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Oaths About Objectification

Objectification play is an interesting subset of kink that blends several different areas. It is a subset of transformation play, pulls from humiliation and protocol play and can be part of bondage play. It can also easily be combined with hypnosis. 

Now, I’m not going to go to the dictionary for this one, as that will be on the feminist theory which isn’t really helpful in this context. In our context: 

Objectification- The act of making someone assume the function and emulate the form of a specific object. 

The common ones are tables, chairs and footstools but it is common to see other furniture and objet d'art recreated with subjects in various forms of dress or undress. 

Planning And Preparation

One of the best ways to plan and prepare for this type of to play is to assume the position you are aiming for the subject to take as the object. Hold it for a while and feel which muscles are being used. 

You can use this information to work out what might hurt after a while and can adapt the pose to deal with these things. Also look around, if you were to fall in any direction, what is there around you might hit? Move those objects out of the way to make sure the subject doesn’t get injured. 

Consent Gathering 

While doing your normal consent gathering it is vital to talk about physical strength and physical issues with your subject. A subject with physical issues or a current injury might struggle to hold the pose or risk aggravating the injury.

As a lot of objects have a use that involves physical contact, touch consent is very important for this type of play, so make sure you discuss which body areas are off limits. 


One of the specific safety issues to keep in mind with this type of play is the fact a lot of subjects will go in with the logic “objects can’t talk, thus when being an object I can’t talk.” 

Making sure the subject knows they can talk to safe word is very important, it is also a good idea to set up a wordless safeword just to be on the safe side. 

If you wish to place things on the subject while they are an object, be aware of where you place them. Pick areas that are strong and solid to not add too much extra stress to the subject’s body. 

Also try to avoid using anything made of glass, lest it fall and shatter due to the subject toppling. Also keep in mind objects that might be too hot or too cold when placed on a person for a long period. Placing something between the object and the subject can help if the object is slightly the wrong temperature, but may still cause discomfort. 

Also, just keep an eye on the subject. If they start to wobble or twitch it is likely time to move them or adjust something so they can become more comfortable. 

Also for longer holds keep in mind the subject needs to use the bathroom as well and eats and drink and you should try and keep track of these things so you can bring them out to attend to these needs.


When giving the suggestion make sure to focus on the idea of the subject playing the object and taking it’s form. It can be good to discuss with the subject their thoughts about the object as it will help them assume the role easier. 

Also remind the subject that they will be able to easily make small movements to adjust as needed for their comfort, to prevent cramping and/or falling. 

It’s also a good idea to set a very firm end trigger for the state, so the subject doesn’t get confused and move at an inopportune moment thinking the scene ended.

During Play

While more experienced subjects may be able to hold a pose for a long time. it is best to regularly deepen the subject, as some may struggle to retain the object headspace. 

If the subject associates the object headspace with blankness but is struggling to maintain it, the addition of a focus object or the use of a mantra could help them maintain the state easier. 

If you move out of the subject’s line of sight for a decent period. Make sure to make noise as you return, especially if you return to use them or place objects on them. Surprising the subject might cause them to suddenly jerk and this can cause them to fall or spill objects already on them. 


This being a form of play that draws from several different areas you can modify this set up and the suggestions to fit your needs or interests. The addition of bonds to force the pose is a common one and hypnosis can be used to make light bonds feel more restricting than they actually are.


For newer subjects it is best to keep these scenes short. Maintaining a state of blankness is difficult and a subject might find themselves naturally coming up over time. Keeping it shorter allows for them to enjoy it without the risk of them naturally coming back up.

Also remove anything on the subject before awakening them, to prevent them jerking when they wake up and sending it everywhere. If the pose is hard to hold, it is best to move them back to a stable, neutral position before beginning the wake up. 

After Care

Once you bring the subject up, it is always good to give them plenty of space to sit or lie down to allow their muscles to relax. Make sure water is on hand as holding complex poses will speed up dehydration. Also make sure to check if the subject needs to use the bathroom, as it can be quite easy to forgotten when in an object headspace.

Top 20 Things We Love About Lirry

Happy 20th Birthday Harry!!!!!!!!!!!

 This post (and several others) will just be about the awesomeness that is Lirry. Lirry will forever and always hold a special place in my heart, as I was shipping them before I even knew what shipping meant way back on the xfactor They were and are still very important to the core of 1D, especially back on the show.

Now, nearly 4 years later, some things have changed (like me realizing the others were in the band as well), and even my faves have shifted (Liam shoved Harry down some so Zouis could live), but I will never ever stop being the biggest Lirry fan. There’s just something about the two of them together, whether it’s on stage or in interviews, that’s just…perfect. It works. So alike in so many ways, yet they show it so differently. MY BOOS.  Anyway I leave you all with this schmoopfest of an intro and the first of many Lirry posts for the day. 

20 things these two constantly do that consistently sends us spiralling.


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