best decision for the situation

Where do I start?

This was probably not what you expected to see but this was what happened when I finished writing it. It was really fun when I tried to imagine how the boys would react to a kid in the family. Thank you for sending in your prompt and I hope you enjoy this. 

PS: I have always wanted to know this: do you guys prefer long(er) imagines or drabbles? Because sometimes, I feel bad when it’s a little bit short but at the same time, I feel bad when what I post is too long too. Anyways, comment below if you have something to say about it.

Bruce lets out a rough sigh as he stares at his current problem that is running around, jumping and laughing happily as you chase after Titus – who is, by the way, more than happy to let you chase him.

“Doggy!” You cry out happily when Titus slows down a bit, letting you throw yourself on to his big body. Titus barks ecstatically, turning to lick at your face. “Hehe, doggy.”

“What am I going to do, Alfred?” Bruce runs a hand through his hair, making it more disheveled than it already is. Despite being The Batman and able to face his fears head on, there are a lot of things Bruce does not know how to handle – this situation is one for example.

Somehow Bruce had only taken his eyes off of you when a beam shot out from somewhere far and just as it was about to hit him, you had jumped right in front of him, getting hit by the beam of light instead. It had taken him a while too to locate you because that beam blasted you a few buildings away from him. Imagine his surprise when instead of seeing you, he saw your three-year-old self instead.

Now here he is, wondering how he is going to tell his kids about the situation.

“Perhaps the best decision is to tell the young masters the truth.” Alfred says solemnly. Although he has helped Bruce with literally a whole lot of things, this is a situation that he knows no solution to. Alfred does not even know where to start with trying to help find out how to turn you back to normal.

“Tell us what?” Dick pops up out of the blue. One by one, the rest of the boys all start showing up. Jason and Tim are quietly talking to themselves but promptly stopped when they spotted the young kid.

“Tt.” Damian frowns. “Did father decide to adopt another kid?” He huffs, narrowing his eyes at the kid.

Bruce shares a look with Alfred.

“Who is the little punk?” Jason asks, snickering when you decide to climb on top of Titus. “Picked someone off the streets again?”

“There is something I have to tell all of you.” Bruce starts but before he could even begin to explain, Tim speaks up.

“Wait… where’s Y/N?” Tim frowns.

Jason takes a second look at you and he freezes. “Y/N?”

You look away from Titus. “That’s my name!” You exclaim happily, grinning at the man in front of you. “Who are you? You have a weird mask.”


“What happened, Bruce?” Dick heads over to Bruce, with a worried expression on his face. A few hours ago, he had talked to you and even made plans to get dinner with you sometime this week and now, you are a few years younger. “We were going to go for dinner this week.”

Damian approaches you. He stares at you and you stare right back at him, still patting Titus’s head. Titus, upon seeing Damian, starts to bark excitedly. You stare at Titus before turning to look at the boy in front of you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N!” You grin at him and Damian simply raises one of his eyebrows. “Who are you? Do I know you? You look funny.”

“Damian, pleased to meet your acquaintance.” Damian deadpans and you giggle as you try to repeat after what he had just said but it was just too hard for you so you babble instead.

“Why doesn’t Y/N remember any of us?” Tim frowns as he stares at you.

Jason approaches you and kneels down right in front of you. You look away from Damian when the man approaches. “Hi, Y/N. My name is Jason.” He takes off all of his masks and gives you a small smile. You place both of your hands on his cheeks, squeezing his cheeks, giggling to yourself.

“I think it is better for you to begin your explanation right now, Master Bruce.” Alfred points out and Bruce resists the urge to sigh once more. He is not looking forward to having all of his boys on him, demanding answers for questions Bruce does not have all of the answers to it.

Between Earth and Hades (Part 4)

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Pairing: Erik X Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: You know when people make you think about your past and you’re like, “Well that was sad, lets try not do it ever again.”

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4-

Your team show up to console you, offering some advice in your troubled time of not sure what the hell you’re supposed to do with what you’re feeling. During the lull of being taken off of missions you are stuck waiting patiently for the time to end, Erik offering some help to empowering your abilities in the meantime.

Ed eyed you from the couch while Jan and Ivete arm wrestled on the coffee table as you told them not to do many times (there was no way the cheap wood would survive their victories much longer). The team had invited themselves over after hearing the news, deciding they’d opt out of the next few mission. You felt it had a lot more to do with not hurting your ego than them not being able to wing it without you. After they settled around your tiny apartment you offered dinner, but you weren’t exactly pouring your love into it.

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Left in the Dark / ≠ Marcus Cooley ≠

Words: 1070

One second you were standing in the hallway laughing with your friends and the next you were being forcefully turned around and had your ex-boyfriend yelling at you. 

“Is it true?!”

Taken completely off guard, your mouth had slightly parted and you were left standing in the hall gaping at him. “W-what?” you stuttered. 

Marcus looked furious and you couldn’t for the life of you, figure out why. Seeming to realise that he had made a scene, finally noticing the stares from everyone in the hallways around you-his fingers dug into your arm as he dragged you into the closest empty classroom.

The slam of the door caused you to flinch. “What’s going on?” you demanded, your arms finding their way around yourself in an attempt of a weak hug.

“Did you have an abortion?” he spat, cutting straight to the chase.

You felt as though the world had stopped at his question. 

“Why would you ask me something like that?” you questioned, feeling your stomach turn.

“Just tell me the truth!” he yelled, moving closer to you. 

You took a few steps back, not because you was scared of Marcus but because you felt that at any moment your legs would give out on you. “Where did you hear that?” you asked him, the unsettling feeling continuing to grow within you. 

“It doesn’t matter. Just tell me,” he insisted, his voice quieter-weaker-than before.

“We-” you found it hard to word what you wanted to say. “We’re not a couple. Nothing I do concerns you anymore.”

The look he gave you was indescribable, “So it is true?” The expression on your face must have said everything he needed to know. “You actually-” his words were cut off, he too was not able to find the right words he needed to talk to you.

“Please tell me where you heard it from-who you heard it from,” you begged, hating the idea of anybody in school knowing what you had done. 

“It doesn’t matter,” he told you. 

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?! Of course it does. I only told-” you stopped yourself from saying anything else.

Marcus glared, “Only told who?” he demanded, encouraging you to continue. “Hannah?” he spat. “You told Hannah Baker that you were pregnant-that you were getting rid of it.”

“How did-” 

“How could you?!” he demanded, raising his voice. “How could you just do something this without telling me? Without asking me? You didn’t even tell me you were pregnant in the first place!”

“Ask you? As if I needed your permission, your approval?”

Marcus only stared at you.

You returned his glare, “It was not your decision.”

“It was my baby too! You were just being selfish!”

“Selfish?” you scoffed. “You, of all people, want to talk to me about being selfish?”

Marcus shook his head, “Don’t start,” he insisted, raising a hand as if to silence you. 

“Don’t start?” you asked. “I think maybe I should. I think you’d love to hear everything I have to say. I mean it’s all about you…so why wouldn’t you be interested? That’s all you care about anyway, so I don’t see why you would have any objections.”

He rolled his eyes, “Put it back on me like you always do,” he mutters sarcastically. “It’s all my fault! I made you break up with me, I made you get an abortion.”

“No,” you denied quickly. “I made those decisions myself-but you were a huge reason to why our relationship didn’t work out. Don’t act as if you’re clueless about what went wrong with us.”

“And the baby? Are you going to blame that on me too?”

You felt tears pool in your eyes, “No,” you admit. “I just…I can’t-couldn’t…”

“You couldn’t what?”

“Be a mother! It’s not time…I’m not ready. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bring a baby into this world-not yet.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, you could have sworn his voice cracked a little. 

You moved your hands to grip the table on either side of you, needing something to support you. “It wouldn’t have changed anything. Why should I have put this on you? Give you something to worry about or feel guilty over…I wouldn’t have done that to you. You weren’t supposed to ever find out.”

“I deserved to know,” he reasoned. 

“Maybe,” you sighed, hating how you sounded-how you came across. “But like I said. It would have made no difference. My mind was made up. Nothing you said would have changed that.”

“Why did you tell Hannah?”

A single tear fell down your cheek before you could stop it, you wiped your eyes to prevent anymore from falling. “She was my friend. I needed someone to confide in. She helped me, more than I could have ever-” you stopped to take a breath. “She was there for me when I needed her, she helped me through it-she didn’t judge me at all.”

“You went to that whore about something this private instead of turning to me? Is this why you broke up with me? Because of Hannah? Did she say something?”

“Oh my god,” you muttered, rubbing a hand over you face. “I’m going. I can’t listen to this, I can’t do this anymore.”

You stood straight and started to make your way to the door, but his hand reached out and gripped you as you passed him, “We’re not done.”

“Yeah we are!” you snapped, pulling your arm from his grip. “You know that we weren’t fit to be together. I felt trapped and I felt as though I wasn’t myself when I was with you. We just weren’t right for one another. That’s why I broke up with you. The baby,” you sighed, shaking your head. “There are so many factors but ultimately…I wasn’t ready-mentally, physically…I know you probably won’t be able to understand and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I really am-but I made the best decision I could in the situation I was in.”

Marcus’ eyes seemed to never left yours as you spoke.

“Goodbye Marcus,” you whispered.

“No! Wait. We have to discuss this.”

You shook your head, your hand hovering over the door’s handle, “No,” you said. “We’re done, Marcus. Relationship and conversation wise. Please don’t bring this up again,” you requested as you pushed the door open, your tears threatening to fall as you leave Marcus alone in the classroom. 

It’s Not What You Think (Bucky Barnes x reader)

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A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble… lol. I guess I got carried away and I just kept typing and typing but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! This is for the lovely @mariathedorkydragon. Enjoy!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Domestic abuse

Word Count: 1,984

Prompt: Bucky finds out the reader’s boyfriend has become physically and emotionally abusive.

Your walk to the Avengers tour was slow and each step you took you held doubts whether or not leaving him was the best option in your current situation. Your decision was spontaneous, you didn’t know what else to do. All you knew was that you had to get out of there. You had to get away from him.

Sure, you loved him, you’d been together with him for almost a year now, but you weren’t sure that he felt the same way he did last month. The relationship started off with a spark and was filled with happiness, joy and love and now all those important aspects of a relationship had faded away leaving anger, negativity and violence. There were very few spurts of joy but you had long found them occurring less and less.

You puffed a breath of air into your hands, trying to warm yourself up as walked through the 30 degree Manhattan weather, with nothing more than a thin t-shirt, pajama shorts and nothing to cover the growing bruise grazing your eyebrow and eye socket. You regretted not taking anything with you. You didn’t know when you were going back. But you knew you had to keep this quiet from the Avengers, especially Bucky.

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Trapped - Brett Talbot

a/n: lol I hope that’s not too cliché or anything but I kinda like it and if you excpected some drama you’re wrong it’s just cute and fluffy he went to BHHS in the story but yeah anyways I got low-key Brett feels.

warnings: none maybe kissing but not really

pairing: Brett x reader

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“Miss Y/l/n can you bring this letter please to coach Finstock for me?” The voice of your teacher interrupted your thoughts while you looked out of the window, it was the last period and you wasn’t paying that much attention to the lesson anymore, let’s be honest who can blame you? No one does that, you looked at your phone, “5 minutes before the lesson ends, wow it’s not like that I have anything better to do.” You thought to yourself, your teacher waved with the paper in the hand and smiled. You sighed a little bit and made your way to coach’s office, you knocked on his door but no one was responding. “He is in the boys locker room or on the lacrosse field, you can go in there the practice is over.” Stiles called, you shot him a smile and moved on, you carfully opened the door of the boys locker room, the scent of sweat and every kind of deodorant you could imagine stinged in your nose and it was still a little bit foggy in there because of the showers. “Boys are so gross sometimes.” You mumbled and looked around in disgust. “And so are girls.” Another voice echoed in the room, you made a little jump because you didn’t expect that someone else was still in the room. “Hey don’t be scared it’s just me.” The voice of a boy said, you turned around and faced Brett, he was  half naked, a towel coverd his lower body and he smirked. You barely knew him, but you heard lots of things about him from Liam. You quickly covered your eyes with your hands and turned around.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?”, you yelled. “And put on some cloth!”
“I mean what boys usually do in the boys locker room, you are the girl in the locker room just for boys not me and don’t pretend you didn’t like the view.” He said laughing and emphasised the word “boy” in every sentence, that you would you get that he was right. “Yeah however… have you seen coach Finstock?”
“I guess he will come back in here soon and you can turn back around, I am finish.” He said and leaned against his locker. You looked at him and he smirked, you couldn’t deny it, he looked very hot but you knew he was a fuckboy, so you had to get him out of your head. You felt how his eyes looked at your body and you knew that something was running through his mind. “Don’t even think about it Talbot, when did you think he will be here?”
“Chill baby girl I don’t know.”
“Okay it was nice to see you, I will look somewhere else for him.” you said sarcastically and made your way to the door but Brett grabbed your arm.
“I-I umm don’t go, stay with me I have a problem.” You looked at him confused and raised one eyebrow. “I am sure you can ask someone else who would love to help you about your problem.” You wondered why he acted so different now, you must admit you thought it was cute how he made up a lie in order that you stay but you continued walking. “But I don’t want someone else, I want you.” He whisperd, you couldn’t belive what you heard, he sounded so honest and not desperate as usuall and that kept you thinking. “Okay five minutes more wouldn’t hurt anyone.”
His face lit up because of your words, suddenly you heard someone locking the door. Brett tried to opened it but the door was shut, you knocked against it and yelled. “Hello is anyone here?” But no respond. You two looked at your phone’s but you both got no service. And if this was not already bad enough the lights went off as well. “We are trapped and it’s dark. And it’s getting cold, nice.” , you said sarcastically.  You tried to stay calm but you were a little bit worried. He saw that you were scared, Brett took one of your hands and laced it with his fingers.
“Don’t worry I will get us out of here soon.” He said calming, your heart started to beat faster because of his touch and he smiled. “I think we are trapped in here because of me, I didn’t have a problem it was lie, I just want to spend some time with you.” You laughed and looked at him, because he sounded so serious.
“I knew it was a lie Brett, but if you want to spend some time with me then why in the boys locker room?“ He smiled and squeezed your hand.
“I don’t know, I thought our first date would be on a better place too.” The blond haired boy said and shrugged his shoulders. You smiled even more and wrapped your arms around his body. “But a smelly locker room does count as a date, right?” You couldn’t blame him for being trapped in this room it was your own decision to stay with him, you two made the best out of this situation.
“I think it does count? If this is a date let’s get to know eachother better, let’s start from the beginning.” You said smiling, he was confused at first, but played along.
“Hello my name is Y/n, what about you?”
“Well I am glad to meet a pretty lady like you, my name is Brett.” He said and kissed the top of your hand, like a prince in a Disney movie. You burst out laughing and he scrached the back of his head.
“Too cheesy?”
“Yup.” You replied giggling, you leaned your head against his chest and heard how fast his heart was beating because of you. The otherwise tough Brett also had a cute and kind side and you loved it, his arms were holding you tightly and he rested his chin on your head, you two just enjoyed the company of eachother. It was like you two knew the other person for years, the time passed by and you both continued your ‘date’ and had a lot of fun. He gave you a feeling that no one else had ever made you felt before and you made him happy.
“Brett do you kiss on the first date?” You asked smiling and looked up to him.
“Hmm depends on the girl, if it’s real I will wait for the perfect moment.”
“The perfect moment?”
“You know when everything is perfect, when you know that person is the one.”
“I like that, but how did you know when the moment is perfect?” you asked curious.
“I don’t know, maybe now?”
He said and leaned in for the kiss, you kissed him back and smiled against his lips. He placed another kiss on your nose and smirked.
“Y/n you know that im a werewolf and could easily opend the door for us if I use a little bit of my werewolf strength.”
“And you are telling me this now? But I’m not mad, in this case I’m happy that you didn’t.”
His face lit up and he kissed your lips again, he couldn’t get enough of you. The tall boy lifted you up and didn’t broke the kiss, you were running one hand trough his blond hair and he kissed your neck. Suddenly a bunch of keys made some noise and the door went open.
“TALBOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!? Get your girlfriend and yourself immediately out of here! Before I will call your parents!” Coach Finstock yelled, he was furious. You two laughed in embarrassment, grabbed your stuff and rushed out of the school. Brett wrapped one arm around your shoulder and gave you a quick peck on your forhead. “Well I wouldn’t mind, being trapped with you again.”


The awkward Christmas Dinner

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Request - Awkward Christmas dinner with Robb Stark.

Pairing- Robb Stark X Reader

Word Count - 560

Leading up to the castle, everything suddenly became so apparent, You were about to meet your soon to be husband and you were petrified. Time after time you had attempted to convince your parents that marrying Robb Stark was not a good idea. You had nothing against Robb personally, you just didn’t want to get married so young and you wanted to get married for love and not out of the prospect of getting better land prospects and the security that being married to the son of the Warden of the North would bring. You would rather have spent your Christmas holidays with your people and other members of your family. Instead, you were in Winterfell about to meet your future husband. 

After the awkward greetings and pleasantries, you were directed to your  chambers after Lady Stark informed you that tomorrow would be a very exciting day with. You wanted to roll your eyes, she meant that she would be excited for you and Robb to finally become acquainted. You weren’t excited but you had no choice in the matter, so you would have to hold your tongue and get on with things. 

Just as Catelyn had explained, you and Robb were to celebrate your Christmas meal alone together in a room so no one could interrupt you. You sat on one end and Robb the other, both of you were playing with your food. You were drinking excessively trying to gather some confidence from somewhere, you presumed that Robb would want to lead the conversation to say something at least, but no. Robb was just as awkward as you about t5he whole thing. Deciding your parents were probably holding the ears to the door just so they can listen to what was going on, you decided to be the one to speak first. 

“I am under the impression that you don’t want to get married either.” You asked as Robb choked on some wine, stunned that the eery silence had indeed been broken While you often enjoyed some peace and quiet you never appreciated awkward peace and quiet. It never seemed to have the correct feeling. 

“Please don’t take offence Lady Y/L/N but I never believed I would have to marry quite so soon.” You smiled, you did have something in common after all. Now that everything was out of the way and the awkward introductions were over with maybe you both could sort something out. 

“Neither did I but since our parents have made this decision for us I believe we must make the best of this situation. How long do you suppose they will give us before the wedding?” You asked, Robb finally began to eat the food that had been served before the both of you. 

“My Mother will be quite eager to make things happen. I doubt we will have very long.” An idea, popped into you head suddenly if Robb was going to be your husband than you needed to know as much about him in the quickest amount of time. 

“Well then I would very much like to get to know you before we get married, so maybe after we’ve eaten we could take a walk.” 

“That sounds good maybe getting married won’t be such a thing.” Robb commented and you smiled maybe this marriage would be a good thing. 

“Maybe it will” 

you know what’s sad and frustrating? that “derek is a good alpha“ has to be an actual tag on ao3. it just shows how fucked up tw and jeff davis are to make derek be a “bad” alpha, especially just to make scott seem like he is a better one (which he’s not tyvm). he never was a “bad” one and just made some bad decisions where he thought they were best to solve a situation. he didn’t even get the chance to be a real alpha.

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hey fia idk if this is going to bother you but what do you think of lando? (i will admit im asking bc i luv seein ur thoughts on any and all star wars characters)

Friend I am always happy to talk about Lando Calrissian because he is the actual best and I love everything about him.

Here’s the thing about Lando. Han calls him “responsible” and that’s exactly what he is. Tbh I get really frustrated with the EU’s insistent portrayal of him as a smooth talking conman and scoundrel, because that’s not actually what we see in the movies at all. Yeah, Han says he’s a scoundrel. But what do we actually see?

We see a responsible businessman, someone who is obviously proud of the work his people do on Bespin and of his role in that. He clearly likes to show off the mining operation, but it’s not about self-aggrandizement (the way it often is with Lando’s schemes in EU-land). His pride is reserved for the operation itself, for the work being done and the people doing it. He’s also proud of the fact that he’s managed to keep the gas mine independent. (Nothing further is said about this, but I’ve always found it one of his most interesting lines. It paints him as a small business owner fighting against large corporate take over, something that becomes even more interesting in light of the PT’s contributions to our understanding of galactic politics.)

We also see a man who’s desperately trying to save the most people he can in an impossible situation. When he agreed to turn Han and friends over to Vader, he did so believing that none of them would be hurt, that they’d only be used as bait for “someone called Skywalker.” Han being turned over to a bounty hunter and Leia and Chewie being taken into Vader’s custody were “never a condition of our agreement.” Lando was responsible for an entire city worth of people. Their lives depended on his decision, and he made the best choice he could in a situation in which he had very little choice.

When Vader changes the deal, and Lando realizes there’s no way for him to save everyone, he proves himself an incredibly strategic thinker on the fly. He stages a rescue of Leia and Chewie that’s so perfectly and quietly arranged that it actually goes unnoticed by the Imperial presence on Bespin. And then he takes steps to ensure as many of his people as possible will escape by announcing an evacuation before the Imperials realize they’ve lost control of the communication system. Only after he’s discharged his responsibilities to his people does he allow himself to turn to personal matters: attempting to rescue Han Solo.

And when that doesn’t work out, Lando still takes responsibility. He helps Leia rescue Luke. He joins the rescue mission to Tatooine. He joins the Rebellion, and quickly rises as a leader, distinguishing himself with that “little maneuver at the Battle of Taanab” and being made General.

I think it’s worth noting, too, that Lando doesn’t go through the same slow awakening to rebellion that Han does. When we meet Han, he’s only interested in money. He’s very open about this. It takes quite a lot for him to decide to come back in the nick of time at the end of ANH, and even then, he doesn’t intend to permanently join the Rebellion. He’s still planning to go pay back Jabba. He’s planning to leave at the beginning of ESB, and only the Empire’s arrival on Hoth keeps him with Leia and the Rebellion. Once he’s free of the price hanging over his head in ROTJ, he does fully commit himself to the Rebellion, but it’s taken him three movies of character development to get there. Han’s journey really is the journey from scoundrel to selfless rebel.

Lando’s isn’t (though for some reason, the EU seems to think it is). The journey Lando makes in the movies is actually a journey from small scale leader trying to keep his own people safe under the radar to openly revolutionary leader fighting on a much larger scale.

And that’s a big part of what I love about him. Lando is a character with a limited amount of power in a bad situation, trying to do the right thing when all options will lead to someone getting hurt. There’s an immense amount of complexity both in his character and in his situation, and it lends a lot of complexity to the narrative of Star Wars as a whole. I really wish the EU / new Star Wars material would give us more of that Lando, the Lando of the movies, instead of the old scoundrel stereotype.

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But i would have to buy meat to my cat, hence supporting the meat industry. A can of cat meat a day! thats more animal food than my fellow vegetarian? Please guide me: can i make my cat vegetarian?

This is my response to this issue (I copied it from my main blog)

I think that there are lots of animals that can eat vegans diets and there are lots of animals that cannot be feed vegan diets. It’s not a questions of should I feed my pet based on how I eat but is instead a question of is this animal a herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, or so forth. It would not be vegan to withhold vital nutrients essential to your pets well being, but there are some alternative foods that may offer the same nutrients without containing animal products. As a conscious pet owner, you will have to examine your pets natural diet while also examining the food options you have available. Some non-vegan pet foods are no better health wise than vegan diets. In the end, you are going to have to look at that animal and make an informed decision about what will best suit your pets health.

Each situation is going to be different, and I do not won’t to make blanket statements.

Baby - Part 5 (End)

Summary: Baby had something to tell Dean. Only didn’t he know about the consequences of his actions.

Words: 723 (Super short but I didn’t know what else to write before the ending)

Pairing: Dean x Human!Impala(!Reader)

Warnings: Angst

A/N: So that’s it. That’s the last part of my Baby series and I hope you enjoyed the ride of emotions and hope you won’t hate me too much :P

Baby - Masterpost

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Insight into the Past Spread (OLD)

This spread allows you to take a look into the past to show what you messed up and what you can learn in order make better choices in the future.

Signifier. Choose a card to best correspond with the situation. (example: Wands for business/career or decisions made. Cups for relationships and family. Swords for arguments and conflicts. Pentacles for finances and material gain.) Aces of any suit can be used for generality. 

1. The Past. Confirms or defines the past situation to be examined

2. The Issue. Defines your mistake / What went wrong

3. Outcome. Shows the consequences of your actions at the time

4. Reflect. What could you have done differently?

5. Lesson. What you need to learn from this past occurrence

6. Advice. How what you learned from the past can be applied in the present .and future

Strengths of the Signs

Aries: Honest and loyal. If you prove yourself worth their time, an Aries will be the most loyal friend you’ll have, as well as the most brutally honest.

Taurus: Security. The bull’s obsession with maintaining the status quo means they are very constant and reliable people, generally very loyal as well.

Gemini:  Charm. They have an amazing way with words, which can get them out of hard situations, and woo any romantic interest.

Cancer: Nurturing. Cancers are like motherly figures, they love to teach and care for their loved ones. 

Leo: Charisma. High energy and confidence make this sign irresistible and exuberant. 

Virgo: Meticulous. They have an almost obsessive attention to detail, and ensure high quality in all their endeavors. 

Libra: Energy. This sign is very bubbly and energetic, they can light up a room and bring smiles to anyone around them. Next to Leo’s they are the life of the party.

Scorpio: Perseverance. These guys don’t give up easily in the face of hardship. If shit gets rough, they’ll always push through, or come back stronger.

Sagittarius: Optimistic. Sags are generally optimistic and light hearted, they tend to make light of the situation and find the humor in life that others may find dark.

Capricorn:  Dutiful. Hard working, and bound to their cause. Caps usually end up being the best workers and great law enforcers because of their sense of duty.

Aquarius: Analytical. Aqua detachment allows them to look at any situation objectively, and make quick decisions during tough situations. They are the best crisis responders of the zodiac.

Pisces:  Romantic. These dreamers live life with rose-tinted glasses, which makes them passionate and fervent lovers. 

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Do you think they should cancel Gwen's South Korea performance? It's getting pretty scary over there. I honestly hope she doesn't go.

I would assume they’re monitoring the situation and will make the best decision with that information. Personally? Yeah, I hope she doesn’t go…

Fem john TEH:

I feel like When Fem!john finally goes back to dating after Sherlock *dies* She makes a huge effort to try and be more feminine because she is worried that men will think she is a lesbian, not that most even know what bisexual is. she grows her hair long and dyes out the grey to try and look more like the straight girls in magazines, She wants to start over, she can’t even imagine loving another woman as much as she loved sherlock, the pain is still too near, it feels like cheating. so she avoids the women who give her looks and doesn’t flirt back. She lets men flirt with her because they do it anyway regardless of whether she flirts back or not. Eventually she meets Mark, he is relentless in his persuit of her, she doesn’t even have to try. He asks her out  every day at the end of  her shift at the clinic, its flattering, and comforting to be the center of his attention after being so alone. He doesn’t seem to notice how awkward it feels for her to be with a man and she starts wearing heavy lipstick  just so he wont try and kiss her , shes not ready for that. She will be, she thinks, “its normal, women dating men, ill get over it eventually”…

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It’s okay if you realized you’re sapphic long before you came out to anyone
It’s okay if you started coming out as soon as you realized you’re sapphic
It’s okay if everyone else in your life knows before your family
It’s okay if your family knows before everyone else in your life
It’s okay if you came out or are coming out over a long period of time
It’s okay if you are not thinking of coming out right now or never intend to

Your coming out experience is your own, and it is nobody else’s to judge or criticize. Not having a “typical” coming out story is nothing to be ashamed of, and it does not say anything about you or your validity as a sapphic person. I am proud of you for whatever decisions you have made regarding coming out and I support you in whatever those decisions are. You are the best judge of your own life and situation and only you get to determine what coming out looks like for you.

Sixteen was a hard age. All my pieces were broken that whole year, and everything seemed complicated. But it shouldn’t have been. It was because no one told me the straight-up honest truth about what the sixteenth year really is. So I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna tell you what I wish I had known.

1. You’re going to fall in love.

If not this year, it’ll probably be in the next few years. I want you to know that your first kiss, first boyfriend, first love… they might all be great, but they probably won’t last. Remember that it’s okay to fall in love and have it fall apart. It will hurt when it happens. It will hurt like hell. But please never, ever stay with a boy who treats you like less than the goddess that you are just because he was your first anything. We live and learn, and sixteen is a wonderful age to make mistakes. You’ll learn so much about yourself with every single wrong person that you come to love or care about. Love with your whole heart and don’t worry about when or how it will end. Then, when and if it does end, you’ll be hurt and ripped open and raw, but you’ll have no regrets, and you’ll have learned every single lesson that that person was brought into your life to teach you. Know that whether you fall in love with 24 people before you find the right one, or just 2, that you are normal and always wonderful and there is never any shame in falling in love with someone who’s completely wrong for you; if you never do, you won’t know what’s right when you finally find it.

2. Your high school days are most likely NOT going to be the best days of your life.

When I was sixteen, I was surrounded by adults telling me, “Live! Have fun! Put yourself out there! High school is the best days of your life!” I was always left thinking, “Really? Is this really all there is? This is as good as it gets?”
You know that for me, high school was a struggle. You, however, have absolutely thrived in high school and I’m so proud of you. But, please, don’t ever think that it’s all downhill from here. When you get out of high school, your world suddenly opens up and becomes ten times bigger, and you realize that in life, you don’t have to force yourself to be around people that don’t make you better the way that you do in high school. In my opinion, your journey to finding and becoming the person you’re really meant to be doesn’t even start until you leave the familiarity of high school behind.
I hope that you enjoy every single minute of high school. But more importantly, I hope you remember all the uncharted territory that’s going to be yours to explore when you’re done.

3. Good grades really are soooo important. But not more important than your health.

At your age there is so much pressure on you all the time to do well on tests, study hard, participate in extra-curriculars, maintain a social life, and keep your grades up all the time. The adults that remind you of the importance of these things are so right. Your future depends largely on how well you prepare yourself for it while you’re still in high school. Learning the right ways to study, how to get homework done on time, and how to balance academics with clubs and friends are all skills that will help you not only in college, but in whatever career you choose afterwards.
However, I hope you always remember that the one thing that should ALWAYS take priority over your school is your health — mental, physical, and spiritual. I hope you can learn from my mistakes. I tried so hard to balance so much on my plate, until finally my health gave out on me and I had to drop out completely. I hope you never forget that keeping your body rested, finding ways to keep your anxiety low, talking about your feelings to people you feel you can confide in, and praying about literally EVERYTHING are the things that will truly prepare you for life and help you not only get through, but excel in high school. Never push yourself harder than feels comfortable, take a break when you know you need to, and always remember that putting your trust and faith in God is the best decision you can make in all situations. I also hope you’ll never forget that your friends and family will love you just the same if you make a D on your next math test as they will if you make an A. Give it your best while still prioritizing your sanity.

4. Be a kid. Seriously, just be a kid.

At sixteen I remember I felt so confident that I was truly an adult, both physically and mentally. Now, at almost eighteen, I know I wasn’t then, and I’m definitely not now.
I know when you start driving and move on to being an upperclassman in high school, you’re going to feel grown up and mature (and hey, nothing wrong with that!) but I hope you keep acting as childish as you can for as long as you can get away with it. As you get older and start approaching seventeen and eighteen, you start to face a lot more decisions and adult-like responsibilities. It starts with figuring out what to do with your life, what direction to go in, whether or not to move out on your own, if you should get a job, what college to go to, what career choices you make… the list goes on and on.
I know that at sixteen, you’re growing and maturing in so many ways, and I’m watching you transform from a little girl into a young woman. But I hope you never forget to be a kid for as long as you can, and enjoy every second of time you have that’s carefree.

5. Always always always stay true to yourself, love yourself, and know that you have every reason and every right to be proud of who you are.

I know that in high school, you’re always surrounded by other kids your age. You want to be unique, but you also want to be cool and feel like a part of the crowd. I also know that bad and dangerous influences are everywhere, and more than likely, someone somewhere will make you feel pressured to do things that don’t seem right for you. I hope you never forget that everyone is entitled to their own personal choices, and that just because someone else tells you something is cool and fun doesn’t mean you should ever ignore what feels right to you. I hope that you always trust yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself. I hope you always keep your head and your standards high. I hope you never ever feel afraid to be who you really are and show off what makes you unique, because you are an incredibly interesting person with a beautiful soul and kind heart, and it would be a real shame if the world never got to know Chloe Mae-Ellen for who she really is.

6. I love you.

God, I hope you never forget I love you.
—  to my sister on her sixteenth birthday, g.l.