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No matter how enormously successful he may have been at the start, the future of a teen idol once he’s graduated from the warm embrace of boy bandhood is always precarious. Will his star continue to rise to Justin Timberlake (or, for the U.K. crowd, Robbie Williams) status? Or will he become nothing more than a distant, fond memory—a time capsule of a generation’s youthful indiscretion?

That’s the question facing former One Directioner Harry Styles who, a little over a year after his group officially (probably) disbanded, has just made the best case yet for his enduring pop cultural relevance. In going above and beyond his musical guest duties on this week’s S.N.L., Styles proved what his die-hard fans have been saying all along: he’s more than just a haircut.

This wasn’t Styles’s first S.N.L. rodeo; as musical guest, he’s always shown a penchant for hopping into sketches. Not all guest musicians like to try their hands at live sketch comedy, but Styles and the rest of the One Directioners charmingly cropped up on a 2012 “Manuel Ortiz Show” sketch and, briefly, in a 2013 sketch featuring Paul Rudd as their biggest fan. They also endearingly and self-mockingly cameoed in Rudd’s opening monologue.

But none of Styles’s previous, light S.N.L. sketch work could have prepared his fans for his level of involvement in this week’s episode. Perhaps taking a page from his successful S.N.L. collaborations with Justin Timberlake, host Jimmy Fallon had Styles join him in two sketches as well as the episode’s monologue. That monologue appearance was the least challenging part of he played. All Styles had to do was dance and belt out a smidgeon of Bowie—right in his wheelhouse. He did it all while giggling a little at Fallon’s self-seriousness. Who wouldn’t?

But Styles had a much bigger role to play in one of the earliest sketches of the night: an impressions showcase in the guise of a Celebrity Family Feud. By rights, Fallon should have owned this sketch—he very impressively scampered back and forth across the set in order to pull off dueling John Travolta impressions. But Styles sort of stole the show out from under him by unveiling a fearless (if not always entirely accurate) Mick Jagger impression.

As any S.N.L. aficionado will tell you, complete commitment to a bit and a willingness to make a fool of yourself is key to good hosting. Timberlake was fine in a pair of early S.N.L. appearances—but it wasn’t until he showed up in 2003, cool as a cucumber, in a giant omelette costume that he proved once and for all that he could hang with the best Studio 8H had to offer. Styles-as-Jagger also took a tiny dig at his own fledgling solo career, saying, in character, “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo? That’s insane.” Self-awareness? Also a vital quality for any S.N.L. host.

Styles’s last acting appearance of the night came during a surprisingly effective, high-concept sketch which saw Fallon and a group of Union soldiers slowly turn a traditional Civil War ballad into an infectious pop song. Styles appears as a Rebel prisoner who adds a soulful bridge. The singer’s earnest crooning prompted half of the beard glued to his face to pop off—not a rare issue when it comes to live sketch comedy. Styles handled the malfunction with aplomb, first slapping the beard back on his face when the camera panned away—and then, when it came loose again, just going with it.

But like Timberlake before him, Styles has not lost sight of the gift that made him a star. For all his sketch work in this week’s S.N.L. the singer also performed a pair of songs that sent his longtime fans swooning: his chart-topping single, “Sign of the Times” and a new track, titled “Ever Since New York”

But a successful foray into the world of sketch comedy isn’t the only way Styles is taking cues from Timberlake as he embarks upon his post-One Direction career. The singer recently landed a coveted role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming prestige drama Dunkirk. Timberlake also followed the dissolution of N*Sync with a few serious film appearances, including Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moan, and, most successfully, The Social Network. Neither Styles nor Timberlake may ever win an acting Oscar, but all that stage presence has to go somewhere—and, depending on how well Dunkirk goes over, we may be at the very beginning of another boy band member’s long perch at the top.

If an early positive review (from Oscar winner Mark Rylance, no less!) is any indication, Styles also knows exactly how to channel that surplus of charisma. Rylance said of his Dunkirk co-star: “He seems remarkable … one of those people—Sean Penn has it, too—a kind of panache. I look at them and think, ‘How did you get that? How do you get so that life is easy?’ But he has got a lovely, lovely character. It’s a gift.” Dunkirk comes out in July. If it’s a palpable hit, we could see Styles make his S.N.L. hosting debut as early as this fall.  -  VANITY FAIR

great shakespearean themes for a wedding
  • Twelfth Night: Twins get married to two different people at the same time. The officiator wears yellow stockings. The twins dress up as each other during the reception.
  • Much Ado About Nothing: Groom accuses bride of adultery. Bride faints/fakes her death. Everyone is busy trying to set up the maid of honour and the best man with each other.
  • The Winter's Tale: Groom accuses bride of adultery. Bride pretends to be a statue for the next couple of years.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: A triple wedding, except prior to the ceremony two of the couples completely mix up who they're getting married to. An incompetent group of actors perform Romeo and Juliet at the reception.
  • Romeo and Juliet: The reception features a duel between the boyfriend of the groom's cousin with the bride's cousin.
  • Hamlet: The wedding happens at the same time as a funeral, and the widow at the funeral is marrying the dead person's sibling.
  • All's Well That Ends Well: Groom thinks he's marrying one person, but turns out the bride is an entirely different person. The entire affair is conducted in a darkened venue.
  • Macbeth: Three witches show up and suggest the groom kill his boss.
  • Julius Caesar: The groom gets stabbed to death by members of the wedding party. His best man makes a speech at the reception about how ~honourable~ one of the ushers is and incites a revolution.
  • Titus Andronicus: Invite two convicted rapists to the wedding. Bake them into the cake.
  • Henry V: Send the happy couple tennis balls. Only tennis balls.
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Omg. Just imagine Liam and Sara watching Star Wars together, and she brings the the re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-remastered versions and Liam is just like ‘pffft, no way.’ and pulls out the original VCR tapes that he somehow procured before he left the Milky Way and Sara just looks at him like ‘seriously?’ before they snuggle up on his ridiculous couch under a blanket that is way too big and watch ancient futuristic technology flash before their eyes (with SAM interrupting occasionally to point out that AI doesn’t work like that) and even though they’ve both seen the movies a thousand times, Liam still reacts to the Death Star exploding like it’s the first time and makes pew pew pew noises when the x-wings shoot and gives the fighting scenes his rapt attention.

And Sara just looks over at him during one of those scenes, at the unabated joy this grown man shows for laser swords and beeping droids and how little he cares who sees it, and she realizes anew just how much she loves this nerd, her nerd, when suddenly he turns to her and says ‘this is the best bit!’ and reaches for the remote to turn the sound all the way up as she smiles and lays her head against his shoulder, and they munch on popcorn and happily watch light saber duels and space battles well into the wee hours of the morning.

the signs as Hamilton characters

Aries: Hercules Mulligan - a very outgoing and typically violently outspoken person, Hercules is driven towards achieving his goals no matter what it takes.  he also is fairly sexual (especially in his introduction), generally typical with this Mars ruled sign.  as an Aries, he has the drive and cunning to achieve goals.

Hercules Mulligan’s birthdate is unknown

Taurus: King George III - his stubborn nature and inability to give up the colonies without a fight gives King George III Taurus traits.  he is bull-headed and refuses to admit defeat, even when the war is lost, telling the colonies “you’ll be back” and getting excited during The Adams Administration.

King George III was actually a Gemini

Gemini: Angelica Church-Schuyler - Angelica “dazzles the room” as a very social and well-loved lady; she clearly has the social skills of a Gemini.  she also proves to be a very intelligent human being, wanting a mindful revelation rather than a revolution, which gives insight as to how insightful she is.

Angelica Church-Schuyler was actually a Pisces

Cancer: Elizabeth Hamilton-Schuyler - Eliza is a family oriented lady, which proves when she begs Alexander to stay home with their child instead of going off to build a nation.  she is also loving, caring, and sensitive, and has all the nurturing qualities of a Cancer.  she is tough-skinned, and willing to forgive.

Eliza Hamilton-Schuyler was actually a Leo

Leo: Alexander Hamilton - though he’s not always begging to be in the spotlight, it is clear that Alexander wants to impress and intrigue those around him.  he’s mindful, and creative when it comes to writing, but he also has talent when it comes to social events, and seems to take over a room with his words.

Alexander Hamilton was actually a Capricorn

Virgo: James Madison - a talented writer and organizer, James fits the stereotype well.  he helps John Jay and Alexander Hamilton write “The Federalist Papers” to defend the Constitution, putting his feud with Alexander away to fight for what he believes in.  he is strong-willed and a sharp mind.

James Madison was actually a Pisces

Libra: John Laurens - like a Libra, John is a “people person” and this shows through in being Alexander’s best friend.  in addition, he is keen on justice, which is obvious in both his fight against slavery (he leads the “first black battalion”) in addition to his duel with Charles Lee to clear Washington’s name.

John Laurens was actually a Scorpio

Scorpio: Aaron Burr - like a classic Scorpio, Aaron “keeps all his plans close to his chest” and thinks very heavily about the mortality of life, death, and love.  he is not quick to act; instead, he lies in wait until the perfect opportunity to meet his goal comes along.  he is also emotional deep down, as seen with Theodosia.

Aaron Burr was actually an Aquarius

Sagittarius: Thomas Jefferson - Thomas’s strong moral ideas and philosophies categorize him as a Sagittarius.  he holds firms to his morals and ideals (shown when he wants to help France with their revolution, no matter how impractical). he’s also a traveler and interested in forgiven relations, as the secretary of state.

Thomas Jefferson was actually an Aries

Capricorn: George Washington - a wise and hardened old soul, George Washington is determined and will work towards his goals.  he can be stubborn, and is also brave and commanding.  people listen to him when he speaks, and none dare to challenge him.  he is an excellent leader and cannot be replaced.

George Washington was actually a Pisces

Aquarius: Marquis de Lafayette - like an Aquarius, he is a revolutionary.  he immigrates to America to help in their revolution, then goes back to France to organize a revolution there, uniting the people (also like a true Aquarius) and bringing hopes of better leadership to both countries, with strong ideals.

Marquis de Lafayette was actually a Virgo

Pisces: Philip Hamilton - as a very emotional child, he is eager to please his father and wants to live up to his legacy.  he is also extremely loyal to Alexander, and literally dies trying to protect his name.  he realizes the mortality that he is faced with, and occasionally seems to live in his own little “dream world”.

Philip Hamilton is actually an Aquarius

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top 5 yuya moments in arc v. whatever you consider a 'yuya' moment.

hoooo boy ho boyyyyy this is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do i think ugh like i love this entire show? so how do i choose just five???? uggggghhhh but here goes

note: so this list turned out to be top Yuya moments in his duels. I wouldn’t say his Top Duels. That would be some other list. also I wanted this list to be about true Yuya, not him being in berserk mode or possessed, so I avoided that. These are some of my faves, but not all. But even if I ever make another list or modify this one, I know for certain #1 stays #1 so…

5. ep 61 - His duel against Enjoy Chojiro. I feel like this is a moment that gets forgotten for some reason but it’s the exact kind of thing that Yuya lives for? His stubborn attitude and faith in himself and in his Entertainment dueling actually put a smile back on Chojiro’s face and basically ended up giving the guy his life back. Like. c’mon. It may not have been a significant duel but it’s a perfect display of what he’s capable as an Entertainment duelist.

4. ep 122 -  Oh shit. A controversial choice for this list maybe? Since apparently not a lot of people liked the BB arc (tho I actually enjoyed it wow). But anyway, I like this one because basically, despite all the messed up shit BB put them through, Yuya actually finds a way to relate to his enemy and in doing so finds a way to communicate his intentions to him in a way that his enemy can understand. The fact that he’s able to pull off such a nice Entame in such a bleak looking duel too… I really love that. It’s a light of hope in an atmosphere that has lost all of it. *cries* I really loved it.

3. ep 79 - His duel vs Shinji. I mean.

He’s not exactly trying to entertain anyone in this one but that doesn’t stop him from a) surprising the crowd and his opponent and b) teaching everyone a lesson in having a little more faith even in dire situations. Plus I just love that he made Shinji and everyone who called Tuning Magician “useless” eat their own words. Also, Enlightenment Paladin is really fucking rad. And it’s hist first Synchro Summon and he does it pretty much all on his own aaaaa.

Oh right. He also made Jack Atlas smile for the first time. So there’s that too.

2. eps 50/51 - Okay there are so many reasons why I love this moment. First off, the duel was fucking amazing. Like… the duel itself had a plot twist at the end, even after all those close calls Reiji seemed to have had and all those seemingly perfect moves Yuya was pulling. Secondly, the fruitshipping evidence in this is unreal. But lastly, why I’m placing it on this list as one of my favorite moments for Yuya… is because of his conviction.

Not to mention… the foreshadowing.

Just… throughout the show, it seems like he was getting none of this done. He didn’t get Yuzu back or keep his promise to Yuto to make everyone smile until the very end. And the desperation in his eyes and in his voice to not want to lose and to win on top of the irony that he doesn’t want to win to please anyone through violence… it’s just… sadly magnificent knowing what happens later on in the story and who he truly is (Zarc).

Reiji pushes him to the opposite of his entertainment persona, which later on we see develop in a much grander light, but this is basically the point we see clearly how flawed Yuya is and the fact that his character goes through a deconstruction throughout the entire story is honestly so good in a VERY refreshing way. Any other show would usually have the protagonist fulfilling his convictions at a much earlier point with lighter consequences in order to validate his feelings here but I’m glad they didn’t do that with Yuya.

I know my explanation for why I love this moment of his might seem odd but like… he’s far from a perfect protagonist and I absolutely love that so much about him.

1. My absolute favorite moment of his is episodes 31/32 aka his duel vs Shingo during MCS.

This is, of course, the very definition of what an Entertainment Duel is. Everything about it is true entertainment. But there’s a big difference in this duel than all other Entertainment duels Yuya participated in, I think. And that’s

… his own. True. Genuine. Smile.

Born out of his own excitement for the duel. For himself. Not for the crowd. Not for any of his friends.

For himself.

I know very well that it’s not true that to make others smile, you have to smile yourself first… but honestly, happiness translates so much better when you yourself truly are happy. It’s just so much easier to make others happy that way.

For that reason I LOVE this moment to death. This is why, imo, this was the best Entertainment duel he pulled off in the show. He wasn’t dueling to win or to win over the crowd (explicitly, at least). He was mainly dueling to push himself and to have fun with it, and the crowd’s excitement later arising from seeing him like that is incredibly realistic.

I can say so because… well, I was basically a part of that cheering crowd.

I loved all his duels up to this point but damn this one in particular… I was like… Entertainment Dueling. Is. Real.

Yeah believe it or not, I was still not convinced until this duel. My gods. What a life changer.

I love Yuya Sakaki.

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Jay x Evie for the Who is... prompts ♥️Please and Thank you !!!

@tayrae515​ also asked for Jayvie, so here we go :) & thank you for the ask! 

who is more likely to hurt the other? Jay would never, ever, consciously hurt Evie. After all, protecting the core four is his reason for being

who is emotionally stronger? they both had to overcome quite a lot from a young age which makes them both quite strong. Evie tends to let her emotions show more easily though

who is physically stronger? Jay buuuut he’d let Evie win every one of their pillow, tickle fight and fence duel

who is more likely to break a bone? Jay is known to be reckless. Evie lost count of how many times he broke something

who knows best what to say to upset the other? they never want to upset the other as they’re aware of the other’s weakness. Although, when she gets jealous, Evie’s jabs can be hurtful

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? half-half, it depends on who starts it, or who feels the most guilty

who treats who’s wounds more often? Evie is Jay’s official nurse after tourney and R.O.A.R. practices

who is in constant need of comfort? Evie likes to be hugged and reassured that she does the right thing so Jay supports her constantly. On the other hand, Evie has a sixth sense for when Jay needs comfort and she offers it before he even has to ask (it’s very rare that he does)

who gets more jealous? they’re both green monsters

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? Evie likes to be dramatic

who will propose? Jay, on a cruise in the Arundel fjords for their 5th anniversary. Evie cries and so does he when she accepts

who has the most difficult parents? even though Jafar insisted that Jay stole everything he could, the Evil Queen kept belittling Evie her entire childhood. They both have terrible parents.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? Evie as Jay will more likely put his arm around her shoulder

who comes up for the other all the time? they’re attached at the hip, these two.

who hogs the blankets? Evie needs to be warm, ALL THE TIME. When they started to sleep in the same bed at first, Jay groaned at her antics, now he just grabs her, all wrapped up in the blanket, so she’s actually sleeping ON him for warmth 

who gets more sad? They’re both pretty optimistic people but sometimes Evie will get sad over her past on the Isle, not for long though

who is better at cheering the other up? Jay gives the most soothing hugs while Evie would likely do something silly to cheer him up like trying to make him dance with her over Bruno Mars

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Evie will just shake her head at his jokes, they’re never seriously violent towards the other

who is more streetwise? Have you seen Chillin’ Like A Villain? Both of them are!

who is more wise? They’re both wise, on different matters. Evie would think things through beforehand though

who’s the shyest? Jay. Behind his flirty façade, he actually has some trouble expressing his feelings whereas Evie’s bolder

who boasts about the other more? Jay would parade around Auradon Prep every time Evie makes him a new outfit, Evie’s the loudest during tourney matches and ROAR duels

who sits on who’s lap? When Jay’s around, Evie doesn’t need any seat

These are some of my finished gramander fics on ao3 if you want like to check them out!

Of traditions and duels:

In which an old tradition dictates that the head of the Scamander family must decide who the younger members should marry to. And it happens that Theseus is the one who makes the decisions he chooses to challenge to a duel at all the poor souls that want to court Newt.
Because he knows no one can defeat him, right?
And then his not-so-best-friend-after-all, Percival Graves, shows up at his fucking house and challenges him to a duel for his baby brother’s hand?


Percival is affected by a very odd potion that seems to increase your worst defects.

But Director Graves, defects? Of course he doesn’t have any. He’s the Director of Magical Security for Lewis’ sake…

But then he sees Newt being hugged by the Goldsteins and something changes in him.

He might be a bit possessive.

How to catch a magizoologist:

Everybody in MACUSA is sure of one thing: Percival Graves loves rules and he doesn’t like people, he doesn’t even seem interested in social interaction at all. He’s a workaholic and scares the whole auror department. So… when suddenly his office is full of all kinds of tea and his bookshelf of studies on dragons and magical creatures they all start to wonder.
They wonder even more when find him smiling at the adorable wizard with reddish hair and freckles.

A false impression:

A misunderstanding leads Percival Graves to believe Newt Scamander is not Theseus’ brother but his husband.

The problem? He falls in love with Newt.

Five times Newt gets exactly what he wants and one time he has to give something in return:

Newt Scamander has Percival Graves, Director of Magical Security and one of the most powerful aurors alive, completely wrapped around his little finger.

But that’s not a surprise, everyone knows it, Graves is not very subtle after all.

No, the interesting thing is that Newt knows it too.

Dramaland Forecast: July 2017

Previously: 2016 - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - June


  • Chicago Typewriter it started out slow and I was *thisclose* to dropping it around ep 5 because I didn’t care about the modern timeline dynamics, but ep 6 was good and then it just got better and better until the ending crushed my heart in all the best ways.
  • Man to Man – a fun, idle binge! Even though I wasn’t super invested, I loved every moment Park Sung Woong was on my screen (he can do no wrong!). I preferred the goofier side of the drama than the srs bzns spy stuff, but the action scenes were pretty slick and I liked the production values. I don’t regret wasting my time on this show although I will probably forget it ever existed.

Currently watching:

  • Super Family 2017
  • The Best Hit
  • Duel


  • I purposefully didn’t start many dramas this month knowing that I wouldn’t have time for them. I’m waiting for Lookout, Circle, Secret Forest, and Fight My Way to end so I can binge at my leisure (and no one had better spoil me on Circle until I do because that’s the one I’m most looking forward to – I’ve worked incredibly hard to avoid spoilers so far and you don’t want to make me cry, do you? Do you?)
  • Oh and I also plan to look into Woman of Dignity but my hopes are sub-basement level and I’m only doing it for my love of Kim Sun Ah.

Upcoming dramas of interest:

  • School 2017 – I never watched the 2015 version but I really enjoyed the 2013 version (all my beloved students with their various problems, and the reunion of the Baby-faced duo Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi). Although, based on this writer, I have a feeling there will be loads more humor than tears.
  • Strongest Deliveryman – I know nothing about this except it has Go Kyung Pyo in his first leading role, so of course it has my attention.
  • Reunited Worlds – “A love story between an 18-year-old man and 31-year-old woman, born in the same year and were childhood friends.” Well, this is certainly a new take on the noona romance. The writer is dependably okay and I like the cast even though no one particularly excites. I’m curious but not to the point where I’ll make a point to clear my schedule for the premiere.
  • Save Me – I love OCN thrillers (esp. in the Sat/Sun timeslot) as much as anyone, maybe even more than most, but… but… Taecyeon.  I dunno if I can last a whole drama with him as the lead.
  • Man Who Dies To Live the plot is vague but the cast is decent. There’s potential here but I’m gonna need more info.
  • Manhole – “Bong Pil and his five friends travel between the past and present through a manhole in order to stop a wedding scheduled a week later.” Starring Jaejoong and UEE and Baro. Heck, let’s get all the idol and ex-idol actors and make it a thing. From the writer of TEN and TEN 2 so it shouldn’t be quite as ridiculous as it sounds (but it better be just a little bit ridiculous. Just a little).
  • Hospital Ship – the plot makes me think of a gender flipped version of my beloved Matsuda Shota’s A Clinic on the Sea, so I’m tentatively willing to give it a chance if it promises me a quirky mix of characters.
  • Mojito – the plot sounds like a standard chaebol-candy rom-com buuuuuuuuuut Sung Joon and Baek Sung Hyun reunited? Yes, please!
  • Live – Noh Hee Kyung’s newest offering that potentially could star Lee Kwang Soo in a role that I’m hoping reflects more than just his comedic abilities. There’s no airdate set (some time next year, probably) and only a vague plot but MY BODY IS READY.

As always, any drama not listed means I have nothing new to add since the last mention and/or it’s not something I care about enough to add to the list.

Blabbering Curse: Jeon Jungkook x Hogwarts AU






Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

words: 5.8 k

Hi, I’m changing the setting slightly, instead of it being the regular Hogwarts, I’m going to make it like a university version so I don’t have to change the age.

Age 18-24 is students year 1-7.


-Admin Taettybear


The hallways were silent, most students were already in class, diligently taking down notes as the professors spoke the lesson.

Though the silence didn’t last long as two people stared at each other fiercely.

“No way, you’re going down, Jungkook!” you smirked as you crossed your arms in front of your chest, staring at the male with the green tie.

Jungkook cockily returned your smirk, his broad shoulders relaxed as he faced you, “Slytherins are going to win again Y/N. Gryffindors never have a chance.”

Your nose flared at the male’s words as you took a step forward. Jungkook, who was watching your movements raised an eyebrow before the smirk on his face turned into a wide grin.

He loved getting under your skin, watching as your face slowly became red, your nose becoming scrunched with anger.

“Watch your words, Jungkook. Although you’re my friend, I don’t appreci-”

“Alright you two, stop your love quarrel and get to class, you both have Defense Against the Dark Arts don’t you?” Jin who was walking through the hallways stepped in, standing between the two teens who glared at each other. The older male sighed, wondering why he had accepted the job of being Hufflepuff’s Prefect. They never told him he’ll always have to babysit a Gryffindor and Slytherin, preventing them from ripping each other’s throat out.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders, “She started it Hyung, I was just peacefully trying to get to class.” His dark eyes moved slyly to the female beside him, watching how her expression turned enraged.

Your mouth fell open and you snapped your head towards Jin, “Oppa! He’s lying! He’s the one who brought up our Quidditch match for next week!”

Jin sighed and rubbed his temple, “I don’t understand why you guys must bicker each day. You’re literally the same people, why can you not get along? You two are the star seeker for your Quidditch teams, genius young wizards with unbelievable talent; one that the professor haven’t seen in years! You’re literally two peas in a pod, yet you guys are too competitive, for God’s sake!” The older male ranted, making both teens shrink.

You and Jungkook shared eye contact before you simultaneously took a step back, smiling sweetly at the older male.

“Uh… Hyung, I think we should get to class,” Jungkook sent the older boy a grin, “We wouldn’t want to be even later than what we already are.”

Jin’s eyebrows furrowed as he took a step forward, “I’m still not done yet, you tw-”

“Bye, Jin Oppa! See you later at dinner!” You chirped before bolting down the hallways, Jungkook right beside you.

“Stop running, you two!” The two of you laughed as you heard Jin’s yell from behind them.

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This is literally everything I have wanted. Ever.

Ramble here:
The worldbuilding is so amazing, I love the fact that VRAINS was more of a duel-focused service but the duel was so big that tons of people are coming in on it. Mainly reporters, but those surfer dudes also felt like they were less about duels and more about livestreaming stunts. Then there’s all those media avatars looking neat and stylish, and visually similar to the SoL chesses and a little bit like KoH, curious stuff. Pigeon and Frogfish are my favorites, I adore bumbling reporters in superhero settings.

This is so fucking superhero setting, the way people talk about Playmaker. Ahhh. Just how the media turned him into the most important person in the city is dope. I also love how the tv shows look, and that lady watching a video on him at work was excellent. Best superhero bit has to be Yusaku ditching class for superheroing…. with the added nuance of having to go back home to pick up his superhero suit before he can go out and save the day.

Ignis is also super interesting, on top of promising sentience to a roomba, the fact that his memories are as broken as Yusaku’s is a pretty good deal. And also he fucking ate a dude. Wonder if that’ll be handwaved as “the dude had actually logged off and that avatar was gonna self destruct safely” of we going full-blown Early Manga Atem for this dude.

The fact that they’re calling him Ai is interesting. We, as an audience, know more than the protags and more than the villains, but this mismatch of knowledge across all the sources is a neat way to keep us on our toes, specially since the protags and villains haven’t shown Everything they know yet. It’s a nice way to keep up the core idea of a mystery: the detective always is a step ahead of the reader. Every side of this conflict is working with an incomplete puzzle, but even we don’t have the full combination of all the pieces all sides have.

Revolver does the 3 thing, so that is a thing. Curious how his shadow is so dang close to Yusei’s hair. His story is super interesting and I adore how much it invites to speculation, like this whole show.

How Akira is handling SoL and his responsibilities is interesting. He appears more humane by taking the people’s wishes into account, but he’s also described and shown to be cold to carry the ‘best’ solution. He’ll be an interesting mirror to Yusaku. I’m also super interested in how Ema handles things and if she is the person who was watching Yusaku or if Ignis’ reveal of knowing stuff about Yusaku means he planned the whole first episode.

GO ONIZUKA. GO ONIZUKA. GO ONIZUKA. I love him. I love his papercraft title belt. I love that his login thing is a ring (though i wish we’d get a bit more info on how logins work and what happens with the body). I love that he refuses so much to play by other people’s rules that he refuses even those who are on his side. Love his motivations as shown in this episode, and what’s to come. I love him and I love that, as previously pointed out, his first idea to fight Playmaker is this.

Fantastic episode, gave me Just enough of the world for me to be content, the characters are interesting and the focus on mystery is super exciting. Y'all know what I’m about so you know i’m super into next week’s episode. I wonder and hope how long this narrative can continue like this, just going one story beat into the next like a made-for-binge show or a movie.

Hamilton songs in a nutshell

Alexander Hamilton: everything goes wrong 

Aaron Burr, Sir: everything rhymes also BRRAH BRRAH

My Shot: hype af also plot

The Story of Tonight: raise a glass to freedom

The Schuyler Sisters: aND PEGGY also enter Eliza and Angelica

Farmer Refuted: fuck u britain and u too samuel seabury

You’ll Be Back: king george is a yandere

Right Hand Man: haMILTON WE NEED YOU

A Winter’s Ball: fuckbois everywhere

Helpless: Eliza x Hamilton otp

Satisfied: heartbreaking regret™

The Story of Tonight (Reprise): the act I shitpost also aaron has a british wife

Wait for It: deep af™

Stay Alive: fucking charles lee

Ten Duel Commandments: this song is cool now but wait until later in the play

Meet Me Inside: alexander you had ONE JOB jfc go home

That Would Be Enough: literally don’t die that’s all I ask of you

Guns and Ships: lafAYETTE also we’re screwed we need alexander back

History Has It’s Eyes On You: hamilton I’ll let you fight but don’t be an idiot


What Comes Next: lol good luck by yourself

Dear Theodosia: Aaron tries his best, Hamilton shows off his son

Non-Stop: alexander hamilton shut the FUCK UP

What’d I Miss: thomas jefferson in the FUCKING HOUSE

Cabinet Battle #1: epic rap battles of history af

Take A Break: un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf

Say No to This: alexander does a massive bad

The Room Where It Happens: Compromises are made

Schuyler Defeated: alex: what the shit burr?? burr:  ¯\_ ツ _/¯

Cabinet Battle #2: we cannot square up

Washington On Your Side: we gotta expose hamilton

One Last Time: washington more like washingdone

I Know Him: John Adams for president? lol you wild

The Adams Administration: bye hamilton 

We Know: yeah I cheated on my wife but I didn’t steal money

Hurricane: it’s a bad idea but an idea nonetheless

The Reynolds Pamphlet: he exposed himself?? yo he wild

Burn: the heartbreak of act II

Blow Us All Away: nononononononono


It’s Quiet Uptown: sadness squared

The Election of 1800: jefferson wins and burr is salty

Your Obedient Servant: yknow what fuck you hamilton square up

Best of Wives and Best of Women: shit’s going down son

The World Was Wide Enough: hamilton is fucking dead

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: crying ensues

Anime Character Analysis: Yuzu Hiragi

Kicking off a new segment for this blog on character analysis is Yuzu Hiragi (Zuzu Boyle in the English Dub) from Yu-gi-oh Arc V.

Yuzu is the main female character from Yu-gi-oh Arc V, a anime about card games that changes the fate of the entire world. And are considered weapons? Idk.

What started off as a plain and rather annoying female heroine became one of my favorite Arc V characters and a beloved character of the show. She had her paper fan gag that quickly grew old, her damsel and distress act during the Sawatari duel (being saved by Yuya and Yuto in consecutive episodes dammit), and being the only one to lose during the duels for keeping her dad’s school.

Not to mention all the really obvious and cringe-worthy romantic tension between her and Yuya.

Originally posted by wendymoto

Activating the Spell Card … TSUNDERE MODE!

However, Yuzu, unlike some of the other female characters, does not stay standing apathetically in the background watching Yuya duel, nor does her motivations for dueling revolve around Yuya. Best of all, Yuzu is off dueling showing just how badass she is without the need for exposition to tell you she is a strong duelist.

First of all, Yuzu actually tries to improve. She does not sit around whining after a loss or is reduced to a pitiful side character after she lost a duel. Instead she goes and learns how to use fusion summoning and goes up against that character again and wins. Note this is without any of Yuya’s help or because of Yuya in any way. Yuzu just wanted to be a strong duelist for herself and no one else.

Originally posted by mikamatsumoto

Fusion summoning … BADASS YUZU

It was during the Youth Championship Arc that I realize that Yuzu was going to be one of my favorite characters. Case and point. Her escape from Yuuri.

Now it could have been easy for the show simply to get Yuzu kidnapped like Ruri or Rin. It would remove her from the plot and give Yuya motivation for the following arc. We could have her as the helpless damsel in distress for Yuya to rescue, and that was I had expected. 

Instead Yuzu fucking backflips away from that bastard and find herself with another Yuya look-alike that brings her to the Synchro dimension, exactly the main plot of the next arc took place. 

Originally posted by pdutogepi

Yeah, Yuzu isn’t going to let you put her on a bus and sit back and get rescued at any point. 

Of course, a lot of her screentime in the next few episodes was taken away by Yuya’s constant angst about trying to save her without him realizing that she didn’t need to be saved.

Well who would have thunk. A girl that didn’t need to be saved.

We see this in the time that Yuzu is on screen. What is she doing? Trying to tell people about the interdimensional war, dueling, and generally just trying to do the same thing the Lancers were going to do, try to stop the Synchro dimension from being invaded.

She’s not out there angsting about missing Yuya, finding a way to get back home, or getting something romantic tension with Yugo. Yuzu is trying to save the world.

Yuzu is what I think Yuya wants to become, not the other way around. She is a brilliant Entertainment Duelist as Yuya discovers during the Friendship Cup. She has a clear goal and a clear way to get there and she is strong enough to show him that she doesn’t need to be saved.

Yuzu supports Yuya, but goes on her own way. She shows that she is strong and more than just a pretty face.

Of course, this is only based off the first 80 episodes, and Yuzu could just be reduced to a damsel in distress and carted off the show… 

But for now, I’ll enjoy my badass yet adorable pink-haired duelist.

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anonymous asked:

ok i have a How To Watch Yu Gi Oh question while the other anon got on the subject HOPE THATS ALRIGHT but do u think it ok to skip some episodes that are just Duels or is that a Bad idea ,, bcus sometimes i get a lil bored if they r dueling someone that i dont Care about unless theres loads of character interaction which there usually isnt in those eps ,, basically would u say every episode is important in some way or are there definitely 'filler' episodes

this is hard to say… every ep is like… at least a little bit important? the problem is that the duels aren’t “filler”, they’re all the same stuff that they show in the manga, but in the anime they just. STRETCH EM. 

there are filler *seasons*, but interestingly enough. these are some of the best and most fun for character interactions LMAOGHFD I think I found a way to make it through the superlong less-interesting duels by living off of the stupid dumb subtext of everything every character says


These kids Gordon and LaVine put on a SHOW last night! One of the most entertaining dunk contest duels I’ve ever witnessed to date, probably the best overall dunk contest in many years.

I think everyone’s favorite dunk HAS to be when Aaron Gordon decided to take a seat 8 feet in the air LOL (stop the madness!!).

I don’t think he necessarily got robbed because Zach had incredible dunks all around as well, but I think it should’ve been a tie at least. One thing’s for sure though, us viewers were the biggest winners.

Check out the highlight mix here

Maybe [Scorpius] shouldn’t be surprised, after meeting [Rose’s] mother, who Father privately told him was, at school, ‘a complete know-it-all, and a goody-two-shoes, besides’.
But the thing is, all accounts say that Father was a complete know-it-all, and a goody-two-shoes besides, as well, so. - (want blood, guts, and by @takeupserpents)

i think it’s important to bring up this point about draco’s character. there’s a tendency, particularly in fandom, to paint draco as this too-cool-for-school badass who’s breaking all of the rules. in reality, draco has always had complete faith in the system and its laws. in first year, he 100% believes the best way to scare harry potter is to get him into detention with mcgonagall. he tricks harry into thinking they’re going to have an after-hours duel, then doesn’t show up because he knows he’ll get in trouble, too. in third year, he wants hagrid and buckbeak to go to a hearing before the school board, instead of simply exacting revenge for his arm on his own (as harry would have done). in fifth year, he is the leader of the ministry-sanctioned inquisitorial squad and a dumbledore-approved prefect.

draco consistently acts this way through the series, up until sixth year, when he’s suddenly become very involved in an underground terrorist group. the task voldemort asks him to complete is extremely specific - kill albus dumbledore. dumbledore is perhaps the most omnipresent authority figure in the whole series. draco cannot do it, even under threat of his own death. it’s especially symbolic when you think about how the malfoys have, for generations, maintained a certain image within the ministry - because they 1- can pay people off and 2- know enough to not piss off the important people in charge. draco malfoy is a stickler for rules and laws, and that’s something that can’t be said for harry & co. 


Now that Act III of the Strongest Mega Evolution is subbed, I want to take this time to explain what I think makes Manon so good in this Act.

After the Rayquayza attack in Act it left Manon shaken up, which makes sense as it was a very frightening experience (especially for Manon who is still a beginning trainer) and it’s what costed Alana shoulder injury to protect her from Rayquayza’s rage, which is something that stuck with her.

Now we have Alan showing no hesitation in tossing himself into the grinder again, this time with three Legendary Pokemon in one spot, Manon does not hesitate to tell him that he could very well die just for the sake of him wanting to grow stronger, to which Alan just rudely brushes off and leave her behind (despite Manon’s pleas to get him to stay).

Now, this is where we really see Manon’s true convictions and how deeply she cares for Alan. Despite all her fears about the current situation, she still tags along because Alan’s safety and well being is more important to her then anything else, and the best part about this? When Alan DOES get himself knocked out in the ensuing battle Manon instantly springs into action to rescue him, she walks through a battlefield of dueling Pokemon gods just to rescue her friend. She still shows clear fear at the events transpiring around her, but it doesnt stop her from doing what she has to.

There’s an saying about what it means to have true courage, a person isnt brave because they have no fear, a person is brave when they do have fears but are able to overcome them, and that perfectly encapsulates Manon’s character development in this episode.

How To Impress The Signs:

Aries: challenge them to a duel (getting your ass whooped by an Aries is cool and they’ll probably 10/10 wanna befriend/bang you).

Taurus: eat grass (shows them how “down to earth” you really are). 

Gemini: compliment both faces (don’t act like they don’t have them lol). 

Cancer: be a cat lady (everyone knows how nurturing and sensitive the Crab can be, woo them with your dozens of cuddly over-populating cats)

Leo: dress like them (this superstar needs all the attention and credit it can get). 

Virgo: eat their ass (it tastes better than their salty attitudes).

Libra: make it rain (the best way to balance out their stress is with ca$h). 

Scorpio: cosplay (share their passions of hiding emotional pain in plain sight with weeaboo trash). 

Sagittarius: spell the zodiac name right (seriously).

Capricorn: world domination (its the only way).

Aquarius:  tentacle porn (weird-ass, water-loving, kinky fucks eat that shit up).

Pisces: take that bitch to DisneyLand (where dreams always come true).

Episode 2 opens with Wakaba, who gets a raw deal in this story - she is here to play the archetype of the plain friend, but nobody has moves like her.

Touga wishes he could vogue like that.

Wakaba also has a direct line to the original author, divine Sophia herself. Look who wrote that book!

Wakaba can still hear the echoes of the story as it was, before the demiurge Ikuhara arrived to carry out his series of exacting compromises.

We move on to Touga’s elevator speech.  He has practiced it in front of a mirror – you know he has.

Now everyone who is unwise enough to enter an elevator with him knows exactly what the game’s about.

The speech is as follows: “If a chick cannot break its shell, it will die without being born. We are the chick.  The world is our egg.  If we do not break the world’s shell, we will die without being born. Smash the world’s shell – for the revolution of the world.”

So the point of the game is to grow up, and to grow up, you will have to destroy the structure that surrounds you.  As a metaphor it is clear as day, as long as you already know the answer.   It appears silly and arbitrary at first, and then fades into the background as it is repeated and repeated, until you accept it as part of the arcane rulebook of the world, and only at the last minute do you realize that it was a simple thing, all along, a simple instruction, and that nobody followed it, because they were too busy building harder and more complicated metaphors.

The speech is a title drop – the first time the world “revolution” is used – and in its silly seriousness and its obfuscatory clarity it is a tonal synecdoche for the whole dang show. It is very important, and Touga has no idea why.  The structure that surrounds him, the one that he’s supposed to smash, is designed for his benefit, and envelops him in a cloud of privilege that is invisible to him. There is no way he is going to smash that shell.  He is a Princeton undergrad quoting Marx to get girls.

Except he is in high school, and Utena is in middle school.  This is a useful fact to hang on to, as things progress.

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Episode 75, part 1: grim….

So Yami is rushing with Seto and Mokuba to the docks, hoping that Jounouchi et al are safe, but Malik’s actually orchestrated the whole thing, knowing that Yami (and/or Yugi) will come rushing…

Jou looks EXTREMELY tired. 

You know who probably is extremely tired? Rishid.

Shit, man! That’s some good going!

You know, I know Yami keeps getting targeted by mid- to high-level Ghouls and Kaiba gets very distracted and decides to follow a certain outrageously-haired hot-piece-of-ass around town, but literally every other finalist gets their final entry cards faster than Yami and Kaiba do. Rishid might’ve gotten his last one (of TWELVE) after Yami and Kaiba already qualified but that’s still a higher Puzzle-card-per-minute rate. Jou gets all his first, he might be the first qualified finalist. Bakura gets all his last, but in about twenty minutes. Ishizu picks hers up off-screen while holding a full-time job as a cultural ambassador and a part-time job as a plot-heavy medium. CAN YOU IMAGINE if Kaiba had spent too much time trailing after Yami and accidentally didn’t qualify for his own tournament finals?! 

Malik is appreciative but a little dismissive of Rishid’s amazing tournament-qualifying prowess. He says it’s “just like him” to have qualified twice-over before even approaching the deadline. And then says…

Ouch. “I’m only not mind-controlling you, my dearest brother, because I know you’ll obey me anyway so it’s not worth the effort.”

(Although I think he’s bluffing because he doesn’t seem to try mind-controlling Ishizu and she definitely doesn’t go along with Marik’s shit. But then, maybe he can’t because she has the Necklace?)

Anyway, speaking of dickishness; back on the helicopter, Seto has decided to abandon his skepticism in favour of … dickishness.

“I thought you didn’t believe in mind control, Seto, you absolute dick,” Yami tragically doesn’t say. Which is a shame because in the absence of someone shutting him down, Seto just keeps pushing…

Earning some massive side-eye there Seto.

“I’m just saying, if I could mind-control people, I’d make close friends fight each other for my amusement.”

Yami immediately jumps to the one thing he knows best; staking his life on the outcome of a card game, even before a villain makes it necessary.

Jeez, Yami, yes, we’re already awa–

EVEN KAIBA KNOWS. EVEN KAIBA KNOWS YAMI’LL THROW HIS LIFE AT ANY DUEL GOING. SETO “people are the worst” KAIBA. That’s either evidence for Seto paying a lot of attention to Yami or Yami being way too blatant with his mild case of deathwish and I’m going for C) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

So then Seto is like “so you just showed me the power of unity, and now you have to fight Jounouchi, who is your friend, so…”


Yami: *sigh*

Seto is so smug about landing this inarguable logical challenge that he just straight-up stops having eyes

And yes, Mokuba, you’re right, it’s…

JOUNOUCHI! Being mind-controlled by Marik who is just being so fucking original right now, playing like we haven’t had literally FOUR “duels with our very lives on the line” TODAY ALONE.

Seto actually gets really invested in seeing how Yami is going to deal with what Seto perceives to be a threat to Yami’s philosophy. 

I suppose he’s more invested than he would otherwise be because Yami just showed him that Yami’s “maybe try not to be a dick and work with people” system can work better than Seto’s “be as much of a dick as possible all the time” system. Seto’s much too careful to immediately switch life philosophies like that (also, you know, old habits die hard etc), so obviously this new idea needs to be tested and here’s Malik forcing Yami into a situation where “maybe try not to be a dick and work with people” is very hard to pull off.

So Jou demands that Yami duel him and Yami refuses…

… but actually immediately goes along with the whole duel thing anyway because, I have to presume, he literally doesn’t have a script for any life circumstance that doesn’t involve dueling.



And Yami, out of social awkwardness or kinkiness, just goes along with it, like he literally doesn’t even raise an objection.

Also surely they would be anklecuffs? Anyway.

Then Yami is shocked - SHOCKED - to discover that actually the chains are part of the death trap that was explicitly flagged several times.


An obviously there’s a very convoluted life-points-counter-hits-0 setup, in this case, a box at their feet linked to their opponent’s life points.


Oh and you know what we can have? A massively complicated electronic system that must involve hacking into KaibaCorp signals and building fairly complex digitally controlled boxes.

You know what we can’t have? A mechanism that will open at a designated time. The system for dropping the anchor is a FUCKING BOMB



Ahsoka vs. Darth Vader

Please be aware that spoilers for “Twilight of the Apprentice” follow!

“Our long awaited meeting has come at last”

This confrontation basically, is what everybody was waiting for all season long. With the greatest respect to the primary thrust of the Rebels storyline featuring Kanan and Ezra, the fact that much of the audience was expecting a showdown between two secondary background characters really just shows how much in high regard Ahsoka (and quite obviously Vader), are held amongst fans. A lot of things could’ve gone wrong, but in the capable hands of this writing team, the reunion was pitch-perfect. I genuinely can’t find anything wrong with what I saw. All the emotions were correct, all the reactions were true to the two characters at this particular point in their lives.

The choreography of the fight itself was spectacular. Incredibly fast paced, it was truly one of the best duels in Star Wars. If there was anyone who could give Vader a proper fight, it would be the person who was actually trained by him. The setting too, couldn’t be any more epic. I’ve imagined this meeting countless times over in my head, but it really can’t compare to this. A spectacular, electrifying light show with an ancient labyrinthine pyramid as it’s backdrop. But it really wasn’t the physical fight that was the best part - it was the dialogue and body language.

Filoni elaborates in an interview with IGN: 

“As far as how Vader would treat Ahsoka and react to her, I base that interaction – the attitude, if not the dialogue – on my conversation with George about how that would go. I asked him pretty pointedly, “How would this conversation go? How would he feel about her?” We both agreed that the one thing that Ahsoka can’t represent in any way is any path of redemption for Vader, or the hope that that’s there because Luke is the only one that’s going to be able to make that happen. And that’s the story that we see. It was our belief that we could have this moment, but it’s not even a moment of hesitation for Vader. Because he says then, “You will die,” and he means it. He is going to destroy her, and the reason that is, is that she has knowledge of him as a good person. She represents and is a vessel for everything that he once was, and he finds such pain in that, and hatred, and anger. He doesn’t want to face what he’s become, but he just wants to destroy anything that reminds him of that former self. He doesn’t even talk about Anakin in the movies, at first, and if he is that person. “That name no longer means anything to me.” So we have to establish that Darth Vader and the destroyed character of Anakin. The moment you see it reach out in hope is when he says her name finally, and you hear the voice of Anakin. That’s the only thing, is beyond this horrible person is this trapped person inside that calls to her.“

The bond that Ahsoka and Anakin developed in The Clone Wars was something that was truly special to a great many people. For me, Ahsoka did wonders to Anakin’s character, who sadly fell flat and two-dimensional in the prequels (more so in Attack of the Clones, less so in Revenge of Sith). In the animated series, Anakin became more developed, more heroic, more likable. And it was Ahsoka who was responsible for this because Anakin developed a sense of responsibility. He was portrayed as a selfless, caring individual who would not hesitate to put himself in the face of certain death if it meant saving those who meant the most to him. Ahsoka, along with his mother and his wife, was one of the most important women in life, and the bond they developed during the course of The Clone Wars - from initial mutual irritation to an utmost sincerity and dedication to the other, was something truly special to watch.

It’s all the more tragic then, the events that happened to Anakin. When he fell to the Dark Side, he lost everything near and dear to him, and the things that remained alive and beating were a source of constant torment to him - a reminder of the good person he was, and he simply couldn’t stand the fact that he’d become so wretched. As Filoni mentioned, people like Ahsoka, and indeed Obi-wan, have knowledge of him as a good person, and he can’t stand to see how far he has fallen. It’s his method of coping, I think, to erase any evidence that he was ever was a good man. Hence we get dialogue such as “Anakin Skywalker was weak, so I destroyed him” - surely everyone noticed the chillingly similarity to the words his grandson would utter nearly 40 years later on Starkiller Base before he prepared to commit patricide.

And just like Ren, Vader’s mind was a source of eternal conflict. No matter how hard he tried, there was still a part of him that was Anakin Skywalker - it was this goodness that Padme felt on her deathbed, and the same that Luke felt after learning the truth about his Father. And every so often, however rare it was, moments of Anakin would shine through. We’ve only a few such moments on screen in Return of the Jedi - (his redemption at the climax, obviously, but also a little earlier when he says “it’s too late for me now, son”, which ALWAYS gets me). Another, as it would happen, occurs right in this episode, if only for a few seconds, through the ingenious decision to literally take us inside Vader’s head.

Just when Ahsoka is about to leave him and escape, we hear this vulnerable voice that’s half mechanic and half human call out her name. I cannot praise highly enough this choice to bring back Matt Lanter to voice Anakin along with James Earl Jones, in these precious few moments of Vader’s vulnerability. The second time he calls out her name is one that sounds far more human, and it’s his body language that tells a thousands words that don’t need to be spoken. As soon as his old padawan vows not to leave him, we see his eye muscles relax, as the screenshot above illustrates. We see this very human moment of hesitation, of regret, of utter sadness. It brings to mind those words Anakin told Ahsoka in the tunnel back in “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”, that he would never let anybody hurt her, ever. Was he protecting her from himself in those fleeting seconds? It’s moments like these that make Vader this iconic figure of culture that he is today. Behind that helmet is the tortured soul that’s desperately crying out for redemption, for salvation. But that voice crying out is almost always drowned out by the evil that surrounds it.

The fact is, Ahsoka isn’t the one who will bring Vader redemption, as we all know too well. Only his son can bring him that, and that’s a good couple of years away. Snips and Skyguy aren’t going to hug it out and become friends again. Almost immediately, his eye muscles contract and contort in malice, as Vader resumes his crusade to destroy the few remnants of his former self.

I don’t care if Ahsoka was never in any of the movies, this was one of the most important moments in Vader’s life. It was one of the most powerful moments in the saga, easily rivaling and standing shoulder to shoulder amongst the numerous jaw-dropping scenes in the movies. It was phenomenally executed.

Edit: If you liked this analysis, consider reading my even longer in-depth discussion on the rest of the episode! Link is right here. Thanks for reading!