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Easy Street my Ass

warnings: some language, suspense. Negan being an asshole as usual.

Part (1/?)

We’re on easy street

And it feels so sweet

Cause the world is but a treat

When we’re on easy street

      That god damn song was on loop. I hated being locked up in here but I wasn’t about to let Negan get the best of me. I had made it two weeks in the box with this damn song playing over and over and over… The guy next to me had been here longer. Who knows how long, but it must have been a while, cause Negan visited him regularly to see if he would break. When he was asked that damn question- “who are you,”- he always answered “Daryl” in his raspy voice.

        He escaped twice. Once, he didn’t make it far and was brought back, but the second time he was gone for days. I was the only one they were torturing.

 We’re on easy street

And it feels so sweet

Cause the world is but a treat

When we’re on easy street

       I was going to give up, cause there was no one in the box next to me to keep me motivated to fight, not since Daryl escaped. Then it happened. The Saviors dragged Daryl through the hall back to the box. I could see him through the crack under the door, kicking and thrashing against the Saviors. Negan followed, Lucille hanging lazily behind him.

“Daryl Daryl Daryl… so damn disappointing. Why can’t you just join us like everyone else in the box does..”

         Negans voice was like an evil purr as he spoke.

“D, open door 3,” Negan said lazily. “Lets show Daryl here how things work with the others in the box.”

          I heard the keys in the lock on my door. I scrambled away from it, squinting as the light poured into the dark room as the hinges swung the door back. There stood Dwight, the asshole who fed us dogfood sandwiches, Negan holding Lucille as if he owned the damn world, and two Saviors holding the man I assumed was Daryl captive.

“Well, little miss,” Negan cooed as he stepped forward. “How long you been in here? You smell like shit.”

            I stood up shakily and looked him square in the face. I was a foot shorter than him but he didn’t scare me.

“Listen missy, I could get you out of here right now. You could get all showered and done up and you could eat a real dinner. I just have to ask… Who are you?”

           I took a quick glance at the bat Negan was carrying, then at Daryl in the hall. He was seething in rage, still trying to yank himself free from the two goons holding him. I bit my tongue and stared daggers into Negans eyes.

“Girly, I won’t ask again.” He said impatiently. “Who are you?”

“…. Fuck You.” I growled, and spat into Negans face. The back of his hand hit my cheek and knocked me against the wall, making me gasp in pain. I heard Daryl try even harder to break free, and saw Dwight punch him in the gut out of the corner of my eye.

           Negan wiped my spit off his face, sighed, and backed out of the room, the door closing behind him. I crawled over to the door and put my ear to it trying to hear.

“Well, Daryl, I guess you won’t get the fine example I was hoping you would get, so it’s back in the box for you. Unless of course, you can tell me who you are?”

          I held my breath as I listened for Daryl’s answer. his raspy voice was low but unmistakeable.

“Like the girl said… fuck you.”

        I heard a fist slam into a body and heard Daryl moan in pain. The two goons threw him into the box next to me and shut the door.

“It’s a shame Daryl! Thanks to the girl, your favorite song will be playing all night long, and since you were both such rude assholes, neither of you get dinner!”

         As soon as Negan was done talking, I heard Daryl beating against the door, screaming at Negan and Dwight and the whole Sanctuary to go fuck themselves. I heard Negan whistling his way down the hall, and then nothing.


 We’re on easy street

And it feels so sweet

Cause the world is but a treat

When we’re on easy street

       God damnit, not again. I thought maybe they had forgotten to turn it back on. My cheek still hurt from when Negan smacked me, and my lip was busted from the fall. I angrily tapped my foot against the wall as the song played, thinking of how I would make it any longer in this damn box.


        I stopped tapping. I sat confused in the dark, wondering who had said that.

“Hey,” I heard again, in Daryl’s raspy low voice. “You listenin’?”

I crawled over to the drain in the floor, hoping to hear him better over the music.

“Is that Daryl..?” I asked nervously.

“How’d’ya know my name?”

I swallowed hard, not wanting to say anything that could set him on edge. “I uh, I’ve been here a while. Plus, Negan has a crush on you. Never shuts up about you.”

I heard a coarse chuckle from the other side of the wall.

“Well, I got a message. My group is planning on ambushing this place. They need inside men. I’m assuming you want these pricks as dead as we do, so I’m’a ask you t’ help.”

I sat back and took a deep breath. I did want to take Negan down a few pegs, but how?

 We’re on easy street

And it feels so sweet

Cause the world is but a treat

When we’re on easy street

          As the song started its loop again, I made a choice. Fuck the Saviors. I was gonna work with Daryl and his group even if it meant getting killed. As long as I could destroy that damn stereo when I got out.

“What’s your plan?”

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Reiji: Eh, what is it? A little word, you ask. Fine. what is it.

Laito: “I got an even higher rank than Reiji..” Eh?! Why?

Reiji: Huuh, that is impossible.

Yui Appreciation Day 2 - Yui’s best quality is that she’s pretty damn smart

Gah! I’m so late with this! This is the worst time for me because I’m preparing for graduation and my transfer. Lol. Anyway, on slightly more relevant note, I feel that Yui’s best quality is her intelligence. I feel that this quality gets overlooked so much and this is the main reason I prefer Yui over other Otome game heroines. She’s not like “ D’aww d-do I like him… even though my heart goes doki-doki… ahh I don’t know..” She’s more like “Alright I gotta get my shit together. Don’t say anything stupid and try to survive. Let’s look for escape routes!”. Yui can also be sassy sometimes and I love it. Also she got a higher score on her test then Reiji in that drama cd… so… There’s that. She’s a smartypants and I can go on and on listing examples but then we’d be here all day. Lol. 

Anyway, I’m sorry I’m so late on this and (hopefully) it’ll be the only one late. I’ll try to upload Day 3 later tonight so look to it~ 



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