best dressed and undressed

What is up with...

The continuity errors with this damn dress??? (Ò_ó)

“Hi! Got you a new dress! Ain’t I the best???”

“Wait, you need to undress firs—”

“THE FUCK?!?!”

“So nice of him to get me a new dress. I will treasure it. <3”

“LOL JK!! I stole someone else´s shit.”

I ramble more about this damn dress HERE. :P

20 of the most giggly Lirry moments.

One of the best things about Lirry is how much they laugh together. 90% of the time they are off giggling and its gross and makes me want to pull my eyes out from all the sunshine. It’s one of our favorite things about these two, and considering they are probably the dorkiest, least funny to the rest of the group, I take great pleasure in knowing that they at least find each other as entertaining as I do. 

Good freaking luck not craughing.

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Easter Fun- Tyler Joseph(smut)

“Ty, wake up we’re gonna be late.” you said shaking his shoulder ightly.
“Ughhh, do we have to go. It’s so early.” he said covering his head with the pillow.
“Yes, now.” you said pulling the covers off to reveal him in just his boxers.
He glared at you as he moved to lay on his back.
“Good morning sunshine.” you smiled.
“Come here.” he said pulling you over to him by the waist.
You leaned over the bed and kissed him. You broke the kiss after a many seconds and he frowned.
“Come on we have to get to church. Your parents said to be there at 10 and it’s 9:15.”
He stood from the bed kissing you before heading to the bathroom to shower quickly.
Today was Easter Sunday and the plan was to go to church with his family and brunch with them, then dinner at your parents house.
Upon waking Tyler up you did both your hair and makeup. All you had to do was get dressed.
You were standing in the walk in closet with nothing on but a strapless bra and lace panties looking at all the dress options you had to choose from.
You were going between a you blue or white dress.
“I think you looked best undressed.” Tyler said sneaking up behind you. He placed his hands on you hips and kissed you neck gingerly. You smiled at his touch.
“What one do you like better?” you asked when he pulled away to walk to his side of the closet to pick out an outfit.
“Go with the white one. It’s easier to get off.” he said with a big smirk on his lips.
“Don’t get any crazy ideas Tyler. I mean it.” you said putting on the white dress.
“No promises.” he said kissing you then leaving the closet now fully dressed.
You went down stairs and threw on a pair of your black sandals and grabbed your small purse.
“You ready?” you asked walking into the room where Tyler was sitting on the couch on his phone.
He looked up at you and bit his bottom lip
“Glad to know you’re open to my ideas.” he said standing.
“Tyler I mean it. No funny business, now let’s go.” you said sternly walking to the door.
You held the door open as Tyler walked past you and he slapped you ass. You couldn’t help but slightly grin at him.
Once arriving at the church Tyler took your hand in his and walked into the church. You quickly found the rest of the Joseph family and sat with them.
“You look very lovely Y/N.” Kelly told you as you sat next to here.
You thanked her and the organ started playing signaling the the mass was beginning. You weren’t very religious, you were only there for Tyler. You couldn’t really focus the whole time, because you were just bored. Tyler saw that and excused himself to go to the bathroom.
From Tyler
Meet me in the back of the church there’s a seating area.
Received 10:23am
You snuck away without anyone noticing and met Tyler where he said to.
“Is this really that boring?” he asked with a chuckle.
“I mean yeah, but I know it’s important to you so let’s go back.”
“It’s only been 20 minutes of a 3 hour mass and I think I heard you start to snore.” he laughed. “It’s not that important. We can get out of here and you know.” he said walking over to you and intertwining your fingers with his.
“Tyler no, that’s not happening.” you said pulling away from him.
“Yes it is. Maybe not now, but it will.” he said starting to walk back to the service.
You stayed in the little area for about an hour just doing random stuff on your phone.
When there was long masses like these they often had a small break time half way through. That’s when Tyler came back to get you.
“I thought you would have come back sometime.” he said.
“I’m sorry, I’ll sit through the rest if you want me to.” you offered and he shook his head no.
“You do what you want.” he said then leaned to whisper in your ear. “As long as I get my way later.”
Finally the long service was over and you ended up sitting through the last hour of it with the Joseph’s.
Walking out to your car with Tyler he held your hand again.
“So, what if we bail on this brunch, go home, and we can still be on time for dinner at your family’s.” he offered opening your car door.
“Tyler Robert Joseph, I swear to god. You need to stop.” you got stern again.
“Ughh, fine.” he sighed and shut your door behind you.
The car ride to his parents house was filled with hand holding and music playing from the radio.
Pulling up to the house he looked over to you then away.
“What’s wrong?” you asked taking in his defeated look on his face.
He didn’t answer you. He just lead you to the door where you both were welcomed by the rest of the family.
All Tyler’s siblings and their spouses/girlfriends were in the living room chatting. You were sitting on the couch next to Tyler. You could tell he was pissed off, but he had no reason to be.
“So Tyler, how much do you miss Josh, I mean you haven’t seen him in how long, 2 weeks.” one of his brother’s teased.
“Shut up.” he laughed and that confirmed that he was just pissed at you.
You stood from your spot on the couch and made you way to the kitchen to see if Kelly needed any help. You couldn’t deny that it hurt a little that he was pissed just because you wouldn’t have sex with him right then. Then at the same time it was kind of a turn on at how mad he was, and how badly he wanted you.
Tyler walked in a few minutes later.
“Can I talk to you really quick Y/N?” he interrupted your conversation with his mom.
“Um, I’m sort of busy right now.” you said looking up at him to see him biting the corner of his bottom lip.
“No honey it’s fine, go.” kelly insisted, not understanding that you didn’t want to talk to him currently.
“Thanks.” you said smiling and walking away with Tyler.
He hurried you down the hall until you reach the bathroom. He pushed you in and locked the door behind him.
“Baby, I need you please.” he begged holding your face in his hand. His lips were so close to yours and his eyes had a sparkle in them that you couldn’t resist. You closed the gap between your lips and his. The kiss was heated and he pushed his hips into yours. You could feel how hard he was through his pants.
“How long have you had that?” you questioned with a smirk on your face.
“Since you put that damn dress on. God you look great in it and all I can imagine is how you look out of it.” he said lifting you and placing you on the bathroom counter and attaching his lips with yours again.
You kissed him back and you slid your hand down cupping the bulge. He moaned into the kiss and you pulled away. You slid off the counter and turned him around so he could lean against the counter.
You got on your knees in front of him and started taking his belt off.
He push you hands away and took it off and unbuttoned his pants. Clearly you weren’t going fast enough. You looped your fingers in the waistband of his pants and pulled them down to his knees along with his boxers.
You took his hard cock in one hand and started to lick just the tip, sucking off the pre cum.
“We don’t have a lot of time before they come looking for us.” he said and with that you took him in your mouth.
His head fell back and his mouth opened, holding back moans as you hollowed your cheeks and took him as deep as you could without choking. He held the back of your head and pushed you onto him more, careful not to mess up your hair.
“Fuck Y/N, I’m close.” he whisper moaned.
You took him as deep as you could, gagging slightly. You moaned softly on his cock when he tugged on your hair. The vibrations from the moan is all it took to send him into his release. He came down your throat and he pulled out of you. You caught your breath and stood.
“Are you still mad at me?” you asked as he put himself back together.
“I was never mad. I love you.” he said kissing you and pulling away when he got a text.
“Shit we have to go. It’s from Zach, he said food’s ready and were nowhere to be found.” he said quietly opening the bathroom door and sticking his head out.
“If they ask, we were out in the car talking to your grandparents, okay?” you nodded and he snuck both of you back down the hall. Thankfully nobody was there, they were all seated at the table.
“There they are, we were just about to say grace.” Tyler’s dad said as you sat down next to each other.
After grace was said and food was passed around Tyler placed a hand on your knee and leaned into whisper “I’ll take care of you later, I wouldn’t never leave you unsatisfied.” you felt your cheeks grew red, but you also felt the wetness between your legs grew too. You felt flustered and it didn’t help when Jay asked “so where did you to run off to?” he had a grin on his face.
“I- I had t-” Tyler cut you off noticing your stuttering.
Of course being who he is he moved his hand farther up your leg and rubbed you inner thigh and responded, “Y/N had to call her grandparents so we went out to the car.” he said as if there was nothing happening under the table.
“Right” Jay nodded and joined another conversation.
The rest of the time spent at the Joseph’s home Tyler kept close to you and you were glad he was talking to you again.
“Thank you so much. Happy Easter.” you said waving to the family as you pulled away.
Tyler’s hand now back on leg, creeping upward the more time passed.
“I bet you’re wet baby. I know how much you love when I touch here.” he said rubbing your inner thigh.
“Shouldn’t you concentrate on driving?”
“I’m a great multitasker.” he said smirking and keeping his eyes on the road the entire time.
“Are you?” you teased.
“How about you let me know.” he said pulling your panties aside and he rubbed against your wet folds. You sat back and spread your legs a little to allow him easier access.
“Well I was right about you being wet.” he said as he rubbed against your clit which made you moan.
“You like that huh?” he went back to your clit and started to rub in an figure 8 motion, which made you moan more.
He started off slow then the more needy you grew the faster he moved his fingers. You felt your orgasm nearing when suddenly the car stopped.
You looked out the window to see you parents house. Tyler pulled his fingers away and leaned in to kiss you.
“I’ll finish you baby, don’t worry.”
You walked up to the door together and knocked. A minute passed before you mother opened the door pulling you and Tyler into a hug.
“There’s my beautiful daughter and her wonderful boyfriend.” said your dad as he greeted you at the door.
“Dinner should be done in about an hour, everyone is up in the livingroom.” said you mother.
“Actually we just ate a huge meal at Tyler’s house, so we are just stopping bye to say hello. Sorry, but we had an early morning and all.” you told your parents.
“Oh, well that’s okay. Just come say hello to everyone first.” she said leading you two up the stairs to the livingroom where your family and closest friends were.
“Early morning, just stopping to say hello, when were you going to tell me this plan.” Tyler whispered in your ear.
“Shut up and just go along with it, unless you don’t wanna fuck anymore?” you whispered back and his eyes grew wide.
He moved a little faster up the stairs and immediately started greeting everyone. He was done before you were, so you told him to go wait in the car.
Once you were finished you said one last goodbye and went out to the car where Tyler was anxiously waiting for you. As soon as you got in he started to drive.
“Horny much?” you said putting on your seatbelt.
He let out a low chuckle “Yeah I am, because my beautiful girlfriend came up with these amazing plans and I really just want her now.” he said biting his bottom lip.
“Your girlfriend sounds wonderful. Now drive a little faster because she needs some attention.”
He groaned at your words and you could tell he was trying to keep himself together from you teasing tone. He stepped on the gas causing the speed to accelerate a little. What should have been a 30 minute drive home was only 15.
As soon as you got in your shared home you were pinned against the wall. Tyler’s lips were attaching your sweet spot on your neck making you moan.
“Ty, I think we’ve done enough teasing for one day.” you said as he continued to mark your neck and what was exposed of your collar bones.
You felt him grin leaving one last hickey and he picked you up bridal style. “I think you’re right. I still owe my princess.” he carried you to the bedroom where he placed you on the bed.
You sat up and watched as he unbuttoned his shirt. You bit your lip when you saw his two tattoos on his chest. They were always your favorites.
You slipped your sandals off and he kept undressing. Once only left in his boxers her motioned you to stand with his pointer finger.
“Come here baby, I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” he said unzipping the back of your dress.
He let it fall to the floor and he placed his hands on your hips. You pulled you hair to one side and he took the hint to attach his lips to the back of your neck. Tyler loved marking you up and he unclasped your bra as he did so.
You pulled away from him and took off your panties. He scanned your body over and you walked back over to him.
“I know I said I didn’t want this earlier, but I lied. I always want you.” you said seductively.
He grinned and walked over to the bed and you followed him.
He laid on his back and you crawled on top of him.
“You gonna let me ride? You never let me do this.” you said grabbing his hard cock and rubbing it against your wet folds.
“I owe you princess and I know how much you love riding me.” he said and you lowered yourself onto his length.
You allowed yourself time to adjust before moving. As you started to quicken your pace you knew you weren’t going to last long.
“Fuck, Ty, I- gon-”
“Me too. Cum with me princess.” he said twitching inside you. You felt your orgasm take over your body and Tyler released inside of you.
After riding out both your highs you slide off of him and fell beside him.
“That was great.” you said finally able to catch up with your breath.
“It always is.” he said pulling the covers over the both of you. You laid your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat for a few minutes before he spoke.
“I love you Y/N, so much.”
“I love you too Ty.” you said tilting your head up and meeting him halfway for a kiss. It was small compared to the heated ones you shared before.
You got comfortable again in his arms and you felt your eyes grow heavy.
“You tired?” he asked and you nodded into his bare chest.
“Close your eyes beautiful. I love you.”he said sweetly.
“I love you too. Oh and by the way Jay was totally onto us earlier.” you said and you could feel and hear a small chuckle from Tyler.
“Whatever, we’ll be careful next time.” he said and you felt sleep take over your body.

Your Kisses
Your Kisses

You always find the rain in rainbows
and I thought that you were safe, but all your cracks showed
And I could wear that dress, you won’t look your best
I could get undressed, you’d still look depressed
It’s all too much, you’re so cold to touch
You don’t open up, you don’t open up

Your kisses are not what I wanted
Your kisses are not what I crave
Your kisses may be a beautiful art
But all I ever wanted was your heart
Right from the start

You only look into my eyes when I’ve been cryin’
to see if the tears that you have made are slowly dryin’
Oh, but even if they’ve dried, it don’t mean that I’m feelin ok ‘cause I’m still sad inside
All I really need is you to comfort me
You don’t understand, you don’t hold my hand

'Cause your kisses are not what I wanted
Your kisses are not what I crave
Your kisses may be a beautiful art
But all I ever wanted was your heart
Right from the start

Then I see that I’m not the only one in your life
And I start to wonder what this girl, she might be like
And I bet she don’t look at stars in the night
I bet she can’t sing, I bet she can’t write the lyrics to make your heart beat
Sing notes to make you go weak
Oh, the lyrics to make your heart beat
Sing notes to make you go weak

Oh, but her kisses were just what you wanted
Her kisses are just what you crave
Her kisses may be a beautiful art
But she don’t really care about your heart
No, she don’t really care about your heart
No, she don’t really care about your
She don’t really care about your
She don’t really care about your

Triptych; Chapter Eleven

CHAPTER 11 AAHHHH GUNS AAHHHH BAM AAHHHHH!!! Just like last time, the post that I used to help me write this story is right here! The other chapters are linked below!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten Eleven | Twelve Thirteen | Fourteen Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen Eighteen |


After Suga left, you were reluctant to do anything. To strip and put on a dress like this, to walk around in heels as tall as that, to face what you were going to face. You were fearing the worse, and anything could happen. He could have been over exaggerating, or even under exaggerating. You had no clue what was going to happen, so for the time being you had to follow the professionals orders and hope that you don’t die in the process.

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Oaths About Objectification

Objectification play is an interesting subset of kink that blends several different areas. It is a subset of transformation play, pulls from humiliation and protocol play and can be part of bondage play. It can also easily be combined with hypnosis. 

Now, I’m not going to go to the dictionary for this one, as that will be on the feminist theory which isn’t really helpful in this context. In our context: 

Objectification- The act of making someone assume the function and emulate the form of a specific object. 

The common ones are tables, chairs and footstools but it is common to see other furniture and objet d'art recreated with subjects in various forms of dress or undress. 

Planning And Preparation

One of the best ways to plan and prepare for this type of to play is to assume the position you are aiming for the subject to take as the object. Hold it for a while and feel which muscles are being used. 

You can use this information to work out what might hurt after a while and can adapt the pose to deal with these things. Also look around, if you were to fall in any direction, what is there around you might hit? Move those objects out of the way to make sure the subject doesn’t get injured. 

Consent Gathering 

While doing your normal consent gathering it is vital to talk about physical strength and physical issues with your subject. A subject with physical issues or a current injury might struggle to hold the pose or risk aggravating the injury.

As a lot of objects have a use that involves physical contact, touch consent is very important for this type of play, so make sure you discuss which body areas are off limits. 


One of the specific safety issues to keep in mind with this type of play is the fact a lot of subjects will go in with the logic “objects can’t talk, thus when being an object I can’t talk.” 

Making sure the subject knows they can talk to safe word is very important, it is also a good idea to set up a wordless safeword just to be on the safe side. 

If you wish to place things on the subject while they are an object, be aware of where you place them. Pick areas that are strong and solid to not add too much extra stress to the subject’s body. 

Also try to avoid using anything made of glass, lest it fall and shatter due to the subject toppling. Also keep in mind objects that might be too hot or too cold when placed on a person for a long period. Placing something between the object and the subject can help if the object is slightly the wrong temperature, but may still cause discomfort. 

Also, just keep an eye on the subject. If they start to wobble or twitch it is likely time to move them or adjust something so they can become more comfortable. 

Also for longer holds keep in mind the subject needs to use the bathroom as well and eats and drink and you should try and keep track of these things so you can bring them out to attend to these needs.


When giving the suggestion make sure to focus on the idea of the subject playing the object and taking it’s form. It can be good to discuss with the subject their thoughts about the object as it will help them assume the role easier. 

Also remind the subject that they will be able to easily make small movements to adjust as needed for their comfort, to prevent cramping and/or falling. 

It’s also a good idea to set a very firm end trigger for the state, so the subject doesn’t get confused and move at an inopportune moment thinking the scene ended.

During Play

While more experienced subjects may be able to hold a pose for a long time. it is best to regularly deepen the subject, as some may struggle to retain the object headspace. 

If the subject associates the object headspace with blankness but is struggling to maintain it, the addition of a focus object or the use of a mantra could help them maintain the state easier. 

If you move out of the subject’s line of sight for a decent period. Make sure to make noise as you return, especially if you return to use them or place objects on them. Surprising the subject might cause them to suddenly jerk and this can cause them to fall or spill objects already on them. 


This being a form of play that draws from several different areas you can modify this set up and the suggestions to fit your needs or interests. The addition of bonds to force the pose is a common one and hypnosis can be used to make light bonds feel more restricting than they actually are.


For newer subjects it is best to keep these scenes short. Maintaining a state of blankness is difficult and a subject might find themselves naturally coming up over time. Keeping it shorter allows for them to enjoy it without the risk of them naturally coming back up.

Also remove anything on the subject before awakening them, to prevent them jerking when they wake up and sending it everywhere. If the pose is hard to hold, it is best to move them back to a stable, neutral position before beginning the wake up. 

After Care

Once you bring the subject up, it is always good to give them plenty of space to sit or lie down to allow their muscles to relax. Make sure water is on hand as holding complex poses will speed up dehydration. Also make sure to check if the subject needs to use the bathroom, as it can be quite easy to forgotten when in an object headspace.

Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature 

Kari did not sleep that night, she tossed and turned throughout. Thor woke several times to feel her squirming in the bed next to him. “My love, are you unwell?”

“I cannot rest.”

“I gathered.” He replied wearily.

“I should just get up and do something for a while.” 

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Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Two

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature

Odin did not awaken, he remained in a constant sleep, Loki had not returned from Vanaheim and soon it was the day before Thor’s names day. Kari had been feeling ill nigh on constantly for nearly a month. Eir’s elixirs did little against the seidr protected child. She lay still as Eir checked her breasts, which had become tender as they prepared to fill with milk to sustain the child, then she had Kari remove her dress, her stomach had not began to round yet, but the healer was able to press in slightly to feel where her uterus was placed.

“It is going to be a strong child, it is growing well.” The healer smiled. “Your body is adapting well for it also.”

“I have been as sick as Hel!” Kari argued.

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