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My gross old man Gaster and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Sorry I haven’t talked to ya in a while tho;;… I hope a drawing of this guy being adorable will suffice!


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So, some friends and I were hanging out and we started playing a truth telling game(which was mostly about sex) and I told them I am really not into that stuff and my best friend said "dude I am the most ace person I know and even I masturbate" I dunno, it just made me really uncomfortable to try to explain to my friend that just because that is how she experiences asexuality does not mean that is how everyone must feel. Sorry for the long message, but advice on how to handle this in the future

dude it’s all good

& you gotta keep telling your friend that. what you just said there is probably the best advice i could have given you. keep educating her, even though she’s already on the ace spectrum.


How movies with white teenage boys as the main characters always start

(Scene: home in main characters room)
*Main character’s mom yells, “JOSH GET UP YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL”*
Main character Josh reluctantly get ready for another dreadful day of school as an outcast and neglects to comb his greasy hair.
(Scene: hallway)
Hi I’m Josh, I’m your average dorky white boy with loose fitting jeans and an over sized shirt. This is my best friend Will (an even shorter, more nerdier white kid and usually with red hair for some reason)
Best friend Will: “did you catch the game last night it was so…”
*An attractive, likable, popular white girl who has all A’s (yet has a douchebag, fuckboy boyfriend named Brad or some shit who is the antagonist) walks by"*
Attractive white popular girl: “hey josh did you do the homework from last night?”
*Josh being the dork he is stammers on his words and ends up saying complete gibberish*
*Attractive white popular girl gives him a weird look and smiles awkwardly as she walks away*
Best friend of the main character: “dude you’ve been in love with her since third grade when are you going to make a move?”
Josh: “I know 😩😩😩 but this year things change. I’m going to ask her to go to the dance with me.”
Best nerdy friend: “dude she’s been going out with Brad for three years”
*Brad walks by with 4 white boys and two muscular black boys behind him and knocks down greasy haired main character Josh and his greasy haired companion Will’s books down*
“Hey losers”
*Brad and his diverse crew of bullies laugh and dap each other up*

Honestly, if at any point Gotham tries to convince me that Edward ‘seducing men is a perfectly legit way to get what I want’ Nygma

that Edward ‘I’m on first name basis with a swol leatherclad employee of a sex club’ Nygma

that Edward ‘tries to get Batman to indulge him in a date’ Nygma

that Edward ‘it didn’t bother me at all that my best friend, a dude, was in love with me, but that he killed my girlfriend and lied about it to my face and was perfectly fine with getting into a relationship with me under those circumstances’ Nygma

is straight, I’m going to laugh in their face. You can’t make me give up my bisexual child.

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead

Gay Ships IRL

So there are these two boys in my school, one of them is a punk dude and the other is a complete nerd. these two dudes are best friends and literally everyone ships them. the nerd one happens to be in all my advanced classes and talks to me about the punk one A LOT. I already know the nerd one is gay, but the punk ones sexuality is still unknown. These two boys are so protective over each other its unbelievable. In gym this one dude was joking around with the nerd dude and i guess it got way to aggressive because he punched him REALLY hard and he left a bruise on his arm, The punk guy sees this and gets really mad at the dude and yells at him for punching him to hard. He then goes over to the nerd, makes sure hes ok, and proceeds to look at the arm to make sure he is in fact ok. soMEONE HELP BECAUSE THESE BOYS WILL BE THE NED OF MEE!!  will keep story updated   

Ellie my child… oh God, you know there is a fuckening shitstorm brewing for this woman

“I dreamt I was at Axehampton, lying by the waterfall”

And every single episode brings us closer and closer to Joe

Then there’s her dad and kiddos and the problems with Tom

And her personal grief, the way she can relate to Trish’s needs, and what happened to her, and how she’s so traumatised by what men have done and hiding it behind this wall of anger


something bad is going to happen to ellie and when it does I’m going to defenestrate myself

Things I want to see more often: Nurseydex Communication 

  •  Nursey and Dex Supporting each other ??? Groundbreaking
  • Concept: They stop chirping as soon as they realize that the other is legitimately upset and they talk through their issues 
  • Nursey! And! Dex! Learning! To! Communicate! Without! Fighting! Wow! 
  • They trust each other so much on and off the ice. At the core of their relationship, they’re a team. 
  • “I’m basically dating my best friend, dude.” - Either one  
  • Of course they have differing perspectives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to be more open minded or have actual adult conversations about their issues
  • The D-Men Connection Is Real
  • The amount of communication without words is awe inspiring and, to others, endlessly annoying. 
  • They learn to read each other’s emotions pretty well from all their time playing together. Most of the time one can tell when the other is having a bad day just by glancing at them for a brief second. 
  • Listen, I’m tired of all these tropes where one of them verbally harasses the other (usually Dex) and the other one just takes it with no objection (usually Nursey) because of “love” (Note: can you smell the racism?)
  • “Not in my Good Christian Home” -Bitty probably 
  • Fuck your shitty communication tropes 
  • bye

Im on my phone right now and can’t post the link, but this is inspired by one of @voltron-messenger‘s post. Thank you so much for letting me write this and I hope you’ll  it! <3

You and i both know i’d PAY $100 to kiss Lance

Lance blinked in surprise at the message, not really understanding the words he was looking at. Was this…? Did he really…?

He looked once again at the contact name at the top of the screen and… yup, it was Keith, okay? It was really Keith who sent Lance this text.
Well, Lance was using Pidge’s phone right now and Keith didn’t know, which means that he thought that Pidge was the one who asked him if he’d kiss Lance for a hundred dollars.

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Jealous hc's for Sidon Revali and Yunobo

Uh oh, who’s messing with their s/o?

It’s me

But not me because I’ll never do that

But I’m certainly encouraging it


- He tends to get fidgety when he’s jealous

- And more touchy-feely (not inappropriately of course)

- There are some days where he can resist the urge to go up to his s/o ‘cause sometimes they do know how to handle it but some days he’s just hovering over them

- It doesn’t matter what he was just doing, he’ll go over even if he was in the middle of an important conversation with his dad

- He’s pretty good at reading body language, so if his s/o starts getting uncomfortable with the person, he speaks up

- “Excuse me, but would you mind moving away from (Name) here? They’re getting quite uncomfortable.”

- Is polite up until there

- If the person isn’t leaving, that’s when he turns it up

- He’ll step in front of his s/o and ask them politely to check on whatever he was doing

- But his face is left unseen, as he is staring that person down

- That person either runs or gets a very angry shark boy lecture that lasts for quite a while


- Oh he hates it

- Ooooooh he hates it so much

- Revali gets easily jealous when he doesn’t know the person talking to his s/o and he knows it so well when he looks over and feels it claw through his feathers and into his body

- There was once where he got jealous of one of their family members, but it was quickly worked out when he started listening to their converstation

- Yes, he doesn’t go up at first. He eavesdrops on the conversation, listens to his s/o’s voice and what the other person is saying, to judge if he should be worried or not

- Most times it’s just friendly, but those times where it wasn’t?

- Hoo boy

- Revali does a 180 degree personality flip

- He strides right on up with his bow right by his side, arrows flashing purposely at the stranger once he got their attention

- He is quiet, terrifying, and will not hesitate to hurt someone at this point

- If how dangerous he looks right now with silence doesn’t work, he speaks to the stranger in a low voice, and slowly notches an arrow onto his bow

- Goodbye stranger and goodbye scary Revali

- Proceeds to take his s/o around the entire area and boast about them

- “Hey, all of you!! See this person right here? That’s right, they’re my s/o! And they’re the best person in the entirety of Hyrule! Why? Because they managed to capture me in a way no one else has! Had a good look? Good! Now don’t mess with them!!”


- The one thing Yunobo hates the most is getting jealous

- He hates it more than Revali does, and he feels awful when he gets jealous, even though it’s such a rarity

- He trusts his s/o with his heart and soul and life and mind-

- Yet he’s afraid that they might throw it all away for someone else

- So when he does get jealous, he acts sort of like a child, glaring from afar, pouting, etc.

- He doesn’t really threaten people, he just pulls his s/o away when he gets fed up with it

- “Sorry, but we have to go now.”

- There was one instance where the person pulled his s/o back

- Yunobo had officially invented American Football that day

- Meaning he threw a rock at them and when they caught it and laughed he tackled them to the ground

- His s/o had to get another Goron to get Yunobo off of the person

- After that his s/o didn’t have as many strangers coming up to them

- And you know what? Fine by the both of them

while i’m talking about robins i love the comic where jason gets jealous of all the time selina is spending with bruce. i feel like, following this description, his time as robin was 10% R-R-RAGE, and 90% following bruce down the hall like do you think you are entitled to go places without me, the light of your life? the center of your world? guess again. make more time for meeeeeeeeeee


That one time I was magic.

I worked for four years at Borders Books & Music. During the time I worked there, I got a reputation for being good at finding stuff and recommending books. I was the one the other sellers would come to when a customer had one of those “It had a blue cover” questions. My best dude friend B (who I met working at Borders) likes to tell the story about how he was attempting to help a woman who could only tell him that she wanted a book about this woman who took a vacation from marriage. He was stumped, until (in his words), I suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said “Do you mean ‘A Year by the Sea’ by Joan Anderson?” Which she did.

But that wasn’t my magic moment.

One time, the Columbus newspaper featured a little semi-self-published book about grammar written by a local woman. I know, it seems like an odd trend, but there you go. Fortunately I’d had a heads-up about this feature and had ordered thirty copies of the book to have on hand. I was working at the info desk and for expediency just kept about ten copies right there so when people came up asking for it, I could give it to them.

After awhile of working retail, you get to be able to read people’s faces and what it is they want. There’s a particular expression that says “I’m looking for a thing but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to know what I’m talking about but I’m going to try anyway” and every single person who had come in asking for the grammar book had been wearing this expression.

Around noon, and after having sold a good dozen of those books, I’m standing there and a woman comes walking up wearing the exact expression I just described. I decided to risk it. Before she could even open her mouth to ask for it, I just picked up a copy of the grammar book and handed it to her with a smile, saying “Here you go!”

She stared at it, and then stared at me. “How did you know??” she said.

“Bookseller magic,” I replied.

She wandered off to pay for it, still kind of shocked. I looked around and my co-workers were all staring at me like I’d grown a second head.

And that’s the time I was magic.

tbh if Keith and Pidge were friends at the garrison, they’d be the ultimate pain-in-the-commander’s-ass duo.

  • Pidge: salutes with the wrong arm
  • Commander: wrong arm, cadet
  • Keith, immediately after: salutes with the wrong arm out of pure spite
  • the two would get punished together and have to clean the kitchen after meal times. Pidge complains the entire time, but they always end up messing around and making a game out of their chore. One time the commander walked in on them play-fighting with the hose and they got even more detention.
  • they’re the Rowdyruff Boys of the garrison tbh
  • they become so inseparable that people start associating one with the other. when Pidge is alone: “where’s the brooding one?“ when Keith is alone: "where’s the green goblin?”
  • Pidge’s tendency to sweat a lot and Keith’s executive dysfunction means they both smell bad a lot. but it doesn’t really bother either of them because there are more important things to worry about.
  • important things like aliens and supernatural energy!! conspiracy theory buds all the way. much of their free time together is dedicated to outlining bigfoot’s movements, tracking alien signals, and exploring nearby caves.
  • they like to spread rumors about how certain places at the garrison are haunted. and then charge people for tours where they may or may not have set up fake jump scares here and there. it’s all in good fun :^)
  • Pidge and Keith undertake secret Operations all the time. whenever they sneak around the garrison after curfew, they always have walkie-talkies on hand and use code names. Pidge is Supernova and Keith is Fire Sword.
    • Pidge: ……Fire Sword?
    • Keith: you know, like…a flaming sword
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge: cool
  • the two like to play innocent and annoy the shit out of Commander Iverson by pretending to forget his name
    • Keith: Commander Ivyton—
    • CI: It’s Iverson.
    • Pidge: Are you sure? You look more like an Ivyton.
    • Keith: I think he looks like a Donald.
  • also they like to call him Commander Dick behind his back because, y’know, his name’s Peter. also he’s a dick