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SHELTER. (2016) || shigeru is message to his daugther.  

To Rin - From : Dad ヾ There was just so little time left after you were born. I don’t know how much love I managed to pour into raising you after your mother died… But your smile kept me going. (^_^) I would like to have come with you, but I couldn’t. I wanted you to forget everything and move on… I knew you’d be alright. But you’ll get lonely, and remember. I know you’ll grow strong, and read this letter some day. I really wish we could have spent more time together. I’m sorry. You were so young back then, too young to understand what they meant. So let me repeat…
My final words to you…..”

finnrey aus [1/???]: the x-files

rey’s past was a mystery, even to her. when she was a little girl, she was found wandering down a highway in the desert, miles away from the nearest town with no memory of who she was or where she’d come from. her dreams were always plagued by strange, alien figures and bright lights that seemed too vivid to just be products of her imagination. rey never investigated her suspicions, at least not until after she joined the rio (republic intelligence office) as a junior agent. her natural aptitude at profiling and skill with technology put her on the fast track to an illustrious career. however, after her first major case, she got side tracked by an unofficial ‘x-files’ project. these x-files documented years of cases with one thing in common: conventional science couldn’t explain them. rey quickly found herself delving into the paranormal hoping for answers to questions she’d been asking all her life.

finn, a straitlaced, driven junior agent was also a rising star in science division of the rio until assistant director ben solo personally reassigned him to the x-files. his assignment? observe and evaluate rey’s work to determine the validity of the x-files. he was intent on debunking her work, but rey’s steadfast belief in a truth beyond anything either of them could imagine shook his faith. he found himself questioning the motives of his superiors and their dedication to obstructing the x-files investigations. when the x-files brought to light his own forgotten childhood with the knights of ren, an extremist cult dedicated to the worship of an alien “force”, matters were complicated even further.

in the face of their warring pasts and presents, government cover ups, and an unknowable evil lurking on the fringes of their reality, finn and rey find that, in order to get to the truth, they can trust no one but each other.


“You must know… surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I’d scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” —Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice (2005)