best drummer alive

"Okay but what's different about twenty one pilots?"

They make music for the clique.
Their music is /for the clique.

The entire idea behind truce is having a track for the people that listened until the end. Everyone was debating whether or not they should add a 12th track, and Tyler and Josh did it. It’s a track to say thank you for supporting us through 11 songs, this ones for you. It’s an ode to us.

Guns for hands is a song for us, too. It means, ‘shoot me instead’. Tyler loves you so much, he’d have you kill him if it meant you wouldn’t kill yourself. And he put it in a song, a track. On a record, that they produced on their real record label. Real. For us.

In the lane boy video Tyler takes out his kimono during the second verse. The kimono is something that only means anything to the clique. Nobody who just watched the lane boy video is phased by it. Nobody who just watches it understands. For us.

Forest. Need I say more? “Even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote, it’s the few, the proud, and the emotional.” “We are twenty one pilots and so are you.” “These lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand.” The entire marketing plan for BLURRYFACE is ours. It’s for the people who tweet ‘follow me ugly’ to BLURRYFACE and the people who decoded his tweet by themselves. It’s for the people who stayed up all through the night to see if BLURRYFACE would tweet and the ones who were scared we’d never see BLURRYFACE again because some how all the pain and anxiety he represents is a part of them too. Friend, please. Listen to it. We don’t believe what’s on tv is about josh. Josh dun is a lyric. And it’s not just the music. Tyler asked us if we wanted to learn about his relationship with Jenna. “Stay alive. Not just today, but tomorrow too.” Josh’s relationship with debby is still online. “Stay alive everybody. It’s worth it, I promise.” That one speech in St. Louis. Twenty one pilots is different because they are here to save lives. AND HAVE YOU SEEEEN THEIR LIVE SHO WS??