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A Very Serious Review Of Waterholes, by G. G. Dog, esq, Resident Forest Puddle/Really Big Stick Quality Control Officer

Peoplefriends with cars are THE BEST. Forest walks are THE BEST. Puddles are THE BEST. Giant sticks are THE BESTEST

Waterhole 1.

Right at the start of the walk, so BEST because convenient. Could dive in straight away before I got hot. Not very deep though and no good sticks.
3 stars.

Peoplefriends called me away before I could grab the nice straight stick an old man was walking around with. Found a better stick not far from there though. BEST STICK.

Waterhole 2:

Middle of the walk, and this one is always full so I zoom ahead long before the peoplefriends get there so I have extra swimming time.
It wasn’t as full as last time but still, nice and big, BEST mudding properties, a good cool place to stop and play with BEST STICK. 4 stars.

Waterhole 3



In conclusion: BEST DAY EVER

Six Ryder & Vetra Nyx

“Hey, I just shoot the guns.”
“You know that’s my line, right?”

Tol meme Pathfinder with her tol turian gf :’) How Vetra puts up with all of Six’s crazy shenanigans, we’ll never know…

I got the chance to commission the awesome @projectnelm for this gorgeous art of Six and Vetra! Ahhhhhh! ;A; Thank you so much <3 She was such a pleasure to work with! Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance!!

Ruby 💕 Yang : Best Sisters

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And I won’t let her go…

They’re saps

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.

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I'm new to this fandom and I'm genuinely impressed by how much you care about the others and how nice and kind you are. I've been among other fandoms and I can assure I've never seen something like this. People tend to be more selfish and once they get their tickets or whatever, they don't think about other fans who weren't so lucky. I'm proud to say I'm a fan of Harry and to belong to his fandom, bc you're really amazing people!

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Attention fandom. This message is meant for all us, so take it to heart. Thank you for becoming a Harrie. You’re a gem! x

Haikyuu!! Fic Recs

No one asked for this, but I’ve been slouching for a while and wanted to be forgiven by actually doing a little bit of haikyuu-related work. So I scrolled through my ao3 history and picked some of my favourites fics of all times. Peachy. This is not all of my favourites, just a few really. I’ll probably post more of these posts, cause I read a shittons of fanfics, and some are really worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it! ~

Admin Kaye

Part 1 - Part 2

Murder Time by kirsch-tein - 16k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: almost iwaoi, kagehina, daisuga, tsukkiyama, tsukkinoya, asanoya, ennotana, semitendou, ukatake

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Had me laughing for days, really! Basically, in a college au, it’s a bloody murder night and no one’s safe.

Against All Odds by SharkbaitSekki - 93k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga

I periodically go back reading this cause it’s so perfect! A Single Dad Au in which Kuroo, Bokuto, Daichi and Oikawa have to deals with all the joys and problems (lots of problems really!) that comes with a single-parenthood.

What Are the Chances? by jellyfish_kuchen -60k words, rated E, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga, bokuaka, kuroken

Top best ingredients here! Figure skater Akaashi, deals with some family drama, an obnoxious and buff hockey player Bokuto, babysit his adorable nephew Shouyou and other things I don’t want to spoil. ~ One of my favourites, definitely. And I don’t know if it could be triggering to you, but better safe than sorry, there’s some homophobia here from some characters. And some well written smut. Also,it’s part of a series, and that’s always a plus to me!

Of Monsters and Men by shions_heart -220k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, kuroken, bokuaka, and lots of other side pairings, which includes some queerplatonic bokuakakuroken (SCREAMING HERE)

Settled in a Demons/Magic/Faeries Au, Oikawa, an half-demon goes to Aoba Johsai’s School for Hunters with his best friend Iwa-chan. Shit happens here and there, and suddenly the world is on the verge of falling in the hands of the Demon King himself. A really good fic with drama, lots of blood, magic, and great setting. I really thrive on some quality AUs. trigger warnings: temporary character death, some smut.

We call her Harley Queen by Smokey310 - 8k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, side kagehina, yamayachi, and bokuaka

When I read this fic I started wheezing on the bus cause I was laughing too much. This whole series had me laughing for days,really. It’s one of the best thing I’ve ever read! It has everything I could ask for: lots of jokes, embarrassing situations, dorks being dorks, and a bird mating call that is “shit shit shit shit”. Also,part of a series, so kudos!

Daredevil on a slope by Smokey 310- 124k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, bokuaka, BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI

Winter chalet, shenanigans on snow, Akiteru and Saeko being the best, and most of all BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI This fic had my polyships sense tingling. And also wheezed again on the bus from laughing. Part of the same series as “We call her Harley Queen”.


The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire | Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

(made by two dorks on the internet, @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil)

I’ve been watching them for almost 6 years now and although I never got the chance to see them in real life, these two movies/videos really summed up everything I love about them and more. The performance was incredible (cringey but amazing) and the documentary brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Dan & Phil for always making us constantly smile and inspired with everything you do! Also thanks to the Phandom for embracing me into this community. This is the most fun, I’ve ever had :’)!

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byun baekhyun | sweetest downfall

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#12Monkeys | Season 3 Trailer


it's been a year since i came out to my mom!

hey guys! i came out to my mom as bisexual around a year ago. it seems so much longer ago but i still remember it so vividly. we were at disney world for the day, like we usually do every month, and all day she had been pointing out rainbow merchandise in the shops on main street. i felt like she Knew i wasn’t straight and she was just waiting for me to come out to her. so, i decided that it was the right time as we started heading into tomorrowland. i think i said something about wanting one of the rainbow things she had pointed out, my mom said something along the lines of “only if you’re gay” (what she said wasn’t offensive at all either, we’re both just really sarcastic so i think it reads as mean if you don’t hear the inflection). i was silent after she said that and kept walking. she stopped and looked at me and said “well are you gay?” and i just kinda whispered “i’m not Fully gay.” and she kind of rolled her eyes (jokingly) and said “well what does that mean shell?” and i told her i was bisexual. my parents are older, so i had to explain to my mom what bisexuality meant. by this time we were on the people mover and i was kind of crying because i was so relieved and just, i felt like massive weights had been lifted off me. i asked my mom why she wasn’t crying (youtube taught me coming outs had to be dramatic) and she said “why would i cry if i’m not upset?” her saying that has stuck with me and i think about it all the time. later that day we were in a different store and there was a shirt i think that said something along the lines of “ariel is my girlfriend” and my mom picked it up and goes “you should get this.” i’m so thankful for my mom and i’m so glad she’s so amazing and we’re so close. my mom is truly one of my best friends and i’m so grateful for her everyday.

this was kind of long but, idk i just wanted to talk about my coming out more in detail. i remember making a few posts right after it happened and people were congratulating me but, here’s more detail. i don’t recommend coming out if you don’t feel like your parent/s (or whoever you’re living with) will handle it well or if you are in an unsafe environment. always remember to do what’s best for your current state of well being. i know not coming out is always difficult (i’m not out to my dad because i’m terrified i’ll get kicked out of my house), but please be careful and remember that your health and safety come first.


〖Jongin in Unfair stages for my baby @kaizzzi

✨✨ Happy birthday to Jongin’s brightest star ✨✨ 

To the brightest and the bubbliest little soul I know, happy birthday bes!! Wohoo you’re not a teen anymore (welcome to the twenties world – it sucks but we have ice cream so) To be honest if you didn’t tell me that you’re a just turning twenty, I wouldn’t know because you are a woman beyond your years. You are mature and strong and independent – you have your future placed right in front of you and you know what you want and not want to do. I admire you in every sense bby ;; I still can’t believe my senpai in my baby days would be someone I would be spending every night chatting with :)) 

I wish you all the happiness and all the smiles in the world bes :)) I know you probably know this already but Jongin loves you so much (yiiieehhhh) Thank you for being one of the reasons why I smile before I go to bed :)) Enjoy your day!! LOVE YOU. KAYO LANG ZZXXAPHATTZZXX NAH LELS~!! 

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i just pictured tazswap taakitz doing the lich thing and man. this is not the optimal way to start a saturday morning.

godDAMN dude what would taakos best day ever be though

probably really similar to lups but instead of burning down a dmv they fly to the top of a mountain and burn every single one of their spell slots racing each other down

and rather than shooting davenport out of a tree lup pretends she picked up some grapes a few decades back and has spent all this time fermenting them in a very particular way to make wine, and she goes on and on to davenport about how special this wine is and how much it would mean for her if davenport gets the first glass, and taakos just sitting there watching with his teeth clenched trying his damnedest not to make a sound but finally loses it at davenports face when he takes a sip and realises it’s kool aid

the turkey scene is exactly the same since they share the same birthday. lup is a lot less tactful than taako, though, and freaks out immediately and loudly about the lich thing. she doesn’t try to dissuade him - she just yells for three minutes straight about what a bad idea it is while taako sits patiently and kravitz flinches in the next room over. when she’s done she just sighs and brings out the macarons she made

when they’re leaving the plane and taako is itching to test out his new form, he doesn’t just step off the ship - he gets lup to fucking magically launch him into the sky (YEET) and into the top of one of the hungers pillars. same thing happens as when lup did it, just more showy than dramatic. kravitz nearly faints