best dragon bro

Alone, Lost and wandering. Too many eyes ,Hands ,Voices. 
It doesn’t stop, Like drowning on land.

Look at me, You are not lost. It’s going to be okay, Breath.

You found me

I found you.


Dragons are our fellow brethren! Magerold and all the respectable dragon knights are good friends.

Have you heard of Transcendent Edde ? He’s certainly one of the best out there.


Oscar animations are in!
But I’m surprised to announce that the Lego Movie did not receive a nomination for Best Animated Feature. Director Philip Lord is taking the snub with a sense of humor, though, and fellow director Chris Miller is focusing on the positive with celebrating “Everything is Awesome“‘s spot on the Best Original Song list.

We still love you, Lego Movie! And if DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon series is any indication, there’s always another shot with a sequel… *hint, hint, please make more movies*

-Courtney (harmonicacave)