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This video is from Action News 8 from 1982. It tells the tale of the Black Dog of West Peak, or the Meriden Connecticut Hellhound. From the video’s description: “Diane Smith of Action News 8 describes the origin of the “Legend of the Black Dog” from Meriden CT. Video complements of Chuck King who is shown climbing with his father Roger King. Chuck’s dog “Chaos” stars as the Black Dog and ECSU Professor David Philips and Warren Gardner are interviewed.”

Zodiac poetry

The Ones that chivalry comes naturally,
Anger brews, but don’t forget to love
For these are passionate,
Best with their own and air.

The Ones that believe patience is is the only way,
Although stubborn, but they cherish everything
They are soft; mellow even
Best with water and their own

The Ones that laughter comes easily,
Although always ready for conversation,
Energy is never absent in these,
Children at heart, best with their own and fire

The Ones that mothering comes instinctively,
Although emotional,
Love, care and hope is always in them
The Nurturing, best with earth and their own

The Ones that protection is guaranteed,
Although dramatic,
Never fail to ignite the spark of life that lies in story-telling,
The Warrior, best with air and their own

The Ones that order comes with,
Although seem rigid,
However, composed; ready at all times
The Organisers, fruitful in life
Best with water and their own

The Ones that peace resides in,
Although perhaps whimsical,
However, fair; just
The Peacemaker, more of what we need
Best with their own and fire

The Ones that mystery wraps,
Might be Complex; jealous
But compelling, and strong
The Detective, loyalty of a dog
Best with earth and their own

The Ones that adventure when none go,
Blunt? Just a tad.
But honesty is in them.
The Comedian, full of laughter and light
Best with air and their own

The Ones that are determined,
Guarded, but intense emotions
The Entrepreneur, focused
The old soul.
Best with their own and water

The Ones that rebel, and individuality keeps them sane,
Aloof? Probably. Unemotional? Perhaps.
But they understand, and give.
The visionary, The Outlaw, The next generation
Best with their own, and fire

The Ones that have hope more than anyone else,
Extreme? Somewhat.
The Dreamer, and creative.
Best with earth and their own

Hi guys, I just wanted to say that I am new at this poetry thing and to astrology, I paired the signs with their own element and their opposing one or most likely to get along with, that DOESNT mean you can’t get along with another sign from a different element! Thank you, hope you enjoy!

Aliens meeting our animal frands.

“This is a dog. They are the best things on earth. The first and very best friend we have.”

“Aw they are cute they -”

Dog grins


“Well sometimes, you just gotta be careful, Alien Dude. Maybe a cat is more your speed. Look, they make a motor noise when they are happy.”

“Ok that’s kind of adorable, and they are soft and small -”

Cat rolls over, alien touches belly, cat closes cat-trap w teeth and 4 feet of claws.

“IT HAS FIVE POINTY ENDS! Don’t you have any friends that are NOT predators?”

“Sure. Cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens -”

“Friends that you DO NOT EAT.”

“Oh. Well. There’s horses. We mostly don’t eat horses.” Brings out a horse

“THAT THING IS HEEUUUGE!!! Don’t you ever get hurt dealing with it?!”

“Oh sure. But they are quite pretty. Here, maybe a guinea pig is more your speed.”

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about, just cute and furry and making nice noises -”

Guinea pig bites alien

“That’s it your whole planet is a jackass.”

“Dude you didn’t even meet the jackasses, they’re great! Like horses only more contrary and prone to kicking! … Alien dude come back!”


Its finals weeks for my college, and I am incredibly stressed. I decided to make a personal witchy self-care list but anyone can benefit from these things.
🌸Play some music: I love to play my uke. The magic in music and creating it lifts my spirits beyond anything I can describe.
🌸Hold your pets: my dog is the best thing on this earth to me, and the love in his eyes is so wonderful. Take your pets and hold them close and remember how much they love you.
🌸Go outside: being around natural plants, animals, and other aspects of nature really help to clear my head. The feeling of earth thriving around me is a nice experience. 🌟For inner-city witches, its worth trying to bring nature to you, if you so desire. A small fairy garden or potted plant can be a great place to relax next to when youre feeling frazzled.
🌸 Stand in the sunlight: sunlight is such a cleansing thing, in many ways. If you have the opportunity and ability to enjoy some sunny rays, do so!
🌸Dress in a nice outfit: sometimes the act of creating an aesthetically pleasing outfit for yourself is just the perk you need to feel desirable. For those who enjoy colour magic, try piecing together colours that are intended to perk your mood or assist in a desire. Wear jewelry you yourself have enchanted for different reasons!
🌸Take a bath: there are many many many ways to enchant your bath for different wishes. A combination of herbs, candles, crystals, and other witchy trinkets coming together for intendef self care can be a powerful thing!

Always remember: try to take time for yourself! Sometimes the most powerful magic is being present in the moment, and enhancing ones own inner spirit.

Feel free to add to my list with your own witchy self-care tips.


heyy my name’s mel, im 17 from vt. verrryy 420 friendly, i love music, dogs are the best beings on this earth and im into going on any type of adventure. looking for some dope people to have a nice conversation with, but im happily gay and also open to more as well.
good vibes and positivity are key and im not intimidating i promise just message me:) @stitchedintentions
snap: mmelanieeeee
insta: m.harrington11

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FMK Chris Pine, Chris Evans, James Mcavoy

Oh my God…I should have known y’all would do this to me. Dammit…

Fuck: Chris Pine

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Some thoughts…

  1. This dude is crazy hot, who wouldn’t want to score with him.
  2. Wayyyyy out of my league so I’ll take the one-night stand with pride.
  3. Bonus if he’s got his beard though (hot damn).

Marry: James McAvoy

Some thoughts…

  1. An absolute gentleman capable of wooing me in a matter of milliseconds.
  2. Sweaters are clearly made of “boyfriend material”.
  3. Just the thought of him smiling is enough to make my heart soar.
  4. Probably would be the sappiest engagement anyone has ever seen (literally me crying my eyes out while James tries desperately to calm me down).

Kill My go-to if James falls through: Chris Evans

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Some thoughts…

  1. I refuse to kill him.
  2. This man is an angel on earth, y’all.
  3. Deserves only the best.
  4. Dog-lover and absolute sweetheart with the perfect sense of humor - definitely gonna sweep me off my feet.
Frenchie ways - Lafayette x reader

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You couldn’t speak a lick of french and to say you sucked at it was an understatement. The worst part was, over the past few months, you had slowly fallen in love with a man who speaks french almost every day. You had enough. You moved next to his chair and rested your head on his shoulder, sighing before turning slightly to look up at the handsome Frenchman. 

“Laf, I’m sick of not being able to understand you half of the time! Teach me your frenchie ways” You said. He chuckled at you,

“ But it’s so much fun to confuse you sometimes, Y/N!” He said, you took your head off of him and gave him your best puppy dog eyes. He smiled at you warmly.

“How on earth could I say no to that?” He said. You smiled victoriously as you took out a pen and paper to help take notes. He looked at you for a long time before breaking the silence.

“ Dieu, je pense que je suis en amour avec vous , Y / N (God, I think I’m in love with you,Y/N)” He muttered as you wrote, but suddenly stopped as you had copied what he said.

“Wait, what does that mean?”

“You will find out in time, Ma cherie. Ok, let us begin!”

/Skip three months/

You did it! Thanks to Lafayette, you had become great at french. The only downside was that, well, you weren’t going to see him as much as you did. You were done. You didn’t need to learn anymore french, so there was no point in him coming over to your house until late, you two going to the park alone together, you really were going to miss this. Lafayette tested your fluency one final time before congratulating you. 

“ Yes, I’m fluent! Now I can finally figure out what you said.” You exclaimed, searching for that note you had written so long ago. He looked at you with concern.

“What exactly did I say again?” He laughed nervously. You handed him the paper and he read over it wide eyed. 

“Ah, um, Y-Y/N, you don’t need to read this, haha, it’s not important! “ He searched for any more excuses but you snatched the paper back and he reached for it before you leaned away.

“If it isn’t important than I can read it no problem.” You said as you opened the paper and stared in shock at the words written on it. Did he really say that? Does he really love you?

“Laf……Is this true?” You asked, handing the note back to him. He looked over to you and sighed in defeat as he set the note down.

“Yes, Y/N. Je t’amie. I love you so much you have no idea. I get lost in your eyes every time I look into them, I feel like flying whenever you smile at me, and your laugh sounds like an angels choir. You have no idea how happy I was when I got to teach you and spend so much time with you. You make me happy Y/N, I-” You cut him off by kissing him softly on the lips. You felt him lean into it to deepen it, causing you to smile. You pulled away and he whined, pulling you close.

“Je t’amie aussi, Lafayette.”

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14 and 21 :D

14. Your Phone Background
People are really interested in my phone background for some reason hahaha.
My phone background is the picture of the best companion on Earth, my dog, Sif. He’s a Spitz with snow white fur and the softest toe beans evah!!!!! He’s a great mouse catcher too, good enough to put cats to shame. Most of the time when I’m not home, he sleeps in the homemade sunken dog house, if I’m home, he sleeps on my pillow :| and Artorias sleeps by my side.

21. Favorite game.
For sports game: Archery
For video games: It’s hard to decide, really! But with my limited skills, I can’t really draw them. I will try to make a proper and better one compared to what I have now.

Thanks for asking @master-lux , I enjoyed answering them.

this time last night I was actually talking to someone about how I didn’t think Tulip would be demonized for giving Brewski to Cassidy so he could stay alive and yet…here we are. 

it’s amazing to me that people think any of the alternative methods they’ve proposed would work. it’s actually super-difficult to steal blood from a blood bank - they made it look far easier than it actually is on the episode Cassidy did it. And think about this for a moment - look how much blood Cassidy had to steal in that episode just to heal his neck. his entire body is toast right now. imagine how much blood he’d need under the circumstances. 

furthermore…there are actual, living people who also need blood from that blood bank…to live. amazing, I know. so that’s kind of an ethical issue.

people proposing that tulip steal a cow - um, Quincannon is a possessive, highly thorough businessman who I doubt leaves his cattle open to theft while he’s storming the church. do you really think the entire QM&P staff is out at All Saints’ Congregational? that that’s his entire staff? yeah right. how the fuck is tulip going to transport a cow, even if she does manage to steal one? how is she going to get it into the back room of her uncle’s house? that’s not happening. and cassidy’s so fucked up he’s practically immobile right now so he’ll be staying in that room until he gets better.

@ the people suggesting she murder a living human being…who do you think is despicable enough for tulip to straight up murder who lives within a 5-mile radius? also is murder just not a big deal for yall? last time I checked, it was kind of a big deal, but maybe that’s just me

there aren’t just random livestock all over west texas either, ready to be stolen. it’s kind of a barren place and Cassidy needs food ASAP. Tulip adopted one of the stray dogs that would likely be put down, gave it a few perfect hours of happiness, then let Cassidy eat it so he could live. That dog was almost bigger than she was - Tulip picked it so Cassidy could get better quickly. “Goddamn you, Jesse Custer,” she says as she does it. because Jesse abandoned and condemned all of his friends last episode and this entire situation is completely his fault. period. tulip took cassidy’s broken body to her house and tried to give a sweet old dog his last best day on earth (and broke her heart in the process) so that cassidy could survive. she’s helping him in his feral state as best she can. 

why did no one complain when cassidy killed that cow? they’re sweet, gentle animals. but they’re not dogs so no one gives a shit, and cassidy can do no wrong, right? cassidy would eat pretty much any animal in the desperate state he’s in; he won’t differentiate. 

and re: cassidy - that part of him’s always there; he just hides it very well under layers of charm and self-deception. also he’s on the verge of death and cassidy is all about survival, so…if you think he’s just the “loveable sloppy roommate”…I need to remind you that yes, he is that, but only in addition to being the desperate, legitimately fucking terrifying monster of an addict and a lonely immortal who’s managed to wander the earth for a century without making a single lasting connection. this isn’t just comic canon - the signs are there on the show that such is also the case in the TV version. don’t pretend that Cassidy wouldn’t eat a dog to save his life because he absolutely would.

the writers wrote the scenario this way to a) show how sad and fucked up and desperate cassidy’s existence is sometimes and b) to show how tulip only did this because there was no other way to help him, and it deeply hurt her. but she had the kindness to love on that dog and make herself vulnerable just to give the dog a good time. her actions were utterly selfless.


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Leadman: [shows aeschylus the tiniest bit of affection and kindness] Aeschylus: "holy shit I love him"

How to tame a Hydragora worm

Step One)
Be Intimidating

Step Two) Pat the little fucker on the head after you’ve established you would attempt kick their ass. Worms love those gentle little pats on their noggins. 

Step Three) Congrats! You have a loyal worm who will follow you to the ends of the earth. Forget dogs being mans best friend. worms will be your extra bestest friend and will also eat your ugly useless dog because they’re kind of jealous little bastards and they don’t mind fighting to prove their love for u. forget the dog. its worm time. dont u dare look at other dogs you have me right here, your sweet worm follower who loves you forever. what does that dog have that i dont have? should i eat more dogs for you? fine i will eat all the dogs ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST LET ME BASK IN YOUR LIGHT

Note: not a sure-fire method but it seems to work well if you are possibly fucking ripped with like 6 rock hard abs so please do not blame me if you get eaten in an attempt to pokemon tame a hydragora worm. its not my fault.