best elphaba

Elphaba: We will see each other again, won’t we?
Fiyero: Elphaba, we are going to be together always. You can see houses flying through the sky, can’t you see that?

I have the weirdest thoughts sometimes

but like what if they accidentally cast actual girlfriends as Glinda and Elphaba

and what if their Gelphie game was so on point that it pretty much just renders Fiyero pointless

or what if they cast Glinda and Elphie too well

and they become actual girlfriends and run off together and the directors are like “…we lose all the best Glindas and Elphabas that way” 

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  • The Wizard: So, Mrs. Arduenna Upland, you've been married to a Mr. Prince Fiyero Tigulaar for how long?
  • Glinda: Two years.
  • The Wizard: And your first name again is?
  • Glinda: Glinda.
  • The Wizard: And your girlfriend's name is?
  • Glinda: Elphaba.
  • [chorus gasps]
  • Glinda: I'm sorry! I misunderstand. You say girl, I thought you say best friend. Elphie is my best friend.
  • Elphaba: You bastard! You lying bastard!