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i decided i’d create a taylor themed ask list, because these are fun and we all love taylor so let’s see how this goes.

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

meredith: do you have any pets?

olivia: serious question - cats or dogs?

1989: what time perioud should you have been born in?

red: what is your favorite season and why?

speak now: say something you’ve been holding back

fearless: what are you most afraid of in life?

reputation: what do you want your legacy in life to be?

all too well: what’s your favorite taylor memory?

last kiss: who/when was your last kiss?

dear john: what’s hurting you right now?

ready for it: are you - in fact - ready for it?

gorgeous: besides taylor, who is the most gorgeous person you know?

look what you made me do: do you believe in karma?

the last time: when is the last time you’ve genuinely laughed?

story of us: are you currently in love?

love story: do you believe in love at first sight? why/why not

the outside: are you currently feeling left out? why?

the best day: favorite memory from childhood?

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

change: what’s one thing you’d love to change?

haunted: any recurring nightmares? what are they?

come in with the rain: does the rain help you sleep?

enchanted:  when’s the last time you danced around all alone?

mean: what would you say to the people who bullied you?

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?

Chasing (5 years old)

Games of pretend where Shiro’s the evil alien and Matt is running away.  The two little boys play on the Holt’s backyard.  Matt squeals and laughs in terror as he’s being chased. Colleen loves baking cookies for them so they can eat after being tired of playtime. Colleen treats Shiro like her own son.

Climbing Trees (7 years old)

Shiro: Matt! Get back down! We might get in trouble!

Matt: How else can we touch the moon?

Shiro: Please come back down! What if you fall?!

Matt: You’ll catch me right?

Sitting on the rooftop (11 years old)

Sam had just left for a space mission and won’t come back for a few months. Matt likes to sit on his rooftop and talk to the sky in some hope that maybe his dad can hear him. Shiro loves to join him and Matt loves his company.

Shiro: You really miss him don’t you.

Matt: Yea, it’ll just be me, mom, and Katie for a while again.

Shiro: Just think of all the stories he’s going to have for you when he gets back. All those adventures and maybe aliens he’d be friends with. Sure beats any storybook any day.

Matt smiled. He always felt better with Shiro by his side.

Matt: Thank you

Shiro: Anytime

Stargazing (9 years old)

Matt: Isn’t this exciting?! We can finally see Jupiter’s moons!

Shiro: Those 4 tiny dots?

Matt: Yes!

Pinky Promise (12 years old)

Another night of them camping out in the backyard looking at the night sky. All you can hear are the crickets and see the faint glow of fireflies.

One day, just you wait”, Shiro starts off. “We’ll go to outer space”

Matt shuffles inside his sleeping bag, getting up with a wide grin on his face as he looks down at his best friend. And represent the human race!”

Shiro laughs, still looking up awe struck by the canopy of stars above them. “Exactly”

They sit there smiling in silence taking in the midnight beauty.

“You promise?” Matt asks. Shiro looks to his side and sees Matt’s pinky held out. Shiro lifts up his pinky and their little fingers intertwine.

“Promise,” he replies back.

I didn’t realize it at the time but that was the moment I knew that I would do anything to see you smile like that again.


Video Games (13 years old)

Matt: You’ll be so screwed, courtesy of yours truly

Shiro: In your dreams!

Matt: Is that a threat or a promise? *wiggles eyebrows*

Shiro: Omg Matt stop!

Matt’s just laughing at him but is completely oblivious to Mr.Takashi Blushing and Flustered Shirogane


Library (13 years old)

High school freshmen Takashi and Matthew. They joined some extra curricular activities after school.  Shiro was on the track team while Matt was in the chemistry club.  They also participated in the robotics team together. On Friday afternoons they were free and loved to go to the library and research together for fun.


Paintball (15 years old)

Each semester after exams, Matt and Shiro celebrated by going to paintball matches. They were the perfect duo and hailed as champions. They were both strategic, quick, and had excellent aim.


Katie’s 6th birthday (16 years old)

With a family that was passionate about astronomy, naturally, they made their little girl’s 6th birthday party space themed. Complete with a rocket ship piñata and a pin the antennae on the alien game it was perfectly designed for the special occasion. Matt and Shiro happily helped decorate and organize it.

Katie couldn’t reach the streamers nor hit the piñata so Shiro carried her while she tried to whack the thing. Matt thought it was adorable so he took pictures.


Movies (16 years old)

Shiro’s crushing hard on Matt at this point and considers asking him out on a date.

This shouldn’t be too hard! We hang out all the time, just us two. Well, of course, it was always just as friends but it’s not like anything will change? I should take a chance though. But what if it breaks our friendship?

Shiro is conflicted with confessing how he feels.

Matt had been going on and on about this one alien movie that was coming up. He replayed the trailers for the past few weeks always brightening up when someone brought it up.

The day comes and Shiro asks Matt, “Want to go see the movie with me?”

Matt looks at Shiro blank faced. “Well duh? Who else was I going to see it with?” He just continues talking on and on, arms flailing in excitement here and there. Shiro just smiles to himself. There’s no need to rush into things. Everything will fall into place naturally. What we have now is good and perhaps one day, something more will come.

Alex Hirsch's words at the "Animation Game Changers" panel, CTN Expo 2016
  • <p> <b>Hirsch:</b> [...] I mean, it's so amazing to be at this panel right now, cause it's like: "Oh, let's interview the giants [Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust], and now let's interview the ants standing on their shoulders [himself and Rebecca Sugar]". Like, the reason I knew at school that making a show was something you could do was because when I was in high school I was watching shows like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Fairly Odd Parents, Invader Zim, whatever-- name it... and all of these were people who, you know, not that long ago had also been students, who then pitched something and who made it. So they had cut with a machette, you know, the path through the jungle, and it was there.<p/><b></b> And the weird thing to me when I was at college was that nobody-- most of the people I was friends with, they didn't care. I was like "guys, there's a path, through this dark jungle, to running your own show!" and they were like [funny voice] "yeah, but I wanna design a prop for Pixar."<p/><b></b> [laughter]<p/><b></b> And like, they didn't think of it as something cool, as if...<p/><b>Tony Bancroft:</b> 'cuz it was easier, is that why?<p/><b>Hirsch:</b> I mean, it still-- there's a bit of that persp-- I think people think that Feature[ film]s are prestigious and that TV is, I mean, you know. Just look at... Moana's got the main room and it's, like-- you guys could be there, listening to some guy say like: "Uhh yeah, here's an anecdote about the Rock. I met him. He's nice." WHO CARES?! [motions towards Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust] These people shaped Animation History!<p/></p>

Marks and Rec: Misc #380

(Captain Brofist, he’s our hero! :D I picked out the planeteers from the characters in Legend of the Brofist. Seemed appropriate, haha.) (Dialogue from Captain Planet.)

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Can you do headcanons for dating Jason and not being a power ranger?

He’s so precious omg. Can I have him???

Originally posted by bertihelena

•He honestly never wanted you to figure it out

     -It’s too dangerous: there’s a reason all the comic book superheroes say the same thing 

•When he eventually accepted that he couldn’t be without you, he bought you pepper spray 

     -”Seriously? Pepper spray? This… won’t actually help me against your villains?” “Come on (Y/N)! There’s no way it won’t slow them down at least! Just like.. spray the shit out of them please?” 

•He always makes sure to spend as much time with you as possible 

    -Luckily there isn’t a need for the power rangers every day

•This boy is the best at planning dates. Like your childhood dreams? All. came. true.

   -Perfect promposals, picnics in the park, binge watching movie series, he’s down for it all 

•He’s a major Transformers nerd (I mean come on! He apologized to a camero)

     -You buy him an autobot sticker for his car 

      -He keeps it in his pocket, and the one time he morphs in front of you he legitimately sticks it on his forehead with a huge grin before his armor covers him up 

•You and him take his little sister to kids movies because you both need an excuse to go watch them  

      -His little sister loves you though

•You are always sooo worried when you see the rangers on the news, because that’s Jason, that’s your Jason, and your friends  

     -Of course you’re proud, because your boyfriend and friends are freaking superheroes, but you can’t help but wince anytime they get hurt 

•Jason always sneaks into your house so you can patch him up after fights: like in Amazing Spider-Man. 

    -You swear he comes through your window just for show because JASON LEE SCOTT IS AN ADORABLE NERD

•You have a simple necklace with a red pendant and the first time he sees it he just grins and kisses you 

•He has nightmares, probably a sideaffect of having to save the world so often

     -But when this happens he just calls you, he doesn’t even really need you to talk, he just wants to hear your voice 

•The first time he tells you he loves you is totally random 

      -The two of you were just watching TV, you were laughing at a joke and he just smiled, shook his head and said "God I love you”

     -And he didn’t even really realize he said it until you said it back 

     -The TV show was soon forgotten as you just made out on the couch after that

•His friends adore you! 

     -Like you hang out with the team all the time and you are basically family 

•One time when Angel Grove was under one of its many attacks, you nearly got hurt

      -he saved you, of course. But he refused to let you go afterwards and vowed he would never let you get hurt 

•He couldn’t imagine life without you, your smile, your laugh, or the way you pull your eyebrows together when you in deep thought

Before It’s Too Late (part 10)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: lil bit of this, lil bit of that

A/N: I remember back in 5th grade I got an A+ on a paper I wrote about how fun it was to collect rocks lmao.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Steve spat at his childhood best friend.

It had been three days since you had confessed your love for Bucky and he was now telling Sam and Steve about it.

“Right? I mean how could she do that to me? How could she put me in such a situation where-”

“No, Bucky,” Steve cut him off. “How stupid are you? I mean honestly, Buck, how fucking idiotic do you have to be to blame Y/N for – well, for having feelings for you.”

Bucky scoffed. “Steve, it’s fucked up.”

“How so?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Sam agrees as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“It’s fucked up because I have a girlfriend-”

“Yeah we know that already.” Sam spat.

Bucky shot his friend a mean look before continuing. “-and she knows that. Now I’m in an awkward position.”

“Awkward position?” Steve repeats and the long haired brunette nods.

“Yeah. She’s in love with me but I’m in a relationship. Awkward position. I don’t know what to do.”

Sam scoffs. “Here’s a suggestion; get your head out of your ass and accept the fact that you feel the same towards Y/N.”

“But I don’t.”


“You know, you don’t have to listen to what I’m saying.” Bucky huffed.

“You’re right, I don’t.” Sam stood up from the couch. “It’s bullshit anyways.”

The blonde and brunette watched as Sam walked over to the door with intentions to leave but was stopped when he opened the door to a fuming Natasha. Sam opened his mouth to greet the red head but was cut off by her pushing him out of the way.

She stormed over to Bucky, standing in front of him as he sat on the couch.

“Hey Nat, What’s u-”

He was cut off when her hand made contact with his cheek. Hard. The brunette cups his cheek, mouth gaped and he looked up at the red head in bewilderment.

“What the fuck did you do to Y/N?!” she shouts, becoming angrier just by looking at Bucky.

“W-What do you mean? I-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Barnes! She’s been locked up in her room for three fucking days. She hasn’t been going to her classes, I don’t even know if she’s been eating or staying hydrated!” she exclaimed.

“How do you know it’s me who’s done something? For all you know it could be someone else!” Bucky replied.

“Because, you inconsiderate piece of dog shit, Wanda and I went into her room at check up on her and when we asked what was wrong the only thing she said was your name before she started crying so I ask again; what the fuck did you do to Y/N.” it wasn’t a question. It was more of ‘tell me or else I’ll murder you’. He didn’t have a choice.

Bucky gulped. “I… well I… it’s kind of-”

“He rejected Y/N.” Sam says for him. “But that’s not all. It wasn’t just a ‘oh I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same way, I have a girlfriend’ he made her feel like shit. He yelled at her for having feelings for him, made her cry and didn’t bother to stop until, of course Kristen came.”

Bucky looked at Natasha whose eyes were shooting daggers into him. He genuinely feared for his life, even more so when she lunged at him but was pulled back by Steve.

“I’m going to fucking kill you!” she shouted as she struggled to get free. “I can’t fucking believe you, Bucky! She tells you how she feels about you and then you pull some bullshit like this!”

“Woah, woah, woah, how about we talk about the fact that you all knew she was in love with me yet none of you guys even bothered to tell me?!” he looked around at his friends.

“Because it wasn’t for us to tell! It was how she felt, not how we felt! She had to be the one to tell you!” the red head replied.

“Well why the hell did she wait five fucking years?!” Bucky yelled as he stood up. “Why’d she wait till I was in a relationship?!”

“Because she was scared!” Natasha gave up and let Steve hold her back. She let out a huff and fixed her hair that had landed in her face. “I told her to tell you how she felt before it was too late. It was eating her up, Bucky. I couldn’t stand there and watch my best friend slowly get her heart broken but seeing her like this, right now at this moment,” she shakes her head. “it breaks my heart. You’ve completely broken her, Bucky.”

She breaks free from Steve’s grasp and walks over to the door. Glancing over her shoulder at the brunette, she shakes her head again. “A simple ‘I don’t feel the same way, I’m sorry’ would have sufficed.”

And she was gone.

It was quiet. Sam and Steve watched Bucky who was looking down at the floor, walking around the living room.

“Buck.” Steve said softly.

Bucky reached out and grabbed a vase that they had bought for decoration and smashed it on the floor, startling both Steve and Sam.

“God damnit!” he yelled. “God fucking d-” he stopped mid-sentence to knock over the little coffee table, kicking it until it was ruined.

“Bucky, calm down.” Steve says, walking over to his friend who swung around.

“Look what I did, Steve. Look. I ruined Y/N – I ruined my relationship with her! Why? Because I’m a fucking asshole who can’t admit the god damn truth!”

“What do you mean you can’t admit the truth? What truth?” he questioned.

Bucky scoffed. “Oh, as if you guys didn’t know.” He rolled his eyes. “I like Y/N.”

“Wait,” Sam jumps over the couch to join Steve and Bucky. “So you’re telling me that you rejected Y/N, yelled at her for having feelings for you but you feel the same way towards her?”

“Yeah.” He nods. “It’s stupid, I know but throughout the years of knowing her I learned what her type was. Every time she would say someone was cute, they would fit right into her type of guys that she likes. Even past guys she’s liked all into the type of guys she likes.”

“What type of guys does she like?” Steve pressed on.

“She likes preppy, high-classed guys. Guys who gel their hair and keep it nice, guys who probably go golfing and wear polos. That’s the kind of guy she likes and do you think I fall under that? Hell no. I’m nowhere close to that so why even try?” he plops down on the couch and rubs his face with his hands. “When I kissed her on New Year’s it was the best fucking kiss I’ve ever had. I’d kiss her over and over again if I could. I thought she liked it, hell, I did but afterwards she said nothing. Just stared at me. The car ride home, nothing. Not even a goodnight when we went to sleep. She laid on the opposite side of her bed just to get away from me.

“I tried getting over her. All those girls I’ve went on dates with never even compared to Y/N but I knew I had to get over her. That’s when I met Kristen and she was pretty cool. I like her. But that’s it.” Bucky sighed and looked up at Sam and Steve. “That day in the hallway, when she told me she was in love with me, it was all I’ve ever wanted to hear. But it irritated me because why wait so damn long? Why wait until I’m getting over her to tell me how she felt? I get it, she was scared, I understand that but just… why?”

There was a pause before he sighed. “For a split second I thought Vis told her that I was in love with her and she was just saying all of that, just playing with my emotions which was why I acted so mean.”

“Wait, Vis knew?” Steve questioned and Bucky nodded. “How the hell did he know but I didn’t?”

“It’s not something I was broadcasting to the world, Steve.” He rolled his eyes. “Vis came over to hang out but I was finishing up my art project and he found my sketch book – well he didn’t find it, it was just laying on my bed – anyways he looked through my sketch book and I have… a lot of drawings of Y/N and some other sappy things. I guess it’s like my diary except I don’t express my feelings through words, I express them through drawings.”

Sam and Steve nod before Bucky continued.

“I wanted to throw myself into Y/N’s arms, to hold her and kiss her but I couldn’t. Especially when Kristen came. I had forgotten she was coming over.” The brunette sighs. “I fucked up, didn’t I?”

“Big time, my friend.” Sam pats his shoulder.

“What should I do? I have to talk to her. I have to make things right, to tell her that-that I feel the same way. She needs to know-”

“Slow your roll, Bucky.” Steve says. “Give her some time. And don’t forget that you need to talk to Kristen first. She deserves to know what’s happening… also you don’t want to go over to Y/N’s right now, I’m sure Natasha’s still pissed and Wanda will definitely be pissed. You won’t make it out alive.”

Bucky sits back on the couch and sighs. “You’re right, you’re right. I’ll go talk to Kristen tomorrow.”

It had now been day five since you confessed your love for Bucky and today was your first time back in class. The day had went by smoothly and you were in your last class of the day which just so happened to be your creative writing class. The class had ended and you took your time packing up. When you looked around, everyone had left and it was now just you and your professor.

You walked over to her desk and she greeted you with a warm smile. “What can I do for you miss Y/L/N?”

“I actually wanted to talk to you about my last paper. Y’know, the one where we had to write about the time we felt the most pain in our lives?” you say and your professor nods.

“Ah, yes. It wasn’t your best work.” She frowned.

“I know which was why I came to ask you if there was a possibility that I could rewrite it. I know it’s a long shot but I know I could do so much better.”

Your professor thinks it over before nodding. “I’ll let you rewrite it but only because I know you can do better. Your writing is amazing. That and I let a few other students rewrite theirs.”

You smile. “Thank you so much.”

“Not a problem.” She responds. “Turn it in by Friday.”

With a nod and another thank you, you leave the classroom and make your way to your car.

As you arrived at your apartment building, you looked around for Bucky’s car. You didn’t want to bump into him. You hadn’t seen him for 5 days, he had been ignoring you but it was probably for the better. You wouldn’t be able to be in the same room with him without crying.

You make it into your apartment without running into anyone and see Natasha and Wanda sitting on the couch. They turn their heads to you and you flash them a smile, although it wasn’t a big one.

“Hey guys.” You greet. “What’re you guys doing home?”

“I don’t have softball practice today.” Wanda says.

“Yeah and I just have nothing to do.” Nat shrugged.

“You’re not hanging out with Bruce today?” you questioned, locking up the door.

“Nah, he’s out with Tony and Steve.” She responds. You nod your head slowly all while Natasha and Wanda watched you like and eagle watching its prey.

“How are you feeling?” Natasha asks.

“Uh… good – better than yesterday so we’re getting somewhere.” you smile.

“That’s good.” She nods.

The three of you stare at each other before you clear your throat. “Well I’m gonna go in my room now.”

“No, stay out here and watch a movie with us!” Wanda exclaimed and Nat nods her head in agreement.

“Maybe later. I have to rewrite something for my creative writing class. It won’t take long, I promise.” You say.

“Okay. We’ll let you pick the movie.” Natasha replies.

You nod and disappear into your room. You throw your bag onto your bed before sitting down on your chair and sighing. The last time you sat in this chair was when you were writing for your last paper and Bucky was sitting on your bed just-

“No.” you say. “I’m not going to think about him.”

You turn around and get your notebook and pen out of your bag before setting them on your desk. You take one look at your blank piece paper before starting to write.

What is pain? Pain is that heart-wrenching feeling you get. You know, the one where your heart physically clenches and you feel like you can’t breathe.

I didn’t know what real pain felt like until now. I just thought pain was the feeling you got when you fell and scraped your knee or - in my case - when you fall off your roof and your thigh gets impaled by a shard of glass.

That’s what I thought pain was.

I never thought about the pain you get when you tell the person that you’ve been in love with for five years that you’re in love with them only for them to not feel the same way. It hurts.

Now I know I could give you the short version and be done with this quickly but I’d rather not.

This is about the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life. This is about my first heartbreak.

It all started years ago with my best friend James….



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precious boys.

Hello! Could you please do some RFA + Saeran imagines with MC taking them to the skating rink on Valentine’s day? Thank you, love your imagines a lot^^ @chen-meilin


  • It was really an impromptu idea to go ice skating
  • Yoosung and you were walking around with hot drinks in hand (from your cafe date) when you both saw that the skating rink was open
  • It was only early afternoon, so why not? There was a lot of time to kill before dinner
  • Yoosung paid for both entering fees (so gentlemanly!) 
  • You both got laced up and ready to go!
  • Luckily both you and Yoosung knew how to skate decently and it was really cute even though you acted like every other couple in the rink
  • He held your hand and pulled you along with him, just enjoying talking and spending time with you
  • Leans down to kiss your nose a lot because “It looked cold!”
  • If you got separated from him at any point and see you from a distance, he’d hold his arms wide open for you to skate into, resulting in a big hug!!
  • Skating was a lot of fun!
  • In fact, by the time you both left it was sundown
  • “We should go skating next weekend, MC!”


  • She’d love to go ice skating for Valentine’s!
  • The only problem is that she’s a little worried because the last time she’s skated was as a child
  • But right when she hopped onto the ice, it was like she never stopped
  • Baehee’s got this
  • She’s having so much fun doing spins and twirling with you, her smiles and laughter is so contagious
  • Luckily for the both of you, there was a cafe in the arena so she definitely stopped there for a break
  • There was a couple’s deal for coffee too! Buy the Valentine’s themed drink with your partner and get them both half off!
  • The coffee was a rich chocolaty flavor and the swoosh of warmth in your stomachs was so refreshing
  • After the coffee break you and Jaehee skated together for another hour or so before leaving
  • “I almost forgot how fun ice skating was! We should go again sometime.”


  • He’s down for Valentine’s ice skating
  • He actually learned it sometime in the last year for a role where the character he played was an ice skater so Zen was still pretty passionate about ice skating
  • The producers had professionals teach him how to skate so he was really good at it
  • Zen will totally make the whole date as romantic as possible, holding your hand constantly and kissing said hand
  • “Babe, are you cold? Here take my jacket!”
  • Lowkey showing off his skills to you by trying to teach you some of tricks he’s learned
  • This sweetheart will also make sure you don’t get hurt
  • Accidentally slipped? Not happening babe, he’s gonna catch you
  • So happy when the couple’s skate starts and sings to you softly while skating with you around the giant heart they illuminated in the middle of the rink
  • When you get really tired, it’s time to head home
  • But right when you reach the outside, he pulls you in for a deep kiss
  • “I had a fun night tonight, I love you.”


  • “Ice skating for Valentine’s Day?”
  • “Yeah!! It’ll be really fun, Jumin!”
  • You bet he rented out the entire rink much to other’s couple’s dismay for Valentine’s Day
  • While you knew how to skate, Jumin did not
  • He insisted on having a trainer come out and teach him but you happily said that you could teach him
  • Jumin liked that idea more because you were so sweet and patient with him
  • Your hands were always securing his balance unless he was trying to skate a short distance
  • It took a little while, but he could keep up with you now!
  • Relaxing romantic music played in the arena while you and Jumin idly skated about while talking
  • He actually found ice skating quite fun with you, maybe he should try this more often
  • “Thank you, MC. I would have never gotten to experience this if not for you.”


  • The local lake froze over and dammit Saeyoung wanted to get his fill on the childhood he never got
  • So he dragged you there on Valentine’s day at midnight, where there would be no people around
  • Admittedly, it was a little creepy being in an empty park but thankfully they kept the lights on around the lake in case that wackos like Saeyoung come at midnight
  • He had his skates on in a flash and got frustrated when you took too long, so he did them quickly for you
  • Right when you were ready, he ran onto the ice
  • This guy is such a big show off, he’s doing jumps and twirls with a huge smile on his face
  • “AM I I LIKE THE GUYS FROM YURI ON ICE YET, MC??” he yells over to you
  • He’s so goofy, chasing you around the lake and trying to tackle you
  • You’re so happy to see that he’s having a good time, it’s worth the cold and tiredness
  • Around 3am was when he deemed too tired to continue
  • He skated up behind you, wrapping his arms around your neck and resting his chin on your shoulder
  • “Thanks for letting me fill in my missing childhood, MC. This was the best Valentine’s Day so far.”


  • “What’s Valentine’s Day got to do with ice skating?”
  • He wasn’t so fond with being in a crowded rink so you took him to a lake deep in the woods where nobody really went
  • It was serene and beautiful surrounding
  • You laced up your skates and Saeran’s as well since he didn’t really know how
  • He didn’t really know how to skate either since he never got the opportunity to
  • You carefully guided him around, but he was still having a lot of trouble
  • It took a good portion of your time there to teach him how to skate on your own, but he admitted that he kind of liked you constantly holding him
  • So even when he learned, you still held on to him
  • When he got tired, it was time for a break! You packed hot chocolates in the thermos and boy did they warm you up
  • “Thank you for taking me here, MC…Happy Valentine’s Day? That’s what I’m supposed to say, right?”
the signs as hazy summer concepts

aries: when you’re running on a hot day and feel the sun radiating and absorbing into your skin

taurus: laying out in tall grass with your partner, looking at them while their hair shines and skin glows

gemini: walking around town on a bright day with your best friend, your favorite drink in your hand, sharing childhood stories each other and having a laugh

cancer: cuddling with your partner on the couch while seeing sun beaming in through the windows all around the house

leo: laying on your beach towel absorbing the sun while softly hearing children’s laughter and splashes of water

virgo: walking in the country side with your partner, picking wild flowers for each other along the gravel road and holding hands

libra: dancing outside at night with your partner around the bonfire, fireflies surrounding you and the fire crackling

scorpio: sitting in air conditioning, covered in a blanket, in a dark room, when the sun is setting and there’s a thunderstorm outside

sagittarius: walking with friends, when it’s dark and laughing, feeling, hearing nature all around you

capricorn: sitting passenger seat in the car, taking a nap and feeling the warmth from the sun while leaving to go to the cities

aquarius: feeling high all alone with no worries, feeling dreamy and dancing with relaxing music

pisces: swimming deep into dark water, feeling it getting colder compared to the warmth from the sun on that day

Lumps, Bruises, and Kisses ;; Peter Parker

a/n: lol this is my first request, feel free to request things guys! let me know what you think!

request: Hey could you write something about being childhood best friends with peter then one day he comes because he needs healing after a patrol and during that night your friendship changes to love and you officially start a relationship

warnings: angsty as frick and mentions of blood and such i’m terible at describing things


“Peter Benjamin Parker, are you outta your mind?” I hiss quietly at the boy sneaking in my room at such a late hour.

Clad in his Spider-Man suit, he tumbles to the floor with a groan. Sighing, I close my Chemistry textbook and swing my legs over the side of my bed, I peer down at him, shaking my head left to right. I clear my bed, moving my books and homework to the floor, knowing that he was exhausted and wanted to lay down comfortably.

I was used to this by now, it was a routine. Every night, Peter tapped on the window, took off his mask, and told me his stories. It was always a different one, no day for him was boring and he never got tired off it. Sometimes he complained, going on about how hard it is to keep up with his “internship” and school work and also having a semi social life.

But, I can he knows it worth it. That smile whenever he tells me about a thief he stopped or a robber he pinned down. When he uses his hands to describe things with huge expressions and sound effects. The gleam in his eye whenever he talks about how he wants to make Tony Stark proud. I always tell him he already is, but he leans his chin in towards his chest and blushes with a smile, shaking his head.

My bed is clear, and just when I’m turning to help Peter up, he wraps his arms around me and leans down, enveloping me in a giant hug. He sighs in my hair when I wrap my own arms around his waist and squeeze him back. And we just stand there, we don’t talk or move, just stand in each other’s arms. Comfortable in each other’s presence, personal space seeming nonexistent.

“Today was,” he starts, swallowing thickly before going on, “rough.”

My brows furrow and I pull back to get a good look at him. His mask was halfway off his face, so I gently tug it all the way off before gasping and dropping the mask to the floor. A dark, swollen eye and a split lip were usually normally, but with a bloody nose and busted eyebrow made it worse.

“Peter, my god-“ I push myself away, resting my hands on his torso before he grips my forearms and inhaling sharply.

Clenching his teeth and squeezing his eyes shut, he breathes out in a whimper, “I’m hurt.”

My heart aches and a lump forms on my throat at the sight of his pained face. Eyebrows tilted upward and tears forming in the corners of his eyes, the sight made it feel like I was getting a punch to the gut.

“Okay, okay, P.” I grab his shaky hands and make him lay down on my bed, “Just don’t move. I’ll be back.”

In all honesty, I didn’t have a single clue for what I needed to do. The furthest I’ve done to helping someone’s injuries is putting on a bandaid or taping their fingers together. I walk towards my closed bedroom door, open and close it quickly before running as quietly as possible to the bathroom. I open the mirror above the vanity and grab the first aid kit.

“This better do.” I mutter, swiftly making my way down the hall and back into my bedroom.

I walk in and shut the door behind me, my eyes landing on the horrible condition Peter was in. My eyes flicker between the kit and my best friend and I hope for the best, knowing that we’ll need all the luck we can get. He turns his neck to face me, but flinches back into the position he was in before. I sigh sadly, rushing to his side and kneeling beside him.

“How’re ya, Peter? You good?” I whisper, tucking some of his loose unkempt hair behind his ear.

He grits his teeth and flashes me half of a smile, grunting, “A little b-better now.”

My cheeks tint pink and I smile a little before focusing back on him and his injuries, “Ok, so I’ve never down this before. So… maybe a wet washcloth?”

He flashes me a look that says “I don’t know, do anything”, so I stand up and run back to the bathroom and grab a damp towel. I come back and dab away the dried blood. I grab the rubbing alcohol and pour a little onto a cotton pad.

Sighing once again, I look at him with sad eyes, “This will sting, just a little though. Nothing you can’t take.”

He weakly smiles up at me, placing his hand on my shoulder and rubbing his thumb up and down on it. I turn to look at his glove covered fingers, and hold them in my free hand. I lean my face in close to his, and start lightly pressing the cotton to his eyebrow. He gasps and squeezes my hand in his.

“Sorry.” I flash him a sympathetic look.

“No, Y/N, you’re fine.” He breathes out slowly, like he was holding the breath.

I finish using the hydrogen peroxide and a couple bandages. Everything looks fine, except that swollen eye. I cringe looking at it, it had swelled up so much, Peter could barely look out it.

“Shit,” I lightly cup the sides of his face in my small hands, examining the area around his eye, “you need an ice pack. Wait, we don’t have any ice packs. Uh, how about peas, or broccoli? I think we have corn too but-“

“Y/N,” Peters calm voice stops me from rambling on as he places his hands on top of mine, “anything is fine.”

I nod slowly, removing my hands and rushing down stairs as quietly as possible. Walking calmly past my parents in the living room, I walk into the kitchen and open the freezer. I grab the frozen carrots and make my way out of the kitchen. Neither of my parents suspect a thing when they notice the carrots in my hands and go back to watching their movie. With a sigh of relief, I race back to my room and back to Peter.

“Fast.” He states, smirking at me.

I can tell he’s feeling better just by his snarky remarks, “You’re looking better Mr. Parker, ready to check of the hospital?”

He smiles back at me as I sit on the bedside closest to his bruised eye. Carefully, I place the frozen bag on his eye before pulling it back due to him flinching at the coldness. I chuckle, and he breathes out a laugh as I fully place it on his eye. He grabs the bag with his own hand and peers up at me with one eye.

“Anything else?” I smile warmly down at him.

“Hmm,” he hums, looking around the room with his one eye pretending to be thinking really hard, “a kiss.”

I scoff at his request, shaking my head at the silly boy, “Do you always become this big of a flirt after your patrols, Peter?”

He rolls his one eye, a hilarious sight indeed, before saying, “You’re the one who asked if I needed anything. I need a kiss.”

I smile, placing my hands on either side of his head and leaning down to press my lips to his forhead. I pull away, and look down at my best friend, the sudden feeling of butterflies taking over my stomach.

“Better?” I raise an eyebrow at him, and he shrugs. I roll my eyes, “Really? What else do you need?”

He smiles softly, leaning up just barely and placing his hand on the back of my neck. Slowly, he presses his more chapped lips to my softer ones, and his eyes flutter shut. After the shock resides, I do the same and kiss him back. The realization hits me though: I’m kissing my best friend. I pull away quickly, his hand falling from my neck.

I look down at him, breathless with wide eyes. He acts the same, only with more lumps and bruises. Then, we both break out with a smile, and laugh together. I lean down and kiss him again, and again, until our lips are numb and swollen. Resting my forehead against his, he scratches behind his ear, a dopey smile sketched across his face.

He sighs lovingly, “I feel so much better now, Y/N.”


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Pairing: Jughead Jones III x Reader

Summary: Jughead tried to unmask your feelings towards him, because he was jealous.

Word count: 1.398

Posted: 17th of November 2017

A/N: Another Jughead imagine is up! Are you liking my imagines? I hope you do.

Anyways, feel free to visit my masterlist and you might like other imagines that  have been already posted. Thank you so much guys!

Oh, I am accepting requests! Please send them in. Thank you!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/N) is Your Name.

“Damn it!” Your lips formed a wide smile while you observed your dream boyfriend from afar. “Look at how sexy he is, Ronnie!” You gently elbowed Veronica to catch her attention, making her look towards his direction.

“Why don’t you just go and tell him already?” Ronnie gave you a cheeky smirk, encouraging you to conquer your fear of admitting it.

“Reggie Mantle?” Betty asked with her left eyebrow raised. “Seriously, (Y/N)?” She shook her head and it was obvious that she wasn’t fan of it, because her tone was disgusted. You raised your shoulders and you shrugged everything off. You honestly appreciate her sincerity and there were no hard feelings between you, no matter what her opinions were.

“What’s wrong with him?” You curiously asked, showing your innocence and obliviousness of his dark side. Your friends were aware how the admiration you had for him blinded you and they really felt bad for you, at least Jughead and Betty.

“Reggie Mantle, a tall, beautiful and muscular stereotypical jock with a biggest concern in football and sex. He’s cool and a great athlete, but also boastful and easily picks on outsiders and misfits.” Your best friend, Jughead, pointed out while you continued to admire Reggie. When he stopped talking, you turned your head towards his direction and gave him an annoyed and fed up stare.

“Are you jealous, Jug?” You slightly punched him in his shoulders, not wanting to hurt yourself. He imitated you and made some dumb faces. “You are annoying!”

“You are annoying too, (Y/N)!” He seriously pointed out, dodging the question that he detested. “Oh my God! He’s so cute and attractive, I want to fuck him!” He changed the pitch of his voice as if he was copying you.

“Cut it off, Jughead.” Veronica threw her Mathematic notebook to the naughty and envious boy beside you. “Don’t ruin your friendship for something stupid and useless.”

“She started it, Veronica.” Jughead insisted and he kept on laying the blame on you, being a little bitter because of the compliments that the jock has received from you earlier.

“Stop it, Jughead. You seem like a child.” You spat the words carelessly as you rolled your eyes for his childish actions.

“Guys!” Betty shouted in despair. She wanted to stop you from fighting. “Ronnie is right! You wouldn’t ruin a friendship for that, would you?”

“I would if I need to.” You nonchalantly answered, earning another death glare from Jughead. You perfectly knew Jughead and he was already fed up and annoyed by your actions too. He has been your best friend since your childhood days and it was just one of your useless and nonsense fights. You’ve been through everything and a fight wasn’t a big deal in your friendship. After all, they were just obstacles and you and Jughead were two good athletes, because you knew how to surpass them.

“How about you two? How about your unbeatable squad?” Betty pouted as she fought for your friendship with Jughead. She’s the peacemaker of the group and you know that she wanted for you and Jughead to be in a serious relationship.

“There was never an us, B!” You fiercely answered, trying to be the most heartless person in the earth. You didn’t know why, but you wanted to hurt Jughead so much. It wasn’t just because of Reggie, it was something more, but you couldn’t just understand what it was.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, (Y/N)!” Jughead emotionlessly answered. You were both being stubborn, but Jughead was the only one who felt bad about it.

“Yeah, I will and don’t ever talk to me again, Jones!” You picked up your things from the table your friends were sitting and you turned your back to walk away from them, avoiding Jughead’s gaze.

“That’s what you really want, (Y/N)?” He quickly stopped you from walking away by grabbing your wrist. You didn’t turn around to face him, but instead you remained sniffy and prideful. “I know that you don’t. I need you and you need me, you just won’t admit it. I am sorry because I started a useless fight, but it annoys me that you keep on admiring someone else, when I am here beside you. I am so close, but, yet, you can’t see how much I care for you. You refuse to see the love when you look into my eyes, you refuse to believe every sign that shows how much I love you. You refuse to believe, because I know that you are afraid,” Jughead paused as he swallowed his pride. He decided to leave every word that stabbed his heart like knives behind and made you face him, holding your hands tightly. Your heart started to beat as fast as it could, making your chest go up and down. “you are afraid because you think that it would ruin our relationship, but I can assure you that it wouldn’t. I already treat you as my precious gem, did we ruin anything? No, we didn’t. Just let me love you, (Y/N), and stop hurting me by doing such things.”

You peaked over Jughead’s shoulder and the girls were amazed of your best friend’s speech. Jughead was never the talkative one, but when he needed to vent, he would do it without any problem. His words were sincere and you couldn’t deny that your heart skipped every beat of it.

Maybe you overestimated Jughead’s intelligence and capacity of observing people’s behaviour, because he has perfectly got the point of everything. He knew you too well that he noticed which were your fears and flaws.

“I love you, (Y/N)!” Jughead broke the silence and looked down to admire his shoes, as if they were the most beautiful things on earth. You felt your cheeks turning red and the heat was a little bit annoying, but still you couldn’t help but flash him a sincere smile.

“Jug, did I ever tell you that you talk too much?” You caught his gaze and you both consider each other’s eyes. You noticed his disappointment when you blurted your question out, totally not considering any of his words.

“Oh my God, just shut up and kiss him!” Betty funnily cheered as her favourite people finally find their way to love.

“Well, you talk too much!” You said with a big smile, ignoring Betty’s idiotic comments. “And I am afraid that I might use my lips to shut you up.”

“I would never mind, (Y/N)!” Jughead winked at you and he gave you his biggest and most sincere smile. He knew that you felt the same, he knew it since the very start- that’s why he tried to unmask you, he wanted for you to reveal your true feelings.

His reply was loud and clear, you wouldn’t violate his privacy if you ever tried to kiss him, because he gave you his consensus. In fact, you were about to diminish the space between you by leaning in little by little, but you suddenly felt his soft and reddish lips on yours, locking them as they danced in a synchronized way.

Your heart was beating so fast and you were sure that you never felt in that way before. Jughead brought you to a different world and he could honestly make you feel better.

“I should annoy you even more, (Y/N)!” Jughead whispered as soon as you broke the kiss. Your friends behind Jughead were both cheering for you and they couldn’t help but to be happy for you and Jughead. Finally, he confessed his feelings!

“Asshole!” You playfully rolled your eyes and you put your things back on the bench once again. “By the way, Jug,” You called his attention and he quickly turned his head towards your direction. “I love you too.” You sincerely confessed, making Jughead flash his greatest and sweetest smile.

“I know.” Jughead pointed it out and you punched him on his arm playfully. He was really annoying, but everything of this happened because of his jealousy and you couldn’t help but to thank Jughead for being the type of the guy that he was.

After all, he was your best friend- he knew you best, he learnt your actions by heart and he was quite intuitive and smart.

Yes, he was the best and you loved him for that, for his greatest and flawless qualities.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the theory that Sansa is ride or die with LF? There is some evidence - Alayne chapters are very ambiguous about whether or not she consciously poisoning SR (ambiguity and vaguing about troublesome topics is Sansa's thing, I know, but it's possible she's aware at some level of what's happening), plus that she's tied up in all of LF's scheming (he planned it that way) and may be fighting Rickon / Bran for WF. It's dark and bleak but is it at all possible?

Originally posted by gif-007

No. Sansa is not “ride or die” with Littlefinger. Sansa has been emotionally blackmailed by Littlefinger into being trapped where she is, has been withheld crucial information by him, and yet still thinks of herself fundamentally as a Stark.

First off, I don’t get this idea that Sansa is “consciously poisoning” Sweetrobin. I’ve already talked about how Sansa clearly has no idea what the true, deadly properties of sweetsleep are. This post yesterday on the uni goes into even more detail about how it makes no sense to say that Sansa is aware that giving Robert Arryn more sweetsleep will be ultimately fatal for him. It’s Littlefinger who is concocting this whole scheme around getting Robert out of the way so that Sansa and Harry can rule the Eyrie - and Littlefinger who has already twice plotted with poisons. Sansa knows little Robert is “weak” in his constitution, but has no idea her pretended father is deliberately poisoning her cousin.

Secondly, it’s pretty evident that from the first, Sansa is not comfortable around Littlefinger. He’s engaged on a campaign of emotional manipulation, forced intimacy, and out-and-out blackmail (based on lies) to get Sansa where she is. Sansa isn’t going along with him because she enjoys it, she feels alone and out of other options. Yet she's still Sansa inside - she’s still an individual of compassion and empathy, even for annoying little Robert. Moreover, even as she’s trying to play the role of “Alayne Stone”, she keeps having to “correct” herself because she’s still thinking Sansa Stark thoughts - wishing she could see Jon Snow again, missing the family member she’s lost, remembering “bright cold days” at Winterfell with Arya and Jeyne Poole, thinking of Eddard Stark first as her father.

And all of those feelings Sansa has about her situation is without the benefit of knowing two all-important facts about Littlefinger. One is Littlefinger’s involvement with Jeyne Poole’s fate. As far as Sansa likely knows, Jeyne died during the brutal shift in power during her father’s final days in King’s Landing; she’s not seen her childhood best friend since then - and since Littlefinger promised to “find a place” for Jeyne. What Sansa has no way of knowing is that Littlefinger sold Jeyne into physically abusive sexual slavery, forced her to pretend to be Arya, and arranged her marriage to the sadistic Ramsay. Would Sansa really be okay with all that - horrific abuse of her closest friend hand-in-hand with a direct assault on her family legacy?

But even worse, what is going to happen when Sansa finds out that Littlefinger was directly responsible for her father’s downfall and ultimate death? Sansa was not in the throne room for Littlefinger’s “I did warn you not to trust me” coup (although Sandor Clegane was - I leave that to your own conclusions), but if she even found out … well, I can’t imagine that going over well even a little bit. (Not to mention that the dagger Littlefinger uses to illustrate his point about “clean hands” and the failures of Ned as a player may well be the very same one he held up to Ned’s throat.)

No, Sansa is not ride or die with Littlefinger, and it’s ludicrous to think that Sansa would rather go with him than her actual, living family members. Once she finds out the true depth of his infamy, she’s going to break with him in dramatic fashion. I completely see Sansa, in true Stark fashion, serving final justice on Littlefinger for his many, many crimes against her, the Starks, and the others he’s wronged.


blakkats as Mai

fyeahpolarshipping as Joey

Texas Trip

Summary: The reader is going to Texas to visit her grandmother, but the reader and Bucky can’t seem to be apart for too long.

Word Count: 1451

A/N: I was in Texas at my grandparent’s ranch, and I wrote this and a couple others on my phone. I just got home and now I am able to actually post these! Hope you guys like it!

   You were packing for your trip back home to Texas when there was a knock at the door.

  “I got it,” you roommate, Michelle, hollered from the living room.

  “Hey Michelle,” your boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, wrapped his flesh arm around her shoulders in a half hug, “How are you?”

  “Pretty good. Just trying to stay cool. Y/N is in her room packing,” she pointed towards your room.

  He gave her a sweet smile as he made his way to your room. He knocked on your partially open door, “Hey doll.”

  You turned around from your closet and smiled, “Hi baby.” You walked up to him and planted a kiss on his lips, “What are you doing here?”

  He brushed the hair from your face, “I just wanted to come see you.”

  You chuckled, “We have a dinner date in a couple hours, Buck.”

  “I know, but I wanted to see you before that,” he gave you a sad smile.   

  “Bucky, I am only gonna be gone for five days,” you turned back to your closet.

  “I know but still,” he mumbled as he laid down on your bed.

  You sighed at his comment. You guys have been going out for about a year now and you guys have never been apart for longer than a day. You pulled out a shirt and walked over to your suitcase, “You know, you could always come with me. Nana would love to see you.” Every time you called your grandmother she would ask where James was and how he was doing. Needless to say, she approved of your relationship with Bucky and she adored him.

  Bucky smiled and picked at your comforter, “No, I don’t want to crash your visit with Nana. Besides we both know she would spend the whole time talking about how great I am.”

  You scoffed, “Think much of yourself?”

  Bucky burst out laughing, “Are you jealous that your nana loves me more?”   

  You rolled your eyes, “Oh get over yourself, Bucky.”

  He grabbed your hand and pulled you to him, wrapping his long arms around your waist, “But in all seriousness, you need some one on one time with your grandma. She misses you.”

  You ran your fingers threw his hair and smiled, “I am going to miss you.”

  “Well you better,” he squeezed your a little tighter, “Why don’t we go to dinner now?”

  You looked at your suitcase, “Yeah okay.”

 The next morning at 4:30, Bucky was carrying your bag as you walked up to escalators that went up to airport security. 

  You turned to him, “Okay, baby, I have to go.”

  He nodded and cleared his throat, “Okay. Come here,” he pulled you into his arms, “You call me when you land, and when you get to the ranch.”

   "I will,“ you took in a deep breath, taking in his scent.

   He leaned down and kissed your lips, “I love you, pretty girl.”

  “I love you too,” you brushed his cheek with your hand, “If you change your mind, you know you can always come down to Texas and hangout.”

  He kissed your forehead, “I think I will be okay. Just don’t be surprised if I FaceTime you a hundred times.”

  You smiled and squeezed his hand, “Bye Bucky.”

  “Bye, Y/N,” he stood at the bottom of the escalators and watched as you disappeared into the airport security crowd.

  When you landed you called and talked to Bucky the whole way down to baggage claim and while you waited for your bags. You could hear that he was already missing you and was longing your touch in his voice. It broke your heart because you really did want him to come on this trip with you, but he instead that you go on your own. You got into your rental car and started the two hour drive to your family ranch. 

  When you finally got to the ranch you were exhausted from the day of traveling, but your Nana and childhood best friend, Jasmine, were waiting for you to go and do stuff in town. The whole time you were trying to enjoy yourself, but you couldn’t help but feel like Bucky should be there.

  “You sure do love him don’t you?” you nana asked watching you smile after reading a text from him.

  You smiled and felt yourself blushing, “I’m kinda fond of him.”

  “They are all over each other, all the time,” Jasmine said as she looked through a clothing rack.

  You rolled your eyes as you nana replied, “Well why did he come? I would love to have James here too! He is always welcome here!”

  “He knows that, he just wanted me to have a one on one trip with you,” you smiled.

  “Do you miss him?” Nana asked quietly.

  You nodded. She smiled and patted your back as she walked towards Jasmine. 

  The rest of the day was a blur, you ran around and saw people, went shopping, and did different errands before you went back to the ranch. 

  You finally got into bed around 10 o'clock. You grabbed your phone and tried to FaceTime Bucky but all it did was ring. So you text him and told him that you were sorry for not calling him sooner, that you would call him in the morning and good night. You turned over and were asleep in minutes.

  “Y/N?” you nana sang, “I got coffee brewing.”

   You turned and looked at the clock, surprised that you actually slept in. You smiled and kissed your nana’s cheek, “I’ll be right in. Just let me brush my teeth and wash my face.”

  She patted your arm and gave you mischief grin. You shook your head as you walked into the bathroom.

  Five minutes later you walked into the kitchen to see your nana cooking a big breakfast, “Nana, is it gonna be more than just the two of us for breakfast?” you asked stealing a piece of bacon.

  She swatted your hand, “Well no, but it’s your first breakfast of the trip, so I wanted to kick it off right!”

  You laughed as you started to set the table. About ten minutes later the dogs started barking like crazy, “What in the world?” you asked as you started to walk to the window to see what the problem was.

  Nana grabbed your hand, “Oh the cattle are close to the gate. Will you go out and get me the fresh jug of orange juice?”

  You nodded and walked into the garage to get the juice that you bought yesterday. When you walked back into the house, Nana called out that breakfast was ready. You walked into the kitchen and stopped in your tracks. 

  There sitting at your grandmother’s table was Bucky with a big smile and a bouquet of a dozen sunflowers, “Hey there pretty girl,” he stood up.

   You still couldn’t find words. Your mouth was hanging open as you looked between your grandmother and your boyfriend.

  “I called James yesterday and told him that you were just pitiful without him and that he needed to get out here because my girl missed him,” Nana smiled as she wiped her hands.

  You walked over and gave her a big hug while Bucky still stood there waiting for you to greet him.

  She pulled away, “I am gonna go to the garden and get some tomatoes.”

  As soon as she turned the corner you jumped up and wrapped your arms around Bucky’s neck, kissing him.

  He laughed as he held you tight, “I guess someone missed me more than they thought they would?”

  You buried your face in his neck, “I just missed my human body pillow.”

  “Oh yeah, I’m sure,” he pulled you back to look at you, “I don’t think we can do trips apart. Work is one thing, but things like this we should never be apart. It is just not good for either of us." 

  You chuckled as you nodded your head, "I agree. No more separate trip.”

  He kissed your forehead, “I love you.”

  “I love you too,” you held his hand tight.

  “Alright love birds,” your nana said walking back in, “let’s eat!”

   During breakfast you caught Bucky stealing sweet glances at you while Nana was talking to him about different things that were going on in small town Texas. You couldn’t help but feel like a school girl near him. It was in that moment that you realized how madly, head over heals in love with James Buchanan Barnes. He was the one who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, and there was not a single doubt in your mind about that.