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come what may

When you’re immortal, there’s a point after a couple decades or maybe centuries, when everything becomes boring. It has happened to Magnus as well – after a long while of going through day-to-day motions, ordinary chores and mundane routines, he has gotten sick of them and instead searched for new ways to reinvent living without falling into absolute decadence.

He stopped doing his own laundry in favor of sending it to professional businesses, cooked rarely and instead snapped his fingers to conjure the best dishes from around the world; even walking or talking became a show of grace and elegance and poise to the point of not seeming remotely human underneath layers of satins and silks and the most expensive jewelry.

So this shouldn’t feel special, yet it is. The windowsill is cluttered full of clay pots with herbs preening in the natural light, mint and basil and rosemary alongside species that do not have a name in any language close to English; the window itself is thrown wide open, letting in a breeze smelling of pollen and carrying the buzz of the city.

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For something more light-hearted. Any spouse headcannons for the same characters as before, romantic or fluff it's up to you. Let's see if you can make me giggle or blush. ~Achilles

Toriel is a loving wife, almost sickeningly sweet. She’ll come up with tooth rotting nicknames and you’ll love every moment of it. And of course she’ll tell you all kinds of puns- even if its a little inconvenient at times. Honestly, life with Toriel is almost fluff incarnate- you have a nice little home, a place by the fire, and she loves to read with you. Well into your relationship she may bring up raising a family- she loves her late children very much, and she loved what she had. And she wants it with you, if you want it too. More than anything she wants to go with adoption- there are plenty of kids in need of good homes, after all. Honestly though, Toriel adores you. She loves your eyes, your hair and what you do with it, how you express yourself, your freckles, everything. And she’ll make sure you know it as well. 

Papyrus is a devoted lover- to making sure you’re comfortable at night to fawning about you and everything that you do in public, it’s impossible to feel unloved if he’s in your life. And god, he loves you, so much. And again… everyone will hear it. He loves talking to you, hearing about your day, what you’re reading or playing or watching. He loves cooking side by side with you, loves having dinner with you, loves each and every little quirk you have- and he does notice them! They’re so endearing, how can he not?  Papyrus goes out of his way to make sure you’re happy and comfortable. And if not, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to make sure this is fixed.

Sans isn’t the best with effort. Or affection. Or anything, really. He’d be happy to just stay in bed all day with you, telling jokes and talking about dreams the two of you had in the night, or lazing about with you. The thing is, he’d also be happy exploring the world, being out there and moving, anything- he wants to be with you. He doesn’t mind exerting himself, if it’s with you. He wants to make you happy, he wants to hear your laughter, your ideas- he wants to see the stars with you. God, he’d be so happy just holding your hand. How he managed to get you, with his laziness…? He doesn’t know, but he’s glad it happened. … Seriously though, take the skeleton stargazing. 

Undyne is so sweet- whatever you like, she’ll give it a shot. And even if she’s not into it, she’ll still be by your side while you take the time to enjoy it and she’ll listen to you talk about it because she loves anything that makes you happy. And if you’re sad, she’ll fight whoever made you sad. Or whatever. She’ll do it, don’t think she won’t. She loves seeing you get excited about things, and she cherishes every moment with you- and you will know it. Because she’ll scream it to the world. Seriously. 

Alphys may be a bit shy sometimes, even into marriage- but she loves you, and is constantly amazed by everything you do. She wants to show you everything she likes, every comic and anime, every scientific discovery- and she wants you to show her what you like too. When she gets absorbed in her work, she’s always sure to make it up to you in terms of attention, and she always wants to hear about your day, even if you have the most boring, repetitive job in the world. The two of you have a tradition of dressing up in incredibly fancy outfits to watch premiers and finales of your favorite shows, and act as if it’s a theater production. Such fun!

Asgore is so, so incredibly devoted. When you wake up, he’ll have your favorite tea ready for you- or coffee, if you so prefer. He’ll help you get ready to face the morning, and always give you a hug and kiss goodbye as you leave for the daily business. And he’s always there to walk you home, too- usually with a bouquet of flowers. Needless to say, the honeymoon phase made everyone sick. Dinner is a shared duty, as is cleaning- and he’s stopped mid-way to dance with you more than once. He usually stays up a bit to read, though he always stays close while you sleep, and takes great care to not wake you. 

Gaster is a bit of a goober, honestly. He can be forgetful, and absorbed in his work, but you’ll always be able to get his attention with just a smile. Even now, he gets so flustered with you- and so, so incredibly happy. He loves telling you about everything he’s done today- and what he plans to do tomorrow. Though, he’s more than happy to hear about your accomplishments as well! But. Science. Honestly, he’s so very proud of you and all that you do- his assistants and fellow scientists are honestly a little bit sick of hearing about you. When you try to get up in the morning, he may wake up long enough to try and convince you not to go, because sleep and cuddles are super important. 

Grillby’s also a goober- an affectionate, fiery goober. He never uses petnames because he loves your name far too much, he always makes sure to get off work at the diner in time to walk you home from your own job, is quick to open doors for you and help you carry things, and is the biggest cuddle fiend. Ever. Ever. He loves telling you about what the Snowdin dogs did today, and Sans’s latest antics, and he enjoys teasing you and getting you flustered when you’re both home. He loves hearing about your good days and is ready to comfort you for your bad ones. He loves how you always end up hugging him in your sleep, and he knows your favorite dishes by heart. Cooking by your side is the best thing in the world and trying each other’s dishes is even better. How’d a guy like him get so lucky? 

Muffet is devoted to her family- and lucky you, you’re the most important member of her family yet! Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very busy spider- but she will always take the time to say hello if you pass through the kitchen. Forgive her if she doesn’t stop what she’s doing, she needs to focus on her baking though, but she’ll blow you a kiss or two while you pass, and as soon as she’s done for the day she’s sure to bring you a special treat. Muffet enjoys talking with you about even the most inane things, and her favorite thing to do is to sit by the fire with you, her darling spider-cupcake and whatever the two of you are doing for the evening- reading? A show? A misplaced nap? No matter what, she doesn’t mind. Muffet is also very shameless with her affection- she knows what should stay home, but she’s more than willing to kiss you in public. In fact, she showers you with kisses all the time.

Mbti types as Grandpas

Re: Flip side to my previous post on ‘MBTI types as Grandmas’  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ: the ‘sudoku doing, grandkids spoiling, takes grandma out to movies every Friday night then straight to bed because 9pm is lateeee’ grandpa

INFJ: the ‘unlimited love giving, real-talk truth dishing, best grandpa in the world winner 5 years in a row with mugs to prove it’ grandpa

ISFP: the “let it be’ singing, passionate AF poetry slamming, a stupid cane and cataracts won’t stop me from travelling the world’ grandpa

ESFJ: the 'stay at home dad who’s loving his kids more than his job so he quit, with a liking for family news like how his son Ben got a new gf right after spliting with his ex, squishy cinnamon roll who’ll do anything for his bae grandma’ grandpa

INFP: the 'once a month crying, feelings always hurting when grandkids don’t visit, handsome crier who’s tears start looking like little sparkly orbs of water after awhile’ grandpa

INTJ: the 'texas hold em playing, likes giving grandkids space to do what they like and so he can do what he likes, everything is actually a competition and he is winninggg with his cute bae grandma and wheelbarrow of retirement money’ grandpa

ISTJ: the 'mows the lawn every 3 weeks after Saturday brunch with fam from May-August, love making schedule keeping, never really leaves the house unless bae wants to go somewhere in which case it’s koool’ grandma

ISTP: the 'campfire starting, full moon howling, somehow married rich and now he just spends all his time inventing sports and trying to convince his friends on the Olympics board of directors to make beer pong a sport for jokes’ grandpa

INTP: the 'tree bumping, telling his students he sells jumbo shrimp on his shrimp boat for jokes because his movie references be old AF, won’t quit his research at the university because he’s on THE VERGE OF A SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHHHHH’ grandpa

ENFJ: the 'running for mayor because all his neighbours in his cul de sac don’t fking know how to recycle, calling his grandkids even when they don’t wanna talk, and getting them to reveal a secret that even their parents don’t know’ grandpa

ESFP: the 'perpetually mismatched socks wearing, sarcastic AF truth delivering sass machine, encouraging his fam to party as hard as his liver used to allow (he’s on dialysis now)’ grandpa

ENFP: the 'look at the bajillion photos of friends and fam I framed all in 1 day, taking grandma on a surprise vacation to Kenya for 30th wedding annivesary and hoping to pet all the animals of Africa extravaganza’ grandpa

ESTJ: the 'badass get shit done 60+ yr old boss who’s butt and work ethic just won’t quit, managing tens of start-ups on the side for fun, blowing up Facebook with updates on all his cute young interns but you know that grandma will always be his one true bae’ grandpa

ENTJ: the '60+ yr old with a screaming voice that’s just as loud as ever, scheduling dates with his main bae grandma through his secretary for every Friday night, and has learned to handle subordinates who tell him to chill from yrs of experience (and not feeling guilty for firing these weak little bitches)’ grandpa

ESTP: the 'sexyass ex body builder who owns a gym, hiring all the pretty ladies to work at the front desk but we all know he’s a gentleman, never getting anything done except for grandma ;)’ grandpa

ENTP: the 'cough syrup of cold hard truth feeding, uses viagra regularly and OWNING ITT in the bedroom, most sarcastic grandpa of the millenia 3 yrs in a row’ grandpa

Valentines: Yoosung

Okay here’s the first one of the bunch (Again sorry for being late I mean I realize it’s not our fault but stiLL) ALSO, JUST AS A SIDE NOTE YOU GUYS I HAVENT PLAYED THE VALENTINES DAY AFTER ENDINGS (neither has 626 if i remember correctly) SO THEY SHOULD BE SPOILER FREE UNLESS IM PSYCHIC (404 its psycho you’re psycho not psychic) ANYWAY YEAH HERE YOU ARE LOVE YOU GUYS <3 ~Admin 404

He’s not the most experienced  person on the planet, both of you could agree on that.

The last time he celebrated Valentine’s day was back in grade school, when you’d give everyone in your class a silly little card, and maybe even a lollipop. He has NO idea what to do now that he has a significant other? Do those little kid valentines count? Should he get you those??

He went to the smoothest person he knows to get advice! After banging on Zen’s door for a few minutes, he falls backwards onto his behind in surprise at the speed the door was opened.

“WHO IS BANGING ON MY- Oh, Yoosung, hello!” Zen greeted him, calming down once he realized it was just his younger friend.

“ZEN!,” he called out while jumping to his feet, “You gotta help me out!!” he grabbed onto his taller friends shoulders. Zen stared at him with wide eyes, watching as Yoosung’s expression grew more and more desperate.

“Uuuh, what do you need help with, Yoosung?” he asked, trying to gently get him to let go of his shoulders.

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to do for MC for Valentine’s day. I’ve never done this!! I don’t want to mess this up! Please, you’re the most romantic person I know, please say you’ll help me!!!” he begged, dropping down to his knees. Tears started to form in his eyes, which alarmed Zen.

“Why are you- what- just…. just stand up, Yoosung. Don’t be like that.  Get inside, I’ll help you come up with some stuff. And please… please stop crying, I can’t deal with that,” he huffed, turning to walk back into his home. Yoosung swiftly wiped his tears and stood up, following his friend into the house and closing the front door behind him. “Sit on the couch, do you want anything to drink?” Zen offered, sighing at the dull head shake he got in response. He took a seat next to the younger man and crossed his arms, and asked, “First, let’s start off easy. What were you planning on doing to MC?”

“Um..w-well… I was… I was thinking, maybe I could get MC a card? B-but a really cute one!! That says I love them! Or maybe just make them a card? I don’t know!! That’s why I need help!!! Please Zen!!!” the more unsure he got, the higher pitched his voice became and Zen covered his ears as a sign to tone it down.

“Well, we know that no matter what you do, MC will appreciate it, right? So don’t think too hard about it. Why don’t you make them a card, that way it’s from the heart, and you can customize it to say whatever you want to. There, problem solved. How was that so hard for you?” he questioned as Yoosung threw his hands up into the air.

“But that’s the thing!!! What do I say!!! Is a card even enough??? I don’t have money to take them out on some fancy date, or buy them anything really nice and I just- I feel like a failure. What if they’re disappointed? What if they leave me over this? Oh god, WHAT IF THEY LEAVE ME-” Zen has to grab his shoulders and shake him out of his rant.

“Why would MC leave you over something stupid like that? They know you’re just a college kid, I highly doubt they expect anything large and spectacular. Get a hold of yourself,” he tried to get his friend to cool down.

“Well…. maybe you’re right. I’m just…over thinking it. I just want them to be happy!” he started, before Zen cut in.

“And they will be! Just do something from the heart and that’s all that matters. That’s what the day’s about! So! Just think of something they like, some inside jokes of yours, things like that, and run with it!” Zen became a little disoriented at the speed that Yoosung jumped up at.

“I’VE GOT IT! Thanks Zen! Gotta go, bye!” He yelled over his shoulder. He spoke so quickly that Zen had no clue what he had even said. The kid was so ecstatic when he got to the store! Not to mention he was out of breath because he ran the whole way there. He stocked up on a bunch of groceries, glitter glue, and a very big surprise for you. He tried talking himself out of getting you the last gift, because it was a little more on the expensive side- but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. The moment he saw it, he knew that he had to get it for you. He’ll just have to deal with the price! But with that being said, he couldn’t wait to get home and get to work!

He spent hours making the most heartfelt card he could for you! Chalk full of inside jokes, compliments, and love confessions. He drew the two of you all over the card, added so many stars, and video game references! He even made lame game-related pick up lines and added them inside the card.

A lot of time was put into choosing what he wanted to make you for dinner. He might not be the best, but he isn’t terrible either! He wanted to mix your favourite dish with his own, that way it was the best of both worlds!

The next morning, he sets everything up! Paper hearts were strung up everywhere, he sets the table, prepares dinner, and (un)patiently waits for you by the door. You only get to knock on the door once before he swings it open.

“MC!!! You’re here!!! Come in come in!! Happy Valentine’s Day!” He says in a rush, turning a crimson colour as he kisses your cheek, closing the door behind you. “Come here, I made you something!!” He says as he shoves the homemade card into your hands, watching every little movement your face makes. When your face lights up at the lame jokes, he can feel his heart melt a little bit. Completely rejected your apology for not making him a card as well, “You didn’t need to, MC! It’s okay! O-oh! That’s right! I have another surprise for you!” He grabbed your hand and practically dragged you into the other room. With one grand gesture, you’re introduced to a large, brown teddy bear, sitting larger than the both of you.

How in the world did he get this bear into the house? It’s taller than he is! Is the bear this big? Or is the ceiling just low? How did it get through the doorway?!

He stood, waiting for approval of his purchase, hoping to see your eyes sparkle in wonder, or leap into his arms out of happiness! But all you did was… laugh? Not a cute little giggle, either. A full, hearty laugh. One that made your stomach hurt, and tears form in your eyes. Did… did you not like it? He had no idea what he’d do if you didn’t!

“M-MC, I’m sorry, if…if you don’t like it I can take it back! I just… I thought you’d like it…” He turns bright red out of embarrassment, and looks as though he’s about to burst into tears. You stop laughing almost immediately and frantically shake your head at him.

“No no, I love it! I absolutely love it, Yoosung,” you say as you place your hands on your cheeks, planting a small kiss on the tip of his nose. “It’s just… well… here, follow me,” you lead him back to the front door. He was beyond puzzled when you let go of him and disappeared through the threshold. A moment later, you push the same exact bear in front of the door frame. “I just laughed because apparently great minds think alike. I saw it and instantly thought of you,” you flashed him a bright smile while a soft flush ran across your cheeks. You held up a gift card for a premium membership to LOLOL as well. “Oh, can’t forget I got this for you, too!”

The sight made his heart race! Were the two of you meant for each other? You both thought of the same thing! He threw his arms around you, hugging you as tightly as he could.

“That’s amazing, MC! Wow, I.. I never expected we’d get the same thing. It’s so cute!! Look at it! It’s so big and fluffy! I love it!! Oh- and you too, of course, heh..” he scratched the back of his head before fighting to get the teddy bear through the front door, denying any help you offered him.

The rest of the night went so smoothly! You thoroughly enjoyed the dinner he prepared, and he enjoyed the dessert you brought for the two of you! The rest of the night was spent cuddling on the couch, laughing at old school valentine memories, lots of stolen little kisses, and using the two new bears as chairs while the two of you played some of your favourite video games until the two of you fell asleep! He honestly couldn’t ask for a better first Valentine’s Day, let alone a better valentine than you.








you’re lying if you don’t like chips (THEY COME IN SO MANY FLAVOURS)










cousin of the french fry still good

IN CONCLUSION this piece of lump

is the reason for all the beautiful things above

if you don’t think potatoes are magical and amazing you are blind

i love potatoes


Member: Mark Tuan

Genre: Fluff

Ask: hi! can i request an imagine where mark has a younger sister, maybe 15, who comes to korea all by herself without him knowing? and then after he knew they bond with each other and other got7 members. @daelightednyan

A/N:  I hope you like it! And if you don’t mind, I made her 17 because I thought 15 was a bit too young and her parents would probably not allow her to go! I’m so sorry if this was absolute doo-doo cuz I couldn’t quite concentrate my exams, I’m also really sorry for the long wait!

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You felt butterflies in your stomach as the lift was going up. One sweater paw stuffed into your jeans pocket and the other paw holding onto the black duffel bag packed with your clothes. 

It was your summer vacation and after a lot, I mean a lot of persuading your parents, they finally agreed to let you go to Korea to visit your beloved brother and of course, making sure to surprise him.

Their manager, who had purposely gave your brother and his group a day off, had given you the address to their apartment. Following the instructions, which said apartment number 102 on the 3rd floor, you went straight on until you finally arrived right smack in front of their apartment door.

You balled your sweater paw and took a deep breath before knocking the door three times. Much to your delight, your brother, Mark, swung it open, wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and his hair a matted mess.

His hooded eyes immediately grew wide at the sight of his beloved baby sister standing in the door frame. You looked 10 times more beautiful and more mature than before he left. “Hey big bro.” You sheepishly smiled.

He blinked, mouth still hanging open because he was too amazed by how much your voice had turned more adult-like and mature sounding, you have grown.

Your hair was longer, lips plumper, height increased and not to forget, you had grown a chest. “What are you doing here?!” He shouted, pulling you in for a super tight hug which pushed all of the air out of your lungs.

The commotion at the front door made the members scuttle towards the two of you. “Who’s this?” Bambam threw a wink and bowed a 45 degree bow. You returned his gesture as Mark rolled his eyes and replied the question for you, “This is my baby sister, y/n.”

“You never told us your sister was so pretty, hyung.” Jinyoung smiled and shook your hand a second too long. “C'mon in!” Your brother grabbed your hand, making you stumble inside and try your best to keep up with his rushed pace towards the living room. Your bag being carried by Jinyoung himself.

However, the only thing you could pay attention to at the moment was how messy the whole place was. If someone gave you a mop, a bucket of soapy water and a broom, you were sure the place would be brand new after. But you didn’t come to spring clean.

Mark pulled you to sit beside him on the couch, followed by the other boys. “When did you get here?” He asked, a bunch of excitement in his voice. 

“This morning, it was kind of hard because all the signs were in Korean, I felt like my head was gonna explode!” You laughed.

“But, your Korean speaking is very good.” Jaebum interrupted, raising a brow.

“Yeah, I’ve been taking some extra lessons.” You rubbed the back of your neck, feeling a bit awkward due to seven pairs of eyes boring into you.

“Hey y/n, are you gonna stay here for long?” Yugyeom asked, his eyes hesitantly making eye contact with yours.

“Mom and dad said for a week." 

"Then that means you’ll have enough time for us to take you to all our favorite places!” Jackson bit his bottom lip, his smile showing his pearly whites.

“What about for some nice samgyupsal for today?” Youngjae suggested more to himself, rubbing his hands together in excitement.

“What’s that?” You questioned, earning shocked gasps from the pure-blooded Koreans of Got7.

“It’s only one of the best Korean dishes in the whole world!” Yugyeom looked at you in surprise.

You laughed but little did you notice your elder brother had kept quiet, a little too quiet. Soon, all of them noticed Mark’s behavior.

“Mark? What’s wrong?” You nudged him.

He folded his arms and sighed, “No, no, don’t think about me here. You definitely just came to talk about samgyupsal, right?”

“Oh my god, Mark. Can you chill? You didn’t say anything so how should I have known you wanted me to talk to you?” You accused him.

“Wait, what is that supp—”

“Hey, y/n. How old are you?” Jinyoung put forth out of the blue.

Mark’s lips pursed as he said through gritted teeth, “Don’t even think about it.”