best day for all eternity

  • Makoto: soukun where are we going
  • Makoto: neeeh dont u just cover my eyes and walk me to nowhere
  • Makoto: soukuuuun im asking you?
  • Makoto: soukun?
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto: sousuke... you... and the cats..
  • Sousuke: happy mother's day. thanks for being the loveliest wife ever. i love you so much.
  • Cats: Meow~~
  • Makoto: //sobs

Happy Birthday to the gay king Mi-chan(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

DAY 3131

Jalsa, Mumbai                Oct 24/25,  2016               Mon/Tue  2:14 am

Birthday - EF Tanek Ghantasala , Sandeep Rathore

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Ef celebrate their birthday and we here wish them the very best for the day .. and the years to follow eternally .. love form us all Ef ..

There comes a time when time does not matter .. what matters is matter .. the matter that works, that inspires, that revels, that collectively immerses the senses into that which we dare not disclose ..

Such is the power of our inner thought and worth .. 

Time spent on that which brings love and interest in the matter of personal choice is beyond expression .. pain, time, tireless pursuit, hunger, fade away in some galaxy of unknown destinations .. in wonder and in great strength they whisper to each other but never heard .. and that is the will of us all .. our will is unspoken and unknown .. at times even to us .. but it does exist and surprises us at most times ..

That is the will of many a today .. of many an encounter .. of many a challenge .. of many a dismay ..

And it is essential that it be recognised not just by us but by those that aspire, that put blame, that defeat themselves, that give up the chase, and those that defeat themselves before it has actually reached them ..

I shall recognise defeat .. I shall recognise failure .. I shall recognise rejection .. but I shall not recognise it for another .. only for myself .. for I shall know myself better than another .. 

BUT .. knowing oneself is an unforgiving challenge .. those that accept it and test themselves are blessed .. what we know and accept is often kept within .. we are conscious of its percolation into other spheres .. spheres that may not readily accept what the self teaches us .. and often it remains an undesired public refrain .. 

It is not easy to describe oneself in any other term than in the text known to us alone .. there are those that supercede these delicate moments and come out in acceptance of who or what they are ..

Many announce publicly , “don’t do this for you know I have a bad temper” .. when you know what you have, flaunting it, is unnecessary .. just show it .. people will know how bad or good your temper is .. giving your inner known a character is demonstrating for effect .. it could work .. most of the time it merely demonstrates your own disability .. 

When you need to talk or announce yourself, there is very little left for the actuals .. deed shall decide your self, it shall never need announcement .. deeds, talent presence shall speak on their own, in a language understood by all .. one does not need to be a linguist .. this lingo is universally acceptable ..

Good night ..

Do I really need to announce that I need to rest .. you know it already do you not .. hehehahahh !!

Amitabh Bachchan