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Fixed Heart

Requested: From Set #1

Paring: Peter Parker X Reader

40: I”m feeling very emotionally vulnerable so just hold my damn hand.

41: “I ship us.”

45: “She’s hot admit it.”

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3 weeks ago.

“She’s hot admit it.” Ned said pointing to Y/n who was with her boyfriend Andrew, she laughed at something that Andrew said which made Peter jealous. He had, had a crush on her since day one.

“You know my answer.” Peter says staring at the y/h/c haired girl.

The bell rang indicating that lunch was over and Peter stood up and started walking past the group of people his eyes never leaving Y/n.

“Hey! Smart-ass come here.” it took Peter a moment to realize Andrew was talking to him.

“Oh_ ye-yeah?” Peter asks freezing. Andrew had gotten up and walked over to him, than grabbed his backpack off of him. He quickly threw it to one of his friends.

“Ok come on_ I-I need my backpack.” Peter says cursing himself for stuttering.  

“O-oh d-do yo-yo-you need this?” Andrew says making fun of Peter who walked over to Jackson Andrew’s friend who had his backpack he quickly threw it back to Andrew, this went on for about a minute until Y/n stood up.

“Ok cut it out guys.” Y/n says Andrew rolls his eyes and throws the backpack back to Jackson, and while Peter goes over to Jackson he throws it back to Andrew, and that’s when Y/n went over and grabbed his backpack.

“I said quit it.” she says scowling at Andrew.

“We were just having some fun.” Andrew says annoyed. Y/n turned around rolling her eyes and walked over to Peter, she smiled at him and extended it backpack to him.

“Here Peter.” she says smiling, Peter grabbed it his eyes never leaving hers.

“Thanks_ Uh yeah Th-thank you.” Peter says nodding and quickly walking away over to Ned. “She_ she knew your name…. DUDE!” Ned says excited Peter just nodded and grinned to himself.

Present Time

Everybody had been waiting all  night for Y/n to come to the party, it was half the reason that this party was so crowded. It was the only reason Peter came. Y/n had been invited to this party as a cruel joke. Y/n had been dating Andrew the captain of the football team, that is until she found out that he was cheating on her with Britney the head cheerleader. Once she found out she broke up with him and he turned around to date Britney, and that’s when Jackson, Andrew’s best friend. Decided he should throw a party, and just for ‘fun’ he invited Y/n.

Peter felt bad for coming he didn’t come to see her torn apart in fact it was quite the opposite the only reason he was here was because he wanted to make sure she was okay. “Why are we here?” Ned asks turning to look at Peter, who looked down. Ned and Peter were never ‘popular’ and they had their fair share of bullies who were here at the party.

“I just need to make sure she’s ok.” Peter says to his friend, who rolled his eyes.

In that moment everybody went quiet and Peter looked towards the door to see Y/n she looked confident but vulnerable at the same time. Jackson hit Andrews arm who turned to look at Y/n who was looking at him. He turned to Britney and kissed her. Y/n looked down then walked over to a corner of the room, everybody was watching her.

“Look she seems fine.” Ned says eyeing one of the people Peter knew made fun of him constantly. “Can we please go.” he begs. Peter sighed and nodded.

That is until he saw Andrew strutting over to Y/n. He wanted to use his abilities to help Y/n but 1- he didn’t have his suit and 2- Tony would be pissed.

“Hey Y/n.” Andrew said loud enough for anyone to hear.

“Hi Andrew.” Y/n says looking around her eyes stopped on Peter’s but then continued through the crowd, maybe he imagined that.

“So me and Britney are going to prom together.” Andrew says smirking at Y/n, everybody went silent at this comment, and Y/n had tears in her eyes.

“Hey everybody! Um- I-i.” Everybody turned to Peter who just realized he had just yelled out. “Um.” he had no clue what he was going to say or do. He looked over to see Y/n she smiled and mouthed a thank you. “Um I-i came here to party. Where’s the music.” Peter says and everybody rolled their eyes at him, but the music started playing again, after 10 more minutes Andrew finally left Y/n and Peter felt a small weight leave his chest.

“Can we go now that you are her hero?” Ned asks his bullies pointing towards him.

“FIne we can go now.” Peter says, happily. He turned around to fine Y/n standing in front of him. “Oh hi Y/n.” Peter says surprised.

“Thank you.” Y/n says softly, she seemed insecure at the moment which is you knew anything about Y/n Y/l/n she was not an insecure person. Peter looks over to see Andrew and Britney making out he scowled at them, Y/n followed his gaze and Peter heard a small gasp. He looked down to see tears brimming her eyes.

“Y/n are you_” before Peter could finished his sentence her hand grabbed his, “Um- Y-y/n what are you_”
“I’m feeling very emotionally vulnerable so just hold my damn hand.” Y/n whispers out, Peter nods his head and tightens his grip on her hand, although he didn’t say anything. Although he had one question that he was dying to ask.

“Y/n if you don’t mind me prying. Why did you date Andrew?” Peter asks and Y/n’s eyes look directly towards him than over to Andrew.

“Everybody thought we would be the cutest couple and he was mr perfect. SO everybody shipped us. So I went for it. And the first month he was perfect. Than the relationship continued and….. It wasn’t perfect anymore.” Y/n says her voice cracking a little but her eyes not leaving Andrew. The music slowed down and Peter took a chance.

“Well would you like to dance?” Y/n eyes left Andrew and she nodded a small smile coming onto her face. “I would love to Peter.” she says and Peter lead her to the dance floor.

Y/n POV:

Peter held you close and you closed your eyes he stepped on your foot a couple times, and you had to admit he wasn’t the best dance partner you had ever had but the dance was_ perfect. After a minute you decided to lay your head on his chest, you felt him tense up for a moment before relaxing, you smiled a little to yourself. His lips were right next to your ear and you felt his breath go through your hair, and that’s when you heard in a small whisper “I ship us.” you pulled away and looked at him wide eyed he obviously hadn’t meant to say that out loud. You look at him for a moment and you can tell that he’s getting nervous.

You put your hands on his face and pull him down a little before placing your lips onto his, Peter slowly relaxed into the kiss and started to kiss you back, that when you felt Peter being yanked away from you. Your eyes open to see Andrew beating Peter.

“Andrew! Andrew leave Peter alone.” you yell and walk over to the boys. “Andrew!.” you scream and he looks at you.

“What the hell Y/n what were you doing with him?” Andrew asks pointing to the beaten up Peter.

“That is none of your business.” you spit out angrily. “You were the one who cheated on me! You gave up knowing anything about my life after you did that. So if I want to date Peter Parker than I will date Peter Parker!” you yell, everybody was watching the two of you and out of the corner of your eye you saw Jackson making his way over to you two.

“Hey Andrew let’s get going.” Jackson says trying to guide his friend away.

“You chose him over me?” Andrew asks. And you shake your head and laugh a little.

“You chose her over me.” you said pointing at Brittany who was now scowling at Andrew.

Andrew walked away with Jackson and you ran over to Peter. “Hey_ hey are you okay?” you ask kneeling down next to him.

“Yeah I’ve been through a lot worse believe me.” Peter says smiling a little, “Did you mean what you said about_ about you know dating me?” Peter asks hopefully, you smile and nod.

“I ship us too.” you say gleefully.

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Well well well...what about a fic about the whole "Ashlyn leads when we dance" thing? Like, they come back home from the party and they start dancing of something cute

Ashlyn thanked the Uber driver and held the door open, sticking out her hand to help balance a rather unstable and drunk Ali Krieger. They walked arm in arm up their driveway as Ash fumbled to find the right key to unlock the door. It was nearing four in the morning and both women were exhausted from the day’s festivities. Ali let go of Ashlyn’s arm to waddle her way to the kitchen. She may have been wasted but she was sober enough to know that she was going to have a headache in the morning so it was probably best to grab the aspirin and water now.

As she was filling up a second glass of water for Ashlyn, she felt a pair of strong, warm arms embrace her from behind.

“Ya know, I got a little worried tonight.” Ashlyn paused when she saw Ali tilt her head back with a look of concern on her face. “Watching you dance with Monica, I mean.”

Ali turned around in Ashlyn’s arms so that she was facing her and their fronts were pressed together. Before Ali could reassure Ashlyn that her dance with Monica meant nothing, she saw a smile creep onto Ashlyn’s face as she said, “I can’t lose the best dance partner I’ve ever had.”

Ali smiled and pressed a kiss to Ashlyn’s lips. She moved one hand from where it was resting on Ashlyn’s shoulder, down her back and into her back pocket, sliding her phone out in the process. Before Ashlyn could even register what was happening, Ali had placed both arms back around her shoulders and gently swayed back and forth as music started to play from the speaker on Ashlyn’s phone. Ali didn’t bother scrolling through thousands of songs to find the perfect one, she didn’t have time for that. So she hit shuffle and prayed for the best. All of the stars must have aligned because the first song to start playing was Can’t Help Falling in Love, their song.

Ashlyn wrapped her arms securely around Ali’s waist and pulled her away from the counter that she was currently backed up against so that they could dance more freely. Ali tucked her head into the space where Ashlyn’s neck and shoulder met and hummed approvingly as Ashlyn immediately took control, swaying expertly to the beat of the song that she had memorized so many years ago.

To any onlooker, the pair probably looked as drunk as they felt. Stumbling over each other’s feet, missing the beat of the song, swaying with no grace or coordination, but they couldn’t have been more at peace, and that’s all that mattered. When Ali was dancing with Monica, she kept her eyes on the floor, watching her feet and making sure not to step on Monica’s. Her body was rigid and her movements, robotic. But with Ashlyn, the insecurity melted away. Three songs had now passed and Ali head yet to open her eyes or move her head from where it rested on Ashlyn’s shoulder. At some point during their dance, Ashlyn had guided one of Ali’s hands into her own and held it to her chest as her free hand stayed put on the small of Ali’s back, rubbing soothing circles on the soft skin peeking out from underneath her shirt. Ali didn’t know if it was the feeling of Ashlyn’s hand rubbing gentle patterns on her back or the alcohol coursing through her veins, but if it wasn’t for the rhythm of the music wasn’t keeping her awake, she surely would’ve fallen asleep standing up.

Song number five ended and Ashlyn wordlessly turned off the music and separated herself from Ali. She could tell by the heaviness of Ali’s body and the heat radiating from her skin that she was done for. It didn’t matter how much she had to drink, taking care of Ali always sobered her up. Ashlyn placed one arm around Ali’s waist and the other beneath her thighs as she effortlessly lifted her into her arms and carried her to bed.

Once they had rid themselves of their clothes and curled up underneath the covers, Ali shifted her weight, telling Ashlyn that she needed to be closer. Ashlyn opened her arms and waited for Ali to crawl over to her before she wrapped the comforter tightly around both of them, making sure that their naked skin was protected from any gust of wind that might blow through their open bedroom windows.

Ashlyn was all but asleep when Ali mumbled “Monica’s got nothing on you.”

“What was that, love?” The sound of Ali’s voice brought Ashlyn back the land of the living.

Ali used the arm that was draped over Ashlyn’s stomach to give her a gentle squeeze. “You’re the best dance partner I’ve ever had, too.”

NCT 127 + Ten Reaction to their s/o surprising them backstage when they’ve been apart for a long time.

Thank you for this request! This was such a cute thing to write, I grinned like  a goofball the whole time I was writing it. I hope you like it :D


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Taeyong would be stood waiting backstage between songs, just catching a breather when you walked in. He’d turn and glance at you but look away, not expecting you to be there. Within a second his head would be whipping round to you and a huge smile would break out onto his face and he’d laugh, pointing at you.

“Y/n! You’re here!” Taeyong would run to you and place his hands on your cheeks, still grinning as he squidged your cheeks and turned your head side to side. “I can’t believe you’re here! How are you here?!” He would have so much energy now you were here, and he would have to fight not to grin when he had to be serious up on stage.


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“Who has the best partner ever? I do!” Taeil would do a little dance the moment he spotted you, spreading his arms wide so everyone payed attention to him before pumping his fists happily. It had been so weird for him not seeing you for such a long time, so he’d be pretty confident when you turned up.

He’d turn to you, arms open, and you had best run into those arms because he wanted to hug you. He would hold you super tight against his chest, his face pressing into the top of your head. With that initial rush over he would pull back and kiss you softly, smiling at you. “I’m so glad you’re here, honey. How long are you staying?”


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Johnny would be so shook when he spotted you he would just stop everything he was doing and stare at you, wondering if the person he was looking at was your doppleganger. When you waved and shot him your familiar smile he would stride over to you calmly, hand in his pocket. 

He’d come to a stop in front of you and place one hand on your cheek and pull your face close, his nose pressing against yours. “How are you here?” He’d ask softly, moving his other hand to your waist to pull you in. He wouldn’t care really, he’d give you a long, slow kiss and then pull back smiling, your foreheads resting together.


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Yuta was on stage speaking to the fans when you appeared in the wings, decked in some NCT fanmerch the other boys had pushed on you when you arrived. He’d just be starting to speak when he glanced to the side and his eyes would notably bulge when he saw you. He would find it so hard to focus on speaking, and he might make some mistakes when addressing the crowd.

He’d be filled with confidence when he started to dance and he would definitely be over-exaggerating those winks and body rolls just because he knew you were watching. When he got back stage he would let the people sort out his makeup and mics and he’d just smirk as he shake his head at you. As soon as he was free he would hug you close, and whisper how much he loved you in your ear.


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As soon as Doyoung caught sight of you he would blush and break out into a huge smile. Naturally the boys would start to tease him for his soft reaction and Doyoung would pause walking towards you to roll his eyes and purse his lips in the boys direction. But you wouldn’t give him a chance to be too annoyed, you’d run at him and he’d happily engulf you in his arms, lifting you up to twirl you around.

“I’ve missed you so much,” He’d mutter, sighing happily as he set you down on the floor, but he wouldn’t let you go yet. He’d turn around and make a face at the boys and then he’d pull back from the hug and begin to ask about how you had got here, and if you’d had a safe journey. “We’ll go and get some food without the boys after the show!”


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“Hi! Hello! Hi!” Ten would wave the moment he spotted you since he was stuck having his clothes sorted out. His smile would be huge and he’d be fighting off the tears in his joy, and all he could do would be wave at you with both hands and gaze at you with sparkling eyes as the other boys greeted and talked to you. He’d be wiggling around, anxious for the people to finish up with his clothes.

As soon as he was free he would sprint  and probably leap at you, sending you stumbling back as you tried not to topple over from his weight. Ten would be chanting “You’re here!” over and over again as he danced around with you. With a huge grin on his face, Ten would take a small step back so he could see you, holding your hands in his. He’d lean in to peck your cheek softly then pull back. “How did you manage to keep this a secret?”


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“I, huh, what,” Jaehyun’s smile would be dazzling, his cheeks pink as a  humongous grin broke onto his face. He’d be looking around at the staff members, the other boys, just to check that you were actually there and he wasn’t just hallucinating you. He’d start laughing softly and shaking his head.

He’d actually be so shocked you’d have to go over to say hi, but he would just grin at you in disbelief. “Are you really here?” “Of course I am!” You’d weave your arms around his waist and step into him for a hug which he’d give you without much thought. The other boys would be stood close by laughing, they had helped bring you here. When Jaehyun was called off to go on stage he’d skip off, swinging his arms and singing “My baby’s here!”


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Winwin would look at you, silently accusing you of keeping such a huge secret from him. He’d pretend to be mad, shaking his head as you approached him. “I can’t believe this,” He’d put his hands on his hips and look at you, lifting one eyebrow. “I’m sorry! I thought you’d like the surprise!” You’d rely, grinning at the sassy look he was giving you.

Immediately Winwin would go all soft, a warm smile breaking out onto his face as he reached out to hug you quickly. “Of course I like the surprise, I just wish I would have known! You’ll have to eat with the rest of us tonight! Where are you staying?” Winwin would be shy about hugging you too long so he’d take a step back and just hold one of your hands, smiling as he asked you questions.


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You turning up backstage would be amazing for Mark because it meant he had his best friend there with him! He’d grin and hug you in an instant, ruffling your hair playfully. “I can’t believe you did this on your own. Who helped get you here?” “Johnny…” Mark would roll his eyes, but he’d be so happy to have you with him that’d he’d just grin.

“Ok, I need to get some payback, so you stay here…” Mark would tiptoe off in the direction of Johnny. He’d glance back to you and puff up his cheeks cutely whilst pressing a finger to his lips. Just before Mark could pounce on Johnny you’d call out a warning and Johnny would whirl around. Mark would yell as Johnny moved to hit him and he’d turn around and chase after you. “I can’t believe you chose Johnny over me!” 


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Haechan would just be a huge bundle of big grins and excited little giggles as he spotted you walking into the backstage area. “Ah, you just couldn’t wait to hear me sing again, I see how it is.” Haechan would walk over to you, singing one of the Dreamies songs happily and doing a little dance to accompany it.

When he reached you he would perform a little bow as you applauded and then he’d laugh really loud and scoop you up into his arms, twirling you around as you both yelled. “I’m so happy you’re here,” He’d yell, setting you down so you could stumble a few steps with dizziness, but he was so happy he didn’t even notice “Today is going to be my best performance yet, I can feel it!”

Wow I have given myself so many feelings with this. I hope you all liked it! If you’d like a reaction, go ahead and request one as our requests are open! Have a lovely day!


Fareeha has no idea to slow dance, while Angela has been properly trained when she was young. One night Fareeha admits this, and they spend the rest of the night dancing. Fareeha steps on Angela’s foot many times, but Ang still swears that she is the best dance partner she has ever had

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  • i think he’s terrible at first
  • but once you convince him it’s okay to mess up he relents bc the music is fun
  • and he likes that happiness can quite literally move you
  • so he dances and probably steps on your feet a lot and you both laugh about it
  • (he was nervous to laugh the first time but after you giggled he realized it was okay)
  • he gets better though and practices every day
  • he never directly asks to practice but
  • he’ll turn the radio on and kind of stand a little awkwardly, wringing his hands together and waiting
  • you always go to him wordlessly and never make him ask you
  • he loves to dance to jazz best–he loves the life in it
  • you love to watch his eyes and the way they light up
  • which is consequently why you step on his feet once, being the one to mess up this time
  • credence, in a confident turn of events, calls you out on it
  • he realizes what he’s done and blushes but you’re laughing too hard for him to really be embarrassed for long
  • you keep dancing and are sure not to step on him again, lest you never live it down
  • at a small get together, he manages the courage to ask you to dance–in front of everyone–for the first time
  • he never takes his eyes off you and you tell him he’s the best dance partner you’ve ever had
  • he blushes and wants to keep dancing forever–he loves the freedom of it, the movement and the closeness that keeps you on your toes
  • and he loves dancing with you the best
100 AUs LIST

1.       ”You’re stuck at 18 years old until you meet your soulmate” AU

2.       “Alice in Wonderland” AU

3.       “You work at my son/daughters playschool/kindergarten” AU

4.       “Everything I write/draw comes to life” AU

5.       “The Witch Hunters” (Hansel and Gretel) AU

6.       “We watch the same show, what do you mean you don’t ship X? Come here, let me tell you why they are so perfect for each other” AU

7.       “I’m a hairdresser and you are one of my regulars and I might be in love with the feeling of your hair” AU

8.       “You are a regular in the coffee shop I work at and every time I’m your barista I write a bad pick-up line on your cup” AU

9.       “You’re the customer that gets back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways” Coffee shop AU

10.   “Whoops I just fell face first into your crotch and this is really awkward” AU

11.   “I was actually screaming and moaning over a fictional death, but you thought it was sexual screaming and you came over to tell me to shut up” College AU

12.   “I called you hot and randomly made out with you in the street for a YouTube video, but you kissed me back so now I don’t know what to do” AU

13.   “You’re a stranger but the kiss cam at the baseball game is filming us and oh, okay, you’re straddling me and now everyone is cheering” AU

14.   “I’m here with four other friends and I had to sit alone in this rollercoaster, so hi. Also, I’m terrified of heights and really don’t want to be here” Theme Park AU

15.   “I’ve never met you but now we’re playing 7 minutes in heaven and you smell really good” College AU

16.   “Hey I sort of know you and my roommate just brought home a stranger and they’re going at it pretty hard, can I stay here please?” College AU

17.   “It’s 2 AM, why the hell are you baking and can I have some?” Roommate AU

18.   “You meet up with a cute guy from Tinder but he turns out to be your roommate’s ex” AU

19.   “We share a hospital room and we’re sharing our embarrassing stories about how we get injured and please stop talking, laughing hurts, wait did you just say I’m pretty when I laugh?” AU

20.   “Dirty Dancing” AU

21.   “I’m in hospital and you’re my nurse and I keep telling you “fight me” but you just say “maybe later” every time. Now I’m getting released, and I won’t see you anymore, wait is that a note from you in my bag telling me to fight you and is that your number?” AU

22.   “You can’t see the color of your soulmates eyes until the day you see them for the first time” AU

23.   “You’re really tall and I’m really short and I’m hiding in this cabinet for reasons so shh” AU

24.   “We’re the only single people at this wedding table, let’s get drunk and bitch about everyone together” AU

25.   “You’re a private detective and I’m a notorious cat burglar” AU

26.   “You live across the hall and hide in my apartment when you want to avoid your one night stands” AU

27.   “I’m supposed to be studying for a test and I really dislike parties but my crazy roommate dragged me here. You feel the same, great let’s leave and get something to eat and share crazy dorm stories. Oh god please stop talking, I’m laughing so hard my drink is coming out of my nose” AU

28.   “You’re a Hufflepuff and I’m in Slytherin but you just saved my life, now I owe you?” Harry Potter AU

29.   “Team Free Will as babies” Babysitter AU

30.   “I write erotic poetry about you and now you’re wondering why I asked whether your eyes are more forest green than sun-dappled” AU

31.   “We’re both in the ER for some really stupid reason. I lie and tell some very sketchy story about being a badass and you just admit your story, prompting me to laugh my ass off and tell you the truth” AU

32.   “I’m at the library wearing my Ravenclaw shirt reading mythology books and suddenly my HP books fall out of my bag and you notice, but instead of laugh you just say “20 points to Ravenclaw” and now you are asking me out” AU

33.   “You got stood up on a date at the coffee shop I work at so I gave you a drink on the house” Coffee shop AU

34.   “We’re both somehow lost in Disney World and stumble across each other, let’s be lost together” AU

35.   “The Truman Show” AU

36.   “We’re best friends and you drag me to your brother’s wedding because you don’t want to go alone and now everyone thinks we’re dating which I hate because I really want to date you but I’m too afraid to make a move and risk losing you, wait you are feeling the same?” AU

37.   “My best friend set me up on a blind date, wait aren’t you the guy in my psych class that compete with me way too much?” College AU

38.   “You feel all of your soulmate’s pain, both physically and mentally” Soulmate AU

39.   “We’re both conductors working next to each other, I’m in charge of the sting instruments and you everything else and you keep dancing while you conduct and I won’t take this anymore, please stop, but also don’t because I’m kinda getting fond of it” AU

40.   “I fell off my bike and broke my leg and thank God you are here because no one else is and also I haven’t seen you since this morning and I kinda missed you” AU

41.   “You are the dance teacher for my daughter’s dance class and I tell you I stay here to watch her dance but I’m also flirting with you, oops” AU

42.   “We own two bakeries/restaurants just next to each other and we are rivals, but shit I might have started getting feelings for you” AU

43.   “Team Free Will Jeopardy” AU featuring Host!Gabriel (inspired by the fan art going around with the same theme)

44.   “I’m in the middle of nowhere trying to hitchhike to civilization because my car broke down and I know it’s the middle of the night but you are the only one crazy enough stop for me please help me” AU

45.   “I run the daycare your kids are in and you are a single dad to my favorite kids attending it” AU with a possible side of “I’m already in a slightly abusive relationship, stop being so flirtatious, omg I’m blushing”.

46.   “I’m in the military and I’ve come home early to surprise you” AU

47.   “I’ve locked myself out of my apartment and you’re the annoying neighbor that sings loudly at three AM, why are you inviting me to stay over for the night when I’ve been nothing but an asshole to you, no wait who cares I never knew you were this cute” AU  

48.   “I’m the merman spying on you because I think you are cute when you get all excited over a new discovery” Marine biologist AU

49.   “You keep coming to the observatory I work at to learn about the mythology of the stars and I’m pretty sure it’s to impress me but you keep getting things wrong and I have to correct you. Okay I’m just going to ask you out now because this is too cute to ignore” Astronomer AU

50.   “I’m a music producer and I’m very impressed with your voice” AU with a side of “I can sing too, but nobody knows, shh”.

51.   “You rang my doorbell and keep trying to convince me that you are from an alternative universe and I’m your favorite book character. You keep saying that “you know how it will end” and you want to change that. Which mental hospital did you escape? Wait how did you know that would happen?” AU

52.   “I’m taking a classical studies class and I’m having problems with Latin, please help me?” AU

53.   “This guy is always making my life miserable and now he pushed me into you, sorry. Shit you are cute, oh wait WHY ARE YOU KICKING HIS ASS?!” High School/ College AU

54.   “I’m on a really crappy date with a dumb asshole and you are my waiter PLEASE HELP ME” AU

55.   The Proposal AU

56.   “I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse’s office but we’re both really awkward” AU

57.   “I fell asleep on your couch after a party and you didn’t complain, you just made breakfast for the both of us” AU

58.   “We’re in different cabins and should be competing against each other but we totally ship you two together so now we are working together to get you together, clever right?” Summer Camp counselors AU

59.   “Medieval Coffee shop Pet store Wolf!verse” AU

60.   “We’re both acting in the same play” High School AU


62.   “I got in a car accident and you were the pedestrian who took me to the hospital” AU

63.   “My family locked me up because of a curse that makes me have the nose of a pig and the only way to break it is for me to marry a rich guy, and you are the only one who hasn’t run away after I told you” AU

64.   “I designed your sister’s wedding dress- YOU NEED A DATE?” AU

65.   “Omg you’re the best dance partner I have ever had but yoU REALLY PISS ME OFF!” AU


67.   “We’re neighbors and we have rival sports teams” AU

68.   “I think trash day is Tuesday and you think its Monday but neither of us know because we both get up early and work super late so we’re never home to actually find out when it gets picked up” AU

69.   “It’s NOT an emotional movie, the theatre is full of dust OKAY?!” AU

70.   “I’m a street performer and you decide we’d make a great duet” AU

71.   “We hooked up one time and then got set on a blind date, but now I know you’re not the guy who bangs me, who are you?” AU

72.   “I’m not scared of you, please freeze over this lake so we can skate” Jack Frost from “Rise of the Guardians” AU

73.   “I’m deaf and you are trying to learn sign language just so you can communicate with me, you are so sweet why would you do something like that?” AU

74.   “We’re neighbors and I’m ten years younger than you but I’m in love with you and I think you love me too, why are the world so cruel?” AU

75.   “You’re my dad and I love you to death but if you try to set me up on a date with your friend’s son/daughter, who is like my best friend one more time I will kick you in the shins. Also meet x, he/she is my boyfriend/girlfriend, yes she/he is the daughter/son of your other friend, what are you going to do about it?” AU

76.   “I never have time to read/listen to music/watch movies, but something happened and I can’t live this basic life anymore so I’m gonna write a list and do all the stuff I didn’t do before” AU

77.   “I’m in the navy, working on an amphibious ship filled with marines and you are a higher ranking marine that keep telling me I look familiar and you are surprised when you find out my dad was a marine called Winchester because you knew him” AU

78.   “I’ve had a crap day and the bottom of my shopping bags just broke and all my groceries are all over the ground and I’m sitting here in the middle of the parking lot crying my eyes out. You are really nice, thank you for helping me picking my stuff up and holy crap you are cute” AU

79.   “You are the most demanding drama queen customer ever and all my coworkers hide when you come in, shut up everyone I’ll take his order this time even though I only work in the kitchen. Why are you stammering and blushing and can’t look at me?” Coffee shop AU, with bonus points for “What were you guys talking about, he/she isn’t that bad” “How did you accomplish that, what kind of witchcraft did you just use?!”

80.   “I’m a dimension traveler and I’ve taken you to this alternative universe where we are both just actors on a show to prove to you how important and loved you are” AU

81.   “You’ve been playing the cello in a band and I always listen to you play during a free period, but I never show my face” AU

82.   “You found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and I don’t want to tell you I was trying to rob you but idk how else to explain this and I don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when I’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life” au

83.   “My date stood me up and the waiter keeps asking me if I’m ready to order, but I keep saying no and I know everyone in the restaurant is looking at me with pity and I keep feeling more and more terrible about the situation. I’m going to leave now, but wait you are a stranger who just sat down in front of me and apologized for being late before you whispered to me to just go with it and that whoever stood me up is a dick. Why is this the best date I’ve ever been on?” AU

84.   “You are a ghost and I’m Clairvoyant and you won’t leave me alone” AU

85.   Soulmate AU where a tattoo tells you how old your soulmate will be when you meet

86.   Soulmate AU where you have a stripe across your wrist with the color of your soulmate’s hair and when they dye their hair the stripe on your wrist changes too

87.   Soulmate AU where you have have a tattoo that tells you what your soulmate is most passionate about and if that changes so does your tattoo

88.   Medieval Era AU

89.   Soulmate AU where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to when you meet your soulmate

90.   “I’m in love with my boss” AU

91.   “My car is crappy and you’re the only mechanic open this late” AU

92.   “I’m in a tough spot because I slept with you on Saturday and I come to class on Monday to see that you’re my new professor” College AU

93.   “We’re dating and I’m trying to make it as an artist” AU

94.   “Sam and Dean is my brothers and they help me get rid of the bullies that’s always after me” Normal life AU

95.   “Getting married while drunk in Vegas” AU

96.   “We work at different companies that’s about to become one and for some reason our bosses thought they would introduce our two teams by making us fight each other in a paintball match and omg I just hit you in the balls, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” AU

97.   “You sit behind me and poke me every time I fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can I buy you a coffee?” AU

98.   “Our suitcases are identical and we accidentally picked up the wrong one at the airport” AU

99.   “Being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead” AU

100.  “I’m a bartender and you just came in here without shoes on, , sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is but I’m scared to ask” AU : 0.

If you want to request one of these please follow directions here!

Somebody To Dance With

A/N: Dancetale au fic requested by @missigniculus. I hope you enjoy!

(Also look at this amazing gif of Sans and Frisk dancing by lang95 cuz wow)

Des: Sans and Frisk are practicing for their upcoming recital, but it’s really hard when Frisk is so ridiculously ticklish. And there’s a lot of contact that has to go on for this performance.


“You ready, kid?” Sans asked, pulling up his hood. The dance hall was empty except for him and Frisk. They were in their usual pink tutu and long sweater with matching ballet slippers.

“Mhmm.” Frisk smiled, straightening out their tutu and getting into position. 

Together, Sans and Frisk were a great ball of energy when dancing. From Frisk’s playful yet graceful strides matched with Sans’ fast, energetic swipes and flips: they were the perfect dance partners. They combined ballet and hip hop incrediably well.

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misssofi199  asked:

Hi, first of all I just want to say that I really love your writing and I hope that you would reconsider writing a Bellarke fanfic based on the movie dance-off (2014), Bellamy as brandon and Clarke as jasmine

+ Anonymous asked : Bellarke + hungry eyes

you’re mine tonight

Her leg was up on the barre, her aching body stretched over it–practice had been tough and long today, because the competition was heating up–when she heard the studio door clang open and shut. 

“Still here, princess?”

Clarke took a cleansing breath, willing her blood pressure to stay at a healthy level. Bellamy drew closer though, his bare feet padding across the marley floor. When he rested his large forearms on the barre and grinned at her in the dim, late light, though, her pulse spiked.

“The studio is closed,” she announced primly. Then she lifted her leg off the barre and held it high before rotating it around into a perfect attitude derrière. 

She nearly lost her balance when he snaked a hand out and gripped her calf. His palm and fingers were warm as they squeezed, then lifted her leg a bit higher. Over her shoulder, she glared at Bellamy, who simply grinned as he let go. Thankfully for her pride, her leg stayed in the raised position, and she kept it there for a triumphant second before lowering it. 

So many years later, and her old dance partner was still challenging her, still pushing her, staring at her with dark brown eyes that taunted you can do more, be more. How disappointed he must be that she had turned into nothing more than a typical prima ballerina. If he hadn’t moved away–hadn’t left her–then maybe she would be different.

Except he had, without even a goodbye. The only dance partner she had ever clicked with, and her best friend, had driven off in the backseat of his mother’s beat-up station wagon with merely a glance in the rearview. Now he was her competition, the captain of her studio’s rival dance team.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped, tucking some stray hairs into her bun. “Spying?”

“Not much to see, since you’re still working on your solo, apparently,” he replied archly. 

She fought to keep her expression neutral. It frustrated her, that he could still read her so well, even after so much time apart. “It just needed some last-minute changes.”

Bellamy snorted. “You haven’t even finished choreographing, have you? You should stop trying for perfection, Clarke. You’re life would be a lot easier that way.”

“Have you even started your solo?”

“Don’t need to,” he answered with a grin. “I’ll just wing it.”

Scoffing, Clarke rolled her eyes, then cracked her bare toes against the floor. “Still practicing bad habits, I see. Indra would be so proud.”

“She liked my improvisation, even if she never admitted it.” 

“You aren’t supposed to improvise when you’re actually given choreography to learn!”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

He grinned down at her, oh so very close, and she felt her cheeks flush. “Go away, Bellamy. I’m here to practice. Not to rehash the past.”

His eyes flashed with hurt as she turned back to the barre, her hands resting lightly on the sleek wood. She ignored the guilty pang in her stomach as well as the melancholy realization that she had missed him more than she had thought. As she started doing relevé after relevé, he sighed and walked away. It was only when she heard the electronic synthesizer beats echo in the cavernous studio that she realized he hadn’t actually left. Clarke yelped when a strong arm latched around her waist, dragging her back to the middle of the floor.

“C’mon, princess,” Bellamy teased as she spun out of his grip. “Let’s have some fun.”

“I have work to do,” she growled, striding forward.

He caught her wrists though, arching her arms out, up, and then looping them around his neck. Slowly, his hands slid down her bare arms, fingers brushing briefly over the thin, slippery straps of her leotard before trailing down to her waist. With a firm tug, he brought her closer, dipping his head so that she didn’t have anywhere to look but his dark, hungry eyes.

“Dance with me, Clarke.” 

She inhaled sharply, her breaths starting to come faster. “Think you can still keep up?”

“Try me.”

Then he bent her over, and her leg extended automatically. She came back up on the beat, spinning out of his grip. He chased her, grabbing her hand with strong, sure movements. Using him for balance, she rose up, leg raised, bringing it in then kicking it out. He rolled with her momentum, twisting around her, only letting go of her hand when he knew she could balance on her own. As the music swelled into the chorus, their movements grew bigger, fuller, and their bodies began to use the whole studio. 

They chased each other in the dark room, twirling together and flying apart. Each time they separated though, Clarke missed his heat a little more, craved his strong hands supporting her and his solid muscles lining up with hers so perfectly. She found herself leaping into his arms more often, staying longer in his embrace. Bellamy seemed to linger more too, finding new ways to touch her all over. Hand on her ankle as he ran his nose down her upright leg, palm against her stomach as he bent her backwards against him, each point of contact driving her a little more insane the longer they stayed in each other’s orbit.

The song was mid-bridge when she took a chance: running at him, she flung herself forward, and without hesitation, he caught her, shooting her straight up. Her hands landed on his shoulders, her elbows locking as he turned them slowly. She looked down at him, freckles and sharp angles, and her breath caught at the heat in his eyes. 

Her stomach dropped as he let go suddenly, but her sharp cry was cut off as his arms banded around her hips a second later. Now she was completely pressed against him, her mouth only an inch above his.

“Having fun yet?” Bellamy murmured, his breath hot on her parted lips.

She answered by surging forward, claiming him with a greedy kiss. Bellamy groaned into her open mouth as her hands raked through his hair. Vaguely she felt herself slip down, her toes brushing the floor as his hands sought more from her, running over her sides, her ass, her back. 

“Now I am,” she rasped out when she pulled away, gulping air.

“Told you improvising is fun.”

“Shut up.”


With a grin, Bellamy leaned forward and kissed her again, but slower this time. In contrast, her heart raced even faster, and she melted in his arms, pliant and soft, done in by his sudden tenderness. 

They were still kissing when the music faded, but Clarke just pulled him closer. She was having fun, after all, and even though only one of them could get the trophy at the end of the competition, this–well, this was something they could both be winners of, at least for the night.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons game: dirty dancing au for tsoa?

okay, first things first, watching this movie for the first time with a tsoa au in my head has RUINED ME i hope you’re happy

  • patroclus as baby and achilles as johnny pleASE pat shows up with his family at this summer camp for rich assholes and he is not expecting much from this, at all. but then he finds his way to the staff quarters and follows the music to a room full of people dancing with each other in such an intimate sexual way and his eyes practically pop out of his innocent little head
  • and one of the dancers is just unbelievable, the way he looks and the way he moves, and patroclus can’t take his eyes off him. he wishes it was him the man was dancing with instead of that beautiful woman, but he knows he doesn’t really have a chance
  • EXCEPT THAT HE DOES, bc the guy comes over right after the dance finishes and introduces himself as achilles and then he’s pulling patroclus onto the dance floor and teaching him how to dance like that, and his hands are all over patroclus’s body and patroclus is allowed to put his hands all over achilles’s body, and achilles’s hips are doing this thing that should really be illegal and patroclus is basically hanging on for dear life and it’s the best night he’s ever had
  • soon it comes out that deidameia, achilles’s dance partner, is pregnant by her piece of shit ex and she can only schedule the abortion for a day when she has to do a performance. guess who fills in for her and dances with achilles. i’ll give u one guess
  • there’s only a few days to get patroclus’s dancing up to par so he has to spend every spare minute in close proximity with achilles. o k this is fine no problems here at all. also, it’s really hot so sometimes achilles takes off his shirt before they dance which is absolute torture, is achilles doing this to him on purpose??? (spoiler alert he definitely is)
  • the performance goes pretty well and after that they!!! get!!! together!!!
  • achilles being insecure about patroclus’s feelings for him because he’s used to being used for easy sex by men and women staying at the resort :(((
  • patroclus genuinely caring for achilles but being unwilling to tell his dad about their relationship because he’s never been accepting of patroclus’s sexual orientation or really anything about patroclus :(((
  • but!!! patroclus standing up for achilles when he’s accused of theft even though it means revealing that they’re together! achilles telling him that even though he still lost his job it meant the world to him that patroclus cares about him enough to do that!!! because he’s never been cared about that way before!!!! i am a mess!!!!!
  • achilles coming back and defying his former bosses and telling everyone all about how amazing patroclus is before sweeping pat off his feet and dancing with him in front of his family and everyone and patroclus doesn’t even care what anyone thinks because he’s with achilles and that’s all he needs ok i’m ok

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it!