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“but petunia dursley was upset about her sister dying!” she told harry, to his face, that lily’s death was an inconvenience because then she had to look after him. she was active in and dismissive of the neglect/abuse harry endured while living with the dursleys. she had no qualms about kicking him out over false allegations until dumbledore sent her a letter. there isn’t much proof that lily and petunia were close before lily’s death, and by all accounts, she never spoke a kind word about her sister or in defence of her sister in any of her scenes.

idk, was i supposed to have sympathy for petunia??? 

Jin Imagine: Comforting Him

So, guys, this is a imagine that I wrote when a learned about the departure of Jjangu a few weeks ago. I really loved Jjangu, and I wished I could have been there conforting Jin after his loss, I know that loosing your companion after having him for years can be quite tough. This is a tribute for one of the most beautiful angels, Jjangu.

You just heard about it by Jin’s mother.

It wasn’t something that it could have passed through your right mind, when you first saw him on the broadcast, looking extremely down.

You had thought that maybe he had a fight with one of the members, or family. He could have lost a audition to an acting role, which was something that he really liked.

But not a the death of his beloved dog.

You took a shaky breath, embracing yourself onto your big, cozy sweater. You were siting on the cafe next to the parents house of Jin, unable to decide if it was a good idea to visit him, or leave him to have his own space. But, as much as it pained your heart, you had to finish first your mug of tea that you had ordered, as an excuse to settle your feelings, and not breaking in front of him, who was as you guessed already broken.


You had been his number one fan, since the first day you met him, giving him treats every time you saw him, walking him around the streets, and being his own personal photographer for the photos that Jin posted on their twitter account. He was the sweetest dog you had ever met, a dog that was to much alike like his owner, meaning that he also had an obsession with food. He was just the perfect kind of dog.

You could still rebember the sound of his claws tapping the wood floor when he firstly approached you on the day you met. Jin had brought you to his parent’s house to eat a dinner that he had cooked, plus using it as an opportunity for you to met his parents, who wanted to met the girl that he was dating.

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