best dad in the world i bet

why is the ship name for james and lily potter jily when clearly it should be lames. look at them. they’re so lame they’re the lamest couple in the world i bet james makes 47 dad jokes a day and lily makes 48 and they dress up the cat and make their patronuses slow dance and james wears a fake moustache for a full day so lily hexes him so he can’t take it off for a week and they buy harry like three different elf costumes for literally no reason except that they couldn’t decide which one was the best (it was none of them, yells sirius, what kind of baby needs an elf costume) and they think they’re so cool and hip but they’re LAME

Not Fearless

Characters: John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean, older sister!reader

Words: 1470

[A little fluff, angst]

A/N: Just a little break in the Little Sister series I’ve got going. 

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Did you know that humans are supposed to be quite fearless? Well, it’s true. When we are born we’re scared of two things; falling and loud noises, nothing more. Because the rest is learned. And life taught you a few things.

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Galahad and Lancelot

I’m sure I’m going to make some people miffed with this portrayal of these two, but whatever.

Instead of the absentee father, I went with Lancelot being an awkward single dad raising Galahad while juggling a career as a warrior. I’ve been inspired by Corvo and Emily (Dishonored) and Bobby and Hank Hill. Actually, if I had one way to describe them, they’re both like Bobby and Hank Hill, just because Lancelot sometimes has the emotional depth of a teaspoon and raising a girl is extremely awkward when you’re a general of some army and the best friend of a king.

Galahad is still a cute, happy child and rather make emphasis on chastity or whatever as a part of Galahad’s purity, I place an emphasis on Galahad being, well, pure of heart because she’s a kid and this goes back to the idea that Galahad is connected to the paranormal Cauldron of Rebirth because of her being a child and kids are believed to have more a connection the spiritual world. Galahad will become a very bad ass knight one day thanks to her dad. While Lancelot isn’t the most affectionate father, you bet he is a papa bear with his kid.


Anyway, Lancelot and his family are Sarmatians that settled in Gaul! I borrowed this idea from the 2004 King Arthur movie. But it says that the Sarmatians were Iranian people so I felt like it would be more fitting to, uh, you know, make them look like that. The armor is really hard to find, let alone a child’s clothing. Galahad’s clothing is a hosh posh of things but the armor for both of them is taken from Sarmatians/Scythian/Alan armor.

All of these things are a pain in the ass researching, fyi.

My best friend’s dad is a scout leader, and is in Germany for World Scout Event. He just had dinner with King Karl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, who is patron of the World Scout Foundation. He told Mike it’s his 69th such event in 35 years…and he still does everyday Scouting with youth. 

I bet the food was really good too.

Pack Mom - Part 3

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Request 1//  ooh can we get a part 3 to pack mom where the next day Liam wakes up and he’s really attached to the reader like she’ll be up before him making breakfast and he’ll come and hug her and she ruffles his hair and he calls her mom and about this time Derek returns and he sees how affectionate Liam is towards his gf and he asks what happened and she tells him about the storm and he finds it sweet that Liam has attached himself to her like he’ll want to hold her hand or sit in her lap and hug her etc

Request 2// Part 2 was so cute! Could i request a 3rd part where the next morning, Liam wakes up on the reader’s arms to find her gently running her hand through his hair and watching over him to be sure he slept ok and he blushes and she kisses his nose telling him he’s adorable and he tells her how much he loves having her as his supernatural mom bc if he’d gone to anyone else in the pack they would’ve teased him and she tells him she loves him like he’s her own baby and it’s a cute moment between them xx

A/N// We got two different requests for an idea of Pack Mom part 3 so we thought we would put them both together.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8   Part 9  Part 10   Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14

I woke up with the sun beaming through the window. The sweet calm sound of birds singing outside. I wouldn’t of believed that there was a terrible storm last night. 

I still had Liam wrapped up in my arms. He was sound asleep, I decided to just lay in bed until Liam woke up. I gently ran my fingers through his hair. I felt Liam start to move,he opened his eyes, and gave me a smile, then he hugged me tighter.

“Good morning,did you sleep better sweetheart?” I asked.

“Morning and yeah I did, how long have you been awake for?” He said rubbing his eyes.

“Oh just about 15 minutes” I claimed

“Why are you still in bed then? when ever you wake up, you usually get up straight away” Liam questioned

“Oh I was just watching over you to make sure you were okay” I said as I kissed his nose. Liam started blushing.I always thought it was cute when I saw this.

“I love having you as my supernatural mom” Liam laughed.

“Well I loving having you has my supernatural baby” I added

“If I went to anyone else in the pack they would of just teased me about being scared about the storm” Liam sighed

“Well I bet they are all scared of something to, and this can be mine, your’s and Derek’s little secret” I addressed. Which made Liam gave me a big smile and let out a small laugh.

We both got out of bed, then I made it making everything look neat. Liam grabbed my hand as we both walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. Liam sat at the table as I made pancakes and watched me. When I put the the Pancake mix in the pan, I turned to Liam and leaned on the counter top. He got up and walked over to me and hugged me, I pulled him into a tight hug and ruffled his hair.

“Thank you Mom, Thank you for always being here for me” Liam confessed, which put the biggest smile on my face.

“That’s okay Sweetie, and I will always be her for you, you are like a son to me” I say as I heard the loft door open, Liam grabbed my hand again as we both went to see who it was, after I took the pancakes of the heat. When I walked into the living room I saw Derek standing there with his bag on the floor. I turned to Liam and said.

“Why not go and get dressed before breakfast” I stated. Liam gave me a big hug, then left to go to his room. Then Derek and I walked into the kitchen.Just before I entered he grabbed my arm and spun me around and pulled me into his embrace and placed a kiss on my lips.

“What’s up with that one?” Derek asked nodding towards where Liam just left.

“What do you mean?” I said whilst looking up at Derek.

“He seems really clingy, he’s really affectionate towards you” Derek stated.

“Oh that, the storm you were telling me about last night on the phone, well it was terrible, and Liam gets scared of storms, so I let him sleep with me last night to make him feel safe” I claimed. Derek’s smile grew bigger at what I was saying.

“That’s cute,I think it is sweet he is attached to you like that,and that’s why I have the best girlfriend in the world” He said as he kissed me. 

Liam came back into that kitchen dressed and sat down at then table.

“Right i’m going to get dressed now” I said. As I walked past Liam I ruffled his hair and kissed his head.

I came back dressed and joined the boys to eat breakfast. We all decided to just have a lazy day, then take Liam back home around 6 pm. It was around 11:30 am when we finished breakfast and cleaned up.

So I pulled the duvet off my bed, and I cuddled up to Derek and Liam sat on my lap and we watched Stand By Me. I decided to watch this film because it was Derek and I’s favourite film and Liam had never seen it before, so he had to watch it.

Around 4:30, Liam had fallen asleep on me. I wrapped your arms and the duvet around him to keep him warm. I looked up at Derek and saw that he had the worlds biggest grin on his face.

“What you grinning at babe?” I asked.

“Oh nothing” He replied starting to laugh

“Come on spit it out” I said elbowing him, whilst trying not to wake Liam up.

“Fine, I think you are going to be the best mom in the world” Derek said smiling

“And I bet you will be the best Dad in the world” I said kissing him. 

“I think it would be so cute to have a little Hale running around, but they better not be as grumpy as you” I said laughing.

“Ha ha very funny” He said.

Its was starting to get late, so at 5:30 pm I woke Liam up. He snuggled into me more.

“It’s time to wake up now sweetie” I said running my fingers through his hair.

“You have to go home soon” I say. Liam looked up at me and gave me a sad look.

“Listen baby, Like I said give it a few day and if nothing changes, you tell me and we will sort something out” Liam gave me a small smile and got up. Liam went to his room and a grabbed his things and we both headed to your car.

We both talked all the way to Liam’s house. When we arrived we both got out of the car and I pulled him into a big hug. I didn’t want Liam to go back, but he had to see how it worked out for him there.

“Remember Li, if it doesn’t get any better with them, you come straight back to me and Derek, You understand” I say pulling away from the hug.

“Yeah I understand, Thank you, Thank you for everything, and when I said I wish you were my mom, I really did mean that, I love you mom” Liam confessed.

“And I love you to sweetie” I gave Liam a final hug, then he went into his house. I got back into your car and headed home.

Later That Night

Derek and I both got into bed and snuggled up together. We were both silent until I spoke up.

“Derek?” I asked

“Y/N?” Derek questioned

“What you said on the phone, that if Liam comes back to us and says that it isn’t getting better or it’s got worse with his parents, did you really mean that he could come and live with us? Or were you just saying that?” I asked

“Y/N I meant that, I really did, We have two spare rooms so Liam can have one, I can see how much Liam means to you,and if letting Liam live with us makes you happy and will, and it will also give me time to help Scott, help Liam to gain control over his shift and helping him fight.” Derek says.

“Derek I love you so much, I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend, you’re the best, I can’t believe you would do that” I exploded with excitement.

“Well that would be one spare room filled up, Just one more” He said pulling me into his embrace starting to kiss my forehead, making his way down to my lips…. 

Hope You All Liked Part 3. Please Request If You Would Like A Part 4.

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having a lil child with Hoseok?

hi yes as a hoseok biased girl this was v easy for me and like wow i hope you enjoy we can share hoseok okay im not willing to part

Dad Hoseok

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  • yo yo yo back at it again with my bias wow we can all marry hoseok i dont think im ready to part with him
  • im kidding
  • this one should be interesting cause bias but im ready to get at it!!
  • hoseok to me is someone who would want kids as soon as he’s married
  • he wouldn’t want to have kids before hand because wow that is a lot of work and he would want to know the person he is having kids with is someone who he will be the spending the rest of his life with and he would just be a very traditional guy?
  • like he would know the dangers of having kids before marriage and how that often ends poorly so he would definitely want to be married first
  • but as soon as you guys tie the knight he’s like hello yes time to have a little jung running around the house what do you say to that
  • “hoseok you’re already like raising one kid i don’t think that i could deal with another one right now”
  • and of course he pouts and gets all whiny and hides his face in a pillow until you agree to wanting to have kids
  • tbh he would probably tell all the boys you two were having a baby but he would never specify when honestly and they would all be hyped because what another baby what is this?? and they’re all ready to throw a baby shower and you’re like “just hold up for a second um im not pregnant”
  • and everyone kinda gives hoseok a look and he’s like “well we’re gonna have a baby soon, right jagiya~?”
  • “i dont know hoseok i would probably prefer to get a dog instead”
  • you’re just teasing him
  • if his partner was willing to have kids as early as he wanted (bcuz obviously the man doesn’t make the ultimate decision, ladies are the ones who have to lug that thing around for nine months) he would probably be the third to have a kid after taehyung and jin
  • he would make the best dad can you imagine hoseok as a dad like that kid is gonna be spoiled rotten
  • and you know that because hoseok spoils you enough as is like your kid is gonna be a brat
  • kidding of course they couldn’t with hoseok as a parent
  • okay but now about the actual pregnancy
  • you realize you’re gonna have a baby pretty early on like you take one of those tests when you get really suspicious and you’re like oh yikES
  • not because you don’t want the baby but because the boys just left for some promoting deal all over in japan or something and they won’t be home for like a month and a half> maybe two? and like you weren’t exactly planning to get pregnant (you wanted to wait until the promo ended so you could have hoseok with you through it all) but hey sometimes things happen
  • a baby is one of thoe things
  • you also desperately want to tell hoseok in person like he was so excited to have a lil baby it wouldn’t do him justice to tell him over skype
  • so you sit there, staring down at the test like what do i do?
  • and so you decide you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you’re just not gonna bring it up until he gets back home
  • you’re not gonna tell anyone actually (like nance smh)
  • you’re gonna keep it on the down low because if you tell someone, they might let it slip to hoseok and that is the last thing you need
  • you’re gonna tough it out
  • you’re literally gonna tough it out because morning sickness has wrecked you
  • and time differences so like the only time hoseok can talk to you is like after things go down with promoting so usually late at night for him
  • and for my time at least twenty two there is like nine here so for the sake of this let’s say when he does get to skype you and call you it’s kinda early in the morning
  • and you’re sitting there in your computer chair, and on the floor next to you is a huge ass bowl just in case
  • you’re seriously doing everything your power not to tell him every time you two Skype because you want to tell him so badly but you know it’ll be so much better if you wait to tell him in person
  • so you keep a giant pillow up against your chest that you snuggle up so he can’t see anything (not like anything would be there yet but just in case) and you’re holding your tea (the one thing that doesn’t make you queasy) and you’re smiling for hoseok but he can tell something is off
  • you’ve been holding in this huge secret and that’s never healthy and it’s taking a toll on you like hoseok can tell you’re stressed
  • your hair is mess and there are dark bags under your eyes and your cheeks look sunken and pale but whenever he brings it up you say something like “oh it’s work, really”
  • but he doesn’t believe it at all
  • and the other boys can see because he’s been eating less and all he does is stare down at his phone and he’s really not doing good
  • namjoon is the one who finally calls you
  • and he asks if you’re doing okay and you give him the same spiel you give hoseok about being stressed about work or whatever and namjoon doesn’t buy it
  • and he has a heart to heart with you like namjoon would be amazing at those kind of talks don’t you think
  • “look I know you’re not telling us the truth. you may think you’re doing it for the best but isn’t it a little selfish? letting hoseok stress and worry about you but not letting him in on what’s wrong? doesn’t that seem selfish on your part? I think you need to talk to him… you guys are married after all”
  • and namjoon really puts it into perspective for you like he’s right you are being selfish
  • hoseok does nothing but love you and care for you and put you first and you thought you were doing what was right but it’s worse that you’ve caused him to panic over you
  • and so you decide to call him the next morning right away
  • but first you go to the store…
  • okay okay so you wake up the next morning right and you fix yourself up a bit
  • and you head downstairs to the computer and you turn on Skype and hoseok is already calling you
  • “jagiya morning how are you my love are you feeling better? are you feeling okay? are you eating enough? are you sleep-”
  • “hoseok”
  • “are you making sure that you take care of yourself? namjoon said he called you last night, he said you seemed to be doing better is that true?”
  • “hoseok, namjoon helped me realize that I need to tell you something”
  • and he freezes
  • he’s bare faced and beautiful right now just letting you know
  • but he looks so scared and you shake your head and you quickly grab something that was right down near your feet and it’s a little uncomfortable but whatever
  • okay but you’re now holding a pair of baby shoes and they’re probably heelys throwback and you’re smiling so softly
  • “hoseok we’re having a baby”
  • and he’s silent and that worried you because maybe he actually isn’t ready maybe he isn’t prepared to be a dad what if you messed this up
  • but then he screams okay scratch that he shrieks and he starts jumping up and down and he’s spinning in circles and yelling and yoongi busts down the door and comes running in because he thinks hoseok got hurt or something
  • and hoseok just runs over to yoongi and tackles him to the ground and you hear a thump but you can’t see him cause he moved out of the frame oops and yoongi starts cursing and hoseok is still screaming
  • you still can’t see anything cause hoseok is a mess
  • but you hear him crying now and yoongi is congratulating him and by now all the other boys have run into the room and they’re all flooding the camera and asking you for how long and when’s the due date and all these questions and you’re tearing up cause you can’t believe you didn’t tell him sooner
  • when he’s off the ground hoseok shoves everyone away oops and tells you to get your belly up to the camera so he can kiss the baby and say hi he’s so cute god ily hoseok
  • every morning he starts the video call by saying hello to the baby and then asking how you’re feeling and he’s so cute
  • he does a cute voice when talking to the baby “like hello lil munchkin it’s me your pops how you doing in there is it comfy”
  • okay but when they do come home you go to pick him up from the airport and by this point you’re like three months pregnant?? about?? all I know about pregnancy is based off nance tbh but you have like a minimal bump it’s like not even there honestly but
  • and he gets off the plane and he walks in to the gate and and look who’s there it’s you and he shoves jin and namjoon out of the way and he sprints over to you and he picks you up and spins you around in his arms and kisses your face all over and then gets on his knee and kisses your bump all over and starts rambling to the baby “hi it’s me its me, your dad I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you”
  • okay but hoseok doesn’t let you do anything while you’re pregnant
  • you’re reaching for a cup to get some water and he bolts up from across the room and gets it for you instead
  • “jagiya don’t you dare strain yourself that’s how you get hurt!!”
  • “hoseok it’s a cup…?”
  • you try to get up in the middle of the night cause pregnant ladies always need to pee oh my god and hoseok jerks awake and he physically carries you to the bathroom so you don’t strain yourself
  • he has a list of baby names on the fridge already and he adds a new one every single day
  • except you start to notice that there are only boy names up in this camp and you kinda?? “we aren’t gonna find out the gender.. you remember that conversation right hoseok darling??”
  • “please honey i know this is gonna be a boy baby okay”
  • “how you know this??”
  • “well because when-”
  • you just give him a look like please hoseok i dont even wanna hear what obscure theory you have about childbirth cause i bet theyre all lies yoongi has been feeding you
  • yoongi is really invested in this baby cause hoseok was his lil babe he needed to protect and he low key needs to make sure everything is okay
  • he is the most supportive of hoseok like sometimes hobi will come to him in tears cause he’s worried that he won’t be a good father or something ?? and he gets so stressed and yoongi tells him that he will be the best dad in the world and that this kid is gonna have the best family in the world and it’s really super touching
  • anyway
  • hoseok goes overboard with buying things for the nursery and everything!! you guys paint it a light green okay and it has this cute jungle theme and you have lots of animal plushies and this little wallpaper border that goes around the wall and a rocking chair and he sits in it all the time “soon i’ll be sitting here with our baby”
  • he buys the cutest clothes for the baby too oh my god and all of them say daddy’s prince or daddy’s boy and you’re like hoseok this could be a small girl and he’s still shoving the cart with daddy’s number one onesies
  • his sister sends you two lots of baby clothes too!! and bunch of never before seen pics of baby hobi to inspire you
  • you guys keep all your baby pics around cause when your baby is born you wanna compare the child to you two as small lil kids
  • probably goes up to random strangers like “hi my wife is pregnant doesn’t she look so amazing though wow when the baby is born i can send you some pics!!”
  • “um that’s wonderful sir but would you like to pay cash or credit”
  • every single night he calls his parents to update them on the baby and let them know that everything is going smoothly
  • he also asks his dad for advice cause i think hoseok is someone who internalizes his problems and always expects himself to be perfect so he’s a little stressed about not doing something right so he needs all the advice he can get
  • practices dad things with tae and jin’s babies but mostly tae’s cause he’s a bit older and jin doesn’t like people going near his little girl
  • like he holds the baby and he squeals every time he gets the little thing to laugh or smile and you look on fondly cause he’s going to be the most perfect dad in the world
  • he always has his hands on the bay bump like you guys are sitting and watching psych?? well he just keeps a hand on the belly and traces hearts and smiles and i love you and it tickles a lot and you end up giggling
  • that’s when the first kick happens tbh
  • like you two are chilling and watching your movie and he traces down the name he really likes for the baby like his most favorite name he’s been pestering you about for ages now and he finishes the last letter and the baby kicks really hard and you two freeze then stare at each other
  • he screams and you scream and you both start to tear up a bit and he’s hugging you super tight and he kisses your face all over
  • whenever you guys go to the doctors he’s a little stressed “um is my baby healthy are they gonna be here soon and by they i mean he cause i know my own child’s gender trust me”
  • and the nurses think it’s so funny cause like obvious first time parents right here
  • but your baby is super healthy and when hoseok sees the little picture thing for the first time he full out weeps like not tearing up nope he’s sobbing and he squeezes your hand because that’s his baby?? and they’re so healthy and perfect?? and it’s actually happening, he’s actually going to be a father??
  • okay but he takes the time out of his day to sit down and he has one hand on your belly and the other is holding a large book of fairy tales and he reads to your lil baby every single night cause he loves reading and he wants his baby to have that seem love and he wants to let the baby hear his voice as much as possible
  • the baby likes to kick when he reads so he does it a lot more
  • decides that the baby will be dancing the day they take their first steps and he has all these baby dance shoes ready for the moment it happens even though you’re like “that’s gonna take a few months there buddy”
  • he loves to make some songs for the baby not like hardcore songs but like just more like nursery rhyme type things and he’ll sing them at the top of his lungs all the days long
  • you guys don’t have a gender reveal party cause you didn’t want to find out anyhow but yoongi does organize something for you two
  • except it’s him and namjoon and chim cause the others are busy with babies or their own upcoming pregnancies oops
  • they send gifts though
  • and you can tell hoseok is upset he plays it off though all casual like he doesn’t seek to care at all but you know he’s upset
  • like he eats his cake all glum and yoongi and namjoon are exchanging looks and they seem rather worried and you’re rubbing his back and he doesn’t wanna seem ungrateful especially cause yoongi even baked the cake by himself!!
  • and you’re opening presents and it’s super cute and fun and hoseok begins to cheer up but then the doorbell rings
  • hoseok gets up to open it cause you’re too swollen for this crap
  • there’s all the boys and they’re smiling wide and giggling and they step aside and there is hoseok’s family
  • they went to the airport to pick them up surprise!!
  • and it’s lots of hugging and crying and more hugging and it’s so cute and they’re sicheng precious and cute and they’re all gaping at your belly cause wow you’re so big you’re gonna burst
  • you guys play all these fun baby shower games and yoongi and namjoon end up winning all of them tbqh
  • and you guys make the spare room all ready and they’re gonna stay for a few months to help with the baby cause they know he’s more than worried about everything and like in Asian cultures grandparents do a lot with the kids !! they’re really super involved and his parents wanted to be there
  • they’re the one who end up taking you to the hospital surprise!!
  • it’s probably a week before your due date and you’re cooking dinner and hoseok’s parents are helping you out by setting the table and stuff and you guys are talking about the baby how cute
  • hoseok said he would be home late; they’re learning a new dance routine and some of the boys are having a really hard time so they’re staying longer to make sure they get it down
  • you don’t live close to the studio nope he wanted somewhere far from work cause he didn’t wanna be a workaholic okay
  • anyway you’re stirring the noodles and all of the sudden you kinda “um I think my water broke??”
  • and his mother rushes over and she’s like yup yup I know this I’ve had kids we need to get you to the hospital right now
  • she sits in the back of the car with you while hoseok’s dad drives and his mom is asking you about contractions and whatever happens when people go into labor
  • and she’s squeezing your hand and giving you a pep talk meanwhile she has hoseok on the phone and while you’re pretty calm he’s screaming and you can hear him even though the phone is nowhere near your ear
  • the hospital is probably equal distance from your house and the studio so hoseok promises that he’ll be there for you no doubt about it
  • when you get there, there’s hoseok standing outside the doors, the other boys flanking him
  • he runs to your side and he ushers you inside and behold it begins
  • he is actually really super calm like he holds your hand and talks to you he tries to distract you from your pain by talking to you and keeping up a conversation but when that doesn’t work he’s calming you and inspiring you and reminding you it’s okay
  • and after everything you hear the cry and they’re like ahh the baby is finally here and hoseok breaks down in tears and he’s smiling so brightly and laughing too but he’s crying too ahh it’s so sweet
  • and they wash the baby off and then they hand them over to hoseok
  • “congrats on your baby boy”
  • and he’s crying and he’s whispering sweet nothings to your son and he’s kissing his baby head and oh
  • you hold him too and then they take him to wherever they take babies
  • and all the boys and his parents are there and they’re all pointing and cooing and tae can’t wait to introduce him to his son and oh my god I love babies so much
  • okay the baby has his nose and his cute lil ears and a mix of your eyes and your face ship and lips and he’s a tan lil thing kinda tiny too
  • at home hoseok does not let either of you leave his sight ever
  • he’s always the one who wakes up first when your son does so much as yawns he’s up and ready to help
  • always dancing with the baby on his hip once he’s old enough obv
  • takes him to all their practices when he’s old enough and your son always coos and claps at hoseok
  • takes his first steps in the studio cause hoseok is dancing and not paying attention to him and he gets up and stumbles toward him and you’re crying and hoseok is crying and yikes
  • he always reads to his son always he sits him on his lap and holds the book in front of the both of them so he can see the pictures okay
  • and he does different voices for different characters
  • your baby boy cries if he’s separated from hoseok for too long
  • he’s like the most angelic baby save that one fact
  • hoseok loves to help with bath time cause he’ll make a bubble beard and pretend to be Santa or something and your little boy just squeals
  • he loves tae’s little boy he’s always playing with him and they’re brothers from the beginning oh my god can you imagine
  • anyway hoseok will be the best father im convinced part two will be coming to talk about the other jung kiddos
Random CS Fic Recs

@stunningswxn asked me for some recs for completed MCs. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of stories I love.

(I’ve realised that I am Terrible at categorising fics, so this is only split into modern au/enchanted forest au/canon divergence. The super organised part of my brain is shrieking “not good enough!” the messy part is responding “whatevs”.)

Fics below the cut to save your dash.

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Pregnancy Series #15 ~ He Overhears You Talking to the Baby

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (his pov) ~ “You’re going to look just like your dad, aren’t you, little one?” I heard her speak softly through the thin hotel room walls. I put a towel to my hair, but removed it when I heard her voice again. I turned the faucet off so I could hear her words more clearly.

“His nose. I love his nose. And you’ll have his beautiful blue eyes. We’ll have to dye your hair, though. I’ll make sure he lets us,” I smiled and sat up against the wall with my ear pressed against it. She was speaking to our child and it was more than precious.

“Bet you’ll have his accent, too. And you’ll learn all his slang and say things funny like he does. Your laugh will sound just like his. His laugh is great, love. You’re going to love his laugh. Dad’s laugh is the best sound in the world. Except his singing. Your dad has the voice of an angel. I love your dad so much, love,” Despite her whispering, I heard every word. Her voice was so calming and I could tell how much she loved our baby by the words she spoke.

“Maybe he’ll teach you to barbecue- he’s really good at that. The food he cooks on his grill is delicious, some of mummy’s favorites. And he’s going to teach you to play footy. You better be a Derby fan, little one. Daddy wouldn’t like it much if you weren’t,” I had to laugh out loud at that one. It was true. My baby better be a Derby fan. She must’ve heard my laugh that she loved so much, though, because she stopped talking.

“Niall? What are you doing in there?” she asked, in a much louder voice than she had been using. I stood to my feet and adjusted the towel on my hips. When I emerged from the bathroom, I saw that she was lying on her side with pillows piled all around her head. She whined, “Did you hear all that?”

I nodded and laughed, climbing under the covers beside her. She pulled one of the many pillows over her head and groaned. “You were supposed to be in the shower.”

“Oh, we’re not dying our baby’s hair blonde,” I told her, tracing random shaped over her stomach.

“Yes, we are,” she mumbled from underneath the pillow.

Zayn (his pov) ~ “Jaeda, gran said you can hear me now. I don’t know if its true, but lets try it, yeah?” I couldn’t help but smile at her words. Y/N was sitting on the balcony, her favorite room in the flat. She like pull one of the chairs up so it was right up against the railing. She could stare out at the skyline all day and night. That’s where I would find her when the pregnancy was making her feel sick, or when she couldn’t sleep at night.

“So, baby, I just want to know that mummy loves you. I love you more than anything in the whole wide world. You’re my everything, my sunshine. I can’t wait to meet you. Where we are right now is mummy’s favorite place. I wish you could see it. From here, you can see the Albert bridge. And you can see the Ferris wheel across the river. Someday I’ll take you there, and we’ll ride to the top. I bet you’ll love it.”

“I’m so excited for you to finally get here, Jaeda. So many people already love you. The whole world, really,” she spoke softly with her head hunched over so she was looking at her bump. Her back was turned to me, so I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she was smiling.

“Your daddy is famous. He goes all over the world to sing to people. I miss him when he’s away, but now I’ll have my baby girl to keep me company. Oh, and maybe you can help me teach his to swim? When we visit Uncle Niall? He has a huge pool. I’ve tried but he’s a cry baby…” she paused and looked up to the sky. The pain was evident in her voice, and it hurt for me to listen.

“I don’t even care that you tore me and your father apart. You’re going to be worth it, and hopefully your daddy figures that out soon. I hope so. I think he loves you, but I can’t tell. I’m trying, for you, Jaeda. He makes it so hard though…” She trailed off, siting in silence and staring out at the view. I couldn’t help the sobs from escaping my lips. She quickly turned her head and stood.

“Zayn?” I stood up and revealed myself from the sliding door. “Are you alright?”

I nodded weakly and stared at the beautiful woman in front of me. I had messed it up so bad with her. “Ya, just what you said. I got to me a bit. I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“I’m perfect.” She said, pressing her hand to my unshaven cheek. She smiled, making my gut twist.

“I want to fix this,” I admitted. “I can’t stand seeing you everyday, and not-” She pressed her finger to my lips, making me stop.

“Shh, we’ll talk about it later; its late. Get to bed.” And with that, she pushed me towards door and into the house. I walked up the stairs behind her and I cringed when she shut herself in the bedroom by herself.

Liam (his pov) ~ I walked into the lounge room, where the Christmas tree was set up. She sat in front of it on the floor, a piece of paper in her hands. She stared down at it with a huge smile on her face, and I instantly knew what it was: the ultrasound photo. I had come looking for her to ask when the ham would be done cooking. We were having a small holiday party with the lads and some of the crew members.

She had been talking about it all week; she was so excited to see everyone since the tour had ended. She wore a green dress with small sleeves that looked amazing on her. The skirt was spread out around her on the floor, making her look like a small child excited for Santa to come.

“I wish you were here already,” she began speaking. I stopped mid-step, and retreated back behind the corner. I wanted to know what she had to say; it would be a good way of finding out what she was feeling.

“All your uncles are coming over tonight. And your aunts. Your cousins, too. They’re all going to love you so much. Especially your cousin Lux. She’s so excited for you to come, Dominic. She already is planning to read to you and play with you. Your auntie Lou is going to spoil you rotten just like all the others. And you have Uncle Andy to play with. He’s going to love you like his own,” she paused, and sighed heavily. I thought she was going to start crying, so I started to make my way towards her, but she began talking again. “I don’t care that you’re not our flesh and blood. But if you call me ‘mummy’, that’s enough for me.”

I felt the need to make myself know, so I said, “I feel the same way, sugar,” I said, kneeling beside her and taking the picture from her hands. “We’re so close.”

Within the hour, the boys all arrived with their wives and kids. Jaeda, who was already five, ran right up to Y/N with a package in her hands. She handed it to her, and told her to open it. Y/N ripped the paper away, revealing a framed drawing of me, my wife, and our baby that was on the way. “I drew it myself,” Jaeda told us proudly.

Harry (his pov) ~ “Hey, Gorgeous, have you-” I stopped in the middle of the hallway leading to our bedroom. I heard her voice; she hated when I eavesdropped, but it was really fun. I tip-toed towards the bedroom door and looked in. There she was, as beautiful as ever, sitting on our bed with a Doctor Seuss book propped on her belly.

“'Inside the nest, the egg jumped. It jumped and jumped and jumped. Until…out came a baby bird!’” she read the book in an animated voice, making it seem like she had an audience of toddlers listening. “’"Where is my mother?” he said.’ I promise, Cor, I’ll never leave. 'He did not see her anywhere!’“

She smiled, shifting her position so one of her hands held the book, and the other was rubbing circles over her bump. She had begun to really grow, to the point where she couldn’t hide it anymore. It was a rapid change; in a span of two weeks she looked like four months had passed.

”’“I will go and look for her,” he said. Out of the nest he went. Down, down, down! Plop!’“ she giggled as she turned the page and tapped on her stomach repeatedly. I had seen her doing it before; she said it made the bean kick. I stepped in the room smiling. She looked over her shoulder at the sound of my boots on the floors. She laughed, and put the book down on her lap.

"Want to join us for story time?” She asked. “Your mum told me that babies can hear voices by now, and I want her to be smart so…And she is kicking like crazy! I think she likes books.” she explained excitedly. Her eyes gleamed with love for our little Cordelia. I kissed her smiling lips as I scooted over so I was right beside her, and rested my head on her lap.

“Keep reading, I want to feel her kick,” I said, picking the book up and putting it into her hands. I placed my palms in the two places she usually kicked, and listened to my wife’s voice.

“'The baby bird could not fly. He could not fly, but he could walk.”

Louis (his pov) ~ “Dada will be home soon, boys. Maybe he’ll sing a song for you,” I heard Y/N say softly as I walked into our bedroom. I softened my steps as I got closer to the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar. Peeking in, I saw her in the bath tub with bubbles coating her face making it look like she had a beard.

“He’s going to come home, and he’s going to lie in bed with us. Your daddy is a very good man,” she continued. I couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. She moved her arms over the surface of the water, clearing away the bubbles. I could see her large baby bump peeking above the water slightly. She piled bubbles on top of it like a mountain, then took her hand and knocked it over, making a crashing sound. “He’s really funny. And he’s good at football. But he’s an awful dancer. I am, too- there’s really no chance of either of you being good dancers. I hope anyways, so then you won’t have to watch us dancing and be super embarrassed of us. Your dad and I will embarrass you a lot, just a warning. And I’m apologizing in advance, right now, while you’re still in the womb- it will start as soon as you pop out. And you guys have a big audience. We’re pretty cool, but you boys will think we’re 'totally lame’.”

I burst out laughing then, not being able to contain it anymore. “Hey! You were spying on me!” she exclaimed, pointing a bubble-covered finger at me accusingly.

“I’m glad I did, that was quite entertaining, babe.” I smiled and began to take my shirt off.

“No, no no no. I was having a relaxing bath and you are not going to come in here and cramp my style. Not happening.” She said, shaking her head frantically. I just laughed and unbuckled my belt. “There are already three people in this tub, I think that is enough. And I have my rubber ducky to keep me company.”

“Come on, move up. I need to get in,” I told her, pushing her forward with my hand on her back. She moved up and I slid in behind her, careful not to hurt her in the process.

“Fine. But I promised the boys you’d sing. And I want to play a game to test out the rest of the bath toys I bought.” She said, forcing a frown to hide the smile on her face. She lifted up a clear bag full of plastic boats and dolphins that sat in swimming tubes and dumped the contents into the water.

“Deal,” I said, turning her head back so I could kiss her lips.

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I was wondering, what would Hermione's Boggart be in Sixth Year? In Third Year it's a bad grade, but it has to have changed, right?

Ok, so this is a really cool question and opener for a discussion on how Boggarts, and subsequently fear and our representations thereof, work.

As you pointed out, dear anon, Hermione’s Boggart in third year takes the form of bad grades. Universal bad grades, Minnie McG telling her she’s failed everything. Now much as I’d love to be able to quote directly, I’m afraid my iBooks has decided I don’t own a copy of PoA (utter bollocks I tell you, I know I have it on my phone) and I do not have access to my hard copy at present.

But I remember the above clearly enough. Hermione had a full-on breakdown because her boggart had shown her a figure of authority, someone she respected and admired, informing her that she had failed all of her exams. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I think that’s less about the actual exams, the results, the academics, than it is about Hermione’s deep seated fear of failure in general.

Imagine Hermione as a young child. She’s so bright, ridiculously so, far beyond her years. Children like that are often adored by adults: they’re fascinating, like tiny sort-of-grown-ups in the body of a five year old. Conversely, they often struggle to fit in with kids their own age, who also see them as tiny adults to a degree: bossy, snooty, boring. Hermione would have been the kid at family lunches or barbecues or parties who tried to govern the games of the other children, and upon finding them unruly and unwilling to listen, retreated to the grown-ups table and spent time with the adults. Up until Hogwarts, her primary form of kinship, of friendship, with other people was with adults, and she won that by being clever, cleverer than her peers. So in her mind, friendship, respect, some degree of control (or the ability to escape the chaos of other children her own age) was something she only got because of her intelligence.

And as we all probably know at this point, education systems love nothing better than to hammer in to students that your intelligence, your value, is measured purely on how well you can do in a test.

So Hermione’s boggart—her fear of not passing any exams—is, in my opinion, indicative of something much bigger. She’s terrified of failure, of not being clever enough, and subsequently losing her inherent value, losing her friends, loosing control. 

I’m not trying to be a cocky arse here, but I was a Hermione right through school (not to Hermione’s level of course, but you know what I mean), and if you’re a ‘bright kid’, a G&T kid, it very very quickly becomes your Thing. Your identifier. You get used to what people expect of you, what you expect of yourself, and anything less than that (even if it’s better than the average) just isn’t good enough. Academic ‘failure’ becomes synonymous with loss of self, because being clever is who you are, and it’s a really really difficult thing to get round. 

By sixth year, their lives have gotten considerably darker, but I think that side of Hermione would have stayed inherently very similar. People are dying, disappearing, her parents are in enormous danger as is she, as are her friends, as is the world she belongs in and loves despite its flaws. 

So I can imagine Hermione’s boggart being something similar, but a hell of a lot worse. Instead of Minnie telling her she’s failed all her exams, it’s Minnie standing over the dead bodies of Harry and Ron, telling her she screwed up her shield charm and got her best friends killed. Or perhaps it’s her Dad yelling, her mother’s body, heartbroken screaming in her ears saying “This is your world! You should have known what you were doing! You should have been able to keep her safe! You’re a failure of a witch, a failure of a daughter! You weren’t good enough, you’re not good enough…”

The message—the inherent fear that if she’s not clever enough, not advanced enough, not a good enough witch she will lose everything that matters to her—is the same, but there is a War going on and I bet you any money that in her mind her foolishness at not seeing what was going on the year before, the fact that she went along with Harry’s plan, got Sirius killed. In essence she’s afraid of exactly what she was afraid of in third year, but she’s been faced with the reality of far higher stakes. 

Before she was set to lose respect, lose friendships. Now she’s set to lose friends themselves, because if she doesn’t read that book and master that spell then when it comes down to it someone could die, and if that happens she will blame no-one but herself, even though it wouldn’t be her fault, even though no teenager, no person, should be under that kind of pressure. It’s what she’s used to: she has to be the best, has to know it all, and anything less is a failure.

(I’ve made myself super sad now, anon: I hope you’re happy ;P)

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if u can, plsplspls write bout the first time eggsy is on a mission as an offical kingsman and every agent thats in the mansion turns up and r completely fucking astounded as eggsy rips the baddies to pieces using his gymnastic skills and roxy is going tHATS MY BEST MATE and merlin has this proud dad look and basically everyone knows not to mess with eggsy bc holy shIT DID U SEE THAT HE SNAPPED A GUYS NECK WITH HIS THIGHS

HAHA YES everyone thinking “alright well yeah this kid saved the world BUT i bet i coulda done it if i had the chance pft he isn’t that great” 

and then seeing this and going “oh shit fuck i hope he didn’t hear me say that” 

YES I HAVE PLANS FOR THIS (also i hope you don’t mind the bit of merwin at the end i couldn’t help myself. it’s very light i swear don’t worry) 

Immediately after V-Day, Kingsman goes into a pseudo-lockdown. Merlin more or less takes over and calls everyone to homebase to regroup. No one is sent out on missions, no one has any assignments–Everyone, though, has to have a psych eval. 

“The world’s gone to shit, most of you killed civilians without conscious control, we’ve lost two agents in the past six months, and we were betrayed by our leader,” Merlin recites whenever one of them tries to argue with his decision. “Until you’ve been cleared, you won’t have a mission. So suck it up, go to your assigned meetings, and pass the evaluation before the world is back to its normal level of shittiness.” 

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Fujie Reina’s Seitansai 150205 - Letter from her dog, Max

Maokyun: Yes. I have-

Yuipon: Oh, it’s you?

Ayabaa: Can you read in that state?

Maokyun: Yes. I have a letter here from Max from the Fujie household. I’m pretty certain Max is actually your pet dog?

Reinyan: Yes…

Maokyun: Yes. I have a letter from your dog.

Reinyan: I’m sorry, I have owned that dog for twelve years and not once have I ever had a conversation with him… Have I ever talked to him? In Japanese?

Yuipon: *sees the letter has been written using a computer* WAIT MAX CAN TYPE?

Team M: Wow!

Maokyun: Wait a second, the letter itself goes into more detail. Here I go. 

To Reina- *laughs*

Reinyan: Wait, Max?

Yuipon: Why does it sound like he’s looking down on you?

Aapon: Yeah it does sound like your dog is doing that.

Reinyan: Max? Max? Did you always call me that?

Maokyun: Happy Birthday-woof!

*everyone laughs*

Reinyan: It might really be Max! It’s Max!

Maokyun: Firstly- … wait. This is hard to do. Okay here I go. Firstly, I-

*everyone laughs as the pronoun used is a very old fashioned way of saying I*

Aapon: Wait a second. Wait a second. In what era exactly was your dog born?

Reinyan: I bet he’s watching this right now with the rest of my family!

Maokyun: Firstly, I would have never expected to be writing you a letter-woof. There is something wrong with your birthday committee for requesting this-woof! I will try my best but as I’m not very familiar with the human language, I will use Papa-nyan for assistance!


Maokyun: We first met when you were in the third grade-woof. 

Reinyan: Wait a second, now that I know my dad wrote this it’s instantly a bit creepy!

Maokyun: No! These are the words which Max said and told your dad to write down! Anyway. 

There were many things that happened-woof. Like the time when you came home from school with bad marks and hid them at the back of your desk drawer, or like the time when you came home from school with bad marks and put it through the paper shredder-

Aapon: He has great observational skills! It must be because he’s a dog!

Maokyun: Wait, there’s more:

Or like the time when you came home from school with bad marks and you tried to make me eat- *starts laughing*

*everyone starts laughing and Reinyan runs around the stage*


Maokyun: I’m so sorry, I will continue!

Or like the time when you came home from school with bad marks and you tried to make me eat them.

Reinyan: I DIDN’T!

Maokyun: Lots of things happened. But honestly I’ll say this here, the thing that I actually like eating as a treat is the soft type sashimi jerky-woof! Recently we haven’t been able to meet as often, but whenever you come home you always say ‘Maachan I’m home!’ straight away and you hug me. I’ll say this here, but *laughs* Okay. Yes. I’ll say this here, but you may think I’m happy and wagging my tail because of our reunion *laughs so hard she loses all powers of speech* but I’m actually not-woof. Since you squeeze so tightly when you hug me, I’m actually wagging my tail as a signal for help!


Aapon: My stomach hurts from laughing!

Maokyun: I’ll keep going. After I joined Reina’s family, my popularity has grown-woof! I have gone on television, appeared in magazines, and we even walked the runway together at a fashion show! It’s as to be expected, as I am known as the Takeuchi Riki* of the dog world. 

Reinyan: Wait, that’s actually only because my dad really likes him!

Maokyun: Because of this though, I bet I could’ve still been a hero without Reina-woof! You’re already twenty one now-woof! From now, you have to work with an even greater sense of responsibility, not just for yourself, but for your kouhai as well. You should take note of the good things which you experienced in AKB, and also that you are now in a position to make things easier for your kouhai-woof. I want you to try your best-woof. If you ever need some comforting, I guess you can always play with me-woof. 

Reinyan: Why does he sound like he’s looking down on me again…

Maokyun: Do your best at work-woof! And finally, thank you very much to the people who organised today’s seitansai, the people who always support Reina, NMB’s staff and the members. Thank you very much for today-woof! Although she’s an adult age-wise, she still needs everyone’s support-woof! Please continue cheering her on-woof! 

It’s a crime scene! Nanana Nanana Na Na! I will arrest everyone’s hearts!** From Maachan, also known as Fujie Max!

Ayabaa: Your catchphrase was stolen!

Reinyan: *to Nana* Wait. By any chance, did you steal Max’s catchphrase to use for yourself?!

Maokyun: and also from Papanyan, who has now mastered the art of talking to dogs!

Ayabaa: That was too funny.

Maokyun: *to Reinyan* Please don’t try and feed Max your tests anymore okay?

Reinyan: I didn’t do it! Anyway, with this, I think I’ve gotten letters from every member in the family for my seitansais? I got one from everyone… I honestly never thought I’d ever get a letter from Max, though.

Translator’s Notes:

* - Takeuchi Riki is a famous Japanese actor, known mostly for his role in Yakuza films. Fun fact, he actually appears in NMB’s HA! PV as Sayanee’s father.

** - This is originally Yamada Nana’s catchphrase, which Max stole for his own in the letter

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I'd like to ask, how do you think Erik would react if he learned Peter is his son? Would he approach Peter (and Wanda if she exists in movieverse - I headcanon she does anyway) in some way or not? I hope we see something like this in xma but probably is too much too expect. So basically your dadneto headcanons (if you have any).

I think Erik would approach Pietro if he finds out that he is his son. And I think when he discovers that Pietro also has a twin sister with incredible powers, he gets an idea.

He takes them to Charles and asks Charles to enroll them at the school. And because Charles can’t say no to Erik and Erik’s kids (You know he’s amazed/shocked. I mean, these are Erik’s kids!), Wanda and Pietro end up as students.

Erik comes and goes, of course, but he always comes back and though he’s not the best dad in the world, he does try. He pushes them a little too hard a little too fast (think Sean in XMFC) but only because he really believes in them. Plus with his kids there at the school, he has a perfect excuse. He can tell Charles he’s come to see his kids and he can tell his kids he’s come to see Charles so he doesn’t look needy or clingy (everyone sees right through this, but lets Erik go on believing he’s clever). 

I bet he’s harder on Pietro than Wanda because he sees more of himself in Pietro, and I think this puts a bit of a rift between them. He’s proud of Pietro and his powers, but sometimes Pietro feels like Erik’s only even bothering with him because he’s fast and useful and not because he really cares about him. I can even see Pietro getting close to someone like Logan who he sees as a cool older badass who is gruff but nice and less judgmental than his dad. If you thought Erik was jealous when he thought Charles was with Logan, you should see him when his son decides Logan is cooler than he is… 

Poor Charles never gets any peace :(

Dear Austin,

You should be one today. We should’ve taken pictures at the beach and I would’ve given you chocolate cake (because we love chocolate cake.) I bet you have your dads green eyes and our blonde hair. I bet your laugh sounds like mine did when I was a kid. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I held you. I can’t believe I’ve survived without you here.

I wanted to show you the world. I wanted to be the best mom. I wanted your dad to come home each night to you playing. I wanted you. I wanted you so badly. I prayed for you each night. And when they told me you wouldn’t live past birth I prayed they were wrong.

I should’ve done more. Today I should’ve said more.

But I want you to know that I’ll never forget how you felt against my chest. And I’ll never forget how perfect you were. I hope you’re happy, wherever you are now. I hope it’s beautiful there.

I miss you baby boy. With every breathe I take.


Do You, I Do? Chapter Seven

As always, thank you for your patience and thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy :) hysterical-for-joshifer


It was quiet across the line for a while. He was probably doing a million things but she couldn’t bring herself to hang up the phone. It had felt like ages since she last talked to him. Which was only the night before but she was longing for Josh like never before.

“Josh,” She asked hopefully, “Are you still there?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, Jen. I’m here. Just tired.”

“You know, if you come home you can come take a nap with me,” She smiled, elongating the last word. It only took a deep sigh from him to wipe that smile right off her face.

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