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Dress Pt. 2 (Laf x Reader)

Word Count:2,477 (wow I got carried away)

Warnings: Swear words, Angst, Slight NSFW

Authors Note: I’m so happy people have been responding to my writing! Thank you for motivating me to keep writing anons! Send in requests, and thank you for giving me feed back!

Part 1

It had been a few days since your date with Thomas, and his charming demeanor had gotten the best of you. You spent most of Saturday morning daydreaming what your next date would be like, your first kiss, and maybe even the future. The boys entered your dorm and saw you lying in bed still in your PJs at 3 pm. “What’s gotten into her?” Herc asked eyeing Lafayette cautiously. “Guys I’ve got it bad.” you replied. “Mon ami, are you sick?” Laf asked. “LOVE SICK” you replied back smiling at the ceiling. Although you couldn’t see, Laf’s face had contorted into frown as his eyebrows furrowed together. Alex gave Laf a sympathetic look and pat his back. “Want to hear about it?” you enthusiastically asked the group of boys. John’s curiosity got the best of him as he excitedly nodded his head like an eager puppy. As you began telling the story, you realized that Laf started to daze off, looking at your collection of postcards pasted on your wall, then your ceiling light. “Laf, are you listening?” He turned his face back to you and forced a smile onto his face. “Actually, I think I’d rather get going than listen to you talk about your date.” He said quite bitterly with the same fake smile plastered on his face. The boys turned to each other with wide eyes. You were quite surprised yourself. You had never seen Laf so bitter, he had always been so supportive. “Umm, ok Laf. I’ll see you around?” you questioned. “Yeah” he replied unable to meet your eyes. You turned back to the remaining three boys. “What’s gotten into him?”

Laf made his way into the commons slowly dragging his feet. He had never seen you so happy since college started. He didn’t want to take that away from you, but at the same time he couldn’t stand to see you fall for Thomas. Just as he got to the corner he heard Thomas and James talking. He stopped to listen. “Dude give me the money” Thomas’s voice, Laf recognized. Then James spoke “ugh, fine. I can’t believe you actually like Y/N. You could do so much better.” Lafayette clenched his fists. “Yeah, but I mean she’s so hot. I never noticed her in those huge sweatshirts and leggings.” Thomas stated. “Just think, if I had never bet on  you to ask out Y/N you never would’ve gotten her.” James replied with a smirk audible in the way he spoke. At that Laf had heard enough to put the puzzle pieces together. He stepped out from the corner and straight for Thomas’s collar. He fisted the purple material of Thomas’s button down and pushed him against the wall. “So you’re telling me you asked out Y/N because James bet you?” Laf spat inches away from Thomas’s face. A smirk appeared on Thomas’s face. “Well, well, well. Seems like someone has been eavesdropping.” Thomas said calmly with a taunting smirk. “You don’t deserve Y/N. Do you know how much she cares about you? You only want her for her looks. I bet you don’t even care about her personality.” Laf began. “You are right my friend” Thomas cut in. “She’s just my arm candy. But don’t worry Lafayette. I’ll be done with her soon so you can get some.” “Oh God, how is Y/N going to react when I tell her” Lafayette shot back at Thomas. “She’s not going to find out” Thomas said simply. “Quelle? You think that I’ll keep this from my best friend?” Laf asked surprised, raising his eyebrows. “What’s in it for you if you tell her Lafayette. She’s gonna go out get drunk and find someone new as a rebound. She’s not going to come running into your arms. Because guess what. You are not her prince charming Lafayette. Do you know why? It’s because most of the time princes have the balls to tell the princess that they like her. But here you are. Stuck in the friend zone. Don’t blame it on me that I got the girl Lafayette, you did it to yourself. Besides, I doubt Y/N sees anything more in you than the best friend that you are.” Thomas replied harshly. The look of shock Laf had on his face said it all as Thomas wiggled his way out of Laf’s grip. He pat Laf on the chest and walked out with James trailing behind him.

Lafayette let the jagged words sink in. Maybe Thomas was right, what would you do with that information. It would probably do more harm than good. He shook his head as he headed out for some fresh air.


One month later…

You had managed to drag the boys out to go dress shopping with you. Thomas had asked you to another fancy restaurant for your one month anniversary, and you decided to treat yourself. You headed for the dressing room with a pile of dresses. You stepped out after each one until you got to a navy blue number. It was off the shoulder with the bodice tight and a flowy skirt attached. “Well, what do you think?” All the boys nodded, looking at you up and down. All the boys except Laf. “Non. I don’t like it. It isn’t the message you want to be sending.” Laf stated looking back at his phone. Ever since you had gotten deeper into the relationship with Thomas, Lafayette began to become distant. You frowned “What do you mean? I think I look hot!” you said slightly laughing. Lafayette just shook his head and said “Do whatever you want Y/N” his words pierced you like a knife. He rarely called you by your name. You were mostly ‘mon ami’ (my friend) but he hadn’t called you that for many weeks now. “Um ok, I’ll try another one” you said heading back into the dressing room. You stepped out a few moments later in a much less flattering pink fluffy dress. “Ahhh, oui oui” Lafayette said. “That is the one”  he said nudging Herc discreetly. “Yup, I think that’s the one Y/N” Herc chimed in. “You sure?” you asked the boys, it didn’t hug your figures like you wanted but it seemed to have the majority of votes. “Ok fine. I’ll take this one” you said while a smile spread across your face.


The days leading up to your month anniversary were rocky. You had managed to get Lafayette to talk more, walking with him in between classes. But one day it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You were walking with Laf when Thomas caught up to you two. “G’morning love” he said in a sing song voice kissing your forehead. Laf rolled his eyes turning around to go in the opposite direction. That was when you had had enough. “I’ll see you tonight Thomas, I gotta go talk to Laf.” you said turning around. You chased him until you were both outside. “Laf what the hell has gotten into you?” you finally asked. You had been meaning to ask him for the past month. “What do you mean?” he asked back with no emotion at all. “Laf I can tell when you’re not telling me something. What’s wrong?” “Um let’s see what happened. Oh yeah Thomas.” He said bitterly still walking towards the parking lot. You grabbed a hold of his hand and pulled on it so he would face you. “What do you mean Laf? He makes me happy.” you said confused. You looked into his eyes. Something you hadn’t done since the day of your first date with Thomas. You always seemed to forget how attractive Laf was, you stood staring at him blankly until he began to talk. “Sure he makes you happy, but have you ever thought that I could make you happier?” he chanced at that question. You flinched. You had managed to shove that thought so far back in your brain since your first date with Thomas but you panicked as it began to take over all of your thoughts. “Wha-” you were cut off by Laf swooping down and planting his lips on yours. They fit together like puzzle pieces and sparks flew around your body. But you didn’t kiss back, you abruptly pushed him off. “What the fuck Lafayette.” you stated coldly. Be began to try to explain himself but you couldn’t bear hearing what he had to say. You loved Thomas. And you were sure he loved you too.


“You what!” the boys exclaimed as they all looked at Lafayette with shocked yes. “Oui. and she turned me down. What do I do?” he said burying his face into his pillow. He still hadn’t told anybody about the bet, and he planned to keep it that way. He had destroyed your friendship, he didn’t know if he could bear destroying your heart too.


You got ready for your date with Thomas by yourself. You didn’t know what to think about the previous events in the parking lot, and decided to shove those feelings back like always. You looked in the mirror at your pink dress which the boys had decided on. A wide smile was on your face as you recognized the familiar black Audi pulling up to the front of your dorm building. Thomas had never been in a relationship longer than a week, so the fact that you held him down for a month was shocking to him and his friends. He began to believe that he was falling in love with you. He just hoped you would love him too. You skipped out to his car as he got out of the driver’s seat to open the car door for you. ‘What a gentleman’ you thought as you neared Thomas. As soon as you were close he leaned in for a kiss, and you happily obliged. When your lips met… nothing. There was nothing, and that was when you began to question yourself.

You had made it to the restaurant and sat down at a secluded table. Thomas chuckled before talking “I didn’t think you’d actually want to go out tonight after what Laf told you” confused, you asked “what did Laf tell me?”. Thomas became stiff and played with his collar. “He didn’t tell you about the bet?” he asked “No-” “Then we can move on from in Y/N, it’s really nothing”. Concerned you pushed the subject “No, I think I deserve the right to know Thomas. We’ve been together for a month, and I’m sure the bet can’t be that bad.” you said forcing a half smile on your face expecting that he had hooked up with someone or worse, gotten someone pregnant. Thomas sighed before starting: “You know when I asked you out, it was really sudden? Well I asked you out because James bet me that I couldn’t get you to go out with me…” He continued but you could no longer hear. You felt as if your throat was closing in on you. Sure he hadn’t cheated on you, but that would have been better in this situation as it would mean he had fallen out of love with you. But to know your relationship had been built off of fake feelings made your heart shatter. “Why would Laf tell me this?” You questioned Thomas tears brimming your eyes. “Because he found out about it a few days after our first date when James payed me…” “YOU ACCEPTED JAMES’S MONEY FOR GOING OUT ON A DATE WITH ME?” you lost it, you maybe could have forgiven him if he refused the money because he actually ended up liking you. But no, you were nothing but a game to him. “Wait Y/N I truly love you now. I… I’m sorr-” Thomas began but you didn’t want to hear it. “Save it Thomas.” you quickly got up and ran outside to hail a taxi. You had to have a talk with Lafayette

You stormed into Lafayette’s dorm room where he and the rest of the boys were. “Alex, John, Hercules. Get out, I need a talk with Gilbert.” you had never called him that before and by the looks of your makeup running down your face, and your crinkled dress, the three boys shuffled out quickly. “Mon am-” “No you don’t get to call me that. Why didn’t you tell me that Thomas and James bet on me?” you got straight to the point. “I couldn’t bear seeing you heartbroken Y/N, I-” Lafayette tried to justify his actions  “Couldn’t see me heartbroken? Lafayette you kissed me on my month anniversary with Thomas. Do you know how confusing that was for me?” “I’m sorry mon ami. I just coul-”. This time it was your turn to cut him off. Aggressively you pushed yourself onto him, latching your lips onto his. How you missed that feeling. Laf eagerly melted into the kiss, his arms wrapping around your waist as your arms found his neck. The kiss heated quickly with all the sexual tension that had been surrounding you two for the past month. Your mouth hungrily found his neck sucking hard enough to know there would be a mark tomorrow. “Y/N, are- are you suure-” Lafayette said moaning as you found his sweet spot. “I’ve never been so sure in my life Laf…” you said as you began to lie down on the bed and his hands found the zipper to your dress.


You woke up the next morning slightly confused as to where you were. When you realized what had happened the previous night you blushed looking around the room for any sign of Laf. All you could find was a black box with a silver bow on it. You got out of bed, putting on one of Laf’s shirts you had found on the floor as you made your way to the black box. You opened it to find a note and some fabric wrapped in delicate white tissue paper. You took the fabric out of the paper to find the navy dress you had tried on for your month anniversary. You opened the note:

Mon Amour, (my love)

I do not think you know how good it feels to finally be able to call you that. Remember when you tried this on for Thomas and I said it did not send the right message? I said that because he does not deserve to see you look that beautiful. You have made my life 100 times brighter with just your presence and smile Y/N. I would be beyond the moon if I would be able to see you wear this dress for me, and only me. We have dinner reservations tonight at 7. Please make me the happiest man.


Votre Lafayette (your Lafayette)

His Eyes

Josh Dun Imagine #1

(A/n Hey guys this is my first Imagine ever so I would love if you could give me some feedback & btw don’t be afraid to request something)


As you walk down the aisle with your beautiful white dress you look at those mocha eyes that belong to the man you love, those eyes that have seen you on your best and worst days, those eyes that make you feel safe and loved, you look down and smile as the memories of you first meeting and how nervous you were.

You reach the end of the aisle and turn to face Josh, he hasn’t stopped smiling since you walked in the church, his calloused hands grab the white veil and gently moves it to the back of your head, his eyes widen in awe as he looks at his soon to be wife thinking about how lucky he is to call you his wife.

After the vows that had brought you and various other family members to tears the priest speaks once again “Joshua William Dun, do you take (your full name) to be your lovely wedded wife in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” he says as he looks at you “And do you (your full name) take Joshua William Dun to be your lovely wedded husband in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” you say as you look at him with tears brimming in my eyes “I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Dun” “You may kiss the bride”

Josh looks at you with loving eyes and cups your cheek before bringing you into the most heartfelt kiss making you weak at the knees.

You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with this man.

Bite Me

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Feist- Fire in the Water

“Blue shoes with black dress or red shoes with white dress?” Ainslie, my best friend asked. “Y/N? Y/N!”

Snapping out of my trance, I went back to reorganizing my locker.

“Sorry,” I apologized. “I just haven’t been feeling that good today. Maybe it was something…”

“You probably didn’t get enough sleep last night,” she winked.

“Oh shut up.”

“What?” she laughed. “You did have Brett over last night.”

Slamming our lockers shut, we walked down the hall on our way to the last period of the day, P.E. Also known as the only time I had with Brett during school besides lunch.

Placing our bags down on the bleachers, Coach said that participation for that day was optional, meaning that we weren’t really going to do it, so…

“So how was it?” she asked.

“How was what?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

“You’re a witch. He’s a werewolf. I’m a druid. Oh and guess what- we’re in Scott’s pack. With other male werewolves. Single. Male. Werewolves.”

“Are you asking me if-”

“Has he marked you yet?”

“No? What does that do?” I asked cluelessly.  

“If he doesn’t mark you, he’ll get pissed off each time another male werewolf talks to you, regardless of whether they flirt with you or not.”

“Did Liam mark you?”

Pulling her scarf away, I saw 2 small holes at the side of her neck that had faded into scars.

“Just talk to Theo. That’ll get him to do it.”

Coincidentally, Theo walked over to us dressed in his lacrosse uniform and began chatting.

“Sup loser,” I teased.

Ainslie walked away, probably to go find Liam, and left me with a flirting Theo.

Our peaceful conversation was interrupted by an angry figure shoving him onto the ground.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Brett fumed.

“Brett. Calm down,” I informed, taking note of his piercing yellow eyes.

“If you lay even a finger on her, you’ll pay for it,” he gritted.

Dragging him by his arm to the empty locker room, he leaned back onto the metal cabinets, eyeing me intently.

“Care to explain what has gotten into you?” I queued, crossing my arms.

Glaring at me in response, I huffed in annoyance as I was about to walk out.

“Brett- if you don’t tell me what wrong, I can’t exactly cater to your needs whenever we have a fight.”

Edging closer to me, he pressed his hands above my head against the wall, freezing me in place.

“You tell me what’s wrong- I’m practicing scoring goals. Everything’s going fine. No wolfing out- nothing. Then I look over and see red hair. Must be Ainslie, right ? She walks off and next to her is this hot girl, a.k.a., my girlfriend, flirting with Raeken. I walk over, clearly angry, and punch him in the shoulder. Why don’t you carry on from there, huh Y/N?”

“You’re jealous,” I scoffed.

“He wishes,” he defended.

“Oh bite me,” I spit out, walking off. Grabbing me by the wrist, Brett growled, pushing my back against the lockers and holding my hands above my head.

He leaned into my neck while baring his teeth, making me tip my head to the right in second nature.

Pressing his lips to my neck, I yelped out in pain when a pair of canines bit into my skin, drawing blood.

Running my hands through his hair bite after bite, I could feel his smirk in between each one.

After what felt like an eternity, he pulled away, both of us breathing heavily, mere moments away from collapsing on each other.

“Took you long enough…” I giggled.

Smiling at me with bright eyes, he leaned in for a peck on the lips which I willingly turned into a heated makeout session.

“Talbot!” Coach shouted through the doors. “You better get your sorry ass out here and start scoring some goals!”  

Chuckling together, we both walked outside and I sat down next to Ainslie.

“Told you so,” she grinned.

Shaking my head in defeat, I laughed when she gawked and started counting the number of marks.

Just one day

Warning: Fluff. Just fluff.

Reader x member

Words: 844

A/N: So, I was listening to BTS’ cover of “Beautiful” and I just had to write some fluff. They’re really ruining my mind. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoined writing.


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What should I wear?”  You asked your friend.

“Wear a dress. Where are you guys going?” she asked.

Jungkook, your best friend, had invited you for a dinner. He said he had something to said, something important. You had no idea what it could be about, but you accepted the invitation. You were going to a really famous restaurant.

“We’re going to a dinner. He has something to tell me” you answered.

“He will finally tell you how he’s in love with you” she said smirking.

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#63 Kiss

Work Count:1,974 (<-AYE!)
Characters: Dean X Reader (AU)

X <<Send me Prompts and Character(s)!

Requested by: sulkingbcallworkandnoplay63 with Dean. Pweeez?😀

This. Was. Too. Much Fun. To. Write. I hope you enjoy it!

Late, your best friend in the whole world was late, again. Why were you getting so upset over this? Why were you shocked? She was late to everything. It didn’t matter how important or unimportant. She was late. Well except for for work, that she showed up to early, every fucking day. But now she was late and here you were sitting all alone at a bar with a made up face and dress and you were not happy about it.

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Marrying Newt Scamander would include...

- Him being EXTREMELY nervous on the wedding day                                     

- Queenie helping you pick out a dress

- Jacob being the best man

- All of Newt’s beasts coming

- They even wore little bow ties

- The ceremony being very beautiful and simple

- Cake that Jacob baked for the wedding

- You and Newt dancing together the entire time

- The Niffler trying to steal the two of you’s wedding rings more than once

- Cuddling when you got back to the hotel Newt reserved

- Lots of kisses, too

- Him taking you to Romania on the honeymoon to see dragons

- Always holding hands

- Him being the model husband

- Telling each other how much you love each other everyday

- Little arguments here and there

- But always being over it by the end of the day

- The creatures act like you’re their mom

-Which you kinda are

- So declares Newt

- You two are a lovely couple

- Queenie ships it

I Love You Mrs.Barnes

A/N: This ended up a really long fic because I just couldn’t stop writing it. So I hope you like it nonnie (anon) Hey and sorry I didn’t post anything for two days, I hope this long fic makes up for it!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

The Request: Would you do a oneshot of Bucky x reader where it’s their wedding day and Steve is the best man, and Wanda is the reader’s maid of honor, and Thor walks her down the aisle? And Bucky panics before she walks down the aisle from nerves, but once he sees the reader, he is awed by her beauty and her dress. And then during the reception they share their first dance and Steve and Wanda give speeches and it’s just a lot of fluff and love and yeah ☺️

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,402

If the words are in italics, its a flashback. Also there is a scene kind of from CW but I altered it to my liking because honestly I couldn’t remember how the scene really went cause it’s not on youtube yet

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Bucky stood inside the church in his best tux looking handsome as ever, Steve at his side as best-man. Bucky’s metal arm continued to whir as his hands fidgeted, his eyes darting around the room. Nervousness consuming him and radiating off him in slow waves. An elbow nudged into his ribs bringing his attention to his left. Steve was already staring at him with a knowing look.

“I just want to call her Mrs.Barnes already,” Bucky muttered quietly fixing the front of his suit once more, he had done this five times in the hour.

“And you will Buck, why are you so nervous?” Steve whispered back as they both look forward the bridesmaids slowly making their way down the aisle. Natasha first followed by the maid of honor Wanda. You both had agreed to keep the wedding party small. Bucky had Steve and you had Natasha and Wanda.

“I’ve waited so long for this day,” both men shared a similar look as Steve pat his shoulder affectionately. Their gaze drifted back to the entrance when they heard the doors shut, he sucked in a breath and when he exhaled the music began to play.

The doors closed and you looked up letting out the breath you had been holding. “It is ok Lady Y/N,” your hand was half his bicep which you clutched in an iron grip. The music began to play from the other side of the door and your grip tighten causing Thor to give your hand a gentle squeeze. You guys looked at one another and he gave you the kindest smile, “It’s okay.”

And then the doors opened and you let out another breath as your eyes met the blue ones you fell in love with. Immediately your eyes began to water as a grin appeared on your face.

Bucky was in the same position as you just as Steve nudged his ribs he looked up and saw you and you took his breath away like you always did when he saw you. Tears began to flood his eyesight, he had been waiting so long for this day. His hands were shaking as you made your way closer to him. He just wanted to meet you halfway and kiss you already.

When you were only just a foot away from him Thor departed sitting next to Jane in the crowd of people as Bucky offered his hand to you. You easily took it and were guided closer to him, facing him, both of you smiling like fools. “We are gathered here today - “ Tony shouted, he was the priest for you two, he had already been ordained; but wouldn’t tell you guys anything on that matter other than he demanded he be the one to marry you two.

“With the power vested in me by the internet,” Tony raised his hands in the air for dramatic effect, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You guys can figure out which ones you are in that equation later.” He whispered the last part two you, which caused you both to roll your eyes. “Now for the good stuff!” He said in a normal voice, “you may kiss the bride but not too much tongue!”

“About damn time,” Bucky muttered his smile growing as his hands snaked around your hips pulling you closer, he gave you a wink that had you smiling and blushing before he leaned down pressing his lips against yours in a heated kiss. There were hoots and hollers amongst the crowd and even some from behind you from Natasha, Wanda, Steve and Tony. “I love you Mrs.Barnes,” Bucky mumbled in the kiss a smile growing on his face from his own words.

When you broke apart Tony faced you both to the crowd of smiling guests, “I now introduce you two the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs. Barnes!” The crowd stood up in an uproar of shouts and whistles and claps causing you both to laugh. Bucky kept his arm around you waist and you both started walking back down the aisle your smiles permanently stuck on your faces.


The reception took part outside the Avengers facility. Lights were strung up and round tables surrounded the dance floor. People where sitting, standing, talking and laughing everyone having a good time. But everything came to a slow whisper as the DJ, Sam Wilson tapped the mic. “Now for the first dance as a married couple, Mr. and Mrs.Barnes.” The people began to applaud as Bucky, holding you hand, led you onto the dance floor twirling you into his embrace.

I Love You For Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole began to slowly drift through the speakers causing a smile to grow on your face as you looked up at Bucky with utter adoration. It was your song, the song you two played when you didn’t want to speak, it was your song for when he was homesick and you played it as he held you close and twirled you around in your apartment at three o’clock in the morning, it was what you said to one another any give time of the day. Whether it was said like an inside joke, to calm one another, said before missions, or said to one another before bed. It was your song.

“I love you for sentimental reasons Mrs. Barnes,” Bucky murmured in your ear. He held you hand with his left hand, resting it on his chest as his right hand rested gently on the lower part of your back. Your right hand held his bicep as your head laid on his shoulder your breath fanning hot in the crook of his neck as a smile danced on your lips.

“You do?” You hummed quietly  turning your head to give his shoulder a quick peck. He hummed an agreement twirling you away from him before back as the wedding guests watched with fond smiles. “Well that’s crazy since I love you for sentimental reasons Mr. Barnes.” Bucky flashed you a charming smile dipping you back and leaning forward pressing his lips against yours in a kiss full of love.

An adorable smile continued to be seen on his face as he brought you back up and continued to sway to the song, now whispering the lyrics in your ear in time with the singer. “I love you for sentimental reasons, I hope you do believe me, I’ve given you my heart.”

As the music died out the crowd erupted in applause as you two kissed once more before going back to your table. “Alright time for the speeches, Steve.” Sam gestured for Steve to stand.

Steve stood up from where he was sitting on the left of Bucky a small smile on his face as he looked over the crowd. He cleared his throat before shifting his gaze onto you two giving you both an endearing smile as he began his best-man speech. “I’ve known Bucky for a long time,” Tony shouted something in the crowd that had the crowd in giggles including Steve. “He’s my oldest friend and when I woke up I thought I had lost him.” Bucky gave him a small smile as you squeezed Bucky’s hand reassuringly. “And so when he came back into my life I knew instantly Y/N and him were destined for each other.” The crowd awes at his words, “and my thoughts were confirmed when they first met.” You looked over at Bucky a knowing smirk on your first remembering the first time you two met.

Steve was crazy which probably made you insane as you helped him pick a lock and break inside The Winter Soldier’s apartment. When you stepped inside it was fairly empty. A mattress was on the ground with no covers and paper everywhere. Steve walked to the dresser as you made your way to the kitchen, inside was a few water bottles but nothing else. “What does this guy do all day?”

“Nothing,” you whirled around, eyes wide as you saw a guy with shoulder brown hair at the doorway. His metal arm tense as his eyes darted between Steve and you. His eyes settled on Steve, “I wasn’t in Vienna. I don’t do that anymore.” His eyes flickered back to yours.

“Am I supposed to be scared of you?” You rose an eyebrow at him crossing your arms over your chest. You had read his file, and it didn’t scare you because you knew he was brainwashed and the way Steve talked about him he was anything but the monster everyone tried to make him. Bucky looked at you with a mixed emotion his lips slightly parted.

“They’re entering the building.” Sam’s voice drifted in both your’s and Steve’s comm. You both gave each other a look and you gave a single nod.

“Well, the people who think you did are coming here now.” Steve took a step forward keeping his gaze on Bucky. “And they’re not planning on taking you alive.” Steve continued to say but stopped his footsteps as he stared Bucky down.

“That’s smart. Good strategy.” the defeat laced within his words shocked you. You couldn’t believe he would let someone kill him that easily.

“C’mon Buck,” Steve seemed to be just as defeated as Bucky. Bucky simply shook his head at him walking past him and to the back door. You couldn’t just let that happen and quickly followed him grabbing his shoulder, that was a mistake. With the speed of lightning he quickly pinned you on the ground staring deeply into your eyes as if searching for something. “No one has to die,” Steve had a hand reaching out towards Bucky who was still staring you down.

“I don’t do that anymore,” Bucky repeated in a gruff voice and that gave you more evidence on your gut feeling that he wouldn’t hurt you. Until a sheer panic consumed you for just a split second as he raised his fist swinging it down close to your face and hitting the floorboards only inches from you. He grabbed a black backpack before standing upright again.

“They’re on your floor,” Sam’s voice brought you enough warning before you heard a shout and the door was busted open, the swat team on the other side of the doorway. In a blink of the eye you stood up blocking Bucky’s path using your body as a shield to protect him just as the swat team raised their guns to fire. You felt an iron grip on your wrist spinning you backwards and you saw Bucky raise his left arm covering himself as he now stood up front of you. They began to fire. It didn’t long before Steve stepped in shielding everyone as the Swat stormed further inside.

You grunted as you felt a fist connected to your side knocking the breath out of you, you immediately turned your attention to another Swat team member and pushed yourself forward twirling around swinging your leg colliding it with the guy’s head and knocking him out cold. You turned to Steve and Bucky just to see Bucky shove Steve through a window knocking a guy who was on the other side. Bucky turned to see you already looking and you gave him a smile just out of amusement from what you had just witnessed. You swore you saw a ghost of a smile appear on his face.

Bucky pushed past you and outside the front door where more men in uniform where storming upstairs. You quickly followed after him instead of going to Cap’s aid. You watched as he fought his way down the stairs and the ones who slipped past him went straight to you. You quickly went to action throwing punches and blocking just as many. At one point you grabbed the vest of one guy using all your strength to swing him over the railing and watched as he fell and brought the guy Bucky was leaning over the stairs down with him. Bucky looked up at you before continuing his descent down. Steve finally joined the fight jumping down the stair to catch Bucky with you hot on his heels.

Steve was swarmed with men just as you saw Bucky leap over the railing you gasped leaning forward only to watch as he dented the railing a few stories below, he looked up once more at you before disappearing down the hall. “He’s escaping!” You yelled running down the rest of the steps to catch up, you almost slammed in the other wall as you turned down the hall he went down. He jumped from the building just as you screamed his name and rushed forward. He landed on the building across from you and you glared at him for scaring you like that. You huffed stepping back a few steps and then took a big breath, “I am so going to regret this tomorrow.” You sprinted jumping up on the ledge to give you more height, arms spread, your eyes on your target. You tucked your head just as you got closer and rolled effortlessly onto the building roof.

Just as you stood up you saw he was already staring at you only a few feet away he went to open his mouth but a shadow casted over you and a flash of black collided with Bucky and he went rolling.

A squeeze on your hand and the crowd laughing brought you back from your daydream to see Bucky was already smirking at you, “were you just thinking about when we first met?” He questioned and you smiled a small blush appearing on your cheeks as you nodded your head yes. “The moment I saw you I knew I loved you,” he confessed leaning closer to you. Steve had finished his best-man speech and Wanda stood up to begin hers. “And when you jumped off the room after me,” Bucky was now whispering in your ear, “I knew I would marry you someday.”

You leaned back giving him a look that had him chuckling, “I love you Mr.Barnes.” Your smile reappearing as you leaned closer to him your eyes filled with love and happiness.

“And I love you Mrs. Barnes,” he hummed back smiling wide at you as he cupped the back of your neck and brought you closer kissing you, you both smiling like fools.

A Wedding (Lafayette x Reader)

I KNOW THIS IS REALLY SHORT BUT I ALREADY HAVE LIKE SIX MORE PARTS PLANNED. I’M SORRY. Also like I didn’t describe the dress because like every one has different preferences and it’s a wedding dress so like everyone has something they want and I didn’t want to mess up what the reader has in mind.

Words: 439

Warnings: Um none really

As you stepped out of the dressing room, a squeal immediately pierced your ears. Peggy, your best friend and maid of honor, ran up to you and hugged you, tears streaming down her face. She did this after every dress.

“Leave the dress alone,” Hercules sighed. You had been trying on wedding dresses all day and hadn’t found the right one. Herc had hated all of them and Peggy had loved all of them. Alex and John lay on the couch groaning about how much longer they had to stay. After flying in from London, Angelica only wanted to chat with Eliza.

“I don’t understand why I can’t make the dress for you and Laf’s wedding! You’re two of my best friends!” Hercules complained.

“Because wedding dresses are expensive and I can’t expect you to do that for me!” You scolded, Peggy still wrapped around your waist. You pushed her off of you and turned towards the others.

“Okay really, what do you think of this one?” You asked, giving them a spin. A groan from Hercules, and another squeal from Peggy. Suppressing an eye roll, you turned to Alex, John, Angelica and Eliza.

“White really suits you, Y/N,” Eliza complimented. Angelica nodded in agreement.

“I think you have looked hot in all of them, but don’t tell Laf that,” John Laurens, the bachelor of the group stated. You giggled and turned to Alex, who normally had an opinion on everything.

“I don’t know, they all look the same to me,” He said, causing a glare from Eliza.

“He means it’s beautiful Y/N, I think you should get that one.” Eliza said, reassuring you.

“I guess that one is okay,” Hercules whined.

“Okay if Herc likes it, it has to be amazing,” Angelica joked, causing John to laugh a little more than what was normal.

“Alright, I think this is the one,” You said, giving a little twirl. Your heart leaped as you looked in the mirror. A smile stretched across your face, you had never felt this beautiful. You saw Hercules walk up to you in the reflection, placing a warm hand on your shoulder.

“He’ll love it, you look gorgeous.”

“Boys, we have to get to the bachelorette party,” Peggy said, winking at them. You raised your eyebrows at her, knowing how crazy she could get at parties. You suppressed a laugh as you remembered a certain situation with Jello shots and a hot tub. 

“I bet it’ll be trash compared to what we have planned for Laf,” Alex said, shouldering John. Peggy and Alex stared each other down as you smacked a palm to your forehead. 

My turn

WWE Imagine

Requested- Sami x Finn x Reader- Sami and Finn are best friends, reader is dating Sami, and he wants to watch Y/N Smutty smut with someone, and trusts Finn to do the job ;)

Word Count: 2672
Warning: Language, Smut
Author’s Notes: I love it, I hope you do too! Huge props to @wwe-smutfics

The day started out wonderfully, you were going to the mall with Sami, your boyfriend of two-years, and his best friend, Finn, for a fun, relaxing day off while they were home from tour. You quickly got dressed, sliding on a flower-print, A-line dress, that fell to just under mid-thigh, and a pair of bright green converse to match.

  You snatch your purse off the bed as you skip down the hall and towards the kitchen where you could hear Sami’s voice echoing through the tile room, presumably telling Finn you were about to leave. As you round the corner into the kitchen, you nearly come to a full stop, mid stride. Sami looked amazing, he was wearing black, boot-cut skinny jeans, and a white shear shirt, with a black zip up hoodie, unzipped, finished with a pair of matching black converse.

His dark eyes shine when he sees you in the doorway, all-but gawking at him. He grins and gestures you over to him, pulling you under his free arm, his fingers gripping your hip as he leans down and tenderly places a kiss on your lips, his mouth curving into a smile as a small moan escapes your lips.

  “Wha’ was dat?” You hear Finn question through the phone, your cheeks blushing brightly.

“Oh, nothing, we will see you in about 20 minutes ok?” Sami chuckles, his hand lacing into yours, pulling you out of the house you share behind him.

  You didn’t hear Finn’s response, but it must have been a yes, because Sami quickly hung up and you were on your way to the mall, his larger hand resting around your smaller one, lacing his fingers into yours, and humming idly along with a song on the radio you didn’t know.

 When you finally find a place to park and get inside, Sami pulls you through the crowd carefully, tucking you under him, and pressing you against his side, occasionally asking you about stores you pass, or laughing at someone quietly.

  “Sami! Y/N!” You turn quickly to search for the smaller Irishman that matches the movie calling your names, Moving to quickly, you spin and land directly into Finn’s Chest, his arms cradling you so you don’t fall in a make-shift hug.

 You giggle and step back, brushing your dress down and looking him over. He wore a fitted-black T-shirt, and khaki shorts, with ankle length socks, and black vans.

“Finn!” You smile, stepping back a little to press into Sami’s side once more. He wraps his arm around you, put pulls you forward with him as he shakes Finn’s hand.

“Finn! Ok, so where too guys?” He asks, his voice a little husky as he looks down at you questioningly.

“Mmmm, maybe Spencer’s?” You chime in, before you can think of the implications it might have, when you realize what you’ve said, your face pales, then turns a extraordinary shade of red, your eyes on the floor.

“I think that’s a great idea!” Sami says, making you jerk your head up to meet his gaze. He looked amused, but there was something else, and you couldn’t place it.

“Right Den’, Spencer’s.” Finn says, falling into a line with you as you walk through the shops, snaking your way to the small shop.

When you reach it, you browse idly through boxes of hats, and punny t-shirt, picking out a hat you like that has the Deadpool logo on it. You had somehow separated yourself from the boys, and as you wondered through the store, going in deeper and deeper, the items got more and more risqué, until finally you were in full-blown sex toys and lingerie.

 Blushing you were about to turn around when you heard Sami’s voice in a hushed whisper from around a clothing rack.

“She would look so beautiful in this, don’t you think?” He asks, you peak your head around the corner just enough to see what he is talking about, you nearly gasp, he was holding a pale-pink pantie and bra set, if the small scraps of material could be called that.

“Ey, she would.” Finn nods, looking a little flustered. Sami, turns to face hi, his back to you, making it difficult to hear what he was saying. You only caught pieces,

  “…Would you be ok…..Together….I mean if she…..I trust you…..What do you think?” Sami’s voice was low, and you were just about to turn and try to work through what you were hearing when Finn caught your eyes, his bright blue ones, going wide when he noticed you.

“Y/N! Uh, Uhum, we were jus‘..” He stammers, his face turning red, busted, you had no choice but to walk to them, pressing yourself into Sami, who was still holding the lingerie in his hand.

“Y/N, I was going to ask you, but I figured there was no point if Finn wasn’t Intrested, I was just…” He trails, trying to explain, but you cut him off, eyes glued to his.

“What do you say Finn?” A wave of bravery flushing through you, making you shake a little.

Both sets of eyes widen to saucers, looking from you to each other and back.

“Well, Er, If Dats’ wha’ ya want Sami..” He looks at Sami, his eyes begging for a yes.

“It is defiantly what I want, are you sure you’re ok with this Y/N?” He asks, his eyes meeting yours, searching for your answer.

“If it’s what you want, then yes.” You say simply, if he wanted to watch you having sex with his best friend, who were you to say no?

  You always knew they were close, and kind of suspected Sami was curious to watch you with someone else, as you had once opened his laptop and found a porn page open to that kind of thing, but you had never mentioned it as you didn’t want to embarrass him.

“Would..would you wear this?” He asks, holding up the fabric for you to see.

“If you want me to.” You say, your voice nearly a whisper, anticipation for what was to come rushing through your body and resting in the apex of your thighs, making you fidget.

“Well, is it decided den?” Finn asks, his eyes jumping from Sami to you, lingering on your face, then falling slowly down your body.

“Yes, let’s go.” You answer before Sami can, anxious to get back home.

 You head to the counter with Finn to your left and Sami to your right, watching the clerks face as she rings up the lingerie, eyeing the men and then you skeptically.

“Would you like to buy that, or..?” She asks, pulling you out of your thoughts as she points as the forgotten hat you were still holding.

“Oh uh.” You start, but Sami interrupts you, pulling the hat from your hand gently and placing it on the counter, “Yes, thank you.” He says, swiping his card and collecting the bag before pulling you out of the store, heading directly for the parking lot.

 Beside you, Finn looks over at Sami, he says something you can’t hear, and you stop for a moment, Sami’s hand pressed into your hip as he pulls you into his side.

“Ok, I’ll follow ya’ to ya’r house Den.” Finn says, his eyes shinning as he meets your shy gaze.

“Ok, See you soon.” Sami says, walking you around your car, and opening the door for you so that you can slide in the passenger seat, buckling your seat belt as he climbs in and starts the car, Spencer’s bag at his feet.

 When you make it back home, he hangs you the bag, and winks, pressing a soft kiss into your hair, but he pulls you into his chest, his breath fanning your face.

 “Are you sure about this, if you don’t want to..” He says, tucking a lose strand of your hair behind your ear, and tugging your bottom lip from between your teeth with his thumb.

“I’m sure, if it’s what you want Sami.” You blush, ducking your head. Pulling your face up with his fingers, his free hand wraps around your waist, pulling you harder against him so you can feel his stiffening erection staining against his jeans.

He kisses you, his lips pressing hard against yours, his tongue pushing into your mouth as he walks you backwards to press you against the wall separating the dinning room from the kitchen, a groan escaping his lips as you whimper his name. His large hands travel up your dress, resting on your soaked mound throug your panties, rubbing gentle circles through them.

You both sigh as you hear wheels on the gravel outside your house, and Sami finally breaks apart from you, his breath ragged, “Go ahead upstairs and get ready baby, we will be up soon.” He instructs, winking and swatting your butt when you turn to head up the stairs.

 “Ow! Hey!” You giggle as you take the stairs two at a time, clutching the black bag to your chest. You quickly make your way into the bathroom, and drop the dress to your ankles, letting it pool at your feet as you toe your shoes off, sliding your bra over your head and your underwear down you drop them into the growing pile of cloths at your feet.

  You sigh as you eye the shower, wondering if you would have time for a quick shower, shave and rinse. But your silent question was answered when you heard foot-steps up the stairs, followed by Finn’s child like laugh.

 You mentally pat yourself on the back for shaving last night, as you step into the pale-rose colored lace thong, the thin material doing little in the way of covering anything, and then slide the matching bra on, clicking the clasps in the back and looking at yourself in the mirror.

 It fit you nicely and brought out the curves you had, and honestly, it made you feel sexy, like a gypsy about to seduce a unsuspecting man.
 When you heard the room outside the door grow quite, you sucked in a breath of confidence, and opened the bathroom door, stepping out into their view feeling powerful and unashamed.

 The looks you got only bolstered this feeling as you were greeted by Sami, dark eyes wide, mouth slightly open and his former sheer shirt in hand, pants unbuttoned. Finn was a little more shocked, his hands resting on the zipper of his khaki shorts, his shirt was laying on the floor next to his socks and shoes.

 You giggled, and walked over to Sami, your breasts pressed into his chest, and you perked your ass back a little, so that it was rubbing into Finn’s still clothed crotch.

 “Is this what you wanted Sami?” You tease, pressing your hand palm down on his bare-chest, running it down his body, watching as it dipped over the hills and valleys of his stomach, and stopping just at the line of his pants.

 Behind you, you felt Finn’s hands press into your hips, pulling you back slightly into his crotch, his growing erection biting into your ass, making you whimper.

“Yes. This is exactly what I wanted.” He growls, pulling you up to a standing position and walking you back so you were pressed into Finn, his now bare body warm against your almost bare one. Sami drops his head low, pressing his lips to one side of your neck, his stubble tickling your sensitive skin as Finn’s mouth clamps to the other side, his teeth finding your earlobe, and working down to your collarbone. Slowly Sami unbuckles the bra from the back, sliding the fabric off your shoulders and tossing it to the side, Finn’s hands pushing the panties down your ass, stopping along the way to tease your sensitive knob.  

 “Fffuck, Sami, Finn.” You pant, pressing one hand into Finn’s exposed cock, gasping at the size of him, you wrap your hand around him, jerking slowly, earning a groan. With your other you grip Sami’s hair, pushing his head into your neck further, begging for more.

 “You like that baby? You want him to fuck you?” Sami asks, his voice husky and deep.

“Please, Finn, Sami, please?” You purr, turning your attention to Finn, you push him onto the bed, straddling him. Behind you, you hear Sami’s cloths hit the floor, and then him sitting in the chair beside the bed.

 You moan into Finn’s mouth as you slide your dripping core down his shaft, his cock stretching your entrance.

“Oy, Je-sus Ch-rist, Mary mother of God, Woman!” Finn exclaims, his hands flashing to your hips as you start to bounce on him, working to keep your ass in the air for Sami.

“Fuck, Oh Finn!” You moan as he thrusts up to meet you, his hips smacking into yours loudly. You lean down to kiss him, his lips devouring yours as you whimper his name. Suddenly his flips you, so that you’re on your back, legs wrapped around his waist as he rams his cock deep into your soaked core, his hands on either side of your face.

 Behind him you can see Sami stroking his cock, pumping quickly up and down around his glistening shaft.

“Fuck! Finn, Oh god, Sami it feels so good!” You moan as Finn continues to push his cock into you, bottoming out loudly as you grip his shoulders hard.

 Beside the bed, Sami was groaning, his eyes locked on his girlfriend and best friend ravaging each other, with every one of Finn’s thrusts you could see Sami getting closer and close, his hand pumping faster around his large cock, precum drizzling from the tip.

 “Oh god Finn, please oh, please I’m close!” You scream as he rolls his hips, pulling your legs up to his shoulders, your knees pressed by your head, allowing him to push deeper into you.

“Cum on my cock Y/N, Tell Sami ‘ow good it is.”  Finn growls low in your ear, his teeth grazing your neck, his hips pounding into you, his eyes flush on your face.

 “Oh shit, Sami! I’m going to cum!” You moan, arching your back as you rake your nails down his back, making him moan out.

“Oi, ‘urry up love, I’m close!” Finn groans, pounding into you again his cock hitting the right spot throwing you over the edge into a earth shaking orgasm, your body convulsing around Finn, your nails digging into his back again.

 “Fuck! I’m gunna cum!” Finn growls, pulling out of you quickly, making you wince, he leans over you quickly, stoking himself erratically, shutting his eyes and throwing his head back as he cums, shooting his load all over your stomach.

“Shit!” You both look over at Sami, who has spoken for the first time throughout the entire thing, his face was red, as he stands and quickly you sink to your knees in front of him, taking his head in your mouth and hollowing your cheeks around him, sucking hard as you roll your tongue over him.

 “Goood!” He hisses as his hands come down to your head, pushing you down on his cock as he cums in your mouth, ropes of his hot, thick, cum shooting into the back of your throat.

“Wow, that was amazing.” You giggle, standing and sitting in the edge of the bed, looking over the two men.

 “Ya kno’ we are pretty compatible.” Finn chuckles, leaning over to kiss your cheek.

“You know what they say, a group that comes together, stays together!” Sami laughs, jerking you up and into his chest, startling you.

“My turn.” He say, his voice sending shivers down your back.


Request:   Imagine making Mick wear an animal onesie (oh my god imagine that! I’m cackling)

“This is the best day of my life!” you squeal in excitement, bouncing up and down on the balls of your feet as the sight of one particularly annoyed pyromaniac dressed in a pink unicorn onesie made it’s way ever closer.

“I hate you,” the towering and in no way intimidating figure grumbled, stopping in front of you, arms crossed tightly in front of him, looking somewhat like an overgrown toddler with a pout that could make any child envious.

“No you don’t,” you grin pulling his arms down to get a proper look at the ridiculous outfit he was in. “You hate the fact that you underestimated me and lost a bet.”

“Can I get changed now?” Mick groans, his eyes focused on you in an attempt to ignore the downright cackle that had erupted from Sara’s mouth at the sight.

“Let me think…” you drawl the words out, giving your teammates ample time to see the results of you win. “You know, I think I’m going to say no. In fact, my little magical creature, I think you are going to come out clubbing with Sara and I tonight, it’s the only real way to celebrate Halloween. Besides, the deal was any and everything I want, remember.”

“Why do I put up with you?” he grunts, only the tiniest hint of a smile making it’s way onto his lips.

“I think it has something to do with this” you reply, your voice soft and gentle as you make your way towards him, a smirk on your lips as you do so. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pull yourself closer, making sure to play up every movement. With a quick peck to his lips, you unwrap your arms from around him, cheerfully patting his head before turning and skipping away.

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Prompt:  Best Birthday Ever

Character: Clint Barton

Warning: N/A

Submitted and written by: @adisneygirlinnarnia​ (Once again thank you for writing and submitting to the blog! <3 )

You woke up at the sound of your alarm clock. 9:00 am, it read. You sighed and stared at the ceiling, not really wanting to get up. But then it hit you. “It’s my birthday,” you said to yourself. You got up and got dressed, wondering what the day would bring.

It had been 6 months since you and Clint started dating and the team accepted it quite fast. In fact, most of the team pretty much pressured you both into confessing your feelings towards each other since they all saw how you two flirted with each other.

You headed towards the kitchen to look for Clint but found Steve instead. “Hey Steve,” you said as you walked in. “Hey [Y/N]. Happy birthday,” he said. “Thanks,” you answer and smile. “Have you seen Clint?” Steve shook his head. “Nope. Haven’t seen him yet.” Steve was still kind of jealous that Clint and you were together since he had feelings for you too, but was happy that Clint finally had someone. “Alright,” you said. “I’ll keep looking.”

You wandered past the lab and saw Tony and Bruce working diligently. Just as you popped your head in, Tony looked up. “Hey! There’s the birthday girl. Happy birthday [Y/N].” Bruce looked up, smiled and also wished you a happy birthday. Everyone in the tower knew it was your birthday, since Clint wrote it really big on the calendar. “Thanks guys. Have you seen Clint?” you ask them. “Birdboy?” Tony asked. “Nope. We’ve been in here and would’ve seen him if he walked past.” You nodded and said thanks.

You kept walking till you found Natasha in the training room. Surely Clint’s bff would know where he is. “Nope. Sorry [Y/N]. I haven’t seen him. Oh, and happy birthday,” she answered. You thanked her and while walking away you started to get nervous about where he was. As you got closer to your room, you saw Thor banging on the bathroom door yelling, “Loki! Let me in! You’re hogging the bathroom!” Thor noticed you coming and quickly stopped. He smiled and said, “Happy birthday, [Y/N].” “Thanks. I’ve been looking for Clint everywhere. You haven’t seen him, have you?” Thor shook his head. You huffed and stood there a minute, looking around wondering where on earth he could be. Suddenly the bathroom door opened, Loki stuck his head out quickly saying “Happy birthday [Y/N].” and shut the door, not giving Thor any time to force his way in. He started banging on the door again, yelling Loki’s name. “I’ll let you two go back to your brotherly quarrel,” you said and slowly walked away.

You went back to your room and closed the door, only to hear a voice behind you. “Happy birthday…” the voice was cut short by you quickly pulling out your dagger and pinning the voice to the wall from shear fear. “Whoa! Baby! It’s just me,” Clint said. “Damn you Clint!” You just gave me a heart attack. Plus, I could’ve seriously hurt you,“ you said as you sat down on the bed trying to catch your breath. “And is this any way to treat your girl on her birthday? I went through the whole tower looking for you and was getting worried when everybody’s telling me they hadn’t seen you.” “Oh, I’m sorry hun,” Clint said, coming over by you and cradling you in his arms. “I wanted to surprise you, but not tho the point where I’d be getting attacked,” he said jokingly. You shove him off the bed and smile. “But I do have a surprise for you,” he said. He grabbed his backpack off the bed and grabbed your hand. “C'mon.”

He got the keys to his motorcycle and had you climb on behind him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and held on tight, breathing in the scent of his cologne. “Where are we going?” you asked. “Now if I told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?” You laughed and said, “No, I guess not.” You held on tight to Clint as he weaved in and out of traffic. And as you guys pulled up to the beach, a big smile came over your face.

Clint already had a small picnic blanket set up for you two. “Just the two of us. On the beach. Oh, Clint!” you say excitedly and gave him a kiss. “And if you’re up for it,” he said taking his backpack off, “I packed our swimsuits too.” Another big smile came over you and you nodded in agreement.

You guys first had something to eat, which Clint had packed in his bag, and then walked barefoot in the surf. After that you grabbed your swimsuit out of his bag and went to change and he did the same. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, seeing how beautiful you looked. He loved seeing the water glisten on your tanned skin and how the breeze tousled your wet hair.

As the sun started to set, you both stood in the surf holding each other, Clint slow moving his fingers up and down your back. And as the stars filled the sky, you both cuddled on the blanket starring at the stars. Clint gave you a kiss on your forehead and whispered, “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

John Dun Imagine Interruptions

You were sprawled over the sofa’s in a dressing room, whilst your best friends had soundcheck before their show later that day. It was long until it would start and you were making the most of the quiet, because as soon as the concert started you knew you’d be watching from backstage. 

“Hey (Y/N!” The voice was so loud, you almost fell off the sofa, but a pair of arms caught you easily.You looked up and your eyes widened, when you saw Josh looking back at you. Although you’d been best friends with both Josh and Tyler for years, you’d always had a crush on Josh. You knew it couldn’t go anywhere, but that didn’t stop you from hoping.

“T-thanks.” You whispered to him. Your heart rate increased at your contact and you couldn’t fight of the blush forming on your face.

“No problem. It’s my fault for scaring you anyway.” Josh replied, his eyes never leaving your face. 

“Um…you can let go of me now.” You said awkwardly and Josh looked away shyly, as he let you stand up. That was weird. Josh was never nervous around you. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Josh turned back to face you. He bit his lip and looked at you. Something was definitely wrong. 

“I…you’ll think it’s stupid, but I think I’m in love with someone.” You took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. He wasn’t talking about you, but you had to put your feelings aside and help your friend. 

“Ok, what’s so bad about that?” 

“Well, we’re pretty close, but we’ve never really been anything more and I don’t want to ruin our relationship by telling her.” You swallowed the lump in your throat. You could be sad later. Right now, Josh needed you. 

“Just tell her josh. She’d be mad not to feel the same way. You’re funny and kind and I mean, you’re pretty cute. You’re always so caring and…” You trailed off. as Josh came closer to you. 

“You think so?”

“Of course. So, tell me about her.” You smiled and he chuckled softly, before looking intently at you.

“Well, she’s beautiful. She’s got (Y/H/C) hair and (Y/E/C) eyes, which sparkle when she’s happy. She always makes me laugh and I love it when I make her laugh, because her laugh is so perfect. She’s always there for me and I don’t know how I could’ve ever sen her as just a friend.” Your heartbeat soared as he talked. Although, you’d thought it wasn’t you, the way he was talking suggested otherwise.

“What’s her name?” Josh was so close you could kiss him.

“It’s yo-”

“Hey Josh! It’s time to go on.” Tyler called from behind the door and Josh groaned. You stepped away from him and looked down in disappointment. Josh looked back at you, but the moment was ruined.

“Go, you can tell me about her later.” You smiled sadly. Josh shook his head, but before you could question him, he was pulling you closer and kissing you. You kissed back, before Tyler knocking on the door interrupted you. 

“I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Josh.” He cupped your face and kissed your forehead gently. You blushed under his touch.

“I’ll see you after the show.” He beamed at you, before sprinting off to the stage. You smiled and went to watch them perform. You couldn’t wait for the rest of tour. 

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Marry Her, John (John Watson x Reader)

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“This is it. The big day. The end of an era. Age of… Peace?”

John turns to Sherlock.

“Sherlock, what the devil are you talking about?”

Sherlock shuffles awkwardly in the doorway of the dressing room, watching his best friend turn to see the fit of his tux in the mirror.

“I dunno. Must’ve read it somewhere. Mrs. Hudson assures me that married life is somehow so much more different than what things are now.”

“Oh.” John turns back to the mirror, furrowing his brow.

“So,” Sherlock starts, realizing that this is his chance to say something. “How are you feeling?”

“To be honest?” John fumbles with his tie with trembling fingers. “I’m terrified.”

Sherlock furrows his brow. “Why? We aren’t in any danger that I’m aware of.  Are we?” He leans in further. “Is this a time for Vatican Cameos?”

John stares at Sherlock in disbelief. “Emotional terror, Sherlock, not literal terror.”

“Oh. I’m not good at that one yet.” He sits there for a while. “Why are you terrified?”

“I’m afraid that I’m going to let her down, Sherlock. What if I can’t be the husband she deserves, or the father our children need?”

“Hang on, Y/N is pregnant?”

“No!  We want them. In the future. The thing is, what if I let her down? What if I’m making a mistake, dragging her into my life?”

Sherlock grabs John by the shoulders. “Listen to me. I’ve seen you keep a brave face through war, pain and horrifying crime. Y/N is a wonderful girl. She adores you. Do you love her?”

“Yes, of course, but I–”

“Then don’t you see?  Nothing else matters. Or at least so I’m told. All I know is that everyone has told me that love is a wonderful thing and you, John Watson, deserve to love someone as fiercely and deeply as you are loved in return.  Marry her, John. Or you prove that ordinary people are even more dim than I think they are.”

Sherlock gives a knowing smile to John, who takes a deep breath and nods in return.


At the altar, Y/N floats down the aisle, as if something from a dream.

Sherlock glances at John surreptitiously, and sees that John is completely and totally entranced.

Y/N reaches the altar, and beams at John, so radiant it seemed as though she glowed.

“You, Y/N, have made me the happiest man on earth, and I promise that every day, I will endeavor to be a better husband, a better friend, and a better man so that you will never have to live a day with less than everything you deserve.”

“By the power vested in me, you may now kiss the bride.”

“Excuse me?” Y/N arches her eyebrows.

The preacher chuckles. “You may now kiss the groom.”

She smiles. “Better.”

Off in the crowd, Sherlock allows himself a solitary smile.

He had never seen John Hamish Watson look happier.

The girl in the nice dress.

So @luvspnandphan requested some Charlie x Reader fluff and I´m all for that so here you go with a cute, fluffy story.

Request:  I’d like to request some Charlie fluff. Maybe her and the reader are best friends and the Winchesters are always trying to get them together, and one day it finally works. Tbh this I think this is one of the best ideas for a one shot that I’ve ever came up with!

(I hope I didn´t disappoint you :)

Pairing: Charlie x Reader

Length: 1018 Words

Warnings: lots of fluff

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“So, see you tomorrow?”, you asked your best friend Charlie as you looked at her while the two of you were standing in front of the bunker door.
She nodded: “Wouldn´t want to spent a day away from you, my darling”, she joked and then went in to hug you.
You loved those little goodbye hugs, they were the highlight of every day and it felt like you were holding on to her a little bit longer every day.
The redhead didn´t seem to mind though, she just squeezed you one last time and then waved at you while she closed the door behind herself.
You smiled to yourself and turned around to walk down the stairs, thinking about the smell of her hair, when you literally crashed into Dean´s chest.
“Woah, Dean. Would you mind not scaring me to death by sneaking up on me?”, you said and held a hand to your racing heart.
Now rather because of the shock than because of your silly feelings.
Dean smirked: “I was just standing here, watching you and Charlie say goodbye.”
You blushed a little but raised an eyebrow: “Creepy much?”, you asked and walked past him, trying to get away as fast as possible.
But of course he wasn´t going to let it go and so you could hear him follow you: “(Y/N), wait!”
You thought about just ignoring him, but that would´ve been rude and unfortunately you were a rather nice girl, so you stopped walking and faced him again: “What is it Dean?”
He smiled: “I just wanted to tell you that if you want to, you know, tell me something, I´m always here.”
You rolled your eyes: “Dean, please. What is this all about?”
Of course you knew what this was about and you also knew that Dean and Sam would most certainly support you in every decision that you made.
It was just that you weren´t ready to make that decision just yet.
He probably sensed that pushing you wouldn´t be wise, so he just shrugged: “Nothing. Just wanted to let you know.”
You sighed: “Well, thank you. I´m going to go to bed now.”

“Is it just me or are the boys acting weird?”, you heard Charlie ask as she entered your bedroom the next afternoon.
She didn´t even bother to knock and you loved it because it was a sign of how close the two of you were.
You looked up from the book you had been reading and shrugged: “Aren´t they always acting kinda weird?”
The other girl chuckled: “Yeah, but like that? That has to be some kind of record or something.”
You sat up: “What did they do?”
She shrugged and sat down on the carpet: “First Dean meets me at the door and goes on and on about a new dress you bought and how good it looked on you and that I had to see it, and then Sam asks me about my ideal woman in the hallway and doesn´t stop bugging me until I just tell him that he´s insane and walk off.”
Your eyes widened and you felt heat rushing to your face: “I can´t believe they did that, I´m really sorry.”
Charlie laughed: “Don´t worry, it was kind of funny, and the dress actually sounds really nice. Do you wanna show me?”
You smiled: “You really want to see that?”
She smiled back: “Sure.”
You told her to wait a second and quickly grabbed your new dress from the closet before heading towards your bathroom and getting dressed in the black and white dress that you had originally bought for your role as and FBI Agent, but now genially liked.
You looked at yourself in the mirror and thought that you looked nice, pretty even.
A big grin on your face, you got back out into the bedroom: “Here we go, you can laugh if you want.”
But Charlie didn´t laugh, she just stood up and walked over to you: “Wow, you look stunning.”
You blushed again: “Thanks.”
“You know what would look even better?”, she asked and then grabbed her pursed and rummaged around in it before taking out a silver hair pin you had seen her wearing a couple of times.
You stood completely still as she got behind you and placed the pin in your (Y/H/C) hair before laying her hands on your hips and turning you around to face the mirror: “There you go.”
It really looked even better and you turned around to face her: “That looks awesome Charlie.”
“You can keep it”, she said and smiled.
“No way, you love that pin”, you disagreed but she shook her head: “Well, I love you more.”
You couldn´t believe what you were hearing and you stared at her in shock.
This was what you had wanted to say to her so badly and what you had wanted to hear even more.
“I love you too”, you whispered and then leaned forward to finally kiss her.
And just when your lips were about to touch, the door burst open and the boys stumbled in.
Both Charlie and you, jumped and stared at the guys who were making innocent faces.
“We were just…checking on you”, Sam stated and you rolled your eyes.
“So… Did you finally kiss?”, Dean asked and you felt pretty embarrassed.
But just for a second because Charlie laughed and said: “Not yet, but I can´t wait any longer.”
And then she grabbed your face to place an amazing, mind-blowing kiss on your lips.
You put your hands on her hips and leaned into her, forgetting about the boys, forgetting about everything else, just enjoying being with the girl you loved.
When you finished you two looked into each other´s eyes, smiling absently, not aware of your surroundings at all, until Sam spoke up: “Wow, that was…”
“…Hot”, Dean finished.
That was what broke the spell: “You guys are insane”, you said and turned to face them but Charlie took your hand and squeezed it: “I think they just tried to help us. In a weird way, but still.”
You sighed but then grinned: “Yeah, I guess so.”
“Group hug!”, Charlie announced and when the two of you attacked the guys together, you knew that everything was finally going to be the way it was supposed to be all along.

Settle Down Kids (Simon D x Reader

You met Kiseok through your best friend Hyuk-Woo. You and Hyukwoo have been besties for 6 years now, way before he got signed in AOMG, you supoorted each other and been there for each other when you needed someone. At first you didn’t want to meet the guys, you didn’t want to get involved with his work, but he insisted. One night you agreed on going out with them, so they can finally meet the infamous friend who Hyukwoo speaks so highly.
That day you decided to go all out, you wore a black bodycon dress that was a few inches away from your knees with a very generous cleavalage, you straighten your curly hair and wore a maroon lipstick with gold smokey eye and sharp contour, with your favorite blood red heels. Whe you entered the V.I.P area Hyukwoo rose to his feet and hugged you with a bright smile
“You are late”
“I like to make an entrance, also do you see my eyeliner? that shit does not happen on it’s own”
You defended making you chuckle. He was well aware of your love with make-up, he turned to the guys who already had their eyes fixed on you. Especially Kiseok.
“Guys this is my best friend, please be kind”
You greeted everyone with a friendly handshake, introducing yourself. Last one to take your hand was Kiseok, who took your hand and let a gentle peck on your knuckles, making you lose you lose your cool for a sec.
“Pleasure to meet you love”
By the end of the night you had exchanged numbers and a kiss on the cheek. He was determined to get you, but he knew this was not going to be easy, if it was any other girl he could bring her to his home for an exciting night, but you set the boundaries, he was so intrigued by that strong flame in your eyes, the confident way you walked and talked, you were comfortable in your own skin, you were flirty, bold, you were refreshing.
“Such a woman”
He said to himself when you left as he saw your car getting lost in the busy road.
Now he was no stranger to dating, he had his ways of flirting. But with you it was like he met the female version of himself, especially when it came to texting. He always let the girl kinda sweat, being cold and playing the game of waiting, leaving texts on read, replying casually. The problem was you were just like that, it took hours for you to reply, sometimes you would even reply the next day, you dissmissed his cold texts, but out of the blue you would say something flirty which got him riled up. He had to win you over, you made it a very exciting game for him, it was like you both tried to make the other give up and say something sweet, sometimes it was you sometimes it was him, he never knew who was going to lose.
Your first date was dinner over his place, it was classy but also in the comfort of his own home. When he opened the door he was stunned. You wore a maxi gauzi red dress with thick straps and V shaped cut, your hair up in a slick ponytail, you wore a nude lipstick and dark brown eyeshadow and cat eye eyeliner, with beautiful golden low necklace that touched your sunkissed skin. That night was the night he realised how much he wanted you, the playfull personality, the firey eyes, the seductive smirks, your strong personality. A true queen for his kingdom.
It’s been a year and you are officially together. It was like you were made for eachother, so alike. Which was the reason why the people that knew you did not understand how you haven’t killed one another. You were always teasing, always playing around, it was so fun to watch you two go at it.
Today was one of those days. Hyukwoo invited you over to the studios since it was a slow day and you gladly joined them. You sat in the living room joking around with the others
“Babe can you-”
You said to Kiseok who looked at you suprised. You smiled at him, it was time for the jokes, as soon as guys saw you devilish smile they knew they were in for a treat.
“You don’t even-”
“I don’t care”
You cut him off again. You stared eachother for a moment, until he pulled you in and got you in a headlock.
“What did you say?”
“Fuck off Kiseok”
You said, struggling to get out of his tight grip.
“Put her in her place”
You heard Elo say and the other laughing. That’s when you got a bright idea, you took his hand and bit into it. He yelled but did not let you as he attempted to suffer through it, but you bit harder, he let go off you and you could finally sit up and fixed your hair
“What’s wrong with you?”
“You were the one that put me in a headlock”
“And you bit my hand like it was your steak”
That’s when Jay decided to join in the fun, but stop the bickering.
“Settle down kids”
“Shut up Jay”
You said together. You looked at eachother and fistbumped, Jay pouted and leaned back in the couch
“The only join forces when they want to insult me”
You laughed at Jay. Kiseok then decided to play a joke on you and get revenge for his sore hand.
“Babe can you get my phone from the other room?”
You groaned and got up, walking to the room he was before.
“Your phone is right here”
Seonghwa said, but Kiseok shushed him. He run behind you and when he saw you go in he closed the door and locked you in.
You said and knocked the door. You heard him laugh, the other walked over to you and saw kiseok laugh hysterically
jukyung said smilling at his silly CEO. You kep banging at the door, after 5 minutes he let you out and you punched his chest
“You never want to have sex with me do you?”
You said and walked away from him. He smiled at your empty threat
“I always want to have sex, I wanted this morning but we didn’t have time”
He stated. He knows how private you were, you hated talking about your sexual activities, it was personal. You turned to him and walked to him, wrapping your hands around his neck pretending to choke him
“Do you want to die?”
Everyone laughed at the scene. They loved how silly you were with eachother, it was like you were friends more than lovers. You unwrapped your hands from his neck and he put his around you waist lifting you off the ground and over his shoulder.
“What was that sweety?”
He said. You punched his back and kicked your feet, telling him to put you down, he walked to the living room and then put you down
“You are such a jerk”
You said and sat down in the couch. He sat next to you, he tried to touch you but you pushed his hand away
“I’m a jerk, I carried your ass here. You are welcome”
You went for a punch but he caught your hand and turned your wrist in a very uncomofrtable position making you flinch and pull your hand away from him.
“I hate you so much, motherfucker”
“Once you have kids I will be a motherfucker”
Everyone was stunned by Kiseok’s jokes. He teased you but it was never in a dirty way, so they were mad hyped about this. You hid your face in your hands in embarassment, he placed his hand on your back but you pulled back
“No,get the fuck off of me”
“Hey guys do you want to play a game? It’s called, how much of a weak bitch my gf is”
“No I want to play another game. Guess who is not having sex tonight, I vote for Kiseok”
You fired back. Everyone was clenching their stomachs not able to control their laughs, this was such a gold moment for them. But Kiseok was not done, far away from it
“Fine. Don’t come purring to my ear while you cuddle me”
“You don’t even cuddle. Your back is turned to me all the way to the other side of the bed, sometimes I think you cheat on me with Seonghwa, cause you hug him more than you hug me”
By now the guys controlled themselfs and just watched the show that was going down. Seonghwa even whispered to hyukwoo his wish of having pop corn right now. Kiseok and you were going at it pretty hard, you were smilling at eachother in a teasing way, rilling eachother up was 50% of your relationship. The guys don’t know how you havent’s end up in a fist fight
“What? I hug your clingy ass all night, everyday I am the one that says goodmorning and gives you a kiss”
“and then I feel your stanky ass breath”
Kiseok licked his lips to hide his smile, he knows you can keep this up all day
“all those other complaints. Wow girl”
Jay defended his friend, adding fuel to the fire. He never wanted this to end
“I don’t need no goodmorning”
“Yeah that’s why she cried when a car almost hit us from my side”
He said to the guys. It was true you were pretty sensitive when it came to car crashes and kiseok getting hurt.You kept bickering for a while but then it died down. It was finally time to go home, you did your night routine and layed on the bed with one of his big shirts, he layed next to you and cuddled you, your face buried deep on his chest as he caressed your hair as you tangled your feet.
“Good comebacks today. I’m proud of you”
You said to him. His chest shook meaning he was laughing. He kissed your head and brought you closer
“Thank you baby. I love you”
“Love you too”

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Style - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Sebastian has never seen you really dressed up until tonight because you guys are going to a promo event for civil war. When he sees you walking down the stairs nervously, he thinks you look incredibly beautiful and lets you know.

Tonight was going to be a big night, you knew this and so you dressed yourself to the best of your ability. You’d gotten your hair cut the day before so you didn’t have a single split end for anyone to make a comment about, there was no need for you to hire a makeup artist to help you, and only you could really get the look you wanted. It was a compilation of smoky eyes, winged eyeliner that could cut a bitch, and red lipstick.

The dress had been the hardest thing for you to find, Sebastian had originally gone shopping with you to find it but after three hours of you not being able to find the perfect one, you sent him away because you did feel quite guilty that he was just following you around all day. It took you another two eyes before your eyes finally fell upon the dress you’d dreamed about.

It was a floor length dress which was a dark blue shade and covered with stars printed onto it, the bottom part of the dress fading into a light grey. Seb had yet to see it, you were so proud with this purchase that you were pretty much acting like it was a wedding dress which he was only allowed to see on the day. And now it was time for the reveal, and you felt more nervous than you had the past few days.

“Baby, are you ready yet?” Seb cried out, his tone sweet but you knew he was just being impatient.

“One more minute!” You called back, giving one last look in the mirror and wondering if there was anything you should change. You put another layer of mascara on your eyes, powdered your cheeks a little more, and left to go down the stairs.

It was like a moment out of a Disney film, you walked slowly down the stairs (only because you were being careful not to tread on the dress) and Sebastian awaited your arrival at the bottom of the stair case, dressed very dapper in his black and white suit, a bow tie around his neck. Sebastian had never seen you dressed up before, he’d never really seen you in a dress actually, and so tonight you were gouging his reaction intensely as you walked down.

Once you reached the end and stood beside him, feeling proud that you were now no longer tiny compared to him thanks to your heels, he seemed to release the breath he’d held in the entire time you were walking down the steps. “Wow, y/n, you look… wow.”

A very girlish giggle escaped your lips before you had time to stop it, “shut up,” you mumbled, “you look way hotter than me.” Your hand automatically went to straighten his bow tie; a large smile grew on his face.

“All eyes will be on you, baby.”

He leant in to give you a kiss but you raised your hand and stopped him. “I don’t want to get red lipstick on you, think of the scandal!” You released a false gasp, “and I think we all know that really the cameras will be on RDJ.”

“He wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sebastian laughed along with you, nodding his head in agreement with what you said. There was a honk coming from outside which signalled that the limo had arrived, of course you were going to arrive at the Civil War premiere in style. Though, at the sound Sebastian released a petulant groan, “noooo, I don’t want to go.”

You laughed at his pouting expression, “why? Even after I made myself look this beautiful?”

“That’s why I don’t want to go!” He continued to moan, “I want to stay here and kiss you, and just appreciate how goddamn amazing you look right now.” His hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer, he didn’t kiss your lips but instead went to kiss your neck.

“Well, just think, you can take my clothes of when we get home.” You continued to giggle, already feeling happy and you knew things would just get better when you finally met up with the cast. “So get off,” you jokingly pushed him away, “and let’s go.” You proceeded to grab his hand and tugged him out of the house, though he did continue to complain.


You were perfectly ready; your hair was curled loosely, a beautiful white dress flowing, and a veil attached atop of your head. Today, of all the days, you were to marry James Buchanan Barnes, a month before he left for War. He loved you, and you loved him. 

A knock at the door signalled that somebody was there. Your best friend, Steve Rogers, was dressed up in his best suit, his mouth slightly hanging open when he saw you. Ready to give you away, when your father didn’t approve of you getting married, with him and you being so young. 

Steve: Y/N, you look…beautiful.

Y/N: Thank you, Steve! You don’t brush up badly yourself!

Steve: So…this is it! You ready?

Y/N: Of course, I love him. I’m just…gonna miss him, when he goes. You know?

Steve: Well, remember. You’ll always have me.

He didn’t say a word. Not on the way to the church, not when standing outside the alter. Not about how much he loved you. Not until you looked back towards the doors, wondering if this was right. Steve knew that look anywhere.

Steve: You know, he really does love you, Y/N.

Y/N: Stevie, he was a player. I just…what if he dosen’t love me as much as I love him.

Steve: Listen, Y/N. I have always loved you, ever since you kissed me in the cherry tree, when we were five. Remember?

Y/N: Steve, of course I-

Steve: Bucky makes you happy. And you make him happy. And, I never want to see you sad. Now go. Make yourself happy.

You gave Steve another hug, and he kissed your cheek, before clearing your throat, and opening the doors to the alter.

The reception was beautiful. You were having your first dance, as Mrs Barnes, Bucky resting his hands around you, and your around his neck. You were both smiling, lost in each other’s eyes, as he leaned forward, kissing your lips.

Bucky: I love you, Mrs Barnes. You know that?

Y/N: Do you really Buck? It’s just…

Bucky sighed keeping you close to him.

Bucky: I don’t need to say it, do I? Y/N, I would do anything, just to see you. To see you smile, laugh, anything. Please, believe me. I love you, so much.

Y/N: I love you too, Bucky. Promise me one thing?

Bucky: Well, as long as it’s not to leave you…

Y/N: Funny. Just…come back home to me? Please? 

Bucky: Always. You know I will. I wanna come back to you, you know that.

Y/N: To me…and maybe to somebody else in nine months…

Bucky: Yes, of…wait, really?

Be Mine - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Could I get one where Fred gets really jealous over who the reader is dancing with at the Yule Ball, but by the end, the reader and Fred are together, or something along those line? Your stories are awesome by the way!

(( Not my best work, I’m really sorry but i rushed because i felt bad for not posting for a few days!))

y/n’s pov-

The lace lining of the elegant dress hugged my side features fairly well as I spun carelessly around the ball room the Great Hall had been transformed into. My thick hair was thrown in angelic curls, falling in a spiral motion down my back side. Flower printed flats covered my half bare feet and a lilac shade of purple coated my long nails.

The whole room was occupied with smiling students and a handful of weary teachers to chaperone the annual Yule Ball dance. Various decorations scattered the Great Hall and mesmerizing snowflakes poured out from the sky though oscillated away from the dance floor to lower any cause of injury.  

Swaying to the rhythm of the smooth song, my date Tanner who was sorted into the Ravenclaw house let his hand slyly rest on my waist. No, I didn’t hate it but I certainly didn’t enjoy it. My attention was rather set on a loud stunning red head twin. Fred Weasley.

The famous prankster of the school owned my heart and there was nothing I could do about it. I had tried numerous times to focus on different guys, but none of them added up equally to Fred.

Glancing over Tanner’s shoulder, I set out on a search to find the Weasley twin. Earlier that evening I could recall catching his girlfriend Angelina Johnson and him entering the Great Hall but I hadn’t caught sight of either of them since.  

The two of them made no sense, but I suppose love worked in strange ways. Angelina wasn’t snooty or bratty or annoying… actually overall she was a kind hearted good person, which only made me hate her more for having no reason to hate her.

Doing another overview of the room, I landed on a cheery George Wealsey and his bashful Slytherin date. Smiling to myself, I returned looking for Fred determined to find him.

Finally my e/c eyes locked on his brown orbs that had already been staring at me. I blushed a deep scarlet red shielding my face into Tanner’s shoulder, trying to discard the evidence that I had been caught… or was it Fred who had been caught. Feeling brave, I reverted my eyes once again but this time kept them steady on Fred’s. He smiled warmly and waved him hand, motioning for me to join him. Nodding towards him, I pulled away from Tanner as the song came to an end briefly explaining how I needed to catch up with Fred. He said he understood and I gave him one last short apology, a farewell kiss on the cheek still feeling a tad bit guilty, and then headed off to Fred who sat all alone at a far right corner table. It was on the short walk over to him, I realized Angelina was nowhere in sight.

“Funny seeing you here. Everyone get sick of ya’?” I joked, sipping on a glass of blood red punch. Fred chuckled and shrugged nonchalantly.

“I could say the same to you. Except Derek looked pretty into you, care to explain?” It was then that I took the time to check on my date but when I turned to the dance floor, I noticed Tanner had replaced me with Fred’s date, Angelina. Watching them dance as one I replied softly,

“His names Tanner and I think he’s more into your girlfriend then me.”  Fred snapped his head over to his date dancing comfortably with mine. A faint blush painted his cheeks as he shook his head,

“We’re not together actually unlike you and Tate… surprisingly just friends. I sort of had my eye on this other girl but sadly tonight she came with her boyfriend, but I’m not entirely sure why because he’s not right for her. She’s beautiful in every way and well he’s… annoying. She’s intelligent and flawless, literally and she looks unbelievably gorgeous … but she’s not into me that way. Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” My breath hitched tightly in my throat. How could I have not noticed Fred was in love with another girl? I could hear my pillow being screamed for me to cry into it but I ignored the thought. Wait, did he call me beautiful? Now it was my cheeks being bathed in the deep scarlet red.

“Oh… I’m sorry. It’s her lost anyway… besides Tanner and I could never be a thing. He’s too high class, always wanting to work on homework, never making time for fun… and, uh, thank you, that’s really sweet of you. You look extremely handsome tonight, anyone would be lucky to have you.” Silence overtook us and neither knew what to say next. Here I was sitting with my best friend completely out of words. Realization struck Fred like a ton of bricks,

“Wait, you guys aren’t dating?” Dumbfounded Fred set his glass of fruity punch on the table top, turning to me. I nodded confused. Hadn’t he known? A small smile peaked through his pink lips at my action,

“Hey y/n can I try something?” Still unsure of the suggestive tone I nodded again feeling unable to make any words. Without a pinch of hesitation Fred closed the agonizing gap between us by placing his soft luscious lips onto my own chapped ones or so I thought they felt. By instant reflex my hand traveled up to his hair lightly tugging on his red locks. I parted my lips to take a breath only to have his placed back on, not that I was complaining.

Pulling away, Fred grinned widely,

“Sorry, I’ve wanted to do that for a while now.” Intertwining our fingers I shrugged,

“It’s fine… I’m glad you did because I enjoyed it quite a bit.” I giggled forgetting about the fact that other students and teachers were around us. For the time being it felt like we were the only two people in the universe that mattered.

“So, I get that its sudden but, um, what would you say to… y’know being mine?” Fred mumbled awkwardly in an adorable fashion. Leaning to his ear, I kissed his cheek softly then replied,

“Of course, Freddie. I’d love to be yours!”

-Daizy xxxx

Somewhere in Neverland

(gif credit to the creators)

Part 22 - Bad Decisions

Master List

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,484
Warnings: language, drinking, drug use, drug overdose 
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: I’m sorry. I love you all. Hope you guys enjoy it! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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Sneak Peek

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Sneak Peek

Prompt: REQUEST TIME. so imagine kurt and the reader being really close so sometimes he just teleports into her room to talk. Well one time he teleports into her room while she’s changing and he’s paralyzed because he’s a good catholic boy and she’s in her underwear but he’s also a teenager with a huge crush on her and she’s in her underwear. And then things are awkward and the reader has to convince him he’s not going to hell for having “unseemly thoughts” about the reader.

Note: Awwwww my poor little babyyyy.

It was a nice sunny day at X-Mansion. You were getting ready to go into town with your best friend Kurt and a few others, so you were changing into a cute outfit for a day out. You were standing there, dressed only in your black sports bra and black spandex short shorts.

“Hey (Y/N), can I-” Kurt stopped, eyes wide in terror. He was stuck, mentally and physically, staring at you for a long moment.


Suddenly he was gone, leaving you standing there, cheeks burning red. You slipped a Star Wars t-shirt over your bra and hopped into a pair of bright yellow jeans before dashing down the hall to Kurt’s room.

“Kurt?” You asked, leaning in the doorway. You could make out his figure, sitting in the corner of the room. He was praying, hands folded, and rocking himself. “Kurt, are you okay?”

“N-No,” he shook his head, not daring to look up at you. He squeezed his eyes shut.

“Kurt,” You walked over and knelt in front of him, brushing hair away from his eyes and tucking it behind his pointed ear.

“I’m sorry,” He squeaked. “I-I didn’t mean to…I didn’t know you vere…”

“Kurt, it’s okay.” You tried to console him, putting your hand on his shoulder, but he teleported to the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry,” He repeated. “I saw you vhile you vere exposed. I’ve sinned against God, and I’ve sinned against you,”


“I could have left sooner, but I didn’t.”

“You were in shock.”

“I tried to do somezhing, but…part of me didn’t vant to,” he admitted, his cheeks darkening. He looked at you with worry. You smiled a little, looking at him with pity and walking closer. His breath hitched in his throat and he gulped nervously, heart racing.

“You’re a teenage boy. Of course you have…feelings,” you said. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“Of course I’m not, Kurt,” you stepped closer yet until there was barely any space between you. You looked up at him, smiling. “And if you really do, have feelings for me…well…they’re mutual.”

“I…vell, I just-” Kurt stopped, took a breath, and then pulled you closer, kissing you full on the lips. You kissed back, letting out all of your pent-up emotion, all of the feelings you had been holding in for so long. He gripped your waist, holding you against him.

“Hey Kurt, the others are ready. Have you seen (Y/N)?” asked Peter quickly, stopping when he saw you. You stopped kissing and looked back at Peter, cheeks burning a bright shade of red. Kurt scratched the back of his neck with one hand while the other was still wrapped tightly around your waist. You buried your face into the cloth of Kurt’s red shirt, trying to hide your blushing cheeks. “Oh. Nevermind. About time. Well. When you two are done, we’re ready downstairs.”

“I, uh, I zhink ve’re good,” Kurt laughed a little. You nodded.

“Yeah. We’re uh, we’re ready to go to the mall.”

“Oh, and by the way,” Peter said, smirking mischievously. “You two are never going to hear the end of this.”