best crib ever


Decorating Daydream

“And where do you think you’re going with that?!” Merlin asks, taking the can of paint from Roxy.

“To paint my daughter’s nursery…?” Roxy frowns, showing him the paintbrush in her other hand.

“Nope.” Merlin shakes his head. “I’m not letting you do anything strenuous. I invited Harry and Eggsy over to help. You get to sit there and look pretty.” Merlin hums, taking the paintbrush from her, kissing her forehead, then kissing her stomach. “Kick mummy if she tries to help, got it?” He stage-whispers to the bump, earning him a playful swat from Roxy.

Eggsy grins proudly, his hands on his hips as he looks down at the cot. “Look at it.” He smirks. “Innit the best crib you ever seen?”

Harry pats him patronisingly on the back while Roxy applauds him slowly.

Eggsy’s face falls. “Well I fink it’s aces.”

Roxy folds up the last of the baby clothes, handing them to Harry, who puts them into the wardrobe.

“This girl has more clothes than I do.” Roxy laughs, rubbing her stomach. “I think my wardrobe needs updating.”

“Somewhere, my accountant just burst into tears.” Merlin mutters.

Roxy plumps the pillow on the armchair before sitting down, putting her feet up and telling Eggsy how to rearrange the teddies on top of the wardrobe. Eggsy rolls his eyes but obliges her, doing exactly as he’s told.

When there’s a lull, Roxy strokes over her stomach and smiles. “You’re very lucky, little angel,” She hums. “You’ve got such a big family that loves you so much already. Can’t wait for you to join us, darling. You’re going to love it.”

She finds the teddy bear a little later on, after Harry and Eggsy have gone home to walk JB. She smiles and sends Eggsy a quick thank-you text.

17:38 [Incoming Text from Eggsy Unwin]
His name’s Steve. Had him since i woz a kid. I kno she’ll luk afta him xx