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Hogwarts House Libraries

I imagine every house at Hogwarts has a very different library collection (because they all definitely have their own little libraries in the nooks of their common rooms).

For Gryffindor, calling it a library would be a bit of a misnomer. Most people with serious collections keep them tucked away under their beds, since it can’t be trusted that someone won’t accidently jinx or stain a beloved novel left sitting out. However, what Gryffindor has that sets it apart is an insane shared collection of various magazines. They have nearly every issue of the Quibbler (January 2004′s been missing for years) and countless copies of National Geographic with a few of the best pictures ripped out. They also have several random Daily Prophets that have sentimental value as well as pamphlet collections of poems and essays. A few of the students tried to organize the insane magazine collection a few years back in chronological order, but didn’t get past 1942. (There are also a few old copies of textbooks lying around, just in case you misplaced yours right before class starts).

Hufflepuff’s collection consists mostly of worn paperbacks, whose love is shown through the creases in the spines. The shelves are littered with cups of candies and pens to make reading a bit more enjoyable, and a few of the shelves are arranged in rainbow order. It’s not uncommon to pick up a book and find that someone absentmindedly doodled in the margins or underlined a favorite quote. A few of the books even have reviews written in the back, some that have sparked heated arguments in different colored ink. A few of the students have also left books they wrote themselves, made up of short stories, drawings, or quick tips and recipes. Hufflepuff has the school’s best variety of self-help and instruction books, as well as a great assortment of children’s and middle-grade books that are loved by the 1st and 2nd years. 

Slytherin has nearly every new hardcover best-seller, both from the wizarding and Muggle worlds. They sit crisp and straight on the shelves, although all of them have been read by someone at some point or another. Slytherin readers who borrow have to be very careful not to tear any pages or break any spines. If you ruin the book, its your job to replace it. They also have a great collection of antique books filled with old spells and potion recipes as well as half-forgotten lore, donated by some of the more prestigious families so far back that no one can really remember who gave them. This is also where a great percentage of biographies and memoirs in the school sit, and a shocking amount of which have been written by Slytherin alumni and just happened to appear on the shelves one day.

Ravenclaw’s library, the only house with a real, true LIBRARY, is a force to be reckoned with. It comes just short of the school library, but makes up for numbers in outstanding variety. Each Ravenclaw graduate leaves at least one new and beloved book behind on the shelves for future Ravenclaws to adore, and it’s a tradition that even those who don’t favor reading participate in (that’s why Ravenclaw also has a nice collection of math textbooks, sketchbooks, and record books). One particularly bright student figured out how to charm the books to keep them in alphabetical order by last name, although that doesn’t keep a few of the books from managing to be tucked away for only the most curious to find them. Ravenclaw also has the most popular book club in the school, which is why the library in some cases has more than one copy of a certain book.

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