best daughter of the year award goes to

Episode 1
  • Lance screamed for Keith when they were all being pulled apart :’)
  • Nice reminder of how gorgeous the animation is
  • PIDGE, my actual daughter… So yes, Green is a girl <3
  • “I’ll see what I can do”…*proceeds to build her teammates out of space garbage*
  • awww she misses them
  • anyone else hella impressed by allura’s fingers flying across the screens in panic mode? no? just me? ok.
  • HOLY SHIT! ponytail coran was nothing compared to this sexy edgelord right here
  • and omg his voice :’D 
  • i can’t believe young coran = lance
  • what the fukc was the pirouette IM SCREAMING
  • for someone who hates the outdoors pidge has the best nature karma i s2g
  • damn. i could have gone my whole life without seeing coran’s emo nihilist phase
  • space mom can deal with literally any personality type \(^.^)/
  • well at least you found water keith A+ space exploring
  • me @shiro: you’re doing great sweetie!
  • pidge my smol genius daughter u build that transmitter girl - again with the amazing nature karma
  • broganes bonding :’)
  • aaahhh toddler coran with a lisp AND A MUSTACHE LAKDFJL;AKDFJ;AL
  • “i hungry’ *angry stomping* SAME KID, SAME
  • mom of the year award goes to allura; she just handle a good 4 decades worth of parenting in 20 minutes
  • Keith piloting the black lion? nice 80s voltron reference ;)
  • all those de-age fics of lance and keef, and it’s actually baby coran we get <333 he’s so smol 
  • more broganes <3 but sadder this time :(
  • Prorok: “I’m innocent” maybe innocent means something different in galran
  • THACE! i need to know more

anonymous asked:


<GAHHHHHH THIS IS SUCH AN ADORABLE IDEA I HOPE I CAN MAKE IT JUST AS ADORABLE AHHH THANK YOU ANON!! by the way, i based majority off of the costumes i saw little kids wearing halloween night at my home GAH I LOVE SMALL KIDS!!>


  • this poor man was a kid himself so he instantly knew what to dress your son up as
  • since he and his son spent their free time father-son bonding over video games..
  • sonic the hedgehog. bam. 
  • you walked into the house, nearly being plowed over by your son
  • he and his father were both screaming off the top of their heads
  • you cleared your voice as the two instantly stopped what they were doing and looked at you
  • “H-Hi mama..”
  • you saw Yoosung chuckle as he picked up your son
  • “How’s my little hedgehog doing today, huh?” 
  • you picked his cheeks as Yoosung looked shocked, expecting you to yell at him at least
  • “You really decided to dress our son up as Sonic?”
  • “Hey, he’s quick and loves the blue thing!” 

Jaehee Kang: 

  • you both debated every night about who was to dress your son up for his school Halloween parade
  • ..until you convinced her to do it as a way to get her mind off of work
  • “If you put it that way MC…sure. I’ll take a break from the cafe to come up with her costume.”
  • your son loved to run around the cafe while you both were working, so she came up with the perfect idea
  • “MC, come try this new coffee I’ve made!”
  • you walked into the backroom to see Jaehee holding your son on her hip, as he was dressed as a little cup of coffee
  • she laughed as your jaw dropped, running over to pinch his cheeks
  • “Oh, Jaehee I think this is my new favorite coffee flavor!” 
  • it wasn’t a shocker when your son won over all the moms at the Halloween parade, and he was an even bigger hit at the cafe, serving the customers in his little coffee cup outfit
  • you could hear Jaehee fighting him to take it off that night, making you giggle
  • “But Mama J I don’t wanna take off the costume!~”
  • “Don’t make me call Mama M in here young man!” 
  • …let’s just say he instantly took it off then, cause he knew you’d smother him in kisses until he was covered in lipstick, and needed to take off the costume to take a bath


  • “Babe, don’t worry about her. I got it~, I’m a musical actor, I know everything about costumes!”
  • and since he knew everything about musicals, he decided to dress up your daughter as a classic actress
  • no, not a princess, he had higher creativity standards
  • he dresses up your tiny 8 month daughter in an adorable Dorothy costume, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz 
  • he dressed himself up as the cowardly lion and left a tin man suit for you
  • “Zen, this is so adorable!” 
  • “I told you not to be worried!”
  • for once, everyone paid attention to your daughter, and not Zen
  • …which did make Zen a little upset
  • but every year you looked forward to your family matching outfits Zen would plan!

Jumin Han:

  • he spoiled his princess and let her be anything she wanted to, thanks to the help of his stylists
  • “What do you want to dress up as darling?”
  • “I wanna be a princess daddy!!”
  • “Your wish is my command sweetie, let’s go.”
  • so you walked into your house after a long day of work to see what Jumin let your daughter dress up as this year
  • you heard him clear his throat as you were looking the wrong way
  • you saw him standing, holding yours and his daughter’s hand in his, as she was dressed in an elegant poofy dress that looked just perfect on her, and he was in a more king-esque tux
  • both of them had crowns on the tops of their heads, making you smile
  • “Well, my queen, you’ve finally arrived to see our darling princess in her costume. Yours is in the bedroom, allow the stylists to help you. You can’t go to a Halloween party not dressed up.”
  • you were shocked
  • you didn’t think he’d go all out for Halloween like this
  • but he loved spoiling his daughter, and his love, so he didn’t mind it
  • definitely won best costume award at the Halloween party though


  • lucky you got out of dressing the twins this year, as in the previous year it was a hassle for you
  • “ two are a pair…what goes well hand in hand…I KNOW!”
  • yep
  • you’ve got that right
  • Seven, being stereotypical, dressed your kids as 
  • Honey Buddah Chips and Dr Pepper.
  • just kidding, he saved that for the two of you, but he instead dressed your kids as
  • Nemo and Dory, from Finding Nemo
  • he knew this was your kids absolute favorite movie, so he figured why not
  • so you walked in on the kids dressed, the two of them running circles around Seven chanting
  • “KIDS! Look, mommy’s home!!”
  • “MOMMY!!!”
  • you engulfed the two into a hug, as Seven came up behind them, hands in his jean pockets
  • “I didn’t do so bad now, did I?”
  • “No! I was expecting to walk in to see a bag of honey buddah chips and a can of dr pepper walking towards me!”
  • “Nah, I saved that for us love.”


  • V has seen his fair share of kids Halloween costumes, back when he used to do shoots with people
  • so he knew exactly what to dress your son up as when you told him it was up to him
  • “MC, just give me a cardboard box, some paint, and pick out his cutest dress top and pants. I’ve got this.” 
  • you were kind of nervous, but in the end it was so worth V pulling out his creativity
  • your son was dressed up in a kissing booth
  • “To finish it up, will you put this red lipstick on and kiss the life out of our lil boy?” 
  • you gladly nodded, as your son tried to squirm away from your puckered lips, making you all laugh as V swooped in and picked him up, so he could no longer move away from you
  • you took your son out trick or treating together, and at every house he got extra candy and a kiss to add to his collection
  • you couldn’t walk the streets with your son without someone coming up to the two, or three if V were there, remarking “oh! that’s the little boy i kissed on Halloween!”


  • “But why do I have to dress her? You’re the one who knows what little girls like!”
  • “Well, our little girl said she wanted her dad to dress her this year.”
  • he huffed, and continued to walk into yours and his daughter’s room
  • “Daddy! I think you’re really gonna like what I wanna dress as!!”
  • “Oh really? Let’s go get you dressed then sweetie, then we’ll see if I like it as much as you think I do.”
  • he was shocked when she pulled a little rebel girl costume out of the party city bag
  • “Your mother let you buy that?” 
  • “No…but I snuck it when she wasn’t looking!” 
  • he smiled, he knew that was his kid
  • he helped her get ready, and once you were called into her room you swore that Saeran just cloned himself and made the clone a young girl
  • “Saeran, where is our little girl and what did you do to her?”
  • “This little punk is our daughter!”
  • you laughed, as your daughter tired to give you the evil eye, just like her father did
  • “Now, come on you punks, we need to go get someone some candy, don’t we?” 
  • they both jumped up and ran to the door, almost knocking you down as you laughed

<ahhhhh thIS WAS SO SO CUTE I LOVED IT SO MUCHHHH! THANK YOU ANON FOR YOUR REQUEST!! if you meant like the guys and jaehee actually dressing the kids, i’ll redo it lololololol♡>