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Day 22 of Kinktober: Impact Play | Cuckolding | Hand-jobs | Threesome (or more)

Summary: Casually dating both the Strike Commander and the Blackwatch Commander without telling them about it was the worst decision you’d ever made. When Jack and Gabriel find out, they figure you owe them and come to collect.

Words: 3848

Fandom: Overwatch

Characters: Gabriel Reyes x you x Jack Morrison

Warnings: see tags on AO3

Note: As of 17th December, Tumblr banned all nsfw content, so follow the link to my AO3 profile for the full version.


Opening the door, you smiled brightly at the man on your doorstep.

“Good evening, querida,” Gabriel said as he leant in to place a kiss on your cheek before handing you a bouquet of flowers and taking in your modest but flattering dress. “Don’t you look fetching.”

“Right back at you,” you replied, giving him an exaggerated once-over that made him grin. “Please, come in.”

You’d been casually dating Gabriel Reyes for almost two months now. So casually in fact that you were also dating another guy. Who just happened to be Gabriel’s colleague. You were just having a really good time with each one of them, enjoying their company without making it anything serious. You hadn’t had sex with either one yet but considering you’d invited Gabriel for dinner at your house, you were definitely planning on changing that tonight.

Your living room was aglow with candles , the table set with an immaculate white tablecloth, your best dinnerware, cloth napkins, an empty vase - since you’d anticipated he’d bring you flowers - and a pot roast cooked to perfection. A decanter with red wine was waiting for the two of you.

“This looks fantastic,” he praised, “you didn’t have to go to all that trouble.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” you replied with a gesture meant to shush him.

After pouring the wine and letting Gabriel do the honours of cutting the roast, you realised you’d forgotten a side dish, so you excused yourself to get it from the kitchen.

Once everything was as it should be, you toasted to a beautiful evening.

It wasn’t long before you began to feel a little light-headed. Maybe you were just dehydrated? Taking a few deep gulps, you tried to counteract the dizziness. But it wasn’t helping, quite the contrary. Little black dots appeared at the edges of your vision.

“Gabriel?” you slurred.

He came over and crouched down next to you, brushing your hair from your forehead while making soft noises. When your eyes rolled into the back of your head and you tilted to the side, he caught you.

Then everything went black.

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