best dude friends

@dyde21 and I have created a rock band and it’s called RAMBLERS&ROMANTICS and these are our matching leather jackets

Featured in our next album, you’ll hear hit songs like

“Don’t Say Sorry”
“Cute Guy from Michigan”
“Art is Hard/ Why Do We Do This to Ourselves???”
and my personal favorite
“Assaulting Ontario with Cute Guys”

This comic was a shit super old, I did when I saw that Bendy had thousands of ships (Bendy x Oswald, Bendy x Cuphead, Bendy x Felix…and more), the reason I did not put Mickey at the beginning is because it made me lazy to make it longer, but Harold kept insisting that I include Mickey .. .

He likes Bendy x Mickey a lot (?)

I do not know what other ships might have, I even saw a Bendy x Frisk (?)

This of Bendy-senpai was Harold’s idea (?) Or as he says “Bondi senpoi”


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

let's be honest here

i’m not taking this whole “iwaizumi and oikawa will never see each other again because they’re going to separate universities” thing anymore. they’re best friends dude, they’d probably visit each other on the weekends n shit. plus their colleges aren’t actually that far apart like guys, just take the train. same thing with kuroo and kenma, like c'mon, do you really think kuroo is going to go off to uni and never visit his favorite socially awkward setter

Gay Ships IRL

So there are these two boys in my school, one of them is a punk dude and the other is a complete nerd. these two dudes are best friends and literally everyone ships them. the nerd one happens to be in all my advanced classes and talks to me about the punk one A LOT. I already know the nerd one is gay, but the punk ones sexuality is still unknown. These two boys are so protective over each other its unbelievable. In gym this one dude was joking around with the nerd dude and i guess it got way to aggressive because he punched him REALLY hard and he left a bruise on his arm, The punk guy sees this and gets really mad at the dude and yells at him for punching him to hard. He then goes over to the nerd, makes sure hes ok, and proceeds to look at the arm to make sure he is in fact ok. soMEONE HELP BECAUSE THESE BOYS WILL BE THE NED OF MEE!!  will keep story updated   


while i’m talking about robins i love the comic where jason gets jealous of all the time selina is spending with bruce. i feel like, following this description, his time as robin was 10% R-R-RAGE, and 90% following bruce down the hall like do you think you are entitled to go places without me, the light of your life? the center of your world? guess again. make more time for meeeeeeeeeee

anonymous asked:

if this question isn't too personal, how's your relationship with your parents?

tbh i’m lucky enough to have gr8 parents and a good relationship w them??? they’re honestly great, i mean we do fight or piss eachother off sometimes but that happens, overall they’re really great 

i also love to annoy them sometimes by doing this thing that if one of them does a nice thing to eachother like my dad makes my mom tea im like ‘’oooOOOO dad??? you made tea for mom ;)))))) do u have a crush on her or smth????? oh wait?? am i hearing wedding bells??? and they both turn into embarrassed teenagers like ‘’sHHH JULIA why are you liKE THIS’’ and im just >:’)))


“Parabatai" said Jace. “It means a pair of warriors who fight together - who are closer than brothers. Alec is more than just my best friend.”