best dvd ever


please watch officially if you can!!! i understand in some situations you legitimately Cannot (i mean hey i’m not american and dont live there and also am a student without a tv license or anything to provide channels) but if you’re able to provide official views, please do!!! 

link to the tweet  

pretty boy


I know it’s two hours.
But I hiiiiiiighly recommend - whenever you have time, watch this video:
It’s a full Lady Gaga concert, The Born This Way Ball - It’s a fan made compilation of the best shots beautifully edited together.

A must watch for music and talent lovers. :D


[Heroin/Addicted][10 PARTS] Korean exclusive DVD

YOUTUBE  (cr: YuZhou_办公室)

→ OMG I swear this is the best BTS vid ever!! It’s worth watching thousands times, our lovebirds are so freaking sexy and sweet and etc


Anon said: “Can you do Halloween backgrounds of either of Grif and Sister or just Kimball?”

Here you go, I hope they’re ok.

wow can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Tae is when his eyebrows and forehead are exposed through a snapback and his hair is all sweaty and there’s just this look of pure fun and laughter in his eyes and the most beautiful smile on his face??? 

I’m breathless. (cr.)

I have to wonder if the Director picked the BGC as part of an experiment too. I mean, they’re all misfits, but its just… look at the kind of people he selected to surround Alpha.

Sarge – War veteran who probably has no business being a soldier anymore. Has a thing for robotics and building shit, but is definitely heading towards senile. 

Simmons – Neurotic kid who’s got some pretty heavy psychological issues already. He’s got anger management issues, self esteem issues, and he latches onto Sarge as a father figure.

Grif – The first person to be drafted in 200 years. Not only was he the only guy to be drafted, but he had a dependent at home (assuming that there was no father figure, since one is never canonically mentioned). Typically, people are excused from the draft if they are the sole provider for a minor or other dependent.

Tucker – Hyper-sexual dude, who has more potential of being a good soldier then anyone else, if it were actually applied. I’m pretty sure that if Tucker were put with a regular military outfit, he would have done extremely well, and probably have been promoted a lot faster.

Donut – If you go off of the Best Red vs Blue DvD Ever. Of All Time, Donut had been sent to a compound by his father so he could “feel right about that one thing.” So… Chances are he’s been shoved back so far into some kind of closet. And he’s also a complete Doughboy, farm fresh from Iowa.

Caboose – Lets face it, Caboose was not the brightest crayon in the box even before the brain damage. I’m fairly sure that’s why he was picked.

Doc – Lol. lets put a pacifist in there.