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Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.


I’m sorry the video is so terribly short and a bit shaky… I was extremely excited to be at the most beautiful freshwater spring/old growth forest area of all time with my best friends and it was raining (I was desperately trying to angle/shuffle any water off my camera cover) 💗🌺 You can hear my bbs being silly and adorable while I gush like a total tranced out goober >_>

@cyanea-capillata @lauraleye I love you both and I treasure this adventure dearly.

Also, HAH. To the people who kept suggesting I must have edited the water in those photos of this place – NOPE THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE~


My moment with Groot at California Adventure. <3

Groot feels like laquered wood and smells like vanilla! 

Photo 1: He went right for my shiny yellow-green Tangle, though you can’t see the Tangle in this picture. I told him that it’s a stim toy for autistic people, and he leaned over and tried to eat it. Groot for real bit my Tangle! :)

Photo 2: I showed Groot my chewable Dulcimer pendant after he tried to bite my Tangle, but I told him he probably won’t want to bite the Dulcimer because it had been in my mouth. Note that I’m holding the Tangle in that same hand.

Photo 3: Groot LOVES to give hugs as much as I do! He was so cute about it, too! <3 <3 <3

Photo 4: Groot hugs are the best hugs. He waits for you to let go before he lets go, so he’ll hug you as long as you want or until the staff members let you know it’s time to let the next people in line have their turn.

Photo 5:  I asked him if I could give him a kiss and after he okayed it, so I kissed his cheek! <3 (He leaned over, I’m not pulling on him.)

(Warning: Flicker from flash photography. Also, that’s my sister who joins in, and her shirt is wet because of the pink towel around her neck. Groot seemed to like her hair, LOL.)

The “pirate style” scarf on my head is to prevent my scalp from sunburning since I can’t put sunscreen on it without making my hair get all gross. It also kept my bangs (fringe) out of my eyes.

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And to anyone who calls this cringey: Get over yourself. I’m very aware costumed characters are people playing a part. I like to get into the magic, so I treat costumed cast members as if they’re the character they dressed up as. It’s not only magical for me, it makes it magical for any kids who might be watching and listening.