best dvd ever


please watch officially if you can!!! i understand in some situations you legitimately Cannot (i mean hey i’m not american and dont live there and also am a student without a tv license or anything to provide channels) but if you’re able to provide official views, please do!!! 

link to the tweet  

pretty boy


Anon said: “Can you do Halloween backgrounds of either of Grif and Sister or just Kimball?”

Here you go, I hope they’re ok.


I know it’s two hours.
But I hiiiiiiighly recommend - whenever you have time, watch this video:
It’s a full Lady Gaga concert, The Born This Way Ball - It’s a fan made compilation of the best shots beautifully edited together.

A must watch for music and talent lovers. :D

The Adventures of Starsky and Hutch

So I just finished watching ‘Sweet Revenge’ and yes

they’re totally platonic, guys

nothing romantic about

two grown dudes

getting into bed with each other

and eating steak

while hiding from a nosy nurse

and giggling like schoolgirls

Yeah, nope.

Can’t see it at all.

wow can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Tae is when his eyebrows and forehead are exposed through a snapback and his hair is all sweaty and there’s just this look of pure fun and laughter in his eyes and the most beautiful smile on his face??? 

I’m breathless. (cr.)