best dog name ever

the last time i visited my mom, she asked me to take my sister to her flute lesson because she needed to crash. flute teacher lives in this really nice house with a really adorable big fluffy white dog – teacher warns me that the dog is a rescue and had been abused by a previous owner so he doesn’t like new people and it’s not anything personal. so i’m not trying to pet or get in his space, just doing that silly pet-talk at dog level from across the room: ‘whos a gorgeous dog!! what a sweetie!’ it’s out of habit more than anything, and i don’t want to seem threatening and scare the poor thing. dog immediately bounds right over, tail ablur, licking and sniffing and leaning into my hand for pets. then he’d lap around the house and bolt back over for more pets. for my sisters whole lesson, i had a very insistent new friend who needed 100% of my attention at all times, especially in pet form. and i’ll tell you, no one’s approval has ever meant more to me than the approval of that abused dog. 


I just want to remind everyone of @salty-sighthound Brum’s namesake in case you forgot

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Bat, Full Moon and Corn Maze for Halloween asks lovely!!! 😍😍😙😙

Bat: Do you have any pets?

Yup! A 8 year old dog named Aslan (the best buddy you could ever ask for), a Belgian shepherd tervuren, and a guinea pig named Hilly. My furballs. ❤ 

Full Moon: Do you prefer nighttime or daytime?
Nighttime! I thrive way better during the night. Less humans around and it is like my level of inspiration and motivation is at the highest after midnight. Plus the clear night sky is so freaking gorgeous. I could stare at the stars and moon forever.

Corn Maze: What is your favorite autumn activity?
I enjoy walking around during autumn, see all the different hues of colors. Other than that, carving pumpkins is the shit.

Thank you for the ask, m’love. *smooches*

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concept: well-known Detective Yamazaki, and his nurse boyfriend Tachibana, who Yamazaki often goes to because of his extensive knowledge about all things medical. They solve crimes together and love each other very much. They probably have a dog named something stupid, like Clue.

this is the best thing ive ever read in my entire life wtf

a dog named ‘Clue’ are you kidding me anon. that’s some high-quality cute shit. Makoto probably suggests the name as a joke and Sousuke just gives him a tired look like “why do I feel like you’re mocking my profession” but the name sticks. 

  • Miyagi: Why the hell did you adopt a dog?
  • Shinobu: It was FATE
  • Miyagi: What???
  • Shinobu: The dog's name is....
  • Shinobu: Cabbage
  • Miyagi: What the fuck

low quality selfies, high quality pup

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I have never seen your blog before today, but it's one of the best blogs I've ever seen. Thank you for naming your dog Omelette. You are so good.

No YOU are so good. (Thank you this is one of the nicest comments ever!!!!!)