best elphaba

sim swapping!

@pleasejustcallmerose organised a sim swap and my partner was @siom who wanted a male young adult sim with a quirky style and traits. so meet alton silver! he’s a bartender in training who is a perfectionist; unfortunately when you’re as clumsy as alton you drop a heck of a lot of bottles. i suppose he could fix it if he wasn’t so darn lazy!

[private download]

and here is alton with his new best friend elphaba meadows made for me by @siom!

  • The Wizard: So, Mrs. Arduenna Upland, you've been married to a Mr. Prince Fiyero Tigulaar for how long?
  • Glinda: Two years.
  • The Wizard: And your first name again is?
  • Glinda: Glinda.
  • The Wizard: And your girlfriend's name is?
  • Glinda: Elphaba.
  • [chorus gasps]
  • Glinda: I'm sorry! I misunderstand. You say girl, I thought you say best friend. Elphie is my best friend.
  • Elphaba: You bastard! You lying bastard!