of myself,” said Marinette with a smile.
Chat quickly returned, “Oh, I have no doubts about that. But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk to?”
Marinette knew she already lost the battle, so she began walking in the direction of her home and beckoning her hand for Chat to join.
“Come on kitty I don’t have all night,” her voice lilted as Chat jogged after her to catch up.

From then on, he found an excellent friend and confident in Marinette. Some nights he would stop by the Dupain-Cheng bakery after patrol. Occasionally on his free nights he would don his alter ego just to go talk to Marinette.
They would talk about life, make jokes, watch the stars. They discovered some mutual loves for different bands and tv shows, and then jokingly argue about the things they disagreed on.
“Mac n’ cheese is the best comfort food ever!”
“You’re joking right? Have you ever even tasted pizza before?”
Marinette made Chat happy. Marinette made Chat feel like someone cared. He was so glad he had her as a friend.
It was decided. Chat was going to visit Marinette.
“Plagg, claws out!”
When the transformation was complete, Adrien expertly maneuvered to the roofs of Paris, sprinting along with carefree joy. He took in the pink and orange sky as dusk continued to fall. Soon he would see his wonderful Princess.
Marinette was losing her mind. Every time she babysat Manon, she swore she would never do it again. This time, Marinette had all of her fashion pieces (especially any hats) on top of the tallest shelves and cabinets she could find. Upon the arrival of the mischievous child, she still managed to drive Marinette crazy. Manon was literally running circles around the older girl, and Marinette could barely keep up with her energy.
“Marinette come play tag with me!,” yelled Manon as she leapt onto Marinette’s back and climbing up to her shoulders with surprising agility on her behalf.
Marinette stumbled from the offset of her center of gravity before regaining balance. “We’ve already played that, Manon. Why don’t we play something else?”
She paused for a moment to think, then said, “Ok then. Let’s play unicorn tag instead!” She screeched with laughter and hopped off of Marinette’s back, only to take off running through the living room. Marinette looked helplessly at the hurricane destroying her house.
Suddenly, she heard a light tapping on the window. She whirled around only to see Chat Noir peering through the window. Her mouth dropped open in shock before regaining her senses and stiffly pointing her finger upwards towards the roof. He nodded and began climbing back up.
Marinette called over to Manon, “Stay put for a moment ok? I’ll be right back!,” and climbed the steps two at a time to her room.
Chat reached the Dupain-Cheng bakery in a matter of minutes. He landed softly on the roof of Marinette’s room. He went to look through the windows, but found no one there.
Puzzled, Chat climbed down the side of the building to get a better view. He knew Marinette should be home on a lazy day like today. He saw no activity in Marinette’s room, so he carefully ventured down a floor lower.
He peered inside the large windows. There, he saw Marinette with a young girl, who he recognized was the girl Marinette babysat, Manon. She was sweet when she did the park photoshoot with him. He laughed slightly seeing that Manon was running Marinette wild.
She was patient though. Marinette didn’t get mad when Manon jumped on her with no warning, or when she went running around the house.
Chat wondered how long it would take for Marinette to notice him outside the window, but decided to expedite the process. He knocked softly. Marinette turned around to see the source of the noise and he smirked when her eyes widened to the size of saucers and her mouth dropped open. Recovering from the shock, she pointed upwards, signaling for him to go to the roof. He waved to signal his understand and began to climb.
Marinette burst her way up to the rooftop where Chat was leaning casually against the railing and before he could say anything, asked, “What are you doing here?”
More amused than anything at her outburst, Chat replied, “Why, to see you Princess.”
“It’s a bit earlier than usual don’t you think,” Marinette gestured to the sky, still alight with the last rays of sun.
“Does that mean I should leave, after coming all this way to visit?”
Marinette didn’t want to turn her friend away, but she said “I’m babysitting Manon and I have a responsibility to watch her. I can’t leave her alone.”
Chat was impressed that she took her responsibilities so seriously, even though he knew she would do something like that anyways. “How about I come visit your friend Manon and we can hang out all together?,” Chat offered as a compromise.
Marinette thought it over for a moment, then said, “Sure, why not. I think Manon would love to meet you.”
“I’ll have you know I’m very good with kids,” Chat said. “They’re so much fun to be around.”
“That’s because you always act like a kid,” shot back Marinette as they climbed down the stairs. Chat chuckled softly and followed her closely.

The inside of Marinette’s room was a familiar site for Chat, warm and friendly. The pair continued through to the trap door leading to the rest of the house. Chat seldom ventured beyond Marinette’s room for fear of being caught by her parents.
Marinette called down to Manon as she descended the stairs.
“I have a surprise for you, Manon. Come out and see!”
The youngster popped up from behind the couch and her face lit up with joy upon seeing the Parisian hero.
“It’s Chat Noir!”

Chat smiled and turned to Marinette, saying, “I know you are a princess Marinette, but I didn’t realize you were friends with a fairy princess too!” Manon giggled at his words. Chat walked over to greet Manon, bowing low then crouching down to meet her at eye level. “It is wonderful to meet another princess.”
“Can you tell me stories about Chat Noir and Ladybug?” Manon immediately took to her new friend in the black mask.
Chat’s heart warmed towards the girl, full of imagination and energy. “Not only just stories, I can tell you tales of the epic adventures of the beautiful Ladybug and her faithful partner, Chat Noir!”

Marinette laughed at her kitty and his childish whimsy. She was nevertheless impressed at his ability to calm and enrapture Manon, a feat only previously accomplished by Alya.
“Why don’t I go get snacks? This story seems like it needs some good cookies to go along with it,” she offered.
She laughed when they both nodded their heads eagerly at the suggestion. By now, Manon and Chat had settled into comfortable sitting positions across from each other on her living room rug.
As Marinette began to walk to the door leading downstairs, she heard Chat begin his tale. “One day, an evil villain named Hawkmouth possessed an innocent civilian, and it was up to Ladybug and Chat Noir to save Paris….”

Marinette made her way down to her parent’s bakery, and grabbed an assortment of sweets from the trays in the back room. She said a quick hello to her dad mixing ingredients in the warm bakery before climbing up the steps again.
The smell of baked goods faded with each step she took upstairs, although Chat always insisted her room had the distinct smell of vanilla and frosting. She thought it was sweet that he was able to pick up on the small details and remember them.

Marinette reached the door and opened it slowly, as to not disturb the storyteller and his listener. She walked in and watched Chat tell his most likely exaggerated tale of his adventures with Ladybug. Manon was completely silent, listening with total attention to the blonde hero. His hands and body language told as much about the story as his words, because not only was Manon giving him her complete attention, Chat was giving Manon the same. He made eye contact and engaged with her, made her laugh at the funny parts, and made her gasp at the scary parts.

Marinette looked at her friend, her partner. And then in that moment, with the sun reflecting off of his golden hair and the green of his eyes lit with passion for the story, Marinette saw something else.
Her mind was flooded with the image in front of her. She saw that there was more to her silly cat than daring stunts and flirty remarks. She was overcome by a feeling she could not explain. Comfort? Admiration? Pride? Love?
Whatever it was, this feeling was making her heart flutter in a frenzy and turn her cheeks a dusky pink. This feeling was overpowering and all encompassing.
Marinette stared shamelessly at her cat, racing to even remember her own name. Who was Adrien? Where was she? The final stake in her heart was when he looked over to meet eyes with Marinette, still telling the story.
Time stood still as their eyes locked from across the room, searching each other’s depths in those moments.
The floor dropped under her as his brilliant gaze pierced through her.
It only lasted a brief moment in time, but after Adrien tore away from the gaze to continue his story with Manon, Marinette knew she was in deep, deep trouble. She knew she had been ignoring it, the fluttery feelings in the back of her being every time she was with Chat. She knew it was wrong.
He loved her alter ego, she loved Adrien.
Yet she couldn’t help but realizethat she was slowing falling for her kitty and she wasn’t sure whether to be excited or terrified.

Little did she know, the very same kitty, sitting on the floor telling stories, was falling for Marinette as well.

Well what does everyone think? I think I kind of rambled with the back story before getting to the part I wanted to write about… And I should have been asleep hours ago so I probably missed a million errors… Oh well. Please let me know what you think of it!!! I want to improve my writing hopefully so I can contribute more to this wonderful fandom!

Mac and Cheese » Fratboy!Calum (Part 2)


First smut I’ve ever written

In the middle of his way towards you, a blonde guy stops him and whispers something in Calum’s ear. Calum shakes his head and his lips form a “No,” to whatever the other guy is saying. The guy says something to Calum again and gives him a pat on the back before he continues walking to you. 

“You made it.”, he smiles. 

“I’ll leave you two alone.”, Kelly says before walking away to god knows where

You watch her leave before you reply to what Calum just said: “I decided it was time for me to do something fun.”

“Could I be that something?”, he says with a huge smirk plastered on his face.

“Very funny, but the poetry thing doesn’t work on me. Try your blonde friend.”, you point towards the girl he had just been talking to. It looked like she had already forgotten about Calum, she was using the same flirty body language on another guy as she used on Calum.

“Her? Nah, not the girl I was aiming for. She looks nothing like the girl I would want to get.”

“What does that girl look like then?”, you cheekily ask him.

“Surprisingly,” he says before he brings his face closer to yours to whisper in your ear, “just like you.”

“Does she now? And by what name does this girl go by?”, you smirk at him.


“Oh, we share a name now? She must be interesting. Is she a one of your poet-loving girls?”

“I was hoping so.”

“I don’t think she is.”

“But does she want to dance with me?”

“That she does.”, you say before grabbing his hand and taking him to where everyone is dancing. You turn around so your back is against his front and start moving your hips. When he places both of his hands on your hips, you decide to grind on him a bit just to tease him.

“Damn,” he whispers in your ear, “she’s bit of a tease isn’t she?” His comment just makes you smirk and grind up against him even more. He keeps on talking: “It’s sad that I will be sleeping alone tonight, I was hoping on some company.”

“Want me to tug you in, sweetie?”

“I wouldn’t mind it.”

“Then show me your room.”

After you spoke out those words, it didn’t take him long to grab your hand and lead you to his room. He opens his door while biting his lip and looking at you. When he opens the door, he pulls you closer to pull you into his room and kicks the door shut. “I thought you weren’t one of those girls?”

You roll your eyes to his comment: “Just shut up Ca-.” A girl moaning cuts you off. You both look at where the sound is coming from. There’s a pair making out on one of the two beds and the girl is already half-naked.

“The fuck, man! Get out, this is not one of the spare rooms you can do this in! Go find one!” The couple jumps up and quickly gather their clothes to run out of the door. Calum sighs out of relief: “So where were we?”

You don’t even respond to him and just kiss him. You weren’t one of his ‘poet-loving girls’ and even if you were, you weren’t planning on being just one of them. Things were getting more heated and Calum starts to walk back and eventually accidentally sits down on his bed. You just smile and take your top off before sitting down onto his lap. The make out continues and he undoes your bra as you start slightly grinding on him again. He takes his shirt of when he notices you’ve been fiddling with it.

“Lie down.”, you whisper and he does what you just obeyed him. You unbutton his jeans and struggle to take them, but with a bit of help from Cal it works out.

“You want to take control, babe?”, he asks and you nod, “That’s not gonna happen, you’ve teased me too much.” He flips you two over and starts kissing down your neck, making sure he leaves his mark all over it. He continues kissing down your stomach until right above your core. He takes your jeans off very slowly, just to tease you this time. He kisses your inner thigh and licks his lips before taking off your panties and his boxers. He runs a finger along your slit just to feel how wet you are. “Someone really needs me.”, he chuckles.

“Says you.”, you grin while looking at his boner. He takes a condom out of a drawer from his nightstand and slides it on right before he slides into you. His pace is slow and you enjoy every second of it, definitely when he whimpers which makes you moan.

“Fuck, Y/N.”, he breathes and starts going faster.

“Hey, Cal?”, you say while barely breathing.

“Yes, baby?”

“Does this sound like mac and cheese?”, you ask and you both start laughing while still going at it. The laughing stops when you loudly moan out his name.

“Are you close, baby?”, he asks and you nod. He presses his thumb against your clit, making you moan harder. “Cum with me, okay.”

He starts counting, but you’re too close so you reach your high on three and so does he a few seconds later. You’re mumbling his name as he is cursing. He rides out your orgasm before pulling out and throwing away the condom.

You’re trying to catch your breath and he lies down next to you: “That was the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had.”


Gather Restaurant and Coffee Bar, Park Slope. 

A week ago, Jon and I drove around Brooklyn and came across this location in Park Slope called Gather.  At first, I originally thought it was affiliated with the magazine Gather Journal, but to my surprise it’s actually not. They just happen to have the same name. 

On an entirely different note altogether, the reason why I’m writing about this place isn’t because of their aesthetically pleasing location and interior. It’s because they have the best mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted (And trust me I’ve been to many places.) Why is it not in the picture, you ask? Because I devoured it, silly. It looked and tasted so good I wasted no time and effort to finish it. 

Anyway, Jon has been one of the closest friends I’ve made within the course of the year. Which is funny because who would have thought someone as successful and talented as him could find company like mine worth having? 

I guess I’m just lucky.